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  • sulsulellison
    22.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    dps requests requirements

    also understand i have school so it might take me a bit to get to requests (expect a day or two)

    do able:

    any dead poet (+stick & chris(heads up, chris fics might not be good but will try my best) but -mr. keating)

    character x reader (gn! male! and female!)

    fluff / comfort

    >coping mechanisms are totally fine, just make sure to give a specific name or description


    crack headcanons/ short fics

    dribbles and short fics


    non explicit intimacy

    not do able:

    major nsfw (gore & sexual/smut)

    character x character (exceptions can be made but assume not) (character x character ‘sibling is okay, like ‘niel x charlie’s sister’)

    major angst/hurt (no abuse/harassment or killing of any sort)

    disrespectful requests (wether it be towards me, a character, or really disrespect in any harmful way)

    *will update as needed*

    #dead poets society #dead poets honor #dead poets live #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society x reader #dps x reader #dps fic#dps#dps fanfiction#dps hc#dps headcanons#dps fandom#dps boys#neil perry#todd anderson#knox overstreet#gerard pitts#steven meeks#charlie dalton#richard cameron#chris#dps chris#stick dps#dps crack#comfort#fluff #charlie dalton x reader #steven meeks x reader #knox overstreet x reader #gerard pitts x reader
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  • sulsulellison
    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #fluff#comfort#steven meeks#charlie dalton#knox overstreet #charlie dalton x reader #steven meeks x reader #knox overstreet x reader #dead poets society x reader #dead poets honor #dead poets live #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society #dps x reader #dps fic#dps#meeks dps#dps fanfiction#dps hc#dps headcanons#dps fandom#dps boys
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  • sulsulellison
    22.09.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #fluff#comfort #charlie dalton x reader #dead poets society x reader #dead poets honor #dead poets live #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society #charlie dalton#steven meeks#richard cameron #charlie x reader #dps fanfiction#dps hc#dps headcanons#dps fandom#dps#dps fic #dps x reader
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  • t4keabreak
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    modern hc that the poets are too lazy to go to a cave so they go to mcdonald’s parking lot and sit in shopping carts and recite poems there

    #i’m carrying dps hc tumblr fight me bitches #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society headcannons #dps headcannons #dead poets society hc #headcannon#hc #thanks lav xx
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  • a-cowboy-needs-a-hat
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    neil and todd sitting on the floor of their dorm, leaning against their beds and its dark and its quiet and maybe its kinda tense. they should both be asleep, they know that, but neither are tired. maybe something happened at the dps meeting, and maybe the tense silence isnt a bad kind of uncomfortable, just. weird. cause they both know there's something they need to talk about, but neither wants to start.

    cause maybe one of them read a love poem, or maybe someone else did, and one caught the other staring at him in some kind of way, in a kind of way he's seen before and done himself so he doesn't really mind, but it does kinda scare him.

    or maybe it was something more direct -- grabbing his hand, a head on his shoulder, turning to look at him and their faces were close and eyes not looking at his, looking somewhere else, but it was just for a second, just cause he didnt realize they were sitting so close, just cause theyre always sorta like that.

    and it feels like hours have passed in this uncomfortable-but-not silence, knees drawn to their chests and air still, but its probably only been no more than two minutes before todd says, so. and stretches out a leg, taps his ankle to neils.


    yeah, so.

    neil's watching him, now, waiting. maybe he's always been watching.

    why do you always look at me like that? todd asks without thinking.

    like what?

    i dont know. like the way you were looking at me earlier.


    yeah. earlier.

    hm. i dont remember how i was looking at you earlier.

    todd laughs, then, and neil does too. cause he's lying. he knows. they both do.

    why are you making this so difficult? and todd's grinning when he says it, tilting his head.

    making what difficult? neil's grinning, too. there's a glint in his eye and todd feels like he's buzzing.

    you know. todd crosses the short distance between their beds and sits beside neil, pressing their sides together.

    neil turns to face him, still smiling. hm?

    it's unmistakable, todd decides, the way neil grabs his hand. it's unmistakable, now, in the way he's looking at him -- his face, his lips. and it's unmistakable, when he leans in to kiss him, slowly, the way he feels neils mouth open against his.


