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  • cdlistening
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bitchin Bajas, 'Rebajas' CD boxset (Drag City)

    Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 1:45pm (full listens to discs 1 and 2)

    Got, heard, and enjoyed this one a number of years ago, and pulled it out again today after filing the Derek Baron LP in the same general vicinity. These first two discs cover the pre-BBs solo albums on the first, and the initial BB duo action on the second. This time I was being happily reminded of a whole swath of different stuff, from the obvious touchstone of the great Terry Riley, to the more contemporaneous in drift & spin of Skaters/early Ducktails/Emeralds realm, right down to some drum machine-led tracks that even sounded like Suicide; what a trove of good stuff.

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  • philcollinsenjoyer
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    more on the city hating post friend of mine told me last time she was on the subway and a guy on the platform peed on the subway wagon like took his dick out and peed on the car in front of everyone

    #the city of love #when bob the drag queen said you think u know what urine smells like until u move to new york this but paris
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  • auriaesthete
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    you think im joking about this but i actually started crying yesterday because i want to meet the gay people in my phone irl

    #one of these days we will go on a road trip ok besties #will pick u all up in america and drag u back here to go to the best cities etc etc #if ur farther than america i can’t drive u here apologies bestfriends <3
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  • lonelier-version-of-you
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    God, it’s so weird to think that this time yesterday I genuinely believed Henrik Hanssen was going to die and I was preparing myself for his last moments, and now my worst concern is that he might possibly be developing a crush on a married man.

    Granted, I don’t particularly want him developing a crush on a married man, because the Holby writers don’t know polyamory exists so it would just lead to heartbreak, but still, it is HIGHLY preferable to him dying!

    #holby city spoilers #i do sincerely apologise to everyone i dragged down into panic and hysteria with me #sorry guys
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  • thisselflovecamebacktome
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Where’s that post which is like “I don’t want to heal my inner child anymore, I want to give them a gun”? Because big mood atm tbh.

    #about me #i'm just so tired and everyone's like 'move out and you'll feel better' but my city is literally locked down atm #and i'm just so over being sad over my family situation that happened over half a decade ago but that my mum keeps dragging out #and like feeling like things are just never going to get better and i'm never going to escape and they all got away with it even if i do #anyway that's my rant for today
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  • chiara-mastroianni
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Current mood: 80’s brazilian rock on repeat.

    #i’m so angry and sad #like… #it’s not enough to have a billion things happening on my personal life #there’s still this bullshit country and people dragging us down #i know globo is saying it failed as a show of force #BUT #everywhere i look there are bozo followers #pretty much everyone in my city supports him #i can’t anymore #personal
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  • gloriousnoise
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    New Ty Segall and Denée Segall: Feel Good

    New Ty Segall and Denée Segall: Feel Good

    Video: Ty Segall and Denée Segall – “Feel Good” Directed by Joshua Erkman. From Harmonizer, out now on Drag City. The last time we heard from the Segalls they were in a band with two basses and no guitars. They’ve definitely got some guitar on this one! I love how Ty is scowling throughout the entire video for a song called “Feel Good.” I wonder if people think he’s insane because he is frowning…

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  • falsestuff
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Cory Hanson - Garden of Delight (2016)

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  • burnhamandtilly
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    brazilian independence day to WHOM???? not to me bitch, not to me. this day is bound to be a whole clown show...

    #the right wing terrorists are gonna do demonstrations later and you know it's not gonna end well.. #they already started on the wrong foot trying to invade the ministry section of our capital city... so there's that i guess #terrified that we're gonna get dragged to a coup at any second.... that would be just the cherry on top #really CAN'T with this anymore... #brazil tag #anny.txt
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  • ars0nism
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    thinking about saint again

