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  • mendesxruel
    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Dead Poets (/scenes) as lyrics from Scrawny by Wallows

    "I can't regret the things I don't try" - neil with acting in the play

    "I'd switch it up but I don't like change" - todd with anything

    "Don't care to watch the story unfold" - meeks

    "I've been sleeping with the light on, I tend to freak myself out" (that scene where keating turns off the lights?)

    "I'm a scrawny motherf*cker with a cool hairstyle" - just, this:

    "I say the wrong shit at the right times, If I'm offending them, I don't mind" - you alreary know it:

    "Maybe they all should listen to me" - forget Hager, no. Who's in?

    "It isn't all about what you see" - keating explaining poetry

    "Question though, how do I look to you?" - knox all the time (wanting approval from other people/caring about their opinion)

    "Am I so thin that you can see through?" (don't take this one seriously) - smol bean neil

    (gif sources: first last)

    dead poets taglist: @lostinmymindpalace-m @toast-on-t0ast @jamespotterslover @ughgclden @peachybaes @caffieneandconstellations @charlie-dalton-simp @maybanksslut @death-is-the-mother-of-beauty @anderperrytheplatypus

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  • marshzellos
    27.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    no one:

    pitts: 🧍

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  • marshzellos
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • aedan-mills
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    I take responsibility for making these--

    special thanks to @andersonsdeskset for being involved in all of them without asking for any of them

    I encourage SOMEONE to reblog with their cursed edits, specifically the todd golf ball and dice

    #dps#dps crack #dps cursed memes #dps cursed edits #dead poet society #cursed#dps memes #dead poets society memes
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  • marshzellos
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    i seriously need the hd photo bc they look incredibly hot

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  • mendesxruel
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    eu precisava colocar o charlie com um ÍCONE brasileiro:

    𝐀 𝐂𝐨𝐱𝐢𝐧𝐡𝐚

    #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society memes #charlie dalton
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  • aedan-mills
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Describe DPS in just 3 words (without spoilers)


    Angst: The Movie

    Gays in Cave

    Keating's Mashed Potatoes

    #dps#dps crack#dps meme #dead poets society
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  • marshzellos
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    the poets playing minecraft: headcanon


    makes a big ass house for the poets to live in

    will do the mining and hunting

    protects the poets from mobs

    only died once (oh)

    shares a room with todd


    guards the big ass house while waiting for neil to finish hunting and mining

    builds a garden

    fixes the house and makes it prettier

    gets startled at random caves sounds

    spends their time building random stuff around the house


    has his own house

    keeps building penis-shaped structures around their world

    his house is penis-shaped

    amazing builder though

    gets scared over cave sounds (esp hellish roar)


    loves building redstone supported structures

    fails anyway

    dies all the time

    tries parkour and failed

    can't find his stuff


    the redstone mastermind

    loves placing tnt traps on charlie's house

    helps neil build a redstone supported doorbell, elevator, sliding doors, etc on his big ass house

    chest is filled with redstone stuff

    his house is a dirt


    explains to pitts that minecraft isnt just abt a redstone

    will mine for pitts anyway

    loves killing the enderman bc it reminds him of pitts

    keeps finding rare shit in their world

    gets pranked by charlie often by shaping his things as a penis on his chest


    gets killed by a creeper

    gets killed by the tnt trap that charlie learnt from pitts

    leaves the game then joins again

    gets mad over charlie destroying his shit

    tries to prank charlie but failed

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  • poetofthedyingstars
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    dps poets but they're traditional filipino boys

    this is in no way a slander, this is just how it's gonna be if they're filipino (this is just based on the boys i know that are well u know very common, which is like u know- we have nice boys too though) (i just thought i'd say that because duh i'm scared of judgement thank u very much)

    knox overstreet kenneth ocampo

    - type of pipino boy: sad boy on facebook, pick me boy

    - the type of person to ask girls if it's okay to court them and ask if he have a chance to be with them and posts a bunch of sad “😭😭😭😭🔪🔪🔪🔪 brokenhearted💔💔💔💔😿😿😿😿” posts

    - real cringey facebook posts with ML memes that they only understand

    - even if he's a real manipulative sad boy and has bad reputations in relationships, lot of girls still ‘fall’ for him

    - he's really sweet when it comes to relationship, asks if you have eaten from time to time and stuff

