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  • The Woman Who Lived

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  • On this date five years ago the Doctor once again made it clear he was against bantering in the episode ‘The Woman Who Lived’.

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  • everyday i get angry bill potts came so close to meeting yasmin khan. they would’ve been best friends 

    #like literally bffs #can you imagine how good they would've been for each other #bill just getting yaz to chill out for one fucking second #doctor who#Yasmin Khan#bill potts
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  • Written by - David Whitaker
    Director- Barry Letts
    Producer - Innes Lloyd

    Episode Two

    (“He must be stopped!” - Denes about Salamander to Astrid after his first meeting with Salamander.)


    - Bruce is not putting up with any of this shit and is so confused and angry and there for a job, damn it.  I know he’s not necessarily one of the good guys, but damn it, I enjoy him as a character.

    - The Doctor peeking through accent wise sometimes when he’s pretending to be Salamander. 

    - I never said it in the first one, but it sounds so weird to hear Australia being talked about in this show and I kind of maybe love it a tiny bit.  Hey, I’m Australian, I’m biased.

    - I love how the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria have no idea what side is right, what side is wrong, whether both are wrong or right or what in this.  They are just dumped right in the deep end of all this political intrigue and left floundering in it.  It makes for some great suspense.

    - I like the conversation between Bruce and Benik.  Benik is just so done with Bruce, so done.  It’s great to see some inner conflict.  And I like Benik’s sense of humour.

    - *Gasp*  Another woman in this!  Fariah.  And she’s black and while a servant, has a large role.  Please say she gets to kick some ass later… She sounds like she should be able to kick some major ass.  She does risk being poisoned every day so…yeah.

    - Jamie totally going in and doing something stupid but good at the same time to get his position in Salamander’s household.  Also Victoria is the girlfriend XD

    - Victoria going to work with Fariah not knowing she is a food tester…for poison.

    - Bruce not being happy about the volcano eruptions and feeling sorry for the people it killed.  


    - Eh, he’s supposed to be on the side of good, but I don’t much like Giles.  He seems to be very good with handing out things needed when it’s needed and to just shove people in the deep end when not.

    - Sunspots, yes, I’m sure that’s the problem.  Well, all the problem anyway.

    - It took me until near the end to realise that yes, Victoria, Jamie and Astrid actually ARE now in Hungary.  What is with just magically having them in different places without any explanation of when they got there. 


    - Look at that pretty balcony Salamander is on.  Nice sets in this one. 

    - Salamander’s outfit.


    - Oops, there’s some shadow not supposed to be but is on the wall in one scene.  Someone got in the way of the lighting, or something.  Looks like it might have been one of the cameras.  This one is great for the small things that I manage to see. 

    - The phone call between Astrid, Giles and the Doctor.  Just…no. That awful sound is ringing through my ears still…

    In Conclusion

    Not sure if Denes is the right person for the person who said it but in the credits seems to be the only name that he could be so I hope that is right, otherwise please tell me.

    I am enjoying this one a lot.  Yes.  Definitely enjoying this a lot.  There’s assassination plots, volcano eruptions, Salamander being devious and evil, Jamie being a ray of sunshine in all of it and Victoria going to work with a black woman with a talking role that is actually a main character in this episode. 

    There is very little I disliked.  Usually the list gets bigger than 3 things and one of them was just me being slow on the uptake XD  I knew they were going to Hungary, but boy did it take me to the end to realise they had moved there.  It’s like when they magically moved from Astrid’s house to Giles’s in the first episode. When did that happen?

    Body count - ??. Possibly Jamie killed that guard but I just didn’t realise?  Can someone tell me?  Did Jamie kill that guard or not?  But a whole town of people died by volcano.  So ?? is for that estimate number of people.  A lot of people died at the end.  

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  • Doctor Who:

    Star Trek:

    Gays: ✨Gays in Space✨

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  • Showcasing art from some of my favourite artists in the field of visual arts, including vintage; pulp; pop culture; books and comics; concert posters; fantastical and imaginative realism; classical; contemporary; new contemporary; pop surrealism; conceptual and illustration.

    The art of Kevin Wada.

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  • [make me choose] anonymous asked ↠ daleks or cybermen

    #doctor who#cybermen#dwedit#dwgifs#timelordgifs#*mygifs#dw mmc #like them both #but the cybermen are wayyy more interesting #in terms of how they affect the doctor #like the daleks were cool back in the day cuz of the time war #but now with what happened to bill #and danny #the way the doctor reacts to them and how much they fuck her up is more interesting imo #the timeless children cybermen do be kinda ugly with their fat heads tho ngl
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  • Making a whoop of delight, Ryder kicks the ball… With more enthusiasm than skill.

    It leaves the boundaries of the makeshift playing field, and rolls noiselessly across the soft reddish sand.

