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  • minifuyu
    19.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    might have to part p2 to my bully fuyu post bc. i am thinking

    #bully tr series #BULLY MIKEY#H #i just want him to be mean to me #would give anything to be his lil errand girl #could ask me to go kill a man and i would be like :D 🔪🔪 #LMFAO #i think i would cry if draken or baji tried to bully me tho #their voices are so deep and they’re so big #they’re literally scary #i would piss myself #and they would bully me for it and then i would just have to kms #HAJAKAKJD #[<3] ivy talks
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  • fayken
    19.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    just want ken to hold me close and tell me it will all work out :((

    #fay talks #sad boy hours #this might just be my last proper post #kenma kozume#ken ryuguji#draken
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  • saekogun
    19.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago


    feel that cold chill in the air? it's my fall / halloween themed collab, open to genshin impact and tokyo revengers writers! I'm super, super excited to announce this, as well as see where this collab will take us. although if no one joins I will sob. ):<

    RULES !!

    pick from one of the four prompts below!

    ー SLASHER FILM MOVIE NIGHT: write something inspired by a slasher film or any other horror related piece of media, including works in which a character is a slasher or the work has a slasher-esque feel to it! other forms of medias such as books and shows can be used as well, not just movies.

    ー PUMPKIN PATCH DATE: wholesome (but can absolutely be nsfw) content in which reader and co participate in fall activities, including halloween decor shopping, pumpkin patch dates, baking treats, etc!

    ー WEREWOLF HOWLS: write something in which the reader or the character is a monster, like vampires and werewolves and what nots!

    ー FREESTYLE: do whatever you want, whether that be a mix of one of the prompts or just your own thing! as long as it remains in the halloween and fall theme, it's all good to go!

    send me an ask or message me with the prompt you want to do! you can do however many characters as you'd like, as well in any format. the only requirement for your content is that it must reach a 500 word minimum. you can do as many characters as you want!

    notSFW, yandere and dark content are all okay! however, please tag your work ーworks that are not tagged and contain yandere or dark content will result in you being removed from the collab. this collab is for fun, not to trigger people. sfw is also okay!

    any notSFW work is allowed, however, content in which any of the characters are minors is not allowed and will result in you being removed from the collab. additionally, this means that any notsfw works for the tokyo revengers characters must be their timeskip versions.

    you must be okay with dark and yandere content. if you're anti either, please, kindly leave. I do not want nor care about your discourse.

    must be 18+ to join, no matter the prompt.

    DEADLINE !! : the deadline will be November 15th, but can be extended if needed! it's extremely flexible. the deadline to signup is October 25th.


    ー @saekogun : pumpkin patch date with kazutora

    ー @99-nct :

    ー @venteas : slasher film movie night with albedo

    #dont worry about reblogging this if youve reblogged the first version <3 #just needed to fix the tags. here are some tags just for reach purposes -> #yandere genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact smut #tokyo revengers x reader #tr x reader #tr smut#yandere tr #venti x reader #zhongli x reader #diluc x reader #xiao x reader #childe x reader #kaeya x reader #kazutora x reader #mikey x reader #draken x reader #mano sanjiro x reader #mikey smut #chifuyu x reader #venti smut#kazutora smut#xiao smut#albedo smut #albedo x reader #takemichi x reader
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  • bajisbabe
    19.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    [author’s note] shaking, crying, throwing up at the thought of sweet Mitsuya taking care of me while I’m sick. What a dream.

    # SICK

    random headcannons | you’re sick and they take care of you [tokrev]

    warnings: suggestive for Baji—all characters are aged up, fluff, reader is sick, kissing, cussing, lil’ suggestive in first part, minors and ageless blogs DNI.
    synopsis: you’re sick and ask them to come over.
    song: none.

    photo cred (left to right): 1 3

    By clicking the “read more” or the “keep reading” button, you are implying that you are at least 18 years old, if not older, and consent to reading the content in this post.

