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  • marshzellos
    26.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i seriously need the hd photo bc they look incredibly hot

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  • marshzellos
    26.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    the poets playing minecraft: headcanon


    makes a big ass house for the poets to live in

    will do the mining and hunting

    protects the poets from mobs

    only died once (oh)

    shares a room with todd


    guards the big ass house while waiting for neil to finish hunting and mining

    builds a garden

    fixes the house and makes it prettier

    gets startled at random caves sounds

    spends their time building random stuff around the house


    has his own house

    keeps building penis-shaped structures around their world

    his house is penis-shaped

    amazing builder though

    gets scared over cave sounds (esp hellish roar)


    loves building redstone supported structures

    fails anyway

    dies all the time

    tries parkour and failed

    can't find his stuff


    the redstone mastermind

    loves placing tnt traps on charlie's house

    helps neil build a redstone supported doorbell, elevator, sliding doors, etc on his big ass house

    chest is filled with redstone stuff

    his house is a dirt


    explains to pitts that minecraft isnt just abt a redstone

    will mine for pitts anyway

    loves killing the enderman bc it reminds him of pitts

    keeps finding rare shit in their world

    gets pranked by charlie often by shaping his things as a penis on his chest


    gets killed by a creeper

    gets killed by the tnt trap that charlie learnt from pitts

    leaves the game then joins again

    gets mad over charlie destroying his shit

    tries to prank charlie but failed

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  • poetofthedyingstars
    26.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    dps poets but they're traditional filipino boys

    this is in no way a slander, this is just how it's gonna be if they're filipino (this is just based on the boys i know that are well u know very common, which is like u know- we have nice boys too though) (i just thought i'd say that because duh i'm scared of judgement thank u very much)

    knox overstreet kenneth ocampo

    - type of pipino boy: sad boy on facebook, pick me boy

    - the type of person to ask girls if it's okay to court them and ask if he have a chance to be with them and posts a bunch of sad “😭😭😭😭🔪🔪🔪🔪 brokenhearted💔💔💔💔😿😿😿😿” posts

    - real cringey facebook posts with ML memes that they only understand

    - even if he's a real manipulative sad boy and has bad reputations in relationships, lot of girls still ‘fall’ for him

    - he's really sweet when it comes to relationship, asks if you have eaten from time to time and stuff

    - he buys you stuff because he's got allowance already and encourages you to do ur thing (it's sweet but he brings other girls down so you feel better for yourself which is like mean)

    - gets a new "m.u." (mutual understanding) within a week ( idk if it's the same to other people's country but it's like a thing here in the philippines, it's like a non-labeled labeled relationship, basically like a fling)

    - he's in the first section and plays ML (mobile legends) a lot but somehow never gets a low grade

    - (probably copies assignments lots of time)

    - has a very exclusive friend group that it's like a big thing when he leaves them when you're together (ugh i hate it when they do that, like seriously okay just go with ‘the boysssss’ if u want)

    - he's a great friend though and a really nice boyfriend besides the fact that his relationship doesn't last over 7 months but he's nice generally

    - just have bad reputation in relationships (i also mean relationships like generally, friendship, acquaintances, romance u know)

    - if you're an ex, he'll stay sweet to you and awkward cause he doesn't like having like an emotional burden or stuff

    charlie dalton mark dela cruz [badong]

    - type of pipino boy: super pilosopo and clown of the class that are so fun to have around but they're the reason why your class will always be in some kind of trouble; suki ng guidance

    - idk why he looks like a badong to me sHUSH, he looks like a mark too (filipino mark)

    - you can see this kid walking around with like 2 of his friend in the hallway during regular class times, like you have to endure a quiz inside the classroom and you see him in the window walking in the hallway

    - really annoying too especially if we're talking about academic stuffs

    - like he's the one you don't want to be in the same group in!!!?!! UGH YOU MAKE HIM BRING A MARKER AND HE DOESN'T,,, IT'S JUST A MARKER!!!! WHY CAN'T YOU EVEN BRING A MARKER?!?! THE EASIEST JOB FALL TO YOU AND YOU CAN'T DO IT RIGHT!!!!!!!

    - brings towel with him always, you see him playing with it or it's on his head like for ducks sake idk why they do it they just do

    - okay but they have the most sweetest smell and their school uniform is so clean neat and really smells so NICE

    - their bag is like really floppy to bring though- probably because they don't even bring stuffs that much 🙄✋🏻

    - is the reason teacher shouts "BOYS AT THE BACK!!”

    - really funny and makes good joke but he WILL NEVER say ’normal’ answers to you straight up

    - like you ask him to be quiet and he smirks at you and sing loudly

    - “mark? be quiet.”


    “be quiet”

    “what-awat (flag)” (GOD I HATE IR WHEN THEY RESPONSE LIKE THIS: “s'an (where)”

    “sa pwet ko (in my butt)” “ha?” “hatdog/halaman (plant), hangin (air)” PLEASE THEY'RE SO UGHHRJWJFJW I WANT TO KILL WHEN THEY DO THIS ALL THE FUCKING TIME, IT'S SO ANNOYING!!!!)

    - guaranteed, they'll hate him when it comes to that but their classroom would be 0/10 when they're absent

    - they're the laugh of the party i guess even though they're so fucking annoying

    - they're really GREAT at mathematics but when opportunity strikes they can't always have it

    - like they gotta always be missing or have some problem with home which i don't really question anymore

    - they're reliable too, and whenever they're off with their philosophical stupidass mode (i mean when you can talk to them naturally), they're really okay

    neil perry nelson perez (ninong/ninoy)

    - pipino boy type: the best kind of filipino boy, SSG president and is somehow famous around his batch because of his looks

    - idk why but nickname nonong is just so him- idk it's just me i'm weird. i'm not like other people ehe [debby ryan]

    - also he'll probably earn ninong (godfather) nickname around his SSG mates or teachers because he's so nice and thoughtful

    - “he's smart, he's kind and he's also handsome” heartthrob type of beat, the girls love him so much and the gays too (i mean gays as in mlm gays)

    - is probably somehow part of a debate team and also the varsity team

    - you barely see this kid walking around the school but he's present in every program your school holds

    - is the organizer of every program the school holds

    - teachers love him too, they like to borrow him for presentation purposes and stuffs

    - can't say much about this type of guy, they're exclusive and really popular around the school

    - the girls would talk about him 24/7, you know this habit where girls ask to go to the CR but actually just passing to their crush's classroom which is obviously nelson's classroom

    - “beh, nakita mo ba si nelson kanina? pogi talaga no? (beh, have you seen nelson earlier? he's so handsome, right?)

