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  • wholesomeangelluke
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Not From This World (Barbatos x GN! Reader)

    Genre: Fluff, Barbatos x Gender Neutral Reader

    Summary: Barbatos is puzzled when his visions contain no trace of the reader. He becomes intrigued as they become more and more mysterious to him. 

    A/N: Slight spoiler for Barbatos’ powers. I am not very far into the storyline, so I apologize for any inconsistences with the OM! plot. I also tried to use more formal language to really emulate Barbatos.

    [ Barbatos POV ] 

    I, quite literally, have always had the world in my hands. Being able to manipulate realities at my will is a burden I have grown accustomed to carrying. Thus, surprise is a considerably foreign feeling to me. It would be a lie to say that such trivial feelings never piqued my interest, but all hopes of getting to experience these emotions were squandered by my abilities. That is until I met them. 

    They came into my life, unexpectedly. I had already foreseen the human that would be summoned for Lord Diavolo’s exchange program, but none of the realities included said human being accompanied by another. For the first time in my long life, I felt surprised. Needless to say, I spent that night going over every reality available to me, just trying to fathom what this unexpected guest could mean. Multiple thoughts ran through my head, ‘Are my powers fading’ and ‘Do they pose a threat to my Lord’ being the most common ones. I found no answers that night, but I was determined to discreetly keep an eye on them by befriending them under the guise of Lord Diavolo’s command. 

    It started off simple. I gave them a slice of cake and offered to show them around the academy. They seemed shocked as a smile grew on their face. My heart race at the sight as I could feel my ears turn red. I felt compromised, even further perplexed by them and the way they made me feel. As I showed them around the academy, I got to learn a little more about them. Though, the information gained from this experience was of little help to my investigation. As such, I planned to spend time with them again. For the sake of research.

    Or so I thought. But as we spent more and more time together, I found myself growing attached to them. They brought something fresh to my life. Being able to see all possible realities led to a dull existence.  Yet, for the first time, I wasn’t bored of living. In fact, I was excited for the days to come, awaiting what other things they would bring into my life. As our days together breezed by like the wind in May, they began to open up to me. They trusted me with their thoughts and feelings and, unknowingly, I began trusting them with mine as well. 

    We were having tea on a balcony at the Lord’s palace, the cold breeze sending a pleasant chill down our backs. I looked over at them and observed them as they looked out onto the horizon. I slowly took in all their features. Everything about them was perfect to me. All their flaws and imperfections found a place in my heart and their smile made me feel alive. That’s when I knew, they were no longer just a “safety pro-caution investigation” to me. That reasoning became an excuse fairly long ago to spend time in their presence. As I continued to watch them, a little smile growing on their face as they brought the tea cup to their lips, my heart filled with love and I knew that they were so much more to me than that. 

    Though that memory has now passed, the feeling of utter love and devotion to them grew stronger and we became a couple. Currently, they are sitting at the kitchen table while I finish dusting the cabinets. I stopped my swift motions as realization slowly dawned on me. ‘I never thought to ask them why they are not in my visions”. Originally, I figured that it was no use since they would likely have no clue on such a thing. As time passed, I just stopped caring about the issue. However, with this realization, I became quite curious on the answer.

    “Barb”, their voice shaking me from my train of thought, “are you alright?” I turned my head in their direction, my heart filling with joy at the worried expression on their face. I smiled at them, walking closer as I bent down to give them a light peck on their lips. “I am fine darling, I just got lost in my thoughts”. I let out an endearing laugh when they tilted their head, eyes growing wider with curiosity. “Can I ask you about something, darling?” 

    They nodded their head, as I moved to sit across from them. I grabbed their hands in mine as a way to calm them down, but that seemed to make them more worried. I let out a deep breath before explaining their absence in my visions. After I finished explaining, an air of silence settled around us. I figured that they did not know the answer and was about to comfort them on such when they spoke, “I actually have a good idea on why I’m not in your visions”, I took in their reluctant expression as I nodded for them to continue, “I am not from this world. Before coming to the Devildom, all of this wasn’t real. It was a part of a game. I was playing the game when I was suddenly summoned here. I understand if you don’t believe me, bu-”. “No, that sounds completely plausible actually”. I accidently cut them off, but my thoughts were to jumbled at the moment. 

    Suddenly, everything started to make sense. Why they were so calm when they were unexpectedly brought to the devildom, how they knew a lot about the brothers. It all made sense. “I know it may be hard to wrap your head around, but I swear that I really do care about this place and the people I’ve met here. I swear that I really do love you Barbatos.” I looked into their eyes, filled with determination and love, as I kissed them deeply. Holding them tightly in my arms, as if they would disappear if I held on any looser. I pulled away and pressed my forehead to theirs, “I love you to, more than anything in this world”. 

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    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    country boy ushijima today or tomorrow ? >.>

    #ik i just posted puppyboy bo so let me know >:) #also pls send in thirsts i need to write small drabbles i can’t b writing one shots over n over #jax.txt
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  • malucy31
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Malec morning drabble 🌞

    Have a little something about former lives, souls, space and immortality (immortal Malec team forever)


    There are days like that. They peppered Magnus’s long existence since probably the very beginning. Days or profound loneliness, a dull ache starting in the middle of his chest, spreading all around. It reminds him how many centuries his soul has been through.

    Alec told him once that he thinks his soul has been through more centuries than Magnus has lived.

    “Are you talking about former lives? I didn’t take Shadowhunters for hippies, darling… Have you been one maybe?” Magnus mocked him, his voice teasing, but his heart was already beaming at his angel. Did they meet in former lives? Did he fell in love with Alec’s soul over and over again?

