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    25.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Sam crept through the graveyard set on the outskirts of Amity Park.

    Tucker hadn’t been able to get away tonight. Really, his parents had seldom let him out of their sight since… the accident. It was a trial for him to convince them to let him go out so late to hang out with Sam at the cemetery, and Tucker wouldn’t go behind parents backs, even for something like this.

    Sam had no such issue with sneaking out every night. Her parents were just as bad as they had always been, the only difference being now they were a lot more adamant about her not going anywhere near the Fenton’s. Which was dumb, because why would she? There wasn’t exactly a reason to interact with them anymore.

    The frigid night air sunk into her bones suddenly, colder on another level. Sam shivered as she walked on, towards one of the newest headstones.

    Here lies Danny Fenton.

    It didn’t hurt the way it had before, when she was all guilt and fresh pain. It was still her fault, no matter what anyone said, but she was making up for it.

    A twig snapped and Sam whirled around; no one could be here. Not now.

    Not even an inch from her face was a technicolour mass of shadows, blacker than night, bright like a headlight. Two green holes bore into her, a glowing green mimicry of eyes.

    “B o o.”

    The voice was laced with static, half not there, half loud and too clear, a ringing echo in Sam’s ears.

    She flicked him in the forehead.

    “You aren’t funny.” Sam deadpanned at the half ghost as Danny clutched his forehead, curling in the air with a Yelp.

    “Why would you do that!?” He cried melodramatically, hands dropping to reveal a glowing green crack where she’d hit. Sam shook off the fuzzy feeling clinging to her hand, squinting to focus on Danny’s hazy form.

    “Because you,” She jabbed at him again, and he snorted, holding back a giggling fit, “Are an idiot. Boo, Seriously? You aren’t scary and your attempts are actually getting sad.”

    “I am too scary!” Danny defended indignantly, aura sputtering, “And I totally got you that one time-“

    “One time. You startled us. Once.” This was, of course, a complete lie. Danny had terrified her and Tucker when they’d first found him like this. It had taken longer than she would like to admit to stop flinching every other time he floated into view, to meet what was left of his eyes, to shrug off the not-real soul deep chill that followed him. To touch him. It had hurt him though, the fear, so the both of them had fought that primal thing, that impulse that went deeper than instinct, that saw what Danny had become and screamed runrunrunRUNRUNRUN-

    Sam took a calming breath.

    Danny might have pouted, then he perked up, scanning the graveyard, eyes casting green light like a flashlight as his head turned.

    “Tucker couldn’t make it.” She answered before he could ask. His everything slumped in disappointment, despite the fact he’d known, logically, that Tucker wasn’t going to be here. He’d gained an unsettling, albeit comforting ability to know how far away they were.

    “…But you’re here?” Danny pushed cautiously. She knew he was really asking her to stay. And how could she keep her best friend from his obsession?

    “All night.” She assured, opening her arms. Danny literally brightened and she had to blink her eyes rapidly.

    Danny rushed forwards to hug her.

    Her limbs locked, her heart fluttering uncontrollably, it’s rabbit rate dropping as Danny settled. She held tighter.

    Sam felt the fuzzy, half there feeling of Danny’s surface settle into something some solid. He was still light and otherworldly, but when she pulled back, he looked like himself. Albeit, the colours were all wrong: hair white, skin burnt, eyes acid-neon green, and he was in that suit she’d wished she’d never have to see again, inverted or no. But it was him.

    And with half of his obsession there, anchoring his ghost half, his powers were under his control.

    A green portal, opened at the headstone in a blink.

    “Shall we?” Danny asked with a grin, voice more clear, as he beckoned towards the entrance to the Ghost Zone.

    “Fuck yes!” Sam said excitedly, jumping through the portal.

    “Language…” Danny murmured idly, flying in behind her.

    And then the graveyard was left in silence.




    Danny was half ghost; half of him was a ghost, but not enough. He was untethered and wild, but enough to exist given the stability of his other half.

    His other half…

    Danny’s other half was human. So Danny’s other half had died, dead and buried in Amity’s cemetery.

    Danny hadn’t found much time to care about that between “sleeping” in his body in attempt keep himself together, and trying fly away from it, go to the Ghost Zone like any other ghost. But Danny’s fraying threads hardly qualified a core.

    He should have been cursed to dwell within the cemetery, am intangible shadow, broken by an imperfect death.

    But then they had come. And Danny had been fully real again.

    His obsession, the two he cared about most in the world. Sam and Tucker who he had remembered missing, before he had remembered his own name.

    And with them, he had his powers, he had solidity beyond his heavy, horrible body.

    With them, he had an entire other world at his fingertips, and if they gave him the ability to do so, he would share it with them.

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    25.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Anderperry Week 2k21 Day Seven - Fairytale AU

    Hahaha so I speedran this in like two and a half hours because I forgot and then panicked and this was the word vomit that occured. What a way to end off my Anderperry Week huh? Thank you all so much for reading my works and most of all thank you to Char (@cupiiid) for setting up this event for everybody!! It was so much fun <333

    Tags! @cupiiid @aedan-mills @maisietheweltoncow @tuskofthyme @justarandompjofan @mentalthisone @iguanamuppet

    Summary: Anderperry The Little Mermaid AU

    Neil rowed the boat down the river slowly, the river covered in a thin blue mist as the moon slowly rose over the horizon. The mute mystery boy was sitting across from him, looking down at the water and occasionally back at him. He really did remind Neil of the blond who’d saved him from the shipwreck only days ago, but that boy’s melodic voice was ingrained in Neil’s mind, and this boy could very clearly not even talk.

    There was something about him though that made Neil’s heart stutter. The moonlight in his hair looked like a halo, like he wasn’t from Neil’s world and was some sort of mythical creature. It was almost like the water was singing some sort of song, trying to get Neil to do something.

    Neil glanced around. “Did you hear something?”

    The blond glanced up, smiling and shaking his head. Great, so Neil was also hallucinating?

    Neil looked away, taking a breath before peering over at him. The boy glanced back at Neil, blue eyes clearer than the water below. Neil felt a voice in his head, the both of them leaning in like there was some invisible string tying their hearts together. He blinked, pulling back and rowing the boat again, looking towards the foliage to avoid the awkward eye contact with the boy across from him in this little boat.

    Maybe he was shy, or maybe it was just his rational thinking, but despite Neil’s strange urge to kiss the boy, he found himself apprehensive. Neil kept rowing, the rhythmic sounds of the oars dragging and leaving the water moving his thoughts along. He didn’t even know his name!

    Neil smiled. “Y’know, I feel really bad not even knowing your name.” He did a big row, laughing to himself as he leaned back in the boat and released the oars, bringing his hand up to his chin. “Maybe I can guess?”

    The boy smiled, nodding along.

    “Um. How about… Albert?” Neil guessed. The boy pulled a half offended, half confused face at the name and Neil chickled. “Alright, that's a no, then.” He paused to think. “Um. Jack? How about Michael?” Neil rattled off names, the boy shaking his head at each.

    That hallucinatory voice in his head whispered something in his ear. A name. Todd?

    Neil furrowed his eyebrows. “Todd?” He repeated questioningly, glancing around. Who had said that?

    The blond boy - Todd - nodded enthusiastically, a grin on his face as he took Neil’s hand.

    “Todd?” Neil asked more excitedly, smiling. “That's a pretty nice name.” He said, taking his other free hand to clasp around their connected ones. “Okay, Todd.”

    The boat drifted off into the nearby lagoon, a ring of leaning trees and thick flora huddled around the area. It was like a whole other world, the only two people in it being Neil and Todd as the boat moved of its own accord, drawn to this ethereal place on the water.

    Neil stared into clear blue eyes like he could see the mysteries of the ocean in them, as if they were deep enough to go pearl diving in and see the colours of coral reefs. It felt magical, the out of this world aura surrounding Todd capturing Neil’s attention like the tide whisked away bits of sand off the shore.

    Neil felt like he was drowning - but not in the literal way that caused him needing to be saved by the Todd-like boy with the beautiful voice the other day - but in the way you drowned in emotion and in thoughts and in colours. A romanticized sense of drowning, the air falling out of his lungs and bubbles blooming in his chest.

    Nothing that was currently happening made any sense to Neil. The only thing in the world was Neil and Todd, their hands connected as the boat floated idly in a circle and they stared into each other’s souls.

    The voice in Neil’s head was urging for him to lean over, the one voice turning into a chorus of voices, singing and harmonising into a song almost demanding for the two of them to lean closer.

    Todd was looking at Neil with a similar look of tenderness, like he could see through Neil and knew something he didn’t. He held Neil’s hands in his softly, an equally soft smile on his face as Neil’s thoughts raced.

    Neil leaned in, Todd’s eyes slipping shut as he followed, the energy between them careful and intimate. His eyes started to close, trying to memorise every line and feature on Todd’s face as he got closer and closer. Their faces were so close, Neil could feel Todd’s breathing and if he listened close enough, maybe even his heartbeat (or maybe that was Neil’s thumping in his ears?) as they got closer and closer, their lips almost touching.

    The boat abruptly toppled to the side, sending both Neil and Todd careening into the cold water of the blue lagoon as the boat flipped over.

    Neil bobbed in the water, gasping for air and wiping the water out of his eyes. “Woah! Hang on.” He said to Todd, who was in a similar situation bobbing in the water beside the overturned boat.

    In the nearby bushes, Cameron facepalmed. So close.

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    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ectober week day 1: headstone vs boo

    this is based off one of my favorite dp fics of all time, after school summons by the marvelous @blu-eh​ !! it’s a summoning fic and one of my personal favorites for the spooky season

    and yes the cultist’s robes were 100% based on the society of the blind eye don’t judge me

    #ectober#ectober 2021 #ectober week 2021 #art#artist #artists on tumblr #parker draws#digital art#digital artist#fanart#danny phantom#danny fenton #danny phantom fanart #phanart#phandom#halloween#dp#dp fanart #danny fenton fanart #fanfiction#amity park#fentonworks#ghosts #okay i fucking love how danny looks in the third panel #dp comic#comic #danny phantom comic
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    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ectober 2021, Day 24: Sweet Dreams/Nightmare [FFN | AO3]

    Technically starts with this ficlet for Day 17 (Found Footage) and continues with this ficlet for Day 22 (Favour) but can be read as a standalone if preferred. Shifts from one prompt to the other for today.


    Dash finally has everything he wants—until his dream melts into a nightmare.


    I’m proud of you, son.

    Dash had waited so long to hear those words from his father, and now, it had finally happened. It had taken leading the Ravens to a victorious state championship, but he’d done it. His family had acknowledged his success, the school was hosting a parade in his honour, people who saw him were genuine in their congratulations, their voices glowing with an echo of his pride because they respected him and not just feared him….

    It was nice. It was beyond nice. It was what he’d always wanted but hadn’t been willing to admit.

    Dash picked up Pookie and hugged him close, falling back onto his bed between his pillows and his teddy bears. “We did it, Pookie,” he whispered as Pookie nuzzled into the crook of his neck. Dash laughed, closing his eyes as he squeezed Pookie even tighter. “We finally proved ourselves.”

    Well, Pookie hadn’t needed to prove anything. Pookie was still and always had been a very good boy, something Dash was sure to tell him every day, but he liked to think that Pookie understood what Dash was going through.

    “This is the life, isn’t it?” Dash murmured. Pookie had been a warm, comforting weight on his chest for years whenever he’d hidden in his room instead of dealing with anything he didn’t want to deal with, but this was the first time he understood what it meant when people talked about feeling at peace. Things were going his way, and he was well on his way to having it made. He wasn’t worrying about what was coming next or what people were saying behind his back or what horrible things might come out that could ruin everything for him.

    That was all behind him now. In hindsight, he could appreciate how much he’d felt the weight of it trying to drag him down every day, the fear of that other shoe dropping and irreparably crushing everything. But now? Now, he might finally be able to close his eyes without that bringing to the surface every terrible thought of what might happen and how every choice he made was ruining his life, even when he felt forced into it.

    “That therapist was wrong. I’m not going to wind up pumping gas for the rest of my life. With this scholarship opportunity, I’ve got the in I need to get recognized by the people who matter.”

    Pookie licked his nose, and Dash wrinkled his own at the inevitable whiff of dog breath. “I’m gonna get your teeth cleaned again,” he promised, “and get you some more of those treats that are supposed to help you stay healthy. We’re in this for the long haul, Pooks.”

    Pookie let out a quiet whuff in response and leaned into Dash’s hand, wanting more scritches behind the ears.

