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  • masseffectmybeloved
    04.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Out of all the ways I was expecting DA2 to hurt me after all these years the old news updates in the bottom corner of the main menu wasn’t on the list

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  • a11sha11fade
    04.08.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    WIP Wednesday / whenever

    Thanks for the tags @dalishkadan and @crackinglamb ! <3

    I’d love to tag @dreadfutures @kantrips​ @skjalla​ @serial-chillr​ @whataboutbugs​ @varric-tethras-editor​ - but no pressure!

    This is a drabble (titled “when he realizes”) of something I’m hoping to use in my longfic WIP! Ye be warned, a super soft scene lies ahead :3 ------------

    She’d requested they look over the maps again — something they’ve long since stopped pretending means anything other than come be with me — and he’d answered the summons as soon as he could.

    It took longer than he wished it had to, of course, but still; he’d come as soon as he could.

    She’s bound for the Lion come morning, for who knows how long, and they’re both utterly spent from preparing. Neither of them are capable of forming coherent sentences, so they don’t try to; instead they sit here on her balcony in dim light of evening, their bodies bound by their interlocked hands, his back against the balustrade, Elloway’s head in his lap. Her hair is loose — a rare and treasured sight — and he threads his fingers through her auburn strands now, marveling at how long, and how thick, and how smooth it feels on his skin.

    She’s breathing slowly, sometimes humming contentedly as she exhales, and his belly tingles with a fresh wave of warmth whenever she does. He knows he must return, soon, to his duties — he knows it in the back of his mind, a burden that thrums somewhere deep in his body — but he does his best to ignore it.

    Right here, right now, he chooses to focus on her instead.

    And when he does he finds her eyes are still closed, her lips turned up at the corners, her body gone soft and pliant in his lap. She’d been humming a pleasant little tune just moments ago, one he’d never heard her hum before, but she’s breathing slow and deep now, her each exhale like a long, contented sigh. 

    Every day he holds her like this, and feels her grow peaceful in his arms, he feels the warmth of the Maker’s love in his chest. It lets him know that this time is a gift: a gift he hasn’t earned, doesn’t deserve, and will never be worthy of.

    But even though he knows he may never, ever be worthy of it, he still doesn’t want this feeling to stop. He doesn’t understand it, whatever it is that’s come to consume him — he doesn’t understand how he spends his days and his nights thinking of her,  wishing always to be with her whenever he isn’t — but he does knows that it feels so good, so pure and simple and good, and he knows he’s never felt anything like it — not anything close, not even once.

    It strikes him then, in that moment: it strikes him how much he loves threading his hands through her hair, letting his fingers part thick clumps to escape its long strands; it strikes him how much he loves the sound of her satisfaction, and the sight of her small smile whenever she sees him; it strikes him how much he loves the way she cocks her head when she listens, her ears twitching, lips soft, eyes kind; and it strikes him how much he loves the taste of the snow on his tongue, and the feel of the moon on his skin, and he loves how he’s only come to notice such things because of moments like this one, here, with her.

    And right now she’s smiling, her closed eyes crinkling just a little bit at the corners, and she looks so peaceful he swears she must be moments from sleep. He feels his own smile form, eyes lingering on the curve of her lips, and as he watches her breathe he lets himself think more about what he knows.

    He knows how much he loves being with her, in this moment, and all the others; he knows how much he loves laughing with her, talking with her, and being silent with her; and, perhaps most of all, he knows how much he loves h—

    Something drops like a blade in his stomach, cutting the thought clean at the quick — but still, he knows how it ends.

    A warmth blossoms in his chest even as his spine grows cold, and he goes to war with the sensations at once, fighting to keep both the heat and the ice from spreading too much, his mind racing —

    He’s not even aware he’s holding his breath until he feels her shift in his lap, and he looks down to find she’s watching him intently.

    She doesn’t say anything at first — she just blinks up at him, peering into his face, one hand raising to rest on his stomach. He’s working to recover his breath, to keep his thoughts from playing out too plain on his face — but the effort only seems to concern her more.

