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    #ethan dolan x reader #personal trainer ethan 🤍 #four leaf clover 🍀 series #ethan dolan#grayson dolan #dolan twins x reader #dolan twins #ethan dolan series
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    grayson turned off his tags on instagram :(

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    I believe they're 15 in here and so hot. || dilvdols on ig

    #dolan twins #dolan twins edit #ethan dolan#grayson dolan #grayson dolan edit #ethan dolan edit #aesthetic#dolan fandom
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    Sneaky Peek ;)

    A/n: I got something special in the works for y’all :))

    June’s kissed boys before. Kissing a man is so different. Grayson’s lips are pillow-soft against hers and she’s not sure if they’re actually touching hers for a moment. Grayson’s hands are hesitant, one landing on her hip and the other going to the side of her neck. She can feel his hesitance, wanting him to give her more, June moves her hands to his neck, pulling him closer. The hand on her hip tightens and she smiles lightly into the kissing, getting the reaction she wanted. He uses his grip on her neck to tilt her head up more, angling it so he can slip his tongue into her mouth. The whimper she lets out can only be described as sinful, the sound going straight to his groin. One of her hands moved from his neck down his torso, feeling the solid wall of muscle through his shirt. A low-groan rumbles through his throat at the feel of her hands on him.

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    hi, first post. follow my ig @intimategrant to see more edits i make. please do not steal and if you do repost tag me for credit please.

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    #grethan#new story#no shame #i have not written for a year #sorry #miss the twins terribly #dolan twins#ethandolan#graysondolan
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    thank you for 600 !! i love you all so much you don’t even know 🤎.

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    Oh So Needy - Grayson Dolan

    summary: when y/n feels as though grayson isn’t giving her the attention she deserves, she simply taunts him into her own little trap of lustful passion...

    warnings: swearing, choking, fem masturbaution, oral - fem receiving, maledom, smut, and big scary grayson <3

    word count: 2.2k

    a/n: well.. here you go my darlings…


    "But Graysonnn, I need you..." She drug his name out symphonically, slipping her hands against his tilted backside. His striking stature was settled in a tall, swiveling chair, his hands attached to a keyboard as his fingers sprawled across it, monotonously clacking at the keys without interruption.

    "Not now, princess." His baritone rang loudly in her ears, echoing against the large room's solemn walls. Impatient, Y/N achingly presses her chest to where her hands were placed prior, kneading her fingers into his shoulders where stressed tension had built up.

    "It'll only take half an hour.." She pleads, lowering her hands upon his abdomen, inching slowly towards her desired destination, if only he wouldn't be so damned stubborn.

    "Y/N, I said later." He drew his hands from the keyboard, promptly grabbing her wrists and forcing them away from his alluring body.

    "Workaholic." She blew a dramatic huff from her lips, withdrawing herself from around him entirely. Grayson didn't object nor deny her wrongful accusation, only the faint sucking of his teeth worked its way through the echoing silence of the room, all until his fingers went back to their job; hitting non-alphabetically organized blocks of letters.

    "It's hardly even work, my love." His voice danced between a mixture of a broken French twang and a certain apologetic tone that scarcely resembled an excuse for his sudden "misbehavior" in gratifying his women's bodily needs.

    He didn't receive a response from the one and only Y/N herself, whose attitude of grief and despair lead her onto a different task, perhaps involving busying herself with a swim in the pool, instead of bothering Grayson with her selfish desires.

    "I'll be in the backyard if you need me, Gray." She said in departure, leaving his office after an absentminded nod was returned from Grayson.

    She did just as she said she would, after changing into proper swimming attire and collecting a bottle of sunscreen and tanning oil. She was laid out on one of the many poolside chairs, basking in the sunshine with a frown.

    She still had that dull ache within her core...

    And it felt as though it would never go away. She couldn't help the fantasies that would creep into her mind, on any given occasion, and stay on repeat until her ends were met and she was spoiled with the wonders of his languid tongue.

    It was a curse, and a dream in itself.

    She knew he was very busy, especially with how well his company was doing, but she was selfish of him. His hands should be upon her, not the stupid computer he had been tacking at since dawn. And his voice in her ear, his lips softly grazing her neck whilst his nimble fingers glide against her skin and dip into her soaked folds.

    It's all too much to handle without his care, therefore a mischievous plan was planted in her mind, an evil smirk invading her devilish lips.