    ‘I’ll get it, no worries!’ Liam cries - and, with a wave of his hand, trots after it, leaving the other players behind. Watchful silhouettes falling back in the corner of his eye, greenish-blue in the pallid Eos light.

    The ball rolls on rather longer than he expected. And when it finally stills, hitting a tiny dune, a very curious shadow falls over it. Shaped almost like… No, that’s stupid.

    Rather than stop the ball with his foot and pick it up, Liam looks ahead, shielding his eyes from the Pytheas star. And sees… He doesn’t even know. A mirage of some sort? A freaky hallucination, brought on by the lingering radiation maybe?

    That’s got to be it, yes - but it still looks so real. His family’s car, slightly dented, standing right in front of him. Against the background of some small, rectangular blue structure that he does not remember seeing in Prodromos before.

    Doesn’t seem kett, for sure.

    'Hello?’ a young, very British voice asks. 'Do you know a Liam Kosta?’

    Liam starts. He has been so busy gawking at the car that he hasn’t even noticed that there are people standing next to it.

    A whole three of them. Two young, kids almost, one more - way more - on the older side. In some kind of… weird vintage clothing? Early 21st century?

    Oh, right, so maybe it isn’t his car after all, and these are just historical reenactors from the Cultural Exchange on the Nexus? Jaal will love this for sure!..

    But why would they be looking for him of all people?

    Liam frowns, and slowly responds, 'That’s me actually’, while eyeing the strangers over.

    One of the kids - the one who asked the question - tilts her head, looking rather pleased.

    'Oh great! We found a container with this car floating in space, addressed to you, and thought we’d speed it up a little’.

    The other kid snorts.

    'You gonna get him to sign for it then? Make it all proper?’

    The first one rolls her eyes.

    There is probably some inside joke in there - but Liam doesn’t particularly care for it right now.

    'Hold up. How did you just bump into my car?’ he backs away a pace. 'What kind of technology were you using if you “sped it up” by millions of years? What planet are you even from?’

    'We’re from Earth, actually,’ the old man pipes in.

    Well, now that’s a sense of humour! They are all from Earth!

    'Don’t worry son, when the doc comes back, she’ll, uh…’

    And that’s when the fourth stranger shows up, striding somewhere from behind a rock.

    A woman, dressed the most weirdly of the lot, in an oversized grey coat and trousers that do not quite reach her ankles. She does not really watch where she is going. Her face is scrunched up in concentration, and her eyes are focused intently on some kind of pen-sized omnitool that she is holding, scanning every inch of the ground… Much like Ryder does.

    'What is with this planet? she asks no-one in particular.

    'With this whole system? Giant terraforming structures, massive tendrils of dark energy? I think we should stay here a while, don’t you?’

    'Er, we are all going to stay here a while?’ Liam says. 'The Initiative was a one-way ticket, you know?’

    'We aren’t with the Initiative, though,’ the first kid points out. 'We travel on our own’.

    'Uhuh. Wanted to deliver a car, stumbled into a mystery,’ the woman continues, still scanning. 'You know how it goes’.

    Despite his general bewilderment, Liam cannot help but chuckle. This is what hanging out with Ryder has been all about.

    'Yeah, I kinda do’.

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  • Hey Y’all,

    Sorry to be so inactive. I’ve been busy with school and recently got into discord. I plan on hopefully becoming more active on here once again after being indoctrinated into Academy Era bullshit once more.

    I will be planning some stuff shortly expect some actual content sifnskdjfjkd

    Love you all!

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  • Should I want a Doctor Who Build-A-Bear???


    Do I still really want to????


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  • Seems familiar… via /r/DoctorWhumour https://ift.tt/37JOH9w

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  • Inktober 2020

    Because Big Finish failed to illustrate Mr. Jago’s Victorian Father Christmas outfit, in a cellar, which was slowly filling with acid, waving a magic wand/alien death ray, I have to take matters into my own hands.

    No beard tho, cos he was never mentioned wearing a fake beard. I am imagining he put it on when the orphans came to him later post!episode.

    #inktober#inktober2020 #jago and litefoot #paternoster gang #henry gordon jago #classic who#doctor who#nonsense #art by jossu
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  • image

    Snuggly Tentoo 😌👌✨

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  • Ryan: What’s the Doctor’s most annoying habit?

    13: Oo oo its pinging my braces right? She thinks it’s silly.

    Yaz: She wears socks to bed, at least the braces are cute.

    13: *gasp* Yaz…my socks are totally cute, they’re stripey.

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  • So we’re not gonna talk about the fact that the 13th Doctor finally released the little girl from the mirror that 10 put her in in The Family of Blood?

    #doctor who #the family of blood #human nature#lockdown #the shadow in the mirror #it's on youtube #daughter of mine is free #paul cornell
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  • Taking you from place to place isn’t easy.

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