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    11.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    help i love them so much 

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    08.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Schizo Bird talks!

    Further plans:

    1. Trafalgar Law x Male Reader scenario; meeting an old friend, Law thought he died along with Cora-san (NSFW)

    2. Mihawk x Sub!Female Reader scenario (NSFW)

    3. Doflamingo x Female Reader scenario; Doflamingo get injured in a battle, and she takes care of him (NSFW)

    4. virgin!Trafalgar Law x Reader scenario (NSFW; I don't know what gender the Reader should be, the anon who requested this, tell me, please)

    Only then I'll continue my series. However, it seems to me that OCs aren't interesting to the audience, lol. It's sad.

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  • tooweirdforyou
    07.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    How The OP Boys Say “I Love You” To Their S/O

    How You Know He Loves You- idk man

    A/N : enjoy.
    includes » Ace, Sabo, Luffy, law, Sanji, Zoro, Marco, Rosinante, Kid, Shanks, Mihawk, Katakuri, Izo, Koby, Cavendish,
    Summary : the boys’ own way of saying “I love you”, with their own words and ways. Or, how you know he loves you.
    ? Wait did I do this before? I don’t even know. also these aren’t GREAT, but they aren’t HORRIBLE. Yk? Honestly tho, some of these seem like they’re all over the place, which yes, they might be. UGH IT WAS SO HARD THO.


    Monkey D. Luffy

    Luffy loves you like an adventure. Everything is new and always fun to try with him, and no matter what happens, you don’t ever regret it, because you’re doing it with him.

    He’s persistent in staying with you everywhere, he wants to do everything with you. He tends to invite you ( by pulling your hand ) to do crazy things with him and away from the others so you’re alone.

    He’s always showing off his skills and stupidity in order to make you laugh, because your smile is the best thing he’s ever seen and giggles are the beautiful sound he treasures.

    His actions are genuine when he holds your hand and pulls you to his side all the time, with the warmest, loving grin.

    Luffy always makes sure to remind you to never give up hope.

    “Let’s go on an adventure together, [Name].”


    Roronoa Zoro

    Zoro loves you like you’re his one and only. No one has priority over you, ( except maybe Luffy ), and you will always be his, if you’ll let him.

    Zoro is not a man of many words when it comes to his own emotions and feelings, so he shows it through his actions.

    He always has an eye on you, so wherever you are is where he ‘sleeps’ so he can keep you close, his swords at his side to protect you from danger, ( but he knows you can handle yourself. )

    Zoro is the perfect person to lend a comforting shoulder and ear. He will listen to every single one of your problems intently and if he can, will offer the best advice you’ll hear, even if it’s a bit harshly. However, whatever got you so down, Zoro will bring you back up.

    Zoro is always reminding you that you are strong, no matter how tough things get.

    “Oi, come take a nap with me. I could use a body pillow.”


    Portgas D. Ace

    Ace loves you like a gentleman, respecting boundaries, bowing to the elderly you pass by together and always ready to pick you up for your date at seven, bouquet of flowers in hand.

    If Ace is good at anything, it’s knowing how to distract you with a good time. He knows the best way to bring a beautiful smile to your lips and can easily make sure to avoid the thoughts that brought you down in the first place.

    He’ll share stories that will make you die of laughter or feel so wholesome that you literally melt at how sweet it is.

    The few times he expresses and shares his insecurities to you, something he hides within him because he trusts you enough to do so. He loves your understanding and comfort for him.

    Ace always reminds you that you’ll be okay, even at the worst times.

    “You are the light of my life.”


    Chief of Staff Sabo

    Sabo loves you like a prince. He holds the door for you, takes your hand so you don’t fall, has the most charismatic smile on his face and is just so charming.

    Sabo will remember the littlest things, the smallest details that you yourself don’t even know until he reminds you, and because of this, you are often gifted the most memorable and cherishing gifts, like the scarf you two bought for your perfect snowman, to the necklace you were staring a little too longingly at on display.

    He’s always busy, but he doesn’t hesitate to drop whatever he has just for you. He will run through fire if it means you’ll stop crying or if you’ll be happy to see him. You are his lifeline, his soul, his love.

