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    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    시어터플러스 Theatre+ Magazine [previews]

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    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    DK: what’s the point of splitting parts if everyone has to participate in everything anyways

    The8: what’s the point of joining a lecture if you’re not gonna listen anyways

    The8: exactly

    The8: there’s no point

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    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Camping Trip - July 28th



    Seokmin looked up from where he was cooking hotdogs with Mingyu and Hansol for everyone to find Tzuyu coming closer. He felt his heart nearly jump out of his chest and tried desperately to ignore the way Mingyu and Hansol chuckled and whispered to each other.

    “Do you need any more help?”

    “O-Oh um I think-” Seokmin started.

    “Oh actually,” Mingyu said standing up. Seokmin threw him a panicked look. “I’m going to go check on the drinks.”

    “You know what,” said Hansol. “I actually forgot to get enough buns out of the supply tent.”

    “Seokmin, you’re cool if Tzuyu helps you out for a bit?”

    Seokmin just nodded numbly, wishing his face was not covered in the inevitable blush that he knew it was. Tzuyu took some of the tongs from Mingyu and sat down with Seokmin. He tried to give her a smile, searching his brain for how to act like a normal person.

    “So, how are you liking the trip so far?” She asked sweetly.

    “I’m good- I-I It’s good so far I like- I mean it’s- How are you?”


    Tzuyu giggled. “I’m good, I’m having fun. I played ‘never have I ever’ with some of the others last night.”

    “Ah-h,” Was there a reason she was bringing that up? “That sounds like a lot of fun.”

    “Mmm,” she hummed, pausing for a moment. “Did the boys do anything fun?”

    “U-Uh,” Seokmin’s mind raced through the list of topics from the night before. Most of them were very sexual and he wasn’t sure she wanted to hear about that sort of thing, or that he wanted to say them. How would that conversation even go?

    “N-No- I mean it was just dumb stuff. Boys are just kind of dumb. Or well most of them- I’m not- or- I mean I guess I’m kind of dumb…” He was really hitting it out of the park on this one.

    Was it too late to jump into the river? Could he just join the fish? Become one with the water and never have to worry about sounding like an idiot ever again?”

    “I don’t think you’re dumb,” she said warmly.

    “That makes one of us,” he laughed.

    Tzuyu couldn’t help but laugh. Seokmin took the moment to look at her, just taking in her beauty. The way her smile lit up her face and the light sound of her giggle. When she opened her eyes and looked past him he turned to see Mingyu and Hansol returning.

    “So, um,” Seokmin looked back at Tzuyu as she spoke. She was picking at the tongs, not meeting his eye. “I’m getting up early tomorrow to take a walk along the river. I wouldn’t mind some company for it, if you want to come.”

    Seokmin felt his heart hammering so loud he was sure she could hear. 

    “S-Sure,” he said.

    “Cool,” she smiled at him shyly.

    “Got the buns!” Hansol called.

    “Drinks are all good,” Mingyu added.

    “Sounds good,” Tzuyu said, standing and handing Mingyu back the tongs. “See you guys later.”

    Mingyu and Hansol bid her goodbye while Seokmin sat there reeling.

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    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Head Chopping

    14th member masterlist


    ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡**♡・゚✧*:・゚✧

    "samuel come here!" i yelled out. he turned around at the sound of someone calling his voice. i opened my arms wide open and he quickly ran into my arms. he was almost in my arms before he was taken by someone else.

    i gawked at the man who took samuel away from me as he stuck his tongue out at me.

    "seokmin oppaaa!" i whined out.

    he loudly laughed at me. i stood up and ran towards him. he then put samuel down and ran away from me. i don't know where but i'll soon see. i stopped a second to hug samuel quickly and then ran to find him.

    he stood in front of a door where it led to a small room where some of the others were practicing in. he didn't go inside though. the room was cramped as hell so no wonder why he didn't go inside.

    just as i was about to jump at seokmin i felt a soft chop on my head. i let out a small squeak and held the top of my head, quickly looking behind me.

    there seungcheol was behind me. he sent me his gummy smile.