    - he buys you stuff because he's got allowance already and encourages you to do ur thing (it's sweet but he brings other girls down so you feel better for yourself which is like mean)

    - gets a new "m.u." (mutual understanding) within a week ( idk if it's the same to other people's country but it's like a thing here in the philippines, it's like a non-labeled labeled relationship, basically like a fling)

    - he's in the first section and plays ML (mobile legends) a lot but somehow never gets a low grade

    - (probably copies assignments lots of time)

    - has a very exclusive friend group that it's like a big thing when he leaves them when you're together (ugh i hate it when they do that, like seriously okay just go with ‘the boysssss’ if u want)

    - he's a great friend though and a really nice boyfriend besides the fact that his relationship doesn't last over 7 months but he's nice generally

    - just have bad reputation in relationships (i also mean relationships like generally, friendship, acquaintances, romance u know)

    - if you're an ex, he'll stay sweet to you and awkward cause he doesn't like having like an emotional burden or stuff

    charlie dalton mark dela cruz [badong]

    - type of pipino boy: super pilosopo and clown of the class that are so fun to have around but they're the reason why your class will always be in some kind of trouble; suki ng guidance

    - idk why he looks like a badong to me sHUSH, he looks like a mark too (filipino mark)

    - you can see this kid walking around with like 2 of his friend in the hallway during regular class times, like you have to endure a quiz inside the classroom and you see him in the window walking in the hallway

    - really annoying too especially if we're talking about academic stuffs

    - like he's the one you don't want to be in the same group in!!!?!! UGH YOU MAKE HIM BRING A MARKER AND HE DOESN'T,,, IT'S JUST A MARKER!!!! WHY CAN'T YOU EVEN BRING A MARKER?!?! THE EASIEST JOB FALL TO YOU AND YOU CAN'T DO IT RIGHT!!!!!!!

    - brings towel with him always, you see him playing with it or it's on his head like for ducks sake idk why they do it they just do

    - okay but they have the most sweetest smell and their school uniform is so clean neat and really smells so NICE

    - their bag is like really floppy to bring though- probably because they don't even bring stuffs that much 🙄✋🏻

    - is the reason teacher shouts "BOYS AT THE BACK!!”

    - really funny and makes good joke but he WILL NEVER say ’normal’ answers to you straight up

    - like you ask him to be quiet and he smirks at you and sing loudly

    - “mark? be quiet.”


    “be quiet”

    “what-awat (flag)” (GOD I HATE IR WHEN THEY RESPONSE LIKE THIS: “s'an (where)”

    “sa pwet ko (in my butt)” “ha?” “hatdog/halaman (plant), hangin (air)” PLEASE THEY'RE SO UGHHRJWJFJW I WANT TO KILL WHEN THEY DO THIS ALL THE FUCKING TIME, IT'S SO ANNOYING!!!!)

    - guaranteed, they'll hate him when it comes to that but their classroom would be 0/10 when they're absent

    - they're the laugh of the party i guess even though they're so fucking annoying

    - they're really GREAT at mathematics but when opportunity strikes they can't always have it

    - like they gotta always be missing or have some problem with home which i don't really question anymore

    - they're reliable too, and whenever they're off with their philosophical stupidass mode (i mean when you can talk to them naturally), they're really okay

    neil perry nelson perez (ninong/ninoy)

    - pipino boy type: the best kind of filipino boy, SSG president and is somehow famous around his batch because of his looks

    - idk why but nickname nonong is just so him- idk it's just me i'm weird. i'm not like other people ehe [debby ryan]

    - also he'll probably earn ninong (godfather) nickname around his SSG mates or teachers because he's so nice and thoughtful

    - “he's smart, he's kind and he's also handsome” heartthrob type of beat, the girls love him so much and the gays too (i mean gays as in mlm gays)

    - is probably somehow part of a debate team and also the varsity team

    - you barely see this kid walking around the school but he's present in every program your school holds

    - is the organizer of every program the school holds

    - teachers love him too, they like to borrow him for presentation purposes and stuffs

    - can't say much about this type of guy, they're exclusive and really popular around the school

    - the girls would talk about him 24/7, you know this habit where girls ask to go to the CR but actually just passing to their crush's classroom which is obviously nelson's classroom

    - “beh, nakita mo ba si nelson kanina? pogi talaga no? (beh, have you seen nelson earlier? he's so handsome, right?)

