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  • lychen-therapy
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Just a Reminder:

    🧡 You're AWESOME 🧡

    Drink plenty of water, have a snack and don't forget:

    You are LOVED.

    You are WORTHY OF LOVE.

    You are STRONG.

    You are DOING YOUR BEST.

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  • berrydoodleoo
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    The Citadel hallways weren’t hushed anymore. Sure, the main thoroughfares had an echoing quality that made Prompto feel like a kid on a museum field trip, but even those larger-than-life spaces had a certain bustle to them. Secretaries, retainers, big wigs surrounded by crowds of chattering attendants -- they all breezed through, dodging and pinwheeling, with documents tucked under their arms and coffee in their hands. It was the coffee, really, that made things feel real; if not for the sight and scent, Prompto might think he was dreaming.

    The hall leading to the King’s Office -- separate from the Audience Hall and Council Chambers where the really official business took place -- was a bit quieter and more sedate, but still busy enough that Prompto caught a few snatches of conversation about ‘tariffs’ and ‘the upcoming Council vote’. And then Prompto stepped into the King’s outer office, exchanging nods with the guards, and the noise fell away.

    To reveal Talcott, tapping away at his phone. It disappeared as Talcott hopped to his feet, a practiced smile on his lips -- only to turn into a relaxed grin as he recognized Prompto and dropped back to into his chair with a huff. “Good morning, sir.”

    Prompto couldn’t help but smile at Talcott. He’d been the King’s Secretary for months now, and by all rights Prompto should be used to seeing him in a suit -- but something about the sight of little Talcott, all spit and polish, with a crisp new haircut and an expensive watch, made him want to start babbling things like ‘you’re all grown up’ and ‘where did the time go’ and ‘when did you get taller than me’.

    Instead, Prompto lifted a hand in a wave. “Hey, man. He busy?”

    “Nah, he’s supposed to be eating lunch.” Talcott rolled his eyes a little. “How’d your trip go?”

    “Pretty good, I think. We’re gonna need to pick up salvage in the Northern Quarter if we want to get stuff out before it gets overtaken.”

    Talcott shook his head in amazement. “Things are growing that fast?”

    “Yeah.” Prompto shook his own head, leaning against the doorframe that separated the outer office from the King’s refuge. “You should see it, man, it’s really --” He finds himself getting a bit choked up, and cuts himself off. “Sania says it’s years of growth in the timespan of a few months. It’s amazing. I swear, the grass grew two inches while we were there. And there are animals everywhere.”

    Talcott lowered his eyes reverently. “A blessing from the Gods.”

    Prompto thought about the man on the other side of the door, somehow saved from a predestined death, and let out a breath. “Yeah.”

    Talcott searched his face for a beat, then waved him on. “Go on in, Prompto. Get him to eat something, if you can. Next meeting isn’t for an hour or so.”

    “Alright. Thanks, Talcott.” Prompto ducked into the inner office.

    It was even quieter than the outer office. Prompto hesitated in the entry alcove -- he could see the empty desk chair and guessed that Noct was sprawled out on the couch -- and was suddenly aware of movement on his left. Atop an antique cabinet, stuffed with mundane office supplies (even The King of all Kings needed pens and highlighters, it turned out) a pale shadow stretched and stood, mrrrrrping? inquisitively.

    “Hey there, little mama.” Prompto kept his voice hushed in deference to the napping King, reaching up to pet the little cat. “Where’d your babies run off to, huh? Makin’ mischief?” She sniffed his hand intently before headbutting his fingers and then -- to his quiet delight -- stepped delicately onto his shoulder, settling her warm little weight in his arms.

    He occupied himself for a moment, rubbing her cheek and chin, exchanging slow blinks. When he let himself into Noct’s office at last, it was with a very happy little cat purring and leaving white hairs all over his black uniform.

    The alcove opened into the main room with a short flight of stairs, lined with fresh flowers in antique vases. There were no railings yet -- Ignis insisted that emergency repairs take priority, and that they not go out of their way to accommodate him, a pronouncement greeted with snorts and Gladio’s drawled yeah, no chance of that, buddy -- and so Prompto watched his feet as he descended, a little dazzled by the morning light and its dappled patterns. Above his head, the rosette window bearing the crest of Insomnia blazed like a beacon.

    It was the steps, strangely enough, that always took him back to his first visit to the Citadel in the most visceral way. Maybe because he’d been nervous and staring at his feet the entire time, terrified he’d trip and make a fool of himself somewhow. The memory was half a lifetime away, but still strong enough to send his head spinning. He clutched his purring armful a bit tighter.

    “Hey,” he called softly. “You awake, sleeping beauty?”

    A pale, elegant hand waved lazily, before tucking itself back beneath dark hair already touched with frost. “I’m awake,” Noct said, yawning.

    Prompto found himself smiling, approaching the back of the couch. The cat in his arms jumped down immediately, sniffing at Noct’s upraised knee. At the sight of his King, Prompto’s smile broadened into a grin. “Awwwwwww...!”

    Noct yawned again. “Don’t start,” he groused. The tabby kitten stuck out an inquisitve paw, apparently aiming for his mouth, but he jerked his chin aside in a practiced gesture. “You just get back?”

    “Yep. Gave Iggy my report already.” Prompto leaned on the back of the couch, feeling a bit goofy at the sight of Noct napping with a pair of kittens asleep on his chest. Noct heaved a sigh, watching him, but his eyes were smiling.

