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  • Diversity is a satisfying mix of beliefs, religions, races, genders, financial states, and other features essential for boosting growth and learning. Join our community to create opportunities for giving equal access and chances!

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  • Landmark study details sequencing of 64 full human genomes to better capture genetic diversity

    Landmark study details sequencing of 64 full human genomes to better capture genetic diversity

    Structure of Genome. Credit: NIH

    Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) co-authored a study, published today in the journal Science, that details the sequencing of 64 full human genomes. This reference data includes individuals from around the world and better captures the genetic diversity of the human species. Among other applications, the work will enable…


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  • I have been posting David & Louise gifs mainly for two reasons.

    1. Behind Her Eyes is a wild thriller but also around the core of if it is David & Louise’s love story, which gets lost in discussions of the twists in the series. They fell in love and found some happiness before things went to shit (I am being vague so as not to spoil). Their happiness was a threat to someone else who would not let it be. And because of that, their true joy in each other was stolen from them. It is a thriller wrapped in tragedy & manipulation that is about actual love as well as obsession.

    2. Simona Brown is great in it even tho Louise frustrates me a lot. I don’t want her performance overlooked. I want her to get her flowers. Thus far a lot of the social media focus has been on Adele & Eve Hewson. I get the reasons for that, but again… I don’t want Simona’s performance to be ignored.


    I will likely get around to gif'ing eps 4-6 this weekend.

    #behind her eyes #netflix #behind her eyes netflix #romance #david x louise #bw#simona brown#tom bateman#london#diversity
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  • image

    “There’s this great place down in Santo Domingo, ran by this Silverhand lookalike. Really dedicated poser. All sorts of weirdos there.”

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    Leandro Buenno & Rodrigo Malafaia ♡

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  • Work Personalities

    I am what you would call an Shy Hesitant Introvert.

    I’ve been shy and hesitant for as long as I remember, its just part of my personality, it also takes me a very long time to warm up to people. I can often be seen as cold, disinterested, stuck up, unfriendly.

    As an introvert, I can only be around people for a max of two hours (immediate family gets more of a pass on this). After about an hour I am ready to go hide, close a door and be done with socializing, but always push myself an extra hour so I seem social.

    I am also a wolf chronotype - late to rise, find my rhythm later in the day and am up at weird hours.

    You can image how this creates a very odd personality - especially in a work place where people talk to one another, hang out outside of work, go to lunch together. I am also a manager - so I am constantly having to talk to folks.

    I see my peers and my boss constantly pushing me to be more interested, active, social and commanding. but its not really in my nature, so it makes it seem like I am a bad manager.

    I wonder why and more outgoing types of personalities are always valued. It always feels like introverted shy people are forced to change their mode of being, which seems unfair in a sense, same with those that are wolf chrono types.

    I think this falls into the diversity and inclusion discussion that a lot of companies are now starting to spin up. It’s not just about race, but as a person as a whole which takes into account multiple character traits. We’re multifaceted, not one dimensional. If i have to conform, which shouldn’t the significant part of the population also try as well to understand?

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  • “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. Belonging is being able to contribute to the playlist”- Verna Myers

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  • It’s not easy or necessary for people of different identities to segregate themselves. It’s not like I just made exceptions for the wrong people. This isn’t trans Incorporated - I can only speak to my experience as a ‘ Hoosier ’. This is my point of view or my history one way or another. I made choices based on my feelings. Nobody can take that away from me or change the story as much as they would like to now that they want retribution for their faith and whiteness. No amount of experience will change some people’s minds, and I only wish they weren’t the same people I went to school with or went to the movies with on the weekends. We ALL need education reform. I’m not going to sit in a different section of the restaurant because I’m gay or transgender. Everybody should be able to live together in peace. It’s not that hard to learn and ask questions and respect our differences. Obviously, maybe I don’t want to do or be the same as you. That could be anyone, it doesn’t matter what gender they were assigned at birth or what color of skin… or hair… they have. 

