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    The special edition cover for MEN’S NON-NO April issue (out on Mar 9) & the appendix unveiled! NCT 127 makes the 1st cover for a Japanese men’s magazine. 

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  • Taeyong wins tickets for a Couples Beach Vacation Resort, and Doyoung goes along as the pretend-boyfriend for only one reason: he’s been in love with Taeyong for years, and nobody knows it but himself.


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  • Doyoung: So, what’s your type?

    Yedam: Dark eyes, kind, oblivious, creative, great hair

    Doyoung: Sounds like me. Too bad were just friends

    Yedam: Did I mention oblivious?

    Doyoung: Yeah, why?

    Yedam: Just making sure

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  • I saw this floating around and think I might start doing games more and just posting them on this blog? I don’t have many kpop friends on tumblr, so if you want to be friends, tag me in your own list!!

    Rules: Write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions.

    1. Seokjin
    2. Namjoon
    3. Seulgi
    4. Taemin
    5. Yoongi
    6. BoA
    7. Donghun
    8. Doyoung
    9. Jungkook
    10. Yuta

    1. between 1&4 who would you rather kiss?

    • Def Seokjin LIKE. I am not attracted to Taemin at all I just love his artistry. Like I want to be him? Also Seokjin is my ideal boyfriend.

    2. between 2&7 who would be your best friend?

    • Ohhhhh this is tough…I feel like Namjoon maybe because we could be so savage and petty together but I feel like Donghun and I have more compatible personalities…Ok we’ll go with Namjoon.

    3. between 5&10 who has the better voice?

    • Yoongi on this one. Not necessarily singing but u know his radio voice is so good so.

    4. between 1&8 who is the funniest?

    • DANG another tough one. But Seokjin wins again because he’s ideal boyfriend because of his sense of humor

    5. between 6&9 who would you date?

    • Jungkook definitiely. Because I’m older and think we would be more compatible. Also BoA terrifies me can you imagine that date? I wouldn’t make it she’s too cool.

    6. between 9&10, who would you do a collaboration with?

    • DEFINITELY YUTA OMG. He’s so cool. The vibes. The aesthetics. Please collab with me Yuta.

    7. between 4&8 who is the best dancer?

    • Well definitely Taemin. Always Taemin.

    8. between 3&5 who would you most likely marry?

    • Yoongi. Not only because our personalities are more compatible but if Seokjin is ideal BF material, Yoongi def has all my ideal husband material.

    9. between 1&7 who would you nurse when they are sick?

    • I’m sorry Seokjin but…Donghun. I feel more protective over Donghun? I don’t know…I would feel so bad leaving Seokjin alone tho lol.

    10. between 2&3 who has the better smile?

    • Ok but Namjoon has dimples SO.

    11. between 6&8 who would you vacation with?

    • AHHHHHHHHH. Okay def BoA for this one sorry Doyoung. I feel like BoA would be the best vacation buddy on this whole list. Also since she’s older than me (and richer), I could depend on her for everything lol.
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    This is an NCT OT23 writing collaboration hosted by ethereal-eirene. All works to be made are works of fiction. Any NCT writer is free to join. DM me for a spot in this collab after thoroughly reading though the rules


    ❝A fresh start to the new decade, new romances, new breakups, and most importantly, new beginnings. Take a walk down memory lane with 23 retro inspired fics by your favorite writers!❞

    DISCLAIMER: These are all works of fiction. I do not claim rights of any of the following stories except mine. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author of this story.

    NOTE: This masterlist is still subject to change, and will be updated along the release dates of authors participating. Fics must be posted by June 30th, 11:59pm KST to be included on the masterlist. I will also be reading through each and every work to be published, so if i see a work that does not adhere to my set rules, you will have to go back and edit it.


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  • “Doyoung, Kim, literature.”
    “Taeil, Moon, biophysics.” The man gives him a firm handshake.
    “You were right” Doyoung says, attempting to start conversation, “That e-class system. It is a bit…bullshit.”
    Taeil positively beams.