    - “oo talaga!! talino pa tas ang bait bait lam mo ba may nagkwento sa'kin na ano [act of kindness] (so true! he's smart too and really nice. i heard this story once that he [act of kindness])

    - if charlie is suki ng guidance, he's the laman ng chismis (talk of the town) 24/7 besties

    - he's really nice and loves the attention he's getting, he use it sometimes to get the people join whatever shit he's doing u know, gotta take advantage of that opportunity

    - is sometimes really mysterious too that's why they love him sm (i mean their ideal filipino boy oh my god)

    steven meeks kyle san diego

    - type of pipino boy: valedictorian type that people really doesn't talk to unless they're close friends or like they need something (i know, mean), this one always won something from the school contests too

    - really nice kid, keeps to himself

    - the kids from the lower section look up to him like God cause he's a really smart kid

    - he's laman of the chismis too but occasionally

    - has weird science jokes and is into a lot of... western stuff that all the other kids doesn't know about so they call him weird even though he's not weird

    - plays rubrics cube and brings different kind of them everyday

    - is very good with math and science especially, has problems with local subjects like AP (social studies) and filipino

    - reason? i don't really know why they struggle with those subjects they just do

    - uses social media? NEVER. social media isn't for them and if they do post some shits it'll be 2 years later when you're not in the same school anymore

    - people usually regret not being friends with him after they graduate

    - he's cool 😎 they just didn't see it back then (but also cause he have his own world before)

    - idk why but his classmates expects so much of him silently like he know a lot of SHIT cause his parents enrolled him to special classes when he was very young and is continuing to do so because he have to do great but this one secretly hates the way kids expects him to know shits

    - like he know it he just hates hearing things like “oh you know this one” “why not kyle he's so smart with math” “blah blah smart kid smart kid” he hates it ugh

    - is in between having that 1 friend or no friends at all, they seem cool people actually but i wonder why they have no friends when they were in highschool is a mystery to me

    - teachers trusts this kid so much they leave their school stuff or leave him in charge several times

    gerard pitts matthew bautista

    - type of pipino boy: the one who has a lot girl friends and has a twin sibling

    - this kid is a BELOVED to the gals and enbies- he is for the girls and (enbies) exclusively- he never had guy friends because they're just meh to him


    - always gets called during discussions cause he just can't shut his mouth

    - really funny, he's not even trying

    - idk why but they're the type to get bullied a lot (i mean like playful bully round friends not u know real bullying)

    - their house is always so nice too, it's the designated place in group works but it's too damn FAR but they're parents are also usually generous

    - you always see him surrounded with lots of people who are probably their friends

    - is nice and will treat you to 7/11

    - celebrates birthday with friends or inside school parties

    - the type of i'll let u copy my assignment or he's gonna need to “take ideas” from your assignment no in between

    - CAN'T STOP LAUGHING DURING GROUP OR SOLO PRESENTATION (“sorry they're just joking”) also because they're kinda shy

    - so clumsy and nice hugger

    todd anderson justin angelo gonzalez

    - type of pipino boy: also the one with lots of girl (and enbies!!!!) as friends and really quiet

    - secretly has a friend from the other class so he doesn't talk to his classmates that much

    - this kid just gives his things immediately if u ask him

    - “can I borrow your pen” “uh sure”

    - he doesn't wanna engage in social interaction that much so people take advantage of that


    - always gets casted to be the one to compete during pageants

    - has this one friend from the class that always defend him or stuff u know the shy kid and the one who's so loud and fierce typical filipino bestfriend tandem

    - he gets his grades so HIGH even though he doesn't recite, usually beats your top 1 during exams

    - always gets some type of sickness, he either absent on class or in the clinic or you can't notice he was there

    - YOU WOULD WANT THIS KID TO BE ON YOUR GROUP WORK ALWAYS HE'S THE MOST RELIABLE KID AND BRINGS EVERYTHING EVER (can't trust him with performing presentation but besides that he's so nice w everything)

    - always has the nicest lunch or recess that a lot of kids buraot (idk how to english this one but say something like someone who asks for something that u have) him so MUCH

    - and he gives food always

    - you can always see him with the local school cats and dogs

    - has like a transport service whether tricycle or his parents

    - never allowed to go out w friends outside school (he's the baby friend)

    - he's like really normally quiet but get to know him and he gets you to do the MOST craziest shit ever-

    - swears a lot secretly

    mah boy richard cameron da best for last richard gutierrez jr. <33333333

    - type of pipino boy: medyo (slightly) school classmates call him ‘pabibo’, that one who was also known for this one inside joke from the class and got randomly ship with one of their classmate

    - he's actually a quiet kid but his classmates call him "pabibo" (basically this is someone who's like trying to stand out from the rest forcibly?), he's like a teacher's let they say but he's just really concern with his studies and also because he got issues with the top student of their class that he just wanna beat them down so bad

    - is actually kinda shy with dancing or singing group presentation but he got all the good ideas behind curtains u know

    - he's a jr. and his father are known around school but no one really seen the dad or something they just know him because of this legacy

    - rumored to be “rich” and have big house ISTG you won't survive school without having those rumor shits

    - “kung mayaman sila baket di siya nasa private school?” (if he's rich, why isn't he on a private school instead?) <- this is like a nationwide response to a “they're a rich kid” rumor

    - he's really nice and has just small friend group, sometimes he just sleeps in class or is actively in the class no in between

    - always wears hoodie for no reason at all

    - maybe because they hate the school uniform SO MUCH

    - the one that gets ship randomly because they had a past thing with someone inside their class

    - they still gets called their a known former endearment he used with his lover when they were together like if he used to call them babe he'll get called babe a lot by his classmates

    - tHIS KID IS BEST CLEANERS OF ALL, makes sure it's clean all the time and rants if they're too dirty or scatters trash all the time

    - plays ML with the guys

    - is somehow yes kinda rich so he's always the treasurer or funds the class pageants shows or sum shit

    - treats you food when u don't have one or no. cause u gotta pay up

    - is definitely the type to tell the teacher they have missed a quiz or assignment even when the class collectively agree not to remind the teacher (he gets so much hate for this)

    - he can't keep information for the life of him so when teachers asks he recites a lot, he also gets hate for that

    ----- done ✅

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  • deadpoetssimp
    26.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I am literally so tired besties all I want to think about is Neil Perry, Charlie Dalton, and my beloved Toddo but LIFE. URGHHH KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY.

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  • seize-the-dms
    26.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    At first I was mMmMm Meeks as joke,,but bro,,,,,,,I don’t think it’s a joke anymore

    #dead poets society #dps memes#steven meeks#stephen meeks#dps#dps fandom #i love this nerd
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  • academic-on-a-midnight-dreary
    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    the beauty of being in the dps fandom

    imagine the chaos that would ensue if we met in real life and just started agreeing to each others' sentences.

    #it's a good day to praise our king neil perry #dps fandom #dead poets society
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  • astroloserr
    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    fanon knox is a sweetheart 🥰

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  • dead-swiftie-society
    25.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    “did you see that dps post where-“

    this movie came out 30 years ago. the rest of society sees most of the cast as no-names. this fandom consists of 100 active accounts and 200 kind of active accounts. if youve seen the post, so have i.

    #if one of us deactivated i think everyone would know within the hour #and its by far my fav fandom ive been in #dead poets #dead poets society #dps
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  • marshzellos
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • marshzellos
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    that one scene in dps

    charlie and cameron: *fighting*

    meeks, knox and todd: *tries to stop them*

    pitts: 🧍☕🍿

    #dead poets in nyc #dead poets society #dead poets society memes #dead poets #dead poets society lockscreen #dps edit#dps lockscreens#dps crack#dps#dps fandom#dps meme#dps memes#gerard pitts#todd anderson#neil perry#charlie dalton#knox overstreet#steven meeks#richard cameron#john keating #my guy is having a software update #pitts was processing everything #my mans enjoying the drama
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  • marshzellos
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    the poets visit at the horror house: headcanons (in photos!)

    this idea is by @aedan-mills ! thank you so much for the idea, i can't help it but make these :'D

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  • chaoticacademiasapphic
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    My Comfort Characters

    Charlie Dalton, DPS

    Neil Perry, DPS

    Todd Anderson, DPS

    Annabeth Chase, PjO

    Alex Fierro, MC

    Hazel Grace Lancaster, TFIOS

    Evan Hansen, DEH

    Mr Keating, DPS

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  • poetofthedyingstars
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    lost in the wood but it's that one scene from dead poets society

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  • teddyduchampsglasses
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #the 80s #dead poets society #dps#80s movies#1989#1959#Steven Meeks #steven meeks x reader #Steven Meeks x reader headcanons #steven meeks headcanons #allelon ruggiero #Steven Meeks x Charlie Dalton #Steven Meeks x Charlie Dalton headcanons #Charlie Dalton #charlie dalton x reader headcanons #Charlie Dalton x reader #charlie dalton headcanons #dead poets society fandom #gale hansen#dps fandom #dead poets society headcanons
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  • poetsandcompanywriting
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Poets and Company - S01E01: Pilot

    Taglist: @aedan-mills, @charlie-dalton-simp, @duh-itsalampmeeks, @justarandompjofan, and @iguanamuppet Warnings: None! (But feel free to message me if there should be a specific warning that I should add <3) Notes: Hi y’all this is my first fic, and this is the first chapter out of the series I planned out! This all originated from the pinned post on my main. Since this is the “pilot”, there’s nothing too serious or overly chaotic but of course I still had to sprinkle some in! Enjoy :D - “Is the camera working?”


