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    I thought I’d never see the day

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  • Cover of the Day:
    Strange Tales #150 (November, 1966)
    Art by Bill Everett

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  • People who try to connect 616 with mcu are so brave and smart I just accept Stephen is infinitely more wicked, sexy and miserable in the comics and go

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    The Game is ON & I am SHERLocked….!!!

    •  Timeline: 2010-2017
    • No of Seasons: 4
    • No of Episodes: 13
    • Run time: 90mins per Episode.
    • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama.


    Tale of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.John Watson solving crime in 21st century London.

     While doing college, I got my first IPAD, reading habit came along with it, My first book on iPad was SHERLOCK HOLMES, The book about Sherlock through the writings of Watson. According to Watson, Sherlock is obsessive, bold, extremely observant, perceptive of details, creative imagination like mind palace, Work alcoholic. The way he observes was written in the book was tremendous and exclamatory. With the same joyfulness I watched the Sherlock Holmes movie released in 2009 portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. The expected details were not there like explaining the observation.

    Sherlock – Series was released in 2010. Visually, Sherlock scores highly. The photography is skillful, the sets are lovely and the costumes are beautifully tailored particularly in the episode The Abominable Bride.

    The music is another strong asset, not just the clever main theme but the haunting and beautiful background music too. I found the stories very engaging, with a nice balance of humor, mystery and adventure.

    With the reveal of Jim Moriarty both “campy” and chilling and each episode moving very briskly, and the writing is top notch being humorous and intriguing.

    The background of Doctor Strange is the same as Sherlock, That’s why Benedict Cumberbatch signed for Marvel for Doctor strange, which was also an intriguing movie and particularly the acting in Infinity war for checking the possibilities resembles Sherlock while he was in his mind palace.

    Overall, hugely entertaining and fun take on the great literary detective, A tribute to the legend of detectives SHERLOCK HOLMES.

    My VR Critique rating  - 9.8/10

    Missing of 0.2 is for not continuing the series. 🤐

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    I made a thing :D

    I personally head cannon stephen as pan! So i made this!! Please enjoy! (If you wanna use it feel free!!)

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  • 163 days until Black Widow

    261 days until The Eternals

    345 days until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    527 days until Spider-Man 3

    625 days until Thor: Love and Thunder

    667 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    709 days until Black Panther 2

    772 days until Captain Marvel 2

    863 days until Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

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  • Stephen: Tony… what are you doing? You’ve already had eight shots today.

    Tony, standing near the coffee machine: … science

    Stephen: what’s your hypothesis?

    Tony: … it will take me at least one more shot of espresso to finally feel something

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  • The real reason pristine exists: both Tony and Stephen wanted to set them up but they’re the only two friends they have

    Like Stephen has four friends, one of them is a grumpy librarian, one died, the other went evil, and the only reletivly normal person in his life is the wonderful Christine

    Tony has two good friends, but Rhodey would never accept dating advice from Tony and Pepper trusts his judgement

    So they probably set the two up on a date because they wanted their friends to be happy, and who better for them to be happy with than each other?

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    Doctor strange bloopers

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  • Stephen:Tony please go to sleep

    Tony: But who will watch my villagers babe?

    Stephen: I have a house there it’ll be fine

    Tony: But what if they ask where am I!? I can’t stress them out like that.

    Stephen: *ready use sleeping spell*

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  • Tony: For future reference: When I say I agree with you, it means I’m not listening.

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  • I submitted a prompt like this to @ironstrangeprompts , but decided I wanted to write out my version in summary form. Other interpretations of the prompt welcome, of course! This is just one:

    Stephen knows that Tony is going to die in this timeline. So in an act of selflessness, he takes Tony from this timeline, and places him in another - where neither he, nor Thanos exists. In this timeline, Tony can live a full life, without his wealth, his enemies, his friends, or his powers as Iron Man, before it’s time to bring him back to his original timeline, as if nothing happened.

    Since Stephen doesn’t exist in this world, either, and no time passes in the real world while they’re here, Tony invites him to stay. He stays.

    Unexpectedly, they fall in love. And are actually HAPPY. Even if (or maybe because) nothing in this timeline ties them to their original lives.