    He may not know how to properly cheer you up like his brothers can, but he knows that he wants the best for you. If you need space, you got it. You need some tender loving cuddles and buckets of ice cream while watching Disney movies? Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

    Sabo reminds you that you deserve happiness and peace.

    “Whenever you need me, I’ll be there.”


    Trafalgar D. Water Law

    Law loves you like you’re his savior, someone who’s always there during his time of need and insecurities, by his side when he needs you most.

    He’s a little blunt and straightforward occasionally, but he’s honest somewhat. He won’t ever tell you his feelings until he deems it the right time, but you can tell he has feelings by the change in treatment.

    He’ll keep you closer to him, making excuses by saying that he needs you to help him with the supply run, or that he needs your assistance with a particular menial task.

    He’s awkward and shy about it at first but he cares and that’s all you need to know. Especially once you catch him during one of his weaker times, the anniversary of a particular someone rolling around, where he’s locked in his room. He needs you beside him, so please don’t leave him when he needs you.

    Law reminds you that you are human, that it’s okay to be vulnerable.

    “Just stay here with me.”


    Vinsmoke Sanji

    Sanji loves you like a god/goddess. He will treat you with the utmost respect and care and offers you everything you could possibly want or need, just say the word.

    His genuine, endless daily compliments are given to you with pure love and passion, his daily refreshments and snacks to keep you energized and hydrated keeps an eye out for your health.

    He makes sure you know the true meaning of flattery, chivalry and love, because that is all he can show you.

    However, under that chivalrous exterior, is his calmer, understanding loving self, where he shows his true self and when he finally shares this side with you, where he holds his insecurities, it’s the true honor and love you can receive. And it’s even better, when you become the one who loves for him in return during this time.

    Sanji reminds you that you deserve to be and are loved.

    “You are my world, my everything.”


    Marco The Phoenix

    Marco loves you like a married couple who grew old together, still playing jokes and having fun to life’s fullest, no matter your age.

    He’s constantly lecturing you for the smallest things repeatedly, since you always seem to forget. His lectures lack any annoyance or malice though, he’s just kind of done with you sometimes.

    Nonetheless, he’s taking care of you more than you think, always the first one there whenever you need help. He’s always prepared for whatever you need so you don’t have to look for it and get worried.

    He’s stern at times but he loves you more than you could ever know, often questioning himself whenever he’s beside you. He half-lidded eyes watching you with warmth and admiration because you always look so determined.

    Marco always reminds you that you are free. To live life to its fullest and however you wish.

    “Let me fly you to the moon.”


    Donquixote Rosinante

    Rosinante loves you like a husband, he treats you like his wife, either you or him welcoming each other home after being gone for so long and greeting each other with a loving kiss each time.

    He knows just how tough things can be and as much as he tries to make things right, he knows how bad situations really are and no matter how much he wants to cry or get angry, he always holds a smile, in front of you. To assure you that things will be okay.

    He gives the warmest hugs, and knows that, so whenever you’re angry or sad, or just randomly at times, Rosi envelops you into a large hug, waddling you back and forth a few times, you feel instant relief and content, which makes him smile.

    His priority will always be you, even if he’s hundreds of thousands miles away, he will find his way back home to you. He surprises you with the littlest gifts; being flowers, jewelry, candles, or more.

    Rosi will always remind you to smile, even during the hardest times.

    “I will protect you.”


    Eustass Kid

    Kid loves you like a game, it’s unexpected, unpredictable of what will happen and it’s exciting and thrilling. For you both, one wrong move, and the other is gone for good, but perhaps, second chances/rematches are available.

    He can be brash and a bit much, but Kid has high respect for anyone who actually makes it onto his crew and can actually tolerate him, you included.

    He’s loud and wild but that only makes it part of the fun. With such a short fuse, as long as you play your cards right and pick your moments to bite back, it’s kind of fun knowing how dangerous it can be with a guy like Kid, and he also loves it equally, because your feistiness is attractive.

    Being a bad bitch that doesn’t play by the rules is so incredibly attractive and Kid knows how to reward and punish so tread carefully. ;) however, he has his down moments and as annoying he can be, he does appreciate the effort you give if you try to comfort him. He’ll be harsh about it but eventually, he just wants you to be with him in the end.

