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  • sagefaerie
    27.11.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    the feminine urge to reread all for the game

    #neil josten let his cigarette burn to the filter without taking a drag- #tfc#aftg#p
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  • onlydevilsleft
    27.11.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    @comefightme | just look at this smug cutie :3

    #ic #● put it in park or i’ll drag ya across the whole fuckin’ state ● | kayce dutton #comefightme | kayce dutton #i love (1) kayce dutton so much it hurts me inside
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  • miggiisdumb
    27.11.2021 - 28 minutes ago


    #my new sexuality is Mikey’s back #can you imagine feeling his muscles flex… while he fucks you… #you drag your nails down his shoulder blades and get a breathy moan outta him #or sits you up on his lap and you see his back on the mirror in front of the bed #everyone look away I’m about to rub my pussy on this man nd claim him #thank god he don’t walk around like this all the time because I’d act like an absolute dog #at the same time how dare being robbed of this sight all the time #mikey tokyo revengers #sano manjiro #miggi.rambles
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  • horitoro
    27.11.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    “i have one thing to say…. you better work, bitch”

    -adam smith when he invented capitalism

    #capitalism#adam smith #rupuals drag race
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  • bobafett
    27.11.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    me, through gritted teeth: i love writing. i love forgetting to plan narrative arcs and then having to edit 10k words to fix my own mistakes. this is so much fun. art.

    #dragged kicking and screaming into proper pacing and plot #GOD I JUST WANT TO GET BACK TO WRITING NEW SCENES #from the beehive
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  • opuntia-artworks
    27.11.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Oh my god I forget how much I hate the mall get me out of here-

    #my sister wanted to go on a date and sadly my aromantic ass got dragged here too
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  • avokkun
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My piece for the Founders Zine by P4P Zines <3

    #this is the best art ive made in my life to date #i have little hope to top this anytime soon XD #naruto founders#hashirama senju#mito uzumaki #thank you for pushing my limits #and thank you for helping me learn #@ everyone i bothered for help X'D #mito really got dragged into this huh #ill do it for my himbo she says #she will apologetically ask tobirama for help drying the clothes and he will agree #because hes responsible for this idiot (lovingly) too #the family monkey goes on an adventure
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  • fishareglorious
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Albedo’s story quest, part 2 of 2

    Ah, we’re off to a good start. 

    Cast your Traveler is an alien, space dragon, shapeshifter, cryptid, whatever headcanons aside, Slime!Traveler is the new popular thing

    Hey can’t whopperflowers mimic things too? I don’t know if they do it in a scale of an actual person, but that leaves some food for thought

    Holy cow Paimon don’t you drag my man Timaeus like that. Geez.

    Albeedo and Kaeya

    I can make a Geo construct, not destroy one.

    Hey, it doesn’t hurt to try, Paimon

    Albedo once again makes us do stuff by luring us with the promise of food. Sigh.

    Poor Timaeus getting the short end of the stick lmao

    Ok ngl Sunshine Sprat’s description sounds delicious. I don’t even enjoy fish that much. I’m gonna see whether ChefMar has a video on how to make this.

    Albedo you are not slick

    Moonchase and Xiangling is all i’m gonna say

    A way to Paimon’s heart is through her stomach, as many will say.

    As much as I do like to pester Paimon with emergency food jokes, I do have to appreciate her sticking by the Traveler’s side.

    Tf are you asking I probably can’t even see anything but the ground at this view much less Sucrose

    The way to this mountain was a pain because hilichurls (lvl. 60+ to my lvl. 70 characters) kept chasing me, and Yanfei was jumpscared by a whopperflower, which killed her because she only had 502 health. 

    RIP Yanfei you will missed.

    Lmaooooo I almost didn’t finish the time challenge because I kept trying to take pictures of the fish

    I wonder what Albedo though of me wading through the water just wasting my time

    I am so sorry I had to catch the Snowstrider

    Albedo: Traveler WHY

    I didn’t get to take pictures of the puzzle, but basically it was just some seelie related stuff. Moving on, Rosaria’s here!

    Well, that’s speaking the obvious. I used you for the puzzles just now.

    Yeah. I needed to do his story quest for the new event. I wonder if Rosaria’s gonna show up in ‘Shadows amidst Snowstorms’

    Traveler has most likely done worse. Who knows.



    girl this is the southwest of Dragonspine are you telling me you’re going to regularly spend your days trekking to here?

    lmao catch me probably seeing him again in the event. 

    Huh. I’ve been cracking jokes this entire time, but you do gotta think how long Albedo has been around. After his mentor dipped he was most likely lonely until he met Alice and Klee. But then, dunno much about his story though.

    Paimon: I will integrate you into my found family. You cannot stop this.