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  • doyoung + seungmin; bi pride

    like/reblog | @nekdnblock

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  • 𝐧𝐜𝐭 𝟏𝟐𝟕 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐤


    as requested by anon!
    genre: fluff
    warnings: cw food + medicine mention

    taeil  cooks you something that will help whatever symptoms you’re having; soup for a sore throat, toast for a bellyache. calls himself your nurse (literally anytime he enters the room he insists on saying “the nurse has arrived” and u have to be like “hi taeil” and he reminds u that he is not taeil. he is the nurse.) and honestly??? he’s so good at taking care of you and he does it so effortlessly that it makes you think that maybe he was, indeed, a nurse in his past life. he knows exactly what to say and what to do and when and he doesn’t complain a single time, except for when he tries to cuddle you and you tell him no because you don’t want him getting sick. respects your wishes but gets sulky (in hopes of making you laugh). tells you you have to repay him with one (1) full day of cuddles once you’re better.

    johnny  drops everything to take care of you!!! will cancel all of his plans; refuses to leave your side except to get food and water for you. would 100% hold you and kiss you til you started feeling better if you’d let him, no matter how long it took and regardless of if it meant he ended up sick afterwards. gives you one of his sweatshirts to wear for maximum coziness; makes you tea or hot chocolate, whichever is your preference. basically just waits on you hand and foot because he doesn’t want you to feel like you have to go through it alone and because he wants you to be able to channel your energy into resting and healing. he’s sweet all the time, but he’s sweet and gentle when you’re sick and it’s the most precious thing. <3

    taeyong admittedly a little nervous to be around you because he’s fearful of getting sick himself. really doesn’t want to get stuck passing it back and forth between the two of you :( he just wants you to get better. tries to keep his distance as much as he can while taking care of you as much as possible at the same time. brings you food and medicine and asks if you’re comfortable, gets you whatever you need to make it so that you are. opens the windows and makes himself a makeshift bed on the floor so that you don’t have to feel lonely while he can feel safer about being in your presence; cleans the room as much as he can while you’re up and moving around, not only because of germs, but also because he doesn’t want you feeling stagnant. he knows it can affect your mental health and he wants you to be well mentally even when you’re not physically. :(

    yuta  if there’s anything he strives to do while you’re sick, it’s helping you to stay positive. he’s always talking about all of the things you guys can do together once you’re better to motivate you to push through and also to do what you need to do to get better, whether that be rest or medicine. lies and tells you that there’s nothing exciting going on and that you’re not missing anything to get you to focus on getting better; he doesn’t want you to worry that you’re missing out on things. makes it really clear that he’ll wait for you. he’s a little dramatic sometimes, cause he’ll act this way even when you just have a slight sore throat and could theoretically go about life as normal, but it’s the thought that counts. he’s your sweet protector. <3

    doyoung  he’s so meticulous when it comes to taking care of you, and he doesn’t hesitate to put his own health on the back burner for the sake of yours. he won’t necessarily take the risk of cuddling you or giving you a kiss (except maybe on the forehead, he wants you to feel taken care of emotionally, too :() or something of that nature, but he will sit in the bed with you or in a chair directly next to it to make sure you take your medicine, drink all of your water, and eat enough to curb any nausea or headache. gently nags you when he sees you not doing what you have to. sings you to sleep when he can tell you’re fighting it and reminds you he’ll still be there when you wake up.

    jaehyun  he’s avoidant of telling you what to do when you’re sick because he knows you know what’s best for yourself, but he still wants to be there for you in whichever way he can. puts on your favorite movies and tries to have normal conversations with you when they’re finished to keep you feeling energized and in the loop. he doesn’t want you feeling down and out just because you’re not feeling well but he does want you using what little energy you do have in ways that still let your body rest. insists on running you a bath full with a nicely scented, soothing soak- lavender or eucalyptus or maybe rose. offers to wash your hair for you and to brush it, too. 