    Kid reminds you to rebel, take risks and enjoy the thrill of getting in dangerous situation every once in a while, breaking a few rules doesn’t hurt anybody. Most of the time.

    “Don’t fucking ever leave me.. okay?”


    Dracule Mihawk

    Mihawk loves you like you’re an empress, only the finest and highest quality for you, nothing else can compare.

    Mihawk will buy you the most expensive dress that suits you, with an equally expensive matching jewelry to go with. Not to mention the heels, and, tch, how could he forget the roses you require? Despicable.

    As much as he loves to show you off, he despises the stares of awe and admiration you receive whenever you go out, so his possessiveness takes over and he has an arm around your waist at all times, successfully showing you’re taken and to back off if they don’t wish to be cut into oblivion.

    He trains you to handle yourself, obviously, you should know at least some basic skills. He’s not too hard on you but does push you to keep going until you truly wish to stop. It’s only because he’s worried that one day, he won’t be there and won’t be able to protect you.

    Mihawk reminds you that you are a queen/king, a strong person who shall hold your ground and never back down from fear and show your bravery.

    “Come here, mi amor.”


    Red Haired Shanks

    Shanks loves you like you’re his future. It’s an unknown journey, but he’s there for the ride and whatever may happen, he’s there staying and won’t be going anywhere, unless it’s with you.

    The red head is a goofball, he drinks, parties and messes around but he is an incredible captain and genuine to a fault. So when he expresses kindness, it is purely from his heart and not out of manners.

    He is extremely playful and yet when down to business, he is calm, collected, and cool. He knows just what to say in tough situations and great comforting advice, so he’s the one to go to when you’re feeling down. And as laid back as he is, disrespect to those he loves is the one shit he won’t take.

    He’ll hold you close and with his signature grin, compliment you and tell you how much he appreciates you and as soon as someone lays a finger on you, his hand is on the hilt of the sword and he waits three seconds for an explanation before he cuts them down. No one messes with his beloved.

    Shanks reminds you of loyalty. To always protect and care for those close to you, and keep that built up trust and bond you created with them.

    “Trust me. I won’t let go of you.”


    Charlotte Katakuri

    Katakuri loves you like you’re glass, he’s careful, protective, cautious and treats you like you’re fragile, because he’s afraid of hurting you.

    He’s larger than most, he’s aware of that, so he always takes the precautions to be aware of his surroundings, especially when you are around. He wants you safe and he will be devastated if he is the cause of your pain.

    His large stature is a blessing to you though, because cuddling is so comfortable and comforting, it’s amazing. You can curl up and relax and just be at ease with him, because he’s so protective of you, even from his family members. He often keeps you away from Cracker and Perospero, in the slightest chance that they try to take you away from him.

    He’ll be extremely heartbroken if Big Mom doesn’t approve of you, but his love for you is stronger, so he’ll keep it a secret if he has to but eventually, he’ll pray and wish for her blessing, asking the help of his siblings to convince her.

    Katakuri reminds you of family, that even friends or crewmates are family and love you all the same.

    “I will be here for you.”


    Captain Koby

    Koby loves you like a typical high school crush. He’s all shy and blushy, and evidently embarrassed when the pretty one at school is talking to him, ( that’s you. ).

    He’s like the wallflower type, who tries to blend in but somehow, he sticks out in a way that lures you to him, like he’s hit the jackpot.

    He is incredibly sweet, and his shyness is so adorable. You can’t help but coo whenever you see his red cheeks and soft smile of care he offers.

    Always helps you with everything, will take the blame whenever you get in trouble, takes the suffering and pain when guys try to mess with you, and no matter how tough things get, he’s holding a brave face for you.

    Koby reminds you of kindness, treat everyone with care and kindness, and it goes a long way.

    “If you fall, I’ll be there to catch you.”


    16th Division Commander Izo

    Izo loves you like you’re a painting, he thinks you are true beauty, inside and out, you are a work of art, a true Mother Nature masterpiece born. One to be admired.

    The type to be there. He’ll hold your hair while you vomit, rubbing soothing circles on your back while you cry, painting your nails while you complain about Ace, assure your perfection when you’re feeling insecure.

