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  • sebastianstanshungryblueeyes
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #Doggie DayCare Handler #Dog Kennel Tech #My Life Has Gone To The Dogs #One Aspect Of What I Do On The Job
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  • fayeandknight
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    I've noticed an almost obsession of sorts in the dog community, particularly with Service Dogs and social media, to tout our dogs as perfect. And not just perfect, but perfect from day one.

    I've seen too many videos and pictures of five month old SDiTs being claimed as having perfect heels or performing tasks perfectly. And it makes me want to scream.

    I'm not immune. I get it. We want to highlight the successes, show off those moments where our hard work can be seen. But we don't show or talk about (generally speaking) the mistakes or the boring work that allows success to happen. And too often those perfect moments are used by other handlers to beat themselves up or doubt their puppies. It's incredibly unhealthy for both the people and the puppies/young dogs to feel pressured to always match picture perfect moments.

    Burn out is as real for SDiTs as it is for people working anywhere.

    There's a reason service dog training takes roughly two years. Dogs need time not only to learn the needed skills, but for their brains to fully develop.

    Slow is fast. It's something Faye's SD trainer said to me and I find myself coming back to it often as of late. It's so important not to push for perfect. Progress is a much more healthy and productive goal.

    So going forward I'm going to try to present the bigger picture of service dog training. The boring or less than perfect stuff - like being able to focus in new or busy environments, mistakes or set backs - as well as the good.

    This isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

    So here's a clip from today's training. Just some focusing, a little heeling, some sits, downs, and settling. Forte makes a minor mistake at one point. But it was still a good session.

    #dogblr#forte#belgian tervuren #service dog in training #the sd community has become so toxic #people pushing their puppies into full on tasking #people only showing the perfect #and then other handlers becoming distressed because their puppy isn't that perfect all the time #our dogs aren't perfect #they don't have to be #and it's unrealistic to expect them to be #especially if their still in training #we all need to breathe and slow down
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  • military1st
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Australian Defence Force dog handler during a combined urban clearance at Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 in Townsville Field Training Area, Queensland, Australia.

    The U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Michael Jefferson Estillomo (2021).

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  • doberbutts
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I signed up for a drop in rally class at the place I'm being mentored and expected to have paid 30 bucks for about an hour and what I actually got was about THREE hours of rally practice where we started as a hot mess express (it was an advanced level course in a novice class in fairness) and ended looking... mildly competent.

    So guess who's going back next week with Fae.

    #also all the students who've been doing this for ages were so nice #and the instructor was so patient and welcoming #yes good tackling barriers to novices trying sports #it was also really nice to see her hyping up all the novice handlers #but fuck I worked an 8 hour shift and did not expect to tack on 3 additional dog training hours #my legs hurt lol
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  • chaotic-archaeologist
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • flecks-of-stardust
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    ive forgotten to post this like. 8 times in the span of two days

    grubs are probably like the service animals of hollow knight, i would think

    #hollow knight #main tagging this but #dreamless au #thats where this is most relevant #i do think tiktiks would probably be good emotional support animals (or. like. i dont know what word theyd use instead of animal) #but im not sure theyre. smart? sapient?? enough to be like. #i dont know how to word this #like service dogs can do a lot of things #not limited to alerting their handlers of an oncoming panic attack or seizure #or blood sugar levels. or seeing eye dogs #and i think grubs have demonstrated theyre probably capable of performing similar tasks for the disabled bugs of hallownest #i dont know if tiktiks would be able to? #and even if they Were able to. theyre a bit small #its like getting a chihuahua to be a service dog #plausible? idk maybe #but kinda impractical
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  • darkwood-sleddog
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #dogblr#alaskan malamute#faq#pack dogs #like it’s the difference of hanging out with friends/family you adore #vs going to a club/bar #(the difference between being in a generational pack vs daycare) #your people you’re with on the daily that you love probably have a very good understanding of what upsets you or makes you happy #what play style you like etc #the folks at the bar well you might find somebody you really mesh with but these people are strangers most of the time #like when Sigurd and zombie used to go to daycare they’d only play with each other and I was like…..please put them in different groups #I no longer take my dogs to that daycare bc I feel they’ve allowed their dog/handler ratio get too large #but either way my dogs raised by my breeder have never shown extreme attachement
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  • border-collie
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Me: *hasn't put any agility titles on my current dog*

    Also Me: "My next dog is going to be a nationals level dog"

    #I have big goals and small chances of meeting them I guess #since Next!Dog will be with me from the beginning I really want to make sure she has the foundations to be a Really Good Agility Dog #but I am still pissed? worried? idk im something about Echos weave issues #it is def a targeting issue for him and not a physical concern but the fact he can't weave without the trainer at the end bothers me #I think I am going to work on getting him in some UKI speedstakes trials so we can start getting used to competitions without weaves #on the plus side his running dog walks are so good that a nationally ranked handler complemented me on them! #he is just naturally good at them tho there was minimal training involved
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  • darkwood-sleddog
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Malamutes being suitable for service work are dogs with rare exceptions and have non-breed typical temperaments. I cannot repeat that enough.