    She went to grab her phone, opening it right to her messages with him, nothing too absurd, and she began her marvelous mission..


    come out here, i need you!

    you know i really need to finish this up

    it'll only be a couple more hours

    be patient


    no, y/n

    She huffed, blowing a piece of hair from her face as she did so.

    then check the cameras

    With a giggle, she shot right out of her seat and began to untangle the strings of her bikini, her dazzled eyes settled on the outside camera that they had installed for safety precautions. First to go was the top half of her suit, the side strings undone, following the one on the nape of her neck until her chest was bare and open to his eyes only, the flimsy piece of clothing tossed to the ground. Next was her bottoms. Slow and deliberate, she let the material slide down her legs and pool at her feet.

    Dings! rang from her phone beside her, but she only laughed. Without even a glimpse of his face, she knew he was furious. And that's exactly what she wanted.

    Soon enough, her hand was wrapped around the darkened tanning oil and she let it drip onto her stomach, watching it slip slowly down her thighs and legs, adding a nice gleam to her skin that surely Grayson would be able to comprehend through his computer screen. She lathered the substance all around her body, taking a look towards the only window of his office, and a sharp gasp emitted from her throat.

    There he was, anchored to the window with his hand under his chin and a deathly expression written across his face. He began to click his tongue, as if to scold her for her mischief and halt her needing actions.

    "What do you think you're doing, sweetheart?" He seemed amused, in a begrudging way, but still enamored with the sight of her and the lengths she'd go just to gain his attention.

    "Tanning.." She turned the bottle for his eyes to see the label, a sloppy grin replacing the previous smirk she had. With a scoff, he pulled his torso and head out from the window and closed it with a loud, shuttering click that made Y/N's stomach drop.

    For a moment she thought of hiding, fleeing the scene. She knew she'd be in terrible trouble, but the anticipation grew every second she had to wait for his appearance, and it was unbearably exciting.

    Soon enough the back door flew open and out came an angry bear of a man, standing tall with his arms crossed and his lips in a straight line, a scolding look in his eyes that made Y/N want to crawl in bed and cry.

    He stuck his large index finger out, motioning for her to come hither. But Y/N didn't move an inch in his direction, instead she flipped her hair over her shoulder and turned her back to him, walking along the pool. After sticking a toe in the water, she figured it was too cold for her liking and decided to retire back to the original chair she was first sat in.

    Grayson was still in his stance, though his glare softened and began to roam her body that he claimed his own. Y/N noticed, exposing her chest a bit more and widening her legs for him to see all of her.

    "It's too bad you're all the way over there, baby." She said within an exasperated sigh, pouting her lips whilst she travels a single finger down her body, enticing him.

    "It's so lonely all by myself, and no one to.. play with.." Y/N sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and softly moaned once the pad of her finger reached her swollen clit, circling the most sensitive part of her womanhood. Her other hand engulfed one of her perky nipples, squeezing it tight enough to feel the tingly sensation that made her hips buck and her lips mewl curses of pleasure.

    He watched as her thighs began to tremble, her eyes closing shut and hot breaths exiting her mouth once she dipped a single finger between her folds. Unwanted jealousy bubbled at his insides, a thick load of bile entering his throat the longer he observed.

    "Does that feel good, kitten?" He asked with sincerity, taking a few steps closer to her. "Better than how Daddy touches you?" Now his shadow covered her and she opened her eyes, shaking her head vigorously.

    She kept quiet though, too preoccupied to give him an actual answer as she slips a second finger into her puckering hole. She wanted to indulge in the feeling of her own self-provoked pleasure, and she would have if not for the unexpected pressure that caressed her neck with such force, an all too familiar feeling of his meaty hand wrapped around her throat.

    "Use your words, princess." His beading eyes frightened her, something she hadn't seen very often. If at all.

    "N-No, Daddy," It came out as a whisper. "You do it so so much b-better!" She threw her head back and let a breathless scream escape her lips, relishing in the ecstasy that soon would bring her that climax she couldn't wait to soak in.

    Grayson, enthralled with the tremors and quivers that spread throughout her, lead a hand to delicately envelop her smooth breast, running his thumb over the hard nub repeatedly. Y/N felt herself drawing to an end, a coil squeezing in her abdomen, ready to snap at any given moment.

