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  • dreamyygeorgenap
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “alright, so as you can see- ok- first- ok- alright never mind it says dreamnotfound alright anyway- ok that was- that’s PART OF THE MOD- but again tha- that’s part- that- that- that’s- ok that’s actually not part of the mod- that’s part of- OKAY- I didn’t do that- I didn’t do that- that’s-that’s all- that’s all I have to say- I didn’t do that ok??- I’m- uh- whatever- um- moving on- anyway- UM- so- *scoffs*- ok- *scoffs*- whatever” 

    #on the topic of 'i can't believe this happened live' #but the best part was that it was after his 'cheating scandal' and this was a serious stream and this was the ONLY TIME he was flustered #dnf#text
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  • softinnit
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Is the drawing of a light haired and dark haired gay ship dnf or destiel? Who knows

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  • sapnapsimparc
    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    thinking about how george hangs out with wilbur and tommy and ranboo and how he wont even be surprised about how tall dream is anymore because he's used to it

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  • bluntjustice
    27.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #dnf#dreamnotfound#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#yeeeeeeee #family jewels by Marina and the Diamonds vibes rn #don’t think on that one too hard okay? #thank#blunttalks
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  • nightmaremybeloved
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    confession: the first time i read heatwaves i was listening to drivers license by olivia rodrigo on repeat and so i relate that song to it more than it’s namesake

    #dreamnotfound#dnf#heatwaves #i have no clue how to tag this #true story tho #i dont think the song fits really #but gotta say #religious experience listening to dl #during the bit where dream goes to the beach #and drives back #yeah that had Vibes #good or bad vibes no one knows #my post#unfortunately
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  • lady-star-strings
    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    To everyone on the timeline saying wedding!Dream didn't do anything wrong... He got flowers on the SMP saying George would love them, implying that they were meant for him originally. When he was caught by Fundy and questioned about it, Dream said he "misspoke" and gifted them to Fundy instead. After that, however, he then turned around to get another bouquet in secret and told Niki not to tell Fundy.

    The bouquet he had in the pictures showing off his dress meant infidelity, and he was looking in George's direction repeatedly during the wedding. When it comes to exes or past crushes, love can be messy and sometimes it's hard figuring things out, but Dream's biggest downfall with that was not being firm in his choices.

    Personally, I think Dream still loved George and had wanted to be with him, but when his affections weren't originally returned, he moved on with Fundy. George then realized he messed up and wanted Dream back, but the wedding was already happening, so he objected and tried to show Dream he was serious about them now. But what the hell was Dream supposed to do with that - the objection, the kiss, the "It was what I had to do." - out of the blue and in the middle of his wedding to another man no less?

    Yeah maybe part of him still wanted to be with George yet, but he had missed his chance, and now Fundy was in the equation showing him all the love he wanted... But did Dream really want to marry him because he loved him, or was he just looking for a way not to be lonely like he hinted at being during the date?

    Of course Dream ran away in the end, he was probably confused as all hell as to what he was going to do with his heart being pulled every which way. And to be put on the spot about his absolute mess of feelings about the situation in front of everyone too? Runaway bride Dream was practically a given in that scenario.

    After all, what other choice did he have until he could clear his head and properly explain both to himself and everyone else what was going on?

    TLDR: Dream was a victim in his own right during the wedding by being humiliated for not knowing and fully understanding his feelings and being put on the spot about them. However, he also kinda brought it on himself by being wishy-washy on who he was choosing and it resulted in him being put in that position again. Love is messy and complicated sometimes.

    #don't sleep won't sleep #sleep is for the living #dream smp#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#dreamnotfound#fundywastaken#dnf#fwt#the wedding #wedding!dream #fwt wedding
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  • messy-gguki
    27.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #asks #also not taking a break no worries!! i wish im taking a break from school 😔😔 #this ask make me spit out my drink cackling when i first saw it #♡♡♡ #also i think this ask was from yesterday?? way yesterday and just last night my friends on disc started calling me mommy bc theyre also #deprived of dnf and well bc of the hand pic i sent LMFAOOO #i think u manifested it anon
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  • gnfsite
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    hey !! hello !! :D

    I'm revamping this account, so pls ignore the messy layout, but I would really like to find other rp accnts from the dsmp fanbase, specifically drm and sapnap!

    I don't have plots set up but i RLY wanna start getting back into rp and this is my main hyperfixation rn, lore or irl !!

    Only boundary is no smut !! If you wanna plot pls hit me up I'm so bored, I'm down 4 any angst or silly fluff

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  • caseywond3r
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    dream opens condom wrappers with his teeth send post

    #dreamwastaken#dream#dreamnotfound#dnf #its not actually but its been a while since i got that sweet sweet validation of a post with over one hundred notes #i crave validation from tumblr hehe /ref #cw suggestive #this has been in my drafts for a week. i decided to make it everyone's problem.
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  • cgnf
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    george should do an amazon stream except instead of amazon it’s the dnf tag on red bubble

    #like there’s gotta be so much like horribly cropped dnf warped on to a water bottle or smth
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  • mcecologist
    27.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Me: I can’t wait until Dream looks at George with nothing but love in his eyes


    Because they’re sharing one computer and George refuses to let Dream have the mouse but also refuses to play the game correctly. What game? You have one guess.

    #dnf #yeah it’s bedwars #Sapnap would try to break up the fight #then they would both turn on him #cause they’re messy like that
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  • theoneandonlyyeti
    27.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    ok so butch lesbians are also using this trending dnf audio on tiktok but its ok they can use it

    #dnf #this and the other post i made abt this will probably be the only time i tag something dnf lol
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  • theoneandonlyyeti
    27.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    so i have a deathwish so i went and found the dnf tiktok audio that is trending rn with straight white boys making thirst traps to it and one of the first ones i found was a police officer with a blue lives matter hat on and making the freaking bites lip squints eyes face at the camera and when i saw it i gagged like a cat when it smells something it doesnt like


    #im... #that was#ew #gonna tag this #dnf #just for funsies #<3
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  • saltndhoney
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago


    #me scrolling down my dash ignoring all the of posts about dnf and tiktok like my life depends on it #yall are giving me brain damage #AND THEN YOU BRING DANNY INTO THIS #IM GONNA K M S
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  • sexhavershq
    26.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    it’s actually so valid of them to use dream’s low ‘come on’ as a thirst trap audio. kings

    #no but they’re so right #so late to this but I had to digest #dnf #?? #tiktok#nasatalks
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  • ssapnapss
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #i spent time on this so youre seeing it #out of context pandascord #im so funny everyone laugh hahaha #dnf #thats the first time ive used that tag #and then everybody clapped
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  • crynarts
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago


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