    #tried 2 reformat this for ao3 but it did not work so i guess u guys can have it<3 #find more than 1 recent hc/fic post of mine that doesnt end in a kiss u cant #im making up for the lost possibilities #anderperry#todd anderson#neil perry #dead poets society #dps headcanons#fanfic #i suck at tagging anything original um #cowboy posts#long post #is it idk
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  • t4keabreak
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    hc that neil’s hands are always warm and todd’s are always cold

    #dps #dead poets society #dps headcannons #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society headcannons #dead poets society hc #headcannon#hc#neil perry#todd anderson#anderperry #neil x todd
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  • t4keabreak
    19.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    modern meeks probably has like 93639261963936926392729271619725182 crystals in his pockets and they fall down during class and he’d be like “sorry mr keating that was my rainbow fluorite tower”

    #dead poets society #dps #dead poets society headcannons #dps headcannons #dead poets society hc #stephen meeks#hc#modern
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  • aedan-mills
    17.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Charlie's failed pick up line

    Charlie: Hey Cam, you have something on your face.

    Cameron: .... What? *looks up at Charlie who's longingly staring at him*


    Cameron:... W-what??

    Charlie: You've got....a..-- A FUCKING SPIDER *DEMONIC SCREAMING* *proceeds to whack Cameron's face*


    And thus Charlie never got to use that pick up line ever again.

    The og line would've been "You've got lips I wanna kiss"

    #chameron #failed pick up line #charlie is really afraid of bugs #thats like a universal #dps hc
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  • sulsulellison
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    passing notes

    steven meeks x gn!reader
    (modern au)
    word count: 290
    this one is rather short
    warning: none

    since they allowed ipad use during school with the intention of only being used for academic purposes, you and your friends starting playing games over messages to pass time

    its what most everyone did

    and lets just say, you’re yet to be caught

    which is why you started getting more of your friends numbers to play games with

    you already had both knox and charlie’s number pinned with the main purpose being games

    the dead poets and you were fairly close since you had multi classes with each of them, well except for meeks

    you and meeks only had one class together and didn’t talk much, if at all

    nonetheless less, you still wanted to get to know him better

    one thing you knew tho, was how much he focused in class, he wasn’t going to be one of those you catch messaging someone in the middle of a lesson

    as a way to hopefully get around that, you decide to get yourself some sticky notes

    and that was when the passing notes started

    which you were lucky enough to sit next to him, making it easier to pass them

    you started out by passing rather basic conversation starters

    then you gave him low quality sketches and small/easy origami

    more personal questions started to be asked and proper conversations began to form between you and meeks

    this went on for maybe more than three weeks

    that’s when you got the courage to give him your number and ask if he might want to hang out that weekend

    and to your luck, he, rather quickly, texted you back saying yes

    even after getting his number, the both of you continued to pass notes to each other

    #steven meeks#stephen meeks #steven meeks x reader #meeks #dead poets society x reader #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society #dead poets live #dead poets honor #dps fanfiction#dps hc#dps headcanons#dps fandom#meeks dps#knox overstreet#charlie dalton#comfort#fluff#headcanons#fanfic
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  • gallwithapall
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    This is my favourite scene from dead poets society

    Keating believed in Todd when he didn't believe in himself

    Keating HELPED Todd BELIEVE

    Keating was like a father figure to Todd in this scene, granted he kept teasing him, throughout the beginning of the film, calling him a mole, but, this scene helped Todd become a better person?? In a way?? in the end scene he became a leader and stood up on the desk to honour Keating, but I think this scene was significant into Todd's character development

    I love Todd so much

    And Mr Keating

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  • duxpuella
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • ameliterature
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Okay DPS Roommate HC dynamics:

    Meeks + Pitts

    Like a well oiled machine, they get along so well together

    they have goldberg machines in there I KNOW it

    they pretty much function the same way so their room is organized/ organized chaos

    "Meeks, where's my-" "in your desk drawer, upper right"


    Pitts is also too long for his bed/blanket, so meeks will lend him his sleep socks (yes he has those)

    Their radio is one of MANY machines.

    they make those weird "useless" gadgets for fun

    potato clock

    Meeks always has the best snacks but all Pitts wants are the dinner rolls he got him <3

    Meeks likes Puns and Pitts hates it. Pitts will not hesitate to diss on Meek's jokes, especially since Meeks makes them SO MUCH when they're alone :(((

    Meeks and Pitts learned pig latin for fun

    now they cant STOP

    Neil + Todd

    At first, Todd will always be in the room alone while Neil would hang out

    but when they got closer, Neil would just vibe with todd more cuz they like reading/practicing lines haha

    heck they're domestic asf

    they share blankey (platonic) (sometimes)

    neil's spot is by the radiator so they dont put stuff on it

    they kinda adopted a random plant together :) (they named it Dog cuz it's funny)