    “Maybe, who knows…” Alec replied, answering his thoughts in a coincidence too perfect to be true. “What I’m saying is…”

    Alec started doing that fidgeting thing he always does when his thoughts are looking for an escape but are too big, too wide. Magnus took his hand in his.

    “Go ahead, darling,” he tried, making his voice as encouraging and soothing as possible. “But if you’re telling me you think my soul was already there before the apes started to walk on legs, we are going to have a problem.”

    Alec laughed and turned to face him, his head buried in his pillow, his smile illuminated by the morning Sun and that glimmer in his eyes… “God, you’re beautiful,” Magnus couldn’t help saying before turning on his own side, just for a chance to see him blush perfectly.

    “No, that’s not what I meant.”

    Magnus smiled. Those thoughts must have been running through him mind a lot if Alec didn’t even react to his compliment.

    “Then, what do you mean?” he offered, taking Alec’s hand in his again, giving him something to focus on while his heart opened up. Patiently, he waited, watching his love’s face going through all the emotions.

    “Sometimes, I… I wonder if maybe you weren’t a star in another life.”

    It took Magnus aback. In another context, he would have snickered at the cheesiness, but Alec wasn’t feeding him a line, he was serious.

    “A… A star?”

    “Yeah… Remember the other day when you brought me to that tiny restaurant in Japan?”


    Magnus understood. Words were pilling up in his throat, but emotions blocked them there, so he nodded as Alec continued.

    “We were talking to the waiter, and he was telling us about that celestial event with Andromeda Galaxy. You got teared eyed, and you told me afterwards that you still remembered the last time you saw that event, that in your whole lifetime, it only happened twice. Well, I… I couldn’t help wondering if you were feeling nostalgic about the memory, or emotional for the stars. Like you knew the kind of loneliness they experiment. Having to wait thousands of years before they can be reunited for just a moment… Dying alone…”

    Magnus wasn’t sure if those two last words escaped Alec’s lips or his.

    On the scale of his long life, Magnus hasn’t known Alec for very long. It never stops amazing him to see how this miraculous Nephilim can use words with such accuracy. Maybe that’s because Alec doesn’t have a filter. He says what he thinks. Honesty is something Magnus has been longing his whole life. He understood why that day.

    “Alexander, that’s – “

    “Yeah, I know, it’s stupid.”

    “No, it’s not.”

    But there wasn’t much more he could say. Alec had found a way to put words on a feeling he had been fighting against for centuries. It didn’t bring any answer, wouldn’t make it stop, but Alec gave that feeling some space and that was the closest to relief Magnus had ever been. He could only hope Alec understood.

    That night, he had a dream. Galaxies spinning, singing at the top of their aching hearts. Songs about loneliness, about purpose, about love. Lonely stars looking for their happy ending, exploding in fireworks people would only notice centuries after.

    For the first time, Magnus was finding a purpose to his immortality.

    It gave Alec time to materialize, time for all the Gods and Angels to create him out of raw emotions.

    Because if Magnus was a star, there is no doubt in his mind that Alec was… what the whole universe was made of. Maybe he saw a star explode, was drawn to it for reasons Magnus still can’t quite understand and relentlessly tried to find the right incarnation. Those things take time. Magnus had to be there. His immortality was never a punishment, it was a necessity. Loneliness a simple price Magnus was willing to pay over and over again. Alec was more than worth it.

    All the sudden, the universe didn’t look as cruel as it used to. Magnus can only hope that he isn’t wrong, that somehow, they will find a way. That an ancient star and the incarnation of love can make it through centuries. Forever together.

    #malec#malec drabble #is it still a drabble when it's 824 words? #oh well#malec fanfic#malec fanfiction#my writing#pillow talk #about stars souls and space #malec love will last forever #no starting point #no ending #it always was and always will be #I live for those tropes #I might have a few fics in that same atmosphere coming up #😊#magnus bane#alec lightwood#shadowhunters #malec morning drabble
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  • emrldapplejuice
    19.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    A love so vast it encompasses a galaxy

    an Andromione one-shot (2.5k)


    Hermione and Andromeda’s love was passionate, strong and sometimes painful but never small. This story consists of fifteen short insights into their lives and relationship.

    Written for the Bellamione Coven Andromione Galaxy event

    #andromeda black#andromeda tonks #hermione x andromeda #andromeda x hermione #andromione #fluff and angst #love and loss #a lovestory told through fifteen drabbles #Bellamione Coven: Andromione Galaxy #my writing
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  • volleeball-bo
    19.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    #2 “I can’t last that long!” KamiSero TK Fic

    A/N: Woo~! First Drabble from the 1-25 Tickle Sentence Starters! Here’s the KamiSero one!! Yay! And prompts are the titles so yeehaw 💕
    1-25 Drabble List/Masterpost

    “Sehehero nohoho!” Kaminari squeaked, hiding his laughter with one hand and the other shoving his boyfriend repeatedly. “Ihihihi cahahan’t last thahat lohohong!”

    Hanta chuckled, admiring the little dimples that were now visible on Kaminari’s face. “But you have to~ I don’t feel like stopping for another….” He glanced at the oven’s timer, ‘3:15…3:14…’ it counted down on the cookies the boys had been baking. “3 minutes~!”

    “Nohoho!” The blonde whined out, his sides under some tickly attacks from Sero’s wiggling fingers. He was as sensitive as could be right now, especially with how relaxed he was with his partner. It tickled like hell though and- Oh no- Sero’s hands gripped onto his hips and started to dig in. “eYAHAHA NAHAT THEHERE!”