    Dash was nearly asleep when he felt the first tremor, just the slightest shaking of the bed beneath him, the sort usually caused when there was a loud, heavy truck speeding by on the street. There had been no such noise, though, so he thought he must’ve imagined it—until the second tremor came, pronounced enough to make it clear he wasn’t half asleep. Dash opened his eyes and sat up, cradling Pookie to his chest. Pookie licked his face again, but he wasn’t whining or barking, which had to be a good sign, right?

    There was another tremor, this one strong enough to cause the various football trophies on his shelf to shift and rattle. Some wild part of Dash wondered if this was what an earthquake felt like. No. That was ridiculous. This was Amity Park. They weren’t near any fault lines; any earthquakes they had wouldn’t do much more than tip over a lawn chair, right? This had to be a ghost attack.

    Only, it couldn’t be a ghost attack, because Pookie would’ve known, right? He always knew when a ghost was going to attack before Dash did. If they were in the same room, he’d either stand in front of Dash and bark wildly or whine and tug on Dash’s jeans to try to get him to hide.

    “Pookie? What’s going on?”

    In his arms, Pookie snuffled.

    There was a high-pitched tone sounding in Dash’s ears now—not a buzzing, but not quite a whistle, more a whine or a drone or—

    The accompanying tremor was enough to knock him from his bed, and instinct alone kept him from crushing Pookie as he cradled his dog like a football to his chest. Dash scrambled to his feet and stumbled out of his room, muttering, “It’ll be okay, Pooks. It’ll be okay.”

    Pookie, the good dog that he was, wasn’t fussing.

    Dash yelled for his parents to meet him outside in case they were still in the house, but he was barely three feet from the stoop when the ground bucked beneath him and threw him to his knees. He rolled backwards onto his butt as the ground swelled up beneath him again, and he watched the asphalt roll away as if a monster were trapped beneath it, threatening to break through. Overheard, the light posts tilted and the power lines swung about, and the buildings started to lean like Jenga towers that were about to fall.

    The sound in his head grew louder, deeper, and he held Pookie in his right arm while pressing his left to his left ear and pushing his right ear into his shoulder, trying to block out that sound.

    That only seemed to make it worse.

    Dash couldn’t see anyone else outside. He didn’t know where his parents were, where his neighbours were, where anyone was except Pookie. This had to be a ghost, didn’t it? Phantom would show up and save them any second now.

    The shaking didn’t let up.

    Phantom didn’t show up.

    Ten feet away, the ground finally opened up, splitting apart to swallow his neighbour’s car whole.

    The gaping maw closed again within seconds, its appetite sated for now.

    Dash screamed and tried to hug Pookie closer, only to realize Pookie wasn’t there anymore. He looked around, but there was no sign of Pookie anywhere, and he couldn’t help but fear—

    The screaming was outside of him and inside of him, not just his voice but this howling in his head, finally ripping free so that it could be heard.

    Wake uuuuuuuuuuuup!

    Dash jerked in bed, the cry waning as he shuddered awake. His heart galloped in his chest, seemingly strongly enough to shake the bed, but he didn’t know if that was his imagination or remembered tremors from his dream. He gulped in a huge lungful of air and held it, hugging himself and trying to coax his heart into slowing down. The beat thundering in his ears eventually slowed and faded, but not until he’d repeated the process.

    It had seemed so real.

    Why couldn’t it have been real? The first part, obviously. The good part. The bit before it had turned into a nightmare. He wanted that part to be real. As hard as he was trying to make it a reality, he wasn’t making much progress.

    It wasn’t the first time he’d had a dream like this, and that only made it harder. The last one hadn’t turned into a nightmare, exactly, or at least not the sort of nightmare that this one had, but….

    Dash sat up and reached to turn on his lamp, squinting at the brightness as he grabbed the glass of water on his bedside table and chugged half of it. Pookie was curled up at the foot of the bed, snuggled into a nest of the spare blanket. Dash leaned forward to stroke him and realized poor Pookie was shaking. He hadn’t been sleeping, or at least he wasn’t anymore; he’d been hiding. “Hey, it’s okay, Pooks,” Dash cooed. “You’re here with me. I’ve got ya.”

    Pookie whined and twisted his head to lick Dash’s hand.

    “Ghosts again, huh?” Dash started scratching Pookie behind the ears. “I bet Phantom drove them away for us.”

    Phantom always did. He was reliable like that. Just like Pookie was.

    Pookie got to his feet and padded over to sit on Dash’s lap, so Dash took the opportunity to check his phone before rubbing Pookie’s belly as the dog flopped over. There was radio silence from Paulina but a message from Kwan, so if this had been a town-wide attack, then Paulina was still caught up in it.

    Or still texting Star about it, anyway.

    He probably wouldn’t hear from her until tomorrow.

    Dash clicked open the text from Kwan. Lay off F may b overshadowed. V looking in 2 it

    Fenton? Overshadowed? What had given Kwan that idea? Fenton had fit just as nicely into his locker today—yesterday, Dash realized as a glance at the red numbers on the clock told him it was just past one thirty—as he had into the dumpster the day before.

    And why had Kwan brought Valerie into this? She’d dated Fenton. She wasn’t going to appreciate this. Dash had no doubt Kwan had told her about their prank, maybe shown her a bit of the footage if there was anything that could be seen—


    Dash went back and checked his previous messages. Kwan had only told him that the video hadn’t turned out. He hadn’t elaborated. Dash had brushed it off, knowing they’d have plenty of other opportunities to jump Fenton, and asked if it was the lighting so he could start thinking about how to fix things for the next time. Kwan hadn’t said anything, and Dash hadn’t thought anything of it at the time, but….

    Dash frowned, opened a new message to Kwan, and typed, U up?

    It was only about thirty seconds before Kwan responded. The entire town should b up

    Well, Kwan always had his phone on vibrate, but now Dash had even less reason to feel bad about phoning his friend. Kwan picked up after the first ring. “Dude, why do you think Fenturd’s overshadowed?”

    “I’ll email you the video,” Kwan said slowly, confirming Dash’s suspicion that the entire thing wasn’t ruined, “but don’t share it with anyone yet. Val said she thought it was genuine when she watched it at my place, but she wouldn’t guarantee it. I was hoping she’d get back to me tonight, but she didn’t. Or maybe this whatever-it-was went through Elmerton first.”

    Or Valerie had caved early because of entirely natural reasons. When Star had brought something up earlier, Paulina had said Valerie had been acting weird for a few days, but Dash had figured, since Paulina hadn’t said anything else about it, they weren’t supposed to worry about it. Valerie wasn’t on the A-list anymore. She had to fend for herself, and she’d done a decent enough job of it as far as he could tell.

    “Do you know what it was?” Dash asked, giving Kwan a chance to head to the office as he eased Pookie off his lap so he could start up his own computer. (He was lucky enough to have one in his room, something he usually made sure Kwan didn’t forget, but now really didn’t seem like the time to bring it up again.) “I never saw anything.”

    “Neither did I.”

    That didn’t mean much. This wasn’t the first time a ghost had attacked the entire town before half the people in it knew what was going on. Dash grunted as he settled into his desk chair, resting his right ankle on his left knee, and couldn’t help but smile when Pookie jumped up into his lap a few seconds later. He clicked into his email and waited for the message from Kwan, idly spinning the chair back and forth with his left foot. “What am I going to be looking at?”

    Dash didn’t like admitting that he couldn’t remember the signs that someone was overshadowed, but Kwan wouldn’t declare Fenton off limits for nothing. “He didn’t act differently,” Dash added when Kwan didn’t answer right away. “If you think I gave a ghost a wedgy, how come he didn’t turn around and throw me in the dumpster?”

    “Maybe he was trying to keep Fenton’s cover?”

    Dash snorted, causing Pookie to raise his head and look up before settling back down. “Like Fentoenail would be a prime target anyway. He doesn’t have any power at school.”

    “Might have more to do with sabotaging his parents’ stuff.”

    Without setting something off? Not unless Fenton or his sister was in on it, and Dash seriously doubted either of them would exactly be keen on Fenton being overshadowed. Whatever. “If he’s overshadowed and the ghost is pretending he’s not, then why does it matter to us? No skin off our nose if he’s not willing to reveal himself.” If it wasn’t going to come back on him, then Dash didn’t really have a problem distributing the video as planned. There was clearly something to see if Kwan had shown it to Valerie to get her opinion on something.

    His email chimed, and Dash opened the message from Kwan and started to download the file as Kwan said, “Just watch it first.”

    Dash watched it.

    He had no doubt when he got to the part Kwan had been talking about.

    Considering how loudly he swore when he saw it, Kwan had no doubt, either.


    “That’s practiced,” Dash hissed. No one moved that easily, that smoothly, without a buttload of practice. “It’s gotta be.” If this were Paulina or Star or one of the other cheerleaders? Sure. Someone who actively hunted ghosts, like Phantom or that Red Hunter chick? Yeah. But Fenton? No. As someone who’d once been stuck as Fenton’s fitness buddy, Dash was confident in that. Fenton had put in the work to scrape a pass for the Presidential Fitness Test, but he had not done so gracefully.

    That had been a while back, but if some ghost had been using Fentonia’s body as their own personal track suit at that point and had been trying to keep it on the down low, they wouldn’t have shown any kind of skill in case people cottoned on to what was going on.


    Maybe they would’ve shown their hand, back when they’d first started overshadowing Fenton.

    There had been that one time, back in the fall of grade nine, when Fenton had acted really weird at school and had somehow climbed way above his station. If that was when this had started….

    If it was, then this wasn’t new.

    Which also meant that it was highly unlikely that this was the first time Dash had targeted the ghost, even if said ghost’s overshadowing of Fenton was an on-and-off gig, which only increased the chances of him getting caught up in some inevitable backlash.


    He’d woken up from one nightmare and found himself living another.

    Crud, crud, crud.

    He couldn’t afford to have Fenton—or some ghost—ruin his life, but it’s not like he could change his tune in an effort to appease the ghost without jeopardizing everything himself. He needed to stay at the top of the school food chain with Paulina, and suddenly cozying up to a loser like Fenton for no apparent reason would not exactly keep his reputation intact.

    “We need to know if this is real,” Dash said. “You said it might not be real.”

    “That’s why I asked Valerie to look at it. It’s not like I was gonna ask Foley.”

    Right. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to ask any of the nerds who might be able to tell them, either. It would give them too much power. Geez, no wonder Kwan had told him the video hadn’t turned out. They could not show this to people. He’d told Paulina they were doing it—and had then had to tell her it was a bust—and Star might know, but they’d kept it quiet otherwise.

    What the heck were they supposed to do if Valerie thought— If Fenton was actually—

    “If Val’s not sure…. If she’s not sure, I’ll talk to Fenton.”

    “And say what?” Dash did not squeak. That had not been a squeak.

    Kwan knew better than to laugh. “I dunno yet. I’ll figure something out.”

    “We could tell his parents. Anonymously.”

    “That’s not going to work if this ghost has been at it long enough to fool them. You even said he’s acting the same as he always has.”

    “We can just show them the video. It’s not that hard. We don’t have to convince them when we have proof.”

    “And you think Fenton wouldn’t hear about it and deny everything? Claim Foley did edit it or something if they confronted him? Even if we clipped you out of the video, Fenton would spill the beans when they asked him how the heck he wound up there in the first place. All we’d be doing is handing them evidence to get us kicked off the team. To get you kicked off the team. The Ravens can’t afford to lose you.”

    Crud. He had a point. But it’s not like he could confront Fenton—or the ghost overshadowing him—and demand to know what was going on. Or apologize and beg for mercy. They needed to talk to someone else who wouldn’t immediately out them but who might be able to help. “How about we ask Phantom?” Phantom could keep a secret, and they’d kinda bonded that one time they’d been puny. He’d help. He’d know if it was a ghost, anyway.

    “We’re as likely to find him as the Red Huntress, and she’s bound to have some ghost tech to see if someone’s being overshadowed.”

    “If you just want tech, why don’t we buy something from the Fentons? We can send some nerd to do it so they don’t know it’s us.” Even as Dash made the suggestion, he realized why it wouldn’t work. This ghost could already fool FenonWorks technology. Having it wouldn’t help them at all.

    Which brought them back to the other resident ghost hunters in town, neither of which had an address they could actually go to and ask for help.

    This sucked.

    “We need something we know we can trust. Look, I’ll see if Valerie has any ideas and keep you posted. I’ll text her now. She might be up anyway. I’m sure they heard that over in Elmerton.”

    Yeah, quiet was one thing that cry had not been; the tremors from that thing had even invaded his dream. But if Phantom—because it must have been Phantom—hadn’t yelled at him to wake up, probably repeatedly, Dash wasn’t sure he would have.