    “Where did you go, ara’lin?” she asks after a moment, a hand on his cheek, gaze soft.

    And yet he still feels a thrill of fear rise up in his chest; he knows it’s too soon, too much, and incredibly foolish for him to even be thinking —

    But he also knows that it’s true, and he cannot pretend that it’s not.

    “I was… somewhere I’ve never been before,” he eventually says, slowly.

    She gives him a curious look, growing more thoughtful when he doesn’t elaborate. He lets her think, not trusting himself to say anymore — and he also he lets her think because he knows she will believe him.

    He’s telling the truth, after all.

    “That sounds nice,” she eventually says, her eyes still lingering on his face.

    When he remains silent she lets out a low hum, then lowers her head to rest on his thigh. He lifts his hand to cup the curve of her jaw, his thumb tracing the purple-lined tree on her face, and soon her eyes flutter shut once again.

    “It is nice,” he says then, softly, meaning it very, very much. This makes her smile, even though she doesn’t open her eyes; she just nuzzles her head deeper into the slope of his lap, body curling around his as she says:  

    “I’m glad.”  

    She resumes her contented breathing then, and the slow steady rhythm soon catches his own. They sit like that for some time, his fingers threading her hair, the back of his head resting heavily on the balustrade behind him, and all the while he is thinking of what he’s discovered.

    He knows he can’t tell her. He knows what he knows, but he cannot, will not tell her — not yet. He will give it time, give her time, and he will wait — but all the while he will know.

    Even while he believes it’s a noble one, the thought doesn’t sit well with him. He wrestles with it for a moment, his jaw tight, stomach churning, until a solution suddenly appears, like the sun bursting free from the clouds on a cold winter day:

    He may not be able to tell her, but he can show her. He can show her, every day, with his deeds, his devotion, and his desire.

    And so that is what he vows to do. He raises his chin toward the purple-blue sky, thinking of the Maker, and Andraste, and all that they mean to him, and he vows to cherish each and every moment they are willing to grant him with her.

    He vows to cherish their gifts — and he vows to do the work to be worthy of them.

    It’s a simple prayer, and a dark part of his mind feels less and less sure there's even someone listening — but the ritual still brings enough comfort to help him finish his thought.

    He knows it’s too much to ask, but still, he looks away from the Rift in the sky as he asks for it anyway:

    No matter what foe she faces, or how far she away she must go, he pleads that the Maker to let her always, always come back to him. For as long as he wants him, he asks for it.

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  • wayhavn
    04.08.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    tryin 2 get back to my roots. does anyone just wnna be really sad n hjornie for solas dragon age again.

    #i don't wanna sleep i just wanna keep on lovin u!!! (directed at solas dragon age) #carly.txt
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  • unfortunatelyevent
    04.08.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    but if i wanna date all the women in dragon age inquisition WHAT THEN

    #I swear I'm in love with all these women #Josephine is literally the cutest Ray of sunshine ever #I also NEED cassandra pentaghast to step on me #and sera is just the funniest person in this whole game #help I'm too gay for this game 😭 #dragon age inquisition
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  • jaynathal
    04.08.2021 - 55 minutes ago
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  • azem-ghale
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dragon age inquisition

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  • emmavakarian-theirin
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    talking to blackwall like

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  • discomancer
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    girl help it is 3 am and i cant stop thinking about dragon age

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  • the-blue-wraith
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • sketchblognko
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • rakshadow
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago


    A gift fic for @dreadfutures 

    Ash Hawke meets Ixchel Lavellan, her new boxing instructor.

    I enjoyed writing Ash meeting Ixchel and seeing them hang out and be buff together so much!


    As Ash climbs the stairs, the rhythmic sounds of someone hitting a boxing bag fill her ears. The stale smell of sweat. Her pulse already quickening with excitement, anticipation.