    #ikora herself said in one of the lore things that saint knows osiris better than anyone else and now I'm thinking #im thinking about saint hearing that. being told 'no one knows osiris as well as you do' #thinking about him looking off into the distance looking worn and tired and old and softly going 'i don't know if I ever knew him at all' #the old times where theyd just met back where they were young is so distant now #thinking about how they only had what. less than a year? before season of the hunt #how saint probably thought hed found some semblance of peace and happiness before it was all dragged away from him again #nothing is as it used to be and i dont think we talk about how startling that mustve been enough #he chased osiris into that forest and then he comes back and the city is worn and the tower is different and the speaker is dead #every #young guardian he knew back then is either weary or completely dead #everything changed while he was gone. he was gone for a long time #but he still had osiris. the love of his life. the whole reason he went in there in the first place. and that was torn away from him #like those months between dawn & hunt were just an illusion and the nightmare isnt over #hes a fighter but how exhausting must it be to keep fighting and keep fighting and keep fighting for centuries on end #and still hes going #he still fights #hes still ready to help whenever hes needed #hes just. genuinely such a kind person when youd expect everything hes lived through to have hardened him #just once i want to just. sit with him and just hug him. want to be there for him instead of him being there for us. just once #i know i joke a lot about yk. 'osiris im stealing ur bf' but honestlyh i love him so much even outside my crush on him lmsfoidghd #comfort character moment
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  • perkingthepansies
    04.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Strike A POSE

    We love ‘POSE’ – a must-watch on the telly box. The first two series were compulsive viewing and pioneering in the heart-warming but warts-and-all portrayal of the LGBT drag ball scene of 80s and 90s New York. Gritty, witty and fabulous, the edgy drama pulled no punches. Life on the margins was rough and tumble and then AIDS came along to make it deadly. The cast of largely unknowns delivered a…

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    #AIDS#Drag #New York City
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  • theseventeenstairs
    01.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    When I say I want to go back to before 2020, I didn't mean drop kick me back to 2016

    #holby city #i specifically meant holby city #screw you bbc for dragging me back into that hell hole #(not Henrik you are doing great sweetie)
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  • dustedmagazine
    30.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Ty Segall — Harmonizer (Drag City)

    Photo by Denée Segall

    Harmonizer by Ty Segall

    Last time we caught up with Ty Segall, he was playing anything but guitar — koto! bazouki! — but making them all sound inexplicably guitar-like. In my review I wrote, “If you didn’t know, you might not recognize exactly what’s different about First Taste, except that it feels a bit more overstuffed and baroque.” Now two years later, Segall continues to move further from his straight up, guitar-band roots, enlisting Cooper Crain and a big rack of synths for his latest effort and leaning heavily on a pitch shifting effect called the Harmonizer.

    The Harmonizer multiplies the sounds that a voice or an instrument makes, taking one guitar line and turning it into a guitar army. It can shift pitches so that a solo singer sings chords and harmonies all by itself. It has the effect, on this album named after it, of making everything sound huge and crushing and ultra clean, the Sabbath-y growl of bass and guitar turning monumental under Segall’s delicate falsetto.

    Segall makes his big break from the past right from the beginning, in the robotized, synth-fantasia “Learning,” where giant church organ blares erupt from an off-kilter dance beat. There are no guitars, no live drums and very little singing, just a little meditative humming at the end of the track. It’s short, but the cut effectively sets the direction of Harmonizer, introducing a glossy, machine-tooled stomp that marries the mid-1970s heaviness of Deep Purple and Iron Maiden to the orchestral synth textures of the Cure.

    It’s not always a happy marriage. The title track rattles with processed, gate-reverbed drums and growls with staticky distortion, the rough and the smooth seething under Segall’s reedy chant, until it blossoms into harmonized profusion. The cut is hard to get a handle on, its pop art complexities bludgeoned by massive blasts of bass-y sound. “Ride” gets the alchemy better, with its super clean, super clear bass vamp pushing motorik momentum, while synths mass in piles alongside. But it’s “Waxman” that’s the best of the bunch, with a guitar riff straight out of Blue Cheer emerging out of a blistered low-end rumble.

    Segall’s wife Denée continues to make a mark on his work, writing and singing lead on the single “Feel Good.” As on Freedom’s Goblin, where she contributed to “Meaning,” Denée pushes her husband towards punk, breaking up the string of ponderous, weighty grooves for something airier, more deadpan and rhythmically agitated, along the lines of Lithics or Shopping. It’s a nice break in the sequence—and I wouldn’t mind hearing more along these lines.

    With Harmonizer, Segall moves further out into his own personal weirdness, without compromising the red meat appeal of his rock aesthetic. It’s a neat trick, using different tools to make different sounds that, nonetheless, fit very squarely into his catalogue so far.

