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  • themockturtle-soundfrench
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If there were a way to accurately describe what happened to Cullen, in his head would be close to old gear that abruptly stops before motioning again faster with smoke and heart where Dorian would be now the mainframe. With even less cloth and still purring, and in a somber drawer a still undressed Dorian with cat ears and tail.

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  • johaeryslavellan
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Last Line Monday

    I was tagged by @faerieavalon and @in-arlathan - thanks friends!! :D

    I'll be sharing the last line I wrote for a super special project I'm working on with @in-arlathan and I'm so ridiculously excited to share when it's ready! But for now, have this small bit:

    Are you now? Then I want extra plush Antivan cotton towels, a silk robe with matching slippers, and the best wine the Inquisition can afford.

    I'll let you guess who says that one 😂

    Tagging forth to: @serial-chillr @fancytrinkets @fandomn00blr @elveny @inquisitoracorn @aymayzing @schattengerissen @lamburrito @tessa1972 and anyone else who would like to join!!

    #last line monday #dragon age#dorian pavus#johaerys writes #when your bf decides to drag you through the orlesian countryside #and you're not happy about that 😒
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  • phoenix-firemage
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    gonna make Dorian and play through Skyrim hells yeah

    #we'll see what happens #lol#Dorian Pavus
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  • wanderingstormjen
    26.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Things I’m mad they didn’t include in Trespasser:

    1. My Quiz being able to greet Dorian with a big warm happy hug. She’d have pushed Cyril out of the way and thrown herself at her Tevinter brother.

    2. Dorian being my Quiz’s man-of-honor when she marries Cullen. Also having none of your companions at the wedding. Seriously? You know they all would have been there. Cass is basically swooning over it for goodness sakes.

    3. A more intimate scene between Cullen and my Quiz as the anchor gets worse. A hug? That’s it? *huffs*

    4. The option to choose between Cole and Maryden and Krem and Maryden. I love Cole and I always feel like he deserves to grow more human (so I make that choice in DAI) but I like the idea of Krem and Maryden together so I wish I could have both.

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  • reyesvidals
    26.07.2021 - 7 hours ago
    You’re a fanatic.
    #oc: aurelia trevelyan #dorian pavus#dragon age#da:i #g.gif
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  • asphy7
    26.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I’ve been craving angst but I’m super rusty

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  • lesbianarcana
    26.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Sulevin Ghilana Hanin - Chapter 13

    Summary: Who has two thumbs and is sick of the Western Approach?

    Thanks to @m-m-m-myysurana for betaing!


    “You gonna start on about magic tools now?”

    Nyssa glanced over to Sera, who was marching a few feet away. The younger elf hadn’t taken her eyes off Servis since they’d left Echoback Fort.


    “Dorian’s been moaning at me about proper tools all morning,” Sera said testily. “Then we’re stomping through Corycaves and there’s friggin’ dried-up shits dragging themselves about—”

    Coracavus, and the ‘dried-up shits’ were, presumably, the ghouls and darkspawn they’d found wandering the ruin.

        “—I’ve had it. Now we’re dragging this arsehole back to camp and Dorian starts going on about how I should be familiar with his proper tools.”

    Nyssa squinted. “His… tool? That doesn’t sound like—”

    “Magic,” Sera replied, exasperated, as if it were perfectly obvious. “About how I shouldn’t be so afraid of magic and how bloody useful it is and how it’s all rainbows and cookies. I’ve heard it all before, so don’t bother.”

    |Read on Ao3|

    #dragon age#my writing#nyssa#sera#blackwall#dorian pavus #sulevin ghilana hanin fic #who has two thumbs and is bad at summaries
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  • twoturtlesinabathtub
    26.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Magisters in Qarinus are Wizards of the Coast

    #don't kill me #text #dragon age: inquisition #dragon age inquisition #dai#dorian pavus
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  • shirozora-draws
    26.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    "Look, man, most of these guys were actually sitting in the garage for years because parental unit hated clutter, hated mess, called these things childish, kept talking about the possibility of moving to a smaller house and whatever will we do with all these material things, etc, etc, etc, well now is my goddamn time to shine and all these pretties are coming out of storage and I'm gonna make regrettable decisions and I'm also gonna make HONKIN' GREAT DECISIONS DID I ORDER THE BOBA FETT REPAINT ARMOR SPECIAL/EXCLUSIVE EDITION YOU BET YOUR ASS I DID."

