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    The Smoke Alarm by geekiebeekie

    Summary: Taking shot after shot of tequila - the bite of the lime cutting through the harsh taste. Giggling nervously when strong arms caged her in. Heartbeat like a hummingbird’s wings as a patrician nose slid up her long neck, inhaling everything that was uniquely her. Getting lost in deep grey pools that glinted silver as he leaned in dangerously close. Surrendering with a moan as his lips claimed hers.

    DM/HG Rated M/E

    Links: AO3 | FFN

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  • so, after discovering i’ve officially been reading drarry fanfic for 4 years now, i decided to show my (quite big) list of favorite drarry fics. there are 46 in total, but i’ve listed 10 down below. the first three are my absolute favorites but the rest are equally as good

    most of my notes are fresh from when i wrote them post-reading. i’ve changed some, seeming less like a crazy unstable bitch, but fuck these were all emotional as fuck. enjoy

    ps: i dont really know how to tag people i dont follow. i cant try and tag the authors later. soz!!

    pps: most of these i read when i was really into a bottom!draco phase, so most of them contain that, some are switch tho (as it should be, yikes past me)

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    I call this, the bathroom scene but better because all Draco wanted was love… AKA I can’t pick an art style to save my life ffs

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  • works in the making as of now! will soon be published this week if i work really hard on finishing it hehe

    - rumours [draco malfoy] fluff
    summary: being a top student in every class and scoring exceedingly high grades, you’d hate to be involved in any unnecessary drama that could affect it. one night, you accidentally bump into the slytherin prefect; draco malfoy and rumours start to circulate that you’re dating him. what will draco think of it?

    - under the stars [harry potter] fluff
    summary: the yule ball is coming up and everyone is frantically searching for a partner. being close friends with the golden trio, you secretly hope that the lightning-bolt scarred boy, harry potter, asks you out since you’ve been crushing on him for years. but surprisingly, you were his last choice.

    - melting [draco malfoy] angst
    summary: everyone knows how powerful and fearful the slytherin prince was. after all, he had a heart as cold as ice. but when you accidentally walk into the sight of draco crying his heart out in the bathroom one day, you came to realise that he’s not what everyone made him seem to be.

    let me know if you’d like a tag in any of them! reply to this post or pop a message in my inbox ♡

    #Harry Potter #harry potter x reader #draco malfoy #draco malfoy x reader #harry potter oneshot #draco malfoy oneshot
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  • 4 year-old Draco: *running with something in his hand*

    Lucius: Let me see what you have.

    Draco: A wand!

    Narcissa: NO!

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  • snape: what did you do?!

    harry: i didn’t do anything!

    *draco screaming in the background*

    harry: ignore that.

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  • Practicing drawing skin tones and hair. 

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  • i want a drarry au where they compete in a cooking competition like the one in liv and maddie. like the one where maddie has to cook for extra credit against the ginger guy whos rlly good at cooking. And draco who has never cooked is freaking out cuz he doesn’t want to lose to harry. during the competition, harry will show off his outrageous dishes cuz he can’t resist pissing off draco. then in that end draco surprising wins not by cooking but by outsmarting harry like how maddie does. finally they get together i don’t know how but they do and live happily ever after.

    p.s. i’m so sorry for the lack of correct punctuation

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  • Aspen:

    “Is this your apology for destroying my blanket? Or my bathroom?” He asked as he finally located the phone in his bedside table. The fox tilted its head up with an air of sophistication and looked at him with sharp grey eyes as if to say you want an apology? I did you a favour. Harry was amused at how expressive it was, but also struck by its eyes – he could have sworn they were blue, but now they were very clearly a pale shade of grey, almost silver in fact. They seemed rather familiar, like the fox was looking at him not like it could see him, but like it knew him.

    “Well, you might have thought it was a horrible blanket, but I quite liked it.” The fox gnashed its teeth once at him and Harry liked to think it was saying you have terrible taste. He almost laughed.

    Prologue | The Silver Fox | The Cost of Silence

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  • drarry as kiddos… 🥺

    10-14 years old drarry…. 🥺🥺

    🥺ˢᵐᵒˡ ᵈʳᵃʳʳʸ ……ᵇᵃᵇᶦᵉˢ…🥺🥺🥺

    #harry potter#drarry#harry draco#draco malfoy #uwu.. #ugh... #plz send help #hhhgghh.... #...mhhmmm
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    Draco Malfoy was very good at being a pureblood. He was so good, he went to all important gatherings, wore important clothes, his nose was always looking important, he even got himself an important boyfriend.

    The stupid turtleneck was not for a person of such importantce.

    “Come on, Draco, it’s not that bad,” Harry was almost red from holding back laughter, the bastard.

