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    One Night - Chapter Five

    Book Two to One Night.

    Grayson returns home after a little over a year of traveling. But when he comes home, he finds that things aren’t how they used to be. He comes home with a determination to get the girl that he loves back. But fate seems to have other plans for the couple.

    warning: language

    trigger warning: abusive behavior and tendencies 

    New Jersey AU ~ Older OFC + Grayson Dolan

    Book Two Masterlist

    words: 1.6k+

    Alex fidgeted as she stood towards the back of the room, the soft classical music filling the room and mixing with the conversations that were happening. She looked around and watched as people talked, laughed, ate, and drank together. It was the opening of one of the restaurants that Levi had been working on with the company and you'd shown up for support.  But soon after arriving it seemed he has happily pulled away from her - leaving Alex alone at a party where she didn't know anyone. She was internally scolding yourself for not telling Vanessa and Dehlila to at least come.

    After finishing another flute of champagne, Alex walked away from the place she was standing and sought for another waiter to walk by with a tray filled with glasses. But just as she spotted a waiter across the room, instead, her eyes landed on someone else as well.

    Her heart stopped for a moment as she saw him. He was standing tall among the group he was with. A white button-down on with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow. At the collar, the top two buttons were left undone giving a slight view to his chest. His hair was down, still longer like the last few times she's seen it. For a second Alex felt the urge to run her fingers through it. His beard was kept close and tight to his jaw and with the slight smile on his lips, he was breath-taking. Grayson was always able to make Alex feel like she was dreaming whenever she saw him.

    Alex reached up and swiped the small tendrils that were in front of her face back slightly, before moving towards the bar now wanting something a little stronger than champagne. She leaned over the bar and waved down the bartender, ordering a Jack and Coke, the moment it was placed in front of her, she greedily took a few sips. But what Alex didn't anticipate was Grayson spotting her the moment she walked towards the bar. Her body caught his eye as she seemed to float through the crowd of the party and towards the bar. As the people of him continued to talk, his focus was only on her. He couldn't stop himself and have his eyes slowly move down her body as she leaned over the bar slightly to talk to the bartender. The light black pants she wore hugged along her legs before cupping along her ass. With the corset top, she was wearing he had a clearer view of the tattoo on her arm and saw that it moved over her shoulder and down her back slightly. Grayson looked away the moment the thought of licking along the vains tattoed on her back with his tongue entered his mind.

    For the past month, Grayson has tried nothing else but to forget her. To have it so not every waking moment he was thinking about Alexandrina. But it was becoming impossible. He excused himself from the few people he was talking with and moved to step outside for some fresh air.

    But just as he walked out the door, Alex turned around to face the crowd again and frowned when she noticed that Grayson was missing.

    "There you are," Levi spoke coming up beside her, his hand wrapping around her arm and pulling her against his side more. She gasped slightly from the shock before her eyes looked up towards him. "Why do you keep slipping away from me?"

    "I-I...I'm not. You left me the moment we got here." Alex frowned and moved to tug her arm out of his hold, but it only seemed to cause his grip to tighten more.

    "This entire time I have people asking where my girlfriend is," Levi stepped closer to you, the outside thinking a couple was having an intimate conversation. But for some reason, a panic was filling your chest as you looked up into his ice-blue eyes. "But I have to stand there like an idiot since I don't know the answer to the question because she's nowhere to be seen."

    Alex felt her throat clamp up and lips open a few times, trying to find her words, but nothing was seeming to come out.

    "Now you're going to do your job and make sure you stay in your place, do you understand?"

    "Yes," Alex pushed the answer past her red-painted lips, nodding her head since her voice was so soft, she wasn't sure if he'd heard her.

    Levi's lips turned up in a sneer before nodding his head, the pressure wrapped around Alex's arm letting up before he pressed a kiss to her forehead. The arm that was once wrapped around her arm was now placed to the lower part of her back, his lips meeting her ear to sneer into it once more.

    "And where is your blazer? I thought I told you to cover up those fucking tattoos."

    "It got too hot in here," Alex tried to swallow down the lump in her throat, fighting back the urge to cry.

    Levi made a gruff noise under his breath before pushing her further into the party. The panic that Alex seemed to feel before only seemed to grow worse with every passing second. As she neared a group of people she worked quickly to plaster a face on her smile. Acting like nothing is wrong.