    Acceptance shouldn’t be such a complex endeavor that people become toxic. You don’t want to “give yourself away” until there’s nothing left of the other person and I think that’s mental instability. It’s common sense not to experiment on people, ok? But I understand what it’s like to feel awkward and alone. We all need to get more than one chance. It’s not embarrassing to be inclusive, and judging people based on what they act like or wear is not going to count as diversity. At first my friends were just ignorant, but they kept their anger a secret and turned into sickos. I didn’t want them to target me or continue to do what I identified as “abuse.”  So here we are, in a violent world; debating about human rights instead of improving. Simply because some people are insecure, uneducated, intolerant, and want to live in a bubble. Whatever you claim to believe, you can’t erase my existence or the facts that tell you you’re wrong every day. A misogynist boyfriend won’t protect you. Who was I to call a bunch of 15 year olds sexist? I didn’t know, but now I do. This isn’t a game. You can’t get through this without learning to respect me and realizing you did something wrong. I’m not going to correct you for the rest of my life. I’m not a liar. 

    You fetishized me. I bet it’s so easy to ignore this right now. Not. Doesn’t make you a good person. Doesn’t mean you have to complain and dehumanize anyone. There is no excuse to do that anyway. Those memories are already demolished by you, I’m sure, because you cope by accusing people of things they didn’t do. Doesn’t mean you can make up a fake story about me. I have standards. I’m not your friend anymore. As soon as you decided there was a contract to have a relationship with you, you should have checked into a mental health facility. I’m not responsible for your survival or your career or personal life or anything. Good luck having anything at my expense. We have enough adversity in life and you don’t have an excuse to threaten anyone or act like nazi thugs. Is that really how you want to remember your youth? You had a choice but you used me to choose wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong and you can’t continue insulting my character and having some conspiracy about me. I’m innocent, that makes me feel violated. 

    How dare you? You knew I was different. What did you learn? How good did it feel to stab me in the back? You’re a clown. I don’t need to understand. As if I was the over-dramatic one; an artist, living at home with my broke mother, in a woman’s body, cooking, cleaning and doing homework every day. You’re racist and if you didn’t notice, I’m white. You should have been in the moment but you weren’t because you’re a manipulator. I told you everything I did because I felt the need to explain myself because of your rude behavior. You’re not in any place to police my life. We barely spoke. You targeted me because you were broke and angry at life. You are ignored. Only you can make better choices and take care of yourself. We don’t even know each other. You were living like a bum. I know you didn’t care about me now. It’s none of my business who is on your naughty and nice list. You did a stupid and violent thing. I gave you all of this peace of mind exactly like you wanted by accident because I was pressured to include you in my life for no good reason. Also your fault. I’m in pain. The government and the education system is not a play thing. The world wouldn’t be an unfamiliar place if you could empathize. The consequences of your behavior existed and they should have nothing to do with me anymore. You are not my responsibility. You’re sick and you tried to destroy someone’s life because you were selfish and angry. 

    I don’t care about your “politics.” My life isn’t political to me. Don’t politicize me! I was a good friend. I wanted to get to know myself. If you didn’t care why didn’t you respect my privacy - at least? What about my art and my grades or my mom and my little brother? I wasn’t out because you made it unsafe and I didn’t want to come out to you. You will find out you’re wrong every time you stop doing dumb, mean, shit because you’re not a good person. I was trying to convince people I was worth loving. That was extremely generous. You knew I wasn’t going to stay here. How does leaving my hometown make me safe? How is that easy? How does that make sense? You abused me and coerced me into self harm. You were literally just a sociopath trying to justify your hatred for different people. I know that now because I can see a society without the hazing and gas-lighting of a bigot’s agenda and the sexist and demoralizing “opinion” of a pervert. 

    Your excuse is that you don’t care because this all comes down to a human rights issue and you don’t believe in equal human rights.

    #Yellow Days #Trans Lives Matter #Equality For All #Universal Human Rights #Accetpance#Grief#Diversity#World Peace
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  • Exactitudes



    “Photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek have long started Exactitudes, a project that is a striking visual record of more than three thousand neatly differentiated social types the artists have documented over the last twenty years. Started in 1994 in the streets of Rotterdam, this overarching and on-going project portrays individuals that share a set of defining visual characteristics that identifies them with specific social types. Be it Gabbers, Glamboths, Mohawks, Rockers or The Girls from Ipanema, Versluis and Uyttenbroek’s extremely acute eye allows them to discern specific dress codes, behaviours or attitudes that belong and characterise particular urban tribes or sub-cultures.”

    (text via their website)

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  • Diversity in agencies: something a black square won’t solve.

    Diversity in agencies: something a black square won’t solve.

    Diversity in agencies: Something a black square won’t solve.

