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  • bazphobic
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    todd when he got another desk set the next year:

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  • penelopeblosscm
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #ask#message#fandom ask#dp ask #i thought this was obvious lol
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  • spectral-detector
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    👻 Ectober

    Headstone/Boo 👻

    He’s hiding... shhh...

    I figured I’d bring back my red eyed phantom since I love him so very much

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  • duxpuella
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #duxpuella headcanons#dps hcs #dead poets society #dps fandom#dps hc#dps headcanons #charlie dalton x reader #charlie dalton #charlie dalton? yea he has my heart and soul
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  • pittsiesmeeks
    25.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    no thoughts

    head empty

    just appreciating

    allelon's beauty

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  • lilsfilms
    25.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    i am once again in that stage during the academic year where i have to romanticise every work-related tear and late night cry with classical music, gallons of coffee and the thought that mr. keating would be proud.

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  • nik-knacks
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Anderperry Week 2k21 Day Seven - Fairytale AU

    Hahaha so I speedran this in like two and a half hours because I forgot and then panicked and this was the word vomit that occured. What a way to end off my Anderperry Week huh? Thank you all so much for reading my works and most of all thank you to Char (@cupiiid) for setting up this event for everybody!! It was so much fun <333

    Tags! @cupiiid @aedan-mills @maisietheweltoncow @tuskofthyme @justarandompjofan @mentalthisone @iguanamuppet

    Summary: Anderperry The Little Mermaid AU

    Neil rowed the boat down the river slowly, the river covered in a thin blue mist as the moon slowly rose over the horizon. The mute mystery boy was sitting across from him, looking down at the water and occasionally back at him. He really did remind Neil of the blond who’d saved him from the shipwreck only days ago, but that boy’s melodic voice was ingrained in Neil’s mind, and this boy could very clearly not even talk.

    There was something about him though that made Neil’s heart stutter. The moonlight in his hair looked like a halo, like he wasn’t from Neil’s world and was some sort of mythical creature. It was almost like the water was singing some sort of song, trying to get Neil to do something.

    Neil glanced around. “Did you hear something?”

    The blond glanced up, smiling and shaking his head. Great, so Neil was also hallucinating?

    Neil looked away, taking a breath before peering over at him. The boy glanced back at Neil, blue eyes clearer than the water below. Neil felt a voice in his head, the both of them leaning in like there was some invisible string tying their hearts together. He blinked, pulling back and rowing the boat again, looking towards the foliage to avoid the awkward eye contact with the boy across from him in this little boat.

    Maybe he was shy, or maybe it was just his rational thinking, but despite Neil’s strange urge to kiss the boy, he found himself apprehensive. Neil kept rowing, the rhythmic sounds of the oars dragging and leaving the water moving his thoughts along. He didn’t even know his name!

    Neil smiled. “Y’know, I feel really bad not even knowing your name.” He did a big row, laughing to himself as he leaned back in the boat and released the oars, bringing his hand up to his chin. “Maybe I can guess?”

    The boy smiled, nodding along.

    “Um. How about… Albert?” Neil guessed. The boy pulled a half offended, half confused face at the name and Neil chickled. “Alright, that's a no, then.” He paused to think. “Um. Jack? How about Michael?” Neil rattled off names, the boy shaking his head at each.

    That hallucinatory voice in his head whispered something in his ear. A name. Todd?

    Neil furrowed his eyebrows. “Todd?” He repeated questioningly, glancing around. Who had said that?

    The blond boy - Todd - nodded enthusiastically, a grin on his face as he took Neil’s hand.

    “Todd?” Neil asked more excitedly, smiling. “That's a pretty nice name.” He said, taking his other free hand to clasp around their connected ones. “Okay, Todd.”

    The boat drifted off into the nearby lagoon, a ring of leaning trees and thick flora huddled around the area. It was like a whole other world, the only two people in it being Neil and Todd as the boat moved of its own accord, drawn to this ethereal place on the water.