    The party seemed to calm down after a few hours. Alex felt exhausted after what felt like being pushed from one group to another. She couldn't at all remember who she spoke with or what even their names were. It was once handshake and smile after another. Alex stepped out onto the patio at the back of the restaurant, Levi distracted and drunk enough to not care where she'd walked off to.

    Alex held tightly to her drink, the third Jack and Coke of the night, as she stumbled towards a set of patio furniture where no one else was around.

    "Finally some quiet,"

    Alex sat down on the small outdoor couch and leaned back as she slowly sipped her drink. Her head rested back against the couch and stared up towards the stars.

    "Mind if I join you?" a deep voice spoke, causing her head to look up towards it. Grayson stood in front of her with his hands shoved into the pocket of his pants, hair a little more disheveled than before, and a crooked smile on his face.

    "Y-Yeah of course" Alex sat up a little more and watched as he moved to take the seat that was beside her.  "I didn't know you were going to be here. Was a little shocked when I saw you."

    Grayson shrugged his shoulders, "I happen to work for the same company as your boyfriend,"

    "Huh, he's uh...never mentioned that before," Alex spoke, looking down towards her nearly empty glass, a small frown on her lips.

    Grayson quickly noticed the small frown that came across her lips.

    "How have you been? I feel like I haven't seen you in a long time,"  Grayson spoke, causing Alex to look towards him again.

    "Uh, at the shop. Running it kinda takes up a lot of my time." Alex spoke softly.

    "Ethan says you live with Vanessa now?" He asked, causing her to slowly nod her head. "Happy to hear the two of you stayed roommates after all this time."

    The frown came back across her lips as she was reminded of the time they left. Of their last night together.

    "I miss you," Alex spoke softly, but for a moment Grayson wasn't sure if he had heard her correctly. "I do. I miss you a lot,"

    "I miss you too, Alex," Grayson confessed

    She whimpered softly and looked up towards him, "Then can we be friends again?"

    "Of course baby," Grayson spoke, "You don't even have to ask that."

    Alex reached into the pocket of her pants and pulled out her phone before passing it off to Grayson. "My number changed since I officially decided to stay last year."

    Grayson pulled out his knowing exactly what she was alluding to. The two of them exchanged their new numbers. But Alex noticed the way her name was typed out in the contact list - Alex💗 . It made her stomach flutter with butterflies.

    But just as the smile was starting to creep back across her face, Levi stepped out onto the patio slurring her name. He glared towards her seeing her sitting next to Grayson. It made his blood boil.

    "Alexandrina," He spoke her name, causing her head to snap towards him. Grayson didn't miss the way her body seemed to freeze beside him. "Come on, the cab is here to take us home."

    She opened her mouth before closing it quickly, shooting a look towards Grayson, before standing up from her seat and walking towards him. Levi reached and grabbed Alex's hand and quickly pulled her back through the party before heading out towards the waiting cab.

    "What did I tell you about getting away from me," Levi spoke low into her ear.

    "I'm sorry," Alex whispered before she was nearly pushed into the cab and Levi slid in beside her.

    The entire cab ride back to Levi's apartment was intense silence, his hand gripped her thigh tightly. Levi didn't say anything as they walked up towards his apartment and slipped inside. Levi moved towards Alex and smirked down towards her, fisting her hair tightly before bending down and kissing her. She gasped against him for a moment taken aback at the hard kiss before her lips began to move with his. She could feel his hands moving along her sides trying to pull her closer to him.

    "Come on baby, let's get upstairs." Levi moaned against her lips, before grabbing her hand and leading her up to his bedroom.

    Once again Alex laid beneath him, faking the entire time before two minutes later left there unsatisfied and thinking of another man.

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    Hey gang 👋 Gonna have abit of a sleepover night tonight. So while I’m at work today get some concepts sent in—

    I’ve got a couple already in my asks. So I’ll see you tonight.


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    i hate reading angst and then reading something like fluff because all i can think about it's :

    "Oh yeah, he is taking care of you when you are sick now. But in the future? nah, he is going to ignore you because of someone else and then he'll break your heart." or "Well, here is the cheater, look at him talking about forever, aha yeah. fucker."

