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  • sarahjmaas-stan
    21.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    i kindly wish for sarah to write another book for the throne of glass series.

    either that or a couple short novellas about particular characters, like she did with assassin’s blade. however in this case, with the events occurring after kingdom of ash.

    have it be split up into several parts. a short part with aedion and lysandra slowly healing their broken relationship, with evangeline popping up occasionally ofc. another part with aelin and rowan ruling their kingdom, perhaps aelin is pregnant with one of those babies she had in the vision of her and rowan’s future, and with that new theatre rowan wanted her to build in terrasen. a part with manon and dorian grieving over their losses and trying to learn how to step into their new titles outside of war-times, along with figuring out their standing (i’m trying to pretend their ending in koa wasn’t actually the series finale, leave me bE). a part with yrene and chaol just learning how to live peaceful lives, maybe yrene is taking on a huge project with healers across the continent, i’m sure she’d be involved in something like that! a part with lorcan and elide, with lorcan trying to learn how to not be on high-alert 24/7 and find ways to be at peace with elide.

    …. y’know it’d be kind of nice having an expanded cross-over with acotar besides the time aelin leaps between worlds and rhys gives her that extra speed. 👀 just sayin’.

    oh! and if you all recall in crescent city: house of earth and blood, the walking dead and i believe another tog/acotar book shows up in the hidden library. it’d be so fucking fantastic if there was a three-series cross-over. i might just die of excitement and happiness if there was. why? bc three of the best series in the world (in my opinion) would be entering each others’ universes. imagine feyre, rhysand, aelin, rowan, bryce, and hunt meeting???? rhys and hunt comparing… wingspan, the three dudes all trying to see who is most powerful (maybe bragging about their mates/partners as well, knowing them); and the women joking about “ arrogant alpaholes and fae bastards” and territorialness, not to mention being the badasses they are together.

    ANYWAYS, i know it’s more of a ramble post, but i was heading to sleep last night and thought “ ohmygod i have the need to ramble” and so here we are! this is actually me the night-before, so hi everyone who is seeing this on friday morning :)

    …. i need to figure out a name for myself on here for y’all to call me. ofc i have my artist name “ morrigan/mor” (check my pinned post to find my other accounts), but i want an exclusive name for this blog! since my nickname is “ greek tragedy” should i call myself tragedy? or perhaps a favorite greek deity? 👀 let me know maybe!

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  • ladybookstan
    21.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Manon Blackbeak & Dorian Havilliard

    Nesryn Faliq & Sartaq

    Elide Lochan & Lorcan Salvaterre

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  • veturiuss
    21.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #as we should tbh #jes my beloved #dorian havilliard
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  • justreadertings
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Rowaelin Mating Bond

    "his magic had felt the bond between rowan and aelin- the bond went deeper than blood, than their magic, and hed assumed it was just that they were mates and hadn't announced it to anyone"- eos131

    Dorian LITERALLY FELT THE MATING BOND. and said nothing. nothing. if my boy had said something countless of tears could have been spared. Dorian u perfect, adorable, wonderful absolute fucking idiot boy.

    #rowaelin#dorian havilliard#throneofglass #crown of midnight #heir of fire #queen of shadows #empire of storms #tower of dawn #kingdom of ash #aelin galythinius#rowan whitethorn #sarah j maas
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  • lucien-calore
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    dorian: i am NOT in love with chaol

    aelin: *sneezes loudly*

    aelin: sorry, i’m allergic to bullshit

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  • acourtof-ash-and-ruin
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    This is why Chaol’s story is heartbreaking...

    “He wished. He sometimes wished that she (Celaena) hadn’t been stopped.
    The scar on his face— from the nails that she’d gouged into it when she first struck him... it was that hateful wish he thought of when he looked in the mirror. The body on the bed and that cold room and that scream. The collar on a tan throat and a smile that did not belong to a beloved face. The heart he’d offered and had been left to drop on the wooden planks of the river docks. An assassin who had sailed away and a Queen who had returned. A row of fine men hanging from the castle gates.” —Tower of Dawn (pg. 201-202)

    Chaol probably dealt with survivor’s guilt and PTSD

    His trauma is just as valid as Aelin’s, Dorian’s, Asterin’s, etc...