    Doesn’t give a single fuck—just there to spend time with you. Kisses you even though you’re insisting that you’ll get him sick. Slings himself across your body under the covers to keep you warm. You eventually get too hot and ask him to move. But he won’t, mumbling something about how you’re so soft and warm. You’re warm because you’re burning up. Doesn’t actually help you at all. Just makes things harder for you. Might get up and microwave some canned chicken noodle soup though if you’re hungry. Might suggest sex because he swears he can “fuck the fever out.” He wakes up the next day with a fever, and now it’s your turn to take care of him.

    → SMILEY, Rindou, Sanzu, Wakasa, Mikey, BAJI, HANMA.

    Literally SPRINTS to the store to get you every type of medicine he can find. Buying all kinds of soups and remedies, cough syrups and diffusers. They likely take a while to get to you because they’re making panic purchases. Once they arrive, they’re all worried and concerned. Probably ends up talking your ear off about all the things they’re bought to help you. You have to break it to them that you don’t really need any of the stuff he bought and just want him to come cuddle you. He does, of course. With a relieved sigh, he cozies up next to you. They end up using less than half of what they bought. And you both eventually fall asleep in each other’s arms.


    Prepared. Comes over immediately, starts making soup the second he gets in. Strips himself of his hoodie, gently pulls you up, and tugs the hoodie down over your head. He takes your temperature, rubbing your back and tummy upon request. He puts a movie on, makes sure that it’s quiet and kind of muffled so that you have some kind of white noise. He praises you whenever you do anything at all. He tells you to sit up so that he can fluff your pillow, or so that he can spoon-feed you the soup, and he absentmindedly mumbles a quiet, “good girl.” Likes to think his praise will make you feel better. Lulls you to sleep with his humming. Even if he isn’t much of a singer, he’ll sing for you if you want. You can feel the vibrations in his chest as you lay your head onto him and let his warm hands run up and down your spine.

    → MITSUYA, Inui.

    Has no idea what he’s doing. Just there because you told him to come. Might have to call a friend to figure out what to do. If all else fails, he’ll Google remedies, and do the bare minimum.

    → IZANA, Takemichi, Shinichiro, CHIFUYU, HAKKAI.

    Doesn’t even show up because he doesn’t want to be around someone who is sick. But if you’ve got him whipped; like simp behavior, he’ll be there. Trust. Catering to your every need… welcome to Joseline’s Cabernet—

    → KISAKI, Koko.

    #bajisbabe’s nfy #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #tw.suggestive #tw.cussing #draken x reader #baji x reader #mitsuya x reader #mikey x reader #nahoya x reader #souya x reader #senju x reader #inui x reader #kokonoi x reader #tokyo revengers headcannons #tw.kissing
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  • hanmabae
    19.09.2021 - 36 minutes ago


    #i love mikey #mikey layouts #mikey x reader #mikey #draken & mikey #mikey sano#sano manjiro #tokyo revengers takemichi #takemichi hanagaki#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers baji #toman#bonten#kazutora hanemiya#matsuno chifuyu#tokrev baji#sanzu haruchiyo#takashi mitsuya #tokyo manji revengers
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  • hanmabae
    19.09.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Man I can’t bark for you :)

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  • drakensbby
    19.09.2021 - 49 minutes ago


    for my 1k event—writing fluff drabbles with angst prompts requested by @risumu i hope you like it !! <3
    prompt: “look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t mean to hurt me”

    the room is still, and draken stares at you in shock. his arms are crossed, and you hold your breath, waiting for him to say something. he remains silent.


    “don’t,” he cuts you off, eyes narrowed at you in betrayal. reaching an arm out, you try to embrace him, but he pulls away.

    “kenny, come on,” you try to hold back a snort, but it still escapes, and his face morphs into one of disbelief.

