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  • vikingsdrabblechallenge
    25.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    ◼️ Easy To Love ◼️

    Author : LupusMundi

    Prompt : Jealousy

    Characters : Hvitserk, Ivar

    Rating : G

    Words : 357

    Summary : Ivar is jealous because even after all that has happened, Hvitserk still seems to love Ubbe more than him.

    ◼️ READ ON AO3 ◼️

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  • parvamundi
    25.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago
    five-minute drabble: junior + best friends + ‘sports’


    “No, that was luck.”

    “Are you fuckin’ kid– Ray, c’mon.”

    Junior chuckled loudly, swiping the ball Eddie had just retrieved and laying it up. Neither of his friends had really noticed since they were currently arguing like brats over what had just transpired.

    “Guys–” He sighed out, to little avail.

    “Just admit it. I blocked you.”

    “I tripped.”

    “You tripped? Yeah, over my dick. C’mon. I BLOCKED YOU. JUST ADMIT IT.”

    “Why are you yelling, Edward?” Ray slowly grinned, which only caused Junior to laugh louder, dribbling the ball as he watched the pair stare down one another.

    “I’m not yellin’! I’m forcibly tellin’ you that you need to wake up and just cop to the fact that I finally blocked a shot of yours,” the youngest whined.

    “Hmm, see, I would admit it, if it actually happened,” the oldest goaded. They were like brothers sometimes. It was uncanny.

    “Alright, enough. Ray, I’m sorry to say, but Ed got you. Once. This one time. Let him have it… Before he starts cryin’ or somethin’.”

    “Oh fuck you, Junior. Who even asked you?” Eddie shoved him, smirking and grabbing the ball back.

    “Hey, whoa, that’s the last time I ever defend you,” he lifted his hands and shook his head.

    “Well, judging by your basketball skills, you can’t defend much,” Ray quipped quickly, grinning broadly as he went after the other kid.

    Junior could only snort and shake his head again. Friends.

    #( junior. / && drabble. ) #( dynamic. / && eddie and junior and ray. )
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  • captainsy-cookiemonster
    25.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago
    #Ask lisa#amberangel112#henry cavill #henry cavill thirst #Dash magic#Captain syverson #Captain syverson thirst #Captain syverson mini drabble
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  • jayflrt
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    11:55 p.m. ▸ jay wanted to kiss you.

    he wanted to kiss you so bad that he could’ve died on the spot then and there. he had spent the whole evening doing assignments and gaming, but only later he realized that he had been neglecting you. although you didn’t complain, jay felt a pang of regret when he saw you curled up on the bed, leaving more than enough room for him.

    jay frowned at your sleeping figure. he couldn’t kiss you without your consent.

    he had no other choice but to wake you up. yes, he could just get a kiss from you tomorrow morning, but it didn’t feel right going to bed without saying a proper goodnight.

    “y/n?” jay shook you a little. even his whispers were sweet melodies in your ears, like warm milk and honey. “hey there.”

    you stirred almost immediately since it hadn’t been that long since you fell asleep. after a few seconds of stretching out your limbs, you blinked and looked up at jay. your boyfriend started to feel worse for disrupting your sound sleep, but a soft smile crossed his lips when he saw you rub your eyes.

    “i’m sorry i woke you up,” jay apologized, reaching over to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear. “i wanted to kiss you goodnight first.”

    “i was having a good dream,” you complained, narrowing your eyes at him before laughing a little. “but it’s okay because i wanted a goodnight kiss too.”

    jay flushed crimson red, internally screaming over how adorable you were. when he pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, his heart did a little backflip when he felt you smiling into the kiss.

    “goodnight, y/n,” he whispered once he pulled away, eyes tracing your lips before they flitted back up to your eyes.

    you smiled. “goodnight, jay.”

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  • raps-in-beep
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #lol this hurts #mun's drabbles
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  • severus-dramatic-gothic-nerd
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ✨ Day 25: Don't Call Me Coward for @bringbackthebastard ✨

    TW: Heavy angst

    “Kill me then,” the boy demanded, foolish and selfish. After everything Severus has done to keep him safe. And failed too, or will fail soon enough. Albus’ last wish was to bring the boy to his death. “Kill me like you killed him, you coward—”

    I've done terrible things for him.