    “Alright. It’s August 5, 1996. This is David Hobbes, more popularly known here as Stick. I’m handling the microphone. With me is James Lewis, and we call him Spaz but lately we’ve been trying to refrain from doing that. We chose to call him Beetle because of his black hair. He’s handling the camcorder.”

    Beetle faced the camera towards him. “Hi.” He turned to Stick. “Are Meeks and Pitts coming?”

    “They should be.” Two people then entered the room. “Ah there they are. You can sit down now and start.” He motioned to them.

    “Hi, I’m Stephen Meeks. This is Gerard Pitts,” a ginger-haired guy waved at the camera. “So, we were called to describe everyone in our friend group?”

    “Yeah,” someone answered as he pushed up his glasses. “It’s for the documentary about Welton.”

    “Documentary?” Pitts asked in sheer confusion. He turned to the student holding the microphone. “Stick, who decided to make this?”

    He shrugged. “I don’t really know. The idea of it just started popping around campus but I like to think it started from Beetle. Beetle?”

    Beetle shook his head as he adjusted the camera focus. “Not me. But I guess it’s happening now. I feel like this project started as an alternative to the yearbook,” he commented. Pitts nodded and turned to Meeks, signalling for him to start first. “Well, uh, hi,” Meeks began, facing the camera. “We usually do science experiments together and we’re currently working on making a radio. When we’re not doing that, we’re helping the other guys with Latin, or pretty much anything else. If we walk out of this empty classroom right now and find them, they’ll most likely be in dire need of help right now.”

    He turned to Pitts. “Where are they anyway?”

    “Charlie’s at the Welton kitchen trying to make a chocolate potato cake.”

    “As you can see, our good friend Charlie Dalton, who also happens to be an honor student and editor for the school paper, is experimenting with food at the moment- did you say chocolate potato cake?” He sighed and continued in a dry, tired voice. “As I was saying, they’ll most likely be in dire need of help right now, so if you want the most accurate introduction of our group, then follow us.”

    Stick and Beetle followed them with the equipment as they ran towards the kitchen, with some other students staring at them in confusion. They stopped just by the window that peered into Welton’s kitchens.

    “You see that guy who just poured two whole potatoes into a pan?” Meeks pointed at Charlie, who was holding a vintage cookbook as he scrambled around the counters. “That’s Charlie.”

    “I think we’re off to a bad start,” Pitts muttered.

    Stick put down the microphone. 

    “Last week Neil Perry nearly set his blanket on fire and it was from leaving it on the ground by harsh sunlight. You’re lucky that you’re starting with Charlie cooking.”

    “Charlie’s a hazard the moment he’s five meters away from a stove or a knife. Even a spatula,” said Meeks wryly.

    “It’s a chocolate potato cake,” Stick added, picking up the microphone again.

    “They’re pretty good,” Beetle explained. “My mom made them once; they taste like actual chocolate.” He picked up the camera again. “Anyways, proceed please.”

    Charlie noticed them and walked towards them. He knocked on the window and waved. “What are you nerds doing?” he shouted, though the voice was almost faint on the other side of the wall.

    Pitts entered the kitchen. From what the other three could hear, he explained to Charlie that they were making a mockumentary about their life at Welton as the latter ate a potato.

    “Huh?” They heard Charlie ask.

    Pitts made his voice louder. “DID YOU HEAT THE CAKE IN A MODERATE OVEN?”

    “Ah,” he grinned. “No. Crap.”

    As the two hurried towards the stove, Meeks continued on. “Ladies and gents, there you have it, Charlie Dalton.”

    A tall figure entered the kitchen with a paper bag full of ingredients.

    “Neil’s with him?” said Beetle.

    “Ah, frick.” Meeks buried his head in his hands then proceeded to introduce Neil Perry. “That over there, is Neil. Really smart, but still unsure of what he wants as his college course. He’s best friends with Charlie. I assume he’s with him right now with the ingredients ‘cause he’s a really good cook.”

    “Shouldn’t you go in there and like, make sure that their little baking session doesn’t go downhill?”

    “Alright, fine,” Meeks said as they entered the kitchen. Neil waved towards the camera as he slowly instructed Charlie to add butter in the saucepan. “What’s that for?” he asked them. 

    “It’s a documentary on Welton, I think,” Charlie replied as he poured almost half of the bag of sugar. “I’m pretty sure Beetle and Stick over there have interviewed everyone else except us.”

    “Does Nolan know? Would he even agree to this?”

    “He’d probably be fine with it,” Charlie answered, adding two more eggs than needed to the pan. “It’s not like we’d release it or anything.” He turned to Stick and Spaz to confirm; they both put up a thumbs-up.

    “See?” He grinned as two other students entered the kitchen. “Knox! And hello, Cameron.” He left the saucepan on the stove, to which Neil quickly took over.

    Pitts jumped up from the stool he sat on from boredom. “Oh, yeah, the documentary.” Stick and Beetle stood up properly again, with the latter focusing the camera on the two newcomers.

    “The taller one is Knox Overstreet. He’s a romantic, and maybe hopeless to some degree. Along with Neil, he’s the only one who isn’t roommates in the same ‘friend group’,” Pitts explained with air quotes, “but unlike Neil who had no roommate since last year, he’s roommates with Daniel Stanley.”

    “Isn’t Neil going to get a new roommate this year?” Beetle asked as he took a cookie from the pantry. Pitts nodded. “I guess we’ll meet him later.”

    Cameron ran towards them. “We’ll be handling the banners, right? Do you guys remember who’s handling which?”

    “Yeah, we do,” Meeks reassured him. “Oh, and, we’re doing a documentary on life at Welton. Everyone’s handling it but mostly Stick and Spaz are doing the filming.” 

    “Hi, I’m Richard Cameron,” he introduced himself almost formally. “I’m roommates with Charlie over there. I-”

    “How’s the cake?” Charlie asked raucously, running past the camera. 

    “I already mixed the potatoes and milk together,” Neil replied. “The flour mixture’s next.”

    Meeks adjusted the focus of the camera to face him. “So, that’s about everyone, right?”

    “Yup,” Pitts nodded. “Are we the last people in class you guys interviewed?”

    “Yeah.” Stick smiled. “Thanks for participating.”

    Meeks smiled back until a thought hit him. “Oh my God, how did we end up handling these guys? How has Welton not imploded from this?”

    Pitts laughed until it hit him too. “Oh God, we're on thin ice.”

    Beetle put down the camera. “So, uh, thanks again I guess?”