    “i can’t believe you…” he murmurs to himself, shaking his head. giggling, you wrap your arms around his torso, leaning in and placing a soft peck to his jaw line, his disgruntled face amusing you by the second. draken, your stoic and seemingly cold boyfriend, could be a bit dramatic when he wanted to be. and though you didn’t get to witness it often, you loved every second of it.

    “ken, you’ll live, you big baby. get into the bath, the water’s gonna get cold.” nudging him forward, you help him climb into the tub, being mindful of the bruises forming over various spots on his pale skin.

    “but my shower—”

    “you don’t need the shower cap! now get in,” you scold. pouting slightly—though he’ll never admit it—he grumbles as he situates himself, sighing when the warm water soothes over his tense muscles, and leans against the tile. the soft scratching of your nails over his scalp makes him close his eyes, and you take in the sight with a smile.

    he’s always been pretty like this, when he trusts you, letting you get a glimpse of him with an edge of vulnerability. leaning down, you press a gentle kiss to his forehead, and he leans in, silently asking for another before you can pull away.

    “i’ll skip the shampoo then,” he mutters.

    “no. now close your eyes and tilt your head back, i’ll wash your hair,” you say firmly. scoffing, he swats your hand away when you move to squirt shampoo onto his scalp, eyeing the bottle in distaste.

    “why would you throw it out? i need it,” he insists.

    “ken,” you groan. “can’t you wash your hair like a normal person? you won’t get shampoo in your eyes, okay?” he clicks his teeth in disbelief.

    “you’re not slick, you tried this last time too. look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t mean to hurt me,” he points a finger accusingly. “you tried to blow bubbles into my eyes last time we took a bath together. on purpose.” biting back a smile, you cross your arms, looking away indignantly.

    “that was an accident,” you claim. “i would do no such thing.” draken doesn’t buy it, but he’s grown used to your many, many antics by now.

    “bullshit,” he growls. “you’re not washing my hair,” he grabs the bottle of shampoo from you, lathering it in his hair himself. and you can see through the small wince of pain he tries to hide as he lifts his shoulder, making your heart tug a little. gently guiding his arm down, you cup his cheek, rubbing over the soft skin with your thumb. he leans in ever so slightly.

    “just let me do it, you idiot,” you shake your head. “you should be more careful out there, you know,” your voice holds a small trace of worry, and he turns to press a kiss to your palm, placing his hand on top of yours.

    it’s nice, he thinks, having someone waiting at home to greet him, someone who worries over his well being. and even if his conscience is ridden with guilt at the way your eyes dim with every bruise and cut they glance over, he can’t help but crave more of you, more of your affection, more of your love. sighing, he gives in.

    “don’t get shampoo in my eyes,” he warns, and he scowls when you laugh, but his heart swells at the sound. and even if it’s engraved in his brain from hearing it every day, it always feels like he’s hearing the sweet sound for the first time.

    “okay,” you roll your eyes.

    “and i’m getting a new cap. don’t even think about touching it,” he adds, laughing when you go to slap his chest. he catches your hand before you can, pressing a tiny kiss to the inner wrist. and with a happy sigh, he relaxes into the water, letting himself indulge for once the feeling of being taken care of.

    #—1k event <3 #IF YOU CPULDNT ALREADY TELL. DRAKEN AND HIS DAMN SHOWER CAP HAVE ME IN DESPAIR HES SO CUTE I STAY SOBBING OVER THAT STUPID CAP HE WEARS #%writing#%drabbles #draken x reader #draken fluff#draken angst#draken scenarios#draken headcanons#draken imagines #ryuguji ken x reader #tokrev x reader #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo rev fluff #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers angst #tokyo rev x you #tokyo revengers x you #tokrev x you
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  • erasurecaps
    19.09.2021 - 50 minutes ago
    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers spoilers #manjiro sano #tokyo revengers mikey #tokyo revengers draken #ken ryuguji#hinata tachibana#takashi mitsuya#nahoya kawata#screencaps #tokyo revengers screencaps
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  • hanmabae
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Omfg my baby boyy~ LOOK AT HIM😭

