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  • a-cowboy-needs-a-hat
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    high school teacher neil has been teaching for a few years now and a couple days into having a new class he goes "alex jones . did you also have a mr anderson at mountain side in fifth grade" and they go "uhm uh yeah how. how did you know that" and he says "cool thats my husband :)" and resumes w attendance leaving alex to go Huh. okay . wait does that mean mr anderson remembers me. wtf. i guess i vaguely remember him talking about a fiancé but. wtf. wtf. and their friends r snickering at how :)???? they look

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  • unmannedflyingdeskset
    21.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #NO ONE BE MAD AT ME PLS I MADE THIS ON A WHIM #dps #dead poets society #dead poets honor #dead poets edit #dead poets society memes #dps fandom#dps memes#dps headcanons#neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#steven meeks#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#mr keating#richard cameron
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  • theshadowrealmitself
    21.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Okay so, one of my hcs for Vlad is that his obsession isn’t technically Maddie, it’s wanting a family

    (I had so much for this but I forgot to write it out, it included how alone he was, I mean the guy is in the hospital for years and no one visits??)

    He just focused on Maddie as one way to have a family and that’s why he also seems to go off the rails with Danny and making those clones, because unfortunately Danny now fits into his obsession

    #seriously I had way WAY more for this and I forgot to write it down 🙄 #but I gotta make the post so I don’t keep forgetting like I’ve been doing for a few days #vlad plasmius#plasmius dp#vlad masters#dp headcanons
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  • mrperryhatepage
    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    besties help,,,,,,,, literally how are you supposed to make friends on here???

    (i have the browser version bc i can't get the app and i'm so lost)

    #i feel weird posting this but oh well #what can you do #can someone help a bestie out #i literally don't know how this site works #lol #just quirky girl things #dead poets society #neil perry#anderperry#todd anderson#dps#anderperry supremacy#charlie dalton#dead poets #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society headcanon
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  • phantom-phoenixx
    20.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Fun concept

    The Lichtenberg scar Danny gets from his accident is purely visible as Phantom if he takes off the suit. And he thinks that it's only there in phantom mode. He's wrong though because its there but it just only shows up under blacklight when he's Fenton.

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  • inahallucination
    20.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    dead poets society as shit said at my uni pt 2

    Part 1


    Charlie, at any minor inconvenience: That’s not fun. That’s not flirty. That’s not /fresh/.

    Neil, when his life is falling apart: That’s not fun. That’s not flirty. That’s not /fresh/.


    One of the poets: *sobbing*

    Cameron , on the way to class: *awkward pause*

    Cameron, internally: wait imma be late

    Cameron: *walks away*


    Literally anyone: do you have a moment to tal-

    Todd: *aggressively turns headphone volume to the loudest setting*


    Charlie: I think i’ve lost about half of my brain cells

    Cameron: So one.


    Meeks: Bikini bottoms? More like your a bikini bottom

    Meeks: Am I right gentlemen?

    Neil: No bottom slander

    Meeks: No it’s okay, i can reclaim it


    Pitts: ok so how do we convince everyone to agree to the same amount of points, so that everyone gets extra credit?

    Charlie, yelling: If you don’t agree, you’re an asshole

    Cameron: Well, I’ve been called an asshole several times before so-


    #dps fandom#deadpoets #dps incorrect quotes #incorrect dead poets society #dead poets society #incorrect dps #incorrect dps quotes #dead poets society incorrect #anderperry#neil perry #todd and neil #todd anderson#charlie dalton#richard cameron#steven meeks#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#dps headcanons#dps memes#source: me#source: uni #well actually me and a bunch of other miserable college students
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  • bruisedknee444
    20.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Charlie Dalton x Male Reader Headcannons!