    So i can freaking enjoy anything anymore.

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    I couldn’t stop thinking about it so here is a One Couch Concept for you 🤍🛋

    When The Night Rolls In

    A is short and B is tall, so B sleeps with their back to the sofa and hugs A to keep them from falling to the floor. (it’s a really small sofa) 

    not only had the falling leaves started to change the burnt colors of autumn, but the knowledge that halloween is creeping closer was starting to set in.

    y/n knew it was graysons favorite time of year—he nearly screamed when he spotted the halloween section in the grocery store. he’d piled bags of candy into his arms so mountainous she’d had to stop at least five times to pick up a bag or two, frustrated that he hadn’t grabbed a basket on the way in. his wide smile softened her heart, however.

    he’d even already climbed up to the storage area where he keeps his insane amount of decorations, pulling each piece out with admiration and excitement. dread was eating away at her stomach at the mere thought of putting the decorations away at the end of the month, pouting to herself and knowing he will be heartbroken again. she wasn’t ready for a pouty grayson.

    “it’s quite actually the superior holiday,” he’d said in the midst of the madness, boxes scattering the floor around her, “what other holiday can you be completely insane on purpose? also, tiny ghosts statues.”

    she’d broken the statue he’d tossed down to her, which in turn got her many glares throughout the day, in which the house transformed into a halloween wonderland. halloween for grayson was her christmas after all. while she had snowmen and nutcrackers, he had stackable pumpkins and tiny ghosts statues. he accepted and participated in her christmas madness, the least she could do was entertain his halloween obsession for him.

    it was the time that made him most happy and giddy like a child waiting for santa. he was waiting on ghouls and goblins instead, the movies that made her jump and sink back into his chest, the buckets of candy, the outlandish costumes he always seems to create, the haunted houses, and the pumpkins - dear God the infamous dolan carving party.

    it was truly a production to say the least. every year (at least for the past three years they’d been dating) the twins would cover every table and every chair with a table cloth or two along with a spread of carvings tools, stencil, sharpies, candles, and dozens of pumpkins.

    friends and family knew what to expect when they walked in the door. they were to expect jump scares, fake cobwebs and spiders, halloween treats (cookies, candy, cider, covered pretzels, etc.), graysons massive goggles in honor of the end of night pumpkin fight, a costume he’d been working on all year, and a ticket stand to vote on the movie of choice for the evening.

    it made him happy, so it made her happy too.

    her favorite part was the movies. her father was a horror movie buff himself, so she had a particular soft spot for the films. from the beginning to the end of the month a fort would be formed in the living room for movie nights. the was a schedule hanging on the entertainment center of what movie was dedicated to each night.

    It was the 3rd, Hocus Pocus night, one of Y/n’s favorites. halloween never felt the same without it, and they even had repeat nights because how could you not?

    Grayson had his back to the loveseat, talking every now and then about his plans for the carving party and the giant custom skeleton hand he’s making for in front of the house.

     It’s nice to feel the rumble of his chest against her back, listening to him talk excitedly of the props he’s going to get and how many people he thinks will show up. It’s usually double in size each year. Once word get’s out about the massive projector outside, the popcorn bar, the homemade haunted maze, everyone is wanting an invite. 

    y/n watches Max light the black flame candle, snuggling back against Grayson’s sweater and pulling the blanket up beneath her chin. she knows what happens next, smiling when they run through the sprinklers, book in hand. 

    Watching this movie with him is always the best part of the month, simply for the commentary and his love for the Billy Butcherson, the sweetest zombie she’d ever seen. he was always her favorite as a kid. It was just another thing she and grayson has in common.

    after a long day of decorating, she’s beat from it all. she knows Grayson won’t mind if she dozes off for a few minutes, and finds her eyelids drooping with each passing minute. she wants to see the end even if she’d seen it a thousand times before, but knows realistically she might not making it if Grayson keeps playing with her hair the way he always does. 

    Graysons grip around her waist tightens as her body begins to grow limp with sleep overtaking her. he holds her up against him, his chin atop her head, pressing a kiss against her hair. 