    . . .

    Stick was alone in his room since Beetle went out to do something. He focused the camera on him then sat on his desk chair.

    “If you guys want to know what happened after that interview: Charlie nearly made a bad cake again if it weren’t for Neil; Knox nearly broke the nearly-finished radio of Meeks and Pitts; and Cameron and Charlie nearly got into a screaming fight because Cameron couldn’t find his sock and he assumed Charlie took it, because that did happen last time. Additionally, that was the most chaotic interview Beetle and I held among our classmates and somehow, those six are probably some of the smartest students that Welton ever had.”

    He paused, heard a knock on the door, and opened it. It was Knox. He looked down and saw that he was wearing only one sock. 

    Stick gave all his best to prevent himself from at least smirking. 

    “Charlie took your sock and you’re wondering where he is…?”

    “Charlie took my sock and I’m wondering where he is.”

    “Sorry, Knox, I don’t know where Charlie went,” Stick sighed. “Good luck on that.” Knox shrugged and turned around to ask the next room. 

    He then returned to talking to the camera. “I took Knox’s sock. And also Cameron’s earlier. I’ll return it later before the school’s introductory program.” Smiling, he continued. “Huh. This is actually a really good project. Documentaries and confession cutscenes. Then we can show everyone this before the end of the school year to clear up the yearly mysteries. Fun.”

    . . .

    Neil, Knox, and Cameron carried the banners into the church as the bagpipes played in the background. The seats were filled with students and parents, while the robed teachers stood behind the headmaster, Mr. Nolan. The trio and other students behind them separate at the end of the hallway. The music stopped and Mr. Nolan walked over to an old man carrying a candle.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, boys,” he began, “the light of knowledge.”

    The old man lights one candle held up by a boy. Each new student to be taken in at Welton held one each. The young lad proceeded to light the candle of the one next to him.

    Nolan continued with his words. “More than one hundred years ago, in 1859, 41 boys sat in this room and were asked the same question that greets you at the start of each semester. Gentlemen, what are the four pillars?”

    “Tradition, honor, discipline, excellence,” the students replied, who quickly returned to their seats afterwards.

    “How’d you manage to sneak out the camera?” Charlie whispered to Beetle, keeping his eyes on Nolan. Beetle shrugged. “I mean doing that was pretty easy for some reason. And besides, we don’t need Stick’s microphone.”

    “In her first year, Welton Academy graduated five students,” Nolan told the crowd. “Last year we graduated fifty-one. And more than seventy-five percent of those went on to the Ivy League. This, this kind of accomplishment is the result of fervent dedication to the principles taught here. This is why you parents have been sending us your sons. This is why we are the best preparatory school in the United States.” The audience, mostly the parents, clapped.

    “If we’re the best preparatory school, why can’t they teach us how to pay taxes and not trigonometry?” Stick muttered in a hushed voice.

    “As you know, our beloved Mr. Portius of the English department retired last term. You will have the opportunity later to meet his replacement, Mr. John Keating, himself a graduate of this school. And who, for the past several years, has been teaching at the highly regarded Chester School in London.”

    Mr. Keating, who seemed to be in his late 30s, stood up as the crowd clapped once more.

    After a few more words, the ceremony concluded, and the students returned to their rooms.

    “Damnit, Beetle. If we ever get caught doing this project, we’d be on thin ice. If you didn’t record the ceremony we would’ve been fine,” Cameron scolded him.

    “Calm down, Cam,” said Neil. “We can get rid of the evidence. And if James’s able to sneak it in the ceremony, he’d probably be able to hide it easily.”

    “Fine. Sorry,” he slightly bowed towards Beetle.

    “By the way, Beetle, did you remember your meds?” Neil asked kindly. Beetle nodded. “Alright, good,” Neil nodded and left Stick and Beetle’s dorm room, passing through the other students to get to his own.

    “Hey, how’s it going, Neil?” said Knox as he passed by Neil’s room.

    “Hey, Knox.” 

    Cameron leaned by the doorway. “Neil, study group tonight?”

    “Yeah, sure.”

    “Business as usual, huh? Hey, I hear you got the new kid. Looks like a stiff!”

    An auburn-haired boy entered the room carrying some suitcases. 

    “Oops.” Cameron quickly left as Neil stifled a chuckle. 

    “Listen, don't mind Cameron. He was born with his foot in his mouth. You know what I mean?” He told the new student as he playfully wacked him with some paper.

    Charlie leaned by the doorway with a smug look, as usual. Knox and Meeks were behind him. 

    “Rumor has it, you did summer school,” he said as he pointed at Neil.

    “Chemistry,” Neil replied. “My father thought I should get ahead. How was your summer Slick?”

    “Keen.” Charlie turned to Meeks as they entered. “Meeks. Door. Closed.”


    “Gentlemen, what are the four pillars?” Neil asked, raising up his hands dramatically.

    “Travesty. Horror. Decadence. Excrement,” they chanted in unison.

    Charlie lighted a cigarette. “Okay, study group. Meeks aced Latin. I didn’t quite flunk English. So, if you want, we’ve got our study group.”

    “Sure,” said Neil. “Cameron asked me too. Anyone mind including him?”

    “Hmm, what's his specialty, boot-licking?”

    “Come on, he’s your roommate.”

    “That’s not my fault.”

    Meeks noticed the new guy and introduced himself. “Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Stephen Meeks.”

    Neil introduced him, having met the student beforehand. “Oh, this is Todd Anderson.”

    Todd turned around and shook hands with Meeks, who responded with a “nice to meet you”.

    “Nice to meet you,” he replied.

    “Charlie Dalton.” Todd turned to look at Charlie, who looked as smug as ever. Knox extended out his hand. “Knox Overstreet.”

    “Todd’s brother was Jeffrey Anderson,” said Neil.

    “Oh yeah, sure. Valedictorian. National merit scholar,” Charlie added.

    “Oh well, welcome to Hell-ton,” Meeks chuckled.

    “It’s every bit as tough as they say, unless you’re a genius like Meeks.”

    “He flatters me. That's why I help him with Latin.”

    “And English, and Trig.”

    “How did you even get in the school paper?” Neil asked with mild bewilderment on his face.

    “I don’t know. Articles aren’t as difficult as essays or as metaphorically thought-out as poems. And you’re one to talk, assistant editor. And not only of the school paper, but also of the annual.”

    “You know, you can become editor-in-chief this year,” Neil smirked.

    “And why would I do that?”

    Meeks slightly raised his hand. “College apps, for one thing.”

    “Doesn’t my father want me to be a banker?” Charlie frowned. “And Knox’s father wants him to be a lawyer? And Neil, a doctor?”

    “Yeah,” Neil replied with disappointment in his voice.

    “And I wouldn’t lose much sleep on it. The school paper and annual team’s just a bunch of nerds who want to impress Nolan.”

    “Hey. And you’re part of the proofers too.”

    “Yeah, but I’m, you know, not any of you.”

    “Well, uh, Latin, eight o’ clock in my room?” Meeks brought up the topic again, trying to stray away from the drama.

    “Sure,” Neil replied.

    “Todd, you’re welcome to join us,” Meeks added.

    “Yeah, come along pal,” said Knox. He turned to the desk behind him. “Oh, there’s my sock.”

    Todd looked up from his alarm clock, which he was trying to set. “Thanks.”

    “Oh, and by the way, Todd, there’s a project going around Welton,” Neil told him, “wherein we’re making a documentary on the school, particularly our class. So if you see a blonde-haired guy with a microphone—that’s Stick—and Beetle who has black hair and a camera, and you don’t feel like talking, go ahead and tell them that you’re busy or something.”