    Neil stared into clear blue eyes like he could see the mysteries of the ocean in them, as if they were deep enough to go pearl diving in and see the colours of coral reefs. It felt magical, the out of this world aura surrounding Todd capturing Neil’s attention like the tide whisked away bits of sand off the shore.

    Neil felt like he was drowning - but not in the literal way that caused him needing to be saved by the Todd-like boy with the beautiful voice the other day - but in the way you drowned in emotion and in thoughts and in colours. A romanticized sense of drowning, the air falling out of his lungs and bubbles blooming in his chest.

    Nothing that was currently happening made any sense to Neil. The only thing in the world was Neil and Todd, their hands connected as the boat floated idly in a circle and they stared into each other’s souls.

    The voice in Neil’s head was urging for him to lean over, the one voice turning into a chorus of voices, singing and harmonising into a song almost demanding for the two of them to lean closer.

    Todd was looking at Neil with a similar look of tenderness, like he could see through Neil and knew something he didn’t. He held Neil’s hands in his softly, an equally soft smile on his face as Neil’s thoughts raced.

    Neil leaned in, Todd’s eyes slipping shut as he followed, the energy between them careful and intimate. His eyes started to close, trying to memorise every line and feature on Todd’s face as he got closer and closer. Their faces were so close, Neil could feel Todd’s breathing and if he listened close enough, maybe even his heartbeat (or maybe that was Neil’s thumping in his ears?) as they got closer and closer, their lips almost touching.

    The boat abruptly toppled to the side, sending both Neil and Todd careening into the cold water of the blue lagoon as the boat flipped over.

    Neil bobbed in the water, gasping for air and wiping the water out of his eyes. “Woah! Hang on.” He said to Todd, who was in a similar situation bobbing in the water beside the overturned boat.

    In the nearby bushes, Cameron facepalmed. So close.

    #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry week 2k21 day 7 #anderperry week 2k21 day 7 fairytale au #anderperry #dead poets society #dps#neil perry#todd anderson#andeperry fanfic#dps fandom#dps fanfiction #dead poets society fanfiction
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  • officialy-cursed
    25.10.2021 - 20 hours ago


    #AND I ANSWERED OFCOURSE #SHE SAW THE EXCITEMENT IN MY EYES #IT WAS CARPE DIEM IN A NEGATIVE SENSE BUT WHAT DOES IT MATTER #SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING #SHE KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING #carpe diem bitches #carpe diem #dead poets society #dps fandom#john keating#steven meeks#neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#knox overstreet#richard cameron#gerard pitts#dark academia#chaotic academia
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  • starlightshore
    25.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    my new take on the designs. finally caved in and made danny’s full eyes/color scheme inverted -w- danny’s eyes are a black/purple to contrast phantom’s bright green

    the trio all have stripes to connect them, each though have a drastically different aesthetics.

    sam is punk/goth. they’re agender and works out. an extreme tumblr user. (i mean. been there... its ok sam. they’ll grow more nuanced with age)

    tucker a Fandom Nerd (while i’m not super familiar with it too much but watchmen button on his beanie). i figure this aspect would make sam and tucker closer specifically, while danny is more of a causal fan of media but is huge into playing games.

    danny has a very casual “every-man” kinda look. still going for that “so normal and boring he’s basically invisible as a human” thing. danny of course is still a trans boy.

    all three are seen as huge nerds, people avoid them because they quote monty python movies loudly at lunch. honestly its dangerous to danny’s secret identity. danny gets injured and says its just a flesh wound. danny you’re gonna out yourself shhh.

    #danny phantom#danny fenton#sam manson#tucker foley#dp fanart#fanart tag #while i'm updating this a bit i'm not making this into a huge fandom project or anything #this is just something i'll work on once in a while
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  • starlightshore
    25.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    i assume i still have DP fans following, ye? well. thinking of making a horror au short comic or something. probs not happening for a while but ye. already thinking about how to go about it