    Severus regretted ever going to Albus. He should have saved Lily on his own. He should have kept them safe.

    How was he to know what Albus was planning?

    I thought I was saving him for you, Lily. I thought I was keeping him safe.

    I'm sorry my dearest friend for the despicable person I've become. To sacrifice a child in a war. There was no greater sin. No punishment too big.

    Severus was praying for a quick death. For Harry. He himself deserved all the horrors coming his way.

    “DON'T—” Severus might have been screaming. Or was there only silence? He didn't know. There was too much pain to give anything else space for existence, for recognition. Only pain and that voice in his head, telling him to do more terrible things, things he couldn't but would comply regardless. Because the voice told him to. “CALL ME COWARD!”

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  • pellucid-constellations
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #asks #for the love of the game #drabble request
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  • pellucid-constellations
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #asks #for the love of the game #drabble request
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  • met4no1a
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    MOB!barnes sitting casually at his table in one of many expensive clubs that he owns. not doing much, just observing whatever is happening on the dance floor. suddenly, you appear in front of him.

    — can i help you, darling? — he asks.

    — this guy has been harassing me all night.

    and that’s when his knuckles turn white. james is not going to tolerate that kind of behaviour.

    — which one?

    the man shows up, looking at you like you’re a pray, and he’s a hunter. it makes you shiver. it makes you want to run to a bathroom stall to throw up.

    — hey, girl. why don’t you sit with me? or on me, if that’s what you prefer.

    — she’s good. — james says, his tone assertive.

    — yeah? and what are you gonna do?

    — why don’t we find out?

    #marvel imagine#marvel drabble#marvel oneshot#marvel#mcu drabble#mcu oneshot#mcu imagine#mcu#james barnes #james barnes x reader #james barnes x y/n #james barnes x you #tfatws#sebastian stan #sebastian stan x reader #sebastian stan x you #sebastian stan x y/n #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes imagine #james barnes imagine #sebastian stan imagine #bucky barnes drabble #james barnes drabble #sebastian stan drabble #james barnes oneshot #bucky barnes oneshot #sebastian stan oneshot
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  • blogger360ncislarules
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • gojosflame
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #haikyuu smut#hq smut #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader #haikyuu x you #hq x you #haikyuu x y/n #hq x y/n #ushijima smut #ushijima x reader #ushijima x y/n #ushijima x you #ushijima wakatoshi#haikyuu drabbles#hq drabbles #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#hq #tinuriel's writings.🔗
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  • hajimescutie
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago


    includes: t. kuroo x gn!reader

    genre: fluff

    warnings: none

    a/n: i learned about stress and oxytocin the other day in one of my classes and i haven’t stopped thinking about it. if you don’t know what oxytocin is, keep reading <3

    main masterlist

    nekoma masterlist

    “testu… not now please.”

    “but i haven’t even told you the best one yet!”

    you rolled your eyes at kuroo, your patience slowly wearing thin. you were beyond irritated. you both had been at the library studying for midterms since 4pm, the time now being close to 1am. the lack of sleep and the significant increase in caffeine was finally getting to you, and kuroo thought it would be best to give you “interesting” facts about science.

    “tetsuro, i love you, i really do, but please don’t tell me another science fact,” you said, leaning forward against the desk to grasp his hands in yours. “if you tell me another one i might just combust.”

    the rooster head let out a chuckle, “i’d pay good money to see that.”

    “you’re impossible,” you said, biting your lip to hide your growing smile.

    it was silent for a few moments there, but you could feel him looming, waiting for you to give him the okay. but you were strong, and you only needed a few more minutes of studying before calling it a day. you weren’t going to give in.

    until you felt yourself sighing, glaring at your lover who was staring right back at you with a slight pout.

    “oh my god, fine. but this is the last one,” you squinted, pointing your finger at him menacingly.

    “i promise this one is really good,” he reached forward to grab your finger, then moving to grasp your hand and pulling the back of it to his lips, pressing a sweet kiss right in the middle. your heart fluttered at the gesture, tired eyes staring into one another lovingly.

    kuroo suddenly stood up, letting go of your hand briefly to walk to your side of the desk the both of you were sitting at. you scrunched your eyebrows together in confusion, about to question him what he was doing before you felt strong arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into his surprisingly warm chest.

    you hesitantly hugged him back, leaning your head on his shoulder. “uh, tetsu? not that i mind but why are you hugging me?”

