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  • atydenthusiast
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    neil perry would have a platonic obsession with middle-aged british milfs and i cannot be persuaded otherwise

    #i’m sorry #but cate blanchett would be his one true love #after todd obvs #he would force todd to watch oceans 8 repeatedly #dead poets society #neil perry#anderperry#dps#dps au#dps modern#dps hc
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  • duxpuella
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #duxpuella headcanons#dps hcs #dead poets society #dps fandom#dps hc#dps headcanons #charlie dalton x reader #charlie dalton #charlie dalton? yea he has my heart and soul
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  • gatttacas
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    what dates they would take you on

    yes this a repost because it got no engagement

    pls ignore typos and grammar i have no motivation to fix it

    pitts would simply just want to go on a walk with you. to get to know you maybe. the date would start out in the dorms with you two just talking kinda but eventually it woukd come to a stop so to break the silence he’d ask if you’d like to go out for a walk. you’d walk and walk and eventually the conversation was just flowing and you’d be laughing together and at every playground you pass he stops and pulls you over to the swings. when it’s time to go back he works up a nerve to hold your hand all the way back to welton.

    meeks would want to get coffee. he appreciated hearing you talk and also having something to occupy himself while you spoke. i imagine you would get there around noon and just bond until it closed. once you were an official pair the two of you woukd frequent the same cafe. instead of talking you woukd read books or do homework together just enjoying the company of each other (and getting away from the other boys)

    charlie loved to go out and do activities. he’d want to go to a carnival or a football game. he always made sure to make you feel it was a date though. he’d hold your hand and give you his jacket when it was cold. most of the dates were full of making fun of each other and challenging each other. the two of you would always get in trouble for coming back late but you would never learn your lesson. the risk was always worth it.

    neil would bring you to plays and theaters. even if there wasn’t anything going on he’d sneak in with you recite poems (lots of shakespeare) to you. one night after the first play you saw him in the he took you away to a nearby theater that he knew would be empty. that’s where the two of you woukd have your first date and probably first kiss. after that he would be busy a lot with schoolwork but everytime he promised you he would make time for you it always happened.

    todd never really wanted to go out in public. when you asked him what he wanted to do he would always just shrug and respond with i don’t know. at first you would take him out to get food and things like that but quickly learned he was in a much better mood when the two of you stayed at the school. eventually all your dates consisted of sitting on the walk spaces and holding each other while you took turns complaining and venting about your families or any hardship going on. on occasion you would see a bunny  or stray cat in the distance and just sit in silence watching the small animal, sometimes throwing little bread crumbs down for it.

    obviously with cameron you’d have study dates. at first he’d try to invite you over to his room but charlie would always be too much of a distraction and he would get so insanely jealous. the next time you met up with him he took you to a small library he knew of that was in town. you always started off studying and ended laughing and joking around and sometimes even playing hide and seek until you get kicked out.

    knox is always happy to do anything with you. his favorite thing to do though is take you ice skating on your winter breaks. the two of you met in winter and as you don’t attend the school it’s hard to see each other. every break he makes up lies to go see you and you’ve even had to act like a latin tutor for him. dating him would consist of constant phone calls and letters when he’s out of quarters.

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  • mrperryhatepage
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    the dead poets at pride <3

    Neil: literally bursting with energy, bouncing off the walls, constantly talking about how happy he is to be there. will talk to anyone, wants to make some gay friends. definitely gets one of those mom/dad hugs :')

    Todd: nervous and stays with neil, super overwhelemed but happy to be there. slowly comes out of his shell as the day goes by, blushes a lot

    Charlie: hits on EVERYONE, wears the most over the top outfit ever, sings 'born this way' super off key at the top of his lungs the whole time

    Knox: super supportive ally, would definitely get a bunch of the free stuff they hand out and would cheer really loud at speeches and yell "gay rights" at random times. would wear a regular outfit with one of those small cup holder sized pride flags. would give out dad hugs :)

    Meeks: wants to check everything out, loves to talk to new people, generally chill and happy to be there, holds hands with pitts the whole time acting like an old married couple <3

    Pitts: dancing around everywhere, would have a really clever sign, giving out dad hugs and would yell "see you in hell" to any homophobes there. very protective

    Chris: gets super happy whenever she sees kids wearing pride flags or young couples, would paint the lesbian flag on her cheeks, hugs for EVERYONE

    #this is very special to me #finally i give y'all new content #school's been crazy #i just went to pride last weekend :') #it was so fun uwu #the mom/dad hugs hcs are very personal to me #pitts giving out dad hugs is asjkfbargahbfasbfkabfk <3 #dead poets society #neil perry#anderperry#todd anderson#dps#charlie dalton#dead poets #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society headcanon #knox overstreet#steven meeks#gerald pitts
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  • therealchrisnoel
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    we should have bimbo!chris. as a treat.