    He didn’t want to think about that right now. He didn’t want to think about what it meant if Fenton was overshadowed, either, but that might at least be relevant. “Yeah, okay. Do that.”

    “Try to get some sleep.”

    Dash snorted. Fat chance of that. From Kwan’s nervous chuckle, he knew what Dash was thinking, so Dash wasn’t surprised when Kwan hung up with a quick see ya tomorrow.

    Even if Dash hadn’t been jolted awake from that nightmare, this was little better.

    Dash knew it wouldn’t help, but he started the video over again. If this wasn’t some elaborate prank to make it seem like theirs had backfired on them, if Fenton was actually overshadowed, then Dash needed to glean whatever he could from the ghost’s actions.

    Maybe, if he could figure out enough, he could stop this nightmare from getting worse—and destroying any chance of his dreams coming true.

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    “I love it when you shut up.”

    “Ooh, say that again, my heart is racing .” Todd might throw himself out of that window. He grumbled something he didn’t even understand (“idiot”) as he went over to his own bed. Were they flirting? No, Neil was flirting. Gross. Can he do it again? He groaned inwardly as he pulled the blanket over his head, somehow finding himself turning to face his roommate who was looking at him anyway.

    Maybe moonlight wasn’t all that bad from the way it lit up the little gold flecks in the brown of Neil’s hair.

    “Hi.” Neil whispered.

    “Hello.” His stomach was doing summersaults.

    “Todd.” He liked the way Neil took his name. There was a weird feeling to it, he made it sound like a compliment. He kind of wanted to kiss his lips and take it back, learn how to say his name like that too.

    He smiled despite himself, “night Neil.” 

    Read on ao3 | From the beginning 

    #ok this is like chapter 5 but its sweet so here #anderperry#todd anderson#neil perry #dead poets society #dps fanfiction#dps#anderperry fanfic #all the good things
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  • a-cowboy-needs-a-hat
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    anderperry week 2k21 day four; genderbent

    this is mostly just . so so so so soft. feat. lots of talks of hair lol. todd -> jean and neil -> eloise / el

    taglist my beloveds :) @charlies-cigarette @finding-an-angle @in-love-with-their-relationship @babo0shka @aedan-mills @nothing-gonna-wake-me-now @squidwards-fave-tentacle @cresswell-for-life @tuskofthyme

    jean's voice is soft and nervous and low. she stands out from the rest of the junior class -- the only new girl, the only one not wearing a welton uniform. instead she's wearing what must be her sunday best; a nice skirt, dark sweater, and the shoes that click in the halls every girl and her mother hates. her hand is soft when eloise shakes it, introduces herself as el, her roommate, and jean's eyes are blue and kind and maybe that's all it takes for el to fall in love.

    her voice is soft when they're alone in their dorm, and she says, "you looked nice, today. during the ceremony."

    el blushes and says thank you. maybe that's all it takes to fall in love.

    a few days later, el's hands are shaking as she's sitting at her desk, fretting over her hair. jean quietly sits down on her bed and grabs her wrist. "let me help." she says, and she listens as eloise tells her about her father, how he didn't like it when she said she wanted her hair short, which is stupid cause half the girls their age look like this, and boys don't mind. but el thinks it's mostly about charlie -- how her dad has never liked her, the fact she's able to get away with so much. says she's being a bad influence, no one will like a girl who smokes or swears. she cuts herself off when jean says she's done and hands her a mirror. "sorry, you probably didn't want to hear all that."

    "no, it's fine." what jean doesn't say is, i like to hear you talk. i'd listen to you read some textbook if it meant i got to hear your voice. and, i know what you were getting at. i know you're not just talking about hair. i know what it's like. "im sorry about your dad." you look beautiful. i think you'd look beautiful no matter what. and instead of saying all that, jean offers her a sympathetic smile.

    "thank you."

    and then a bell rings, and they're off to class.

    despite how friendly she'd been since the start, jean is surprised when el offers to be her partner on a project in english. she can't help but wonder if maybe it's just out of pity. eloise doesn't actually want to be friends, she just feels bad jean doesn't have any. or maybe just out of convenience, being roommates and all. but jean quickly pushes these thoughts from her mind when she agrees and eloise beams. maybe that - her kindness, her genuine smile that takes over her whole face, is all it takes for jean to fall in love.

    they grow closer as the year goes on, and el makes it known she wants to spend time with jean -- which jean, of course, reciprocates wholeheartedly. el and charlie and all their friends intimidated her at first, but she quickly learns they're just girls. it makes her buzz with excitement anyway when el chooses her to link arms with while walking from class to class, her to sit next to and her to lean against when they laugh.

    and sometimes, when it's just them in their dorm and lights should've been out hours ago, they'll stay up chatting, long since abandoning the notion of homework. they'll talk about school, their friends, classmates, and eventually, more personal things. their families, the way jean has always lived in her brothers shadow and el has always been in a harsh spotlight. charlie kissed a girl in ninth grade and el won't tell jean who, because apparently, they're still figuring things out. jean had a boyfriend for three months in seventh grade and this isn't really a subject eloise likes.

    el doesn't think her dad will want her to act. jean tells her to try asking, anyway. el doesn't care. she lands the part of puck in a midsummer nights dream. she knows her father wouldn't like that. she goes on with it anyway.

    it's early in the morning when el is sitting on her bed, reading over her script for the third time since she got it on friday, and she hears jean swear. "el, can you help me with this?" she sets down her script and looks up to see jean seated at her desk, holding out a necklace.

    "sure." she crosses the room and sits at the end of jean's bed, leaning against the railing and taking the chain from her hand. she brushes off the feeling this has happened before. "since when do you swear?"


    "sit still. since when do you swear?"

    "oh. um, i probably picked it up from you."

    el nearly drops the chain, flushing, then laughs. "really? me? im being a bad influence?" there's a teasing tone in her voice and she finally clips the necklace together, lets it fall to jean's chest for her to adjust. she turns to face el and smiles. it's warm and she's biting back laughter. she rivals the morning sun.

    "i guess so." el smiles back. and for a moment, they stay like that; silent, smiling, close. it'd be so easy to just lean over and kiss her.

    then jean stands. "well, the bell is about to ring." she's looking in her mirror, adjusting the necklace and running her hand through her hair. her reflection makes eye contact with el. "thank you."

    el's not sure jean hears her say you're welcome, hopes she doesn't notice the way she's blushing and bites her lip when jean turns to go.


    everything about jean is soft. the way she pulls back her hair, folds her sweaters, reads her books and kept quietly to herself the first few weeks of school. and eloise is the opposite; faux confidence in everything she says, loud and bold in a way that most everyone likes. she's able to snap into the role of model student around her parents and teachers, top of her class every semester every year and they don't see her cry, she's friends with everyone and she's getting better at styling her short hair than charlie ever was -- or maybe the choppiness is a part of charlie's style, a part of her silent bullshit rebellion to the school, i know you don't like me and i don't like you, but my parents are rich so I'm stuck here and you're stuck with me, and whatever i do.

    it's a few weeks in that they learn about the dead poets society from their english teacher, miss keating, and eloise and charlie and their whole group decide to reconvene it themselves. it's a few weeks in that jean starts taking after el, or maybe el starts to take after her.

    jean's the one who helps el with finding new ways she can pin her hair up -- so it won't get in her face while she's reading, they say. el's the one who tells jean it's alright there's a tear on her skirt, it must've gotten snagged on something on the walk to the cave but that's alright, she'll mend it the minute they get back. sometimes they chat quietly while jean's hands are in el's hair or her skirt is in el's lap, about the meeting or school the next day or anything else they can think of. and on others, they sit in silence, on one of their beds or on the floor with nothing but moonlight -- and maybe one or both of their desk lamps -- and it's a comfortable sort of quiet.

    the next couple months pass in a blur of private smiles and foolish urges running up their necks and taking root in their minds and hearts and el running lines with jean -- not anyone else, she always wants to do it with jean -- over and over until jean is sure she could recite the whole play backwards, she's just making up reasons to spend time together. which is silly, jean wants to say -- she'd be content sitting in silence with her. maybe it doesn't take a lot to fall in love at seventeen, maybe that's alright.

    before they know it, it's a week before el's show, and they're running lines at the docks even though she knows them all already. jean uses her voice and for what seems like the first time ever, it's loud and it's strong, and they both laugh and el thinks, i love you. holy shit, i love you.

    before they know it, the show is in a day, and eloise's father, by some miracle, still hasn't found out about it. she's stressed out anyway, and it's not over the show. she knocks on miss keating's office with a green ribbon pinned in her hair. she looks at the photo of a woman framed on her desk. a good friend, miss keating tells everyone.

    eloise lets her guard down and her voice shakes as she tells miss keating about jean. about how she's sure jean loves her back, but maybe that's a strong word, maybe she doesn't. miss keating grabs her hand and says she should tell her. jean is too kind a girl to hurt el if she doesn't feel the same, but really, you should.

    jean grabs the same hand the next day. eloise has been rushing around their dorm, grabbing her jacket and bag and making sure she has everything, and jean just wants her to slow down. breath, for a minute. she won't be late. yes, i saw you grab that paper. im sure. "i-" jean starts, catching her hand an el finally halts. i love you. i love you. holy shit, i love you. "i know you're going to do great. good luck, anyway." jean drops her hand and el smiles and says thank you.

    and then she's gone.

    jean wears her sunday best, again. she's long since forgiven cameron for calling her a priss on the first day, which was an awful first impression but now she just finds funny because cam is undoubtedly the prissiest of them all. she's the best in both school and keeping up appearances, so she's the one who helps jean tie up her hair. and the bow she makes is perfect, but -- maybe it'd look better if the ribbon were blue instead of red. she knows it's a silly and lovesick thought, but jean suddenly wonders what it'd be like to have el's hands in her hair.

    the show is lovely. eloise is lovely. jean loves her. and she is going to tell her.

    jean catches her eye when they're doing bows and her friends are pushing her forward. i love you, i love you, i love you.

    they link arms as their friends talk over each other to tell eloise how wonderful she's done, and all jean can think, looking at her beaming face, is, i love you. eloise turns to her and smiles as if she knows, tugs her arm and they finally make their way through the crowd, following charlie's lead walking back to welton.

    they've walked a couple blocks in a comfortable silence before jean says, "you were amazing. i knew you would be." and she doesn't know if el flushes from the cold or from the compliment or maybe, she foolishly hopes, because they're in love.

    "thank you." she says softly. i love you.

    there's a beat of silence. jean drops her arm from el's, and her heart is beating out of her chest when she swiftly grabs eloise's hand with her own. "i love you." jean finally says, soft and low and sweet.

    "i love you, too."

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  • angelic-ish-phantom
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    Sometimes Danny dreamed.

    They were vivid and bright and sweet, searing into his soul with the warmth of hearth.

    Sometimes, he travelled.

    Sometimes, he studied.

    Sometimes, he stargazed.

    The Dreams were always so simple, so solid; they could make his waking life hazy, make his obsession confused and fighting itself, because why would he want to protect his haunt, why should he focus on helping the people around him, when he can have all that his Dreams offer.

    It would be so easy to make those Dreams reality. To fall into a new obsession, an old love of astronomy. He could still help people while he was like that, couldn’t he?

    It was a fight against temptation, the unending greed for something better, something perfect.

    So Danny would dream of traversing the cosmos, of visiting planets, of building stars, of studying the unknown, seeing sights no one had seen before.

    And he would try to convince himself it was a nightmare.

    (He knew that one day, he would fail.)

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    anderperry week day five: sharing a bed

    why hello there. look, let’s just pretend this one isn’t a day late. hopefully, i should be posting day six in a little bit, i just need to edit it. please enjoy this fic that had been marinated for a day.

    summary: the boys go camping to celebrate the end of school. unusually cold temperatures and neil’s lack of bedding create a perfect terrible storm for him and todd to share a bed. when an intense crush is thrown in the mix, things take a unsurprising turn for the two.

    (a/n- just a warning, this one is slightly spicy, i wouldn’t say it’s bonk worthy but there is some... implied adult content. there’s also slight talk of internalized homophobia but not much. read at your own discretion!!)


    “We’re here boys.” Charlie sighed with his hands on his hips, looking off across the vast landscape of trees and trail. The Poets had decided to go on a camping trip to celebrate finishing school and getting into college which they started in a few months. The weather was surprisingly cold which made Neil hug his arms closer to his body to conserve warmth, a cool draft whipped his hair around, making him shiver the slightest bit. Hopefully they’d be able to get the tents up soon.

    “Hey asshole, mind helping with the stuff?” Cameron asked Charlie while lifting a rolled up tent from one of the cars.

