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  • insanitybyanothername
    09.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    It's ironic really. I'm sick of being alone. I crave companionship. But how can I crave what I never had?

    #no friends #i want a boyfriend #lonely#sad#depression #i want love #cuddling#emo boyfriend#grunge boyfriend#goth boyfriend#vintage boyfriend #love doesn't exist #am i doomed to be alone forever #forever alone#no life#no family #crying myself to sleep #fuck life #society is ugh #everything sucks#miserable#tears#metalhead #i wish i lived in a different age #i miss the 90s #40s#60s#vintage#alone#isolation
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  • fortheloveofphandoms
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    One day, villains from every universe are going to meet each other in Hell and realize:

    If we escape together, we can all take over the world.

    #if they escape everyone is doomed #they’ve been secretly plotting all along #why has nobody brought up the fact that after they all die/return home that they can join forces?? #villain#villains
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  • wonderfuck
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my sister just asked me if drake was a part of one direction

    #i’ve failed her. she’s doomed #ananya talks shit
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  • tulakhord
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    canucks refuse to give up and i love that for them 🥲

    #canucks lb #they're doomed but i love them
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  • gahsing
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Introducing “Will It Waffle?” special host Lee Siyeon (x)

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  • digitaldesignation-art
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This is just a sketch, but I’m having a lot of fun with the expressions with one of my spy characters. His name is Lazerpoint (aka Transverse the Decepticon spy), and he has a screen face. He only really uses the screen while undercover in the Autobots’ ranks to make himself seem “friendlier”-  or as you can see here when he’s about to make blue jam. :)

    #transverse/laserpoint#digides sketch #i'm working on his ref right now #and i have three expressions to show his Autobot vs. Decepticon faces #they kind of fit together in a bit of a story when you look at them together #first one is shock #second is a smile #this one is jam face #he likes jam :D #but i kind of look at it as the moment his autobot allies realized that they were doomed #from their base getting infiltrated to lazerpoint not reacting then finally to that moment of oh shit
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  • reflectionbound
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    → can you fight God ? ←

         “ Heh, that’s right. ”

    #( Humanity is DOOMED. ) #( c. Guren ) #( sacrilegious cw. )
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  • deepseawave
    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Ok, so let’s see, here’s a kinda random personal post:

    So I finally talked to my friends after like months of not talking and not seeing any of them and we met up on discord and played some games. One of those games was gartic phone and it was hilarious omgg >w<

    So anyways, I always started off with the most wholesome prompts cause I’m just bad at thinking of funny stuff off the top of my head.

    Let’s see what my friends turned the innocent prompt “baby shark :)” into…

    The first person describes the first picture in the following way: “a fish in diapers smokes underwater”

    So now we’ve already successfully turned something innocent into something messy and it just continues from there until we end with freaking Nemo being high from smoking a joint. I love my friends XD

    #danny talks#hi there#gartic phone#so anyways #I laughed my damn ass off omg how did that happen what the hell #like the first picture already doomed my poor little prompt lmao #we just can’t have nice things #my first prompt was: a dog in heaven :) #and somehow - some-freakin-how - it morphed into an angel with poop wings??? what the hell guys XD #my friends are artistic talents lmao #on a more serious note: I haven’t talked to my friends or just texted with them in ages cause I was feeling like crap and life kind of sucks #rn and ngl I’m still not in a position where I can do much about it but I’m trying to stay positive and not talking to my friends didn’t do #me any good so I’m trying to stay more in touch now - met up with my bf last week and we had a good time they’re a delight to be around and #I even got better at mario cart?? kinda? #I’m really thankful for them like bless my best friend they’re the best and I love them with all my heart #so yeah I was struggling a lot struggling with my life my family the pandemic situation I kinda started distancing myself and it was not #really helpful so I’m glad I reached out to them again and who knows maybe I’m gonna pick up where I left off on here? cause it’s honestly #something I enjoy and I’d love to just have fun here again #tho there’s still stuff weighing me down in my personal life that’s making it kinda hard to enjoy things #so yeah that’s what’s been up vaguely summarized #thanks to everyone who’s send an ask or tagged me I appreciate you and I’ll try to get back into it <333 #enjoy my friends being silly? hehe :)
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  • alexandrascout
    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago


    #what a terrible heartbreak to overestimate your importance in peoples lives #it just keeps happening to me #it's embarrassing and horrifying #is that who ill be my entire life? #doomed forever to invest more in anyone than anyone will ever invest in me
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  • heyyviolette
    08.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    All men do is lie