    Best advice giver, holds no judgements at all. He’ll help with anything, because you need him. Romantic advice, friendship, sexual advice ;), he will help you any way he can.

    He truly admires you, not because of your beauty, but your strength to be able to cry. Crying doesn’t mean weakness but rather, strength to be able to move forward even in the worst of times.

    Izo reminds you that you are beautiful, no matter what anyone thinks or says.

    “You are true beauty, my love.”


    Cavendish Of The White Horse

    Cavendish loves you like you’re a princess, and he is your handsome Prince Charming.

    Every thing he does it like from a fairytale, if it involved a rather.. bit of a narcissistic Prince Charming. But he means well, because he still treats you like a real princess.

    He gives you daily horseback rides, teaching you with his strong arms wrapped around yours and his black fancy hat on top of your head, as you two ride around and share laughs and memories.

    And even through his big ego, he still makes sure to compliment you, tell you how proud he is of you and how much he truly admires you for your strong will and determination, because he really does love you. More than you know.

    Cavendish reminds you that dreams can come true, sometimes it just takes a leap of faith and effort.

    “I will treat you like the princess you are and deserve to be.”


    A/N : 15 fucking people and having to think of different things while I’m distracted is so HARD. 😭 please tell me you enjoyed though ;-;
    but did I do this already? God I can’t remember a thing, especially since I still haven’t updated my masterlists- and I’m terribly sorry if this really is all over the place ;-; also apologies if this is repetitive for some of them! It really is difficult yk ;-;
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    Same energy

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    i feel like zoro and mihawk go tits out for different reasons

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    ᅟᅟ 𖥻 dracule mihawk users .









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    Love Languages: The Quality Dwellers

    This will also be broken into two groups; but last of the love languages (yay!) 

    Roronoa Zoro

    He gets really nervous when it comes to physical and verbal ways of his expressing himself. And let’s all be honest here, the man will be the worst gift giver in the world- he doesn’t mean to be, he just finds practical gifts to be more important that jewelry/flowers/candy/etc. Once he hears that you can express your love by spending time together, expect this boy to be demanding more of your time-
    You two don’t even have to do the same things!? You could watch him practice swords and that’s showing love!? Oh this boy is so happy with this new found knowledge! 
    He will also want to extend this to your hobbies/interests as well and take a new liking to watching you do things. Hell even a nap together sounds fun to him! As long as your together, who cares what you do?!
    Please just give this moss head attention by doing some things together-

    Dracule Mihawk

    You know what they say; like father like son-
    Anyway the man enjoys quiet quality time together; where you two could just be chilling in his study drinking wine and doing your own thing. He finds the idea of you deciding to relax in his presence very sweet; because you feel you can be vulnerable with him and vice versa.
    Besides him random bouts of love novels/poetry; the man is pretty quiet when it comes to romance. He will occasionally bring a gift or so, but those will only be on special days and he sees physical affection as a form of carnal lust rather than a gesture of romance. For him the time you dedicate to him is something that you can’t get back and finds it amazing you are willing to give it to him willingly!
    Will also offer you his time when he can and enjoys watching your facial reactions and expressions when you are occupied in your own world. It’s calming and relaxing to him to just see how human you are.


    He is quite the busy man; being the chief of staff for the Revolutionary Army and all; but he can’t help but give his time to you! He finds spending time with you a way to unwind from a long’s day work and a way to relieve stress. 
    Loves doing nothing just as much as he loves doing things with you, as long as you can do it together! Tries to find new places to take you or try new things together so you don’t feel bored (more of him thinking that than you-).
    He can also fit into the physical affection type and maybe even the words of affirmation type; but I feel he values quality time more than the other two. 
    When you are down in the dumps, will find things he knows you like to do and suggest those to help while he pampers you with hugs and sweet kisses. If he’s down please do the same, it helps distract himself from the negativity in his mind and reminds him how fun life can be!