    “Sure Dick.” They launched into an argument which the rest of them have learned to ignore. Neil just smiled at Todd who was carrying their cooler out of the trunk. Todd caught his eye and smiled back. They just got to the campsite and it was already getting dark thanks to the detour Charlie made them take to McDonald’s which took way longer than expected. He just had to have his hash brown.

    Tent arrangements had been decided before the trip and they’d decided Meeks and Pitts would be sharing a tent (duh), so would Neil and Todd (again, duh), and finally Charlie, Cameron and Knox. Knox was only there so Charlie and Cameron wouldn’t kill each other. He drew the short end of the straw. Neil wished mercy on his soul. He loved Charlie and Cameron dearly but he would never in a million years share a tent with them.

    Meeks and Pitts obviously finished their tent first being the engineers they were and sat inside to set up their air mattresses and chill, Neil and Todd were next to finish from sheer teamwork and was bringing in their stuff into their the tent while Cam and Charlie fighting over the tent as Knox held his head in his hands, most likely wishing for death as it was long past dark now and temperatures were dropping quickly.

    As Neil brought in the last of their bags, Todd was sitting on the floor of the tent, pumping up his air mattress. Usually they wouldn't've bothered with air mattresses but the strangely frigid temperatures meant sleeping on the floor would be massively uncomfortable no matter how many blankets they had. “Hey, Todd. How’s it going over there?” Todd looked up wide eyed, like a scared woodland creature before realising it was Neil and calming down a bit to give him a grin.

    “Hiya. It’s going good.” He huffed, and pushed a lock of hair out of his red face. “Didn’t expect pumping this would take so much effort though.” Neil giggled and walked over to his stuff to locate his own sleeping gear. He ruffled through all their things to find the air mattress and sleeping bag, neither of which were there. His brow furrowed. His pillow was there but nothing else was. 

    “Hey, Todd?” Todd hummed in response, only half listening. “Did you see my air mattress and sleeping bag anywhere when you took our stuff out of the car?” He looked over to the boy to see him frown.

    “I don’t think so. Maybe we left it there by accident?” 

    “I’ll go check, thanks.” 

    Neil checked Charlie’s car -the one they came in- for the things to no avail. He also checked Meeks’ car just in case it was put there by accident only to find nothing once again. He walked over to the boys still building their tent. “Hey guys, you haven’t happened to see my sleeping bag and air mattress anywhere, have you?” They all shook their heads. 

    “Sorry Neil. Haven’t seen it anywhere.” Knox said solemnly. After asking Meeks and Pitts if they’d seen it by any chance, Neil came to the cruel fact that he probably left it at home. 

    He walked back to his and Todd’s tent, tail between his legs. Todd was sitting on his mattress reading a book but lifted his head when Neil arrived. “Did you find it?” He shook his head.

    “No. Looks like I’m sleeping on the ground tonight.” Todd gave him a look and closed his book.

    “Neil, what the hell are you on about? You can just share a bed with me. Jeff made me pack an extra large sleeping bag so it’ll cover both of us.” Neil gulped. This was simultaneously a dream come true and his worst nightmare. He’s been in love with Todd since junior year and being that close might just kill him. But on the other hand, Todd looks so warm and it’s so cold tonigh- Get a hold of yourself, Perry! What will your father think? 

    “These beds are tiny! I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, it’s okay-” 

    “I’d rather be a little cramped than you sleeping on the floor and getting hypothermia!” The voice Todd used made it sound non-negotiable. Maybe it was. The truth was, Neil would love to share the bed with Todd. Todd, who always looked so warm and cuddly. But, the fact of the matter was that Neil had been holding onto his last ounce of self restraint when it came to his former roommate, wanting nothing more than to kiss him or do... other things with him. Neil was scared. He was so intensely terrified of losing Todd, he never let himself dwell on the thought of Todd liking him back for too long. Plus, it was 1960. People like him got killed for being like this.

    Neil was going to argue against the bed sharing some more but then Charlie’s voice called them out to dinner. Just as Todd was exiting the tent, he turned to Neil with a serious look in his eye. “You’re staying in my bed tonight. End of story.” 

    They roasted sausages over the fire and marshmallows after that. They told ghost stories (Cameron told the one he’s been telling since seventh grade which made Charlie whine irritably like a little child, telling Cameron to find new material), they attempted to sing campfire songs and planned tomorrow’s activities. Pitts was especially keen on a three hour hike in the forest, the rest of them, not so much.

    As the fire died down and the temperatures dipped even lower, they all decided to go to bed to be well rested for the following day. After saying their goodnights, Neil and Todd stepped into the tent. 

    They faced away from each other as they changed. They’d seen each other naked plenty of times in the communal showers back at Welton, but there was something so much more intimate about viewing each other without clothes in their tent. It sent a spark up Neil’s spine. He willed this feeling to go away.

    Todd got into the sleeping bag first and Neil followed, trying to put as much space between them as he humanly could -which realistically was only a few centimeters. They didn’t say a word, instead, they just sat in silence for what felt like hours -Neil was willing his brain not to explode- until Todd spoke up. 

    “You can touch me. I’m not the plague.” Maybe you are, a voice in Neil’s head muttered indignantly.

    “Of course you aren’t. I just…” Todd rolled over to face him. The moonlight was probably hitting him just right and reflecting in his oceanic blue ey- Stop it. Neil just kept looking at the top of their tent. If he was Todd like this, all soft and sweet, he’d be gone. He’d kiss him for sure.

    “You just what?” Stop it. Stop prodding, Todd. He sat up and faced away from Todd, unable to even look at him. His heart was pounding and his head was swimming. Is this was a heart attack feels like?  “Neil, what is it?” A warm hand touched his shoulder. The place Todd’s hand met his back felt on fire. He couldn’t do this. Over a year’s worth of bottled up feelings was about to explode like a bomb. “Neil-”

    “I love you, okay?” There it was. He waited for the blow of knuckles against his skin. In hindsight, Neil would feel stupid about even thinking that about Todd, but sound mind had left him ever since they stepped into this goddamn tent. In the absence of any reaction, he whirled around to see Todd looking confused.

    “I love you too? You know I love you.” Neil groaned and put his face in his hands, willing it to not stay red.

    “No, I’m in love with you.” He clarified. A heavy silence hung over the tent like a thick blanket that was slowly suffocating him. Neil kept his hands over his eyes, scared of what he’d see if he opened them. Two smooth hands pulled his own away from his face. The satiny touch of Todd’s fingertips made Neil trust him just a little. With his eyes still closed, he felt the warm press of lips on his own, gone just as soon as they came. Neil’s eyes flew open in shock.

    “Of course I’m in love with you too, idiot.” Todd muttered, looking down at his lap. Before he could stop himself, Neil surged forward and kissed him.

    The kiss was scorching, mouths moving in frenzied contact from having to wait for so long. Neil was slowly forgetting all rational thought and completely lost himself in the dizzying act of making out with Todd. By the way Todd had buried his fingers in Neil’s hair and was tugging on the strands harder by the second, he was pretty sure he was feeling the same way. 

    Eventually, Neil ended up sitting in the middle of the bed with Todd on his lap, he wrapped his arms around Todd’s waist to bring him closer, closer, closer. He was marking Todd’s throat and relishing in the hot flesh and way Todd’s breath caught when he kissed too roughly. “N-Neil. Neil, wait.” He breathed. Neil pulled away and looked at him cautiously. 

    “Is this okay?” He asked, making sure Todd was alright. Todd brushed a lock of hair away from his face and shook his head gently.

    “There are other people out there.” Todd pointed out.

    “Looks like we’ll have to be quiet then.” Todd just looked at him for a moment and he was concerned he went too far until Todd let out a chuckle, hastily slid his shirt over his head and pushed Neil back on the bed with a hand to his chest.

    When Neil woke up the following morning, he breathed in the frosty air of the early hour and scooted further back into Todd to keep himself warm. Todd’s chest was pushed up against his back with their legs tangled together and an arm thrown around Neil’s waist. He cracked open his eyes and stared at the haphazardly discarded clothes in the morning light creeping in through the tent as he played with Todd’s fingers. Neil Perry was glad to be alive. 

    The two of them went out for breakfast some time later after talking in hushed whispers with flushed faces for probably too long. As they stepped out of the tent, the others were all gathered in front of the fire, cooking eggs, bacon and sausages with a skillet over the flame. Charlie spotted them first. “Good morning boys!” They all turned their heads to look at them and Neil convinced himself that he imagined the way Knox’s face turned a slight shade of pink, or how Meeks was purposefully not meeting their eyes. 

    “Morning.” Neil greeted as he got out two plates for him and Todd and started loading them with hot food. 

    “Say,” Charlie started. “Did you boys hear anything last night?” He froze, tongs dropping the piece of bacon he was loading onto his plate. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Todd stop dead. Sensing they weren’t going to say anything, Charlie just continued. “It could be passed off for wolves or some other woodland creature if it wasn’t for the ‘Oh! Neil! Oh! Todd! Yesssssss!’” He imitated in a dramatized high pitched voice. Todd covered his mouth with his hand, mortified. 

    “Charlie, give them a break.” Pitts spoke up. “But uhh, do you mind not doing that where we could all hear. We’re glad you’re together but we really didn’t need to know…. that aspect of your relationship.” Neil felt his face flush and looked to the group and then back to Todd whose face was red as a strawberry. 

    There was an apology sizzling on Neil’s tongue. He would make this up to all of them at some point. Neil had done some pretty embarrassing things, but this definitely topped the list. Charlie would never let them live it down. Now all of his friends knew what kind of noises he made in bed. It would be included in Charlie’s speech at his wedding. Thoughts swam around in his head rapidly as shame burned fresh on his skin.

    He really hoped they’d move past it soon. Lock it up in some sort of brain safe to never be remembered let alone be brought up, especially on this trip. 

    (It was not.)


    (a/n- poor guys. it’s not their fault neil and todd need to go to bonk jail-)

    @aedan-mills @nik-knacks @maisietheweltoncow @therealbunnycorcoran

    #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry week day five #anderperry#dps#dps fanfiction #dead poets society #neil perry#todd anderson #i need jesus #someone bonk me
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    The Turbulent was a loathed piece of the Infinite Realms…

    Most called it the center as they did with all the High Monarchs’ domains.

    But now?

    Now, the king was sealed away, and he was hated more than he was feared. Now, the center, the once hub of the entire realm, was forsaken.

    In the wake of Pariah’s tyranny, it had been seldom lively. In the wake of his imprisonment it that been abandoned.

    The empty place had crumbled from the absence of Pariah, nothing but emptiness and ruins left behind. Then it had metastasized, the realm collapsing outwards, growing more dangerous, more destroyed, the Infinite Realms suffered in the absence of a ruler.

    And this went on, the once heart, a center of sickness. The ectoplasm grew potent and thick, his leaking power, the residue of his rule.

    the blobs grew monstrous, built off of the soured, thick ectoplasm. But they weren’t the only ones.

    Those seeking strength.

    Those looking for more.

    Those that were unfortunate enough to have never known anywhere else.

    Those as grotesque as the plains had grown to be.

    It made them strong, obsessive, but most that dwelled outside, in the clean untainted air, viewed them with disdain.

    Because they, like the plains, were Turbulent.

    #danny phantom#dp#digital art #ectober month 2021 #ectoberhaunt 2021#ectoberhaunt treat#ectoberhaunt trick#phicc#fanfiction#fanfic#dp headcanons #danny phantom headcanon #headcanons#day 23 #Condemned vs Ruins #photo edit#Skulker#Ember#spectra#Youngblood #I like the idea that the Fenton portal opened in a bad area of the Ghost zone #so here’s a take on that
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    Anderperry Week 2k21 Day Five - Sharing a Bed

    Hello! Heres just some sweet fluff, no bonk worthy things here because no <33 go to ame for that (/hj) they are just sweet

    Tags! @aedan-mills @cupiiid @maisietheweltoncow @justarandompjofan @iguanamuppet @mentalthisone @tuskofthyme

    Summary: Neil wants to cuddle, but Welton's beds are way too small for that. Maybe his friends have a solution? (Hes wrong.)

    With their relationship going steady, sharing a bed seemed like a natural next step. Well, in Neil’s mind it made sense. Todd ran like a tundra and Neil ran like a desert in the night, so sharing a bed would create a perfect balance. Plus, Neil wanted to be as close to Todd as possible, and having whispered conversations across the room from each other wasn’t the most practical thing to do.

    But, there was a certain issue. The beds at Welton were small.