    "oh hi seungcheol oppa."

    i turn my head back around to already see seokmin was gone. i groaned and pouted a bit. "he'll get it later." i mumbled. i heard seungcheol laugh. i turned around and decided out of the blue to also chop his head.

    except i had to go on my tippy toes.

    and that i had to hold his shoulders for support.

    this was not going well.

    i grumbled when i heard him laugh at me.

    "what the heck you're tall. this isn't fair." i whined.

    he shook his head. his eyes wandered over to the side then back to me. he grabbed my wrist and brought me over to the mirror.

    he then brought his chopping hand up to the camera, i watched him weirdly before he said,

    "cham cham cham."

    he then pointed his hand towards the right, while the camera went to the left. i slightly widen my eyes. "wow it's so smart." i said and stood closer to it.

    seungcheol then did it again but this time the camera followed his hand. seungcheol then turned towards me and hit my head. i gasped and gave him a crazy look.

    "oh you wanna play this game?" i asked him.

    he nodded. "let's play."

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡**♡・゚✧*:・゚✧


    @iron-fifty-nine , @rice-bucket

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    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    see, seokmin has beautiful skin, okay? but whoever edited the original magazine shot were literally HIGH on something because that`s not seokmin, that`s seokmin`s desaturated ghost. what the fuck is that lighting???

    at least my phone did a better edting than those high quality graphic designer working for theater+ plus.

    #the LIGHTING IS HORRIBLE #the only reason i didn`t snap bc seokmin was looking like the most adorable bean and GREEN SEOKMIN IS SOMETHING MAN #he`s so handsome & so beautiful & so freaking DASHING #flying kisses for him #but at least i saved the pics god it was horrible #dk#seokmin#dk pics#svt dokyeom#seventeen#mine
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    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    dokyeom for theatre+ (recolored)

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    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    dokyeom you are a pure ray of sunshine and i absolutely adore you

    "pyang pyang! ❤️" pls i cannot take this, it's too cute 😭

    #dokyeom my ANGEL #'This is the strength magic spell ㅎㅎ Everyone if you're having a hard time then pyang pyang!' #PLEASE #PLEASE HE IS SO CUTE #smile tag#dokyeom
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    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago
    DK for the August 2021 issue of THEATRE PLUS
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    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    dokyeom for theatre+

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    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    carat.exe has stopped working

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    28.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i’ll love you tomorrow, i promise - lee seokmin

    yayayayay, my seokmin fic is here! i was on a grind and wrote this in 6 hours. enjoy your read!

    synopsis : it seems like no matter how much you cry over him, he’s always just a memory. you promised him you’ll love him tomorrow, but how could tomorrow exist when you stopped being his everything today? 

    genre : angst for the most part! but it has its teeny tweaks of fluff (femreader x seokmin, post breakup au, mid twenties reader and seokmin)

    - swearing ahead! 

    word count : 2.6k

    Sadness, logning. A little bit of anger. You looked at him and couldn’t stand to keep your eyes on him for much longer than a glance. In all his glory, the suit that fit him so well and that smile perched so perfectly on his lips. Heart shaped lips that once spilled some of the most venomous set of words you’ve heard. 

    “Oh my God, ___, are you fucking clueless? Do you not see what’s happening around you at all?” Seokmin exasperates. His arms sway, making animated movements that exaggerate his rage, all that pent up frustration. 

    It must be midnight, or maybe even past it. You’re not sure, your head is dizzy and your trembling fingers wouldn’t even be able to lift a pen without it clattering to the ground. Home, you know you’re at home, it was your shared apartment with your boyfriend. The boyfriend you haven’t had a single peaceful day with in months.  

    Always screaming, yelling, getting irked at the smallest mistakes. 

    “My surroundings are pretty fucking clear to me, Seokmin,” you antagonize, heartbeat raising with every word. He scoffs, eyebrows knitted. 

    Next week should be your third anniversary. It should be, but the horrifying realization that you wouldn’t make it all the way till next week slowly creeps in. 

    “Oh yeah? Then accept the fact that we’ve changed. We’re not how we used to be and you know that.” His nostrils flare, a hand gliding through his thick black locks, slightly curly. And it’s true. You have changed, the both of you. 

    You started noticing minor tweaks and differences in your relationships. Dates cancelled for weeks in a row, the sudden disturbance and discomfort you couldn’t help feeling around him. Temper raised and ill-humoured arguments, the kind that made silence between you last for days. 