    Charlotte Katakuri

    Finds quality time together to be a time where he can be himself with you and not have to worry about hurting you. He’s pretty tall and strong (even if you were his size-) and is afraid if he were to show his love physically it might overwhelm you or worse scare you. So please don’t demand hugs/kisses without warning the man- poor baby can’t handle that.
    I can also see him into words of affirmation; but only when he’s feeling insecure or worried he did something to you. Other times he doesn’t seem to care for the words either way. 
    Really just loves the idea of his head in your lap while he has a merienda! Hell you can even eat some donuts with him! Just please don’t judge or be mean to him during this time (or like ever please-).
    Will also put you in his lap and just spend quiet time together or have his younger siblings come and talk with you while he enjoys the quiet calmness of this life.

    Kuzan “Aojiki”

    I believe both the pre- and post- Kuzan would be a quality time guy. He’s super chill and relaxed so doesn’t see the point in big fancy gifts or showing his love in some profound way. 
    Would totally take you with him on his travels; he wants you to see the world he sees just as much as he wants to see it. However, since he is into some shady business now; he might not let you be involved in that-
    Anyway, back to romance- I can see him just lazing around with you, one arm on your waist while the other is in your hair playing with it. He’s the type to have fall asleep and swear he’s been awake the whole time- you could be having a conversation with the man and he’s zoned out.
    Just really wants to enjoy the little things in life with you, and that includes spending the rest of his time with you.

    Rob Lucci

    He’s got a busy life too so he doesn’t have all the time in the world to spend it with you; but when he can he values that time the most. He can be a bit sadistic with you and might make you work for his time; I can totally see him getting you to beg for his time/attention. 
    Just play with Hattori and the man will get jealous enough to spend time with you-- When you do get to spend time together he enjoys talking about his and your day together while relaxing. He will even let you lounge on him and play with Hattori while he’s reading some reports or a random novel he picked up. 
    I could see him as a gift lover too, but more on the giving end rather than receiving. He feels you going out of your way to buy him something is like too much for him (could honestly be something simple, and he would still be like “It’s too much take it back-”); he just wants your time and love, thanks!


    He is one of the main suburbanites for the Heart Pirates and a leader when Law is away so the guy doesn’t get to go off and buy (steal) you fancy things; but the babe tries to woo you in other ways! 
    He loves when he gets time to himself and you! While the rest of the crew is away doing their own things, you two can catch up! He wants to hear all about your day and thoughts, literally could be the most random of things and he’s interested!
    Loves hearing about your past before meeting him and hearing about your crazy or fun stories. When you two are alone he takes his hat off and will even let you wear it from time to time. He likes reading comics together with you and ask your opinion on his favorite characters or scenes. 
    Just honestly wants to hear you talk and loves listening to you; he’s likes a lost puppy that follows his owner around the Tang.


    This man loves downtime! He loves his crew and captain don’t get him wrong, but loves special alone time with you! He finds quality time to be the best way he can express him love. It’s the little things in life and he wants to cherish them as much as he can.
    Didn’t know this was a way to express love until you brought it up to him and now he can’t see anything but that when he asks to spend time together-
    He doesn’t mind if Kid and the others make fun of him for spending time with you, let them; he’ll just ignore it and smile all happily through his mask.
    Will let you chill in his lap and even take his mask off (as long as you guys are alone since he feels naked without it), he isn’t sure what to do in the meantime and lets you take control of your time spent together, teach this baby how to love-!  
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    I think Mihawk's a great dude. Would love to find out what happened to him.

    #It's a hard time being a mihawk fan #Oda pls give us crimbs #Pls I'm desperate #My stuff#Text post#Dracule mihawk#Onepiece
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    Mihawk x reader : Cooking dinner for you

    A/N : Thanks for the request @sparks-joy-imagines​ ! I hope that it will be to your taste <3 ​

    He has noticed - he only knew too well - how invested you were in your work. He knew how serious you were, how you gave it your absolute best. Mihawk has always been attracted to that part of you : 

    Hard working and passionate

    However, sometimes, he didn't like seeing how restless you would be coming back  home.

    It made him wonder how to make you feel better and how to ease your mind.

    The man decided to prepare dinner for both of you. It wouldn't be « just dinner » 

    No, it would be a candle light dinner.

    «  I am home ! Ahhh...Finally I can relax » - You say as you open the door, only to be surprised by the dim light.

    Some Bossa Nova suave music was playing in the background. You feel a presence in your back, it's Mihawk, your lover. He takes off your coat before leaving delicate kisses on your neck.