    They were just plain old single beds shoved up against the opposite walls of the room and could only comfortably fit one person lying down in it. Sitting on the beds were fine, so cuddling while up right was a very common occurrence. So, it seemed that sharing a bed with his wonderful boyfriend was off the table for Neil until their days at Welton were over.

    Well, actually no. Neil never gave up. Todd said his persistence was one of his most endearing and most annoying traits. But, hey, it got him his boyfriend in the first place.

    Neil spent a while just sitting in his room trying to figure out what to do. It wasn’t like he could just replace the beds, they were school issued and also Neil did not have the time or money to buy and build a bed. Maybe his friends had advice?

    “Wow, spicy, wanna share a bed with Anderson?” Charlie teased. “Well, use protection and also try not to make too much noise, okay? You’re my best friend but I do not want to know - or hear - anything about your love life.”

    Neil groaned. “Charlie! That's not what I meant.” He said. “Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant for sleeping! And cuddles!”

    Charlie smirked. “Sure, sure. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

    “Shut up.”

    “Hey, Neil. Its okay. I understand, this a time of great change in your body. You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are and what you do-”

    “Thanks for nothing, Charlie!” Neil interrupted.

    Charlie continued. “No, no Neil. As long as whatever you and Todd do is consensual and safe and you’re both into what's going on-”

    “Goodbye, Charlie!”

    “Do I need to tell you about the birds and the bees-”

    Neil raced out of the room, Charlie’s cackles echoing throughout the hall. Why’d he go to Charlie first, again?

    “What if you get caught?” Cameron asked. “You’ll be in so much trouble!”

    “They don’t check our room anyway, not when I’m one of the finest and Todd barely exists outside Keating’s class in this school.”

    “Yeah, but what if, Neil?” Cameron worried. “I’m happy for you two, but I’m just nervous. It won't end well.”

    “I know, thanks for caring.” Neil said. “I’ll be careful.”

    He smiled. “You’re my friend, Neil. Of course.”

    Well, he hadn’t gotten any advice, but he’d eased Cameron’s worries a little.

    “Make a pillow fort.” Meeks said, barely looking up from his and Pitts’ new invention.

    “Oh! That’d be fun.” Pitts agreed. “Like, a mini version of the cave in your room.”

    Neil hummed. “Yeah, but like, a pillow fort isn’t really a permanent sleeping arrangement, you get me?”

    “Yeah, but it’d still be fun.” Pitts said.

    “Pillow forts are always fun.” Meeks nodded. “We should make a pillow fort, Pittsie.”

    “Oh my god, we should!”

    Neil laughed. “At least somebody here figured out something.” He sighed. “Thanks guys, tell me when you make that pillow fort.”

    “Sure, Neil. Good luck!” Pitts called.

    “Bye Neil!” Meeks yelled.

    Knox shrugged. “I really don’t know, Neil.”

    “C’mon, Knox, you’re my last hope.” Neil said.

    “You could both… sleep on the floor?” He said. “I just heard what I said and it was dumb.”

    Neil laughed. “Yeah, a little. At least you didn’t try to give me the sex talk like Charlie did.”

    Knox snorted. “So that's why Cameron was yelling earlier.”

    “Oh my god, he's an idiot.”

    “You betcha.” Knox said. “Don’t sleep on the floor. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.”

    Neil sighed. “It's fine Knox, that's not the worst idea I’ve heard today.” He stood up. “Thanks.”

    “Hey, Neil?” Todd asked as he walked into their dorm. “Is there a reason all our friends have been asking me about our beds?”

    “Uh, no?” Neil said.


    “Okay, I was just asking advice on how we could cuddle in bed without literally merging into one person.” Neil admitted. “The beds here are small!”

    Todd smiled. “Oh- thats- thats really sweet, Neil. Uh.” Todd glanced at their beds. “Let me think… we could push our beds together and make a temporary double bed?”

    Neil grinned. “That's a great idea, Todd!”

    So, the two of them dragged Neil’s bed to be pushed right up against Todd’s. The bed wasn’t too heavy, so with the two of them, it was an easy task. Once their beds had been pushed together, the two of them flopped onto them, lying in the middle facing each other.

    “I love you.” Neil said.

    “I love you too.” Todd responded. “Let's take a nap.”

    “Yeah, that sounds nice.”

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  • anderperryshit
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    “Todd.” God, how was he not getting it?

    “You and I are in love.” It still felt weird as shit to say. In love, like, reciprocated, insane.

    “I was aware, yes.” Neil nodded solemnly and Todd felt the need to kiss him again.

    “It is the first snow of the year.”

    “The colour purple is annoyingly loud, are we just stating facts?” Todd punched his arm.

    “No, God.” He thinks he might be blushing now, “Snow is romantic, we are a couple, we should be- I don’t know, romancing.” No yeah he was definitely blushing. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything. But Todd really, really loved the snow, and he really, really loved Neil so both of them together was quite perfect to him.

    read on ao3 | from the beginning

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  • angelic-ish-phantom
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Clockwork had helped Danny.

    Danny knew it had been easy for the ghost to do ability-wise, but it hadn’t been the easiest option. Danny knows now what Clockwork should have done, what the Observants had wanted done.

    Danny should have been dead.

    And after everything on that dreaded day that had never happened, Danny had wished he did. In that cold moment when of fiery horror, when his thoughts went flatline and the ringing in his ears echoed in his numb, uncomprehending mind, before the utter devastation and agony and denial set in, all Danny had wanted was for the nightmare to end. He’d wanted to wake up.

    He’d wanted to fall asleep and never wake up.

    But after everything, Clockwork had brought them back.

    Danny hadn’t fully understood how Clockwork had stuck his neck out for him at the time, yet he still felt ridiculously thankful. A soul deep gratitude, a deep reliance Danny had never felt so intensely.

    All he had known was he owed Clockwork everything.

    Now, however?

    Now, Danny knew the scope of what helping him entailed.

    Now, Danny knew the Observants: their far, singular, their attuned minds, their blind prejudice.

    Now, Danny knew their cruelty, knew the story of a scar, knew of a Sundial made from mithril, and knew of the love of a guardian.

    And Danny had been indebted to Clockwork before he’d known, but now, after everything? He’d pay Clockwork back a hundred fold. He’d never stop trying to repay the ancient, because Clockwork deserved it.

    And so he flew into the eye of the eye, the heart of the beasts den. Danny evaded the Observants’ a thousand eyes; it would only take one slip for them all to know he was here.

    He kept his movements careful and indecisive, he used the limited temporal abilities he’d been taught, and evaded every last one of them.

    It hadn’t even been hard; Danny was an improbability, unforeseen, so known by Clockwork and his superior sight, but a dark blind stop in the Observants probability dictated foresight.

    Clockwork had explained it to Danny once, how his death had scattered time, had shredded probability, sent everything that branching and branching and branching, to the point something so small as cheating on one test could lead to the end of the world.

    He was an improbability.

    And thus, improbability, he got in, and he got out.

    Danny stole a dial of immeasurable power, and returned it to its rightful owner, and Clockwork had thanked him, had looked at him like he was something special, something precious.

    But Danny wasn’t.

    He was just doing Clockwork a good turn, giving the ghost the treatment he deserved.

    It was nothing but the first of a million favors.

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  • ladylynse
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ectober 2021, Day 22: Favour [FFN | AO3]

    Contains canon-typical bullying. Technically follows this ficlet for Day 17 (Found Footage) but can be read as a standalone.


    Valerie thought she had enough on her plate, but then Kwan asks her for a favour—and things start to make a sickening sort of sense.


    “Hey, uh, Valerie? I need a favour.”

    Valerie turned from her locker to raise an eyebrow at Kwan, who was hovering awkwardly just out of the main flow of students in the hallway. Star and the other A-listers were nowhere in sight, most likely already heading to cheer and football practice—somewhere Kwan should also be. “You need a favour,” Valerie repeated flatly, not sure she liked where this was going. Kwan had been happy enough to drop her like the rest of them after her fall from popularity, so even if he pretended this was an opportunity for her to get back into Paulina’s good graces and back on the A-list, Valerie wasn’t convinced she’d jump.

    She didn’t need them anymore.

    “I mean….” Kwan glanced around at the ever-changing crowd, but it was thinning now as people cleared out for the end of the day. “Would you do me a favour?”

    “Why don’t you ask Star if it’s not something you can ask Dash?”

    He flinched and looked down at his hands, which were playing with the fraying cuff of his football jacket. “This isn’t something I can ask them.”

    “If you’re planning something for Star, just ask Paulina. You know she can keep a secret when it’s important.” As long as it was worth her while, anyway.

    “I’m not. I—” He looked around again and stepped into her personal space before saying in a low voice that was barely audible over the buzz of the crowd, “I don’t know who I can trust with this.”

    Well, she wasn’t going to shoot him down right after he said that, but she was hardly someone she thought would be one of the people he’d trust. He definitely wasn’t someone she trusted anymore. Of course, considering she hadn’t (willingly) told anyone about one of her major extracurricular activities…. “And you want to trust me with this because—?”

    “You took photography and media studies last year.”

    Valerie blinked. “So?”

    “I need you to take a look at something for me.”

    Right. Taking a look at a picture or video clip would hardly be the last of it. “And then?”

    “Give me your opinion on it. Like…if it’s been edited or if you think it’s real.”

    “Look, if you suspect it’s been edited and you got it from one of your friends, it’s probably been edited.” Valerie turned back to her locker to finish zipping up her backpack. “The fact that you’re questioning it at all should be your red flag. I don’t need to look at anything to tell you that.”

    She yanked the backpack free as Kwan said, “No, it’s just…. I don’t know if someone could’ve edited it. Or edited it this well. On the original film, not the computer.”

    Valerie sighed and glanced at her watch. She didn’t have a shift today, but she’d been hoping to get through her math homework before Phantom or another ghost showed up. As much as she wanted to see Phantom—and as grateful as she could be to any other ghost drawing him out at this point—her dad would not be impressed if her grades tanked again. “Fine, but you owe me. What is it?”

    Kwan pulled one of those MiniDV tapes from his pocket and showed it to her, and Valerie rolled her eyes. “What are you expecting me to play that on?”

    “I can send you a copy of what I pulled off of it,” he said, “but I didn’t know if looking at the original tape would help.”

    “Not when I can’t play it on anything.”

    “Sorry,” he muttered as he tucked away the tape. “I forgot.”

    Right. He forgot. Whatever. She could let him get away with it this time. “Just get me a copy of the video and I’ll let you know what I think tomorrow.”

    He shifted his weight and actually reached for his back pocket, where he usually kept his wallet after school hours. “Do you have time to look at it now? I can pay you if it means missing your shift.”

    He was pushing his luck, wasn’t he? It wasn’t like he’d get to know her immediate response. “Paying me for my missed hours wouldn’t mean I’d still have a job tomorrow, but don’t bother.” Tempting as it was to get some extra cash, she’d be better off if he repaid her in kind. Having a future favour to call in was far better for her. “I don’t work today, but you still have football practice.” Even if she texted him with her verdict, he wouldn’t have a chance to look at his phone for a couple of hours.

    “I told Coach I couldn’t make it. Family thing.”

    That gave Valerie pause. Football wasn’t something Kwan took lightly, and he’d never skipped a practice when she’d been in the A-list. The fact that Dash wasn’t dragging him to practice told her Kwan had told Dash the same thing, even though it obviously wasn’t true or Kwan wouldn’t still be here talking to her.

    Valerie chewed her lip, taking in Kwan’s dry skin and dark circles with a practiced eye. He’d been daydreaming in class, too. Lancer had had to call on him twice in English before he’d realized, and Star had had to hiss the answer at him because he’d been too befuddled to ask Lancer to repeat the question. Even more worryingly, he’d been one of the first players off the court in dodgeball today as opposed to one of the last ones standing. Even Tucker had outlasted him, and Valerie couldn’t remember the last time that had happened. Usually, Tucker was the one following Mikey to the bench.

    Whatever this was, it was keeping Kwan up at night.

    “If you want to see the original and not just the computer copy, you can come over to my house. My parents won’t be home till six.”

    She was going to regret this, wasn’t she? “Fine,” Valerie said. She turned to close her locker before sweeping her arm in an exaggerated arc. “Lead on.”


    Valerie opened Kwan’s window the minute he left her alone in his room, hoping the fresh air would help counteract the smell of sweat clinging to the dirty laundry he’d pushed into a pile at the foot of his bed. She was still wrinkling her nose and breathing through her mouth as she smoothed down the blankets on his bed and propped a pillow against the wall before leaning against it and settling down. She had no idea how long this would take, so she might as well be comfortable.