    “Not where? I don’t know what you mean…here?” The dark haired boy teased, his nails Scribbling over his waistline.

    “Ah! Hehehey Nohoho-“

    “No~? Then…..” The lers thumbs started to massage circles into the electric hero’s hip dips. He chuckled, leaning into his beloved, “Cause I think you’re a little ticklish here, Kamicutie~ You’re wiggling and squirming around, giggling that sweet little melody of yours~ You wouldn’t happen to mind this, would you~?”

    A desperate Denki threw his head back, shrieks being pulled out of him with every brush of Hanta’s thumbs along his hips. “T-tHIHIS- AH! NahahAHA- Shhuhuhut uHuhU- NAHAHA!! IM SOHOHORRY, IM SOHOHORRY FUHUHUCK-“

    “You’re sorry for being a rude little Pikachu? Huh? Cause I’m simply loving on you while our cookies are baking!” Wiggling digits moved again, light tracing over Kami’s thigh tops made him a bit more at ease, but the insult resulted in rapid scratches being targeted along the backs of his knees. Sero grinned evilly, pinning his sensitive subject against the counter still.

    Squeals of pure ticklish despair was all that poured out of the blondes lips, practically dancing around with all the squirming he was doing. The electric spikes of tickles that went through his legs started to become too much however, the backs of his knees a deathly ticklish spot. “EHEHEHE!! P-PLEHEHEASE IHIHIT BEHEHEEPING!!”

    Sero took a moment, enjoying the sweet guffaws of laughter that he was plucking from his boyfriend like an instrument, before realizing what he had said. “Oh!” He pulled back, turning to the oven which was indeed beeping. The teens laughter was so loud he almost missed it entirely. “Thanks Gigglee~” Sero kissed Kami’s cheek, moving to save the cookies from being burnt.

    “N-no…prohoblem….ahaha..” The teen covered his face, just embarrassed from all the affection he had been receiving.

    “And don’t think I’m done with you yet!”


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  • starglitterz
    19.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #q.300 party #q.xiao #q.mine #q.faves #xiao x reader #genshin impact xiao #genshin xiao #genshin impact fluff #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin imagines #genshin impact writing #genshin impact scenarios #genshin impact drabbles #genshin impact#xiao fluff#xiao imagines#xiao drabbles#xiao scenarios #xiao genshin impact
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    19.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    i guess i will be making a tag list for Always You drabbles! Let me know if you want to be added☺️

    also feel free to send in requests if you have any for drabble ideas hehe i will be really free next week and will be getting a lot of writing done! so take advantage 😝

    #always you drabbles
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  • saturnsorbits
    19.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Yeah sex is cool, but...

    Kenma insists that you are the one to dye his hair.

    He realises that he could just go to a salon, could have a professional shampoo his hair and bleach his roots. He could pay for the best stylist in the world and fly them out to his house, but he refuses to.

    Perched a-top a bar-stool in the middle of the kitchen, cradling a small mixing bowl of bleach between his thighs he swears he's never been happier. Cradling his neck, you apply a gentle pressure to his skin with the edges of your knuckles and twist and turn him at you whim. Your touch sets his skin on fire and he swears, he's about to spontaneously combust when you lean around him to plant soft kisses against his cheek in-between pasting his hair into foils. He lives for it. The subtle domesticity of delicate touches and time spent, while you lounge around waiting for his hair to cure.

    Forty-minutes later, when you poke at his ribs and beckon him over to the sink, his body responds on autopilot. Your nails itch at his scalp when you press your side his and tip his head forward awkwardly into the sink. The slow circles of a massage relax him as your hands work through his hair. It makes him sleepy and needy, as he wishes for it to last just a little longer. There’s shampoo running into his eyes, but he doesn’t care; he’s too busy being caught up in your touch.

    He knows he could afford any stylist in the world, but it’s your untrained hands that make him feel like he's getting the most expensive treatment money can buy.

    -> The Intimacy Drabbles

    -> Masterlist

    #haikyuu!! #haikyu x reader #haikyuu fluff #kenma x reader #kenma fluff#kenma kozume#hq kenma#kenma drabble #The Intimacy Drabbles #Saturns Orbits#Orbie Writes
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    #always you drabbles
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    19.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston imagine #tom hiddleston blurb #tom hiddleston drabble #tom hiddleston smut #tom hiddleston headcanon #tom hiddleston x female reader #tom hiddleston fluff
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    19.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #starlights sleepover #bucky barnes fanfiction #steve rogers fanfiction #bucky barns x reader #bucky x reader #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x black!reader #steve rogers drabble #steve rogers imagine #bucky barnes imagine #steve rogers x reader
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    #drabble game#request#vanderwood #mystic messenger vanderwood #mystic messenger mc #vanderwood x mc #vanderwood x reader #mystic messenger oneshot #mystic messenger fanfic #mystic messenger reader insert #my writing
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  • footballffbarbiex
    19.06.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Father’s Day blurbs 3.

    player: Dominic Calvert-Lewin Words: 1133 request:  Dom tells you to go out for the day while he looks after your little boy - then invites Tom Davies round to help out. You get a phone call from the hospital asking you to go straight to A&E, and you start to worry about your son as Dom isn’t answering his phone. In reality your son is fine and it’s actually Dom (and maybe Tom?) that’s been injured in a freak nerf gun incident! (I hope this isn’t too long or specific! You can change it as you wish ☺️) 

    A/N: no detail given of the injury in depth, merely mentions wrist in a support brace. 