    - “oo talaga!! talino pa tas ang bait bait lam mo ba may nagkwento sa'kin na ano [act of kindness] (so true! he's smart too and really nice. i heard this story once that he [act of kindness])

    - if charlie is suki ng guidance, he's the laman ng chismis (talk of the town) 24/7 besties

    - he's really nice and loves the attention he's getting, he use it sometimes to get the people join whatever shit he's doing u know, gotta take advantage of that opportunity

    - is sometimes really mysterious too that's why they love him sm (i mean their ideal filipino boy oh my god)

    steven meeks kyle san diego

    - type of pipino boy: valedictorian type that people really doesn't talk to unless they're close friends or like they need something (i know, mean), this one always won something from the school contests too

    - really nice kid, keeps to himself

    - the kids from the lower section look up to him like God cause he's a really smart kid

    - he's laman of the chismis too but occasionally

    - has weird science jokes and is into a lot of... western stuff that all the other kids doesn't know about so they call him weird even though he's not weird

    - plays rubrics cube and brings different kind of them everyday

    - is very good with math and science especially, has problems with local subjects like AP (social studies) and filipino

    - reason? i don't really know why they struggle with those subjects they just do

    - uses social media? NEVER. social media isn't for them and if they do post some shits it'll be 2 years later when you're not in the same school anymore

    - people usually regret not being friends with him after they graduate

    - he's cool 😎 they just didn't see it back then (but also cause he have his own world before)

    - idk why but his classmates expects so much of him silently like he know a lot of SHIT cause his parents enrolled him to special classes when he was very young and is continuing to do so because he have to do great but this one secretly hates the way kids expects him to know shits

    - like he know it he just hates hearing things like “oh you know this one” “why not kyle he's so smart with math” “blah blah smart kid smart kid” he hates it ugh

    - is in between having that 1 friend or no friends at all, they seem cool people actually but i wonder why they have no friends when they were in highschool is a mystery to me

    - teachers trusts this kid so much they leave their school stuff or leave him in charge several times

    gerard pitts matthew bautista

    - type of pipino boy: the one who has a lot girl friends and has a twin sibling

    - this kid is a BELOVED to the gals and enbies- he is for the girls and (enbies) exclusively- he never had guy friends because they're just meh to him


    - always gets called during discussions cause he just can't shut his mouth

    - really funny, he's not even trying

    - idk why but they're the type to get bullied a lot (i mean like playful bully round friends not u know real bullying)

    - their house is always so nice too, it's the designated place in group works but it's too damn FAR but they're parents are also usually generous

    - you always see him surrounded with lots of people who are probably their friends

    - is nice and will treat you to 7/11

    - celebrates birthday with friends or inside school parties

    - the type of i'll let u copy my assignment or he's gonna need to “take ideas” from your assignment no in between

    - CAN'T STOP LAUGHING DURING GROUP OR SOLO PRESENTATION (“sorry they're just joking”) also because they're kinda shy

    - so clumsy and nice hugger

    todd anderson justin angelo gonzalez

    - type of pipino boy: also the one with lots of girl (and enbies!!!!) as friends and really quiet

    - secretly has a friend from the other class so he doesn't talk to his classmates that much

    - this kid just gives his things immediately if u ask him

    - “can I borrow your pen” “uh sure”

    - he doesn't wanna engage in social interaction that much so people take advantage of that


    - always gets casted to be the one to compete during pageants

    - has this one friend from the class that always defend him or stuff u know the shy kid and the one who's so loud and fierce typical filipino bestfriend tandem

    - he gets his grades so HIGH even though he doesn't recite, usually beats your top 1 during exams

    - always gets some type of sickness, he either absent on class or in the clinic or you can't notice he was there

    - YOU WOULD WANT THIS KID TO BE ON YOUR GROUP WORK ALWAYS HE'S THE MOST RELIABLE KID AND BRINGS EVERYTHING EVER (can't trust him with performing presentation but besides that he's so nice w everything)

    - always has the nicest lunch or recess that a lot of kids buraot (idk how to english this one but say something like someone who asks for something that u have) him so MUCH