    “i’m showing you the effects of oxytocin, otherwise known as, the cuddle hormone.”


    your chest felt like it was going to burst. you started to hug him back just as tight as he was, feeling all the stress that was practically chained to your back and shoulders finally break for a moment, warmth and lightness filling your whole body.

    you wish it lasted a while longer, your boyfriend pulling away with that cute, dorky smile you grew to love. “oxytocin is the hormone that releases when you hug someone. it’s also really good at decreasing stress, which i could practically feel radiating off of you.”

    you stuck your tongue out at him, him shaking his head in response. he pressed a sweet kiss to your forehead, turning to the desk and beginning to put yours and his belongings away.

    “let’s go home baby, that’s enough studying for today,” he said softly, handing you your now packed back.

    you had no complaints, standing up out of the chair and walking hand in hand towards the exit. he bumped your hips with his teasingly, smirking down at you when you shot him a playful glare.

    “i’ll be honest, that last one was pretty good,” you said.

    “oh? does that mean you really do enjoy my science facts?”

    “let’s not get too hasty, i never said that.”

    “ah, you kinda did.”

    “did not.”

    “did too.”

    “…did not.”

    “…….did too”

    “i’m gonna punch you.”

    reblogs are appreciated! <3

    feedback is welcomed!

    ©hajimescutie 2021, all rights reserved.

    #{madi writes <3} #this was very spur of the moment #but i thought this concept was so cute #sobsobsob#kuroo wya#kuroo tetsuro#kuroo tetsurou #kuroo x reader #kuroo x y/n #kuroo x you #tetsuro kuroo#tetsurou kuroo#kuroo#tetsuro#tetsuorou#tetsu#kuroo imagine#kuroo fluff#kuroo drabble#anime#haikyuu#haikyu #haikyuu! #haikyu!
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  • acrylicqueen
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I diagnose Majin Sonic from Coda's animation on YouTube with Gay Disease.

    #this majin has the gay #and thats the truth #like look at him #fruity vibes#drabbles#majin sonic
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  • juniperaldaine
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    - talking about your feelings for Kanroji Mitsuri

    🔖- gender neutral (they/ them), angst with no comfort, obamitsu sad feels, one-sided pining, follows canon timeline with minor alterations, canon character deaths 

    🎐- welp- enjoy this angsty drabble abt mitsuri and reader. my obamitsu side decided to pop in the middle of this story n damn- they both deserved better ✊😔

    second person's pov

    “Y/n-chan the view is so pretty isn't it?” A green eyed beauty asked, tilting her head to the side with a cheerful smile gracing her lips as she looked at you questioningly.

    “Yeah, it’s really...beautiful...” You breathed out.

    Truth be told, you weren't exactly talking about the picturesque surroundings but rather you were talking about the girl sitting beside you.

    You wanted to reach out for her hand and intertwine your fingers with hers. You wanted to close the gap between you two.

    You longed for her. You wanted her to be yours.

    You loved her....

    But you were aware that she could never be yours.

    Kanroji Mitsuri would never love you the way you love her, for her heart already belonged to someone else.

    Someone who isn't you.....

    Someone who is much better than you will ever be....

    Someone who can make her happy and feel loved.....

    Someone who can protect her....

    Because that someone was none other than the snake hashira himself, Iguro Obanai.

    Mitsuri and Obanai made a vow to always be together, forever...

    And you could only watch from afar with a smile on your face because you were happy for them.

    But in the end even Iguro Obanai couldn't protect the girl he loves....

    the girl you loved....

    Kanroji Mitsuri 

    #demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer x reader #mitsuri kanroji #mitsuri x reader #minor obamitsu#angst#character death #gender neutral y/n #unrequited love#drabble #mitsuri kanroji imagines
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  • taehyungsdoll
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Its just something about Jungkook coming home from the concert to see you all hot and bothered next thing you know your under him while he's balls deep inside of you, your both naked but he kept that DAMN chain on and he catches you staring at his chain so he smirks and speaks about the chain and you get shy and try to cover your face but he takes both your hands in one hand and says "Since you like my chain so much how about I go faster so you see it dangle some more" and with that he speeds up, and lets just say your in for a long night ;)

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  • makki-mallows
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Imagine how hard it is for Makki to accept that you love him and only him. That you find him attractive. Even with his freckles? That you find him worth wild to be around. Even if you have to pay for meals half the time? That you love him. Why would you?