    The oldest thing is actually the little golden dragon next to my 2 horses that was made in 1986 in another country that I randomly picked up at a Renn Faire some years ago.

    Been also updating Din and Luke with every stage of The Suns ficcing/arting process. We're now in the aftermath, so have a wardrobe change, some prop swapping, and a little something something that makes me real happy every time I look up at their shelf.

    Like right now. I am looking up at it right now and I am so dang happy. I fucking love toys.

    #shirozora draws#shirozora collects#the mandalorian#star wars#din djarin#grogu#luke skywalker#Dorian Pavus#Tron Legacy#transformers#optimus prime#megatron#bumblebee #lord of the rings #hot wheels#doctor who#star trek#marvel#MCU#deadpool#horse#dragon#enchantica #i have another shelf with some historical shit too #little painted figurines of Generals Grant and Lee #and a boxed set of American Revolution tin soldiers #not pictured - my Dorian Pavus doll #or the OLD ass wargreymon toy with the broken horn that makes me cry to this day #or the rinzler figure that was my go-to reference when I was drawing tron's gridsuit #when you also buy things so that you know how to fucking draw them
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  • tessa1972
    26.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Monday Monday

    The cheeky little one with the big questions 

    "So an altus... sounds imposing and important. Titles are important in your culture, aren't they?" The Herald smiled at the man in front of her.
    Dorian stroked his moustache and chuckled. 
    "Titles are smoke and mirrors! If the person behind them is no good, all titles are useless humbug. But you are right, of course, my dear."
    Shenmi stepped closer to the tall man. 
    "You don't have a family of your own yet, right? Do you wish to tie yourselves down one fine day? You are a remarkably handsome man. Have manners and you're smart. A good catch, so to speak."
    And they both began to laugh. 
    After a while Dorian looked down at the little lady with slightly sad eyes. 
    "My parents will never accept my choices. They have other plans for my future. But since I, in turn, do not share them, I think I will prefer to remain alone." 
    "Why? Just try to be happy! It's your right!" 
    With a smile, mischievous and also somehow embarrassed, the man from Tevinter began to speak, "Where I come from, it is customary not to hope for great love. You get your fun, try to stay healthy and supple and that's it. So far I have not seen many men who suit my exquisite tastes, Lady Inquisitor." 
    Dorian's expression brightened at the last sentence and he winked at her.
    "Really no one, Lord Pavus? Are you not fibbing either? Surely you are on the best of terms with this man from the Free Marches who has recently joined us. I have been told he comes from good stock."
    The Inquisitor thrust her arms on her hips.
    "Who, Bhradain? That peasant lad from Ostwick? I've heard he is of House Trevelyan and has taken his mother's name. He's tough, he's a very good man to drink with. And he's got the most insanely frivolous jokes. He's... he's outrageous... yes, yes he is."
    Shenmi started giggling and shook her head in amusement.
    "Oh my dearest Dorian, you already know more about him than me and my advisors. Tehehe... so you find him outrageous? Because he's so fat?" 
    The little woman grinned cheekily.
    "Fat? He's not... I mean he's husky, not slim, but not corpulent by any means. Who said anything like that?" Dorian blushed around the nose.
    "Doesn't matter! Well, he's just not your taste, isn't he. Perhaps we had better send him away again." 
    The Herald shrugged his shoulders. 
    "My lady. Please... please, don't do this! You... You've got me pegged! Very well... we understand each other quite good. We've told each other a lot. And have a lot in common. I think he's an asset to your Inquisition, Lady Cadash! If I may be so bold as to make that assessment."
    Dorian Pavus bowed, feigning embarrassment. 
    "I am glad, after all, if you are happy, Lord Pavus. You are a nice man and you deserve good things in life. Perhaps he can give you what you have always wished for." 
    Cadash ended the conversation with that and walked back into the castle, smiling.
    Dorian Pavus remained outside and let the cool wind blow around his nose. His heart lifted and his thoughts cleared. Perhaps the Inquisitor was right....
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  • aria-i-adagio
    26.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    It's Technically Still Sunday!

    six sentences, post-trespasser


    "I'm afraid I have a dreadfully busy schedule for the next few days. Negotiations with the Lord Inquisitor, you understand."