    - and he gives food always

    - you can always see him with the local school cats and dogs

    - has like a transport service whether tricycle or his parents

    - never allowed to go out w friends outside school (he's the baby friend)

    - he's like really normally quiet but get to know him and he gets you to do the MOST craziest shit ever-

    - swears a lot secretly

    mah boy richard cameron da best for last richard gutierrez jr. <33333333

    - type of pipino boy: medyo (slightly) school classmates call him ‘pabibo’, that one who was also known for this one inside joke from the class and got randomly ship with one of their classmate

    - he's actually a quiet kid but his classmates call him "pabibo" (basically this is someone who's like trying to stand out from the rest forcibly?), he's like a teacher's let they say but he's just really concern with his studies and also because he got issues with the top student of their class that he just wanna beat them down so bad

    - is actually kinda shy with dancing or singing group presentation but he got all the good ideas behind curtains u know

    - he's a jr. and his father are known around school but no one really seen the dad or something they just know him because of this legacy

    - rumored to be “rich” and have big house ISTG you won't survive school without having those rumor shits

    - “kung mayaman sila baket di siya nasa private school?” (if he's rich, why isn't he on a private school instead?) <- this is like a nationwide response to a “they're a rich kid” rumor

    - he's really nice and has just small friend group, sometimes he just sleeps in class or is actively in the class no in between

    - always wears hoodie for no reason at all

    - maybe because they hate the school uniform SO MUCH

    - the one that gets ship randomly because they had a past thing with someone inside their class

    - they still gets called their a known former endearment he used with his lover when they were together like if he used to call them babe he'll get called babe a lot by his classmates

    - tHIS KID IS BEST CLEANERS OF ALL, makes sure it's clean all the time and rants if they're too dirty or scatters trash all the time

    - plays ML with the guys

    - is somehow yes kinda rich so he's always the treasurer or funds the class pageants shows or sum shit

    - treats you food when u don't have one or no. cause u gotta pay up

    - is definitely the type to tell the teacher they have missed a quiz or assignment even when the class collectively agree not to remind the teacher (he gets so much hate for this)

    - he can't keep information for the life of him so when teachers asks he recites a lot, he also gets hate for that

    ----- done ✅

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  • seize-the-dms
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    At first I was mMmMm Meeks as joke,,but bro,,,,,,,I don’t think it’s a joke anymore

    #dead poets society #dps memes#steven meeks#stephen meeks#dps#dps fandom #i love this nerd
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  • rushhhh
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Uploading today at 6pm~!


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  • deuynndoodles
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    dannys right

    #dp#doodles#sam manson#danny fenton#comics#meme supreme #i showed my friend the doodle in my sketchbook and he went #oh amazing comic idea #and drew his own lmao #i actually kinda like spiders theyre pretty cute but i mean. #this logic is also valid #DHSNFHDHFND
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  • meeksexual
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #should i so more?? ask box open send me ideas pleasee #dead poets society #dps#dps headcanons#stephen meeks#charlie dalton#nuwanda#knox overstreet#chris noel#neil perry#anderperry#richard cameron#gerard pitts#pittsie#john keating#dps memes #dead poets society headcanons #dead poets society memes #dps alignment chart #dead poets #dead poets society headcanon #80s movies #robert sean leonard #todd and neil #todd anderson#80s memes#ethan hawke#gale hansen#1980s#80s movie
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  • marshzellos
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • marshzellos
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    that one scene in dps

    charlie and cameron: *fighting*

    meeks, knox and todd: *tries to stop them*

    pitts: 🧍☕🍿

    #dead poets in nyc #dead poets society #dead poets society memes #dead poets #dead poets society lockscreen #dps edit#dps lockscreens#dps crack#dps#dps fandom#dps meme#dps memes#gerard pitts#todd anderson#neil perry#charlie dalton#knox overstreet#steven meeks#richard cameron#john keating #my guy is having a software update #pitts was processing everything #my mans enjoying the drama
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  • marshzellos
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    the poets visit at the horror house: headcanons (in photos!)

    this idea is by @aedan-mills ! thank you so much for the idea, i can't help it but make these :'D

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  • poetofthedyingstars
    25.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    lost in the wood but it's that one scene from dead poets society

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  • mendesxruel
    24.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    you can't tell me this video wasn't recorded by the Dead Poets (ft Chris)

    #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society memes #modern dps#Youtube
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