    Then, at some point he stopped coming back home at all, sending brief text messages that he was staying at his mom’s place instead. It would’ve been better if you caught him cheating, and had a better excuse to break up. Your relationship was hanging on its thinnest threads, threatening to break. Anytime. 

    But, in spite of all the feuds you and Seokmin had, you couldn’t help the ever-lasting itch of not being able to let go. He was your sun and moon, your brain and your heart. Everything, he was your everything. 


    Your biggest nightmare finally came true, when you broke up that same night. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t see through Seokmin. When he came to pack his things, he didn’t even spare you a glance. You hoped to see his smile one last time, have him look back as he walked away. He didn’t, all while he knew that if it were you, you would’ve looked back. 

    A distressed sigh escapes your lips. That must’ve been years ago. Three, or four maybe. Years passed, and everyone around you seems happy now. Especially Seokmin and his fiance, very soon-to-be wife. In precisely about sixty seconds she’s gonna have a shiny, shiny silver ring wrapped around her finger. 

    You’re not sure why, but you’re sitting on one of the fancy chairs at their wedding, personally invited by Seokmin’s fiance. Alone. It’s obvious what her intentions are by welcoming you so warmly to your ex-boyfriend’s marriage. You should’ve stayed at home, and you know that, but you wished to see him again. With a smile on his face, even if it’s one not meant for you. 

    Heejung, you recall his fiance’s name. Glittery eyes, elegant figure and fairly tall, it’s no surprise she’s Seokmin’s woman. She walks down the aisle in a perfectly straight line, one arm hooked around her father while the other holds a large bouquet of roses. Your least favourite flowers, not that it mattered. The wedding is grand, you eye-balled around two hundred people gathered in swarms. An almost royal room reserved for the occasion, with diamond chandeliers hanging off the high ceilings and far too many flashy decorations. 

    Although as you consider Heejung’s appearance, you note that her dress is mediocre. Snail-paced walking combined with a slow song to support the lavish moment of her strutting the aisle. Seokmin waits, eyes sparkling with delight when she finally places her hand in his much bigger, outstretched one. 

    You stare at his beaming grin, line of sight fixed on Heejung. He looks happy, too happy that for some reason it has your chest aching. You don’t like the feeling because you swear you’re ecstatic he found someone great for himself. You’re happy for him, you think at least.

    Loud clapping shakes you from your reverie, people whooping for the couple who leaned in for a kiss. You tune in with your own light clapping, just for the sake of it. They look good together, you have to admit. 

    The party had been moved elsewhere, just next door in a ballroom nearly as fancy as the hall where the marriage took place. Instead of walking around, you sit at one of the tables in the far corner, forking at the food. The steak is a little bit bland and you’re not a big fan of salad. 

    Everyone else is up and about, dancing along to the music. You’re just about to shove a mouthful of the wedding cake that was cut earlier into your mouth, when an unexpected voice causes you to flinch. 

    “___, right?” It’s Heejung, clad in that mediocre wedding dress. You put the fork in your hand down, turning to face her. 

    “Yup, that’s me.” You point a thumb at yourself, an awkward smile spreading across your face. You swear you see her lips quirk downwards in disgust, but it’s gone so fast you almost doubt your own vision. Seokmin is nowhere to be found, despite the fact that they were glued-stuck to each other the last time you saw them. 

    “I’m going to be tossing the bouquet soon,” she says, “why don’t you join?” 

    Taken aback with the offer, you stutter. 

    “Oh, me? I-I mean I’d love to but-” Heejung has a knack for being a bitch, you realize when she cuts you off, saying,

    “All set then. See you at the bouquet toss, ___.” Waves a manicured hand and expertly swishes her dress around to scurry away back to the dance floor. You roll your eyes, returning your attention back to the cake. 

    I guess it hurts her to be just a little bit nicer.

    Still, you lift yourself off and away from your little table, deciding to just play along with her scheme. From the center of the room, her voice booms through a microphone announcing the bouquet toss event. Women from all sides gather, laughing to one another about betting on who’s going to catch it. 

    You blend in with the crowd, as everyone anticipates the throw. 

    “Whoever catches it, gets a special present!” She exclaims, the microphone accentuating her slightly squeaky, high-pitched voice. It hurts your ears. 