    “you’re really doing Billy dirty right now,” he teases, securing the blanket over her shoulders and closing his own eyes for a few seconds, long enough to appreciate the feeling of her leaning against him, the scent of the pumpkin spice candle burning on the coffee table, and the cool wind blowing through the open windows. 

    she doesn't respond, off somewhere in dreamland where there are no zombies or witches or candles with black flames. she’s dreaming of nights that feel like this, lazy, comfortable and quiet with the love of her life. 

    she doesn't wake when the movie ends, even with the sound of the ending credits and Graysons snoring. he’d finally fallen asleep with his arms wrapped around her, the candle blown out (he’d had a tough time blowing that out with her deadweight against him). 

    maybe it wasn't such a bad thing, sleeping upright with a girl you love more than anything - even halloween. the pumpkins stacked and crowding the back wall, the Michael Myers cardboard cutout staring through the living room dimly lit by the tv, the feeling of Y/n breathing steadily against him. it could lull anyone to sleep. 

    when he wakes he keeps her still, laughing at her messy hair and smoothing it with his hand, leaning down to kiss her cheek and watch her for a while. he’s overwhelmed sometimes, that she exists and she puts up with his ridiculous obsessions in the graceful way that she does. he loves her for it. 

    he loves that she seems to be the only one on the face of the earth that likes candy corn as much as he does, that she has a favorite halloween blanket covered in tiny frankensteins, and that she always attempts to beat him in the pumpkin carving contest. her trophy is a kiss, a gentle peck that gives him butterflies without fail. he's seen the pictures, all that she’d snapped herself, framed in the bedroom. they look happy, glowing actually. 

    he’s chilled by the morning air, but warm inside at the sight of the movie playing for the surely fourth or fifth time since they’d fallen asleep, and the smile she gives him when her eyes finally open. 

    sure, they are both sore from sleeping sitting up on the hardwood floor, stomach’s begging for real food (not the orange icing covered sugar cookies she’d baked before the movie, Grayson being the dedicated sprinkle man which he took entirely too seriously. 

    there are a few things they know after a night of blissfully uncomfortable sleep. they know they need to get up. grayson knows he’d never been so in love with someone in his whole life. y/n knows she would spend a thousand nights falling asleep against him on the floor. they both know that they love their simple little life filled with extravagant holidays with too many decorations, an abundance of stolen kisses, and movie marathons that mean more to the both of them than they could ever explain. 

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    two years 🤍 i love you more and more every single day
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    Siempre he pensado en la importancia que hay que darle a los vacíos, pero ahora mismo, el vacío de tu ausencia aunque duela lo ideal será ignorarlo.

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    One Year - Chapter Four

    Book Two to One Night.

    Grayson returns home after a little over a year of traveling. But when he comes home, he finds that things aren’t how they used to be. He comes home with a determination to get the girl that he loves back. But fate seems to have other plans for the couple.

    warning: language

    New Jersey AU ~ Older OFC + Grayson Dolan

    Book Two Masterlist

    words: 1.5k+

    Alex sighed softly as she stepped out of her car after pulling into the parking lot. The warm air caressed her skin as she walked towards the building. When she first walked inside, the thing she noticed most was the noise. The sound of machines and banging in the back, a few voices talking loudly to one another. Along with the sound of phones ringing and conversations. She looked around for a moment till the person she was looking for stepped out into the lobby.

    Levi smiled as he saw Alex standing in the main lobby for the building. She stood there with her long dark hair was pulled back from her face, holding a brown paper bag in her grasp as she shifted from one foot to another. Her face broke out into a wide smile the moment her brown eyes connected with his.

    "Hey baby," Levi wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him before bending down to kiss her lips softly. He hummed lightly as he pulled away. "Thanks for bringing me lunch, I appreciate it."

    "Of course," Alex followed behind him as they walked back towards his office.

    Levi set the bag on the top of his desk, before leaning back against it and facing her. His hand reached out and pulled her closer to him, having her step between his legs slightly.

    "I must confess that I just wanted a reason to see you," Levi smirked, his hands moving to grab at her waist tightly and holding her.

    Alex felt her cheeks warm with blush as she looked towards him, "Did you? Could've simply said that without using the reuse of me bringing you lunch."

    Levi shrugged his shoulders and chuckled low beneath his breath. "You've been so busy lately, wasn't sure if you would if I asked."