    She follows the sound to a training room, a small boxing ring in the corner, mats and ropes line the walls alongside posters of famous boxers and photos of past Champions. Ash smiles and shakes her head. She is used to fighting bare-knuckled in back alleys and empty warehouses. This is another world to her. The steady beat of punch after punch continues. Ah, this must be her new instructor. Ash has seen pictures of Ixchel, but in person she is something else... Link to full fic: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33012277

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  • teddybearsunflower
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    dao decided i was actually playing on a different console. again. which i was not and neither were any of my siblings. but it means that i probably have to redo a lot of progress and also wait for fucking Ever for it to access the save data it claims was somewhere else.

    #mac speaks#mac plays#dragon age #like i probably needed to reload a save anyways however. it wouldnt take this fucking long
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  • nomouthtospeakof
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    okay full disclosure i do not know NEARLY enough about sebastian to make real meta about him, i have his dlc but i’ve only played through da2 once and i didn’t really pay attention to him (sorry seb i really do wanna like you and i don’t even have religious trauma i think so idk why your specific brand of piety makes me SO uncomfortable)

    BUT. is it just me or is there a pretty distinct similarity between his and dorian’s backstories. like there’s a lot of parallels and then there’s some interesting inverses too.

    like...... son of a ruling noble, parents don’t favor him and think he’s embarrassing and a disappointment, grew up pampered and hedonistic and maybe a little bit of an asshole. sent to catholic school/the monastery to reel him in and get him to calm tf down.

    they both fucking hate it at first, but it works on sebastian while dorian flees and goes on a bender. they both have a mentor that takes them under their wing and serves as possibly a sorta parental figure. alexius at least in the beginning is genuinely good to dorian from everything we know while elthina sucks from the beginning, but in the end they both end up trying to pull them into their cults beliefs and goals and convince them what they’re doing is the right thing. again, this works on sebastian, but not on dorian.

    also i think it’s funny that elthina gets sebastian to do the absolute bare minimum (if even that) and act like that’s the most that they can/should do, and meanwhile alexius tries to get dorian to literally tear apart spacetime and join a cult and murder people because that’s the least they can do for felix.

    #also the fact that the way seb is introduced to us is by him trying to get revenge for his murdered family #and that in trespasser we're left off with the information that dorian's dad was assassinated and dorian says he'll kill the men who did it? #even despite ALL the shit their families did to them? #and then after the cutscene when you meet seb again he's like 'oh! i. didn't actually expect anyone. i thought she'd take that down. hello!' #and in gaider's fanfic dorian tells his dad he's actually not interested in avenging him even though he literally told the inquisitor he is? #weird. it's weird. #i have no idea if they'd actually like. like each other. i think dorian would dislike how preachy seb is or maybe think he's boring #but i feel like if they both got a lil drunk or something and somehow opened up to each other their conversation would be VERY interesting #dorian pavus#sebastian vael#dragon age #headcanons n meta
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  • mahalzevran
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Thank u @cullenvhenan for the zev sticker 🥺

    #zevran arainai#dragon age#mahal #isa sa perks ng merong kapatid na artista 😁 #makukuha mo yung mga test products
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  • tessa1972
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago


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  • whoisnotmyname
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bring Dorian for the red lyrium hunt in the Hinterlands as his first Inquisition Field Work with the group! It’ll be normal and we won’t accidentally find a fucking dragon and almost get him killed!

    #blood tw#dai #dragon age inquisition #dragon age#dorian pavus#inquisitor #i forgot i was on hard mode sorry dorian #kinda not sorry tho bc now i get all this in game ANGST #if u look closely u can see where gunnjars helmet was on his face from the soot #dorian x inquisitor #inquisitor trevelyan #i always forget that tag #stop posting art at night challenge #my art#art #HOW DID I FORGET TO TAG MY OWN ART
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  • svltanija
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ew people actually engage in the heterosexual romance options in Dragon Age and Mass Effect? I thought it was just there as a joke.

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  • whataboutbugs
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Dimple practice bc i just can't seem to get them shits right

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  • thebookworm0001
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #ellana lavellan#lavellan#solas#dragon age #i could not stop thinking about the herringbone pattern on the wall and the herringbone pattern that makes up the qunari crest #also what the absolute fuck was going on with dirthamen's people #elvhenan au ellana is very glad she got away from the god of secrets #and solas why are you everywhere in this temple
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