    . . .

    “So, how’s your first day at Welton? Were people nice and did you meet anyone?”

    Todd looked up from a pamphlet he was reading. “I-I’m sorry, what?”

    Neil pulled Todd out of what they called the “interview chair” as he mouthed “Come on, guys! What the hell?” to Stick and Beetle. He then pointed where Todd would get his meals. The boy nodded then walked quickly to the area. Neil then sat down with the rest of the gang, with Stick and Beetle following him and putting down their equipment. 

    “Gentlemen, I have been enlightened today about a new law,” Charlie rose up dramatically from his seat, attracting the attention of students from other tables.

    Todd returned to the table and sat between Cameron and Neil. “He’s always like this,” Neil explained to him. “We’ve had like five other rules since sophomore year.” Todd nodded politely in acknowledgement.

    “Every class has at least one sling bag guy,” Charlie continued.

    “What?” Pitts scrunched his face in perplexity and mild amusement.

    “Okay, think about it,” Charlie sat down, “in our class, it’s Hopkins. The black bag he always carries around. In the other class it’s uh, what’s his name?”


    “YES, HENRY!” A student turned to him and seemed to be saying “What?” Charlie noticed him and shook his head. “Nothing, nothing.” He turned back to his friends. “But yeah, over there, right now, he has that small brown sling bag, right? Goes for the lower batches too. Maybe even those who came before us-”

    “Charlie, you are not going to check the Welton archives just to prove another one of your so-called ‘laws’,” Cameron muttered dryly.

    “But I’m right?”

    Neil counted on his fingers. “I can name three guys from the seniors who have sling bags-”

    “Five from the sophomores,” Meeks added.

    “Six from the freshmen,” Knox said as he ate from his bowl.

    “See?” Charlie said, beaming as his leg bounced. “And that’s why I’m always right.”

    “‘Potatoes are the best vegetable’ was your last rule,” Cameron countered.

    “He’s not wrong,” Pitts said, giving Cameron some of his fries. “They’re really good. Todd, you want some?”

    Todd looked as if he wanted to say no, but he decided against it. “Sure,” he said meekly, putting his plate closer to the center of the table. Pitts placed some cheese fries on it.

    A roar of thunder startled the students, especially Beetle, who almost jumped from his seat. The rain poured even harder from then.

    “IT’S RAINING PRETTY HARD, ISN’T IT?” Knox said over the loud noise of rain.


    The lights flickered for a few seconds, then went out as the rain became more of a drizzle. An equal amount of groans and cheers came from the students.

    “You were saying?” Charlie smirked.

    “How’ll we study now?” Meeks asked. “Does anyone have a flashlight?”

    “I do,” Cameron raised his hand. “We can go get it in my room.”

    “Thank God. I don’t want to rely on Charlie’s lighter.”

    “We have to right now,” Neil pointed out. “It’s dark as hell.”

    Charlie chuckled and used the lighter for a few seconds, just enough time for everyone to take note of their belongings and surroundings. He then turned it off as the boys continued to eat.

    “So, Pitts, Cam, and I’ll be teaching you guys I guess,” Meeks carried on. “Todd, you wanna join?”

    “No, thank you,” he replied. “I’m fine with joining the study group though.”

    Meeks nodded then turned to Stick and Beetle. “Are you guys up to join?”

    “We have another study group with Dan and Hopkins for English, so sorry, we can’t,” Stick explained. “But if  you want help in English or we need help with Latin, we can do that.”

    “Yeah we can,” Neil replied, smiling. “So, is everyone done eating?”

    The boys nodded.

    “Alright then. Let’s go.”

    They said their goodbyes to Stick and Beetle and left. As Todd picked up his belongings before following them, he felt a hand on his shoulder. 

    “Sorry about earlier,” Beetle apologized shyly.

    “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

    Beetle then handed him the camera, to Todd’s surprise. He kept silent then gathered the confidence to query Beetle. “W-what’s this for?” Todd asked.

    “Well, you see, since you’re new to Welton, I think you might need it. When I first entered this hellhole, I was really anxious about it, and documenting and talking about life to it helped me. Stick joined in too sometimes. And I just soon brought up the idea of making a documentary.”

    “I thought no one knew who started it...?” Todd asked, but his words trailed off into silence into realization.

    “I didn’t want anyone to know that I started it,” Beetle replied. “I just feel like that’s better left known at the end of the project. Anyways, you could also use it to document Welton too sometimes; we could take turns, and with other students too. Also, it’s okay if you don’t want to use it for the meantime though.”

    “No, no, thank you,” Todd replied, smiling meekly. “It might help a lot.” He waved and left, soon catching up with the rest of Neil and his friends.

    “Woah, it’s really dark,” Pitts exclaimed. 

    “Lighter?” Charlie suggested.

    “Do you want to get caught?” Knox sneered at him.

    They continued to walk throughout the dimly lit school, passing through the sea of confused students as their surroundings became darker over time. 

    “Slow down you horrible phalanx of pubescence,” a teacher muttered as he tried to pass through.

    “I quit,” Meeks fumed. He pointed to two large, wooden doors to their right. “Let’s just go to the library. They open it during blackouts anyway. And that’s one of the few areas in the school that still has candles.”

    They followed him into the room. Around 30 other students were there as well, some studying and others simply chatting. The boys sat at the nearest table. 

    “Neil, Charlie, go find some more Latin books for reference,” Meeks ordered them. They smiled in reply. 

    “So, what kind of teacher do you think Mr. Keating would be?” Neil asked Charlie as they went through the Latin section.

    “The new English teacher? Seems like someone you wouldn’t hate, but probably not the best,” he chuckled.

    “He’s from Welton too, right?”

    “Yeah, I think you can find his annual over there,” Charlie answered, pointing to a shelf full of yearbooks. Neil walked over to the shelf and looked through the dozens of annuals. He soon found the one he was looking for and showed it to Charlie. 

    “Listen to this, captain of the soccer team, editor of the school annual, Cambridge bound, Thigh man, and the Dead Poets Society,” he said as he read out from the book.

    “Mr. K was a hell-raiser,” Charlie commented. “Well let’s just see how it is tomorrow.” Neil promptly returned the annual.

    “We have poetry tomorrow,” Neil reminded his friend as they walked back to their table, books in their hands. “Bet they’re going to teach another formula for rating poetry like last year. Cameron thought we should also review that before tomorrow.”

    “You nerds still remember that?” 

    “Why did I even bother to suggest that you become editor-in-chief?”

    . . .

    “I actually do plan on becoming editor-in-chief,” Charlie laughed as he faced the camera. “But don’t tell Neil, or anyone else. Other than copy editing, I just end up writing a lot of articles using pseudonyms. Only the people who edit my articles know who I am, like for example, Hopkins. Hey Hopkins!” He called out to a tall, dark-haired boy, who waved back in reply.

    “It’ll be funny if the poets learn that I get appointed.”

    . . .

    “Charlie said that?” Neil asked Beetle, who nodded behind the camera. “That sick son of a-”

    . . .

    “Well come on.” 

    Keating gestured to the students to take their books and follow him. The study group from the last night ended quickly and the next day had come. After a few classes, which were Chemistry, Latin, and Math, they finally reached English class. Neil and Charlie’s question of what kind of teacher was Mr. Keating would soon be answered.

    They stopped by the trophy cabinet. “‘Oh Captain, my captain’, who knows where that comes from?” the teacher asked. Todd looked up, seeming to know the answer, but he didn’t say a word.