    Alex's lips turned down slightly in a frown and looked down between them. A sudden feeling of guilt started to form in her gut and sit heavy like lead.

    "Baby, I didn't mean to say that to make you frown," Levi spoke quickly, caressing her face so she was looking back towards him. "You're busy with the store, I understand."

    "Date night then? This weekend?" Alex spoke while wrapping her arms around his shoulder, stepping closer. A slow smirk spread across Levi's lips as he stared down towards her.

    "A night out with my girl?" His hands moved down along her thighs, caressing the exposed skin as the skirt of her dress lightly brushed at the top of her thigh.

    Levi's eyes moved past Alex's shoulder for a moment and watched as Grayson walked in from the back room with a few of the other guys. His back straightened slightly as he saw him standing at the other end of the hallway. Ever since Grayson started working for the design company, an angry rage overcomes him every time he sees him. Levi just remembers that he dated Alex last year and all he wants is to punch him. Alex was his, and only his. Grayson felt eyes on him and looked down the hall where Levi's office sat. Their eyes connected for a moment before Levi smirked towards him. Grayson felt like everything moved in slow motion. He knew that the girl standing between his legs was Alex.

    Levi reached up and grabbed the back of Alex's head before bending down and kissing her. His other hand moved down and pulled her closer by her lower back as his tongue moved past her lips. Alex responded to the kiss after a moment of shock wore off.

    Grayson looked away after a moment and clenched his fists tightly at his side, before going through the double doors to head into the workstation.

    Alex pulled away with a bit of shock on her face as she looked towards Levi. "Wow, guess I should come by the office more often."

    Alex pressed another kiss to his lips before slipping out of his arms and heading back out the door.  But as she walked away Levi stayed in his place with a satisfied smirk on his face. But in the other room, Grayson leaned against his workbench with his phone in his hand, messaging his brother with the anger of seeing Alex with Levi still racing through his veins.

    Grayson: Remember that girl from your work? Emma? Emily?

    Ethan: Ellie? Yeah, what about her?

    Grayson: Can I have her number?

    Ethan: Seriously? Uh, sure give me a second

    Ethan: Shares a contact - Ellie Saunders

    The moment the contact information was shared Grayson clicked on the name and opened a new conversation.

    Grayson: Hey, Ellie? Hope you don't mind my brother gave me your number. It's Grayson from the other night.

    He only had to wait a minute or so before there was a response.

    Ellie: Grayson! Hey!

    Grayson: I was wondering if you wanted to go some time this week?

    Ellie: I would love to! Free tonight?

    Grayson ran a hand through his hair and paused to think for a moment. He knew that he couldn't sit and wait around thinking that Alex was going to come back to him. Ethan was right when he said that Grayson was expecting to have come back and she was waiting for him. The two of them never made a promise to one another they'd pick up where they left off. If anything Grayson pushed her into Levi's arms when he left her. Now was the time for him to accept it and move on himself.

    Grayson: Absolutely! I know an amazing place.

    As Grayson slipped his phone back into his back pocket, he suddenly felt weighed down and heavy with sadness. Like a piece of him felt like he was betraying Alex still.

    Alex walked around the bookstore doing a final walk-through as she finished up for the night. The store was closed up and silent, everyone went for the day and leaving her heavy with her thoughts. She sat at the register going through some paperwork before she'd lock up and head back home. She wasn't ready to head back into a dark and empty apartment knowing that Vanessa was spending the night at Delilah's. She thought for a second about inviting Levi over but quickly changed her mind as soon as the thought entered her mind.

    After Alex left Levi's office she went about her day normally, but the guilty feeling never went away. She knew that the last few weeks that she and Levi have spent less and less time together. It wasn't something she was doing intentionally, it just happened.  But what she noticed the most was that she didn't miss him. Not like how she thought that she should've been missing him. Alex was able to conclude she could go weeks not seeing or speaking to Levi and she wouldn't feel any difference. That was her contemplating if she truly wanted to be with him, or only was the cause of the convenience.

    The sounds of the busy downtown caught her attention and drew her eyes out. She watched as people walked around the downtown area laughing and talking together. Couples wrapped in each other's arms as they walked hand in hand. As she watched the people among the town, a couple caught her eyes. Mostly a person. The thing about living in the small town was it felt like no matter what you ran and saw the same people over and over. And with not seeing Grayson for a year, any chance she did see him, it was like Alex was able to instantly spot him.