    He was still thin -- always forgetting to eat, spending too long staring into space as if watching patterns no one else could see -- and had a constant, quiet poise that his younger self had only manifested in flashes. The kind of thing that was only betowed through suffering and long, lonely Reflection.

    But damn, he looked good. With the sun from the rosette window tracing his cheek and jaw, he looked like a dream come true. The stretch of skin from his elbows to his hands was the best kind of tease.

    Noct’s smirk widened. “Pet the cat, Prompto.”

    “Huh? Oh.” Prompto realized he’d been staring, and that the cat was headbutting his arm insistently, demanding scritches. He obeyed, but turned his eyes back to Noct immediately, devouring him.

    Noct aimed a lazy kick at him. “You gonna get down here or what?”

    “You gonna eat your lunch or what?” Prompto retorted. He considered vaulting the couch, considered the sleepy kittens, and walked around instead.

    “Mm, I’ve got time.” Noct tucked his shins against Prompto’s leg as he sat. “You gonna tell me how it was? Find anything good? Like a copy of AssCreed?”

    Prompto laughed softly. The cat headbutted his cheek, and then began stomping all over Noct’s royal body with effortless feline dominion. “Yeah,” he said, hooking an arm over Noct’s upraised knees. “It was pretty good. No AssCreed, though, sorry dude.”

    Noct held out a hand for the cat, careful not to dislodge her kittens, and raised his brows commandingly. So Prompto talked, painting him a picture of city ruins erupting into bloom -- saplings erupting from ruined stone paving, flowering vines wrapping around burned rafters, ripe fruit buzzing with bees and fluttering butterflies. And the Last King closed his eyes, listening with a soft smile on his lips, as the morning painted the room in soft shades of light.

    #ffxv#prompto argentum #noctis lucis caelum #promptis#my fic#my art #it has been a week all week long you guys #and then i woke up and had another crisis dumped on my lap #and thankfully it's kind of resolved atm and no one's going to end up homeless #but man #i started this picture as a bit of stress relief and then boy howdy i needed it #so have some sweet and domestic promptis #with cats!
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  • mallowstep
    19.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    The problem is I need to balance. Our leadership goes Hailstar (& Echomist) -> Crookedstar (& Willowbreeze) -> Leopardstar and I Really Sincerely Dearly do Not want to introduce misogyny which means I need cats to actually be fine with female leader which means it Can't be funny to them

    #mine #that's actually not terribly impossible tho #in that like #maybe they don't expect two cats to pair up if like #neither of them are domestic #domestic as short hand for some other things
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  • lychen-therapy
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    🌼 Good morning! 🌼

    Even if it's a not so good morning. ^^;

    Have some breakfast, drink some water or juice, keep up that Vitamin C and stay hydrated!

    I may not have slept well, but I made a really good tuna/egg sandwich for breakfast! Evens out my mood a little bit. ^^

    #I was having some cravings for fish lately anyways 🐟 #cat therian #domestic cat therian #feline therian#housecat therian#MarsMews#pawsitivity#mine#my art
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  • lychen-therapy
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I hope everyone has a good night / day! ^^

    Goodnight, here's a reminder to stay hydrated, be safe, wear a mask and have a nice snack! Take care of yourself, you deserve love and kindness! <3

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  • katawapu
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    seeing cute otter post but knowing how fucked up it is people are treating wild animals like pets for internet clout:

    #ewi'kiket #literally the small clawed otters population is decreasing because of the pet trade in asia #theres another asian species dropping cuz of it too but idk the name #also theyll fuck you up if you piss them off #like theyre not cats or dogs theyre wild aquatic predators #theres also the issue of more animals in human spaces = more disease #literally the reason so many epidemics/pandemics exist is domestication issues
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  • lychen-therapy
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    #cat therian #domestic cat therian #feline therian#therian moodboard#autumn #its autumn so lmk what you guys think!! ^^
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  • fictionkinfessions
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • lychen-therapy
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Nothing like settling down for a nap in your favorite blanket..

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  • epsileonn
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    lucky dude 🐅

    #brigette lundy paine #cats of tumblr #ginger cat#orange tabby#domestic cat#caturday
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  • cartoon-goon02
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    a little cat named zorro

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  • i-m-snek
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Watch his face 😂

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  • fictionkinfessions
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #fictionkinfessions#fictive#polyamory issue#abuse cw #domestic abuse cw #mod party cat!
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  • crayonturtle
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #this is a bit more than a mere sketch but it was knifemartin asking so it had to be a bit special #rqg#zolf smith #rqg oscar wilde #zoscar #i think they might have fun with a cat #i think they may both have had a pet before they grew up and forgot all about it #i think it might bring a lot of sentimental domestic feelings when they get a cat together in their shared house #so much potential #crayon creates
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  • junhoontrash
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    hi :3

    #seventeen#wonhui#junhui#wonwoo#cat line#skdgsjljs #I was going to include the actual clip but the crop got wonky #domestic wonhui
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  • bitnspaycprod
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    1.Orange Tabby Cat 

    2.Cute Cuddling Cats  

    3. Cute Cat peering through the trees

    4. A Gray Tabby cat with blue eyes. 

    1. Free Photo (In the Public Domain) courtesy: https://www.needpix.com 2-4. Images can be found at these websites: https://www.publicdomainpictures.net https://www.photos-public-domain.com

    #domestic cat#tabby cat#feline#animals#cute animals#cute cats #free public domain image #public domain images cats
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  • snailtongue
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    [ID: A black kitten with large ears and shiny eyes peering up to the right.] via

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