    “Not a clue? It’s from a poem by Walt Whitman about Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Now in this class you can call me Mr. Keating. Or, if you're slightly more daring, oh captain, my captain.” The students chuckled.

    “Now, Mr...Pitts. That's a rather unfortunate name. Mr. Pitts, where are you?”

    Pitts raised his hand as those around him snickered.

    “Mr. Pitts, would you open your hymnal to page 542 and read the first stanza of the poem you find there?”

    “To the virgins, to make much of time. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still a flying, and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying.”

    “Thank you Mr. Pitts. ‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.’ The Latin term for that sentiment is ‘carpe diem’. Now who knows what that means?”

    Meeks immediately put his hand up. “Carpe diem. That’s ‘seize the day’.”

    “Very good, Mr.-”


    “Meeks. Another unusual name. Seize the day. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Why does the writer use these lines?”

    “Because he’s in a hurry,” Charlie laughed and smiled at Neil, who sighed.

    “No, ding!” Keating pretended to slam down a buzzer. “Thank you for playing anyway! Because we are food for worms lads. Because, believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold, and die.” 

    He turned towards the trophy cases, filled with awards, footballs, and pictures.

    “Now I would like you to step forward over here and peruse some of the faces from the past. You've walked past them many times. I don't think you've really looked at them.” 

    The students huddled around the cabinet, with Keating behind them.

    “They're not that different from you, are they?” he continued. “Same haircuts. Full of hormones, just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they’re destined for great things, just like many of you. Their eyes are full of hope, just like you. Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable of? Because you see gentlemen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in.”

    The boys leaned in, with Keating over Cameron’s shoulder, whispering in a gruff voice. “Carpe.” Cameron looked over his shoulder with an aggravated and slightly confused expression.

    “Hear it?” He proceeded to whisper again. “Carpe. Carpe diem. Seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

    The entire class stared at the people in the photos in complete silence. The class soon concluded after that, and the friends walked down the school steps, carrying multiple books.

    “That was weird,” said Pitts.

    “But different,” Neil added. 

    “Spooky if you ask me,” Knox replied, shuddering.

    “He seemed different from what we expected though, right, Charlie?” Neil tapped on his friend’s shoulder.

    “He hasn’t taught us anything yet,” Charlie answered, laughing, “so who the hell knows?”

    “Think he'll test us on that stuff?” Cameron queried anxiously.

    “Come on Cameron, don't you get anything?” Charlie muttered out dryly.

    “What? What?”

    “Okay, who's up for a trig study group tonight guys?” Meeks asked them.

    “Me,” Knox and Neil replied in unison. Neil snapped his fingers at Todd, who was staring at the floor as they walked.

    “Hey, you coming to the study group tonight?”

    “Uh, no, no I, uh, I've got some history I wanna do,” Todd replied sheepishly.

    “Suit yourself.”

    . . .

    Todd examined the camera that Beetle gave him. It was a few years old, but definitely not something Beetle had that was secondhand. He studied it for a while to make sure he knew how it worked, then turned on the camera. 

    “Hi, I’m, uh, Todd Anderson,” he said as he sat down. He was then met with sudden dead silence, which made him feel slight anxiety. But then he realized, no one was there to hear him.

    “I’m roommates with Neil Perry. Today’s my first day of classes at Welton. I met some pretty good people. One of them, Beetle, gave me this camera to talk to it to help me feel less anxious.” He noticed a piece of paper attached to the camera and took it. The note read:

    Beetle here. Here are some of the questions I used as guides to making these videos. 1. What do I plan to achieve within the next week? 2. Who do I want to become closer to? 3. What did Welton make me discover about myself today?

    Todd thought about his answers as the camera kept rolling then spoke, gradually sounding unsure if the project would work on him.

    “Well, uh, I guess what I want to achieve within the next week is to at least pass the first few days. Assuming that that Charlie guy doesn’t set this place on fire with his cigarettes or lighter. Hell, he could probably burn Welton with a bagel. Uh, I want to become closer to the classmates who were introduced to me yesterday, especially my roommate Neil. Since they all seemed really nice. And fun to talk to. I...”

    He paused to think about the last question. “I don’t know about the last question, sorry. There’s not much to discover though, I think.” 

    He stopped recording then scribbled the words “carpe diem” in capital letters on his notebook. He stared at it, not knowing what kind of emotion should come to him, until he tore out the page and crumpled it, proceeding to open his chemistry book.

    . . .

    “Gentlemen, open your text to page twenty-one of the introduction. Mr. Perry, will you read the opening paragraph of the preface, entitled ‘Understanding Poetry’?”

    Despite all the schoolwork given within the first day, 24 hours had passed. Neil put on his glasses and proceeded to read.

    “Understanding Poetry, by Dr. J. Evans Pritchard, Ph.D. To fully understand poetry, we must first be fluent with its meter, rhyme, and figures of speech. Then ask two questions: One, how artfully has the objective of the poem been rendered, and two, how important is that objective. Question one rates the poem’s perfection, question two rates its importance. And once these questions have been answered, determining a poem's greatest becomes a relatively simple matter.”

    Keating got up from his desk and drew the graph that Neil continued to read, which the students took notes of. Neil soon finished reading and took off his glasses. 

    “Excrement,” Keating turned to the class. “That's what I think of Mr. J. Evans Pritchard. We're not laying pipes, we're talking about poetry.”

    Cameron took down notes on what Keating said, to which Knox had a what-the-fresh-hell-Richard-Cameron expression.

    “I mean, how can you describe poetry like American Bandstand? I like Byron, I give him a 42, but I can't dance to it.” Charlie began to appear interested in the discussion, chuckling.

    “Now I want you to rip out that page,” Keating instructed him. “Go on, rip out the entire page. You heard me, rip it out. Rip it out!” 

    The entire class looked at Keating as if he was insane. Charlie looked around, then at his own notes, which was full of drawings of breasts.

    “Go on, rip it out.”

    Charlie ripped out the page and held it up.

    “Thank you Mr. Dalton. Gentlemen, tell you what, don't just tear out that page, tear out the entire introduction. I want it gone, history. Leave nothing of it. Rip it out. Rip! Begone J. Evans Pritchard, Ph.D. Rip, shred, tear. Rip it out. I want to hear nothing but ripping of Mr. Pritchard. You’re not going to hell for this.”

    The class shared hesitant looks then teared out the entire thing. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” Cameron muttered to Neil, who made him turn back around. 

    A teacher heard the noise of ripping paper from outside and bursted in. “What the hell is going on here?”

    The class shared looks of shock, while Charlie threw a piece of paper into his mouth. Keating emerged with a waste basket. “I don’t hear enough rips.”

    “Mr. Keating,” the other teacher began.

    “Mr. McAllister.”

    “I'm sorry, I-I didn't know you were here.”

    “I am.”

    “Ahhh, so you are. Excuse me.”

    Mr. McAllister proceeded to awkwardly back out of the room. Mr. Keating held the basket to Charlie, who spat out the wad of paper.

    “Thank you Mr. Dalton. Armies of academics going forward, measuring poetry. No, we will not have that here. No more of Mr. J. Evans Pritchard. Now in my class you will learn to think for yourselves again. You will learn to savor words and language. No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

    He turned to Pitts. “I see that look in Mr. Pitt’s eye, like nineteenth century literature has nothing to do with going to business school or medical school. Right? Maybe. Mr. Hopkins, you may agree with him, thinking ‘Yes, we should simply study our Mr. Pritchard and learn our rhyme and meter and go quietly about the business of achieving other ambitions.’ I have a little secret for ya. Huddle up. Huddle up!”