    Though you hate answering calls on numbers that you don’t recognise, you’re forced to do so when any number of Dom’s people can contact at any given time. What you hadn’t expected was a female voice on the other end addressing you by your title and surname.  

    “I’m sorry, who is this?” you ask on autopilot, fully prepared to tell the woman that you’re not interested in their deals for upgrade, you haven’t been in an accident, and you don’t care to switch any provi- 

    “Apologies, I’m one of the nurses here in A&E at The Royal Liverpool hospital.” your heart sinks at her words, now taking in the background noises which you had previously assumed to be other co-workers cold calling others. You’re straining to hear, wondering how your little boy is but you can’t hear him.  

    You signal to your friends that you need to take this call and as you’re walking away, you say into the phone, “oh my god, is he ok? My son, he’s only four. What’s hap-” 

    “Your son? No, sorry. I’m calling because your number has been given as the emergency contact for a Mr Dominic Calvert-Lewin?” She says quickly, trying to settle your nerves whilst dropping her voice to avoid any attention being brought to the call by anyone around.  

    “Dom? What’s he done?”  

    Everything had been ok when you’d left. Dom had ushered you out of the door, excited to spend time with the little one and Tom was coming over later to help. You could tell there was more to the story and considering the poor attempt at hiding the ingredients for baking, you assumed that they’d be making you something for your birthday tomorrow. You couldn’t understand how a harmless afternoon had turned into a trip to A&E. But it made sense as you hadn’t been able to contact him for the last two hours. Panic hadn’t set in until now and you now begin to wonder why you hadn’t persevered.  

    “He’s ok. Well, he’s here so...” she gives a nervous chuckle, “no he’s ok, nothing too serious. His wrist isn’t broken but it’s badly bruised.” 

    “I’ll be through to pick him up as soon as possible.” 

    “His friend is here and has offered to take him home but as you’re his point of emergency contact and he cannot drive; I will ask you how you’d like to move forward.” 

    “Let his friend drive. Let me know what I need to do to help him at home.” You say and begin to make mental notes.  

    The whole drive home, your mind is racing. She hadn’t told you what had happened, only how to help him with healing. His pride was no doubt hurting more than his wrist, and it would no doubt be you making the call to his physio to let them know what had happened, giving you the feeling of a parent speaking to the school or doctor about their child.  

    Your mind races through with potential possibilities. Dom hadn’t told you anything other than texting an I'm so sorry baby x message shortly after the call ended. You know why he’s pushed for Tom to take him home, and why he probably allowed the poor nurse to make the call, because you couldn’t react to her as you would have with him. The fact that you still don’t know how he managed to get hurt leads you to believe it was through stupidity.  

    “I know what you’re thinking, but he’s really ok.” Tom says as he greets you at the door.  

    “If he was really ok, he wouldn’t have been at the hospital with the nurse threatening that if he can’t keep his hand rested, she’ll have to put it in a cast to keep it from moving.” 

    “There is that.” He nods, reverting to a state of smile, nod and agree.  

    “Where is he?” 

    “Hiding behind Freddie like the grown man he is.” 

    You drop your bag and coat on the sideboard, not bothering to hang them up or take off your shoes and leave Tom to close the front door behind you. Freddie beams up at you from the purple tablet he plays on while Dom looks sheepish behind him.  

    “Hey baby, how you?” You ask, lifting your voice in a cheery tone.  

    “I’m go-you're not talking to me.” Dom purses his lips and holds up the uninjured hand in surrender as you shoot him a look.  

    “I’m good. I’m not supposed to tell you, but we baked you a cake for your birthday and daddy hurt his hand.” 

    “Oh, did he now?” 

    “Uh huh. Tried shooting Uncle Tom with my gun and tripped over those damn shoes again.” Freddie comments, barely pulling his attention away from the tablet as he spills the gossip on his daddy. Part of you is pissed that you’ve had to learn how it happened from your son. 

    Dom throws him a look as though to say, “cheers mate,” before shaking his head. Dom would always take his shoes off by the large bifold doors that lead out to the garden. Though you knew they were there, you’d always think you’d given yourself enough space so that you wouldn’t trip but would find yourself doing so anyway; prompting you to tell Dom to move his damn shoes. Every. Single. Time.  

    You hadn’t realised how much he’d picked up until it’s said back to you in such a casual way. You almost missed the birthday comment because of everything else, though you don’t mention it. It was obviously something that Dom wanted to keep a secret, even if the scent of baked goods is wafting through the air with its sweetness.  

    “Didn’t you almost hurt yourself last time with the Nerf gun?” 

    “I clearly succeeded this time.” he replies bitterly, his good hand tenderly touches the wrist support. You know it’ll have hurt for Dom to go there. Usually, he brushes things off or waits until he sees the training staff. You want to soften with him, give him a hug and a kiss and make him feel better, but you know why he’s downplaying this. He’s open and honest with Tom, that’s not the issue for holding back. You know he’s no doubt not wanting to scare Freddie and so, neither do you. But later, he’ll show you and ask for cuddles, hair fuss and back scratches and you’ll give it to him.  

    “Are you ok?” 