    "did you water dog today?" "yep, he's happy there's sunlight today"

    the other poets are always confused

    Both of them have very little "personal items" so their room is the most barren of the groups BUT you'd find out they have so many papers and books tucked away in several corners of their room. (maybe a few love letters hehe)

    Todd's bed gets immediate sunlight and it wakes him up too often

    he will go over to Neil's bed to avoid the sunlight

    eventually they rock paper scissor which bed they'll sleep in

    *platonically spoons your bestie*

    *romantically spoons your bestie*

    Charlie + Cameron

    Do y'all believe in heaven/hell

    you can see the "invisible" line that separates their two sides

    Not that charlie is messy, he just has a LOT of stuff and Cameron is so neat, it's blinding

    Cameron has the same deskset as Todd so he was MORTIFIED seeing them throw it off "YOU COULDA GIVEN IT TO ME--

    Charlie's instruments are everywhere and he plays them a lot (sax, bongos, flute, a kazoo, a stupid clarinet his parents made him bring)

    Cameron actually doesn't mind, Charlie's pretty good at the Sax and Bongos (he borrows his Clarinet sometimes)

    Cameron likes wearing his sweater when he studies in their room

    All of Cameron's pencils are sharpened. For 2 reasons.

    Charlie's closet is brimming with fancy clothes. He actually lent Cameron some of his suits/sweaters

    They have this unspoken rule that they ALWAYS have to knock before entering their room-- always. Especially after that one time.

    Cameron is the one to wake up Charlie. always.

    Charlie will sometimes scare Cameron to sleep for fun

    Cameron will "accidentally leave his notes open" and Charlie can see them so he'll copy off his notes.

    "Yo the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell lmao"

    knox: "Charlie, how could you possibly know that"

    "I just DO" ok??

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  • duxpuella
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #duxpuella headcanons#dps hc#dps fic#dps headcanons #dead poets society #richard cameron #richard cameron x reader
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  • marshzellos
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    the poets asking you out for prom


    gives you gifts the week before prom night

    and will also leave you some hints

    “don't you think it's cute when i'm your prom date” *chuckles nervously*

    surprises you with a promposal with the other poets helping him

    “hey y/n, wanna go to prom with me?” *finger guns*


    tries to ask you out but leaves bc he doesnt know what to say

    will panic everytime he brings up the prom topic


    finally asks you out right before prom night

    “will go to prom with me?” *slaps himself bc he's stuttering too much*


    asks you out immediately

    is straightforward abt it

    “we're cute together so, prom with me?”

    “cant you see, the great king nuwanda is asking you out from prom”

    i mean,, you cant say no to charlie


    will give you a piece of teared paper

    ‘hey y/n, can you be my prom date? just circle which one is your answer’

    doesnt have a ‘no’ option in the paper

    gets shocked when you agree to go out with him

    “oh my god, i finally have a date :D” *happy knox noises*


    kinda chill the week before prom night

    panics bc he realizes he still hasnt asked you out

    his voice aint cooperating with him when he asks he out bc his voice keep cracking

    “hey uh, y/n, are you a piece of carbon? because i would love to date you” *awkward silence* “sorry that was bad, will go to prom with me?”

    will hug you when you agree to go to prom with him


    prepared but scared to get rejected

    the poets teaching him how to ask you out

    will say nerdy pickup lines to you everyday

    “uh, pittsie said this will work, uhh. you must be made of uranium and iodine because all i can see is u and i together. prom with me?” *cheeky smile*

    “really you want to go to prom with me? yay!” hes the happiest person


    makes a 10k word essay on why he wants to go out with you

    tries his best to not mess up his promposal and his little speech

    “alright charlie, as soon as i start talking, queue ‘a teenager in love’ on the radio” “got it, mr. rich”

    “what do you say, y/n? will go to prom with me—” *gets interrupted by little richard's ‘tutti frutti’ in full volume* “goddammit, charlie. you had one job”

    “yes? oh my god, she said yes!” *jumps up and down and dances with you with tutti frutti playing in the background*

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  • ameliterature
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Some Dead Poets Society Post-Canon HC

    Todd wrote so many poems after Neil's passing, Charlie and the others were able to convince him to publish some. He was eventually able to follow his dream as an Author/Writer with the help of Neil.

