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  • dracobottomonly
    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Draco: Harry, are you sure you like me? Harry: Draco Potter-Malfoy, we've been married for five years, our oldest son is sleeping in his crib while you are pregnant with our long-awaited daughter. Draco: It means yes or..?

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  • starlitsilvereyes
    27.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    Written for @hp-fearfest Day 25: Blood Sucker & @drarrymicrofic ’s Prompt: Lucent | Rating: T | Warnings: Blood, Mild Violence | Read on Ao3

    I used to love him in dreams — through a haze of memories I wish we had and everything I wish I was. In my paradise, he looks at me like I am the sunset-painted sky dissipating into dusk, torn apart at the seams, yet something lucent exists within the darkness.

    How terrible is it to love someone from afar? To yearn for their touch and their breath on my lips; my hands on their body like heavenly sin. To have him see the broken parts of me and look at me with a gentleness that would put the way the sun kisses my skin to shame.

    How maddening it is, to have wrath dripping from my fingertips as I hold his face with my blood-stained hands, leaning in to take his last breath with my own lips.

    “Your soul is mine,” I whisper like a promise, watching his life flash before his eyes the moment I taste crimson from his tongue. “We’ll finally belong together, my beloved.”

    Love in Darkness [HP FearFest 2021 Series] | Drarry Microfics

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  • practicefortheheart
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sometimes I write things and I don’t know where it comes from, so please enjoy? I know not everyone likes first person pov - no hard feelings if you don’t and want to skip it! I might want to write more, having some trouble with art atm. 

    I’m not what people think I am. I’m headstrong, if you want to be polite. Not that clever, though. Not as charming as they’d hoped. Not really funny. I’m far from perfect. Ask my friends. Ask Ginny, she’ll tell you. Ask anyone close to me.

    Brave? I suppose. Maybe that goes with being headstrong and stupid. I just go without thinking. Sometimes it works out. Great deal of luck mixed in there, too.

    I’m tired of it. Being someone I’m not. In the papers, on the street, at work. I’ve long since given up trying to live up to any of it. I don’t think I ever tried that, really. 

    People like the story, the drama, the intricate ways all facts fit together, but for me it’s just painful memories. People, friends, lost. 

    You never thought I was perfect, though I didn’t live up to your expectations either. You don’t seem to mind that now. It was confusing to see you again - we were strangers, in a way. There was a softness about you, seeing you with your young son, smiling at something he was telling you. It felt so warm. Not something I ever associated with you. Warmth.

    You remarked that I looked tired. It wasn’t a sneer, it wasn’t loud. It was a soft rumble next to my ear, as if you were ashamed to be seen in my presence. 

    You probably were, the way your father behaved after the trial, how your mother kept quiet, how they still held on to pride and dismissed my outstretched hand.

    I still have your letter. 

    I told you this, there in the shop. You said I looked tired and I started talking about a letter you’d sent ages ago. 

    You asked me for a drink, then. Things were never going to be ordinary between us. Above your collar I glimpsed a bit of the silvery scar, snaking up your throat.   

    I agreed.

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  • softlystarstruck
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    obsessed with this draco honestly

    picrew link here!

    tagging @drarrymybeloved @drarry-picrew @stavromulabetaaa @lou-isfake 🥰

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  • kryptidfox
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    October 2021 Drarry Discord Drawble Challenge
    Prompt: Shiver | Restriction: Renaissance

    Based on Paris Bordone’s Mythological Couple. Read the associated drabble here.

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  • kryptidfoxwrites
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    for October’s Drarry Discord Drabble Challenge | Prompt: Shiver | 200 Words | Mature | Warnings: Blood, Implied MCD | Author’s note: Check out the associated drawble here!

    Maw wide with canines bared, ivory and sharp, they trail down along his throat, circling his jugular, closing in. Goosebumps rise under pinpricks of anticipation, over the staccato song of his drumbeat pulse. It beats wild and alive and inviting.

    Vulnerable and exposed, Harry feels like he’s standing along a cliff with one foot off the ledge and the overwhelming urge to jump. His stomach swoops out from under him the moment right before the fall.

    A slight scrape along sweat-clad skin and he succumbs. It’s as weightless as air rushing through his fingers, as bracing as earth surging up to meet him. The impact is broken skin and gushing crimson.

    Warmth blooms and fades, leeched in slow rivulets, red petals wilting. The cold comes in shades of white, like train station stops and the pale hand on his collarbone. He grips it with his own, as much as he can, fingers entwined, weak and shaking and never letting go.

    Draco relishes in his shiver, savouring the taste of surrender, heady and saccharine. He pulls away to catch blue-tinged lips with his gore-stained mouth, slipping between in sanguine streaks.

    Copper bursts bittersweet on Harry’s tongue. Everything blanches like falling snow.

    #is harry dead??? perhaps #or maybe hes just a vampire now too #drarry discord drabble challenge #drarry#drabble#my writing#drarry drabble#drarry squad#drarry discord#drarry microfic#drarry fic#draco malfoy#harry potter#vampire draco#mine
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  • shealwaysreads
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    drarry | E | 1k | kinktober, clothing disparity, leather kink, corsetry, gloves, boots

    Summary: It felt like an embrace as Draco wrapped the corset around him.