    Mihawk wasn't the kind to come greet you once you go back home. It was usually you going in his room to ask him about his day, but this time it was different. 

    You wonder « Did I forget about an important date ? »

    But it wasn't your birthday, nor his, nor the day on which you met...

    « Take a sit, mi querida » 

    He says as he leads you to the dinner table, a long table with a silky table cloth. It was suited for at least ten people but it was only for both of you.

    Rose petals were decorating it, scented candle made the atmosphere quite intimate. You look at the man with round eyes. Did he do all of this for you ?

    He disappears and when he reappears he was holding two dishes. Without a word he puts the plate in front of you.

    Medium rare steak with a side of roasted lemon asparagus (if you are plant based, let's assume any other alternative that suits your tastes~).

    « Eat up, you must be starving. » You notice that he even took out the fancy dinner wear and you feel overwhelmed by your emotions. No man has ever cooked for you before.

    Hawkeye is an amazing cook, he makes even the simplest of dishes taste gourmet. He has fine tastes. It will always be quality over quantity for him.

    He had an eye for the fanciest dishes, after all, didn’t he chose you ?

    He showed his love for you through simple everyday gestures. No need to say anything, no need to specify that he did all of this for you.

    You knew it, and it's enough for him. 

    Don't they say that the way to the heart is through the stomach ? He has made his way into your heart through more than just one path.

    « Did you put anything in the wine? You say teasing.

    - Doesn't it suit your tastes, darling ?

    It was the finest Bordeaux, utterly elegant, aged.

    -No, you smile, I was scared that you have ensorceled me. I feel like I am under your spell ! »

    He doesn't smile often, yet, your puns always have that effect on him. « The food is going to get cold, just eat, mi querida. »

    Mihawk loved cooking for you, and seeing how much you enjoyed his food secretely made him want to do it more.

    He wouldn't want your help, no, he wants to make it as much of a treat for you. But he appreciates having you sip your wine in the kitchen as you ask him about his recipes or ingredients.

    #Mihawk x reader #one piece x reader #one piece imagines #one piece scenario #dracule mihawk #one piece mihawk #one piece mihawk x reader
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    their favourite act of physical affection - one piece

    ft. law, mihawk, luffy, kidd, usopp

    Part 1 | Part 2

    a/n: yup here’s part 2 bc I really enjoyed these LOL

    it’s not often than law sleeps in (or even comes to bed at all), but there are some mornings when he sees you lying there peacefully in your sleep and he can’t help but pull you closer to him, holding you tightly as he thinks about how thankful he is for you in his life.

    you are mihawks one and only taste tester. any night he finds himself cooking he calls you over, lifting a spoonful of whatever it is he has cooked to your lips. he then wipes the drips from your lips and awaits your seal of approval.

    luffy is a big cuddler (surprise surprise). he doesn’t just give you a nice little hug - no. he practically clings to you like a koala, squeezing you so tightly you can barely breathe.

    you and kidd share a lot of playful punches. okay, maybe they’re not always playful, but they are never aggressive, and are always full of love. if he’s being a dick you give him a soft jab in the arm that tells him to “get his act together”. if you say something cheesy, and way too cute he’ll give you a little punch to the arm followed by a “whatever you big softie”.

    after usopp cracks a joke that you just roll your eyes playfully to in response, he gives you that little nudge (ya know that playful one you do w your crush kinda thing???) followed by a “oh come on you gotta admit that was funny”.

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  • imasimpforshanks
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    One Piece characters and their favourite picture with you

    part 1 | part 2

    ft. sanji, law, mihawk, nico robin, usopp, & brook

    a/n: disclaimer again - THE PEOPLE IN THE IMAGE ARE IN NO WAY MEANT TO BE AN INDICATOR OF THE TYPE OF PERSON THEY WOULD BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH! The photos are purely meant to illustrate the types of photos that would be their favorite<33333

    ~ sanji ~

    ~ law ~

    ~ mihawk ~

    ~ nico robin ~

    ~ usopp ~

    ~ brook ~

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    #anyways sorry about smoker i literally have never written for him in my LIFE #one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece hcs #one piece imagines #red haired shanks #smoker#silvers rayleigh#dracule mihawk#op headcanons
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