    Ohhhhh we’re nearing the iconic ‘stop me if I destroy mondtsadt’ qoute

    Here we go

    Awright his story quest is finally finished, and we can finally do the event.

    #playing genshin#genshin impact#albedo#rosaria#traveler#paimon#timaeus #woohoo i can do shadows amidst snowstorms #can't wait to see timaeus dragged by sucrose #or that dragonspine kid with the missing dad calling eula 'aunty' #or amber and eula together building snowmen #the snowman furniture description is the cutest thing i've ever seem
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  • glubbity
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    when jackie cox crystal methyd gigi goode and s12 winner jaida essence hall said "the most powerful thing you can do is become the image of your own imagination"

    #I LOVE THE MIRROR SONG #IT'S SO POETIC well as poetic as drag race can get
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  • lexie-squirrel
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Итак, “Британские королевские гонки” закончились, и остались у меня одни “Канадские”. Ничего, у меня тут тоже любимчики есть - причем не совсем те, которые мне понравились в начале, например, Айсиз Кутюр определенно выходит вперед, вместе с Пифией и Адрианой. В мини-челлендже они нынче - почему-то почти все небритые - критиковали наряды своих соперниц в формате шоу. А потом у них был комедийный челлендж, где им нужно было отпускать шутки про Брук Линн Хайтс. Кендал Джендер внезапно показала себя как стэнд-апер. Джиа Метрик показала себя ну просто ужасно, а Пифия сама себе все испортила своими неловко-виноватыми хихиканьями после каждой шутки. Кимора была больше груба, чем смешна, а уморительную Айсиз подвело только время, она за своими искрометными шутками так и не успела толком добраться до “виновницы торжества” Брук Линн. А так бы явно бы выиграла. На подиуме тема была сформулирована как “подземелья и драг-квины” и я решил было, что будут либо файтер-клирик-вор-и-маг, либо различные чудовища. Но получилась скорее фэнтезийно-сказочная тема, где у той же Айсиз была скорее Червонная Королева из “Алисы в Стране Чудес”. Пифия, кстати, была очаровательнейшим кентавром. Выиграла в итоге Кендал (хотя, как по мне, на подиуме у нее было скорее что-то древне-греческое). Липсинковали в итоге Джиа Метрик и Кимора, которая еще за кулисами решила сдаться. Поэтому она не особо вкладывалась в липсинк и просто тенью ходила за старающейся Джией. Это больше походило на саботаж Джии, чем на само-саботаж. Решила сдаться - тогда уходи со сцены или стой молча. Не надо лезь к другим. Понятное дело, что Кимору и выгнали.

    #RPDR #Canada's Drag Race
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  • self-shipper-snowdrop
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Whenever I get sleepy, my entire brain just melts into a mush of “ERROR 404: SNUGGLES MISSING. PLEASE HAND OVER FICTIONAL CHARACTER TO SNUGGLE”

    Anyway definitely not posting this to ask hey Jung Hi or Arataki Itto if you’re available and need nap then I-

    #*is dragged out of the room and yeeted onto the floor* #from daydreams to text #jung hi temp. tag #I STILL have not thought of a good one yet agh kill me I'm a terrible gf :( #snowdrop has a bi crisis
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  • candle
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I have so much to say please bear with me

    #SO last night I went with some friends to two gay bars AND ONE OF THEM HAD A DRAG SHOW it was absolutely great okay #organised this because it was what would have been my 2yr anniversary with my ex #and wanted a good little distraction #I had such a great time but alsoooo #some girl who was completely wasted and/or high kissed me which was. weird (and dw of course I pushed her away) #and I mentioned it to guess who. my ex #who got Jealous As Fuck because duh #we had a conversation abt it which led to a conversation about the more significant things I’d been doing since the breakup which was Uncomf #Uncomfy* #and that led into a conversation about the possibility of slowly leading into dating again. which we kind of have been leaning towards for a #while now anyways but still #then around 4:30 he basically asks me out #/says let’s take it slow etc #anyways I’m kinda like. Why Not it seems like that’s where we were going anyways so cool #I’m seeing him later today for a chat about this #but yeah what the fuck #anyways #tara.txt
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  • cinnaboo
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ranboo eye reveal (colorized)

    #genuinely so proud of him #u could tell he was trying to drag it out #we love you so much ranboo <3 #ranboo#bo burnham #ranboo eye reveal #dsmp#mcyt#dsmpblr#mcytblr #.img
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  • ladygagasleftboob
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Drag race UK Finale

    Why was everyone blonde for the final challenge!?!?!