    If Todd eventually got married and had kids, he'd name one of them after Neil (or his grandkid)

    Todd donates to suicide prevention centers bi-yearly

    A movie was made in his honor (it was called the Dead Poets Society)

    Todd also donates/funds acting schools for aspiring actors

    He's great a public speaking now btw;

    Still horrible at small talk


    #dps#dps hc#anderperry hc #it got stupid at the end hahah sorry
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  • propaganda-for-poets
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    meeks absolutely loves elephants, he thinks they're the most fascinating creatures ever and charlie always teases him saying it's because they're like pitts (v tall and exceptionally smart)

    #🩹 jace's hcs #dead poets society #dps#steven meeks#stephen meeks
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  • sulsulellison
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fair Day

    i’ve returned from a dark slumber and have romanticized my life just enough to turn it into fluff headcanon fanfics. it has been almost a year since i wrote any sort of headcanon/fanfic and as my return i’m going to write about some event that happened irl but make it more fluff/romantic headcanons and with dps characters. enjoy :D

    charlie dalton x gn!reader
    (modern au) going to a carnival with friends
    word count: 1k
    warning: swearing, sexual jokes (not about y/n tho)

    pitts was the first one to bring up going to the nearby fair; however, charlie was the one who was able to convince and invite everyone

    it seemed that all dead poets, s/o and close friends were invited to come

    todd was the one to ask you to join them since you two quickly became friends during the classes you share

    and todd was well aware of you crippling ‘unrequited’ crush on charlie but wasn’t going to tell you that

    sneaky bitch

    but honestly you weren’t the best at hiding it

    the fair was being held in less than three days and you were ecstatic about being able to go this year, especially with the people you were going with

    your excitement was quickly proven worth it when saturday came along and you were on your way over

    you quickly found pitts and meeks in the crowded area by the ticket both

    once you got over there you also found that charlie was also there but was in the line, three groups away from paying

    as you were about to get to the end of the line and wait your turn, charlie called out to you, requesting that you got inline with him since it would be quicker

    he also insisted that he be the one to pay for you, but with enough complaining and reasoning, his efforts were proven to be fruitless

    once getting both of yours tickets and returning to pitts and meeks you meet up with the rest of the group, that being todd, neil, knox, chris, and one of pitts friends that was only going to be there for the next hour or two

    since it was fairly big group, you all decided to split up for the first half of the day: nile and todd, know and chris, meeks, pitts, and his friend

    that left you with charlie for the time being (tho who would complain about that)

    charlie was yet to learn about you hesitance to get on big rides but it wasn’t like you were going to give him joke material

    the first ride you both went on the the pharaoh boat one, and you just hoped and prayed charlie would go anywhere except the ends

    and as any cliche fanfic goes, your prayers were far from answered

    charlie basically ran to the end of the boat and waited for you before pulling the safety bar down

    my god did you regret not just going to the middle cause damn, that safety bar should really not more even just the slightest, like really, who designed that feature

    but the entire time charlie was having the time of his life, yelling jokingly to get a reaction out of you no the others on the ride

    which did end up working, but only the slightest bit

    the ride came to an end and charlie immediately pulled you over into the line for mobs dick

    and he picked this ride strictly for two reasons, but all he’d tell you was that he liked it for the view

    but as soon as the ride started, you learned what the their reason was

    the jokes this guy made were out of pocket but still funny nonetheless

    “i can feel it in my stomach”

    “oohhh moby, slow down”

    “faster, faster moby”

    (may i remind you, moby is the whale, in case you forgot)

    charlie was just bitching and moaning the whole time

    but he had the most smug look ever as he did it and you both got off the ride laughing and continuing the jokes

    charlie dragged you to three other rides before making you come wit him to view the carnival games

    by now he was holding your hand and had you held rather close, but that could be because he didn’t want you to get lost in the crowded streets

    you both were well aware of how rigged most, if not all, the games were but they were also cheap so it was worth a try

    after finally winning one of the games, charlie picked out a paw patrol stuffie as his prize and handed it to you without a second to spare (and who doesn’t have a small love for paw patrol)

    now, it as your turn to drag him around

    now all educated people are aware of how fun the kid section can be, especially the mini snake themed roller coaster meant for six year olds

    for some reason, it's one of the only rides without a height of age limit, so like any sane person you get in the relatively short line and talk with charlie as you wait