    People start to count down in unison, as Heejung faces the group of women with her back. 

    Three, two and one. 

    As bad as today was getting, it got worse. Worse when you realized that the bouquet flew almost non-coincidentally in your direction and ended up in the grasp of your hands. Why, why, why. You just have to face Heejung all over again. That sly, sly minx with bleached blonde hair that looks healthier than your own dull, virgin hair. 

    While one portion of the women beside you cheer, the other is visibly disappointed in their luck, shoulders slumped as they walk off the dance floor. You hear heels click-clacking behind you, signifying that a Heejung is approaching you. 

    “Oh! What a coincidence!” She feigns surprise, running her fingertips across the soft, red petals of the flowers. A small smirk creeps up onto her face, eyes looking straight into yours. “You’re going to love this gift I have prepared for you.” 

    Her skinny index finger curls, almond eyes trained on someone behind you. He brushes past you to stand next to Heejung. Him, it’s him, Seokmin. You don’t miss the way his eyes lose their spark the moment they land on you, all the while your heart has already dropped down to your stomach. 

    “A dance with the groom,” she smiles, fucking smiles. 

    “Babe, I don’t think-” Seokmin’s gaze doesn’t stay on you for more than a millisecond, already turning to his wife to persuade her otherwise. Too late. She raises the microphone to her baby pink lips, 

    “___ is the owner of the bouquet, making her the bride for a single dance with the groom! If you’ve been spectating, please stand up because it’s our first slow-dance and we want everyone to join,” and announces, with that annoying voice. Your ears ring, and your eyes flit to Seokmin. 

    He looks irritated, vexed even. His jaw clenches, pupils avoiding you like you’re not even there. The crowd that surrounds the dance floor slowly spreads out, separating into pairs of two. Some look like couples, some strangers. Heejung turns to Seokmin. 

    “I’ll be sharing this dance with my dad, but you two have fun.” She gives her husband a quick peck on the lips, before trudging along the marble floor to find her father. You’re left alone with Seokmin. First time in years. 

    “Hey,” You greet, voice quiet. 

    “Yeah, hey.” He replies, finally meeting your scrutinizing stare. It’s weird, there’s a gentle tug at your heart. Lost in silence, you both forget there’s a task at hand. Slow music fades in and your eyes widen in recognition. How could you ever forget this song? 

    Tonight you’re mine completely

    The groom takes a single step closer, within arms reach. He’s not looking at you, rather focuses on placing two large hands on the curve of your waist, carefully. The thin dress you wear does nothing to stop the warmth from seeping through, which you damn it for. 

    You give your love so sweetly

    Your hands are perched on the very edge of his wide shoulders, afraid if you get any more comfortable, you might not want to let go. 

    Tonight the light of love is in your eyes

    His face is so close, but his eyes are cast downwards. All you see are his eyelashes, brushing his cheeks ever so lightly. 

    But will you love me tomorrow?

    You don’t have to communicate to know you’re both thinking about that day, five years ago. The same song played on that day, you remember it like the back of your hand.

    Seokmin twirls you around, a toothy grin plastered on his stupidly handsome face. It’s a rainy day outside, so you decided to stay in with your boyfriend to prepare a home cooked meal in a while. If you’re being honest he was the better cook, but you enjoy the time spent together either way. 

    Somewhere in the middle of chopping up some vegetables, Seokmin suddenly pulled out his phone, typed something in and scrolled. Turned on a song. You don’t know it, but it’s pleasant. 

    He hums the melody, pulling you back into his embrace. 

    Is this a lasting treasure, or just a moment’s pleasure?

     “This song is nice. What’s it called?” You murmur against his skin. Arms wrapped around his thick waist, head buried in the crook of his neck. The smell of his skin, fresh and warm to the touch and the faint scent of laundry from his t-shirt. 

    “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” he says, but - maybe it’s the tone he uses - he sounds a lot like he’s directing the title to you. An unsure question laced with insecurity. You pull away to look at him. His eyes are closed, voice vibrating low with the song.

    Can I believe the magic of your sighs?



    “You know I’ll love you tomorrow and forever, right?” A pretty smile tugs at his lips. He knows. Hand at the back of your head, he leans in to sweetly plant a kiss to your forehead. 