    As Charlie was studying to be a banker ( because of his parents of course ) you had met him in university as you both shared the same economics lectures.
    When you both became closer you discussed normal things such as: family life, novels/poems, previous schools you went to.
    You were surprised to find out Charlie had previously went to Welton as your father had gone there when he was a boy.
    Weeks later you’d both be found with each other in the library, giggling behind books as the librarian shot irritated glances in your direction
    You’d listen to Charlie play his saxophone, looking at him in awe. Admiring how much talent could fit into one man.
    You’d eventually find out that he never wanted to be a banker and you would both come to realisation with the reality of your parents choosing your own career paths.
    After two months of being friends with Charlie you had noticed how your feelings towards him had changed. Every time your hands brushed against each other’s you felt heat creep onto your cheeks, blaming it on the temperature.
    It didn’t take long for Charlie to catch on and confess his mutual feelings towards you. From then forward you two became boyfriends, lovers.
    You both decided to move into the same dorm room a couple weeks afterwards. The need to be in each other’s presence wouldn’t contain itself.
    Late night cuddles while you both alternated between being the big spoon and little spoon, although Charlie liked being the little spoon whether he didn’t like to admit it or not.
    You matched each other’s energy. Determined mindsets, wild at heart. You were there to calm him down and he was there to help you loosen and remember your self worth.
    Sharing and swapping clothes was a usual thing for you both. Taking turns to dress the other up.
    Your first kiss was light and cute, but further into your relationship it became much more passionate and devoting.
    Dancing around in your dorm singing at ungodly times. ( if this were set in modern times you’d both definitely be singing Friday I’m in love )
    You knew Charlie couldn’t resist kisses on his neck so you used this knowledge to your advantage, planting kisses on his neck when he was doing homework or when he was reading.
    However, you didn’t get off easy for it. Whenever he could he’d place his hand on you thigh, dragging it upwards ,dangerously slowly, only to pull away immediately after.
    You and Charlie were both versatile so you’d like to switch between positions all the time, although you preferred being on top.
    Hickies on the inner thighs and stomach were personal favourites.
    Once you both finished university you guys decided to buy a cosy house with the amount of money you had, before you began work. <3
    #dps boys#dps au#dps headcanons #dead poets society #dead poets headcanons #charlie dalton #Charlie Dalton x Male reader #male reader#headcannons#fluff #mentions of smut #mlm#lgbtq #Charlie x male reader #male reader blog
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  • maisietheweltoncow
    20.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Neil Perry would like Paganini

    #dps#headcanon #dead poets society #neil perry
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  • lapetitechatonne
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jack Fenton is Bruce Wayne’s second cousin and that’s where all the the Fenton’s money comes from.

    #just the idea of danny and damian interacting as cousins #jazz 100% psycho analyzes all of them #she gets much too close to outing th for anyone’s comfort #she figures it out first #stephanie loves the fenton parents #the chaos brings her joy #dick loved being the older cousin and teaching them gymnastics when they were little #danny followed jason around like a baby duck #jason jazz and alfred cook together #just the batfam trying to keep the fenton parents from getting hurt in various abbandonded buildings #and when danielle shows up #it’s complete chaos because how are they going to explain her in a way that bruce wayne their family will believe #they just don’t #“’she’s been here the whole time’ #cass and dani get on like a house fire and everyone is scared #dani and steph are prank pals #danny phantom#danny fenton#dp#headcanon#crossover #dp x dc #batfam
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  • a-cowboy-needs-a-hat
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    here u go here is my anderperry week 2k21 day one content :) !! it's not a full on fic but i still think its cute pls enjoy<3

    ok childhood friends. their moms are the ones that had been friends for years, and neither todd nor neil really remember how they met. all they know is that they always see each other around holidays and birthdays and stuff. maybe they hang out once or twice every summer cause their moms are hanging out and todd, youre not doing anything today, are you? wanna come along?

    anyway in like the summer before 10th grade there's some party with a few other kids their age and they all go somewhere to be away from the adults, and they end up playing truth or dare. neil and todd are dared to kiss each other. both are like hm Hope this doesn't awaken anything in me. (it does). they can hardly look at each other the rest of the night. maybe they see each other once or twice again before winter break but its kinda weird now. not awful weird just ... okay so I'm definitely gay. and I'm pretty sure like you, specifically. and we've kissed. and you didn't ... seem to mind it, either? but both are too scared to talk about it and they, you know, hardly see each other for a while, so it's pretty easy to avoid and push to the back of their minds.