    His arm was wrapped around a girl's middle, the two of them talking and smiling together. The girl looked towards him in a way that Alex was all too familiar with. It was the guilt feeling be replaced with something else. Something more sickening. Alex sat there and watched from her seat as they walked down the block a little and into a bar and restaurant that was a couple of buildings down.

    It was then Alex realized she missed Grayson and what they had, more than what she had with Levi currently.  

    But she also knew that even if she wanted Grayson again, that seeing him moving on, meant she wasn't supposed to ever have him again. At least in her mind.

    Alex finished off the papers in front of her before locking up. She made a stop at the store on the way home and grabbed a bottle of her favorite wine. She had the next day off so all she wanted was to drink an entire bottle of wine, watched a sad movie, and try and fill the hole in her heart. Because she tried filling that with another man that was showing to be a faulty plan. A dark and lonely apartment seemed more comforting now than it did before.

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    Imagine [G.D]

    A party was not something you would usually see Y/N at but with much convincing from Grayson, she decided to follow along. It was a party thrown by the Dolan twins which was rare since they went private and off the internet.  

    Music and chatter blast through the house as Y/N stood by the kitchen counter refilling her red cup with some soda “Having fun?” Max asked with a smile as he sipped on his drink. 

    “Erm...Yeah, I guess? Parties and huge crowds aren’t really my thing” You answered setting down the bottle of soda. 

    “I can tell, you’ve been hanging around the drink table for awhile” Max chuckled and glanced around “Where’s Grayson?”.

    “I’m not sure, his probably socializing and being a good host” you smiled softly, a little annoyed that Grayson didn't stay by your side but you understood the role of a good host. 

    “So....4 dates? what's the status now?” Max asked trying to start a conversation as you glanced behind him to see Grayson standing in-between two girls in extremely tight dress, it looked like if they moved, it would just explode off their bodies.

    “Erm...” you focused on the scene behind Max as the blonde rest her hand on Grayson’s chest and the other smacked his shoulder laughing at whatever he just said “I don’t know but I’m....gonna go, it was nice seeing you” you said setting down your drink before taking off. 

    - The next day - 

    You bend over a little wiping down the tables at the café where you worked part time to earn a little extra money. Clearing the plates and tossing the dirty napkins as well as left over food into the trash. The doorbelling rings, signaling that someone has entered the café. You looked up “Hi, welcome.....” you go silent seeing Grayson, Ethan and Ethan’s girlfriend Kristina. You quickly go around to the back of the counter where your co-worker Amy stood and quickly whispered to her “Help me, take those customers thanks” before standing in front of the coffee machine, your back facing the store as you pretended to be busy. 

    Amy took their orders and started preparing the items when she suddenly got called to the back, making you serve them their food and drinks. ‘Great great great’ you whispered to yourself as you walked over to their table, your skirt flowing side to side as you walk steadily trying not to spill anything and embarrass yourself. “Two coffees black and a latte with oat milk” you said setting down their drinks before practically running back behind the counter but not really because that would be awkward. 

    You leaned back against the counter letting out the breath you were holding. “You left early yesterday, couldn’t even say bye?” you heard and turned around to come face to face with Grayson. 

    “Erm...yeah, something came up” You say not wanting to remind yourself of last night. 

    “Really? Its more important than I don’t know letting ,the guy you’re seeing, know that your leaving his party?” Grayson said clearly annoyed which pissed you off. 

    “Well I didn’t want to disturb your conversation with thing 1 and thing 2. Oh and I would thing that, the ‘guy I'm seeing’, would at least try to stay by my side after greeting his guest seeing as that I dislike parties and he practically begged me to go” you said before walking off and heading into the kitchen. 

    You leaned against the kitchen door taking a breath as you had to build up all the courage to say something like that to anyone really. ‘All is well, just endure till they leave’ you thought to yourself. You went on back out to the counter as more customers entered the cafe and got to work.

    Smiling as you took the groups order before they went to their seats leaving a guy. “Your total is $35” you smiled as he swipes his card and pay.