    He appreciates it, the smile that curves his lips shows it as he gives you a little nod. “Yeah, I’m good. Later yeah?” he adds, good hand going to his hair, and you know you’ll do whatever it takes to sooth his ego, stroke his pride and make sure he’s ok.  

    forevers:   @kxndrixx​ |  @christhickevans​  | @degea-drama-llama​ | @evie-pr​ | @meteora-fc​  |  @anakindoesntlikesand​ |  @lawsandother​ | @spursondele​  |   @footballerimaginess​   |    @pom277​    | @emilielfc   |   @sunslittlesister​ |   @layazul​   |  @donkeykai​   | @football-and-fanfics​ | @penguintransporter​ | @fanfictionstuffmostly​ | @judexbellingham​  | @dclsbaby​

    premier league: @domspeach

    #amy's father's day blurbs 2021 #dominic calvert-lewin one shot #dominic calvert-lewin imagine #dominic calvert-lewin blurb #dominic calvert-lewin drabble #dominic calvert-lewin fanfic #dominic calvert-lewin fanfiction #football one shot #football imagine#football blurb#football drabble#football fanfic #footballer one shot #footballer imagine#footballer drabble#footballer blurb#footballer fanfic#footballer fanfiction
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    #jjk imagines#jujustu kaisen #jjk x reader #jujitsu kaisen #🤍.drabbles #itadori yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji x you #yuuji x y/n #yuuji x reader #Curse king Yuuji #yuuji itadori smut #itadori smut
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    “So then we went to get some coffee,” Pick says and Rome bursts out laughing, resting his hand on Pick’s arm.
    “You’re so funny Phi,” Rome says and Pick gives him a weird look.
    “I am?” He asks and Rome nods.
    “Of course you are.” Rome giggles and a small smile appears on Picks lips.
    “It was just like you said!” Rome gushes to Emma down the phone later that day. “I laughed at everything he said and at the end of the day he said ‘we should do this again tomorrow!’”
    “I told you it would work,” Emma says.
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  • herhighnesskatebishop
    19.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    look, i don’t make those mistakes no more [Wanda at the TVA]

    “Welcome to the Time Variance Authority.”

    Wanda barely glanced up at the screen – what was the point? One jailor was much like another, whatever they called themselves. A collar around her neck, a jumpsuit to mark her as a prisoner, the endless questions to file her away neatly; been there, done that.

    Of course, for a while she’d thought things could be different. For a while she’d been the Scarlet Witch in more than name, chaos magic at her beck and call, subject to her every whim. For a few brief moments, Wanda Maximoff had known exactly who she was and been able to embrace it.

    Then, as before, as before that, as before even that, they came for her.

    Six guards. She supposed she should be flattered by that, the expectation that she would fight them tooth and nail. ‘Arrested for crimes against the Sacred Timeline,’ they’d told her, and her first thought had been well, it was always going to be something.

    Hauled in front of a judge with an officious tone and old eyes, she doesn’t bother to speak in her defence. She barely even listens to the litany of crimes – it seems SHIELD weren’t the only ones angered by the Hex, but what’s curious is that this court’s objection seems to be to…

    “Wait, what?”

    She looks up curiously then, head tilted a little to the left as she appraises the now clearly irritated judge. Well, no one likes to be interrupted, but Wanda needs to hear that again for herself.

    “Your crime, Miss Maximoff, is in allowing the illusion surrounding the town of… Westview, USA to fall.”

    “To fall?” she repeats slowly, disbelief in each short syllable. “Not the illusion itself, but-“

    “The cessation of the magic maintaining the town and the life forms within, yes.” More irritation this time – someone clearly isn’t as used to being interrupted as Wanda is. “The maintenance of Westview is crucial to avoid future divergence of the Sacred Timeline.”

    Admittedly, Wanda wasn’t listening to that either, as it really, truly hits her. Giving up everything wasn’t enough; when had her sacrifices ever been enough to satisfy anyone? They took and took, and when they had demanded all that she had, they punished her for letting them take it.

    “Miss Maximoff?”

    They’d told her earlier, that magic wasn’t possible in the Time Variance Authority. They hadn’t explained why, and she hadn’t volunteered to them that, in bringing her in, they’d walked past an older woman with an unusual headdress, one no one else had seemed to notice – who’d raised her finger and made three short, sharp movements.


    “Excuse me?”

    Wanda’s gaze rose again, scarlet burning around her irises as she lifted her right hand – right, down, up – leaving the symbol blazing in the air in front of her, recalled to its caster.

    ““In a given space, only the witch who cast the runes can use her magic. I’m the witch.”

    #wandavision#loki#drabble#tva #time variance authority #what if the TVA had other ideas #scarlet witch
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    19.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Drabble Requests

    Hello! The time has come again where I am accepting drabble requests from you lovely readers and followers. I’ll work on them this weekend (june 19-20) and will do my best to post them in a timely manner, all dependent on how many I receive. I’ll reblog this with an update if I can no longer accept any!

    idk but monty python gif called to me for this post lol

    Further instructions and information below the cut.

    Things I’ll need to know in your request are:

    Characters (If reader insert please tell me what pronouns)

    Ship (if any, i write gen too, but please specify)

    Rating (are you looking for smut or something tamer lol)

    Premise or Prompt (I’ll list some prompt lists below)

    Some prompt lists- let me know what the prompt is or what list you’re taking from. Just telling me #57 with Maul x Obi Wan, won’t really help me since there are so many lists haha you also do not need to use these if you already have your own prompt or scenario in mind.

    Smut prompts

    Another smut prompt list

    Angst Fluff Random Kisses prompts

    Kisses and Fluff prompts

    Dialogue prompts

    Characters I’ll write for: Any Dathomirian pretty much. I’ve never played that game Merrin is in though, so I suppose not her. But Ventress, Talzin, Maul, Savage, Feral, Viscus, I have and will write for. I can’t say for sure which ships I absolutely won’t write, because I’m pretty open minded at this point, but some I have more experience and desire for (obimaul, talzin/viscus, savajj) If you have an idea it’s worth asking and if I say no, it’s not because I’m judging you I just don’t feel comfortable or able to pull it off.

