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    Tengo una conexión especial con lali, la gorda y yo somos felices juntes✨

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  • Anyway this is Heath Ledger’s fault and I actually wanted to learn archery so just to prove to you all again the things I said were not totally irrelevant, at least not relevant to rape, so, again, go fuck yourself, you’re disgusting. 

    #black lives matter #trans lives matter #suicide squad #Stop The Hate #Mental Health Matters #say no to drugs #stop bullying#diversity #love is love #science is real #nerdsvote #Biden Harris 2020 #peace
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  • Watch “Islamic rape epidemic in Norway” on YouTube

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  • ok i know tumblr fandoms are cesspits, echo chambers and homes to some of the dumbest takes i have ever seen, but… there is something pretty comforting in the fact that the majority of people engaged in tumblr fandom belong to minority groups.

    i’m in no way saying that being marginalised exempts you from shitty behaviour or that you still can’t be a bigot in other ways, but the odds of running into right-wingers spewing about how “forced diversity” is ruining their favourite media is so much slimmer.

    i’d much rather talk about the things i love with girls and gays than white reddit guys who unironically think the LiBeRaLs are ruining star wars because women and poc have bigger roles now.

    (this stems from a godawful thread i saw that was pretty much just neckbeards losing their minds over people headcanoning characters as queer/non-white in tolkien’s works. for fuck’s sake, get over yourselves.)

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  • 🚨New Drop🚨 @dboynewreligionwave [Angles Cry] Shot by🎥 @quinton_hack Out Now On @youtube link in bio #endracism #diversity #equality #blacklivesmatter #ripbreonnataylor #icantbreathe #ripfloyd #anglescry #whyhate (at Syracuse, New York)

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  • My plan/goal in life and also just generally changing the film industry for the betterment of everyone.

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  • Important Things To Remember:

    • Do not stay where you are not welcomed.
    • Don’t drain yourself to appease others.
    • Taking care of yourself is NOT SELFISH.
    • Don’t let them make you feel bad about something you are happy/excited about.
    • Stop doubting yourself. People notice when you do and some will feed off of your insecurities and gamble with them. DO NOT give them that power. Even if you have to fake it, walk with confidence and make your words firm (even if you might be wrong. If you say it with strength, some will start to believe you too). Eye contact is hard for a lot of people but keeping a decent amount of eye contact can intimidate some people very easily. Use that to your advantage (I do it a lot). Fake it till you make it.
    • It’s YOUR BODY do whatever the fuck you want with it. No matter your gender or sexuality. It’s not about them, it’s about you.
    • Do not let them silence you. If you have to scream at the top of your lungs to be heard when you are forced to be silent then do it!
    • Breathe. Yes, you read that right. Remember to breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth. It’s okay.
    • Love yourself first before loving someone else.
    • Don’t try to find happiness in other people. You’ll only hurt yourself in the end. You have every right to be happy. Don’t ruin that chance by depending on others for your happiness. They’re not responsible for that. Hurts to hear for some people but I promise, it’s the truth.
    • Protect you inner peace. Misery loves company. Don’t accept that invitation. Do not give them that satisfaction of seeing you crack under pressure. You’re better than that.

    P. S.

    — love you guys and thank you so much for all the likes and reblogs on my pinned post. I’m glad I could have so many of you relate to it and share it with others. Take care of yourselves and stay hydrated! Get plenty of rest or at least TRY to. ❤️

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  • We obviously need more Disney Princesses of color in general, but I’ve got a list I’ve been waiting for that ain’t happened yet:

    • South Asian Indian princess (the lil girl in Jungle Book don’t count)
    • Aboriginal Australian princess
    • Jewish princess (one who isn’t whitewashed too, like that one episode in Elena of Avalor was awesome)
    • Inuit princess (no princesses in Brother Bear)

    Imagine all the cool stories and ideas that could be collected from such awesome ethnic groups with their various stories and histories.


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  • #Repost @idpwd_org
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    On December 3 this year, during the annual celebration of people with disabilities, the 2020 theme ‘Not all Disabilities are Visible’ also focuses on spreading awareness and understanding of disabilities that are not immediately apparent, such as mental illness, chronic pain or fatigue, sight or hearing impairments, diabetes, brain injuries, neurological disorders, learning differences and cognitive dysfunctions, among others. ⁠

    These are just some examples of the millions of people currently living with a disability that is not immediately apparent, and a reminder of the importance of removing barriers for all people living with disability, both visible and invisible. ⁠

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation, disconnect, disrupted routines and diminished services have greatly impacted the lives and mental well-being of people with disabilities right around the world. Spreading awareness of invisible disabilities, as well as these potentially detrimental— and not always immediately apparent— impacts to mental health, is crucial as the world continues to fight against the virus. ⁠

    Stay up to date with our latest news for updates on ways you can safely celebrate IDPWD this year by participating in some of our virtual celebration initiatives. ⁠

    #IDPWD #IDPWD2020 #internationaldayofpeoplewithdisability #internationaldayofpeoplewithdisability2020 #notalldisibilitiesarevisible #chronicillness #spoonies #internationaldayofpeoplewithdisabilities #accessible #accessibility #disability #abilitynotdisability #disabilityservices #disabilityadvocate #disabilityrights #diversity #inclusion #inclusionrevolution #diversitymatters #equality #equalrights #mentalillness #mentalhealth #disabilityawareness #celebratediversity #inclusionmatters #disabilityeducation #invisibledisability

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  • #long post #god it's so long #about me #how to do it #writing #here is my nickel on the subject #i say nickel because we have no pennies in canada to do two cents #i should have a tag for asks #diversity#chinese culture #i want to tag this chinese characters but that means something else
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  • In America, we have this dynamic, where we don’t like to talk about our problems, history, etc and because of these things, we really haven’t understood what its meant to do the things we have done, historically. 