    Read on Ao3

    Draco’s steps sounded loud against the floor, but that was only in contrast with the silence of Harry’s bare feet. Draco steered Harry to stand on the plush rug with a strong hand at the base of his back, then walked around him, looking.

    Harry’s skin prickled with awareness, Draco’s observation almost tangible. The hair on the back of his neck stood up, his ears felt hot, and he had to tamp down the urge to cover himself. Draco had seen him without clothes on before, but this felt different.

    Harry was utterly naked, and Draco was still fully dressed.

    “Gorgeous like this,” Draco said, from behind him, and then placed a kiss on Harry’s shoulder.

    “Draco…” Harry trailed off when that kiss became a drag of tongue and lips up the length of his neck.

    Draco’s next words were a hot breath into Harry’s ear, and his hands—leather clad and strong—settled on each side of Harry’s waist. A subtle squeeze.

    “Still want to try it?”

    ‘It’. Harry had only ever seen them in the magazines Dean and Seamus used to smuggle into the dorm room after school breaks. Hermione had caught them looking at them once, and had spiralled into a well-researched rant that hadn’t made a dent in the fascination Harry had immediately felt for what he’d seen. ‘It’ was a corset.

    Draco had suggested it last week, and now it sat on the table, and Harry couldn’t stop staring. It was nestled on a bed of dark tissue paper, in a gold box embossed with the name of a shop Harry had heard Ginny and Cho wistfully daydreaming about at the last pub night. À la Dérobée. It meant ‘on the sly’, Ginny had said, and as Harry reached out to run a finger along the finely detailed fabric and the hard line of a steel-boned seam, he thought the name was apt; he certainly didn’t want this to be front-page news tomorrow.

    But he did want to wear it.

    “Yes,” he said.

    Draco pressed up against him from behind, and Harry leaned into the warmth of him as he reached around Harry to pick up the corset. The dull satin-shine of Draco’s leather gloves against the rich brocade made Harry’s cheeks heat; he couldn’t help but want—desperately—to already be under that brocade, and under Draco’s hands, too.

    “Arms up,” Draco instructed, and Harry complied.

    It should have felt infantilising, but it didn’t. It felt like an embrace as Draco wrapped the corset around him. It felt like a promise with each clasp Draco delicately hooked into place at the front. It felt like being tied down when Draco brought his hands to the laces at Harry’s back and began to slowly draw them tight. He worked his way from the top to the middle, and then from the base to the same meeting spot. At first it was simply to close the corset, to bring the stiff fabric into full contact with Harry’s skin. Then Draco pulled hard.

    Harry gasped, which only made the sensation stronger; the hard press of the boning against his body, the lines of laces against his spine, the sudden restriction, the surge of blood and heat low in his belly. He looked down, and brought his own hands to stroke along the fabric now holding him so tightly.

    The corset was cut so that it’s upper edge pressed under his pectorals, and lower at the bottom so steel and fabric curved along the line of his iliac crest. The brocade was blue, rich and bright, and woven with glints of green and violet and gold. Peacock feather eyes glimmered in the fabric, and the gold clasps at the front glinted in the light of the candles Draco had lit.

    “Do you like it, Harry?”

    Harry nodded, silent, captivated by the feel of the silk under his hands.

    “Shall I tighten it more?”

    Harry’s pulse was already racing, and he could already feel the slight reduction in how deeply he could breathe. His cock throbbed.

    “Yes please.”

    Another kiss at his shoulder, and then Draco pulled once more at the laces, drawing the corset tighter around Harry.

    “There you are, Harry, look at you.” Draco’s hands moved behind him, and Harry could hear the slide of the satiny laces across Draco’s leather-clad fingers. “All neat and tied now, no chance of it coming loose.”

    Harry took a deep breath, shivered at the way his chest expanded against the immovable steel of the corset, and leaned back against Draco. Immediately he was embraced, strong arms around him—a doubling of comfort and restraint, the corset, and Draco too—and he let his head drop back to rest on Draco’s shoulder.

    “I knew you’d like it,” Draco whispered. His hands slid across the corset, Harry could only feel the phantom movement through the thick brocade, but then Draco rubbed his thumb over Harry’s nipple and the drag of leather on tender skin made him gasp. “Knew you’d end up all breathy and soft.”

    Draco’s other hand dropped lower and cupped Harry’s cock in his palm. Harry couldn’t help but hitch his hips, chasing the softness of the leather, the tantalising warmth of Draco’s skin soaking through.

    “Draco, I—”

    But Harry didn’t have to ask—couldn’t—because Draco had pressed the fingers of one hand to Harry’s lips and then inside his mouth. All Harry could taste was leather, soft and body-warmed, and all he could smell was leather, tinged with Draco’s sweat and scent. He moaned around the intrusion, his eyes rolling closed, and when Draco pressed his fingers deeper—heavy on his tongue—Harry couldn’t help the desperate twist of his hips.