    Check out my master list to see examples of what I write if you are new to my blog.

    How to submit a request?

    just send me an ask! you can do it on anon or not. I would really super duper love that if i do write something you request you could reblog it for me <3 thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions. I will likely update this as we go.


    tagging my taglist in case any of you want something <3 no pressure!

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    19.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Your Eyes Tell

    You break up with Zuko when Ozai threatens his life if you continue with your relationship. But when you find out Ozai sends an assassin to kill him when he leaves to join team Avatar, you leave the Fire Nation to save him despite knowing how much you hurt him. 

    It's been two months since you broke up with Zuko and now he's gone.

    You heard from your father that Zuko switched sides and joined the Avatar. You tried to hide your concern at the dinner table as your father broke the news to your family. Your mother gave you a worried look as she always had suspicions about your relationship with the Prince.

    "Ozai is furious. I don't think he's going to give Zuko another chance after this." Your father stated as you continued to fiddle with your hands. "That's his son. I don't think...do you think he'd go that far?" Your mother questioned. "I don't know...you saw what he did to Zuko after he questioned him..." Your father sighed. You tried to remain calm but you felt like your heart was beating out of your chest.

    Your father was a high ranking general and was a close confidant of Ozai. Although, lately you could tell he's been questioning Ozai's methods after seeing the destruction and death he's been laying upon the other nations. Your father was loyal to the Fire Nation would do anything to protect its people, but you'd overhear him and your mother talking about how he was worried about Ozai's methods.

    "He's sending an assassin after Zuko." Your gaze shot up, "WHAT?!" You blurted out. "A-are you sure?" Your mother asked and your dad nodded. "He's sending the combustion mad." You froze. He was known to be one of the most ruthless assassins in the Fire Nation. He was known to master a rare style of fire bending that allows him to trigger explosions from a tattoo on his forehead. "I'm not feeling well...can I go to my room?" You asked and your father nodded leaving your mother with a concerned look in her eyes as you left.

    As soon as you entered your room you fell to the floor and cried. You hated this. You hated yourself for breaking up with Zuko but you had no choice.

    It was two months ago and you were walking around the palace. Thanks to your father's close relationship with the Fire Lord, you spent your whole life within the palace walls. You grew up with Azula and Zuko and your families were close as well. It wasn't until Zuko returned from his banishment that the both of you began your relationship but decided to keep it a secret as he still had a lot to prove to his father. Zuko wanted to prove he was focused and determined and if Ozai found out he was seeing you, Zuko would be right back where he started before leaving to capture the Avatar.

    Unfortunately, your fears came true and Ozai discovered your secret relationship. You were on your way home after sneaking into Zuko's room and as you made your way to the throne room until you heard voices. You recognized one to be Ozai's and the other Azula's.

    "Your brother appears to be distracted these days." Ozai's voice boomed throughout the room. " Well it's because he's with his little girlfriend most of the time." Azula replied

    "Girlfriend?!" Ozai fires back and you gulp. "Yes, your favorite general's daughter." There was a hint of disgust in Azula's voice which made your blood boil. Despite being "friends" with Azula, it was obvious she looked down on you along with Mai and Tai Lee.

    "First, Zuko questions me, now he's frolicking with that girl instead of focusing on his duties as Fire Prince." Ozai growls and you heard his footsteps walk back and forth as he paced around his throne. "He has to be taught a lesson that boy."

    "I couldn't agree more, father." You could almost see the smirk on Azula's face at the tone of her voice. "I wonder...does Zuko really need his other eye?" Your heart dropped. His father was about to punish Zuko again...because of you. Your memory shot back to the moment Ozai burned Zuko's face in their Agni Kai. You remember burying your face in your hands while trying to shut out Zuko's screams. .

    "Bring him here." Ozai commanded. You don't know what came over you, but you found yourself running into the throne room.

    Azula and Ozai both stared at you and Azula chuckled. "Don't hurt him." You were surprised at your own voice coming out. "And why shouldn't I? He's being careless and has to be taught a lesson."

    "I'll end it." Your voice shook as you were being stared down by the two of them. "Would that even do anything?" Azula rolled her eyes as she lazily observed her fingers.

    "It will. You'll see...it was my idea to start a relationship. Not his. If you're going to punish someone...punish me." Azula raised an eyebrow at your suggestion and looked towards Ozai who began to think.

    "Not necessary." Ozai stated and Azula frowned. "Your father is an important ally of mine, wouldn't want to upset him."

    The room fell silent as the three of you stared at one another. "I suppose...if you end your relationship with my son...that will do for now." Your shoulders dropped in relief.

    "But, I don't care if you're together or not, if he upsets me in any way again I won't hold back." Ozai turned his back and left the room. Azula smirked at you and followed him out.

    You were lying in bed that night and couldn't sleep. Your mind was racing with thoughts of Zuko and how you were going to end it. You heard the window open and the sound of familiar footsteps making its way to your bed.

    Before Zuko could slip in next to you, you immediately turned away from him.

    "Hey, what's wrong?" he chuckled but you refused to answer.

    "I don't need you anymore." You spat out and he stammered back. "What do you mean you don't need me anymore?!"

    You buried your head in your covers, trying not to look at him. "I mean, I don't need you anymore, Zuko. I'm done."