    "Oh yes, I hear he's a frightfully needy man." Rhys settles himself a bit more comfortably in Dorian’s lap and closes his eyes, relaxing into the touch of his husband’s finger trailing across his forehead and cheekbones.

    "But easy on the eyes."

    "Is he? You should tell me more about that."


    I'm still figuring out this tagging thing, so if someone would like to be on a further tag list, let me know.

    #sex sentence sunday #dragon age fanfic #dorian pavus#trevelyan #dorian x inquisitor #pavelyan#post trespasser
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  • sylaiselavellan
    26.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Pavellan - Post Quest, "Last Resort of Good Men" ft Mother Giselle at End

    Plenty of credit, and Kalhan makes sure of it😏

    #I will never get over this emotional rollercoaster- it's absolutely heartbreaking #then you have the end with Dorian being Dorian and of course Kalhan defends his 'love interest' (because at this point it's casual still) #K: I'm still not convinced #D: That I'm an eeevvviiilllll tevinter blood magister? Oh I could put on a show if you would like #K: -snorts- Terrifying but I'm more interested in the glib tongue bit #D: Ah yes well you experienced it not too long ago- do you disagree? #K: Mmnm... I'll need a refresher #D: That can be easily arranged #Mother Giselle and Solas: -GREATLY DISAPPROVES X2- #pavellan #dragon age inquisition #dorian pavus#sylaiselavellan#dragon age#kalhan lavellan#dai#video
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  • sylaiselavellan
    26.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Another angle of inky Kalhan Lavellan. It seems most of my screenshots of my baby was with this kind of lighting.

    And here he is smiling at his vhenan 🥺

    #I miss DAI but I have to finish DAO and DA2 with all DLCs to have my canon playthrough before hitting DAI again #but lookie at Kalhan he's such a precious little bean- but don't let his soft appearance fool you 😉 he can be unforgiving when need be #Kalhan Lavellan#Pavellan#Dorian Pavus#DAI#dragon age #dragon age inquisition #inquisitor
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  • dumbassentity
    25.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    yes Dorian, that is a pillow

    #Dorian Pavus#Caleb Trevelyan #disregard that I made Dorian so small I'm just really bad at scaling :') #either that or Caleb is Very Tall #Caleb my beloved.... #also the miraculous return of shading to my art #do not count on it my style has no constants #actual tags now: #dorian x inquisitor #pavelyan#inquisitor trevelyan#trans inquisitor #dragon age inquisition #dragon age #if anyone knows the other tags drop em idk
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  • aria-i-adagio
    25.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    @hoochieblues In lieu of a last line (as I'm honestly not sure what the last line line I wrote is) have the random modern AU image that popped into my head.

    Dorian rolling into the Exalted Council wearing movie star sunglasses, in a sports car, speakers blaring Elton John's "The Bitch is Back."

    Open tag for anyone else experiencing random modern headcanons at an alarming rate. ;)

    #things that happen while replaying trespasser #dragon age#dorian pavus
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  • strzygon-x
    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    here is the challenge :D

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  • whataboutbugs
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Vivamus, Moriendum Est: Chapter 14

    Rating: Explicit Pairing: Dorian Pavus/Lavellan Summary: Royalty AU bullshit, NSFW content Excerpt:

    Dorian hadn’t been alone longer than fifteen minutes when there was a knock at his door. He called out a haphazard ‘enter,’ and waited in silence for his company to show themselves.

    Livia looked like a vengeful spirit, standing in his doorway in a simple dressing gown, a hard look contorting her features.