    winwin  honestly, he treats you the same as always. he doesn’t want you to feel like you being sick makes you less lovable!! he’s worried, of course, because he wants you to be okay, but he tries not to let it show. distracts you by going about everything as normally as possible, aside from doing a bit extra to take care of you. brings you water and fresh clothes and changes the bedsheets for you while you’re showering or bathing to get rid of germs and help you get better faster. also orders you your favorite food every single day until you start feeling more normal dskSDkjds, he literally just wants you to be as happy as you can be :(

    jungwoo  he gets a little overwhelmed because he overthinks about the right thing to do, and also because there’s so much he wishes he could do for you. he’s such an empath and he hates seeing you sick because he knows it forces you to put your life on hold and you’re otherwise so excited about each day and all of the experiences life has in store for you. he resorts to doing what he’d want you to do for him if he was sick. tells you that maybe the universe wanted to give you the opportunity to slow down and take a break; makes light of it by telling you that he’ll make sure it’s the most restful few days you’ve had in a long time and introduces himself as your new personal assistant, then says he has to ask his boss if it’s against company rules to kiss his clients fdksjDKSJ!!!! does everything you ask of him and more. <3

    mark  doesn’t really know what to do except to just hang out with you and make sure you’re okay. you can ask him to do something and he’ll do it but otherwise, he’s just kind of there to keep you company. in a way, it’s nice because it’s like nothing changed, and realistically, nothing has!!! he knows you’ll be better before you know it and he doesn’t want you to feel like it’s a big deal because it’s really not. getting sick is just part of the deal when it comes to living and he doesn’t see a need to treat it like something new or unexpected. the fact that he’s so casual about it makes it so much easier to get through; he makes you feel like there’s no need to stress, and he’s so patient with you. you can relax, and that’s exactly what you need to get better.

    haechan  he takes care of you in all of the ways you didn’t really realize you needed to be taken care of. he tries his best to do the important things like letting you rest, keeping you hydrated, making sure you’re doing everything you need to physically, but he also takes care of you mentally and it keeps you feeling strong in a way that supports the physical healing, too. he makes you laugh so much and he asks you what you’re looking forward to and he’s so receptive even when you’re having a moment of negativity; he validates everything you feel but reminds you you’re gonna be okay and his love comes through so much!!!!! still kisses u, too….he fears nothing

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  • PRECINCT 127 || lee taeyong


    Originally posted by ukeyong

    GENRE:- detective au!







    Crime. It happens all the time. Officers risking their lives to help others avoid the horrible dangers that lay ahead of innocent citizens. Precinct 127 were the only precinct that had an efficient and effective method of handling these events. Let’s unravel their story together…







    DISCLAIMER:- If you are sensitive to subjects like rape, murder etc. I highly suggest you do not read this book as it is mainly based on this subject. Also this book is on Wattpad, I just copied it here as well.

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    now why do treasure’s impressions of doyoung have me sobbing 😢😢

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    [8:14 am] It had become a habit these days. You getting up early to get ready and Doyoung sitting in his bed or chair, watching you.

    He couldn’t help it, he loved just observing you with his bowl of cereal in his hands and remembering all the small things you did.

    “You can go back to sleep if you want.” You said and caressed his cheek.

    “No, I’m fine here.” He yawned and rested his head against your stomach.

    “Okay, but promise me you’ll get some rest when I leave. There’s a reason they give you a rest day, you know?” You smiled.

    “You’re already leaving? It’s not even 8:30 yet!” He whined and held you closer.

    “I’m just grabbing some breakfast! I’ll come back.” You laughed and went out to the kitchen, grabbing your own bowl of cereal.

    “Come here, let me hold you before you leave for the day.” He said and made you sit on his lap, his arms holding onto you.

    “I’m coming back, don’t worry. You can cuddle Taeyong’s while I’m gone.” You laughed while eating.

    “Disgusting, I would never do that. Besides, there’s no one like you.” He pouted and hugged you tighter.

    “As flattered as I am, work calls,” you smiled and finished your cereal: “you, go get some rest until I come back, understood?”

    “If you promise you’ll hurry back home.” He said and placed a kiss in your shoulder.


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  • omg angry Taeil hyung gotta hug 🐰


    #that was so cute please 🥺 #Doil#Doyoung#Taeil#NCT 127 #NCT 127 2021 #isdysy gifs
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  • NCT127 x MEN’S NON-NO


    The pictures turned out really cool so please look forward to them!


    210227 | Yuta’s Instagram update with NCT 127 (1, 2)

    Translated by nctnews

    #nct#nct 127#taeil#johnny suh#taeyong#yuta#doyoung#jeong jaehyun#jungwoo#mark lee#haechan #ps: men’s non-no 2021 #210227 #nctnews. nct 127 #nctnews. magazine #nctnews. photoshoot #nctnews.instagram
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