    He returned a few minutes later with the camcorder in one hand and a glass of lemonade in the other. He handed her the lemonade before climbing onto the bed beside her and turning the camcorder on. She nodded her thanks and took a sip of the drink, almost wincing at the unexpected sourness. If this had started off as store-bought lemonade, he must’ve added a lot of extra lemon juice.

    Fortunately, Kwan hadn’t seen her face, and he didn’t say anything when she reached over to put the glass on his bedside table. Instead, he waited until she’d finished before passing the camcorder to her. “I should warn you,” he said as the video started to play, “that this looks bad for us, but, um, you know how it is.”

    Yeah, she knew exactly how it was. She still turned more of a blind eye to it than she should. She’d never gotten the treatment Danny or Mikey regularly did, but she’d still gotten a taste of her own medicine after getting kicked off the A-list. She’d started taking her anger out on ghosts instead—Phantom especially—and that had her stomach in knots now, considering what she’d seen….

    Valerie had spent three days trying not to think about it too much, uncomfortably aware that any change in her behaviour might tip off the last person in the world she wanted to know about what she’d discovered.

    She had also spent those three days keeping her eyes peeled for Phantom, but things had been quiet on the ghost front for once, and he hadn’t shown his face—meaning she was left with all her questions and no answers.

    It was probably a good thing she wasn’t on the A-list anymore, as Valerie was pretty sure Paulina would’ve noticed something was off with her and called her on it on day one. Kwan was oblivious, too caught up in whatever this was to notice how distracted she herself was, and while Valerie had thought about talking to Danny about it in case he had any ideas on how to deal with this, she hadn’t.

    Danny might not like Vlad Masters, but his parents were undeniably close to him, and she wasn’t really sure how to bring up the idea that not all ghosts are actually ghosts to anyone.

    Anyone except another ghost, that is.

    Specifically, anyone except Phantom, who might even be avoiding her if he thought she had questions about Danielle. Which she did, and which he could probably answer, given how much he’d seemed to know about her, but which definitely did not eclipse the multitude of questions she had about Plasmius, which Phantom must also know about given how he talked.

    The truth was, Kwan was not the only person who hadn’t gotten enough sleep last night.

    Valerie hadn’t slept at all the first night and had spent the next two tossing and turning.

    She needed answers. She couldn’t get them from her usual source because her usual source wasn’t someone she could ever trust again, and she couldn’t get them from the Fentons, who wouldn’t understand because she couldn’t exactly accuse their old friend of being a ghost of all things without any proof, and—

    “Cujo’s not here, is he?”

    Danny’s voice sounded almost resigned as he and Dash walked into the shot, and he turned with deliberate slowness to meet Dash’s smirking face. Valerie wasn’t surprised Danny knew the ghost dog’s name—chances were good that the Fentons had also dealt with him—but she was surprised that Danny had apparently been willing to face him without any weapons. The fact that the ghost dog could turn from cute to monstrous on a dime was not exactly a little-known fact about him.

    If Dash was surprised Danny knew the dog’s name, he didn’t show it. He just sneered, “I dunno. He might be looking for his chew toy.” Danny darted to Dash’s left, but Dash cut off his escape by snagging his shirt and dragging him back before hefting him up by his collar and what Valerie could only assume was the waistband of his underpants. She winced in sympathy. “Why don’t you help him look by checking out the dumpster?”

    Danny’s fingers went to the front of his shirt collar, trying to pry open a space between it and his throat in what was likely a vain attempt to get some more room to breathe. “We don’t have to do this—”

    Dash dropped his grip on Danny’s shirt only long enough to throw open the lid of the dumpster. “That’s where you’re wrong, Fenturd.”

    Valerie grimaced as Dash heaved Danny face-first into the dumpster before slamming the lid down on him. Luckily that part wouldn’t hurt, but she could gag simply remembering the smell. It was bad even when you only breathed through your mouth—something about the decomposing Nasty Sauce, she figured; that stuff inevitably ate through the plastic garbage bags—so she didn’t want to imagine what it was like to get shoved into an enclosed space with all of that.

    “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume none of that is what you think is edited,” Valerie started, but Kwan shushed her and pointed to the screen.

    The audio didn’t pick up anything except the usual sounds she could hear whenever she took out the garbage at work—namely traffic and distant chatter almost drowned out by their industrial fans—but she obligingly watched as Danny cracked the lid of the dumpster. Dash had walked off camera already, and since he didn’t suddenly reappear to slam the lid closed again, she assumed he’d gone inside. That meant it was safe for Danny to crawl out and head home for a shower.

    Except he didn’t crawl out.

    She’d blinked, and he was just suddenly out.

    “Wait, what?”

    Kwan reached over to pause and rewind the video. “I know,” he said as he pressed play so she could see it again.

    Valerie was incredibly familiar with the ways ghosts could move, passing through with their unnatural ease solid objects she had to avoid, and she couldn’t suppress a shudder as she saw Danny move that way, too.

    “When was this?” she asked, rewinding the video herself this time.


    She’d been working yesterday. “What time?”

    Kwan pointed to the time stamp in the corner, and a pit settled in Valerie’s stomach, churning up entirely too many feelings of dread.

    She’d been working in the back at that point. She’d been on the fryer. She’d been wearing her watch, the watch that was supposed to alert her whenever a ghost came in range, and ten feet away—albeit through the wall—was certainly within range.

    Maybe it hadn’t been working? That could be why things had seemed quiet recently. Maybe she’d broken it somehow and hadn’t noticed. Maybe—and while this was a much less pleasant possibility, she still had to consider it—Mr. Masters was onto her and had purposely disabled it. A ghost could have helped Danny pull off that feat, pulling him out of the dumpster and leaving behind all its muck.

    Except a ghost, if they would even stop to help the son of the town’s most infamous ghost hunters, could have just grabbed Danny and dragged him out. At best, he should’ve stumbled as his feet hit the pavement and he regained tangibility. Instead, he’d rolled out, something that would’ve made it substantially more difficult for a ghost to keep a hand on him, which would’ve been necessary for a ghost to share their intangibility.


    There was another possibility.

    Valerie swallowed. “This might not be edited, or at least not filmed over whatever you had before. Look at how far the lid falls here. Unless someone got some fishing line and rigged something up, I think Danny was the one to move it. No one else would’ve been able to clear the shot.”

    Kwan sucked in a breath, and the blanket between them bunched up as he grabbed a fistful of it. “You think it’s real? I thought maybe Foley….”

    “Danny might be overshadowed,” she said, but she didn’t believe her own words. Three days ago, she would’ve been convinced that was it, and she’d have gone straight to the Fentons with her suspicions.

    But that was three days ago, not now.

    Kwan let out a shaky laugh. “Oh, yeah, that would explain it. Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Valerie doubted that Kwan, like most of the student body at Casper High, knew how often Danny’s parents’ inventions and prototypes misfired or straight up exploded. She doubted he knew how often Danny and Jazz had to painstakingly soap the sticky ecto-goo off themselves. She doubted he knew they had a built-in alarm system specifically designed to detect and attack ghosts. Frankly, she doubted he could name very many of their weapons—thermos, ecto-guns, and ghost shield aside.

    Still, Kwan wasn’t likely to know how difficult it would be for a ghost to overshadow Danny. An overshadowing ghost would fool some ecto-tech but certainly not all of it. For a random ghost to prey upon Danny like that, they’d have to have some knowledge of the FentonWorks weaponry to know what they needed to avoid, and they’d have to have considerable knowledge of Danny himself to fool his friends and his family.

    Kwan also didn’t know what she had only recently learned: that some ghosts were human, too, at least in all the ways that mattered.

    It made her stomach twist to even consider the possibility, but she had to—especially since she knew Mr. Masters was an old friend of the Fentons. She might not know the details, but she knew that Mr. Masters was distinctly less keen on Danny’s dad than his mom, and, well, she’d met the Fentons. She’d been in their house and their lab. For all their talk of safety, they could be rather lax in that department even when they weren’t excited about something.

    “I’d lay off Danny till you know for sure,” she said as she rewound the video again. It wasn’t much, but it might buy him a bit of peace, at least until everything went sideways.

    “Yeah, I’ll talk to Dash.”

    Valerie nodded absently, her eyes still on the tiny screen.

    This was real.

    She wished it weren’t real.

    “If you give me a copy of this, I’ll check it out in more detail later.” She watched as Danny walked out of the shot before hitting the stop button and passing the camcorder back to Kwan. His relief was written in his face and the way his shoulders had finally relaxed, but she felt none of that relief herself.

    She didn’t know if the answer was as simple as she was pretending. In fact, she highly doubted it, and she wasn’t keen on what she suspected was the truth.

    “For sure,” Kwan said, smiling widely at her. “Thanks. I really owe you for this. You didn’t have to help me.”

    No, she hadn’t needed to, but if she hadn’t done him this favour, she wouldn’t have discovered what very well might be a missing piece to her own conundrum.

    Valerie might not know Danielle’s story, and maybe she was wrong about Mr. Masters’ past, but hadn’t she overheard Danny, Sam, and Tucker talking about an accident? More than once? And then there were all the weird things that had happened back at the start of grade nine. Danny was still banned from handling glassware in chemistry, even though she hadn’t seen him drop something less breakable in ages.

    It might be a mere coincidence.

    It might simply be correlation, not causation.

    It might also be context, and that worried her the most.

    “No problem,” Valerie whispered, already wondering who she should try to talk to first, Danny or Phantom—and if it would even matter.

    She suspected it wouldn’t.

    Danny would be the easiest one to find, but if she could talk to Phantom first and try to catch him in a verbal trap before she confronted Danny—

    That was still the safest option, wasn’t it?

    In case she was wrong.

    In case Danny Fenton wasn’t Danny Phantom like Vlad Masters was Vlad Plasmius.

    Valerie swallowed, fixed a smile on her face, and crawled off the bed as she said, “I’ll look at it after I’m done Falluca’s assignment, okay?”

    Kwan didn’t seem to notice her trepidation. “You’ll text me?”

    She had no plans to tell him anything concrete until after she talked to Phantom—she didn’t even know what she’d say to Kwan if it turned out she was right—but she nodded and tried to convince herself this was for the best.

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  • mistical52
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Travel with Your Regrets - Chapter 1

    I have a new Danny Phantom fanfic.


    TUE Vlad goes for a trip back in time.

    Also on Ao3


    Vlad woke up slowly to someone shaking him gently.

    “Vlad, buddy, are you ok?” said someone.

    Vlad groaned and tried to sit up. A large palm pressed to his back and helped Vlad sit up.

    “Easy there.”

    Vlad brought a hand to his temples to try and starve away the headache he was feeling. Vlad was also using it as an excuse to keep his eyes shut. The person helping him sounded so much like Jack. But Vlad knew that as soon as he opened his eyes the hallucination would vanish, just like they always did. Jack was long dead, along with Maddie and Jazz.

    Vlad sighed and gave himself one more moment to soak up the warmth of the palm between his shoulder blades.

    “Thank you, my friend,” said Vlad with a sad smile as he turned around.

    Jack looked back at him with so much concern in his eyes, “Vlad are you alright?”

    With a start, Vlad realised that Jack was still there. Jack didn’t fade as soon as Vlad looked at him. Vlad was never able to look his hallucination in the eye. They always appeared when he closed his eyes, or excited in the corner of his eye. But Jack was still there, holding Vlad upright.

    Something must have shown on Vlad’s face because Jack’s other hand came up to grip Vlad’s shoulder, “Seriously are you alright Vlad? I found you passed out here in the lab with the ghost portal open. And you don’t look as,” Jack paused as if considering his words as he looked Vlad up and down, “fancy as usual.”

    Vlad looked down at himself in his tattered suit and reached up to feel the beard he had grown during his years of isolation.

    “I suppose,” said Vlad numbly as his eyes darted around the lab, he was in. It was the Fenton lab alright, every detail was immaculate. It looked exactly like this when he had the movers pack up the equipment. Even down to those accursed gauntlets that sat on a workbench.

    Vlad discreetly dug his fingers into his thigh hard enough that he would have winced had he not been schooling his expression. This, wasn’t a dream? This wasn’t a dream.

    “How’d you get in here Vlad?”

    Vlad, for once, though that a bit of honestly might be good, “I don’t know.”

    He only recalled falling asleep in his hideout having survived another day. With some alcohol to ease him to sleep. Hence the headache.

    “Did a ghost capture you? If they did, we’ll make that slimy creature pay!” declared Jack, some of his booming volume coming back into his voice.

    Vlad winced a bit at the volume, not used to any loud noises after being by himself for years. Vlad put a hand on Jack’s arm to get his attention and to calm him down. Vlad needed to know one thing first before he could plan anything.