    “Husband.” She greeted, the word oozing with disingenuous politeness, as if to put on a show. She pulled the door closed behind her back and did the lock with a fluid movement. Dorian kept his expression placid, though there was a sharp letter opener well within reach. Just in case.

    “Wife.” He replied. “What is it?” Livia took her time crossing his chambers, dawdling at his shelves and around his furniture, measuring the space. As she wandered, Dorian took the letter opener in hand and stashed it. When Livia finally came to reply, it held a weight greater than her words alone.

    “Have you heard?” She asked, bordering on conspiratory.

    “Heard what?” Dorian snipped, rising from his reading chair. Her cocky, sidelong glance told him more; you’ve been kept out of the loop.

    “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you,” she said, and she meant it. There was a glimmer of vulnerability--slight, but there, and that made Dorian’s stomach turn for whatever came next-- “your father’s dead. Sounds like it was assassination.”

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  • imasovereign
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Snippet - Modern Au

    He’s… well, he’s actually pretty hot.

    Maryden’s type doesn’t normally overlap with Ima’s, since she prefers guys with similar interests to her and the rest can follow. But damn, this man might as well be a model.

    He hasn’t noticed the three of them, because they’re on Ima’s balcony, and he’s across the courtyard two floors up, but when Maryden looks back at her friend, she knows her surprise shows on her face.

    “I see the appeal,” is what she settles on, because she can feel her ears burning and see Ima’s grin.

    “Right? It’s a problem.” As she says it, Ima leans back on her chair, the drink in her hand tilting dangerously until she puts it down. “And he plays the drums, ‘Den. The drums.” Lace whistles low from where she’s perched on the railing of the balcony, her legs swinging next to Maryden’s face.

    Maryden groans. “If you don’t ask him out, I will.”

    “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “Try me, Sovereign.”

    #modern#modern au #dragon age modern au #dragon age inquisition #oc inquisitor #dragon age inquistor #krem#iron bull#dorian pavus#adoribull#lace harding#scout harding#maryden
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  • kingmlem
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Inquisitor, still dripping in Dragon Blood, badly concealing a very large Egg™; I found it, in the woods... Alone.

    Bull, also dripping in Dragon Blood, Dragon head strapped to his back; Found it.

    Dorian, still reeling, just honestly happy to be alive; In the Woods.

    Cole, happy to help anyway he can; Unhappy, and Alone.

    Cullen "I am tired of my Wife's Bullshit," Rutherford; It's not coming into these walls.

    #mlem plays#dai #dragon age inquisition #cullen x lavellan #cullen x trevelyan #commander cullen#cullen rutherford#iron bull#dorian pavus#cole dai #all I'm saying is that #if corphish can have a dragon #i should get one too #even if it give my poor tired husband a heart attack #he'll probably live #i just want one dragon #just one. #its my mental breakdown i get to choose the hyperfixation; dai #dragon age inquistor
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  • nomouthtospeakof
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    another random thought about trans dorian--

    dorian is used to halward blaming mae for giving him these ~strange ideas~ (and mae’s father for being too lenient and letting mae do what she wants and giving dorian unrealistic expectations about what halward should allow him to do). halward might attempt to keep these complaints quiet and private - he certainly wouldn’t want magister tilani hearing about it, he’s not nearly stupid enough to risk her ire - but dorian has at the very least eavesdropped and heard the comments.

    at one point while working under alexius, dorian overhears alexius and his wife having an idle conversation about him. particularly about his friendship with mae, and gender. dorian’s gut sinks, because he already knows what’s coming - and he hates it, he’s sick of the idea that mae fed into his “delusion,” or that they fed into each other’s - but then he hears, without an ounce of judgement in either’s voice:

    “it must be why they became so close.”

    “probably. like finds like, even without meaning to.”

    and it’s the first time he hears someone acknowledge the possibility that they became friends because of that shared transness, and not the other way around.

    #cw transphobia #trans!dorian pavus #like. tbqh this could def apply to even cis dorian just because they're both queer BUT #it becomes at least a lot more obvious if you hc dorian as trans too #dragon age #headcanons n meta
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