    #listen… i love all y’all’s journalist!chris hcs #but i would love to see best girl be stupid on main. just stupid and gay #it’s what she deserves honestly <3 #ooc#dps #dead poets society #chris noel
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  • mendesxruel
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society headcanons #dead poets society hcs #dps hcs#dps headcanons#todd anderson#charlie dalton #charlie dalton headcanons #todd anderson headcanon
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  • crispin-kreme
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    dps boys as classmates i know during computer time

    notes: so basically in my school we have to go to a computer lab (computer laboratory) idk why we call it a lab but its just pcs in there lookin like a call center- and i just remembered some classmates that reminded me of them so yuh. idk if other people experience this because certain schools in the philippines have this but anyways lets get this started.

    might make a filo classmates edition idk 😟

    warnings: might be a bit taglish but translation will be provided, grammatical errors

    neil perry

    watches yt during computer time

    swiftly doesn’t get caught

    change tabs

    siya yung tipong mag swi-switch ng tabs kapag dumaan yung teacher (the type to switch tabs when the teacher passes by)

    todd anderson

    spotify listener 😩

    swiftly changes tab no. 2

    magkakalkal ng files sa pc (checks out the files in the pc)

    listens in the first half of the class

    charles dalton

    nag se-search ng memes (searches for memes)

    doesn’t listen to the teacher

    magaling mag switch tabs (good in switching tabs)

    watches yt too #2

    steven meeks

    plays minecraft (for some reason there’s minecraft installed in our school’s pc 🕴)

    tries to listen to the teacher buT nOoo

    nahuhuli ng teacher (gets caught by the teacher)

    continues to play

    gerard pitts

    kalaro ni meeks sa minecraft (plays minecraft with meeks)

    doesn’t get caught 😟😟

    they might have played roblox too

    didn’t listen to the whole lesson-

    knox overstreet

    TUMITINGIN NG CHIXX SA FB AHAHAHAHHDWH (looks at girls in facebook)

    uses messenger while lesson is ongoing

    yt watching gang

    gets caught while using facebook 😐👍

    richard cameron

    the only one who listens to the teacher

    doesn’t open any tabs or whatsoever

    maybe uses spotify a bit-

    uses google for educational purposes #goodstudent

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  • forpeopleidonotknow
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    do you think todd would try on neil’s glasses? because i do

    #dead poets society #dead poets headcanons #dead poets #dead poets honor #dps hc#dps boys#dps au#dps headcanons#dps fandom #neil and todd #todd anderson my beloved #todd and neil #todd anderson #neil perry my beloved #neil perry deserved better #neil perry
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  • theshadowrealmitself
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    We’ve all been collectively ignoring parts of canon for years, I think we should make Skulker’s true form one of those things, it distresses me that he’s actually a little blob and I refuse to accept it any longer

    #also it gets in the way of so many headcanons #like the hc everyone has of ghosts losing their humanity and becoming less humanoid because of that #if he lost his humanity (which we’re assuming because he’s a blog) why is he so eloquent? #why is he so expressive? #why is this fucker so human then?? #I refuse to believe he’s actually a little blob #I hated that back then and I hate it now #skulker dp
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  • jegerepplet
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    if you think todd anderson from dead poets society would be a mcr fan let me hear you say: hell yeah

    and his favourite song would probably be early sunsets over monroeville

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  • nuwandasbisexualawakening
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    My Dead Poets Headcanons

    i feel like this is a good place for me to start here so without further ado

    Neil is pansexual and genderfluid

    Todd is homo-greysexual (and i’ve recently read a fic where he was transmasc so i’m warming up to that too)

    Charlie is AFAB; he thought he was solely transmasc but eventually realized that they were non-binary and uses they/he and also uses Nuwanda/Charlie interchangeably (because he chose Charlie so they still like it but also likes Nuwanda too y’know)

    They (Char) are also bisexual as hell

    Meeks is overall unlabeled, he just vibes

    The whole lot of them consistently give each other physical affection and it’s not weird. Like, it’s nothing for Charlie to throw themself over Neil’s lap and then Todd to start playing with their hair or something. Wholesome shit man.

    Neil is taller than Todd but Todd is older than Neil. He was only born a year before Neil. There’s a few months where they’re the same age but Todd is older than Neil for most of the year.

    Todd is always cold and Neil is always warm.

    Charlie listens to Micheal Jackson and Queen a lot. He’s really into the rock/pop punk/2000’s alt scene of music too.

    Nuwanda used to be left handed as a kid. Growing up, no one really told him that it was wrong but he still felt out of place so he trained himself to use his right hand and is now ambidextrous.