    The turtleneck was uncomfortable and hot and ugly. And entirely muggle.

    “It’s uncomfortable and hot and ugly,” Draco didn’t role the sleeves up.

    Harry tilted his head to the side and looked him up and down slowly, a thoughtful expression ruined by a little smile in the corner of his lips. A shiver run through Draco, he felt suspiciously hot in the cheeks. He blamed it on the hideous piece of clothing.

    “I think you look…” Harry said, moving a bit closer. “…good.”

    “Better be fucking delicious if I’m stuck in this for the evening.” Draco muttered.

    Harry leaned in and murmured, smile obvious in his voice: “The turtleneck suits you well, love”.

    Draco hated when Harry called him “love”. He was a too important person for silly pet names. And it made his knees weak, which he also hated. And Harry didn’t know a thing about fashion.

    “Shut up, you peasant,” Draco scowled most importantly.

    Harry dared to kiss him in return, laughing.

    #harry potter #harry potter fanart #fanart#drarry#draco malfoy#sketchig#sketch#fanfic#drarryart #draco in a turtleneck is my religion
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  • tags: eighth year, drarry, angst, assault, bullying, violence, illness, sickfic, enemies to lovers, harry with long hair, magic theory, veela history/world building, veela draco, book veelas, fairy tale inspirations, -no feathers-, -no mates/bonding-, Fenrir Greyback, werewolves, hurt/comfort, romantic tension, emotional and romantic intimacy, slow burn, pining, longing, happy ending, animal injury, reference to animal death, ptsd, transformation, possible body horror, parents best intentions whilst still being flawed human beings

    suggested rating: 18+, for heavy themes and violence

    <– Part 1 (contains links to all parts) <– Part 59 ||


    Harry scanned the great hall. Breakfast was nearly over with most of the tables were already half empty, but he spotted Ron’s red hair near the middle of the Gryffindor table and hurried over to them.

    Ron waved when he caught sight of Harry, “You’re late!”

    “Yeah- I was busy-” Harry said haltingly when he reached them.

    Ron grabbed his arm and pulled Harry into the seat next to him, pushing an empty plate in front of him, “You’re looking rough, mate, did you sleep in those clothes?”

    “Sort of,” Harry said, he hesitated and then grabbed some toast and making a quick bacon and egg sandwich. A quick glance around Ron showed that Hermione was writing, her own food mostly forgotten on the plate. Harry doubted she had even noticed him arrive. “Morning, Hermione,” he said.

    Ron rolled his eyes as Hermione looked up in surprise.

    “Harry! I didn’t see you!” Hermione said.

    “Just got here,” Harry said.

    Ron had a resigned expression on his face, “She has a new theory.”

    “I have a new theo-Hey!” Hermione elbowed Ron with a frown.

    Ron just shrugged.

    “Is it about the werewolf?” Harry asked.

    “I think I know why the werewolf hasn’t died yet,” Hermione said, flipping through her notebook and holding up a page of cramped writing that Harry didn’t even have time to read a single word of before she had it in front of herself again. “I was working out a progression of the illness based on what we know of the thestral’s decline and estimated that the longest it could have survived would have been two weeks. The wolf was showing clear signs of decline when we encountered it and looked half transformed-”

    Ron gave Harry a what can you do? look that was entirely too fond.

    Harry was just glad he had gone to the kitchens and hospital wing first so he could return to the tower right after this.

    “-but that was right before the full moon. My theory is that the werewolf’s body was trying to change back, either because it was getting too weak to maintain the transformation or it was too far away from a full moon, or perhaps a combination the two.
    “Lycanthropy, the disease, reacts to moonlight, growing stronger as the moon waxes- I think maybe lycanthropy is caused by some sort of virus that inserts a strand of RNA into the cells of the afflicted person, basically changing the DNA in all the person’s cells as it spreads-”

    “Getting in the weeds a bit,” Ron said.

    Hermione blinked and nodded, “Some other time. Where was I?”

    “Your theory,” Ron said.

    “Theory! Right! So, basically, I think every time the wolf is exposed to the full moon, and it transforms again, it repairs at least some of the damage caused by the illness.” Hermione frowned, “I have to assume that eventually, the transformations won’t be enough to keep the illness at bay. But we can’t know for certain how long the wolf has had it or have anywhere enough data to tell the rate of the werewolf’s decline compared to the thestral.”

    “Are the auror’s doing anything about it?” Harry asked.

    Hermione shrugged, not nearly as interested in things outside the medical side aspect.

    Harry turned to Ron, “Have you heard anything?”

    “I asked McGonagall first thing this morning,” Ron said, “Apparently they’re scouting the edge of the forest setting up proximity alarms along the boundary and that’s all she knows. They told Hogsmeade and the school to stay closed up for now.”