    "You're so close, aren't you baby?" She giggled, signaling a yes to his answer. Words weren't formidable, and she couldn't hardly speak anyway when her airways were blocked by the seductive chokehold her lover had around her. Knowingly, he let his fingers travel from her breast and along down until his fingertips came in contact with the pulsating nub of hers that needed plenty of attention too.

    "You can do it baby, cum for Daddy. Show me what a naughty girl you are." He tugged at her clit, rolling it between his warm tips and bringing her to her orgasm with just his mere touch. Her hips buzzed as she came all over the patio furniture, releasing a heavy moan and suffocating in her desires.

    Grayson maneuvered his body towards her, settling between her legs and delving his tongue unto her sensitive folds. Y/N hiccuped, reaching her hands forward to run through his thick hair.

    "Just like that.." Her face was red with heat and sweat began to dribble from her hairline, her composure yet to subside from her previous climax as Grayson furthered her into another one.

    She could feel his warm, thick, and hot muscle stretching her heart-shaped folds, lathering and soaking up her juices as he did so. He even led his thumb back over her bud, creating quick circular motions that made her abdomen convulse with sudden rapture. He groaned against her pussy, sending vibrations through her core and she shuttered as a second orgasm dared spill.

    Before it could, Grayson had his head pulled back and he stood before her, his chest rising and falling rapidly just as her own did too. She whined, tears coming to her eyes as her overstimulated-self fell apart with no ruin.

    "Not just yet, princess, need you to take daddy's cock." He unzipped his pants preceding his words, shuffling them down and around his ankles, his shirt being discarded too. There he stood in all his glory, his erection straining promptly against his waistband. Y/N dared to sit up and tug at it, but Grayson already had his finger looped around the fabric and forcing them down before she could sit up properly. She hardly even blinked when she felt his large hands attach to her waist and flip her onto her knees, an excited scream breaking the vast silence.

    He grasped the skin of her ass, laying a few harsh slaps against it before, without warning, slipping his cock into her tiny hole. She fell forward slightly, due to the roughness, and she felt her eyes brink with tears yet again as the arousing pain of him stretching her walls withheld her. Grayson fisted her hair, pulling her head to the side for him to see her disheveled appearance.

    “Don’t you fuckin’ cry, princess. This is what you begged and begged for.” He slammed himself rough against her, his cock breaching her cervix and empty whines flowing through her mouth and loud grunts shamelessly falling from his lips.

    “Look at you, already fucked out and taking daddy so well.” He continued to plunge right into her, never slowing his place as she fell apart, her knees feigning to give out and her body willing to crumble beneath him. What once was painful became pleasure, and even that became a total blur.

    “I feel you in my-my stomach!” Y/N yelped as she felt him brush against the spot she craved the most. Once again, she felt herself on the brink of a climax, hungry for release. His thrusts no longer were rapid, but rather sloppy as he began to come apart.

    “Grayson, F-Fuck!” She felt the knot in her stomach tighten and released atop his thick member, low and soft moans emptying into the air as he continued to ride himself out. Y/N could hardly breathe, her legs diminishing from beneath as she became incapable of holding herself up any longer.

    “C’mon baby, almost there.” He threw his head back, his abdomen clenching and his face twisting into a heavenly euphoria. He felt himself twitch inside her, his hot, and thick cum seeping from his bulging red tip with the lack of a warning. Vehemently, he cursed and moaned, laying his frontside upon her in exhaustion.

    The two were sprawled against each other, breathless as their bodies regained their composure after such exertion. Y/N smiled mischievously below him, full well amused with herself for taunting him into her little trap.

    “Happy now?” He asked against her ear with a chuckle, wrapping his arms around her. She nodded in his embrace, planting small kisses across his arms in happy fulfillment.

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    hello gorgeous. i hope you’ve been well! i’ve stopped by to explain that i won’t be writing as frequently as i used to for personal reasons. i’ll try my best to get some stuff out for you, though! thanks! 

    sincerely, m <3

    #grayson dolan #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan smut #dolan twins
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    One Year - Chapter Two

    Book Two to One Night.

    Grayson returns home after a little over a year of traveling. But when he comes home, he finds that things aren’t how they used to be. He comes home with a determination to get the girl that he loves back. But fate seems to have other plans for the couple.

    warning: language, implied sexual situations

    New Jersey AU ~ Older OFC + Grayson Dolan

    Book Two Masterlist

    words: 1.8k+

    Alex sat at her desk in the office at bookstore with her mind racing. It has been two days since she'd seen Grayson at the grocery store. Everything felt like a daze from the moment he walked towards her to the moment she left. Alex was taken aback that she forgot Levi had even come with her. But the grip on her waist he had on her as they left made sure she didn't forget. Alex wasn't stupid, she could tell that Levi was upset. He was a smart man and a stranger could see what was going on between you and Grayson.