    "Done?! W-what do you mean done—did something happen?" you heard his footsteps come over to your side of the bed and you huffed.

    He lifted the covers over your face and you had no choice but to look at him.

    Zuko's eyes were a mixture of sadness and confusion and you chocked out a sob. He slowly brought his hands to your face, but you swatted it. Knowing exactly what to say to get him to leave, to leave you for good. "I can't be with a coward." Zuko stumbled back after this. You knew about his never-ending torment about betraying Iroh out of fear of his father. How he barely slept every night thinking about his uncle sitting in his cell, about how he was scared to do the right thing because he would lose his honor in his family again. "W-what?" Zuko was farther from you now, sad eyes staring into your like daggers. You were fighting the urge to break right there, tell him everything you knew about his father's warning, but you had to protect him. "You left Iroh to rot in a cell. You can't even stand up against your father and you're a disgrace to the Fire Nation. What kind of future is that?" You said coldly, biting your tongue to fight back the tears that were fighting to come out. "

    "Do you really mean it?" His voice broke and you were dying to apologize to him, to tell him you thought he was so much more than what he thought of himself, that he was one of the few genuinely good people here, but you had to do this to protect him.

    "Yes. I hate you, Zuko...I didn't realize it till now but...I'm embarrassed of you. Being with you...makes me hate myself too." You stated, face blank. Zuko's face dropped. You've never seen him like this, so empty, like he lost all the hope he had in the world. You wanted to reach out to him, you did...but he was gone before you could.

    You'd see him in State events but never spoke, and the one time he had to greet you out of courtesy it was like he was talking to a stranger.

    Now, here you are somewhere in the forest, looking for him. You heard from one of the guards who was loyal to you that combustion man was able to track Team Avatar near the mountains next to the refugee camps. He told you that he got his scent and was close by.

    You heard voices and crouched by the bush. You saw a figure by the river and crawled closer to see who it was. It was a girl, probably your age dressed in blue who was doing laundry. This must be the water bender you thought. Mai and Ty Lee would tell you stories about their time chasing the Avatar and reuniting with Zuko.

    Deciding to confront her and ask where Zuko was you began to walk towards her. Her shoulders tensed at the sound of footsteps behind. The girl whipped her head around and her eyes grew wide. Before you could speak, she was shooting water in your direction. "HEY!" You dodged, but she kept going. Grunting in frustration, you began shooting fire back at her.

    You were fighting for a while now until suddenly, a boomerang was flying next to your head which caused you to duck.

    There was a boy in blue running towards you with a smaller girl in green running next to him.

    The girl stomped her foot on the ground and rocks in the shape of bars began to form around you but you were able to roll out of the way. The water bender was about to attack once more but then you heard your name being called behind you.

    "Y/N?" You froze and your heart dropped. You haven't heard Zuko's voice in so long and you swore you almost crumbled right there. Slowly, you turned around and faced him for the first time in months. "W-what are you doing here?" he asked, and you couldn't answer. The Avatar arrived and the whole group was staring at you.

    You couldn't speak. You didn't know what to say to him and time just stopped. Your eyes never left Zuko and he was staring right back at you.

    "Who is she?!" The water bender asked as you and Zuko continued to look at each other.

    "Y/N." Was all Zuko said which caused everyone to look at one another in confusion except the guy with the boomerang. "Oh...is she the one you were telling me about?" Zuko blushed in embarrassment but walked towards you.

    "I'm sorry, I'm lost...who is she?" The Avatar asked.

    "Zuko's ex-girlfriend." Boomerang guy attempted to whisper but failed as everyone heard him. The water bender stared at you curiously while the earth bender huffed and stuck up her nose.

    "What are you doing here, Y/N?" Zuko was in front of you now and your heartbeat was rising. You missed him. All you wanted was to kiss him right then and there, but you knew whatever you two had was over. Before you could reply, you saw a figure suddenly appear behind Zuko. The rest of the team was too busy waiting what would happen that they didn't notice combustion man's arrival.

    Combustion man's eyes turned red and he smirked, the eye in the middle of his head started to glow and you knew he was about to attack.

    "LOOK OUT!" You shouted and shoved Zuko to the side before Combustion man could strike.

    The rest of the group were on the floor from the explosion except the Avatar who was on a tree.

    "WHO IS THAT?!" Boomerang guy yelled above the explosion.

    Looking down, you realized you fell on top of Zuko. Your eyes met his and you noticed his expression change to somewhat of realization. He looked like he was putting the pieces of a puzzle together while looking at you and he was frozen. Combustion Man tried to attack Zuko again but you pulled him away.

    "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" Boomerang guy yelled once more. Spotting the boomerang attached to his waist, you created a plan.

    "AVATAR!" You yelled and he looked down at you from the tree. "Distract him!" He looked at you with confusion. You realized they didn't trust you yet, still being in your Fire Nation clothes, they still weren't sure what side you were on. "Come on! Do it!" You yelled and he nodded.

    "BOOMERANG GUY!" You shouted once more and he looked at you in fear. "When the Avatar has him distracted, throw your boomerang at the eye on his forehead, it will block his chi."

    "Why should I listen to you?! You were just attacking my sister!" he yelled back. "GOSH SOKKA JUST DO IT! THIS IS NOT THE TIME!" The earth bender yelled and Sokka jumped back in shock. "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!"

    The Avatar shot an air ball at Combustion Man which caused him to stumble. While he was caught off guard, Sokka threw his boomerang hitting him directly on the eye.

    Combustion Man grunted in pain but suddenly lost control and shot an explosion to the nearby mountain. Suddenly the rocks began to shake and immediately rolled down the mountain and crushed him.