    Even if you don’t like Chaol, Tower of Dawn is such a beautiful story in and of itself, but it truly gives understanding for just how Chaol ticks, so please don’t skip it!

    *side note* if you read ToD and still hate Chaol— that is a valid opinion and I’m not out here to try to convince people to love him! Just to offer some more insight to understanding his character as a whole! :)

    #chaol westfall support #chaol westfall defense squad #chaol westfall#chaol #chaol x yrene #yrene westfall#yrene towers#chaorene #tower of dawn #sjm #sarah j maas #throne of glass #kingdom of ash #rowan whitethorn#elide lochan#lorcan salvaterre#tog#dorian havilliard#aelin galythinius
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  • dontgetsalmonella
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Dorian Havillard is a Sagittarius. So is Elsa. 

    I rest my case. 

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  • pearl-stonecutter
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Dorian and Chaol… am I right or am I right

    #sara j maas #Sara you coward #dorian havilliard#chaol westfall#iykyn
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  • lucien-calore
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    luzriel 🤝 chaorian

    chaol and azriel 🤝 lucien and dorian

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  • sydneymack
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Chaol, Celaena and Dorian - Throne of Glass

    Artist: @jemlin_c

    #chaol westfall#celaena sardothien #aelin ashryver whitethorn galathynius #dorian havilliard#tog #throne of glass #sjmaas
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  • ladybookstan
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    How I imagine the characters in Throne of Glass:

    Remembering that this is just my opinion. If you disagree or agree you are very welcome to give me yours, but be respectful.

    Of course these are just a base, not all are perfect representations of the characters, in some the eye color, hair color and size are different from the characters in the books.

    Dorian Havilliard - Evans Nikopoulos

    Manon Blackbeak - Anastasia E.G.

    Elide Lochan - Sara Orrego

    Lorcan Salvaterre - Vito Basso

    Lysandra Ennar - Victoria Brono

    Rowan Whitethorn - Henry Cavill

    Aedion Ashryver - Lucky Blue Smith

    Gavriel, Last Name: Love of My Life - Poe Verne

    Nesryn Faliq - Naomi Scott

    Aelin Galathynius - Margot Robbie

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  • bloomingobsessionoftheweek
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    💕Dorian x Celeana x Choal💕

    She has two hands for god sake and the break up and jealousy about the forming one is killing me.

    (I understand why it has to be but I’m still sad..)

    #no spoliers please #throne of glass edit #crown of midnight #celeana sardothien #celena x chaol x dorian #chaol westfall#dorian havilliard
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  • ladybookstan
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Evans Nikopoulos is Dorian Havilliard.

    You can't tell me otherwise. You can't.

    #he is one of the most beautiful things in the world #omg i love him #dorian havilliard#evans nikopoulos #evans havilliard or dorian nikopoulos i don't know #fan cast #throne of glass series #throne of glass #crown of midnight #heir of fire #queen of shadows #empire of storms #dorian havilliard supremacy #what a beautiful man #!!!! #sarah j. maas
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  • lawngah
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Lysandra to Evangeline: so, how's your first day at school?

    Evangeline: i had a fight with a mf kid

    *whole team shocks*

    Aelin: Did you win?

    Lysandra:  AELIN!!!!

    #lysandra #throne of glass #kingdom of ash #aelin whitethorn#aelin galythinius#dorian havilliard#rowan whitethorn #lord lorcan lochan
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  • iprefersarcasm
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Whew well I FINALLY finished kingdom of ash so here's my thoughts

    Definitely almost cried at the end when aelin is so sad that everyone is leaving (CHAOL AND DORIAN 😭)

    The last half went by really quickly, but before that it was really stop and go for me. Obv I wanted to hear about aelin and get to where she was rescued so I didn't really love the other POVs

    Obsessed with the fact that Yrene effectively ended the war

    Not really sure what to think of Aelins big "fuck you" to the gods...on one hand I get it, but on the other a lot more people died because erawen wasn't taken out sooner

    I do really like that the ending underscored that it isn't her power that makes her a good queen or someone that people are willing to follow

    Manon and Dorian deserved moreeeee... But I get that they both need to rebuild and she needs to heal