    he mostly made fun of you for suggesting this ride but it's not like you had already been dragged to every other ride at the fair

    it’s not the smoothest ride but it was hella worth going one

    you managed to get the worst angled pictures of charlie, who was trying to act tough but somehow looked more concerned about falling out

    and my god did he just barely fit in the seats, he looked like the grinch when he was driving the mini car after ruining the whoville christmas celebration

    right next to that ride was a tent set up to be a ducky ring toss, you get to win no matter what tho, which meant that every time you played you got a toy and lets just say charlie really wanted to get the ring n the duck

    you both ended up leaving with eight small prizes and one bigger prize

    it was starting to get late and you had gotten a text in the group chat asking for everyone to meet up by the ride freak out, which ended up being the last ride of the night for the group before getting dinner and walking over to meeks house, which was rather close

    everyone remained at meeks house till about 12 and watched movies and talked about the most random shit possible

    and i’m not saying you and charlie hadn’t sat basically right on top of each other but i’m also not saying charlie sat anywhere else in the room that night

    #dead poets society x reader #dead poets society #dps fandom#dps headcanons#dps hc#dps fanfiction #dead poets headcanons #charlie#charlie dalton#steven meeks#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#niel perry#todd anderson#dps chris#chris#meeks#pitts#overstreet #charlie dalton x reader #charlie dalton headcanons #dead poets honor #dead poets live #dead poets society imagines #fan fiction#dark academia #dead poets society fluff #charlie dalton imagine #comfort
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  • marshzellos
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    random headcanon

    if dps was modern, charlie would probs change the poets' ringtones to any of the cupcakke remixes he can find

    lmao can u imagine cameron's confusion when his ringtone goes “SMACK MY ASS LIKE A DRUM”

    #dead poets society #dead poets #dead poets in nyc #dps#dps fandom #dead poets society memes #dead poets society lockscreen #dead poets hc #dead poets headcanons #dps edit#dps lockscreens#dps crack#dps boys#dps headcanons #dps incorrect quotes #charlie dalton#richard cameron#neil perry#todd anderson#knox overstreet#gerard pitts#steven meeks#john keating
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  • thedeadpoetviolinist
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    even more mr. keating/first generation of dead poets headcannons

    the society was created in the news paper club

    Keating didn’t want to join at first (i refuse to accept he found it so deal with it) but then he was like me

    it started because a senior guy and leader of the news paper (before keating got the spot) needed even more friends

    he was a social guy

    so this senior kid grabbed 8 other kids and created a society

    most of them had a crush in the senior kid lets be honest

    keating included bcs keating is bisexual, period

    when the senior kid graduated keating took his spot as president or whatever, leader of the cult, call it whatever you want it. 

    #1stgenofdeadpoets#dps hc#dps fics #dead poet society #dead poet society hc #dead poets headcanons #mr. keating #john keating#head canons#dark academia
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  • thedeadpoetviolinist
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The boys reaction to having a bad grade

    Neil -Panicking -Preparing backpacks because he is running away -Africa? Sounds far enough -But first he will go to the teacher and beg for another opportunity -Or asks a way to rise up the grade  -Every call from home is ignored by him, call from his dad? rejected, call from his mom? rejected. Todd -Panics as well but for different reasons -While Neil panics over getting killed by his dad, Todd panics for not being as good as his older brother. -His parents are not that strict but they surely have expectations -Locks himself in his room to just stare at the ceiling 

    Charlie -Doesn’t give a damn  -He’s cool enough, grades are not -He actually expected that bad grade so it’s fine -He expected even worse so who is him to complain, right? -While the others cry and panic he is smoking or idk doing anything except panicking. 

    Meeks -”I can’t have a bad grade, bad grades are for losers”, get’s stare from Charlie.  -Throwing himself through the window after crying for 5 hours -Knox and Charlie are grabbing him so he doesn’t kill himself  -He is done, life is bad -He does depend on academic validation -He doesn’t even ask how to rise the grade, by the next day he’ll have ten pages of extra homework to convince. the teacher. -The teacher gets so annoyed that will probably raise the grade.

    jaja this is absolutely not based in my life (it is) 

    #i had a bad grade in math and i cried for 5 hours #like it seems as a joke but it was not #rn im so hungry i could eat grass i swear #neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#steven meeks#stephen meeks#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#Richard Cameron#dps au#dps hc#dps fics #dead poets society hc #dps #Dead Poet Society #dead poets headcanon #dead poets headcanons
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