    Fresh out of doing the IPA Foundation course – better late than never – the question ‘how to cultivate creativity’ had me thinking. The perfect example essay response nudges you to detail the classic nuggets of advice: Be curious, provide candid feedback, collaborate, the list goes on.

    I could bore you with the research findings of…


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  • MG Motor rolls out 50,000th Hector with all-women crew, Auto News, ET Auto

    MG Motor rolls out 50,000th Hector with all-women crew, Auto News, ET Auto

    The automaker aims to achieve 50% gender diversity in its organisation in future and pave the way for a balanced workforce.
    New Delhi: MG Motor India has manufactured its 50,000th Hector with an all-women crew in Gujarat’s Vadodara, the company said in a press release on Thursday. Women-only teams were involved in panel-pressing of sheet metal and welding to painting jobs as well as carrying out…

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  • Our Arts of China Teaching Toolkit is a new educational resource, including lessons plans, touch objects, and more, designed to engage young learners with Chinese art, history, and culture. The twelve lessons in the toolkit are split into three distinct units, each exploring larger themes: Geography & Environment, Belief Systems, and Global Exchange.

    In the final days of the Lunar New Year season, we recommend zooming in on our Animal Symbolism lesson which explores the symbolism associated with different animals in Chinese arts and culture, including two animals from the Chinese Zodiac—tigers and dragons. In it, students consider how animals’ characteristics relate to their symbolic meaning, then create their own symbolic animal to represent their personal strengths.⁠

    Taken together, the three units introduce young learners to the diversity of cultural and artistic practices that inform Chinese visual culture. We encourage teachers and students alike to challenge any stigmas, stereotypes, or false narratives that might exist about Chinese art, culture, and people—both past and present—through the use of this resource.

    Posted by Michael Reback
    Cizhou Ware Pillow in the Form of a Tiger, 1182. Cizhou ware, earthenware, painted slip decoration with transparent glaze. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of the Asian Art Council, 1993.56. Creative Commons-BY ⇨ Zhang Hongtu (Chinese, born 1943). Mai Dang Lao (McDonald’s), 2002. Cast Bronze, box of fries. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of the artist, 2014.82a-d. © artist or artist’s estate ⇨ Ritual Wine Vessel (Guang), 13th-11th century B.C.E. Bronze. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Alastair B. Martin, the Guennol Collection, 72.163a-b. Creative Commons-BY ⇨ Plate, 1368-1644. Porcelain with underglaze. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Samuel P. Avery, by exchange, 51.85. Creative Commons-BY 

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  • Five Things: February 25, 2021

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    Small Publishers Struggle to Build a Diverse Workforce
    When talking about diversifying staff, the “Big 5” and NYC are often used as a proxy for the entire book publishing industry, so it was nice to see an article focus on smaller publishers outside of NY for a change. Unfortunately, it’s a variation…


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  • To Audition For Solar Energy

    On this
    Down to Her
    To yield..
    the brightest..
    Into the flames..
    Of lightning..
    My eyes from
    Behind my
    Eyes lids..
    Them quickly
    I’m not afraid..
    To touch
    The polit
    The rays have
    Grazed my
    Till I’m
    engulfed in
    Her smile..


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  • Rams’ scouting program a diversity pathway to the NFL

    Rams’ scouting program a diversity pathway to the NFL

    In almost a year’s time, the Los Angeles Rams have given 10 deserving minority and female candidates an experience like no other with the team’s inaugural scouting apprenticeship program. These apprentices have worked with some of the Rams’ top advisors and football operations personnel in an effort to expand their scouting skills and experiences overall.
    Jacques McClendon, the Rams’ Director of…


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    #Cory Moore#Diversity#Les Snead #Los Angeles Rams #Mechelle Geeter#NFL#scout #Scouting Apprenticeship Program
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  • Being racialist towards someone can crash that person a lot, as it can cause hopelessness, low self-esteem, losses in a mental sense, and a sense of helplessness. Raise your voice against racism to save people from mental trauma and make diverse places for them!

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  • Candace Parker and Shaq React to the Timberwolves Swift Head Coaching Hire | NBA on TNT

    Candace Parker and Shaq React to the Timberwolves Swift Head Coaching Hire | NBA on TNT

    Candace Parker, Shaq and Dwyane Wade discuss the Timberwolves hiring of Chris Finch and raise questions about the lack of diversity in coaching opportunities.
    Watch highlights from Inside the NBA with Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson and more!


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