    In the same vein, I actually loved how Dorian didn't just forget about Sorscha even though he had a thing with Manon. His whole arc about being a better man and better king was for SORSCHA 🥺

    Also nothing better than seeing his dad's ghost and finding out his name

    Rowan is still kinda boring I'm sorry and I still don't like Aedion lol

    Love that the cadre got their HEAs (poor gavriel) except it's clear that sjm forgot about Vaughan lolll

    Honestly I didn't super love the interactions of Aelins court. I infinitely prefer the inner circle from acotar because they feel more like a found family, rather than people who aren't best friends but are there just for aelin

    I don't know that I fully bought into the "better world" thing when it turned into "let's make Terrasen a democracy" because it felt kind of jammed in at the last second. Also I feel like that's at odds with the fact that Aelin went through hell to reclaim her throne... I don't see her genuinely relinquishing power to the lords, so it just felt kind of half-assed to me to lessen some of the colonialism undertones. Just let it be a monarchy! (by contrast, I think a series that actually handled this really well was red queen. It was clear from the beginning that the mc wasn't going to overthrow the oppressive system just to put a "good" ruler in power instead of being tacked on at the end)

    But wow what a great epic fantasy series! I see why so many people love it but really nothing can top acotar for me. I was a wreck for months after finishing it for the first time, and I don't really feel that way with tog (maybe it's just because I read acotar first idk but Feyre is my queen)

    Edit: looking back, I think my main issue is that it feels like 2 separate series almost. The first 2/3 books are soooo different from the last 4 that it's not really a continuous series, the series you start isn't the series you finish with

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  • avatar-lili
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    it did take me longer because i was dreading it but i finally finished empire of storms… I WAS DREADING IT FOR GOOD FUCKING REASON DAMN but it was so good and the whole book was a literal plot twist like what 😭🤚 confirmed that maeve should suck on a moldy hotdog

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  • snowglobetay
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    you can only pick two tog &/or acotar men, who are you choosing?

    #dorian and azriel #no competition #sorry I haven’t read crescent city yet lol #tog#acotar#sjm#sj maas #sarah j maas #throne of glass #a court of thorns and roses #Azriel#dorian havilliard
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  • beklaisme
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Lysandra my beloved

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  • firehcart
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    iv.  rowan whitethorn.  »  to whatever end.  « iv.  sam cortland.  »  a light for her to take out when things were darkest.  « iv.  dorian havilliard.  »  they were full of light ; of fire and starlight and sunshine.  «   iv.  chaol westfall.  »  suddenly finding a part of herself that had been missing.  « iv.  aedion ashryver.  »  he would burn the whole world to ashes if she asked him.  « iv.  manon blackbeak.  »  perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each other.  « iv.  fenrys moonbeam.  »  and four blinks ; i am here with you.  « iv.  lysandra ashryver.  »  nothing but wild beasts wearing human skin.  « iv.  elide lochan.  »  a promise made is a debt unpaid.  « iv.  lorcan salvaterre.  » he had been born from and gifted with darkness .  « iv.  yrene towers.  »  the world needs more healers.  « iv.  nehemia ytger.  »  the princess who had been called the light of eyllwe.  «

    #tag drop #iv.  rowan whitethorn.  »  to whatever end.  « #iv.  sam cortland.  »  a light for her to take out when things were darkest.  « #iv.  dorian havilliard.  »  they were full of light ; of fire and starlight and sunshine.  « #iv.  chaol westfall.  »  suddenly finding a part of herself that had been missing.  « #iv.  aedion ashryver.  »  he would burn the whole world to ashes if she asked him.  « #iv.  manon blackbeak.  »  perhaps the monsters needed to look out for each other.  « #iv.  fenrys moonbeam.  »  and four blinks ; i am here with you.  « #iv.  lysandra ashryver.  »  nothing but wild beasts wearing human skin.  « #iv.  elide lochan.  »  a promise made is a debt unpaid.  « #iv.  lorcan salvaterre.  » he had been born from and gifted with darkness .  « #iv.  yrene towers.  »  the world needs more healers.  « #iv.  nehemia ytger.  »  the princess who had been called the light of eyllwe.  «
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