    The boys got up and gathered around Keating, who was in the center of the room. 

    “We don't read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are all noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman: ‘O me, o life of the questions of these recurring, of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities filled with the foolish. What good amid these, o me, o life?’ Answer: that you are here. That life exists, and identity. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

    Keating looked up at Todd, then at the rest of the class.

    “What will your verse be?”

    . . .

    Neil showed his friends the annual that he found two days ago. They all gathered by the lake. 

    “What’s the Dead Poets Society?” Knox asked. Neil realized he never noticed it before. “I don’t know.”

    “Is there a picture in the annual?” said Meeks.

    “Nothing. No other mention of it,” Neil replied. 

    They noticed Keating walking down the lake, whistling, then chased after him.

    “Mr. Keating? Mr. Keating? Sir?” Neil called out. He then remembered the teacher’s other words. “Oh Captain, My Captain?”

    Keating quickly turned around, smiling peacefully. “Gentlemen.”

    “We were just looking in your old annual,” Neil explained, handing the book to him.

    “Oh, my God. That’s not me. Stanley ‘The Tool’ Wilson-” Keating crouched down and leafed through the book.

    “What was the Dead Poets Society?” Neil queried.

    “I doubt the present administration would look too favorably upon that.”

    “Why? What was it?”

    “Gentlemen, can you keep a secret?”

    “Sure,” Neil replied as he and the other boys crouched around Keating.

    “This is a very great place to share a secret, where 20 other students could possibly see us,” Charlie muttered. Cameron shushed him as Keating laughed.

    “The Dead Poets were dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life,” the teacher explained. “That’s a phrase from Thoreau that we’d invoke at the beginning of each meeting. You see we’d gather at the old Indian cave and take turns reading from Thoreau, Whitman, Shelley; the biggies. Even some of our own verse. And in the enchantment of the moment we’d let poetry work its magic.”

    “You mean it was a bunch of guys sitting around reading poetry?” said Knox.

    “No Mr. Overstreet, it wasn't just ‘guys’, we weren’t a Greek organization, we were romantics. We didn’t just read poetry, we let it drip from our tongues like honey. Spirits soared, women swooned, and gods were created, gentlemen, not a bad way to spend an evening eh? Thank you Mr. Perry for this trip down amnesia lane. Burn that, especially my picture.” Keating handed Neil back the annual, and walked away, whistling the same tune. Neil remained crouched.

    “Dead Poets Society.”

    . . .

    “How’s the camera thing working for you?” Beetle asked Todd as they ate. 

    “Well, it was okay, but I’m not really sure what to answer for the last one.”

    “I had the same problem when I first started out,” Beetle shared as he stared into the middle distance. “But a tip I can give you is that you should find something from the school that gives you thrill. Excitement. Adrenaline. Anything that makes you feel more alive. Because what else makes you feel more ‘you’, than life itself?”

    “I never struck you as a poet, Beetle,” Todd laughed as he finished his soup. “What was that something for you?”

    “Filming. I want to become a director when I’m older. Luckily my parents are okay with it, supportive even.” He stopped when he heard Stick call him. 

    “Beetle! Competitive card game going on between Dan and Hopkins. It’ll make history for our class!”

    “Coming!” Beetle quickly drank his juice as Todd tugged at him. 

    “Don’t you need the camera?”

    “Oh, that’s a spare one I gave you.”

    “Why do you have two cameras though?”

    “I don’t know. My dad gave me two and I decided to bring both. I got the feeling that someone else might use it.”


    “I don’t know. These things just happen,” he nodded sagely. “Anyways, have to go bye.”

    Todd continued eating in silence. “Huh.” He soon returned to his room, to which he found Neil running around happily with his blanket on his shoulders like a cape.

    “What’s going on?”

    “I finally found something that gives me some idea of pure adrenaline.”

    Todd sat down at his desk, as if he was about to listen to an old man tell a long story from his youth.

    “‘Dead Poets Society’. The idea of it is just brilliant. Soaking up all emotion, thought, and story from lines of people from long ago. And the school doesn’t know! It’s not another extracurricular that my father will pester me about! We should go tomorrow night. It'll be the greatest night of our lives. We'll be making history.”

    History. To Todd, everyone at Welton seemed to be so obsessed with it. With not only learning history, but becoming a part of it. He never understood the importance of a legacy. He just wanted to get things over with and move on. 

    But the very dream of making history, of giving purpose to life, seemed to be the very reason for waking up every day and thinking that one will make the most of what is thrown at him. Regardless of whether it was flower petals and letters of adoration, or eggshells and banana peels.  It meant excitement in the beauty of both the great and the ordinary. It meant the love in everything good and sweet. It meant seizing the day.

    It meant carpe diem.


    Neil beamed in excitement, then noticed the camera under Todd's desk.

    “I’m surprised Hager hasn't found that yet. What’s that?”

    “A bagel,” Todd said dryly.

    “No, sorry, I mean what’s it for?”

    “Eating.” Todd pretended to take a piece of the camera and eat it as Neil laughed heartily. “Beetle gave a spare camera to me during the first night. He said he suggested that documenting my day by talking to it might help, like you know, a journal.”

    “Why not just write then?”

    “Uh, I guess it makes you feel more comfortable talking out loud without a damn to give.” He handed Neil the note with the guide questions. “He attached that to the camera, saying I should be able to answer those. I was able to answer everything except the last. But he said he had difficulty at the start too.”

    Neil scanned through Beetle's writings. “‘Number three, what did Welton make me discover about myself today?’ Let’s go ahead and try to answer today then. And not just that question, all three. To, you know, see the progress.”

    Todd kept silent in uncertainty. “Neil, wouldn’t it work best in private though?”

    “I mean, having someone there to listen to this, especially with you rambling, I guess it would make you feel more comfortable with talking,” he replied, then changed his tone to something softer. “But if you’re not comfortable with it, it’s fine. I can go to Charlie and Cameron’s for the meantime too.”

    “N-no, it’s fine,” Todd smiled. “You can try to answer too.”

    Neil took his desk chair and sat on it as Todd focused the camera on them. He turned it on and sat down. “Hi, I’m Todd Anderson.”

    “And I’m Neil Perry. Okay, so…” Neil put on his glasses to read more clearly. “First question: what do I plan to achieve within the next week?”

    He faced the camera. “Well, I guess I want to reestablish the Dead Poets Society. What'd you answer before?” he asked Todd.

    “Well, I said I just wanted to pass the first week, that is if Charlie hadn’t burned down Welton with a bagel by then.”

    “He set a bagel on fire last year and called it a ring of fire.”

    “Haha, really?”

    “Cameron panicked and got almost an entire bucket of water to put it out. It was hilarious. But back to the question, what do you want to achieve?”

    “Well with the society in the picture, I guess I wish I would talk more and be more open.”

    “I’ll try to help you with that.”

    “As if you’re not sitting with a guy you only knew for two days in a project that someone else started,” Todd replied, almost raising an eyebrow.

    “Ah, Pitts paid me to do this as an experiment,” Neil chuckled sarcastically. “Anyway, next question: who do I want to become closer to? Well I guess I’d have to say you.”

    “Good, because I said you and the rest of your friends, including Stick and Beetle.”

    “I’m touched,” Neil jokingly put his hand to his heart as he pushed up his glasses. “And last one: what did Welton make me discover about myself today?”

    “That I should seize the day,” Todd replied without hesitation.

    “Wow, that was quick. But for me, it’s that I do have a say on my future.”