    “I love you, too.” 

    Will you still love me tomorrow?

    His touch now, it’s familiar. But it’s not the same, not like how you remember it. It’s supposed to make you feel cozy, like butterflies are going crazy in your stomach. As you simultaneously sway to the music’s rhythm, you realize that indeed, the spark isn’t there at all. 

    You missed him, sure you did. But maybe not in the way you thought you did. 

    As soon as the song fades away, you step away from him and he mirrors you. The air isn’t awkward, but uncomfortable, maybe.

    “I’m sorry if Heejung is bothering you. She gets jealous easily.” Seokmin suddenly speaks up, sounding sincerely apologetic. With a stammer,

    “I-It’s, um, fine.” You assure, but the silence you get in response leaves you wanting to fill it. “I should get going now, though. It was nice seeing you again, Seokmin.” And you mean it. 

    When you first made the decision of attending his wedding, you thought you were going to beg for him back. To please let you prove to him that you’re so much better than whoever he’s with. 

    Frankly, you would’ve. He was your very first boyfriend, when you first turned nineteen. You spent half of your college years with him, thinking you would marry him. And you missed that, those years consumed by a picture-perfect relationship. 

    Then you heard his voice again and carded through your favourite memories. That was all it really was about. Memories.

    A hardly detectable smile pulls his lips, but it’s there. “You too, ___.” 

    And he means it, too.

    Once you bid goodbye to Heejung and Seokmin, you effortfully shuffle your way through the crowd, hoping to find an exit nearby. The lights have now turned flashy, causing your sight to wobble a little bit and make it harder to find your way out. God, you can’t believe they managed to make a palace ballroom look like a club. Bumping into elders and yelling ‘excuse me' through the loud music, it really wasn’t your idea of a Saturday night. 

    Without warning, you feel a wet splash land on your shoulder. You yelp in surprise, but with the luck you brought to this occasion today, you figured something like this would happen.

    It smells like juice. Orange juice.

    “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” A deep, lightly nasally voice apologizes. You sigh, tired. 

    “It’s okay, it’s not that big of a deal.” It is, this dress cost you big bucks. The guy is tall, sporting a white (practically see through) blouse. His muscles flex as he tries to wipe the stain off, frantically rubbing at it. You can’t see his face, he has his head downturned and all you can make out is fluffy black hair. 

    Smells like some expensive shampoo.

    “No it’s not. This is a Celine dress, it must’ve cost you a lot.” He says, and you hear a small pout in his tone. You can’t help the chuckle that escapes you. Cute. 

    When he looks up, you almost fall backwards, taken aback. He's easily one of the most breathtaking people you’ve ever seen. All tan skin, soft hair and flawless skin. What is he doing at a marriage after-party?

    He adorns a quizzical expression.

    “I’m sorry. I can pay for it.” Once again, he apologizes. You don’t think about how your three hundred dollar dress is now officially orange, but more about how his jawline looks perfectly sculpted. 

    “Dress aside, I really would like to know your name.” Your exit plan long forgotten, you yell through the music. He beams a smile, canines poking at his lip. 

    He steps closer, mouth near your ear. “Mingyu. And you?” 

    “___. Single?” 

    “Most definitely.” He grins.


    yoohoo you made it to the end :D let me know how you liked this one! and again, reblogs are super appreciated <3

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    28.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    First Day at Pledis

    14th member masterlist


    italics means they're speaking english. --- means jinae doesn't know what they're saying.

    the staff opened the door and let me and my sister in the practice room. the room had green walls with multiple wide mirrors. there were a few girls in the room but i mostly saw boys around.

    "everyone listen up." the staff behind me and my sister yelled out.

    "we have new trainees in, please get along." she then closed the door.

    she just left us like that.

    i didn't think any of the people here would care but when the door closed behind us, almost all the girls came running towards us. a few of the boys did as well but not all of them.

    "i'm glad to see more girls joining. i was thinking that there wouldn't be anymore girls."

    my sister nodded. "yeah i'm glad too."

    "so what are your names? let's help each other with this. i'm miyoung."