    #dogblr#alaskan malamute #anyways trying to convince a person that has zero experience with the breed to not get one for service work #they washed out a golden for being anxiou #and honestly typical malamutes are just not suitable for service work #unbiddable not handler sensitive and have genetic same sex dog aggression #those are TYPICAL genetic malamute behaviors #I hardly see folks working these dogs in service work past age 4
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  • brighteyedspitz
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    lmaooooooo my dads pissed at me bc i tried to explain to him that the video of a small dog in a service dog vest screaming at and chasing dolphins along the glass of their tank at some theme park/zoo is, in fact, not cute bc it means that that dog is likely not a SD at all and just someones pet that they slapped a vest on so they could get away with bringing their beloved fluffy into a public place and is putting people who genuinely need and have trained SDs at risk of not being allowed into an establishment bc of this one "SD" who could be seen as a nuisance at this establishment

    #disclaimer: i do not have a SD and if anyone who does has any issue with how i feel or would like to correct me on anything please do #i am still learning about SDs #but im fairly certain im right here bc that dog was not acting any sort of trained at all #and was not paying a lick of attention to its handler #hm#dog politics#service dog
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  • darkwood-sleddog
    20.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ah the weird cross section of dog people online where they post AVSAB links for people to reference but also call themselves “alphas” and say relying on currency is dangerous lmao.

    #dogblr#dog behavior #like you are decrying dominance theory but calling yourself an alpha please get with the program bruh #like I hate the idea that we should move our dogs away from currency as they become adults #because like especially if I’m in a controlled training situation my dog #should absolutely be getting fun and positive things out of it #so in an emergency they actually perform the behavior with enthusiasm #how is this difficult for people to usderstand #currency can be so much more than good reward also it can be toys! or behaviors! attention! #it depends on your dog #like guys dogs should not perform behaviors because we say so #they should perform behaviors because they find it enjoyable #and it is our job as handlers/owners to find what make our particular dogs tick #like am I going to give my dog a vocal correction yes I do that #but am I also using it as an interrupting noise and then redirecting #also yes#*food reward
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  • sagevs911
    14.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    oliver stark’s dog being so well trained is hot and i definitely projecting this knowledge into my service dog for chris au

    #as a service dog handler seeing well trained pets makes me wanna kiss their owners #off leash trained dogs r so cool and hot and cool #911#Oliver stark
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  • ocean-blue-whump
    11.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Too Late to Beg

    For @amonthofwhump Twelve Days of Whumpmas! Day Eleven-Sensory Deprivation

    Guard Dog Era 501. :)

    Tagging @ashintheairlikesnow @whumpinggrounds @whumptakesthecake @justplainwhump

    CW: pet whump, BBU, facility whump, lady whump, dehumanization, sensory deprivation


    501 is knocked onto her knees, the wire loop around her neck pulling uncomfortably, digging into the sensitive skin below her shock collar. She works her jaw around the bit gag, trying to stop drool from running down her chin. 

    Handler Greco gives another harsh yank at the animal control pole and 501 chokes as the wire cuts off her air. “You arrogant fucking mutt,” he hisses. “Think you’re better than this? Huh?”

    501 glares up at him. I know I’m better than this. I know I don’t want this, too. I’m not a mutt or a pet. I’m a person. I’m alive. 

    Handler Greco grabs her face. “You need to stop fucking attacking handlers. Got it?”

    501 makes a muffled, angry noise. 

    Handler Greco rolls his eyes and roughly yanks the gag off. “Got it?”

    “Let me go,” 501 rasps out, her voice subdued but her eyes blazing. “Let me go home.” She had a home once, she remembers, and it was…red? Maybe? It was in a building, two bedrooms, she can’t remember the word for it, and there were people there with her, but she can’t remember their faces. 

    “You don’t have a home until a prospective buys you. You know that, 501, stop being such an idiot.” Handler Greco leans down to pull the animal control pole off 501’s neck. 

    501’s hands are already restrained behind her back with rough leather cuffs, Handler Greco grabs onto the chain connecting them and uses it to throw 501 into a cage in the corner. “You’re going in sensory dep for a long time, mutt. That’s what happens to bad pets.”

    “Not a bad pet,” 501 says, taking deep breaths. “I’m a person. I’m a person.”