    Todd wanted to ask more but hesitated. It was too early for that, and he remembered from Charlie’s comment that he, Knox, and Neil didn’t seem to have a good relationship with their parents.

    “Well, that was progress!” Neil clasped his hands together then stood up. “Let’s try to repeat that same video tomo-”

    “Four so far from the 51 that Nolan claimed graduated last year!” Charlie burst in the room, with Knox, Meeks, Pitts, and Cameron following. 

    “I helped him check the archives,” Pitts explained as Todd tried to point the camera at him.

    “This proves my theory,” Charlie chortled as he walked in all high-and-mighty. “But what are you losers doing?”

    “Making a video documentary. Beetle gave Todd a spare camera,” Neil replied. “And it’s ten times better than looking at the yearbooks of Welton alumni just to look for a clothing item.”

    “It’s not like I want a walk-in closet full of sling bags, Neil,” Charlie sneered at him as he studied the camera. “And to the people who’ll watch this video in the future, probably myself included, remember that I fear nothing and that I keep Welton from imploding.”

    “The opposite, really,” Todd muttered in a small voice.

    “Come on, try joining us,” Neil gestured at them. They all seemed to agree. Charlie and Knox sat on Neil's bed, while Pitts, Meeks, and Cameron remained standing. Todd adjusted the camera angle.

    “We can begin with telling that story of how Pitts nearly ruined Nolan’s desk,” Meeks laughed.

    “Stop, that’s embarrassing!” Pitts laughed as Meeks taunted him about it.

    “Well maybe if you didn’t try to make an exploding paintball we wouldn’t,” Knox commented. “Even Cameron, the dumbest in this group, knew it wouldn’t work.”

    “Hey, I helped you with the algebra test the day after that,” Cameron pointed out.

    “In your dreams, nerd.”

    Neil shushed them. “Just go with whatever, it’ll flow naturally from there.” He waved at the camera, with the other six doing the same.

    “You say it,” he whispered to Todd.


    “Come on. This is how it starts.”

    Todd sighed and looked around. No one seemed to care at that moment. Everyone was just purely excited about the secret society. The story about Pitt’s exploding paintball. The documentary. “Sure.” Neil put up a subtle thumbs-up without raising his hand and smiled at him.

    “Hi, uh, I’m Todd Anderson, and we’re the Dead Poets Society.”

    #dead poets society #dead poets society fandom #dead poets society fanfiction #dps#dps fandom#neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#knox overstreet#stephen meeks#gerard pitts#richard cameron#stick dps#beetle dps#daniel stanley#hopkins dps #dead poets society headcanons #fanfic#dark academia #dark academic aesthetic
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  • poetofthedyingstars
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    dead poets society as frozen songs

    knox overstreet

    lost in the woods

    fixer upper

    love is an open door

    charlie dalton

    reindeers are better than people

    also fixer upper

    neil perry AND todd anderson (actually this could be all of them)

    let it go

    for the first time in forever

    show yourself

    do you wanna build a snowman (todd)

    the next right thing

    gerard pitts

    that time of the year

    in summer

    steven meeks

    all is found

    some things never change

    richard cameron

    into the unknown

    when i am older



    do you wanna build a snowman


    love is an open door

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  • jespersleftrevolver
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    hello hello this is my new url now

    just so you don't forget, i used to be anderperryenthusiast

    #gonna miss the old user :') #still apart of the dps fandom though dw
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  • marshzellos
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    the poets visit at the horror house: headcanons


    paid the tickets

    probably enters the house first

    *gets jumpscared by a props man* “woah, you got me there” *finger guns*

    leads the way *ends up in a dead end*

    laugh and scream at the same time


    chill as fuck

    he's more dead inside than the props

    *jumpscare* “ah”

    will stick to neil

    laughs at the other poets when they get scared


    “i'll go first—” *ghost sfx* “fuck no, neil you lead the way”

    the screamer™

    will do little hops when he gets scared and pulls cameron to hide

    *cobwebs touches him* *screams*

    “it's not that scary”


    also a scaredy cat

    “this shit is not scary” *screams after stepping on a skeleton prop*

    him and charlie plays a game called “tug of cameron”

    accidentally punches a prop and tries to fix it and gets away with it

    when charlie screams, he screams


    probs ate a fake cobweb when he entered the horror house

    *props man scaring him* *scares back*

    trips over a tiny ass prop

    can't stop hitting his head on doorways bc he can't see shit in the dark

    “that was fun, minus the tripping and hitting my head part”


    hides behind pitts

    drops his glasses in the middle of the horror house

    curses a lot when he gets scared

    *exits out of the horror house* “guys, i dropped my glasses inside”

    the horror house closed for minutes to find his glasses


    tired of charlie and knox's game

    the last one to run

    gets lost in the middle of the house

    charlie and knox came to find him for protection

    “it was fun and games until two monkeys started to tug on me” *stares at charlie and knox*

    #dead poets society #dead poets #dead poets in nyc #dps #dead poets society memes #dead poets society lockscreen #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society headcanons #dps lockscreens#dps crack#dps fandom#dps edit#dps headcanons#dps hc#todd anderson#neil perry#charlie dalton#knox overstreet#gerard pitts#steven meeks#richard cameron#john keating
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  • ameliterature
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Dead Poet Society Links (to related media)

    Incomplete Masterlist of Videos (on Youtube) related to Dead Poet Society - Interviews, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, therapy, etc.

    If you would like to add more, reblog or tell me so I can edit this for others <3

    An Interview with the cast of The Dead Poets Society (1989) (Interview with the Poets - Venice)

    Robin Williams Interview on Donahue in 1989 (Robin and the Cast- middle of the video, also their ages and acting experiences)

    Dead Poets Society (Laserdisc Deleted Scenes) (Scenes we were robbed of)

    Dead poets in nyc (Free Therapy)

    dead poets in nyc: the allelon ruggiero outtakes (Free Therapy 2 Electric Bugaloo)

    Dead Poets Society - Script to Screen (How Tom Schulman was able to get his screenplay into development)

    Ethan Hawke’s kids can't recognise him in Dead Poets Society - BBC (Ethan’s relationship with Robin Williams)

    MOVIE TRAILER Action Trailer Movie | DEAD POETS SOCIETY - Actor Interviews | Club der toten Dichter (Important interviews, shows how they felt about the film, more alternate scenes mentioned by Bobby/Ethan)

    Movie Trailer - The Making Of "Dead Poets Society" | Unedited Outtakes | Club der toten Dichter (Lighting Techniques on how they filmed Neil and Todd’s room)

    MOVIE TRAILER - DEAD POETS SOCIETY - unedited outtakes Club der toten Dichter | Robin Willams (Scenes meant after The Play)

    Dead Poets Behind the Scenes (Poets being Pallbearers, Sticks actor chillin, Found footage type)

    Ethan Hawke Breaks Down his Iconic Roles (Link on Dead Poets Society Specifically, Ethan wanted to Play Neil Perry)

    (Also found out “Club der toten Dichter” means Dead Poets Society in German, without google translate hahah)

    I didn't include crack vids since those are easy to find haha

    These videos are important if you're in the DPS Fandom, we must protect them with all our lives.

    #dead poets society #dead poets society videos #dead poets society interviews #dead poets society behind the scenes #dead poets society deleted scenes #dps#dps fandom #dead poets society fandom #interviews#deleted scenes #i love this movie #robert sean leonard #ethan hawke#gale hansen#dylan kussman#josh charles#allelon ruggiero#james waterston#neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#steven meeks#gerard pitts#knox overtreet#richard cameron #mr. keating #welton #behind the scenes
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