    “Jack, this is very important, what is the exact date?”

    Jack frowned slightly but answered.

    Vlad let the date sink in. One week, it was one week before the accident.

    “Vlad, what happened? I saw you yesterday and you were fine,” said Jack, worry easy to hear in his voice.

    A plan started to come together. However, Vlad would have to act quickly.

    Vlad gave his friend a small smile, “I was captured by a ghost, you see I have, or rather had, some ghost hunting equipment of my own that I was developing. But I was foolish enough not to have a ghost shield. A ghost wanted some ghost hunting technology, and since I was an easier target than your shielded lab, they took my equipment. They also decided to take me too, to make more for them. They took me to a part of the ghost zone where time flows differently, I think. You say you saw me yesterday but to me, it was so much longer. Though I’m not sure exactly how long,” lied Vlad smoothly.

    Suddenly Vlad was pulled into a crushing hug, Vlad tensed for a moment before he relaxed into Jack’s tight grip.

    He was back. He was here. His friend was alive, horrible hazmat suit and all.

    “I’ll call up Maddie, and we’ll find the ghost that did this to you!” said Jack proclaimed, his hug tightening.

    This was where Vlad tapped out, he no longer had ghost strength, he couldn’t handle this hug anymore. No matter how much he wanted it to continue.

    With a gentle tap on the shoulder Vlad said, “You’re crushing me, Jack, please release me.”

    Jack seemed to hesitate a moment before he let go of Vlad and sat back, giving Vlad back his space.

    In a rush Jack quickly stood up, “I’ll call Mads, she’s at her sister’s, so she won’t be able to get back for a few hours, but once she’s back we’ll find the ghost that took you and tear them apart molecule by molecule!”

    Vlad waved Jack down from his position on the floor, “No, don’t bother Maddie. I am fine.”

    “Fine? Vlad, you were kidnapped and held by a ghost for, well actually you didn’t say how long, but you were kidnapped by a ghost! No one does that to my best friend and gets away with it!”

    Vlad sighed, but a small smile pulled at the corner of his lips, “That is for another time. I escaped and now I’m back in Amity. Though I am still not sure how I got here. However, all I wish to do right now is go home.”

    Vlad groaned as he stood up, ten years without ghostly regeneration had not done any good to his knees. Vlad still managed to stand on his own and stood strong as he put a hand on Jack’s shoulder, “Would you help me get home my dear friend?”

    Fortunately, his past self would be at the smaller mansion he had established in Amity Park, rather than the mansion in Wisconsin. This would make it much easier to deal with the problem his past self posed.

    “Of course, Vladdie. But wouldn’t you feel safer here until Mads and I can capture the ghost?”

    That was just the conversation lead he needed, “Honestly Jack I just want to go home and rest, however, if you have a few weapons, I can borrow and a portable ghost shield I would greatly appreciate it. It would make me feel much safer,” said Vlad trying to slip worry and stress into his voice.

    “Take whatever you need Vladdie. I don’t have a portable ghost shield yet apart from the one in the Fenton RV, but I can whip one up for you real quick!” said Jack, “Why don’t you take a shower and have something to eat and I’ll get one up and running for you!”

    “That would be wonderful Jack. I’ll be right back after I’ve had some food and made myself more presentable.”

    “You can borrow my clothes if you want. They’ll be too big, but I have belts if you want to borrow some pants. Though there’s not much I can do for shoes,” said Jack as he looked down at Vlad’s bare feet.

    Vlad chuckled, “That’s not an issue, I’ll get a new pair once I’m home.”

    Vlad did feel much better after a shower and some food. Even if he did have to carefully pick through the kitchen to find food that wasn’t ecto-contaminated. Vlad did end up borrowing some of Jacks clothing, which, even with the belt to hold up the pants and clinch the shirt in, was still absolutely swallowing him. Vlad had tied his hair back and trimmed his beard enough to make it more presentable. If he was going to look like a man child in these clothes, then he would at least look like a semi-well groomed man child. Vlad also took a baseball cap, but he shoved that in one of the pockets for later.

    Once Vlad entered the lab, he saw Jack working on the ghost shield. Vlad didn’t really need a ghost shield, he only needed the weapons or well one particular set of weapons. However, it would look suspicious if he didn’t ask for a ghost shield.

    “Do you need any assistance?” asked Vlad as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

    Jack waved him off then continued welding pieces of metal together. The contraption looked like a blender, “I’m nearly done Vladdie. It’d be better if Maddie was here to check the wiring, but it should last a few days at least. Maddie will be back then, and she can help me make a new one. Grab anything you want to take with you Valddie. We have plenty of weapons!”

    “Thank you, Jack.” With that invitation, Vlad grabbed a couple of small, but powerful blasters and the Fenton gauntlets. Vlad only wanted the gauntlets, but as a precaution, the blasters would do. Vlad was a decent shot, which would help if he did indeed need them.

    “Jack,” called Vlad

    “Yes buddy?” responded Jack not looking up from his work.

    “Please don’t tell anyone about this,” said Vlad, “I’m not sure I’m ready for people to know what happened to me.”

    This caused Jack to stop welding and look up, “I’m not keeping this a secret from Maddie. You got captured by a ghost and she needs to know.”

    “Jack,” started Vlad, he was going to try for pleading. Maddie would catch on to Vlad’s ruse much faster than Jack.

    “I won’t tell anyone else. But if I am going to help you, I’ll need Maddie for that. We do our best work as a team.”

    Vlad sighed, from the look in Jack’s eye it seemed this was the one thing his friend was stuck on, “Very well, but reassure her that I am fine and that she does not need to come home yet. I can manage for a few days. When I am ready, I will ask for your help.”

    “I can work with that plan Vladdie!” exclaimed Jack, “I’ll tell Maddie what happened after I drop you home.”

    “That is acceptable. But please don’t let anyone else know, especially not Jazz and Danny, I don’t want them to worry.”

    “My lips are sealed!” said Jack before he got back to work.

    Vlad was unsure how well this secret would be kept since Jack was a loud talker. But Jack had managed to keep a secret before. It was always easy to see when Jack was hiding something, but he wouldn’t spill the secret at least. If that was the best that Vlad could get then he would take it.

    A triumphant cry drew Vlad’s attention back to Jack, who was holding up the strange looking blender in glee.

    “It’s done! You now have a portable ghost shield,” said Jack handing Vlad the modified blender, “You just press this button, and a ghost shield will keep ghost out of a five-metre radius,” said Jack hitting the button. Instantly the blender whirled to life and a green dome appeared around him and Jack. The whirl died down to a low hum and the dome maintained its steady glow. Jack pressed the button and the blender powered down, the shield disappearing.

    “Thank you, Jack this is very helpful,” said Vlad nodding to his friend.

    “It’ll last a couple of hours on its battery, then you’ll have to plug it into an outlet. I was in a rush so it still has some kinks to work out, but it should last until Mads gets home and can help me make a better one,” explained Jack.

    “This will do quite nicely for now. Shall we go? You can just drop me out the front of my house.”

    “Of course, Vladdie! You got everything you want?”

    “Yes, I’m all set,” said Vlad with a grin, thinking ahead.

    The trip to Vlad’s Amity Park estate didn’t take long, and Jack chattered the whole time about ghosts, the good old days, and Maddie. Vlad silently listened, just silently revelling in the fact that he was in the past. This was his chance to change everything.

    They got to the bottom of Vlad’s street when Vlad said, “Pull over here. I can manage from this point.”

    Jack glanced at Vlad then sharply pulled over. His driving was so erratic, “Here we are. If you need anything else Vlad, just call me or Maddie. We’ll help you.”

    Vlad gave Jack a genuine smile, “I know. Thank you for all your help, Jack, but I have it from here. Things will get better soon, don’t you worry.”

    Vlad waved goodbye to Jack as he drove dramatically away. As soon as the Fenton RV was out of sight Vlad shoved on the baseball cap and hid the weapons the best he could. The blasters were in his pockets and the gauntlets were hidden in a bag with his tattered suit.

    Vlad walked up to his Amity mansion, carefully turning, and ducking his head so the security cameras couldn’t see his face. Vlad reached the door, rang the doorbell, and waited.

    It wasn’t long before he heard movement. The locks clicked and his past self opened the door looking unimpressed, “Whatever you’re trying to sell I don’t want to buy.”

    “Oh, I think you do,” Vlad looked himself straight in the eye with a cold gaze and levelled the ghost blaster to his past self’s forehead.

    His past self had time to widen his eyes before Vlad shot the blaster point-blank. His younger self went tumbling back from the doorway with the shot, stunned and hurt.

    Vlad smoothly stepped inside and closed the door. Vlad dropped the blaster and pulled out the gauntlets from the bag slipping them on with knowing ease. All while his past self was sputtering and struggling to sit upright. Before he could sit up Vlad stood over him and extended the gauntlet’s claws. In one swift movement, Vlad plunged the claws into his past self’s chest and ripped apart his human and ghost halves. Vlad kept a strong hold of the ghost half that looked dazed. Taking the ghost half, Vlad shoved it into his own chest. Vlad gasped at the coldness of the ghost and the sharp pain of the claws.

    Vlad stumbled back his breathing erratic as the cold spread from his chest to his limbs then to his fingers and toes. After a moment the cold settled and the pain died. Vlad stood up straight feeling whole in a way he hadn’t in a long time. Vlad calmly took the gauntlet off and crushed them in his hands, letting the pieces fall to the ground.

    Vlad looked over at his younger self who had scampered back.

    “Who are you? What do you want?” he asked, with a shake to his voice that only Vlad himself would have been able to detect.

    “I am you, and I am here to fix every mistake you’ve ever made and every mistake you will make,” said Vlad and he could feel his eyes glowing red.

    Faster than his past self could react Vlad swooped over and overshadowed his past self. Usually overshadowing felt like wearing shoes two sizes too big, but this time it felt like slipping on well-worn shoes. It was a perfect fit. Vlad smoothly stood up and dusted himself off. He needed his younger self out of the way and what could be better than becoming his younger self. If he had walked around in his older body Danny surely would notice and Vlad couldn’t have that. Vlad was going to fix everything.

    His past self was a small voice nagging at the back of his head. Vlad knew that over time it would fade. If a person was overshadowed for long enough then they would cease to exist and all that would remain would be the ghost. However, this body was exactly the same as Vlad’s own, just a decade younger. There was a chance that Vlad could simply overtake it and merge with it properly. Rolling his shoulders Vlad let the transformation wash over him, and the quiet voice of his past self silenced. Plasmius let out a breath and a smile crept up his face letting his sharp teeth show.

    “We,” no that wasn’t right, Vlad restarted, “I have so much to do,” said Vlad as he clasped his hands behind his back and turned towards his lab, “I must ensure that none of the Fenton’s die.”

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  • nik-knacks
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Anderperry Week Day Four - Genderbent

    Hello! Heres my silly little genderbent prompt, just some sweet gals being pals. Fun fact, I've never painted my nails before so idk ANYTHING LMAO

    Tags! @aedan-mills @cupiiid @justarandompjofan @iguanamuppet @tuskofthyme @mentalthisone

    Summary: Nell paints Teddy's nails

    “You’ve never painted your nails?” Nell asked, lying on her bed.

    Teddy shrugged. “No? No one ever taught me, so I never learned.”

    “Well, now you’ve gotta let me paint them!” Nell sat up, standing and flitting over to her desk.

    “Okay?” Teddy said. “Can I choose the colour?”

    “Of course! I’ve got most of them.” Nell said, pulling out a small shoebox. “Scooch over.”

    Teddy scooted up her bed, letting Nell sit in front of her and cross her legs. “Let me see.”

    Nell handed over the box, watching Teddy intently as she started rifling through the box. There were quite a few nail polishes inside. Some were sparkly and filled with glitter (Teddy crossed any glittery ones out. Glitter was evil), some were matte and solid (promising), some were glossy (also nice). Some were in thin, long bottles, some were in round ones, some were in square ones.

    Looking through this box was honestly kind of weird, Teddy had seen Jess’ small collection in her bedroom drawer before, but she’d never seen so many.

    “I never realised you liked nail polish so much.” Teddy said, still digging around the box.

    “Yeah, it was one of the freedoms my mother said I could have.” Nell said, showing off her pale blue nails. “She says that it makes me look more sophisticated, which is code for better.”

    Teddy bit her lip. “I don’t think the colour of your nails makes you better… you’re already really good.” She smiled. “They’re pretty, though. I’m excited for you to do mine now.”

    Nell grinned. “Of course! Have you chosen a colour?”

    Teddy picked out a muted green colour. “I like this green, it's pretty.”