    "i'm yeona, and this is my sister jinae." she said, pointing towards me. i waved at them.

    all the girls introduced themselves one by one. they continued talking with each other. i listened to their conversation but didn't talk. my korean wasn't as good as my sister's. i didn't trust myself with talking to them.

    "hi." someone said. i turned my head. a tall boy smiled at me. his teeth looked somewhat vampire-ish. he looked really friendly.

    "hi" i said back.

    "i heard your name was jinae right? i'm mingyu."

    "nice to meet you mingyu.. uh i don't really know what to do around here to be honest."

    "oh well what did the company-" he then said something i didn't understand and i panicked. he then pointed towards two people who was dancing. not together but were dancing.

    "soonyoung hyung and chan can--- dance." and then i couldn't understand anything else besides dance. i can only assume hes recommending me who i can ask for help.'come on jinae don't chicken out.. just tell him'

    i opened my mouth to say something when he pointed towards another person. "jihoon hyung--- vocal-- he's scary"

    i softly giggled. the boy he pointed at didn't look scary at all. i think looked at him again.

    "uh.." i started. he turned towards me when he heard me say something. i bit the inside of my cheek and said,

    "i.. don't know a lot of korean, i'm sorry."

    mingyu blinked, he then pointed towards one of the dancers again,

    "hansol-- to chan knows english, he--- learn more korean. uh.. bring hansol here?" he asked.

    i giggled and shook my head. "later." i said. he nodded his head. "how old are you?" he asked. "seventeen." i answered in korean. "oh me too! when.. born?"

    i smiled. "april 8."

    he blinked. "april 6. oh my god you're my noona!"

    "i thought you were older." i said. mingyu nodded. "i thought i was older too." he then pouted.

    "noona??" another person said, i turn my head slightly to see another tall boy walking towards us. he was really skinny.

    "wonwoo hyung!" mingyu ran to him.

    "jinae's my noona!"

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡**♡・゚✧*:・゚✧

    after talking with mingyu, my sister dragged me to her and the other girls. my sister already explained to them that me and my sister got in with our visuals. she explained to me that the girls were gonna help the two of us figure out what we were best at.

    my sister went first. but as she continued i didn't know what to do. i wasn't the best at singing anymore, and the only dissing i knew was dissing my friends. my dancing? i don't know how to explain that. i'm good? but i'm not? i don't know how to freestyle.

    one of the girls tapped my shoulder. i looked up at her. if i remember her name was seolmi. "are you okay?" she asked me.

    i nodded my head. "i'm okay, but i don't know what i'm good at." i explained to her. she nodded her head. "why not just try singing?" she asked.

    i shook my head. "i'm not good at singing anymore. i don't think i can do it." seolmi shook her head. "you can't be that bad, --- can sing---try."

    "why not try rapping?" someone said. i looked up to see my sister.

    "i've seen you and your friends rapping to each other during your sleepovers. i think you're pretty good."

    "mmm i don't know.."

    "just try it." she said.

    i stood up and took the mic from my sister.

    "ah.. ahh" i said into the mic, my voice booming. i look around the room to see all the girls looking at me. i also looked towards where the boys were, some of them were paying attention but some weren't. i made eye contact with one of them and i quickly looked away.

    i took a deep breath. "i need a beat.. please?"

    one of the girls put up a random beat. when i thought the time was right i start speaking in korean first

    i could hear some of the girls hyping me up. i started feeling flustered which made me forget how to speak for a second.

    i then transfer over to english. i stuttered a bit while doing the transfer but when i got it together in english i was more confident.

    i ended the rap when i thought it was okay and looked at the girls. they were screaming out and 'whooing' me. i smiled nervously as yeona stood up towards me "i told you that you were pretty good."

    i didn't know what to say. i didn't think that they would hype me up this much. me and my friends would just rap as a joke.

    "wow that was good." i turn my head as one of the boys talked. it was the same boy i made eye contact with. "thank you."

    "i haven't--- you two yet. i'm seungcheol."

    "i'm yeona and this is my younger sister jinae."

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡**♡・゚✧*:・゚✧


    @iron-fifty-nine , @rice-bucket

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    Seventeen's 14 Member Kim Jinae - Masterlist

    hiyaaaa! i would just like to say that you can request any moments you want me to write for this! they're completely open.

    nothing with romance though please. i would like the relationship between these boys and Jinae to be sibling like. maybe another idol from a different group could be in a relationship with her, but we'll have to see.

    i've been wanting to write a 14th member story for little while now.