    #i don't really follow dp blogs cause i don't wanna get sucked into the fandom (nothin personal i just get obsesive easily) #but i do have one exception and now i'm like HMMM OK BUT WHAT IF I UPDATED MY OLD electric au take #hMMMmmm#personal stuff#dp talk
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  • poetofthedyingstars
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    anderperry week, day 6 sick/hurt comfort: “as usual”

    hehe sick/hurt comfort laced with angst and my brain is broken sshhhhh no complaints not proofread btw yeet

    neil sighed as he struts in the long hallways of the hospital. truthfully, he have always dislike hospital, you know? it's just the people. it's just a weird building. just a weird building. totally not the people and their memories in it. totally.

    he opened the door— the only door he goes everyday. that one white door on the third floor. where todd anderson lies in sickness. trying to get better.

    he smiled immediately when he caught glimpse of the other boy. soft ‘hi’s were thrown in the air as neil gets the breakfast ready.

    “how've you been, sweetheart?” he asked. as he usually does.

    “the usual,” todd croaks. as he usually does too. “the nurses keeps waking me up in the middle of the night— they're gonna get their poem from me really soon.”

    neil snickered at that. todd loves writing poems whether it's something he loves or something he hates. nevertheless, it was always laced with the sweetness of honey and covered in multiple blankets of metaphors. he's very delicate when writing, maybe that's why, it always came out perfectly. neil loves it.

    “did you write a new one yet?” he asked. todd sat up in his bed and shook his head.

    “nah, too sick to write one yesterday,” he answered.

    “i'm sure you'll write a new one again, yeah?”


    they sat in silence for a moment. they ate their breakfast like the usual. neil spoon fed todd although he really doesn't like it. says he can but never take the spoon away from neil anyways.

    “how about you, what'd you do?” todd asked.

    “nothing much, you know. school and stuff. can't wait to get out of the school,” he answered while laughing.

    “i wish i can go to school,” todd sighs.

    “you will! when you get out of here. i promise.”

    “if i get out of here, you mean.”

    “WHEN you get out of here, i'll take you to our school. it has a nice ambience, you'll love it. you'd love the guys too.”

    “i already met lots of em. you, like, bring them here on Saturdays.”

    “yeah,” he laughed. “because—”

    they both said in unison, “charlie said, Saturdays are for the boys.”

    they laughed. “it's so corny i wonder where he got that.”

    “me too! please, he always say lots of weird things. where on earth does he even get that?”

    “i know! last time he started info dumping something about the universe i don't even remember it was informative though...”

    they laughed again until both of their tummy hurts. until todd's internal hurts. he stopped and reached for neil's hand for comfort.

    “neil, it hurts, it hurts,” he said. neil held his hands and squeezed it.

    “it's going to be fine, it's gonna be fine,” he whispered in his soft loving voice. “i'm gonna call the doctor, okay? just wait for me. it's gonna be fine.”

    neil looked back at todd, trying to assure him before he went out to find the doctors and nurses. when he came back, he was pushed back behind the crowd of medical professionals and even in the midst of it, his eyes and todd's meet.

    neil smiled. todd slept and when he woke up, neil was still there. like the usual. he would always be there, right?

    neil woke up when he felt the delicate fingers he always holds brushing his hair.

    “hey, you're awake,” he said.

    “yeah, unfortunately,” todd jokingly said which earned him a flick (pitik) from neil.

    “what did we talk about saying about these things?”

    “yeah, yeah. should be thankful im alive and stuff.”


    “can you stay tonight?” todd asked, avoiding eye contact.

    “that's okay, i have nothing to do anyways,” which is a lie but neil can do those later or tomorrow.

    “sooo, which show do you wanna binge tonight?”

    “ehhh, idk one of your rough old films i guess or that one cartoon about weird teenagers on summer camp eating shitty food.”

    frown. “you mean?? i don't know what's that.”

    “yeah, let's just watch another shakespeare movie.”

    laughs and talks all night long. neil hoped it could be like that everyday. just todd happy. because tomorrow, he might not live to see the sun again.