    “So this is a little awkward but I think you’re pretty and would like to get to know you better, can I get your number?” The guy ask catching you off guard.

    “Oh erm…how about my Instagram instead, I don’t like handing out my number” you smiled getting the receipt.

    “Oh sure, I understand.” He says handing you his phone and you search up your Instagram account, pressing follow before handing it back to him. “I would love to ask you out for coffee sometime”.

    “I would like that” you smiled handing him his receipt , he returns the smile before joining his group of friends.

    You smiled following the guy back quickly before heading over to the coffee machine to make their drinks. “Babe, could you go to storage and get more cocoa” Amy asked as she comes back out from the back.

    “Sure” you smiled wiping your hands off before heading off to the storage room in the back. You got up to the rack and reached up on your tippy toes, trying to get the bag of cocoa powder when suddenly a hand reaches over from behind and grabs the bag for you. You span around coming face to face with Graysons muscular chest showing through his right fitted shirt “erm thanks but your not suppose to be back here” you said taking the bag from him.

    “That kid seems nice, didn’t think we be moving off so quickly” Grayson said leaning down a little.

    “I’m just getting to know people, I don’t see anything wrong with that”.

    “His not wanting to just to get to know you”.

    “Whatever grayson, shouldn’t you go be busy with things 1 and 2” you said getting annoyed with him being so close to you and smelling so damn good.

    Grayson smirked hearing your response, leaning in closer, making your noses touch slightly “Keep up with this attitude princess and I’ll make you regret it” he whispers making you lean back more into the metal shelves.

    “what?” You asked a little confused yet curious as to what he meant by ‘he’ll make you regret’. After a short moment of silence, you couldn’t take him being this close to you and decided to nudge him back a little but to no surprise that didn’t work. Have you seen the man, his huge.

    “I want you to unfollow that guy” Grayson spoke up after that awkward moment, completely ignoring the fact that you tried to nudged him back.

    “what?! No, why should I? It’s not like I’m seeing anyone let alone dating anybody. Even so, I think I’m allowed to make friends and meet new people. Like you do, yesterday with things 1 and 2 in their tight little dresses” you spat annoyed with his request.

    With no words, Grayson pins you up against the shelve making you drop the bag in shock. He leans in closer “Attitude and such a short skirt, what a bad girl” he smirked before smashing his lips against yours. You tried fighting back but it was Grayson, the guy who took you out on your very first ever date and made you grow feelings for him. Soon you started kissing him back, your hands gripping onto his shirt as you pulled him closer to you.

    The kiss was rough yet soft, you were confident that after this your lips will be bright red and swollen. Grayson nibbled down on your bottom lip before running his tongue over it, asking for access to which you denied. You weren’t about to give him what he wanted without a fight, especially after what he pulled yesterday. Getting no access from you, he reached down and suddenly grabbed your butt cheek roughly causing you to let out a yelp where he took the opportunity to slip him tongue into your mouth.

    He dominated your entire mouth and you just followed his lead, your hands gripping tightly onto his shirt when he suddenly picks you up and you instantly wrap your legs around his waist. He pulled away, letting the both of you catch your breath as he left sloppy kisses down your neck “Gray” you breath out “We can’t do this”.

    “We can” he mumbled against your skin as your fingers get caught in his hair. You blushed feeling something hard rubbing against you “Gray” you whispered as he lifts you up a little more and starts grinding up against you. Pleasure shoots through your body as you pull at his hair a little.

    “Fuck” Grayson breaths out before reconnecting his lips with yours, the kiss was less rough and more tender as he slows down his movements, wanting to enjoy closeness.

    You pulled away as soon as you heard Amy’s voice calling you, making Grayson stop his every move as his head falls and rest on your shoulder “What a cockblock” he mumbled making you giggle. He gently sets you down and you smooth out your skirt before glancing up at him.

    “I’m still pissed at you about yesterday, you left me and went off flirting” You said as Grayson’s hand rest on your ass cheek under your skirt.

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. There is no excuse” he said as you reach up and run your fingers through his hair, fixing it a little.

    “sorry isn’t going to cut it gray, I need more” you say as he smirks a little.

    “After your work, I’ll show you how sorry I am” Grayson says, leaning down and reconnecting your lips again in a tender kiss.

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