    then the andersons (minus jeff, who's got his license by now and is off with his friends) are at the perrys house on new years eve, and i imagine it going one of two ways. one, they're inside, downstairs or in neil's room just hanging out and they don't even realize when its nearly midnight. two, they're outside on a porch or looking out an open window or something watching fireworks or whatever. stargazing. i don't know. and for some reason tonight things have been .. different. in a good way. like they've finally come to an unspoken mutual understanding or something.

    at midnight one of them decides, fuck it, he looks so pretty right now, i wanna kiss him. so he does. and they kiss. and maybe make out for a while. and they're more giddy and less avoidant when its over, this time, cause it wasn't on a dare, and it wasn't around other people, and he kissed back. but a while later, maybe in a few minutes or hours or the next morning, they go their separate ways, and they don't see each other for months again. but you know that thing about how whoever you kiss (are with??) at midnight is who you'll spend the next year with. yeah. somehow todd starts getting good enough grades that he can go to welton his junior year. maybe him and neil see each other sometime in the eight months before then, but their pseudo-relationship is at a standstill. which is fine. because then todd goes to welton and his roommate is neil and u know the rest. they fall in love and stuff

    thee end

    #rip to the fic i started at 4am but i like this laid back format (and idea i came up w today lol) better #anderperry week #anderperry week 2k21 #anderperry#todd anderson#neil perry #dead poets society #dps#dps fanfiction#dps headcanons#hmmmmmmmm #im gonna start a headcanon/fic/writing tag #jbs words#cowboy posts
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  • squidwards-fave-tentacle
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i like to think one day neil would be telling mr keating about the dps meetings or maybe pittsie would happen to mention it while asking for help on an essay for another class and they’d mention charlie’s poetrusic and then force charlie to show mr keating (maybe in class one day when they have to present a piece of their work) bc i think he’d absolutely love it.

    charlie certainly isn’t shy in his classes but i think his poetrusic, while it very well may have started as him just messing around, comes from a really genuine place of self-expression that mr keating would be so honored to get to experience and so proud to see charlie be so authentically and unapologetically himself.

    #maybe i should start writing little fics #if i ever get the time or energy ofc #cause this makes my heart really happy #my brain thinks of this and my heart goes awww #dps#charlie dalton#poetrusic#headcannons#dps headcanons
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  • justanotherdeceasedpoet
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ok I have to know what do you think the dead poets star signs are ??

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  • crispin-kreme
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    why do i feel like gerard pitts is a loona/red velvet stan

    #dead poets society #dead poets society headcanons #dps headcanons#gerard pitts
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  • angelic-ish-phantom
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    A ghost’s power was the lifeblood of their haunt.

    Danny’s every breath was power in the air for his unknowing subjects, every pulse of power was a reclamation of his territory, every tear was another eye born to watch over what was his.

    And his blood?

    His blood dripping onto Amity, was something potent. It was him, true and pure seeping into earth.

    It was life.

    A core weeping miracles over his claim.

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  • angelic-ish-phantom
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tucker placed his phone on the dresser table next to his PDA, having sent a message to Sam.

    He’d told her Danny had checked in at his house before heading home. This was true… Except for how he’d entirely omitted that Danny had crashed through this window (intangibly, thank God) and was now lying, mildly concussed, on his floor.

    Tucker had tried to get him to go back home once the darker bruises were healed over, but his friend had blissfully ignored everything he’d said, watching his mouth move with a rampant fascination.

    He’d let Danny settle in the space behind his door, giving him the extra blanket and pillows he and Sam always kept in their rooms for situations like this.

    Danny just let himself be pulled about, staring straight into Tucker’s eyes, tracking him as he shuffled about the bedroom.

    Tucker tried not to unsettled by the stare as it bore into him like a physical thing, like lukewarm wisps of steam being blown on his skin, the graze of cloth just outside of his peripheral vision.

    He couldn’t keep from shivering a couple of times, a little thankful Danny wasn’t in the right mind and couldn’t be upset by the reaction. He also… wasn’t breathing, which, despite Tucker knowing full well he didn’t have to, was concerning to say the least.