    Their conversation played through her mind again as she sat there.

    "Who is he?" Levi spoke as he stood beside her in the kitchen, moving around as dinner cooked on the stove. She stood on the other side of the kitchen island with a glass of wine in her hands, just about to touch her lips. Alex wanted nothing more than the alcohol to take the edge off.

    "Who is who?" She looked towards him confused, before taking a sip. Her body almost instantly relaxed the moment the wine touched her tongue.

    "The guy at the store. When I came around the corner you two looked more than friends." Levi looked up towards her with his blue eyes glared towards her.

    Alex sighed heavily and placed the wine glass down on the counter. The silence that settled between them was thick with tension, the soft clink of the glass against the counter the only noise. Alex contemplated for a moment about lying. She never told Levi about Grayson. When they got together she decided to keep that part of her life to herself. Grayson was too special to dismiss as an ex, he was more than that.

    "I told you at the store that he was a friend, Lisa is his mom and I used to work at her salon. Bloom, remember? We became friends since he came to see her a lot."

    Levi stared at her trying to see if he'd see any sign that she was lying. But her face was stoic and unreadable. So he sighed heavily and nodded his head.

    "I saw the way that he was looking at you, Alex. I didn't like it." He spoke turning back towards the stove. "I want you to stay away from him."

    Her head snapped towards him, "What? Don't think you have any right to tell me who I can and cannot see."

    "I'm your boyfriend, and he makes me uncomfortable. He was practically fucking you with his eyes standing there in the middle of the aisle. I don't trust him,"

    Alex stood there in shock not able to say anything else. She didn't like the sickening feeling that filled her stomach.

    She hadn't seen or spoken to Levi since he left the next morning. Even as he hovered above her during the night, his moans filling her ears, she couldn't bring herself to be in it. She faked her orgasm and laid beside him knowing that his mind was on another man.

    A soft knock on the open door of her office drew Alex from her thoughts. When she looked up to see Vance standing there. He's tall and slender frame leaned against it with a gentle smile on his lips. Alex perked up slightly and smiled back as he took that as a sign to walk into the room more.

    "You've been hiding away in here all day," Vance spoke, his deep voice calming as he spoke to her. "What's going on?"

    "How do you know something is wrong? I could just have a lot of work to do."

    Vance shook his head, "No. No, you would've come down from a drink by now. You're hiding."

    "How do you know me so well," Alex sighed, looking down to her lap and her hair falling around her slightly.

    He shrugged his shoulders, "It's a gift. Now, what is wrong cause I'm not the only one worried. Scout has noticed something too."

    Alex looked back towards him and swept her bangs out of her eyes, her dark eyes locking with his. Vance had a warm presence about him that made anyone feel like they could confide in him.

    "I uh...saw my ex yesterday," Alex whispered, Vance's dark brows rose slightly towards his forehead. But he didn't speak a word, waiting for her to continue. "He left roughly a year ago with his brother and friend for a trip. He wanted to travel after school and "find himself"," Vance made a noise at the saying, Alex rolled her eyes playfully, "His words, not mine...anyway, he's been gone this whole time. And we had a bit of a rocky moment before he left. It's a whole, complicated thing but in the end, he really hurt me. Because I was in love with him. I left to go back home for a while and it made me realize that despite him hurting me I still wanted him." Alex let out a shaky breath, "So I came back naively thinking we'd pick up where we left off. But...he instead said he wasn't good enough for me and needed to figure some stuff out."

    Alex sat there for a moment, her mind once again reeling before continuing.

    "I didn't know that he was back. But seeing him...just..."

    "Brought everything back?" Vance finished for her. Alex looked towards him with sadness in her eyes before nodding her head. "Fuck,"

    "Yeah. And Levi was with me when he ran into him and it took no less than a second for him to realize who Grayson was."

    "Grayson? As in Dolan?"

    Her brows pulled together in confusion, the corner of her lips turning down. "Yeah, how did you know?"

    "It's a small town and not many of the people in this town are named Grayson," Vance spoke.

    He has a point, Alex thought. "Well, Levi told me to stay away from him."