    “No. You’re not. You’re a Guard Dog. You’re an object for your owner. You’re the one in a cage right now. And you’re about to be locked away in a cage with no sight, sound, taste, nothing. I think I can see which one of us is the person here.” Handler Greco squats next to her, running his hand through 501’s hair. “Don’t get me wrong, 501, you’re a good Guard Dog.”

    Traitorous pride surges through 501. 

    “I’m serious. You’re talented. You’re good at telling how people are going to move, how they’ll attack. And you can use that against them. But you need to learn who you’re supposed to hurt. It’s not me, baby girl. It’s not me, or any of the other handlers.”

    501 is completely tense, all of her muscles locked as Handler Greco pats her. 

    “You don’t understand,” 501 whispers, a tear building in her eye. 

    “What don’t I understand?”

    “I have these…these things in my head, memories, and I wanna go back to them.” 501 sniffles. She’s tense.

    “It’s false memories from the training. There’s nothing for you to go back to.”

    Using the built up tension, 501 springs forward, slamming her head against Handler Greco’s face. I don’t have fake fucking memories. I had a real life. This can’t be fake. His nose cracks, blood spills into 501’s hair. She slides back, but Handler Greco doesn’t wait a second to hit 501 in the face with his baton. 

    501 grunts with the blow and falls to her side, back in the cage. 

    “You fucking bitch!” Handler Greco yells. “That’s it! I’m gonna put you in the fucking hood and leave you until you’re a fucking corpse. You’re gonna die from the silence! Jesus!”

    501’s eyes go wide with panic when she sees Greco coming at her with the hood. “No, no, please, please don’t do it, please don’t let me die—” I can’t, it can’t go this way, I want to live, I have to, I have to get out of here.

    “It’s too fucking late, 501. Stay still.”

    501 would fight back if she could, but paralyzing fear keeps her still for Handler Greco to put the hood on.

    There’s nothing. Nothing to see, nothing to hear, even her mouth is devoid of taste. Hands are on her, maybe the last she’ll ever feel, putting a gag back on.

    501 cries and it’s soaked up into the hood, she doesn’t even get to feel that. 

    There’s nothing. 

    She’s going to die like this, alone and trapped and a useless fucking Guard Dog. This is worse than physical pain, she’d take that over this any day. She would rather be whipped than sit here with her stupid broken head. 

    Her memories are fake. There wasn’t a before. It’s just 501, and eventually, whatever her owner wants to call her. 

    She wanted this. 

    She’s good at this. 

    It’s too late to beg. 

    She’s going to die here. 

    #amow twelve days of whumpmas #sensory deprivation#pet whump#bbu #box boy universe #box boy whump #box boy multiverse #box babe#lady whump#lady whumpee#dehumanisation tw #guard dog whump #728501#handler greco#blue's words
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  • llywelynthelittle
    07.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Um yes hello today I took my dad to the people vet

    #llywelyn the little #service dog #service dog handler
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  • blue-eyedbeta
    01.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    As long as I live I will not forget when my grandmother took this document

    That I took hours making when I started my dog training course, and put up on our front door because I was really badly migraine symptomatic and then went to my mom's for a bit to get the hell out of the house

    And turned it in to this

    Yea my printer was low on certain inks so the picture looks weird.

    She never even called me to ask why it was there, so obviously she never read it.

    #disabled #service dog handlers #this is how we are treated by family #and society a lot of times #and people wonder why we are big mad when they just run up to our dogs #this is why
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  • skye-mystardog
    27.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I saw a dog training YouTube video today talking about how enrichment for puppies and dogs is a bad idea-in part because in teaches dogs that it’s fun to do things without you. How horrible!

    My dog should be allowed to have an awesome time without me! In fact I encourage it. Separation anxiety is really common in dogs, especially assistance dogs since they spend so much time with their humans. Skye being able to enjoy things like playing with soft toys, chewing antlers, or bashing his Kong wobbler full of kibble around a room when I’m not there is excellent news.

    I shouldn’t be the locus of his world. I’d like to be an important and enjoyable part of it, just as he is an important and delightful part of mine, but if the only way he knows how to be happy and have fun is with me-that’s an extremely stressful life for him. Because anytime I’m not right next to him he’s not going to know what to do with himself.

    I will admit sometimes I get the balance wrong-I do too much enrichment and not enough training and brainwork-but I try my best to find that balance. But I think this is a much better approach than making myself the human happiness controller. Besides-my dog seems to enjoy his life and still want to work with me so as far as I’m concerned we’re both winning this way!