    Tucker loved Danny. He was one of his best friends. But there was something very different about fighting with the ghosts that came through the portal, and just being around him. The idle chill wasn’t lost to adrenaline, there was no pursuit of victory to distract from the odd responses some of Danny’s eerie vocalizations drew.

    In a place like Amity Park it could be hard to forget, but ghosts were supernatural creatures that weren’t supposed to ever interact with humans. They were terrifying and strange, and Danny, human as he still might be, was one of them.

    But Tucker didn’t care, because Danny was his best friend, had always been. That wasn’t to say he didn’t notice, nor that it didn’t bother him, or even scare him at times, but Danny was worth it.

    Tucker wished he were able rationalize that later that night, after dozing off, hoping Danny wouldn’t fall asleep with his concussion but unable to do anything to prevent it.

    Tucker had been asleep.

    And then he hadn’t.

    It had been like a hook looped through his rib cage and yanked him up, sudden and violent. His eyes snapped open and he sat upright instantly, gasping and shivering as the freezer cold chill of his bedroom assaulted his senses.

    Why was it so cold? He tried to blink away the haze of sleep from his eyes, only for his vision to be filled in bright, swirling pools of neon green—(the empty echo of a scream bouncing around the metal of the lab, heat and light and green burning and twining together in a vortex in front of Tucker.)

    He shook himself out of the flickering memory, and processed the fact that Danny was crouched in his lap weightlessly, currently mismatched eyes boring straight into Tucker’s own.

    “…Danny?” He asked hesitantly, voice still groggy.

    Danny made no move to show he acknowledged the words, still as a statue in his perch.

    Tucker tried to move but his body was so heavy from the icy air that had seeped in as he’d slept.

    “Are you cold?” Danny said suddenly, quiet, clear voice ringing through the empty room, echoing unnaturally in Tucker’s ears.

    Before Tucker could say anything hands as cold as snow were clutching his face. Tucker almost flinched from the temperature of the contact, but Danny’s grip was too strong for him to move his jaw or head.

    “I’m sorry I woke you up. I was watching you, you breathe so much when you’re sleeping.” His brow furrowed and a neat frown slid onto his face. Tucker noticed, already greatly unsettled, that he hadn’t blinked once. “But then you started breathing slower. I think it’s because you’re cold. It feels very nice…” Danny’s grip grew a little stronger and Tucker tried to pull away, heart stuttering in his chest.

    “I can fix it I think.” Danny continued to himself, and then it was like a faucet had been turned on, the cold draining from him into and out his face, where Danny’s hands still rested, the feeling now nebulous and faint.

    Tucker took a shuddering breath as Danny let out a contented sound like a motor revving that left Tucker smelling chalk and vinegar.

    Okay. So this was a thing that was happening. Why couldn’t this just be like the last concussion; Tucker thought learning the future was cool. Whatever this was, was decidedly not. This was terrifying and he frankly, really didn’t want to deal with-

    “I hope you never stop breathing.” Danny murmured with a thin smile spreading across his face, wider than it should have been.

    …Tucker couldn’t figure out if that was sweet or creepy.

    “You can sleep now.” Danny said with a click that registered like a struck bell and Tucker was immediately sinking back into unconsciousness, as Danny let go of him.




    When Tucker woke up the next morning to get ready for school, he saw Danny sleep peacefully, curled up comfortably (he didn’t look comfortable at all… why are ghosts so boneless?) in the corner and had to wonder if any of the strange occurrence had actually happened.

    Cautiously, he got up and nudged Danny.

    Danny’s eyes opened quickly and he gathered his bearings just as fast. He looked up at Tucker confused, then looked around his room. “Tuck, why am I in your house?” He asked, a little drowsily.

    A tension he hadn’t noticed escaped Tucker’s body when Danny. “You got a concussion last night, flew into my bedroom, and wouldn’t leave.” He answered, voice deadpan.

    Danny winced, “Really? I feel pretty normal, a little dizzy but… Was it serious?”

    “No. It was all in your head.” Tucker joked. “…but you were acting a little… off.”

    Danny sighed, then stilled as his eyes readjusted on Tucker again, like they were tracking something. It was only for a moment, before Danny shook his head, hand pressing into his eye. “Jazz is gonna be so mad.” Danny groaned, before slowly rising, rings quickly splitting up his form. “Sorry for bursting on you like that, I’m gonna head home. See you at school.”