    Introduction to Jinae

    Relationship with - hyung line | maknae line

    Predebut Days

    - First Day at Pledis - Head Chopping

    *Other eras will be added later*

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    relationship with the boys - maknae line


    Dokyeom walked up to Jinae when he overheard Seungcheol and Yeona talking about how she was struggling with singing during their training days. He taught her many things when it came to singing. After he was done helping out he tried getting to know her better. Because of that the two of them became really close. It was easier for Jinae to get to know him more better since they were born the same year. If Jinae's not doing stupid shit with Hoshi then she's doing stupid shit with Dokyeom. The two of them are also known to be the most sensitive in the groups. If Jinae see's Dokyeom crying, she'll be crying with him. If Jinae just wants to cry, she goes to Dokyeom. With Dokyeom being the only 97 liner that was older than her, she relies on him.


    Mingyu was the first 97 liner Jinae got close with and the first person she talked to when she first joined pledis. Since the both of them are born in the same month and year, they were able to become closer. Although Jinae's the older one, sometimes Mingyu feels like the older one. Too bad the two weren't born the same day huh? Quiet weird that they were both scouted for the same reason too. Mingyu might be the person Jinae's closes with out of all 13 of them. Carats call the both of them twin puppies when they're together. If Mingyu isn't with them, SEVENTEEN are teasing Jinae in his place.


    Minghao was the last person Jinae got close to. As he got the least amount of training time out of all of SEVENTEEN, and because of Jinae's lack of socialness it was hard to get to know him. It all changed though after Project 17. Just like Jun, Jinae would also ask Minghao to help give some Chinese lessons, in return Jinae would help him with some English. Though she doesn't know if he's confident in it yet. Even though Jinae's older than him, Minghao feels like the older one. She even jokingly called him 'oppa' one time and he gave her the cringes look he'll ever make. If only she took a photo.


    If one of his shows requires him to bring a friend along, and Mingyu or Hoshi are busy? Jinae's next in line to going. Jinae likes to mess with him a lot which causes Seungkwan to whine. If you hear someone in the back yelling 'noonaaa'. It's either Seungkwan or Dino. No question ask. Though if you hear someone whine 'kwannie', its Jinae. Seungkwan once asked Jinae to buy him an americano and now Jinae buys him americano almost everyday. In return Seungkwan buy's whatever food Jinae wants to eat.


    Kind of like what Vernon does with Joshua, when you talk to him in English, he'll respond in Korean. When Vernon and Jinae are together they make the weirdest jokes that only the two of them understand. The members don't understand how their humor works. They thought it was just an American thing but even Joshua doesn't understand them.


    Jinae also like to tease him a lot, just like the other members. She tries not to tease him too much since she know how hard it can get for him. Jinae honestly feels like Dino's mom. She took care of him during predebut and debut. Though, Dino said to her that he thought it was weird so now she just says she feels like his older sister. One time after debut, Jinae searched up 'dino' on the internet and a bunch of photos of dinosaurs appeared. She couldn't stop laughing about it and whenever Jinae looked at him she could only think about dinosaurs. It stopped after a while though.

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    hyung line


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    relationship with the boys - hyung line


    Our dear leader was actually the first person in the hyung line she became friends with. Only because he was the same age as her sister. Seungcheol was close with Yeona, and because of that Seungcheol was able to get close with Jinae. This one time Jinae was struggling over her rap and Seungcheol noticed so he came to help her. Jinae broke down in tears immediately after Seungcheol comforted her for her mistakes and that it was okay. After that day Seungcheol would every now and then check up on her. Jinae would do the same for him as well.


    Jeonghan and Jinae were able to talk thanks to Joshua. She was close to him and Joshua during their predebut days since they almost have the same amount of training days. If Seungcheol wasn't around it was either him or Joshua that she would go to. When she's bored she would laze around with him, and curl up to him. Sometimes if Jeonghan's able to convince her, she'll pull pranks with him on the members.


    Joshua felt like an older brother to Jinae. It also helped that he was also from the US. There were times where Jinae would translate some conversations for him and Jeonghan when they first started training. Sometimes without even noticing they would talk in English or it would change to Korean, and then to English. The first person to point it out was Vernon.