    Jennifer Kelly

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  • soapoperanetwork
    30.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    'Pandora' Actor Noah Huntley Cast in 'Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem' - EXCLUSIVE

    ‘Pandora’ Actor Noah Huntley Cast in ‘Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem’ – EXCLUSIVE

    With just one week to go before the premiere of the Peacock original series “Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem,” Soap Opera Network can confirm exclusively that Noah Huntley has been cast as Lord Sebastian Alamain in the five-episode limited series spinoff of “Days of our Lives.” (more…)

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  • boughtmywayintopopculture
    30.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Vergissmeinnicht VI

    It was just one night. It wasn’t meant to be more than that. Even if neither of them could entirely forget the other. She wasn’t expecting to see those piercing eyes again, especially at the other end of her desk. And he didn’t make a habit of sleeping with colleagues. Chapter also on AO3.

    Monday arrived unceremoniously. The sun still rose, dogs still barked, and she still woke up with a furry companion curled near her face.

    Sophia needed to remember to kick the cat out before going to bed.

    She did a test trip of her commute yesterday afternoon after she returned from Vincent’s, just to iron out details. She had, of course, showered and changed, before spending the rest of the day grocery shopping, cooking, and shoving her suitcases under her bed, but even that couldn’t get rid of the guilt.

    Kat’s eagerness for details didn’t help. Sophia didn’t want to think about the man she left behind, about his remarkable touch, piercing eyes, skilled tongue, and his majestic…

    Her best friend only fed the gut-wrenching guilt.

    “You didn’t even leave a note?” Kat screeched. “The man gives you like seven orgasms and you ditch him? Don’t even bother to leave your phone number?”

    “With what, Kat? I was supposed to dig through the drawers of a multi-millionaire to find a pen and paper? Do you know how rude that would have been?”

    “Walking out on him was rude! You didn’t even get his last name!”

    “You’re only upset because I went home with someone who clearly has his life together unlike the man-child you insist you’re changing.”

    Her commute to the office was initially jarring this morning but unremarkable. Most of it was spent wondering why she wanted to live this far from her family and other friends, live with Kat, endure all of this just for a job.

    It wasn’t until she entered the building, took the elevator, and recognized faces from her interviews that her weekend washed away like sidewalk chalk in the rain. She was already up to speed on project schedules (she lost a bit of sleep over it but so what?) and it was great to put names to faces.

    The office itself consisted of the entire top floor of a Haussman building, the center of the sloped roof sporting panes of glass and every exterior wall displaying a view of Paris that rivaled the one she saw from her first night. Most of the workspace was an open-floor layout, with a few select offices for senior writers and higher management.

    The CEO’s suite was well-defined by a set of glass doors at the end of the hall, leading into a darkened space.

    She was, in fact, a senior writer. Which meant an office for her, not a cubicle

    Her colleague and fellow writer, Marion Valette, was just as warm and welcoming as she remembered but not without her standard dramatic flair. Sophia expected coolness, a dislike of her presence, and only received it from some of the designers who were just beginning to arrange layouts for a meeting later in the week.

    Otherwise, she felt almost at home.

    The editor in chief and CEO would give her first assignment, Marion mentioned, before handing her a folder with a copy of the office floor plan with names and extensions, as well as her paperwork for employee programs and other things.

    “Our weekly staff meeting for deadlines and updates is before lunch,” Marion said on her way out. “I’ll come get you and we’ll head over together.”

    Until then, she could settle in, make a list of supplies she needed, and sort out any IT issues.


    The office itself was small but not without a nice window. Sophia set up her laptop and charger, whipped out what few supplies she picked up yesterday, and got started on her human resources papers. A frantic knock on the door jolted her from her thoughts. Marion, juggling her laptop with a cell phone between her ear and shoulder, waved her free hand at Sophia and mouthed ‘Viens, come on.’

    Sophia freed her laptop from its charger and grabbed a notebook and pen before following Marion. The conversation was rushed, as frantic as her pace despite her four-inch heels. As soon as the call was over, she muttered something that Sophia didn’t want to translate.

    “That was Monsiuer Karm. A major work just went up for auction from a prominent collector to pay for a divorce or a lawsuit or some other…” Marion waved a hand. “He wants it for himself, as is expected, but it’s important that we cover the work for historical posterity.”

    As they walked across the office and over to the conference room, Marion knocked on cubes and peered into the kitchen to rally the troops.