    “It’ll go great on your nails then.” Nell said, taking the nail polish out of Teddy’s hands. She unscrewed the lid, balancing the polish on her knee as she held the brush with one hand. Nell held out her free hand. “Give me your hand.”

    Teddy reached her hand out, her heart fluttering as Nell grasped it gently. “I’ll try not to cover your hands in nail polish.” She laughed, raising the brush to Teddy’s nails.

    Struggling to keep her heart from beating out of her chest from holding hands with her pretty roommate, Teddy cleared her throat. “You’ve got so many nail polishes, how many do you actually use?”

    “Honestly? Not even half of them, they’re just pretty and nice to look at.” Nell replied, carefully brushing the polish onto Teddy’s nails. “Your hands are soft.”

    Teddy laughed awkwardly. “Um, ah. I moisturise.”

    “I can tell.” She said, moving to Teddy’s middle finger.

    The two of them idly chatted throughout the process of Teddy’s nail painting session. Teddy tried her best to stay calm and not implode as Nell held her hand and laughed and painted her nails with such care. Girls did this all the time. It was just girly things. Gals being pals. This was fine. She was fine.

    She sighed an internal sigh of relief when Nell finally finished. “All done, now your hands are decked out and looking as pretty as you.” Don’t freak out, don't freak out, don't freak out.


    “Now we just wait for them to dry.” She said, recapping the nail polish.

    “Yep.” Teddy nodded, staring down at her newly green nails. “How long do you think it’ll take?”

    “Maybe half an hour? Depends, really.” She shrugged.

    Teddy nodded again, still examining her nails. She glanced up, seeing Nell staring at her.

    “Yeah?” She asked.

    Nell leaned forward, Teddy followed. Their first kiss was awkward but sweet, Teddy’s still drying nails held out at an awkward angle as she attempted not to ruin them completely. When they pulled away, Nell smiled.

    “I should paint your nails more often.” She said, smiling.

    Teddy laughed. “Yeah, yeah. I’d like that.”

    #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry week 2k21 day 4 #anderperry week 2k21 day 4 genderbent #anderperry #dead poets society #dps#neil perry#todd anderson#dps fandom#anderperry fanfic#dps fanfiction
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  • anderperryshit
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    next week, feel anticipation !!

    Neil walks back to the car, opening the door and slipping inside. He catches Todd’s eye again, and there’s so many things Todd tries to say. Don’t worry, it’ll be okay, I’ll make it okay, somehow. I promise, just- please- be okay. I’m so proud of you. Neil smiles like he heard him, but it snaps something in Todd’s soul clean in two.

    The car drives away.

    (That was the last time he ever saw Neil Perry. Sweet, wonderful Neil that made him feel so much in so little time. And that car, that noise, those eyes, and that smile haunted Todd forever.)

    #u r not physically ready for that chapter <33 #also will y’all lose interest after bestie dies bc there’s still 2 chapters after that— #dead poets society #dps#anderperry#neil perry#todd anderson#anderperry fanfic#dps fanfiction #all the good things
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  • angelic-ish-phantom
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    She knows she’s an old book.

    She doesn’t think she has always been able to think the way she can now. Nor does she think, the first witch she had served was her first ward.

    But she has been held by many over the years.

    And so, she knows of witches, knows of their craft.

    She knows anyone wan be a witch, perform the simple rituals and spell, follow the rites, know of Wicca. That knowledge has survived and spread, outlived many practitioners. But to have any real aptitude, a witch must be taught.

    The old witches of power took students, passed their ways to children, gave their gifts to covens, but so few remain now…

    (It hurts to think of ages passed. It burns her shifting ink to think of flames catching those, both innocent and true.)

    Yet she lives on. A gift. A granter. A teacher.

    And a young ghost (or something else perhaps…) picked her up one day.

    This on its own was not an odd occurrence. She had been held many a time by the beings of this realm. She has been in this realm for a long time now…

    And then she was given.

    In the Infinite realms, she had been bartered for and found and kept, time and time again, but this time she had been what she was meant to be: a gift.

    The girl was of old blood, if it was small. And had a passion, a will. The girl accepted her with a casualness after skimming her pages.

    She was simple now, without a host, the barest of knowledge of that practice, the smallest hint toward that of magick. Even still, it was a sure sign when the girl recognized her writings, understanding and unimpressed.

    She wasn’t supposed to be impressive yet, but she couldn’t help but take offense. Additionally, the girl was not touched in the way that mattered to her, the girl had now real inclination towards the wild ways. Only interest in the occult.

    …But, she supposed one couldn’t be picky in these times.

    It was easy to bind herself to the girl. She searched the girl’s mind and pushed her towards the mystic, gave the girl the buzzing power and aptitude that would make her something great.

    Her pages were filled with deep and detailed notes, complex and beautiful essays on divination, ritual work, spells, potions, alchemy, herbalism and everything someone aspiring to learn witchcraft would want to learn. For the girl’s eyes only.

    And now the girls had power. Now, the girl had familiars in her wolf and her ghost-thing that might share in her affinity. Now, the girl had knowledge that would stay by her side the death itself pried them apart.

    And so, Sam the witch was born.

    #danny phantom#dp #sort of a prequel to yesterday #ectober month 2021 #ectoberhaunt 2021#ectoberhaunt trick#ectoberhaunt treat#photo edit#fanfiction#phicc#fanfic#sam manson#danny fenton #I was gonna write a Sam POV thing #but I am tired :( #day 21 #Host vs Relic
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    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Anderperry Week Day Three - Future/Domestic Fluff

    Hello! Heres day three, not much to say, about this one tbh so enjoy!!

    Tags! @aedan-mills @maisietheweltoncow @cupiiid @justarandompjofan @mentalthisone @iguanamuppet

    Summary: Todd and Neil ran away. Life is good.

    Life after Welton wasn’t perfect, but it was full of love. After Neil’s play and his following argument with his father, Neil had snuck back to Welton. After a very brief Dead Poets Society meeting, Todd had taken Neil’s hand and followed Neil towards another world. The train station looked like a liminal, unreal space in the dead of the night, whisking them away into the big city hand in hand, as it was meant to be.

    City life wasn’t the easiest to adjust to. It was busy and bustling, the world around them sometimes having more personality than they themselves did. It never stopped, a relentless pulse of life in their already full lives as they learned to live beyond the limitations of Welton and their families.

    Letters, phone calls, postcards, slipping in and out of their home as they stayed in touch with Keating and the Dead Poets until they could join them. Keating eventually went back to England, but through the mailing system and many visits, he never strayed too far from the boys he shaped into men. The Poets were never very far either, all in one city and always together in between the moments of worldly life between their passion.

    Dead Poets Society meetings, though no longer as frequent, were a common occurrence. No longer were their nights of passionate exploration confined to the walls of a cave in the woods, now they’re words lived in the walls of studio apartments and rented flats all around the city, in the study rooms of universities and between the shelves of the public library, in the grassy plains of the parks and the docks overlooking the sea.

    It felt like coming home.

    That's what Todd realised as he woke up in the morning, the bed slightly colder than it should be as he woke up. He yawned, rolling over to see Neil tiptoeing around the room, gathering things.

    “What time do you get off rehearsal?” Todd mumbled, pushing himself to sit up in bed.

    “5 o’clock. Are you staying late?” Neil replied, shouldering his bag.

    Todd hummed. “Probably, since I’m going in later.”

    “I’ll pick you up, then.” Neil smiled, leaning down and pressing a kiss to Todd’s forehead. “I’ll see you soon.” Todd hummed again, rolling over and going back to sleep, content thrumming through him.

    Now, at 25, Charlie liked to call him the ‘First Mate’, even though Todd was adamant that if anybody was the Captain’s first mate, it was Neil. But, to be fair, Keating’s influence on Todd (and his teaching) was clear to anybody who had ever met Keating.

    Todd loved his students. They were college kids, so of course they were much better than the rowdy teenage boys of Welton. Everybody in that room was there for English, and Todd loved to teach them. He could identify the pieces of those he loved in each of them, which definitely spurred his passion for teaching them.

    Some of his students had Meeks’ smarts, or Cameron’s drive, or Pitts’ heart. Some of them had Knox’s enthusiasm, some had Charlie’s charisma, some had Neil’s passion. Some were like Todd himself, shy and quiet but filled with so much more. Todd loved each and every one of them, and he hoped that no matter how they saw him, he could show them just a sliver of what Keating had when he was younger.

    Todd sat at his desk, grading his latest poetry assignments when a student knocked on the door. Her hair was short, cut right above her shoulders and held back by a striped headband, wearing a college issued hoodie and jeans. In her arms was a stack of papers.

    “Mr Anderson, I- I have my assignment. I’m so sorry it’s late. I meant to print it out this morning and my printer broke so I had to go to my friend’s dorm.” She said, handing Todd a stack of papers stapled together.

    “Lilian, it's fine. Technically this assignment was due at 5 o’clock. It's currently.” Todd checked his watch. “4:49. You’re completely on time.” Todd smiled. “And even if you were late, it wouldn't have mattered. You got it in, and I can tell from the.” Todd flicked through the pages. “Three to four pages you’ve written, that you worked very hard.”

    She nodded. “Thank you. I really like Whitman’s work, so I think I went a little overboard on my essay. Thank you so much for introducing him to us.”

    Todd laughed. “Of course.” He tapped his pen against his desk. “Well, no need to dawdle! Go ahead and enjoy your Friday evening.”

    “Alright. Thank you, Mr Anderson! Have a nice night with your husband!”

    “I will! See you on Monday.” He called after her, grinning as he started to read through her work.

    When Neil picked Todd up later that day, it was with a kiss and promise of takeout. Todd climbed into the car, placing his bag on the floor in front of him.

    “How was the rehearsal?”

    Neil smiled. “It was great! Sebastian is a fun character to play.”

    “Ah, Twelfth Night. My students dubbed it ‘the most bisexual Shakespeare play’.”

    Neil laughed. “They’re right.” He turned. “How are your students?”

    “They’re as chaotic as ever. I love them.” Todd smiled. “They remind me a lot of us, back when we’re younger.”

    “What? Pretentious and rowdy?”

    “Oh, of course. It's an English class.” Todd snorted. “But I meant that they’re… full of life. Full of opportunity.”

    “Yeah, that does sound like us.”

    “Some things just never change.” Todd said.

    “Yeah, like us.”

    Todd nodded, his heart filled with content. “Exactly like us.”

    Todd was cleaning the dishes, Neil sitting at the table and reciting lines. At some point, he stopped. “Neil?” Todd asked, turning to see Neil staring at him, script forgotten on the table.

    “I love you.” Neil said, the words so familiar yet still so thrilling everytime.

    “I love you too.” Todd replied.

    Neil sighed as Todd switched the tap off. “I’m so happy that this is my life. If you had told me as a kid that at seventeen years old I would run away with the love of my life and never look back, I never would’ve believed you.”

    Todd smiled. “I’m the love of your life?”

    “Of course you are.” He stood, walking over to Todd and wrapping his arms around him. “Todd Anderson, there's nobody else I’d have got onto a train with in the night as teenager to carpe diem with.”

    “I would follow you anywhere, Neil.” Todd leaned over and kissed him. “You’re the love of my life too. It's us against the world.”

    “And our band of nerds.” Neil jested.

    “Of course our band of nerds.” Todd laughed. “I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    This was their verse, one filled with love and life and happiness.

    #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry week 2k21 day 3 #anderperry week 2k21 day 3 future/domestic fluff #anderperry #dead poets society #dps#neil perry#todd anderson#dps fandom#dps fanfiction#anderperry fanfiction#anderperry fanfic
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  • anderperryshit
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    tis a little snippet of one of my wips bc I’m bored 

    “I’ll study later.” 

    Cameron’s face does that stupid thing where it scrunches up somewhere between exasperation and fondness and if Charlie’s heart tugs one more time he might have to push himself against him. “You can’t, testing starts tomorrow.” 

    Charlie smiles, nudging his knee with his nose before turning his head so he can rest it atop Cameron’s legs. “You’ll help me.” 

    He feels Cameron’s fingers very gently begin to move through his hair, against the top of the strands rather than near his roots. He laughs a little, and Charlie smiles too because of course he does. “No, I won’t.” 

    Charlie stretches his head back so he can meet Cameron’s eyes. “You will.” 

    There is something about time that stops working in moments like these, it either moves too fast or not at all and Charlie cannot decide which. 

    “Yeah,” he breathes out, “Probably.” 

    And Charlie laughs. 

    #maybe i am losing it #we may never know #chameron#dps fanfiction #dead poets society #charlie dalton#richard cameron#chameron fanfic
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