    "You kidding me," Vance scoffed, "You're a grown-ass woman and can talk to whomever you want."

    Alex sat there silently. "Levi has been good to me. I understand why he said it but a small part of me wants...I-I want to talk to Grayson. He wasn't just my...I can't even call him my boyfriend but we were really good friends too."

    "Babes if you wanna be friends with him, then be friends." Vance shrugged, "And if Levi doesn't understand that..."

    Vance let that sentence hang out in the air, but Alex knew what he meant. She nodded her head knowing that he was right. But Alex was telling the truth when she said Levi has been good to her.

    The two of them met a few months after Grayson had left for his trip. Alex wasn't expecting to meet someone else or even date. But Levi was the type of man that when he saw something he wanted, he went after it till he got it. It took a while, but Alex eventually went out with him after him asking.

    Now Alex was stuck between what her head was telling her and what her heart wanted.

    Grayson stepped out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around his waist, as he grabbed something to comb back his hair. It didn't take long to go through his routine before he walked into his bedroom to get changed. He took a seat on his bed. The room was still with a heavy silence as his eyes scanned over it. But his heart stopped the moment he noticed a worn leather-bound journal sitting on the bookshelf.

    Grayson wasn't able to bring himself to open it since leaving last year. It sat on that shelf haunting him like a bad dream.

    Two knocks sounded from the door pulling his sight away from the book before looking towards the entrance. Ethan opened the door and stepped inside.

    "Mando, Ryan, and I are going to get some food downtown. Wanna come?"

    "Uh, yeah." Grayson nodded his head, holding tightly to his towel before walking towards his dresser to get changed. "Where are we going?"

    "Carlos," Ethan answered looking around the room seeing the mess that was all over the floor. "This room is a mess man,"

    "I know, kinda just dumped everything from the trip." Grayson changed quickly. Throwing on the first shirt and shorts that his hands grabbed from the drawers.

    Ethan made a soft noise before walking further into the room and looking around his younger brother's room.  

    "What's been going on with you man, you've been locked away in here for the past couple of days."

    Grayson sighed and ran a hand over his beard as he turned to face his brother. "I saw Alex the other day when I went out to get mom stuff for dinner."

    "Damn, how'd that go?"

    "She's different man, but like also the same, if that makes sense. She's got a sleeve now and cut her hair, it's...fuck he looks good. But there was something else about her...like she's more confident and...so sure of herself."

    Grayson bit his lip as he pictured Alex in his mind.

    "But then...a guy came over and wrapped his arm around her." Grayson's demeanor changed at the memory of Levi. "You remember that asshole that was a few years above us. Rich kid, that thought he was better than everyone else? Levi Wright." Ethan nodded his head. "That's her new boyfriend."

    "No fucking shit," Ethan looked towards him shocked, "Fuck, haven't heard of that guy in a while."

    "Yeah can tell not much has changed," Grayson grumbled, sitting on his bed to put on his sneakers. "Still looks like a preppy douche bag."

    Ethan chuckled and rolled his eyes, "You're only saying that now cause Alex is dating him."

    "I have a feeling man," Grayson grumbled

    "You came back thinking she was going to be sitting here waiting for you when you got back. That didn't happen cause she's now with someone else. Instead of being angry about it, you should move on."

    Grayson looked towards Ethan with a bit of anger flaring behind his eyes. But deep down Grayson knew he shouldn't be mad at his brother, that deep down he was looking out for him. But a part of him was telling him to ignore it because to him, Alex was still his.

    "Let's go," Ethan slapped Grayson's shoulder "Mando and Ryan are going to be waiting for us?"

    Grayson sighed heavily and pushed the thoughts of Alex and everything to the back of his mind. He grabbed his things and followed Ethan out of the house. The ride downtown was mostly in silence and Ethan parked down by Bloom. Grayson's mood improved as they met with their friends, all four of the men laughing as they walked towards Carlos.

    But as he passed by a bookstore that was near the restaurant, something pulled him to look in through the window. And as he did, his steps faltered for a second as he saw her. Standing by a table organizing a stack of books. Her head was turned down but just at that moment as he passed, her head looked up. Alex looked up and locked eyes with him causing his heart to stop for just a moment.

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    posted on @dilvdols (instagram dolan twins fanpage)

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    They're so so so fucking good!!!!!

    @dilvdols/ on instagram ♡

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