    “He’s two hours early,” a man—Mathias?—complained before he topped off his coffee cup.

    The meeting room was full by the time Sophia and Marion arrived, the blonde snagging them two seats in the middle of the table. Everyone was looking over notes, comparing information, or so it seemed. Hints of the conversation lingered on past weekend plans, ideas for lunch, how an article was coming along. Some, like Marion, were bothered by the sudden shift in schedule; others were less impacted, able to pivot at a moment’s notice.

    “Thank you all for setting aside your morning rituals.”

    Sophia almost jumped in her seat at the sound of a familiar, deep voice. She looked up from her computer screen to see Vincent stride into the room, as striking a figure as he was the other night.

    What the hell was he doing here?

    She fought the urge to sink into her chair as she desperately wondered if they ever exchanged last names, ever mentioned in detail what either of them did, where they worked. They kept everything surface level.

    Well, everything beyond immediate physicality.

    If she knew he was her employer, she wouldn’t have flirted with him at all. Would have avoided the party entirely. No amount of satisfying sex was worth...

    What poor research she’d done.

    Her thoughts circled the drain that would surely swallow her career too.

    “Before I get ahead of myself, we have a new senior writer. Would you care to introduce yourself, Ms. Cousland?”

    In her spiral of thoughts, Vincent had made his way across the room to the head of the table and had paused expectantly.

    He didn’t know her last name. She’d never told him.

    Sophia inhaled and stood, feeling like a new kid at school as she introduced herself in clear, succinct French. She avoided looking at Vincent until she couldn’t any longer only to find his eyes slightly wide, his posture stiff in recognition.

    She wished the floor would open into a black hole and swallow her whole. Instead, she settled for sitting back down and hoping no one noticed her trembling hands.

    Vincent cleared his throat and continued on with the meeting. He did, however, keep touching his tie every time he looked in her direction. But he also happened to be engrossed in the details he was sharing about the painting in question that was about to go up for sale.

    “I’ll make my decision on who gets the story by the end of the day,” Vincent said, his eyes scanning the table. “Now, where do we stand on the upcoming exhibition reviews?”

    #vincent karm#colp #city of love: paris #vincent karm x mc #vincent karm x oc #colp fanfiction#playcolp #yep we're dragging out the drama for no reason
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  • strawberrypaw
    29.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    keys... to my houseeee

    #moving is so stressful oh my god #im scared to give up my little one bedroom and live with other people again #last time was. horrible. absolutely disgusting. my roommate raped 3 people in my house and i got raped by their shitty friend #at least my old roommate fell off the face of the earth after i threw them out #my rapist ran around for another 2 years and assaulted someone else before anyone gave a shit about what i was saying #and made navigating the city and music scene literally impossible #couldnt even go to my exes house to hang out without seeing my rapists car parked at the venue down the street #my partner is having nightmares about my rapist and i want. violence. im still so mad and so tired #theres no way to impart that much damage to that many people with out intent. she knew exactly what she was doing #having roommates again shouldnt be dragging all this fear out of me considering who im moving in with but #i feel paralyzed and kind of sick #i want it to heal i want it to Go Away #mau#rape w
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  • platenworm
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • soloh
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Right, time to start making bets on how many customers get shitty that we won't let them come into the store/pay cash/hand over their credit cards to buy stuff through the door during level 3 click and collect. Last time we were in level 3 we were averaging 2 people a day (and had 1 person over the course of that time period try and force her way through the makeshift barrier we'd set up). I reckon the average of 2 shitty people per day will stand, but we'll have at least 1 person every other day try and shove their way in

    #personal #bc i'm back working in my home town now #rather than in the city where i was last year #and don't get me wrong i love living out here #but goddamn some of the people are feral #had a woman just casually try and drag a child away in the middle of our carpark a couple months ago #and then have the audacity to act SURPRISED when we told her she was trespassed from the premises #also weirdly the child's parents did nothing??? #they didn't even want us to call the police #they just said thanks to the staff member who intervened and then drove off #wild
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  • wcrstarter
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #&; drag my teeth across your chest;taste your beating heart (inquries) #--&;in chara#ofcatnaps #i see you #i give you sonja telling her high lady all about her mate either way #--&;pull down the mountain;drag your cities into the frozen seas(ᴀᴄᴏᴛᴀʀ ᴠᴇʀꜱᴇ)
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