    The whole group sighed but Zuko was still looking at you. Suddenly, you felt rock squeeze around your wrists. Looking down, your wrists were bound in handcuffs made of rocks.

    "Seriously?! I just saved your lives!" You yelled but the group continued to stare at you. "Yeah, but you were attacking Katara when we got here." The earth bender stated.

    "SHE ATTACKED ME FIRST!" But they weren't having it. You looked at Zuko and his expression changed. He looked deep in thought as he stared back at you.

    "Come on...just let me go and I'll be out of here." You whispered still looking at him. "We still don't know why you're here. You could be a spy." You rolled your eyes at the small girl.

    "If I as a spy I would have let you all be killed by Combustion Man." You stated.

    "That makes sense..." Katara nodded slowly but earth bender was still not having it.

    "Still. It's risky to let you go, you're coming with us." She announced and began to walk away. Sokka grabbed your elbow and began to lead you behind her.

    Zuko wasn't moving for a moment, watching the scene unfold like it was a movie. "Zuko...are you coming?" The Avatar asked. Zuko nodded slowly began to follow.

    The earth bender, who you learned was called Toph made you a makeshift cell in their campsite. Rolling your eyes as you watched them enter their tents to go to bed, you sunk down and sat on the ground.

    You started to drift off to sleep until you heard the door of your cell open. Slowly opening your eyes, you look up to see Zuko.

    Your lips part in surprise as you slowly stand up to stare at him.

    "What do you want?" You finally gained the courage to speak to him.

    The Zuko in front of you is a different one than the one you left. The broken Zuko. The Zuko you hurt. Now, all you see are his golden eyes pouring into yours, mixed with anger and determination.

    "Why are you here?" he asked, his tone was serious.

    "Your friends put me in here! I don't wanna stay in this dumb cell—"

    "No. Why are you here?!" He almost yelled at you, but he kept his voice low enough so he wouldn't wake the others.

    "I don't know what you mean—"

    "Bull Shit." Zuko interrupted but moved closer to you. "I don't know what you want me to say—"

    "Do you still hate me?" His question caught you off guard. Unlike last time, there was no sadness in his voice, now, it felt like he was challenging you.


    "Did you come here to protect me? I know you knew about Combustion Man." You looked away, refusing to meet his eyes. You didn't know why you were being so difficult. It wasn't like Ozai or Azula were here. But you felt immense guilt for what you said to him, you didn't deserve him.

    "When you broke up with me...there was something else right? You were just saying all of those things to protect me?!" Zuko was angry. He had every right to be, for you to just show up here, and not even telling him the real reason why you came.

    "I'm not stupid, alright? I know combustion man is an assassin under my father! I know he was here to kill me...and after everything, you show up out of nowhere...I know you were here for me!" He was yelling now but you refused to budge.

    "You made me think all this time you hated me! I thought the person I loved the most in this world hated me! For months I couldn't get you out of my head and it was torture seeing you around the palace looking like you didn't care! And you won't even tell me the real reason why you're here?" You looked at him in shock but still refused to speak and he shouted in frustration.

    "Y/N...tell me right now why you're here—"

    "Yes. I still hate you." Was all you said. You didn't though. You loved him. You were so proud of him for finally standing up to his father and carving his own destiny, but you didn't want to cause him anymore pain. You wanted him to continue being the man he was meant to be...even without you. You felt like you would bring him down, that you didn't deserve Zuko. You wanted to leave, to finally leave him, for good.

    "No you don't." His voice was hard and his eyes didn't leave yours. "Zuko, what do you want from me?" You asked and he sighed.

    "Do you really hate me?" He asked once more but he took a step closer to you and you backed away.

    "YES! God, Zuko I don't know how many times I have to tell you! I hate—"

    Before you could finish, Zuko's lips were on yours. Your eyes widened in surprise but as soon as his arms snaked around your waist, you melted around him.

    You missed this. The feeling of his lips on yours. His touch. The way he clung to you like his life depended on it.

    "No you don't." Was all he said when he pulled away. You were out of breath, and you looked up at him. The hard expression he had was replaced with tender eyes and you felt tears forming.

    "H-how'd you know?" Your voice cracked as Zuko began to gently wipe the tears on your face.

    "Your eyes tell." Was all he said and before you could speak, his lips were on yours again.

    #avatar#last bender #avatar the last bender #atla#zuko#prince zuko #zuko x reader #zuko drabble #zuko x you #fluff#angst#katara#aang#sokka#toph#momo#ozai#azula#ty lee#mai#nickelodeon#drabble #prince zuko x you #prince zuko x reader
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    100 words of regret

    She summoned him for one reason.

    "The Second Prince of Saint West is dead," Valentina said.  Her spies informed her of the aftermath.

    His face paled. "I-I…  see..."

    "They were foolish to defy Father."

    Ramge said nothing.

    "Remember who you are, Ramge. You shouldn't fetter yourself with these unnecessary associations."  She gazed at Sia and the cat's ears flattened.

    "...Yes, Valentina..."

    She paused. "If he hadn't come for you, he'd be alive."  Her words were cruel, but he needed to wean off his security blankets.

    His hands trembled minutely, but Ramge clasped them tight.

    "I... know."

    "Then don't forget again."

    #roofic#exos heroes#kerunji#drabble #SO WHAT IF THE REASON RACHEL JUST YEETED OUT OF THE STORY AFTER CH9 IS CAUSE HE'S DEAD #( ̄□ ̄;) #look i might be just a little bitter #queue
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