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  • So this is Matt Coleville explaining the idea behind a Westmarch campaign for dnd (or any system really) that honestly sounds a little crazy but absolutely fascinating because this is like… Tabletop openworld mmo type stuff. Just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. This is such an odd yet interesting idea..

    (Also everyone who’s an aspiring dm, please check out Matthew Colevilles channel- he’s an awesome person, he knows Matt Mercer and he gives great advice)

    #dnd#dm reference #dungeons and dragons #d&d
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  • My hair is so fluffy rn I’m going to die

    #dm reference #hahaha but forreal #why can't people be here to see this #and feel this
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  • The Holy See is basically just a D&D party made up entirely of Paladins and Clerics.

    You can’t change my mind.

    #food fantasy#ff pretzel#ff croissant #ff fish & chips #ff candy cane #ff weisswurst #they WERE going to be called #the a-men #(JoCat reference anybody?) #but then red wine showed up and got super judgy #wait no red wine is their dm #he refused to let them use that name #and bloody mary is an asshole rogue #who crashes on their sessions a lot #great now i need to assign dnd classes to food souls
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  • image

    Catch a wave and take in the sweetness

    Think about it, the darkness, the deepness

    #self#selfie#me#tats#tattoos#tattoo#piercings #don't go iny DMs with that bullshit #also im taking this to my surgeon for reference #again if you zoom on my crotch ill destroy you. #minimilist#black#white
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  • a little comic i might redo digitally someday. it’s about kindness and patience.

    (i was gonna include a follow up with patrick but i am so done drawing for the next year)

    dialogue under the cut for legibility!

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    #spongebob squarepants#squidward tentacles#patrick star #conch street boys #CPUart #its obvious i dont draw with a reference and i dont care!! im just doodlin #i hope this makes since if anyone wants the typed dialoge feel free to DM me
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  • my new dnd character is a male and hearing my friends use he/him when referring to me has given me so much euphoria. hearing them put effort into using the right pronouns makes me think that they’d put the same if not more effort into referring to me if I come out. and none of them even questioned the fact that I was playing a guy

    #also i think the guys are starting to catch on. #the dm corrects the guys who use she/her when reffering to my character #very few of them even refer to me as a girl during and outside of dnd #is this euphoria??? #because i could get used to it
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  • I saw some people posting about making a blog/account run by their f/o. I liked the idea, so I decided to try it out for Val over on Instagram 👀💕

    #hmm i wonder if anyone will be able to find it without me posting the account name 👀 #its a pretty obscure reference but its related to canon~ #its not a selfshippy account btw #just aesthetic #i post things that i think he would like/post if he realistically had an insta #ino rambles #every day is valentine’s day #you can dm me if you would like the account name though~
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  • Bringing Them Together

    After a long couple of weeks of planning, working, writing, rolling dice, everyone is finally ready to be brought together for the same goal. They still haven’t filled out their character sheet entirely and after a certain point I refuse to do anything until the entire sheet is completed. For now I am sending resources spending time with my PCs on their own to help them with their character sheets along with whatever story they choose to tell with their character.


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