    #dragraceuk #drag race uk #drag race#rpdr#ru paul#ella vaday #kitty scott claus #krystal versace #drag race uk season 3 #drag race uk spoilers #drag race uk s3
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  • solsburryhill
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    father son and house of gucci

    #just got back from watching h of g and god lady gaga was so hot but not even she could make up for how much it fucking dragged #i liked the first half! and this is ground to a halt #my flatmate won’t stop saying FATHER SON AND HOUSE OF GUCCI it’s so funny
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  • neonheartz
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    [ Bauta Dragon ] - Bauta Dragons are easily identified by the fused, golden scutes that cover their twin heads in gleaming, gilded masks. They are regal in bearing, and tend to possess a serene disposition. These dragons are most active in early spring during the height of their mating season, engaging in jovial rituals of courtship to woo prospective mates. Bautas are found on temperate islands and lagoons, and are especially fond of sea-mounts near shore. They happily share territory with humans, and take notable interest in the affairs of mankind.

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  • theymetinthetoihlet
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #drag race italia is so fucking good!! #i am in love with farida and elecktra!!! she’s so beautiful wtf #also enorma is my favourite villain <3 #anyway watch it if you can! it truly is good! #mine
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  • hextechwreck
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    obsessed with the jinx + sevika + silco dynamic

    #in-show it's kinda bleak and sad but like. conceptually. it's the funniest fuckign thing #evil crime boss with soft spot for his chaotic daughter. the henchman who HATES her but has to begrudgingly drag her along on boss's orders #if this show were more cartoony it would be comedy gold #arcane#willow whispers
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  • afincf-tirwer
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hst and Zxj friendship


    I have made repeated reference (probably like two but that’s repeated!) to the fact that Zxj probably likes useful gifts that he can use in his day to day life, so like...stationary probably. And I feel like Hst is a very good gift giver but he’s also very into giving surprise impulsive gifts that he sees and thinks are Good for the person in question. For example, Zx gets a lot of sleep themed items and Zx is delighted by the vice-captain’s endorsement of napping, this is very good.


    So with Zxj, Hst takes a different approach to finding him little impulsive gifts, he will wander around stationary shops and pick up various things that he feels Zxj may like.

    I would like to offer the opinion that Hst got Zxj a Tyranny themed stationary trolley at one point in time, and Zxj looked so genuinely touched that both Hwq and Ywz feared that Zxj was going to propose on the spot. (How do I know about stationary trolleys? My friend has one, it’s fantastic, I point it out every time I see it) 

    Hst also gets sticky notes with various animals jumping around at the borders and Tyranny get very used to seeing sticky notes in Zxj’s neat handwriting with little ducks wandering around the edges.

    Whenever Hst sees Zxj he will give him a pen, they are always good pens because I think Zxj would have Opinions on pens and what constitutes a good pen, (side note: how does Hst know all this about Zxj and his pen Opinions? He stayed with Zxj as Zxj tested out a huge multitude of pens very carefully for hours and Hst made notes to ensure all pens in the future were acceptable, he keeps these notes along with the notes about Ywz’s favourite notebooks). But back the pens, while in use, the pens are all up to Zxj’s standards, visually they are often...not. Some have glitter in them, some are obviously Blue Rain themed and sometimes they are garishly bright colours.

    Hst once spent a painstakingly long amount of time finding a very elaborate, over the top quill pen that he could gift to Zxj and his friend’s expression of deadpan, faux unamusement brought Hst the most amount of joy, second only to the time he saw Zxj actually using the pen, at which point he took a picture and made it the background of the Blue Rain computers.

    In retaliation, Zxj dug out his photo of Hst looking like a drowned raccoon and enlarged it for Tyranny’s common room. Hst was doubly betrayed here because Ywz saw the photo when he visited and requested a copy for himself. Zxj happy agreed.

    #huang shaotian#zhang xinjie #quan zhi gao shou #the king's avatar #qzgs #hst and zxj friendship is near and dear to me #i started this at nine am on thursday and then refound it half written #i bet zxj loves stationary so much #can't relate but you can pry zxj and his tyranny themed stationary trolley from my cold dead hands fight me #ywz standing in the stationary shop with the one notebook and pen refills he needed #shaotian please can we go now it's been two hours #hst peering at pens: i must figure out which one is the most acceptable to zxj #ywz come hold this pen for me and tell me what it feels like #ywz: the pens are both the same shaotian please it's been so long #fortunately for ywz he gets his revenge when hst drags zxj engagement ring shopping and zxj stands in the 14th jewelry shop like: #it is good i cleared my schedule for this i am so forward thinking #hst staring madly at rings: *but which one would ywz love the most should i just buy 15 rings????* #zxj: hst no #afin speaks
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  • sixfeetumber
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ranvier and spamton give me the same vibes. so of course, by proxy of being similar to my current brainrot, my brain has immediately latched onto ranvier.

    #here #like i barely have any undestanding of the arg itself but ranvier. ranvier will singlehandedly drag me into it #love it here (the in question being my brain)
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