    Especially after you meet his friends. Everyone loves Oikawa, Iwa and Mattsun. He knows how how funny his best friends are. (They especially think they are comedians when your around much to his annoyance) He also aware of how he's currently unemployed while his best friends have a stable income. He has been on many dates to only find that they are interested in one of his friends, not really him. He was their second choice.   He has eyes, he can see how everyone's gaze follow them whenever they all are hanging out. Makki has always been observant.

    But your eyes stay on him since you love watching his reactions. Your smile only gets bigger when looking over that him. You always laugh a little louder at his jokes, especially the ones only you two share. How you hold his face in your hands; you always brush your thumbs along his cheeks. Your smile so soft while looking at him, sweetly whispering "You make me so happy Hiro. Thank you for loving me."

    Makki almost doesn't know how to react. He knows his currently blushing, he always does when you confess your love so openly like this.  Thank him for loving you? When you are his world. The reason he gets up every morning. He doesn't have the words to explain to you how he's the lucky one. How he should be thanking you for loving him even though he's a mess. For choosing him instead of one of his many successful friends; because he knows even if he attempts to say any of this you'll deny it. Insisting you are the lucky.

    So instead, he smiles at you while taking your hands in his. Threading your fingers together, placing small kisses on the back of your hands. He then kisses you on your pretty lips. The kiss is soft and sweet. It has both of your cheeks heating up and small smiles spreading. He hopes his affection for you  is being felt through this kiss. That you understand how much you mean to him. How you truly are everything to him.

    When he breaks the kiss, he places his forehead on yours gently, while giving your hands a teasing squeeze. He whispered softly

    "No need to thank me sunshine. I'll love you forever and always. I promise."

    #hanamaki takahiro #hanamaki takahiro x reader #hanamaki takahiro x yn #makki #makki x reader #makki x yn #fluff#drabble#haikyuu#hq #Listen I have a lot of feelings about makki and I just needed to unload them a bit #I'm sure this sucks tbh #But this is my first time posting something i wrote so im little insecure about it. #Enjoyed writing this though so you might get more of my shitty writing. we'll see
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  • sunlightandsuffering
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • viperwrites
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Tsuna hates the future.

    He hates what future-him did to their friends. He hates what Shouichi messing with the timeline did to Byakuran, hates the way he found to fix it. He hates Yuni’s too wise eyes, too soft smiles, too heavy shoulders. He hates that Lal is always so sad, hates that anger is the only thing helping her cope. He hates that Mukuro’s still locked up, that future-him never did anything to help him and Chrome and the rest of his people. He hates that Reborn is dead.

    Hates that his predecessors put all those images in his head, hates knowing they are not just simply illusions. He hates that they are asking him to inherit their sins—he doesn’t want their sins, he doesn’t want anything to do with them let alone the blood they’ve shed—if he wants to save his friends.

    Tsuna hates the future.

    “So tell me, Decimo,” Primo stares at him with knowing eyes; eyes that are too warm, too kind, too unjudging for someone of his caliber. “What are you going to do about it?”

    Tsuna—fourteen and with tear-tracks running down his face; desperate, terrified, angry—stares back at him, determined.

    “I’ll destroy Vongola!”

    #timeline what timeline #sawada tsunayoshi#khr#drabble #things i write #not much of a Thing #I’m just rewatching Future Arc for the millionth time and was thinking about how sad Lal is and how anger is the only thing anchoring her #and then I got thinking about all the things that Tsuna hates about the future
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  • time-for-a-lullaby
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Saturday Nights - New Series Alert!

    I have 0 clue when this will be posted, i wanna get at least a few chapters polished off before releasing it. But here’s a little sneaky peeky of the series I’m working on!

    “I know. Okay? I know that. But, he left. He has dreams, ambitions. I can’t- I can’t come to him now that he’s some big shot. 9 years after the fact. ‘Hey Hollywood, you have a son’. I mean, come on Maddie.” you sighed, “I gotta get back inside, okay? We can talk about this later. Thank you.”

    She wrapped you in a hug, “Anytime, I’ll see you tonight.”

    You walked back inside, doing a quick round to make sure everyone was doing okay before you disappeared into the back again. You buried your face in your hands, your shift manager Kathy, walking over.