    #neil probably woke up and left #cause he got tons to do #then he comes back at the hospital #with da bad news #then he decided to become a doctor #cause todd had always said if he can't get out of that shitty place #he hoped the other kids would #and neil lived #todd's poem got published in honor of him #thx #dead poets society #dead poets#dps fandom#neil perry#todd anderson#anderperry#anderperry week #anderperry week 2k21 day 6 sick/hurt comfort #ace 🧱#sig writes
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  • nuwandasbisexualawakening
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    it is almost midnight and my fall break ends tomorrow

    yet here we are

    new fic babes! ✨

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  • darlingella
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    dont imagine todd listing to ‘the night we met’ after finding out about neil…
    don't think about him crying and wishing things were the way they used to be…
    don’t think about how hard the line “i dont know what i’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you” hits him…
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  • dramaticfangirling
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    where are MY best friends to read poetry in a cave with?

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  • regina-della-poesia
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i rest my case, your honour

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  • schues
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    don’t imagine todd and neil playing the marble game.

    don’t imagine meeks and pitts playing the marble game.

    don’t imagine charlie and cameron playing the marble game.

    just don’t.

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  • jeonghanurl
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    tried to do a which dead poet are you-quiz but the first question was ‘which taylor swift album is your favorite’ and you had to choose one there was no ‘I haven’t heard these albums’-option so now I’ll never know who I am I guess I’ll cry myself to sleep instead

    #sometimes I’m like yeah I love dps I gotta get in on that fandom #but then I go to the tag and I realize I don’t fit in #I mean yes because they’re all teenagers but also #I could never relate to someone who post their own poetry online like wtf? someone could read it?? too much pressure I could never
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  • forpeopleidonotknow
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago




    #dps boys#dps fandom#dps #dead poets society #dead poets honor #dead poets #meeks dead poets society #charlie and knox #charlie dalton#stephen meeks#meeks #charlie dalton dps #charlie dalton my beloved #knox overstreet#knoxious#pittsie #meeks and pitts #gerard pitts #neil and todd #todd anderson my beloved #todd and neil #todd anderson #neil perry my beloved #neil perry deserved better #neil perry#mr keating#john keating#professor keating #oh captain my captain
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  • nik-knacks
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Anderperry Week 2k21 Day Six - Sick or Hurt/Comfort

    Hello! Here is my very rushed hurt/comfort fic <33 i sort of forgot to write it and then had no ideas. Whoops!

    Tags! @aedan-mills @cupiiid @maisietheweltoncow @tuskofthyme @justarandompjofan @iguanamuppet @mentalthisone

    Summary: A lovers quarrel

    “Todd, we need to talk about this!” Neil yelled, the anger is his chest building and sticking through his ribcage.

    Todd didn’t look up from his notebook. “Talk about what, Neil? I told you, it's fine.”

    “It clearly isn’t.” Neil scoffed, folding his arms. “Why won’t you just talk to me? It’d make all of this so much easier!”

    “Because it's fine, Neil! You are allowed to do what you want.” Todd huffed, still gripping his pencil as he wrote.

    “But it clearly bothers you, so tell me! I can’t read your mind.” Neil sighed, his anger fading away for a second to make way for concern and worry.

    “I don’t want to talk about it, Neil! I just don’t. So stop asking!” Todd yelled. “I don’t- stop pushing me on this! It doesn’t matter and I don’t care so just… just stop.” He stumbled through his words, Todd’s usual thoughtful filter faltering as he tried to contain his emotions.

    “No, I won’t.” Neil shook his head. “I can tell this is hurting you, so talk about it! You can’t just ignore it until it goes away.”

    Todd rolled his eyes. “You don’t get to tell me how to feel about this! It's my problem, not yours.”

    “If you haven’t noticed, Todd. We’re dating! Which means that we need to communicate.”

    Todd put his pencil down. “You don’t get to talk to me about communication. Especially when it comes to family problems. You’re my boyfriend, not my caretaker!”

    “Well with the way you’re acting, maybe you need both!”

    Todd’s parents had called to tell him he (and by extension, Neil) were uninvited to Jeffrey’s wedding (when Jeffrey had invited Todd first a week before). And Todd hadn’t fought at all, just nodded and sighed and said nothing.