    Tucker nodded, and Danny casually flew off through his wall, murmuring something under his breath as he went.

    It sounded like he was counting something.

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  • moonlitmeeks
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    ༄ celebrating halloween with chris noel headcanons

    pairing; chris noel x gn!reader

    warnings; brief food mentions, swearing

    request; hey could you write headcanons for celebrating halloween with chris noel (gn reader) - anon

    a/n; hi,, id love to!! i adore this concept omg - im so sorry about how long this took, but i hope you like them!!

    chris loves halloween with her whole heart, so please be prepared to go all out with her in celebrations

    she has a full out plan for activities for you both to do on the day, and in the run up

    decorating for halloween is one of the most important things in her mind

    a few days (or weeks) before hand, she'll invite you over to her place

    as soon as you enter, there's bags and boxes of decorations everywhere, your girlfriend in the middle of them all grinning at you

    "so, where should we start?" "babe, how did you even find this much stuff?"

    depending on who's tallest, they boost the other in order to be able to hang up the fake spider webs and orange and black garlands

    skeletons and bats are hung from any space you can find

    you both keep getting tangled in the cobwebs

    its terrifying until you realise they're fake

    and she has an abundance of candles to light to give off a cosy feel

    there's at least four pumpkins you carved the other day displayed outside

    it's a lot of work

    but the look on your girlfriend's face would make you do it ten times over if she'd ask

    the day of actual halloween, chris is bouncing off of the walls

    even if you weren't going to a party, chris would insist you both dress up, as what's halloween without a costume?

    she would love to do couples costumes

    maybe an angel and a devil

    because come on, chris would make a perfect angel. have you seen her when she opens the door in her first scene?

    she'd have a ton of horror movies lined up for you to choose from, ranging from mildly fear inducing to all out terrifying

    although she's not too easily scared, she takes the chance to hold onto you and bury her face into your shoulder, even if it isn't all that scary

    "chris, literally nothing is happening." "oh, so you're gonna tell me to let go of you? wow..." "no!"

    and if you're easily scared too?

    god you'll be clinging to each other for the rest of the night

    "what the fuck was that?!" "i don't know, my eyes are closed!"

    you only break apart to answer the door to any trick or treaters

    chris was so eager once she slipped on her socks and fell down the hallway

    you answered the door with tears of laughter streaming down your face, chris crumpled in a heap behind you

    but candy isn't only reserved for the kids, no

    chris sets out at least three bowls of different sweets for you both to pick at

    once you've recovered from your horror movie marathon, a dance party is a must

    she'll put on her halloween playlist, with songs like thriller, somebody's watching me, the monster mash, etc

    all of the classics

    and you'll dance until your feet hurt

    it's an undeniably amazing night

    but if you prefer to go out, chris always knows someone who's throwing a party

    and you know you will both be the best dressed there by miles

    is more than happy to serve you punch in the gaudy skeleton cups someone bought, not without absolutely horrific puns

    she doesn't want to leave your side the whole night

    its perfect

    "happy halloween, babe" "happy halloween gorgeous"

    i forgot how much i adore writing headcanons omg- hope you like these just as much as i liked writing them!!

    taglist; @thesilverskull @pretentious-strikes @aesthetixxluv @lilgayn00dle @tall-my-beloved @caffeineconstellations @star-dust-2317 @bazpitchs-violin @transias @adoreachilles @wlfstxr @lxncelot @renmeissance @matte-moony @yer-erster

    dead poets society masterlist !

    #becca's writing <3 #dead poets society #dps #dead poets society headcanons #dps headcanons#chris noel #chris noel headcanons #chris noel x reader #dead poets society x reader #dps x reader
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  • gallwithapall
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Meeks and pittsy 😭


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  • phantom-phoenixx
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Skulker ends up haunting the local Skulk and Lurk purely because of a misunderstanding.

    He heard it in passing from Sam when he was tracking Danny one time and was thoroughly confused.

    Skulk... that's hardly a word commonly used in these times and the only association these humans would have with the word would be from his name.