    I think Jun was almost the last person she became comfortable with, but after she did get comfortable she immediately asked him help with learning Chinese. He was confused at first but agreed to help. She also likes spice as much as Jun, but she can't fake hiding how spicy it is unlike Jun.


    Hoshi was the first person she asked for help when it came to dancing. After that she would constantly go to him for help, and because of that they were able to get closer. Though this one time he got angry during this one dance practice and it scared her for a while every time they had a dance practice. Seungcheol was the first to notice and told Hoshi. Hoshi did nothing but apologized constantly that whole day. When you put Hoshi and Jinae together, you can't stop them from doing stupid shit. Kind of like him and Dokyeom.


    Jinae and Wonwoo are close. Just like Wonwoo, Jinae likes to read books. Maybe not the same genre as him but she would read. He's the first person she goes to if she needs peace and quiet. Jinae steals his glasses all the time off and on cameras, and because of that there are multiple compilations on youtube, twitter etc of Jinae stealing them. The two of them are video game buddies. Sometimes if Jinae was able to win or kill him she would take a photo of it just to rub it off. She don't know but Wonwoo doesn't mind losing if he sees how excited and happy Jinae looks after every lose.


    straThe two of them got closer just by being next to each other. When Woozi asked Bumzu to help learn how to produce music, Jinae was also in the room. Bumzu noticed Jinae was also in the room and asked if she wanted to learn as well. So now sometimes Jinae’s also in the studio with him helping with making beats and lyrics. Since Woozi doesn't do it himself, Jinae is the person that calls in food for him. She bought him a waterbottle soon after how little water he was consuming. Jinae like annoying him sometimes about whose taller (though they’re both the same height) but she know her limits.

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    maknae line


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    Kim Jinae

    Kim Jinae is an OC made by me.

    Basic Information

    Stage Name: Jinae (지내) Birth Name: Kim Jinae Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual Birthday: April 8, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 164 cm (5’5”) Weight: 47 kg (104lb) Blood Type: B MBTI: ISFP Representative Emoticon: 📷 Nationality: Korean-American Sub-Unit: Hiphop Team Jinae Spotify list: Jinae's Cool Playlist

    Idol used for Jinae is Kwon Eunbi from Izone. Her official instagram is where i'm getting photos from.

    Jinae has a hard time talking to others for the first time. She would rather have someone talk to her first. She's not shy though. She's kind of like Hoshi. Crazy and hyper around people she knows but quiet and calm around people she doesn't. Jinae doesn't like to talk about her problems very much and would rather keep them in, but because of this she has become much more sensitive.


    Just like Joshua, Jinae was scouted in America. She was born in San Jose, California. She was at an hmart with her mother and older sister, Yeona, when a man and a women walked up to the two girls. The women told them he was a pledis staff and was inviting the two to join the company. The two girls decided to agree and they both joined pledis. Jinea was 17 (wink* wink*) at the time and her older sister was 19. After around a year and a half her sister decided to quit training and go back to America while Jinea stayed.

    Jinae trained for 2 years and 4 months before debuting.

    Before getting scouted she lived with her mother and aunt. She has 1 older sister and 2 younger twin brothers. Her father and mother actually got a divorce a few years after her brothers were born and he moved back to South Korea. She's not as close to her dad as she used to. Her dad didn't even know she was training under pledis until Project 17 started.

    interests and hobbies.

    When Jinae was younger she used to sing all the time, but after deciding to learn how to play the flute, her voice has not been the same since.

    Jinae's a quiet kid around people she doesn't know, so instead of making new friends she usually just grabs a book and read.

    When Jinae got her first phone, she took photos. Not of herself but of the environment around her. The sun, the flowers, the fish in the water. You can see Jinae doing that very often, which explains why her emoji is a camera. Her older sister bought her a camera when she was 15. Now she brings it everywhere with her. When she got a new camera in Korea she still kept the old one on a shelve.

    Before her parents divorce, she would watch her dad play video games and later asked him how to play. After that she would play video games by herself and her friends. When her younger brothers got older she taught them how to play video games since her father was no longer along to do so.

    relationship with - hyung line | maknae line


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