    #dog training #dog training community #let dogs play! #look at the cute puppy! #literally swimming (and sleeping) in a pile of toys all his life #he’s so happy! #and all that independent enjoyment has definitely prevented him from being a great working dog #with enough handler focus to do a live medical alert in public #at 9 months #thoroughly enjoying his job #or from knowing how to settle down quietly without them #because you know #puppy enrichment is bad for some reason? #literally couldn’t believe what I was listening to 😅
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  • twobigears
    22.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    It was really interesting and neat to see how many junior handlers there were at the UKC trial. Agility people always lament that there are very few juniors in agility. (”where are the young people to keep our sport going/move all this heavy shit for us??”) Which is, a complicated topic and there are probably a lot of reasons for that. So seeing a bunch of them at the conformation show was interesting.

    #there are junior handlers #they are just in a different part of the dog world
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  • chaotic-archaeologist
    20.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #he speaks#he answers #service dog handler #llywelyn the little
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  • ocean-blue-whump
    19.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Neck Day

    @brutal-nemesis all the necks...

    Enjoy some Guard Dog era 501/Star being a disaster. Happens one week into her Guard Dog training. 

    Tagging @ashintheairlikesnow Let me know if you want to be added/removed!

    CW: neck whump, defiant whumpee, neck biting, ummm eating blood???, strangulation

    “Calm down, 501. Calm down. Put the baton down.”

    501 whirls around, her brown hair flying around. She grips the baton tighter and growls, gripping the baton tighter. She doesn’t speak, doesn’t need to. 

    Handler Greco steps forward, holding his hand out. “Come on. You don’t want to make this worse for you.”

    501’s voice shakes. Her hands are steady, always steady. But her voice always shakes. “You don’t--I broke the remote. You can’t, can’t shock me. Can’t do it.”

    “You have nowhere to go. Stand down. Drop the baton. Get on your knees. You don’t want to see what’s going to happen to you if you keep doing this.”

    Two other handlers come into the room, each holding a baton, each ready to strike. 501 sizes up their body language before turning back to Handler Greco. “I-I want to g-go home.”

    There’s no sympathy in his black eyes. “You don’t have a home, 501. That’s why you’re here. You’re too dangerous to have a home. No one wants to be near something so feral.”

    501 shakes her head, her heart hammering against her bruised ribs. Life started a week ago and it’s been nothing but pain and misery and Handler Greco making her better. “Home, I want to go, go home.”

    “Get it through your thick skull, 501!” Greco yells. “No one wants you. No one gives a shit about you. Drop the baton or I’m going to make you regret breathing.”

    501 is good, she’s so good. There must have been something before this week, because she moves like a viper, she moves like a wildcat to strike. One week of training alone couldn’t have made her this good. Each step is deliberate and strong and quick, each movement is carefully placed, and in a few quick strides that take her less than half a second, she has her arms wrapped, constricting Handler Greco’s chest, the baton still gripped in one of her hands. Before he can react, she sinks her teeth into his neck. 

    He howls and thrashes underneath her, trying to escape, but 501 is relentless. He wants to call her a mutt, he can be her chew toy. The blood is coppery and metallic and makes 501’s stomach turn, but she bites down tighter, feeling skin and blood vessels give underneath her teeth, feeling Handler Greco’s breathing quicken. 

    501’s stomach rumbles, and she finds herself sucking onto Handler Greco’s neck, letting the blood slide down her throat. Better than nothing, and she’s had nothing for two days now. 

    A blow falls heavy across her back, 501 grunts but keeps on biting. A second blow rains down against her temple, and it’s enough to make 501 stumble back, releasing her grip on Greco. 

    She takes one of the handlers down with blows to his face and chest, swinging the baton with ease. Just as she’s about to take down the second, a wire is wrapped around her neck, wound tight, and pulled. 

    501’s eyes flare open, she opens her mouth in a silent plead and claws at where the wire digs into her skin. 

    Handler Greco presses his chest into 501’s back just as the girl’s legs begin to weaken. He keeps her suspended up, even as her legs fall and she’s scrambling to get back on her feet, to save herself—

    “You’re in for it now,” he hisses into her ear, except she can’t, the wire’s cutting off her throat. “I’m gonna make you hurt, you feral mutt. Reason they call you trainees dogs.”

    Spots appear in 501’s vision, her movements slow and stop. The last thing 501 sees before she blacks out is her reflection in the window of the training room. Mouth, smeared with blood. Legs, twisted unnaturally. Wire around her neck. Handler Greco’s cold eyes, staring down at her. 

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  • yamelcakes
    18.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Well Rhia is a total SUPERSTAR and immediately provided me deep pressure therapy when I had a sudden panic attack out of the blue, so I think she’s coming to Disney World with me. I need her along.

    #I have such an inferiority complex as a service dog handler #yeah we’re out of practice #I can’t do public access training maintenance if it’s not safe to leave my house #but then she does things like this and I’m in awe of her #and yeah I don’t think I could fly alone without her
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