    And Lurk..... well he often is lurking in the shadows on his hunts. Its a skill he prides himself on. So of course this 'Skulk and Lurk' was named after him, Skulker! The greatest hunter!

    When he shows up (amidst screaming employees and customers alike) he's a bit disappointed it wasn't a hunting store but still accepts it as a worthy lair made in his honour. And after that they just can't get him to leave.

    The best they can do is a few mutual rules to coexist in peace.

    Skulker won't set traps within the store, attack customers or employees, use the store to keep fresh kill (once was enough thank you!) and keep all ghost fights outside.

    In return the employees are to set aside any books and items at his request for him, stay clear of his chosen personal quarters (its the managers office) and have a small offering for him on a daily basis (he likes gifts)

    Its not a perfect deal but it works for the most part. Phantom wasn't happy with it but as long as there was no trouble he begrudgingly accepted it.

    Though ironically since his haunting the store boosted in popularity, people were rushing to hopefully get a glimpse of a ghost that wasn't going to attack them (apart from Phantom) so it had its benefits in some ways.

    #danny phantom#dp headcanons #danny phantom headcanon #dp skulker
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  • mrperryhatepage
    18.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    the dead poets at pride <3

    Neil: literally bursting with energy, bouncing off the walls, constantly talking about how happy he is to be there. will talk to anyone, wants to make some gay friends. definitely gets one of those mom/dad hugs :')

    Todd: nervous and stays with neil, super overwhelemed but happy to be there. slowly comes out of his shell as the day goes by, blushes a lot

    Charlie: hits on EVERYONE, wears the most over the top outfit ever, sings 'born this way' super off key at the top of his lungs the whole time

    Knox: super supportive ally, would definitely get a bunch of the free stuff they hand out and would cheer really loud at speeches and yell "gay rights" at random times. would wear a regular outfit with one of those small cup holder sized pride flags. would give out dad hugs :)

    Meeks: wants to check everything out, loves to talk to new people, generally chill and happy to be there, holds hands with pitts the whole time acting like an old married couple <3

    Pitts: dancing around everywhere, would have a really clever sign, giving out dad hugs and would yell "see you in hell" to any homophobes there. very protective

    Chris: gets super happy whenever she sees kids wearing pride flags or young couples, would paint the lesbian flag on her cheeks, hugs for EVERYONE

    #this is very special to me #finally i give y'all new content #school's been crazy #i just went to pride last weekend :') #it was so fun uwu #the mom/dad hugs hcs are very personal to me #pitts giving out dad hugs is asjkfbargahbfasbfkabfk <3 #dead poets society #neil perry#anderperry#todd anderson#dps#charlie dalton#dead poets #dead poets headcanons #dead poets society headcanon #knox overstreet#steven meeks#gerald pitts
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  • inahallucination
    18.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    dead poets society as shit said at my uni pt 1


    Charlie: “Do you want a sticker for being tall?”

    Pitts: “...”

    Pitts: “I.. I’m sorry...”


    Todd: what we learned today...? uhhh… well what i learned today was that Neil has great hair


    Knox: Are mascots furries?

    Cameron: it’s 3 in the goddamn morning

    Meeks: Well the technical definition of furry is

    Neil: How the fuck do u know the technical definition of furry?

    Charlie: He’s a furry, keep up


    Keating: I get nervous about teaching too. So everyday before I get here i look myself in the mirror

    And I say, “yes you've got this! Who's the bitch? Yes you're the bitch !” It's therapeutic.


    Todd: I still don’t know what’s going on in this class

    Charlie: I think our teacher is dog fucker

    Todd: No i meant content wise


    part 2

    #dead poets society #incorrect dead poets society #dps incorrect quotes #incorrect dps #incorrect dps quotes #incorrect dead poets society quotes #todd anderson#neil perry#anderperry#source: me#or well#source: uni#knox overstreet#charlie dalton#richard cameron#steven meeks#gerard pitts#keating#dps fandom#dps headcanons#deadpoets #yes im posting this to ignore my bad grade #my analysis was great the student grader can suck it #not to be rude #anyway#dps#dps memes
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