    When predicaments get brushed to the side or nullified, then there is no real opportunity to get to the root of the problem. No meaningful action can be taken. So, we are stuck with temporary solutions to much bigger, complicated problems.

    Due to this unwillingness, we are rejecting ourselves to a process of truth and reconciliation. 

    Lets talk about race. Its uncomfortable, but Its also the only way to real change.

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  • Where are the Lifetime and Netflix holiday movies gifs? 🔎🔎 I have seen pretty much primarily Hallmark holiday movie gifs floating around. 😟 (This is not anti-Hallmark Christmas movies, esp now that they have embraced diversity, but a wish to see more love for #ItsAWonderfulLifetime that has braced diverse holiday films much longer plus Netflix & even Ion TV holiday movies 🤓)


    Originally posted by watchinghallmark

    I noticed this discrepancy while looking for gif sets for The Christmas Edition, The Christmas Aunt, and Christmas Unwrapped… all are Lifetime holiday films that have aired in the last 5 weeks. The movies are available on Lifetime and Hulu to stream.

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  • Honestly, I’ve struggled with not being able to be good enough for my crushes. Maybe they liked someone thinner than me, someone whiter than me, someone more “normal” than me…

    But I just needed to learn that I can be loved, as long as I love me.

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  • Things for POC to remember:

    • You’re not ugly, you just grew up surrounded by beauty standards created by white European people.
    • Your ethnic nose is beautiful.
    • Don’t let them invalidate your struggles.
    • Your life matters and always will.
    • Do not degrade and belittle yourself for white entertainment. Do not humor them. They’ll start thinking it’s okay for them to do it to you. You are not their laughingstock.
    • Be proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone make you feel embarrassed of where you come from.
    • DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH FLUENTLY. Be proud that you’re able to speak more than just your native language, even if it’s only a little bit.
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  • everytime I present my view of the world to somebody I see a lot of things in my perspective that they’re blind to, but In many cases I cant tell If thats because I’m disposed to look at this corner of the universe and they are to some other corner.. I cant really discern in detail that my view is more universal or that the number of things it considers is more than the other’s.. Only that its different to them. And its different to my disposition tomorrow which may be closer or further from the others, which again will be different the net day. And every statement I make of my current beliefs becomes out of date almost the second I write it down. So the Truth has to be prior to the thought or the expression and maybe each of our authentic worldviews (which have been come to by first principles and not by conformity, whatever opinion it ends up being so long as its authentic) are just our failed attempts to hand-walk this deep Truth to the forefront and to the “external world” by the tools of perception and reasoning particular to our individual being.. Maybe the personality or temprement of a person is just which of these tools and glasses nature has given them to look through and use. Maybe thats why sometimes it seems that all of these philosophies and theories are really addressing the same thing at the end.. And this “impersonal, Universal opinion/ worldview”, which cant be contained by any description or contemplation, and loses its energy as soon as you try to express or understand it, is God…

    #thoughts#politics#diversity#and unity #da fuck is going on out here its confusing
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  • Y’all notice that there’s almost NO black characters in The Vampire Diaries? We have Bonnie and she gets treated like absolute crap throughout the entire series. And then there’s Cade, who is Satan?? The only black characters are evil or treated like shit. The entire show is white characters or white passing. No diversity. There is no representation of any other race or ethnicity

    #im so sick of white washing #where is the diversity #diversity #the vampire diaries #wtf#white washing#no poc#racism#racist hollywood
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  • Life Goes On is the first non-English song to be #1 at the US Billboard and I… I’m just so proud.

    Back in 2013, I had no idea those seven boys would be up there now, changing the world for the better after changing me and my life.

    I think a lot of Non-American people, especially artists, will feel proud about this. Because it gives us hope. You know, I learned pretty quickly that if one wanted to become knowned and somewhat acknowledged by the world, or at least the Occidental world, English was “a must”.

    If you don’t know how to speak english, “you’ll never make it.”

    If you have an accent, people will make fun of you.

    If you sing/write in another language, ESPECIALLY an Asian/African language, you’ll always be limited by your country’s barriers and translations probably won’t happen. Sometimes even shaming people for speaking their language, when there’s no shame to have.

    Nobody minds when you want to recommend them an English-speaking artist/writer, but if it’s from some foreign country, people will closed off and say it’s not their style even before actually discovering what you wanted to show them.

    And BTS just came in and said “Fuck this.”

    And I love it. I love how, by just being themselves and giving their all in their music, they destroy stereotypes and mindsets that should be gone long time ago.

    So yes, I’m proud as a fan, but I’m also proud as a non-English native who happens to be from a multicultural family and love every language on this damn Earth.

    (Merci d'avoir été à mes côtés pendant sept ans, durant mes plus sombres moments comme mes plus heureux. Je ne peux pas vraiment exprimer ce que je ressens avec des mots même si j'ai essayé… Ça fait bien une heure que je pleure tellement je suis heureuse ㅠㅠ 보라해요💜)

    Life Goes On everyone - La vie continue :’)

    #i'm a sobbing mess #life goes on #life goes on 1 on billboard #god i'm proud #bts be #bts are kings #breaking language barrier #language barrier #not everyone speaks english #speak your language #BE proud of your language #j'adore les langues #le français est trop beau ok #stan those korean men #je suis fière #fuck white supremacy #diversity #bts destroying stereotypes again
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  • Having fun on the set of our current feature film project. Coming soon.
    #funonset #setfun #lafilming #diversity #filmmaking #rehersal #womeninfilm #filmdiversity #actorslife #setlife #netflixandchill #props #costumedesign #costumes

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