    When they’re both old and gray and ready to go, they reluctantly go back to their original timeline, promising to take nothing from the one they’re about to leave. Stephen goes through the motions of watching Tony die.

    He doesn’t take it as well as he expected. He thought he was prepared.

    After the funeral, he goes into hiatus, keeping to the Sanctum and his duties as its protector. When he emerges, months later, he seems refreshed, ready to help defend the world again.

    No one knows that he had actually made the painful decision to erase his memories of Tony in the other world, burying them deep in his psyche so they won’t get in the way of his work.

    That is, until some time later. Pepper (or Morgan? If it’s at least a decade or so later) is going through Tony’s things. She finds a photograph - something Tony had found a way to smuggle in from the other life.

    It’s an innocent-looking photo of Tony and Stephen, both smiling. Pepper wonders when they had the time to have it taken, considering the two men only knew each other for less than a day, as far as she knew.

    So she takes it to Stephen. And the memories come flooding back.


    Belatedly, I remembered that I’ve already written a similarly situated deathfic - a full month before Endgame was shown. It’s not quite the same, because it involves time-turning, do-overs and a TON of lucid dreaming, but as I said: multiple interpretations of the prompt are welcome!

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  • Finally it is done after 10 hours later. I messed up on the hair so many times. but i am glad the way it came out.

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  • Infinity- Stephen Strange x Stark!Reader Part 1


    Originally posted by antoniivs

    Summary: Thanos’s minions come to Earth for the time stone.

    “Seriously? You don’t have any money?” Y/N and Stephen were walking down the stairs in their normal clothes, heading to get something to eat.

    “Attachment to the material is detachment from the spiritual.”

    “I’ll tell that to the guys at the deli, maybe they’ll make you a metaphysical ham on rye.”

    Y/N chuckles as Wong digs in his pockets. “Wait, wait, I think I have 200..”



    “Which is?” 

    “A buck and a half.”

    Stephen sighs. “What do you want?”

    “I wouldn’t say no to a tuna melt.”

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  • Hey guys! I wrote the Infinity War installment of the Hey, Stephen universe. It’s just called Infinity and I will post in a little bit. Here’s the cover:

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  • Summary: Strange finds a summer job before his senior year.

    Warnings: none

    A/N: This is my Day 19 entry for @itsbuckysworld Hello Spring 2020 writing challenge. The prompt is Pool Boy AU. I’m attempting to get back in the swing of things, and I realized I hadn’t written for my favorite magic man yet. So hope you enjoy this one!

    Word Count: 720

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    #stephen strange x reader #stephen strange#doctor strange #ibw: hello spring 2020
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  • Labyrinth movie sequel coming with Doctor Strange’s Scott Derrickson directing

    The beloved ‘80s movie starring David Bowie and Jim Henson puppets is getting a sequel. 

    Read more in my CNET article here.

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  • Part of puppets on a string.

    It’s been close to a month, so have a two-in-one deal. Thanks to my dear friend Paula for editing and yelling at my Caesar sentences. 💕 love you

    The ballroom inside the mansion was absolutely gorgeous, no doubt thanks to Tony’s CEO. 

    Miss Potts and her team of party planners had done a marvellous job making the old building into a spectacle. The tasteful black-and-white colour scheme and the modern chandeliers left the hall just dim enough to be cozy. A little podium, separated from them by the dance floor, was taken up by a classical band. They filled the room with calming music, while still being able to talk comfortably.  

    The sight of the piano made Stephen smile to himself, glancing down at his companion, who was watching over the crowd with a calculating gaze. The throng of people in colourful gowns and suits, armed with glasses of champagne, was definitely less intimidating than the press outside, but Stephen knew this wasn’t a party; it was a battle ground. 

    What was hiding behind the calm veil of music and laughter was to blame for his concern.

    It only took him one sweep over the crowd to spot the Avengers. 

    Stephen had almost expected them to show up in all their star-spangled glory, guns flailing like the barbarians they were. Yet, they had cleaned up nicely, fitting in perfectly with the celebrities around them. 

    They hadn’t been the only ones curiously looking at the front doors, waiting to witness Iron Man’s entrance, either. Almost every single person in the room took a break from their conversation to glance towards them. 

    They had expected the attention, of course. 

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