    #violettetalks #he was sweet #well it didnt last so #I know if this man decided to talk to me again I'll talk to him #im doomed #but yaaah he found someone else ig #that sucks jsjsbsjjs #rip to you violette
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  • twiststreet
    08.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    PHILLY!!! (X)

    #philadelphia #Civilization is Doomed. #what is happening?
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  • doyoungsglasses
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago


    #sorry to rant abt greys anatomy again but jackson and april are such a trainwreck #doomed from the start like they are horrible together #that being said i adore both of them #just separately please #thoughts
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  • 00vi
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Of course, nothing can beat the original and very iconic "Happy Together" Hamburger Photoshoot (1997). It's just an undeniable classic. But if something else can get just a bit close, it would be Max and Tul's. Their recreation of the scenes is such a beautiful homage to the groundbreaking film & photoshoot.

    (Photo Source)

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  • heavy-lobster
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bearer of the Surse (Sans curse)

    #Doomed to be a Sans kinnie 😔 /j #lobster.txt
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  • asklordcaptaincastronova
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Finally, time for a thumping good rumpus.

    Major Watkyn Castronova-McHui surveyed his troops. After his cousin had told him that he had “Zilch” authority over the armsmen, the Dreahens, the Oathsworn Streltzy, or the gun servitors he had taken it upon himself to acquire the most positively blithering soldiers this side of East.

    Footfall’s finest, and sure enough they all had excellent feet which did indeed fall on the solidity of floors. A vertible company of well armed gentlemen of violence, armed to the teeth with swords, and the delightfully affordable Footfall bolt pistols. Bedecked in glimmering chainmail, representing their bondage to him, their feudal master, they would most forthrightly obliterate any rapscallions.

    And his cousin had even arranged for them to be dropped off on this planet as a “lure”. 


    #what a bunch of doomed losers #watkyn
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  • doomedship
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sidney's not coming back to Sanditon? After? All? That? Fuss?

    I cannot catch a break.

    #sanditon #sanditon season 2 #sidlotte#doomed ship#sidney parker #theo james can go suck an egg #oh my god i knew he was a dickbag
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  • boxofsuperbia
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #khedits#khgraphics#kh3#kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts iii #riku#*** #I believe I made this gifset once for my endofpaiin blog but I wanted to redo it with raw PC footage. #Shoutout to 1080p ultrawide for enabling me to get most of the action while basically removing the HUD. #Also the day that Riku gets a full character mod for KH3 is the day that this blog will be doomed to becoming a stealth Riku blog.
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  • azeofspades
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Is weird that whenever someone compliments my work, I immediately want to disappear?

    #Look I get flustered #I'm like: Oh shit they like it I'm doomed #I don't get upset I just panic
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  • doomedandstoned
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Know Your Scene: Majestic Mountain Records

      By Peter Willmott  

    Marco Berg has a passion for heavy stoner vibes, and gorgeous vinyl releases. Stockholm Sweden has always been a nexus for underground hard and heavy music, the world needed a boutique sabbath-worshiping, vinyl slinging connoisseur and Marco is the man for the job.

    In 2019, he launched the Majestic Mountain Records into the Stoner Rock community with the Devil's Witches/Saint Karloff split Coven Of The Ultra-Riff, quickly followed by Saint Karoff’s smashing release Interstellar Voodoo.

    All up with Let Them Hang and The King’s Pistol, Majestic Mountain Records released four albums in three months at the end of 2019, a crazy schedule that let the world know in no uncertain terms, they were here and they were big.

    When the live scene died in 2020, Majestic Mountain kept the great releases coming -- 11 in total. Standout releases from Norwegian heavyweights Kal El and the self-titled Electric Hydra were highlights from a great year, and we saw the first overseas release -- the exceptional Vagabond Blues by Australian desert-stoner-psych-doom band Vessel.

    2021 has been a very strong year, and we’ve barely started. The Jointhugger and Void Commander releases have been met with rave reviews, and the label was nominated for label of the year at The Doomies, if you’re not catching it yet, the Majestic Mountain Records wave is coming in hard this year.

    I spoke with Marco Berg about some of the label’s history:

    When did you decide to start Majestic Mountain Records, and where did the name come from?

    I've had the plans to start a label for some time before I actually realized it. As a record collector I felt that I could and wanted to try to contribute to the scene in some way. It didn't become a reality until I heard Saint Karloff's demo of Interstellar Voodoo.

    I just had to release that and the lads in Saint Karloff were so nice to trust a new guy and label to release their little baby and for that I'll be forever grateful. But that wasn't the first release. As Devil's Witches and Saint Karloff had talked about releasing a split together and asked if I would be interested. I couldn't have asked for a better start for Majestic Mountain Records.