    This is how you need to properly seduce women, and not some of your flirting shits:)

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers baji #toman#bonten#kazutora hanemiya#matsuno chifuyu#tokrev baji#sanzu haruchiyo#takashi mitsuya #tokyo manji revengers #mitsuya & draken #mitsuya packs#mitsuya#mitsuya takashi #tokyo revengers mitsuya #mitsuya x you #mitsuya x reader
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  • tsukkinivy
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    九井 一 | Kokonoi Hajime

    Another manga coloring because the Koko brainrot is REAL 🤧 especially after hearing his voice on the final episode of the anime

    Feel free to use 🤍🤍 like/reblog if saved

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  • kiriyaoi365
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Well today I found out that drasei (draken x seishu)is actually a ship and well I did some researchs and found a few fanfictions for the poor shipers since this ship is really rare so if any of u guys wants to read any fanfic message me and I'll send a link!!𓆩😇𓆪 💙

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  • cloukem
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bonten mikey 🌸

    I'm posting after such a long time again ಥ‿ಥ but I've been busy with exams y'all 😔 oh i also changed my username >.<

    IG : cloukem

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers mikey #tokyo revengers fanart #tokyo revengers icons #tokyo revengers takemichi #baji keisuke #tokyo revengers sanzu #mikey x reader #mikey x you #mikey fanart#mikey #mikey tokyo revengers #manjiro sano #sano manjiro fanart #tokyo revengers manjiro sano #tokyo revengers sano manjiro #bonten#bonten mikey #tokyo revengers mitsuya #tokyo revengers draken #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo manji revengers #tokyo revengers kazutora #sano manjiro #hinata x takemichi #shinichiro x reader #emma tokyo revengers
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  • fattuccini-afraido
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Draken: Mikey isn't answering his phone.

    Takemicchi (dialing): Let me try.

    Mitsuya: Takemicchi, we've all tried, why would he answer yo–

    Mikey: Hello?

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  • maijiro
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #drama is not over youll see >:) #🤍;draken#Maï;replies🌬
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  • drakenxemma
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My daily life is all about loving drakemma and praising Koko for existing, and there's literally nothing in between.

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  • 0risha
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    haven't written anything in saur long

    #really want to finish this draken fic but i lose motivation halfway though #SIGH #and my event requests 🤧 #music is not helping anymoreee and i can never find the right words SIGHH #and then school comes 😒 SIGHH #💭!rambles
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  • keisukefushiguro
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ╰► 「 Little thing they do that make your heart go BOOM!」

    ➤ Summary; it just the little stuff that they do that make you feel so warm and loved!

    ➤ Pairing; Baji, Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, x gn! reader. (separately)

    ➤ Warnings; fluff, suggestive themes, crack, and cursing.

    ➤ Genre; headcanons

    ❀ ፧ A/N; still in school writing this😫 i’m taking a break so after this one, imma finish the chapter i have in the drafts for wattpad. and i am also thinking of doing an event for the october and december month…IM SO EXCITED!!

    → Baji

    •When you both are in the same class and are sitting right beside each other, when you both are just speaking to each other , he tends to put his arm on the back of your seat and just slouched in his chair and just listening to your every word, nodding once in a while.

    • When you both are cuddling, he always lays on top of you with your head either on your chest, neck or stomach. He always wants your hand in his hair just to either lull him to sleep or just feel your nice hands massaging his scalp.

    • When he comes home from school or a toman meeting, He sees you sitting on the couch watching tvs and he just goes behind you and bends down to drapes his arms around you and talks to you right in your ear softly.

    •You love it when he grabs your hand when you’re both walking and just dramatically swings it back and forth as you both walk simultaneously. Or if it’s cold, he will wrap your hand in his and brings it inside his pocket.

    •When he’s holding you by your waist he has a habit of squeezing you once in a while making you squirm and when you look behind to see him he’s already looking down at you with those lovey lovey eyes.