    And Neil was frustrated, incredibly, burningly frustrated at the way Todd reacted. Neil wasn’t exactly the height of confrontation either, but compared to Todd he looked like a soldier. Todd was so quick to just lie down and let people look down on him and it frustrated Neil to no end. He knew Todd could stand up for himself, he knew Todd was able to snap back and fight, so why wouldn’t he?

    “There's no point, Neil! What could I have done? Argued? Said no and showed up and ruined Jeff’s wedding?” Todd yelled. “It's better if I just leave it alone! So, no, Neil. I don’t need to talk about it.”

    Neil waved his hands. “Stand up for yourself, Todd! Why would you just back down like that? It's your brother’s wedding! Why do they get to dictate that you can’t go?”

    “Oh, rich coming from you, Neil! Like you weren’t worse with your father.” Todd seethed, standing up from his desk. “You can’t tell me what to do or how to feel about this, Neil! So stop trying to.”

    “I’m not trying to do that! I’m just trying to get you to have an opinion! You can’t just stay neutral and follow the crowd all the time, Todd! You’ve gotta stand up for yourself.”

    “You don’t get to decide that about me! Just because I don’t want to cause a scene does not mean I don’t have opinions!” Todd defended, clenching his fists at his sides. “I can have opinions without yelling and making it a big deal!”

    “Stop acting like you don’t care! Because you do, I know you do!” Neil yelled. “This is your problem, Todd. You don’t do anything! You just pretend you don’t care and let everybody walk all over you! Then, when somebody points it out you get upset!”

    Todd scowled. “Oh? I’m acting? Neil, you aren’t exactly the height of emotional vulnerability either.” He glanced back at his work, avoiding eye contact with Neil. “Maybe you should stop trying to solve my problems and start trying to stop being a fucking hypocrite!”

    Neil’s chest flared. “I’m a hypocrite? Well, sorry for caring!”

    “I’m busy, just- just leave me alone! Just fucking drop it.”

    “Fine!” Neil said, throwing up his hands.

    Todd spun around. “Fine.”

    Neil stormed out of the apartment, grabbing his script off the coffee table and slamming the door behind him.

    Sitting in the park, Neil rehearsed his lines and cleared his head. Things had just boiled over and they’ve both been stressed out recently, and then that fight was the tipping point. Neil watched the birds carefully, trying to map the freedom in their wings and take a feather for himself. Being adults had taken a toll on the both of them, so free yet still so trapped.

    They were both bound to snap eventually.

    Neil walked home, writing an apology on his tongue and a more serious, less aggressive conversation in his head. When he opened the door, he was immediately met with an armful of Todd.

    “Hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Todd mumbled into Neil’s neck.

    “I’m sorry too.” Neil said. “We’re both just stressed out.”

    “Yeah, you were right, though. I messaged Jeffrey, he said that we can celebrate with him after.” Todd pulled away. “He's also gonna talk to our parents.”

    “That's great, Todd!” Neil exclaimed.

    “Yeah, it is. Thank you, Neil.” Todd smiled. “I made apology hot chocolate, if you want some?”

    Neil grinned. “Of course, how could I turn down an apology hot chocolate?” He leaned forward and pecked Todd’s cheek. “I love you.”

    “I love you too.” Todd took his hand, tugging him further into the apartment.

    Life wasn’t perfect and neither was their love, but it was theirs.

    #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry week 2k21 day 6 #anderperry week 2k21 day 6 sick/hurt-comfort #anderperry #dead poets society #dps#neil perry#todd anderson#dps fandom#anderperry fanfic
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  • pittsiesmeeks
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    a post you can hear

    -dead poets in nyc edition-

    “can i get in the video tape, can i get in the video tape, MY FRIENDS? NO, THE ANSWER IS NO” “of course not”

    ✨post audition trauma✨



    “i feel like a baked potato”

    “i'm nervous *stutters”


    “acting, what a tacky business” 2x

    “josh we heard a lot of screaming in there, what was that about?”
    “wouldn't you like to know”

    what fun boys they are

    “zoom in”

    one word: booked

    “i'm still a little shOoK up”


    feel free to add more!

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