    Neil and Charlie have been friends the longest and they were each other’s first kisses.

    Meeks is quite tactile (whether it’s giving or receiving to others or just feeling things around him constantly) and he’s kind of ashamed about it.

    The poets all began wearing little bits of makeup because of Meeks. He and Pitts came to a meeting wearing eye makeup and everyone but Neil and Todd picked on them. Neil kicked their asses and now everyone indulges in it sometimes.

    Especially Charlie, they wear eyeliner and mascara a lot.

    Meeks likes light shimmery eyeshadow.

    Pitts prefers darker colors but not Too Dark.

    Neil really likes pinks, blush is her favorite and then mascara as well. They really like wearing some for plays.

    Neil is a flowers guy.

    Todd is a “gets flowers for his flowers guy” kind of guy

    If he can’t get any for Neil he will draw some for him. Neil hangs them up on their wall.

    Meeks blushes really hard when being flirted with but is super quick with comebacks so he often throws the other person off.

    It’s harder to make Charlie blush but he isn’t as quick with comebacks, surprisingly. He stumbles over his words a lot when flirting with someone he truly likes.

    Todd is the much more confident one and Neil becomes the shy one. Around others, this isn’t true but alone, yes. Neil fills Todd with such life that he inflates and nothing can knock him down. Whereas Todd knocks the air out of Neil with his beauty and his confidence when they’re together that Neil just loses all of her composure.

    Charlie is not afraid to cry.

    Neil is a big fidgeter, he doesn’t notice it though. It doesn’t upset the poets because they’re so used to it.

    Meeks is almost annoying with how carefully he cares for his glasses.

    Charlie, despite being the most clever of the poets, is the least book smart in many subjects. Even though they have pretty high grades, he tends to struggle with understanding the material. He cheats as much as he can get away with and they ask for help a lot. Sometimes they feel like they’re doing nothing but annoying people so he just sighs and takes the painfully low grade on the upcoming assignments or test.

    They also have really bad self esteem issues. They fluctuate a lot. Some days he is the hottest person ever and other days they look in the mirror and have no clue who is staring back (part of their dysphoria).

    Nuwanda also has mental health issues. He has periods of ups and downs and when they’re alone they tend to spiral pretty badly.

    Meeks actually enjoys school. It’s one of the things he’s proven to be good at.

     Charlie also really likes school when he understands it (they hate this).

    Meeks knows this and tries really hard to make them understand so that they’ll understand.

    Meeks praises Charlie a lot in moments like this.

    Just, really really: Charlie is amazing and everyone adores him and their skills and some of the poets are even jealous of how great they are but he underestimates himself so so so badly. He doesn’t see what they do at all. It really eats away at him.

    Neil is just as gentle with Charlie as Meeks. He gives a lot of compliments to them. This never fails to make Nuwanda feel better.

    Neil and Nuwanda give each other dysphoria tips.

    In the summer, Meeks’ freckles get so so bad (in the best way) and he used to be self conscious about them but the poets were not having it. They all compliment him on them so often, they’re all so infatuated with them.

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  • forpeopleidonotknow
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    how to save a life by the fray but it’s todd singing

    #dead poets society #dps headcanons#dps fandom#dps au#dps boys#dps hc #neil and todd #todd anderson my beloved #todd and neil #todd anderson
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  • gallwithapall
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    IMA say it

    I'm just gonna say it.....

    I LOVE

    Mr Keating


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  • mendesxruel
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society headcanons #neil perry #neil perry headcanons #neil perry x you #neil perry sister #dps hcs#dps headcanons
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  • a-cowboy-needs-a-hat
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    in reference to/building off this; no todd & neil dont live in the same neighborhood and yes the perrys are pretty overbearing and not having a kid his age around to talk to whenever makes neil pretty miserable pretty fast so im a firm believer after a week or so of writing & calling (yeah. not too long. they are dramatic and newly in love) jeffs like I Am Sick Of You. take my car. goddamn. just take it. I'll say youre seeing your friends or something. please . just go. i CANNOT handle your dramatics any longer. go have fun and sneak around with your boyfriend. and todds like youre the best person alive thank you so much how can i ever repay you. jeff says just dont hurt my car or get in trouble or tell me what you do in the back seat. now get out of my sight. much love

    #its october....goddamn dps ending in winter and giving me winter holiday ideas..... #merry late christmas i got some fucking book. nice i got some fucking sweater. nice i will be taking that. anyway wanna make out #good brother jeffrey anderson my love. him loving 2 make sex jokes at todds expense and also giving him serious talks their parents never #give him my beloved #ykw i love this au/hc im dedicating a tag to it #good brother jeff anderson #how tf do u spell jeffrereery #jeffrey anderson#jeffery anderson#todd anderson#neil perry#anderperry#dps headcanons #dead poets society #cowboy posts
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  • in-love-with-their-relationship
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Bitch I was just trying to write a research paper on one of my favorite poets and this little suprise came