    “You okay, hun?”

    You nodded, taking a deep breath, “Yeah, just… life.” you let out a half-hearted laugh.

    “I get it.” She patted your shoulder, “Let me know if you need to head out early.”

    “No,” you waved a hand at her, “Not necessary, thank you, though.”

    You kept the check in’s for Chris’s table minimal, you knew they would understand. Once they’d cleared out, you walked over and grabbed their payment. Lifting the check, you found $500. You scoffed, “Unbelievable.”

    You didn’t need his charity. You didn’t need his help, you were doing just fine. Stuffing it into your pocket, you untied your apron and walked over to Kathy, “Hey, uh— change of plans. I’m gonna head out, I’ll take your shift tomorrow if you want? As a thank you for not telling Dale? I know you hate working Friday’s.” Your voice raised an octave.

    She rolled her eyes, “Fine. Get out of here.”

    You laughed, blowing her a dramatic kiss before you clocked out and walked to your car. You weren’t sure where Chris was staying, but decided to start at Lisa’s.

    You walked up to the front, knocking lightly. Lisa smiled when she pulled the door open, “well this is a surprise!”

    “Hey, Lisa. Is Chris here?”

    She nodded, “I’ll grab him. Do you wanna come in?”

    “Oh no, I’ll wait outside. Thank you.”

    She smiled again, leaving the door open to go find Chris.

    Once he emerged, he stepped outside and pulled the door shut behind him. It might’ve been 10 years, but he still knew the look on your face like it was yesterday.


    You cut him off, grabbing the hundreds from your pocket and shoving them into his chest, “don’t hey me, Chris. I don’t need your fucking charity. Who the hell do you think you are?”

    You scoffed, turning to leave when he grabbed your wrist, “whoa, whoa, hold on. I- i was just trying to be nice.”

    You rolled your eyes, “nice people tip 20% of their bill. Condescending assholes leave $500 to rub in their ex’s face that they’ve made something for themselves. I don’t need your money. I might not be some hot-shot living in LA, but I’m doing just fine, thanks.”

    “Y/N, come on! You know that’s not what i was doing.”

    You shook your head, “Keep your money, Chris.”

    TagList (bold wouldn’t tag): @chvntelle-99 @ysmmsy @roguediorxoxo @anonymousswritings @superanastasia1981 @melissad1974 @nrmnie @wobblymug @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @anacrcarvalho @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @elrw24 @mjey12 @ilovetheeagles @patzammit @skyewardolicitycloisdelena91 @faykyrie @spookyqueen @mytbel0st @asdfghjklgggdd @big-deak-energy @a-distantdreamer @melannie77 @hauntedmuffinpersonarascal @thedancingnerdmermaid @avery199 @bhappiness14 @aslutforchrisevans @cierra-evans715 @fictionslandslanddreams @mylifeasltd8 @n3ssm0nique @unicornblueberry @stephv213 @supraveng @rootcrap @mrspeacem1nusone @fanficworld @learning-howto-be-myselfx3 @onceuponahuntersrealm @coldmuffinpartycloud @jadert15 @lou-lou26 @freyathehuntress @ritikahye @unicornpajamas @clogger101 @ms-betsy-fangirl @lauracontisstuff @kawaiicroissantpastabakery @thummbelina @weaslettesstuff @guilsgotmusic @megannicole4 @chamaevans9 @deepintothenature @croissantbakerylws @hockeychick10 @lharrietg @cevansfans @theashleycom3 @evansrodgerss @itsmytimetoodream @funfickgirl22 @ilovetheeagles @mavrellover91 @mylifeasltd8 @breezykpop @cherry-gemz @allthingschrisevans @ottit @legallybrunette13 @baby-i-am-fireproof @enchantinghandscroissantvoid @gotbangtan @ysmmsy @blizzspeaks @ca-loki @roguediorxoxo @lokistoriesblog @lynnettes-stuff @nostxlgia18 @gitasor @kthynes

    #chris evans #chris evans imagine #chris evans x reader #chris evans drabble #chris evans fluff #chris evans angst #chris evans blurb #chris evans one shot #chris evans x female reader #chris evans smut #Chris Evans series #Chris Evans mini series #Chris Evans #Chris Evans x ex!reader
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