    The name Majestic Mountain Records actually comes from my surname Berg. Berg means mountain in English and we wanted something grandiose so we added Majestic. (laughs)

    What gives you the biggest buzz in running a record label?

    The biggest buzz is when a band is happy with a release and working with Majestic Mountain. Then we know we're doing things right!

    What do you focus on to make a stellar Majestic Mountain Records release?

    Great music of course and then a premium vinyl release on top of that. Don't be cheap and cut costs and sell your vinyl in paper sleeves and also include those inserts, stickers and posters that record junkies appreciate!

    What message would you like to share with your music community?

    There is so much great music and killer bands out there and to be noticed they need to be active in the scene. Work that social media! Interact with your fans! Comment and plug your fellow musicians! Those things make the difference and will pay off in the end.

    Next we spoke with some bands to find out what it’s like being part of the Majestic Mountain Family:

    What attracted you to Majestic Mountain Records?

    Kal-El: What attracted me to the label was the fact that they have the same vision as we have, and that they are focused on what they have put their minds on.

    Vessel: Not sure if it was luck or fate, but when our latest album Vagabond Blues was finally finished and ready to shop around to labels, Majestic had just announced their debut release with Saint Karloff and Devil’s Witches (the killer Coven of the Ultra Riff split). I’m a fan of everything that both of those bands have done, so it seemed like an obvious move to reach out to this exciting new label and see if we could get on board with them early on in the piece.

    Saint Karloff: We knew Marco for some time before he started his label. He struck us as a very nice and sincere guy as well as a dedicated and passionate vinyl-junkie, and he also really liked our first album. We actually hoped that he would start a label some day, and around the time when he actually did, we were looking for a new label to promote our second album Interstellar Voodoo. We gave him a demo which he really liked and the rest is history.

    What was the most exciting part of your release with Majestic Mountain Records?

    Kal-El: The most exciting thing for me, is the fact that they believe so much in our music. I have been doing this for over 25 years. And you work hard with the music you love, and when someone comes along and sees the music like you see it... It is a refreshing feeling.

    Vessel: Majestic get the importance of release hype on socials and in the scene more than many labels which have been in the game for years. I think this is one of the elements that has seen Majestic experience success so quickly, and receive that coveted nomination for best label at the inaugural Doomies. As a band releasing on the label, this made the whole build up to release day an exciting process. At the time of writing, I am experiencing this again now in the lead up to our second pressing of the album going on sale. Since the time of our first release with the label, being associated with such a variety of other really killer bands keeps the excitement coming, from the OSDM of Grand Cadaver to the timeless shadow-rock of The Hypnagogics, I am continually impressed with the roster we are a part of.

    Saint Karloff: The record did really well, much thanks to MMRs passionate involvement and promotion. Majestic Mountain Records really care about the bands, musicians and the music.

    Anything else you’d like to share about Majestic Mountain Records?

    Kal-El: I think Majestic Mountain Records has the right mindset on the path they want to go. They have a good ear for music, you can see that on the bands they have signed. And they do what they say they are going to do. No bullshit. And I love that.

    Vessel: The comradery between many of the band members on the label is so strong and totally genuine. From the very first release seeing Andy from The King’s Pistol playing with Devil’s Witches (and more recently, playing with Wild Fuzz Trip), to the guys from Karloff and Jointhugger jumping in on each others projects, I think we are all genuine fans of what each other is about. I would love to join in on working with some of these talented musicians one day, and I’m sure there will be plenty more collaborations in the future to keep an eye on! Oh, and I am privy to a few of the upcoming releases, which are pretty exciting as well!

    Saint Karloff: We are super happy for having the most awesome label by our side. Majestic Mountain Records provides fair deals for the bands and delivers high quality vinyls. The roster contains so many awesome bands and we are proud to be a part of the MMR-family.

    Highlights from the Majestic Mountain Catalogue

    Saint Karloff & Devil's Witches

    At the Mountains of Loudness by Saint Karloff


    Vagabond Blues by Vessel

    Electric Hydra

    Electric Hydra by Electric Hydra


    Comêta by Kal-El

    Void Commander

    River Lord by Void Commander


    Follow The Label

    Get Their Music

    #Know Your Scene #Majestic Mountain Records #record label#vinyl#doom metal#stoner rock#hard rock#heavy metal#psychedelic#metal#Peter Willmott #Doomed and Stoned
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  • gwiazdaerydanu
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Marvel is DOOMED #disney#hollywood
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