    •You love it when he gives you those hugs when he just completely covers the top have of your form completely. Your arms around his waist and he just shoves his face to your neck and gives you nips and little kisses here and there.

    → Mikey

    • He always seems to loves slapping your ass once in a while. He likes the way it jiggles for some reason. Like when you both are going grocery shopping, when you reach up to get something from the shelf, you feel a soft or hard smack on your bum and the second you turn around he’s looking on his phone or whistling innocently.

    •When he man spreads and looks right into your eyes when you’re talking to him about something random or important. He’s not even doing it intentionally but it’s makes your heart go brr.

    • He gets super jealous when someone is staring at you for too long. So what he does is to go behind you and wraps his arms around your waist and just nudges his nose with to your neck before kissing it sensually while looking straight into the person’s soul.

    •You love it when he’s wearing his Toman uniform and has nothing under and just his abs popping out and stuff just makes your legs WOBBLE MAN

    •You also love it that when he sleeps he tends to mutter your name here and there saying stuff after it too like this, “y/n…..pretty….luv you *snores*” HE’S SO CUTE

    → Draken

    •Also a person who manspreads and lemme tell you jesus LORD he does it so good😫

    •When he’s working around with the motorcycles at work, and when he is also wearing a tank top, YOU CAN SEE HIS ABS BRO!! AND WHEN HES SWEATING?!? omg his muscles just bulge out and just- i can’t even type anymore

    •When you are washing or braiding his hair? and you start massaging his scalp…he lets out the sexist and the most beautifully groans and moans EVER!

    •when you hear that draken had hired people to work for him at his shop and you got to meet them, they will say how they heard so much about you and he would literally get flustered and tries so hard to occupy himself.

    • he loves whispering things to you during a movie. like for example, you could be sitting on his lap, facing him and he’s just watching the movie, he starts whispering stuff like “hey baby..how’s your day?” there can be a whole convo with you two just whispering for no reason…ITS CUTE OKAY😭

    • when you are speaking, he just STARES into your eyes..like so..so..LUSTFUL!! but he doesn’t mean it though and he bites and licks his lips every once in a while..AND AND AND HIS EYES ARE JUST..OOOOWEEE😫

    → Mitsuya

    •He always pinches your butt…IDK IDK But like for example again, you both are walking to his workplace right? his office, and you are walking in front of him, all of a sudden you feel a PINCH on your ass and you look behind you he just WINKS at you- OH LAWD😫

    •You love it when he has his work projects on you like a dress or something and he just circles are you like you’re his prey and then he just stops behind you and you while looking into your eyes through the mirror and just smiling against your cheek, telling you how beautiful you are while his hands are on your waist

    • He has a tendency of fake humping you when you are in a bend position like getting something from the bottom cupboard or drawer and you can just feel his hands on your waist😭

    •When you need help with homework, and you get an answer right to whatever he quizzes you on, he gives you a big smile or a wink in just telling you good job!

    •You love seeing him take such good care of his siblings. Makes you wonder of one day when you both will have kids but don’t worry he’s wondering the same thing too when he sees you play tea party with his sisters.

    •His hand writing..that’s all i have to say. It’s so beautiful😭😭 IDK WHY I ADDED THIS BUT ITS SO “peaceful” if that makes sense😭

    •he’s hot when he angry..idc he’s super good looking. Jaw clenched, fist tightening, the way he articulates his words when speaking- GET ME OUT😫

    keisukefushiguro © 2021 all right reserved.

    #— ੈ♡megatypes🦦…. #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #mikey sano#ken ryuguji #tokyo revengers fluff #baji keisuke#mitsuya takashi #mikey x reader #draken x reader #baji x reader #mitsuya x reader #manjiro sano
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  • weelbi
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    them *dies*

    #tokyo revengers #mikey tokyo revengers #draken tokyo revengers #anime#art
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