    I didn’t even know he was suspected of being gay

    #he is one of my favs how did I not know this #please tell me this is not common knowledge #im def not making a dps hc now bc of this info
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  • deadpoetsbythelakes
    05.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    the dead poets surprising mr. keating for teacher’s day ( + filipino twist)

    okay, i’m almost done with my assignments today and just wanted to do this. my class surprised our teachers and they were so happy! anyway it got me thinking how the boys would celebrate it with mr. keating (most of these are from a headcannons draft i made lol). adding a bit of filipino student culture because i really missed surprising my teachers back in my old school and during face-to-face classes  <3

    (assuming they all stay in one classroom as a section since that’s how it is here lol and these are written from a filipino perspective so yea...)

    neil announces the plan when mr. keating isn’t in the room, he stands at the front desk like all leaders do. todd is in charge of writing the things needed and to do. cameron’s doing budgeting and how much each student must give, knox and meeks voluntered for decorations, pitts offered to make a playlist for keating and charlie is in charge of collecting money (cameron doesn’t trust him but they needed someone to annoy the heck out of their classmates into giving their share.)

    knox takes a long time to decide what cake they should buy for mr. keating but in the end it’s black forest which earns a groan from charlie (o swear everyone buys black forest cake during teacher’s day).

    neil encourages todd to read the poem he wrote about keating and his class. todd’s a bit shy and gives it more thought.

    they all set out after school to buy decorations and gifts. charlie gave out more cash because he really loved mr. keating and thought he was the best and insisted on buying a very expensive book. ya know #richkidthingz.

    everyone in the class helps with decorations. neil and todd are making streamers, knox made a huge banner and impresses everyone with his calligraphy, mitts managed to smuggle in a bluetooth speaker and a laptop which is soooo not allowed in school, charlie’s playing with the confetti he made much to cameron’s dismay. no one really needs a ladder in hiding things, all they need is gerard pitts and a desk.

    okay they planned to surprise keating at the end of the day since he’s their final subject.

    so this means they need to buy the cake on the day itself so the cake’s fresh or something (idk but my classmates always bought cake hours before). so they decided that some of them needs to sneak out and buy it. knox decides to do it because they really love red ribbon (cake shop) a lot and while charlie volunteered, cameron is afraid he might drop the cake or something. (cue knox escaping through a window and heading for his bike)

    so while they fix up the classroom. neil and todd are out to keep mr. keating distracted and away from the classroom, they find him at the lakes as usual, on the way to class. todd pretends to ask for critique on a draft he was working on and mr. keating gave nothing but love and support for the boy. poor neil was trying to contain himself from spilling the beans, he just kept on smiling which lead to mr. keating to asking him if he was alright. 

    out of nowhere, meeks calls out mr. keating shouting “mr. keating, nagsusuntukan po si charlie at si cameron”/ “charlie is punching cameron!!” ( we always do this during teacher’s day/their birthday! saying there’s a fight and instead surprise them with gifts)

    of course mr. keating knows what’s up but knows the boys wanted this to be special so he pretends to be shocked.

    so he enters a dark classroom, pitts turns the lights on, they throw confetti at him, the playlist pitts made plays, streamers everywhere, the board is filled with messages from the students, and the desk is decorated beautifully and there in the center is the cake. all the boys standing on their desks.

    todd then recites the poem which leaves mr. keating in tears. neil is super proud that todd decided to do it, and judging from the look in todd’s face, he was glad too.

    after that they all played party games that neil and cameron arranged. some time after, mr. keating decided to read aloud poetry to the whole class for fun. they stayed there until it was the school’s closing time.

    mr. keating was really touched and happy for what the boys had done. he couldn’t stop talking about it the day after with his fellow teachers.

    the whole class was very proud of themselves and they were elated they made it known to keating how much of a special teacher he was. 

    due to the success, neil’s already planning what to do for mr. keating’s birthday.

    hope you guys enjoy! even if it’s incredibly long ahhh! 

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  • poetofthedyingstars
    05.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    charlie is GREAT at cooking, okay, sometimes they just forget they're cooking.

    #dead poets society #dead poets#dps fandom#charlie dalton#dps headcanons #dead poets society headcanons #might as well project on my baby #but this is true. #FACTS. #i accept no other charlie cook hcs #thamk u
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  • aedan-mills
    05.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #anderperry#anderperry hc #oops it became a fic #dps#dps hc #dead poets society
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