    Harry nodded in relief, one less thing to worry about, at least for the moment. “Has Pomfrey figured out what the illness is?”

    Hermione shook her head, curls bouncing against her cheeks, “No. I’ve sent a blood sample to- Well, I sent it to my parents, who are sending it to our veterinarian to be tested. Until then, there isn’t much we can do.”

    “To a vet? You’re sending it to a vet?” Harry said.

    “Well, I don’t know any doctors very well, but my parents have always had cats. And since the illness infected something like a horse and a sort-of-wolf as well as people, it’s just easier.” Hermione said.

    “I guess so.” Harry wrapped his sandwich in a napkin and stood up, “I need to get back, Malfoy’s not feeling well. So I won’t be in class.”

    “He’s still- I thought he was finished, he seemed fairly done to me,” Hermione said.

    Ron gave her a confused look, “What is he a pie?”

    “That’s not what I meant,” Hermione said.

    “And I, uh, wanted to ask if there was anything else I could do to help him?” Harry asked.

    “Like what?” Hermione asked.

    “I mean any other tips that you might have forgotten?” Harry asked.

    “No?” Hermione said, “I’d have to see him and talk to him to be any more help.” She brightened up, “I could come up and see him!”

    “Err…” Harry hesitated.

    “Malfoy and I got along fine last time we talked, it will be fine,” Hermione said, “I’ll come up after lunch. Send a patronus if he’d rather me not visit.”

    “Alright,” Harry said. He gave them a wave and headed back to the tower, eating as he went.



    Harry washed the crumbs of his sandwich off his hands and grabbed a clean cloth, running it under cold water and then thoroughly ringing it out. He cast a cooling charm on the damp cloth as he went back over to Malfoy’s bed and carefully placed it on Malfoy’s forehead.

    Malfoy’s eyes fluttered, and he reached up, touching the cloth before dropping his hand back to the bed with a wince. He opened his eyes just enough to see Harry.

    “S’this another dream?” Malfoy said.

    “No. I’m back,” Harry said, “Sorry, I forgot the cloth before.”

    “Mmm,” Malfoy said.

    “Uh, how do you feel?” Harry asked.

    “Hot,” Malfoy said.

    Harry smiled faintly, “Yeah, that’s how fevers tend to work.”

    “Hotter than usual,” Malfoy said.


    “Arse,” Malfoy muttered, closing his eyes again.

    Malfoy’s skin did seem almost an angry red rather than the normal flushed pink. There didn’t seem to be as much sweat either.

    “Do you want anything to drink? Or eat?” Harry asked.

    “Water,” Malfoy said.

    Harry helped him sit up and held the glass for him as he took a few sips and then pulled back. Harry eased him back down and picked up the cold cloth setting it back in place.

    “Hermione wants to come check on you, if that’s alright,” Harry said, “She said she can’t really help without seeing you.”

    “…fine,” Malfoy said faintly.

    “Do you need-”

    "It’s enough. You’ve done enough,” Malfoy said.

    “I just want to help,” Harry said.

    Malfoy slid his hand across the sheets, “Then hold this.”

    Harry loosely placing his hand over Malfoy’s, giving it a quick squeeze.

    “You’re cold…” Malfoy said.

    Malfoy’s palm was almost uncomfortably warm.


    ♥  Next update will be friday, 8-9 am pst  ♥ gonna try updating on friday for a while since I haven’t been hitting my thurs deadline anyway ♥

    ♥  Tags below  ♥  (I don’t have a permanent tags list. All tags are of the wonderful people who left messages on the previous part.)

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  • So, here is another chapter of my Dramione fic…. still not sorry, also on AO3.

    He would recognize that voice everywhere, even if he only saw him very occasionally, the intervals were never long enough for Ron’s taste. That voice, that made you practically hear the sneer, that despicable posh accent. Why was Malfoy here? Hadn’t his week been bad enough?

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  • #harry potter #harry potter headcanon #draco malfoy #draco malfoy x reader #draco x reader #ron weasley#draco #harry potter imagines #draco malfoy imagine #please follow my blog rules #there are plenty of refrences
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  • Thursday 9 June 1994

    Dear mom and dad,

    I think I just witnessed a real prediction from Professor Trelawney. I happened right after my exam, which I don’t think I’ve passed. Professor Trelawney saw us one by one and the waiting took forever. In the end, it was only me and Draco left. Draco went first and he wasn’t really happy when he came back down. He said he thought he failed, he couldn’t see a thing in the crystal bowl, so he made stuff up. He asked if he needed to wait for me but I told him I’d see him in the common room afterwards. I knew he wanted to write his mom about how his exams had gone and if he could do that before I was done we would have more time to spend with just the two of us.

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