    It felt different moving like that with the corset tightly cinched around him. Harry was aware of his body in a way he had never been before, and of Draco’s, too. Behind him, he could feel each button on Draco’s crisp white shirt, and the fine wool of his trousers was a soft brush against Harry’s skin. His cock was hard, and pressed against Harry’s arse, thick and hot even through layers of fabric.

    “Would you like more?” Draco asked, his voice a warm vibration against Harry’s back.

    Harry nodded, and licked his lips when Draco withdrew his fingers; his lips were swollen already. Draco moved to sit in the leather chesterfield armchair beside them, and spread his legs wide, waiting.

    Harry paused for a moment, once again reminded of the electrifying divide in their state of dress. Draco was still so put-together, his trousers neatly tucked into high leather boots the same glowing black as his gloves, just one button of his shirt undone, his sleeves rolled up his forearms only to better show the acute contrast of his gloves against his skin. Harry had the corset on now, but he felt even more exposed than before.

    Draco obviously expected Harry to climb into his lap, and he would—he would—but first, he had to satisfy the strange new hunger that Draco and his gloves had awakened. Harry stepped close, and then sank to his knees—every movement slower than usual, restrained by the strict lines and curves of the corset—and then bent even lower still. Back straight, head bowed, Harry brought his mouth to the burnished leather of Draco’s boot, and he kissed it.

    Above him, Draco swore, and then his hands were in Harry’s hair, and they were pressing him even closer to Draco’s boot, and Harry’s cock hung heavy and aching between his spread knees as he opened his mouth and licked. Breathless, restrained, and wanting.

    Read on Ao3

    October 27th from this prompt list

    Read the series here on Tumblr or here on Ao3

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  • ununquadius
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Autumn Activities

    Harry and Draco went out for mushrooms. The trip didn't go well. Written for the October 2021 Drarry Discord Drabble Challenge. Worcount: 200. Prompt: Shiver. Read on AO3


    “I know the way, trust me, I’m the stupid Chosen One,” Draco said in a mocking tone.

    “Can you shut up already?” Harry snapped. “It was your idea to go out for mushrooms.”

    “And it was your idea to leave the path! Now look! Who knows what lives in this forest, and how hungry it is!”

    Harry rolled his eyes, but tightened his wand nonetheless. There was something spooky about that forest. A wolf howled in the distance.

    “See? There are werewolves,” Draco said. Harry noticed that he had his wand out too.

    “The moon isn’t out yet. I’m sure we’re close to the path now. I saw that tree before.”

    “How do you know? All the trees look the same.”

    “No, that one looks like a cock.”

    “I don’t know what kind of cocks you’ve seen, but cocks don’t look like that.”

    A pair of amber eyes suddenly appeared on the trunk sending shivers down their spines. Draco screamed.

    “It’s just an owl!”

    “You were scared too! Fuck, I dropped the mushrooms.”

    “Draco… We’re idiots.”

    “Not me, you.”

    “We can just apparate home!”

    Draco looked at him, and they bursted out laughing. Another wolf howled, making them scream again.

    #harry potter#draco malfoy#drarry #harry x draco #i wrote a fic #My fic #drarry discord drabble challenge
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  • assassinsdragons
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Taste of Water

    Easy food, such as pigeons, tasted salty. That’s good and all, but it rarely eased his thirst. He didn’t have to wander around hungry, for sure, but he was always left wanting more. He wanted the sensation of smooth and sweet blood swirling in his mouth.

    He didn’t want to hunt humans. He was once one of them, and in his heart it always felt wrong. His tongue didn’t agree with his heart though, because humans tasted, oh, so good.

    Prince Malfoy came to him willingly, chasing the rush a vampire bite was rumoured to give. He didn’t care about the risks. If he died, it would be what he deserved.

    His blood tasted like nothing else. It had the same clear, slightly metallic flavour he remembered water had when he was still alive.

    He could never have enough. He made sure to never fully drain the Prince, because he never wanted to lose this blood. He craved it.

    He could never let the Prince go, either. He kept him in his dark home, dazed by magic, present by Harry’s side forever more.

    Harry traced his aorta with light fingers, almost lovingly. They both shivered as his teeth sank in.

    Drarry Discord Drabble Challenge, October 2021. Word prompt; Shiver. Word count; 200.
    Drarry Discord Drawble Challenge, October 2021. Restriction; Renaissance art.

    Ao3 link.

    #hp#drarry #drarry discord writers corner drabble challenge #drarry discord drabble challenge #drarry discord drawble challenge #vampire!harry #vampire!fic #creature!fic #implied possible kidnapping #mentions of blood
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  • owl-of-fandom
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    written for @drarrymicrofic‘s 6th august prompt: fresh
    I’m finally having the time and energy to catch up with these so please bear with me

    Amortentia to Harry smelled like freshly baked treacle tart, the woody scent of broomstick handle and the lavender and rose shampoo Draco always used.

    Amortentia to Draco smelled like lemons and fresh linens; like parchment and leather of old books and treacle, warm and sticky right off of Harry’s lips.  

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  • itsmorelikebyesexual
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Draco: What should I be for Halloween?

    Harry: My boyfriend.

    Draco: Thanks! I can't think of anything scarier.

    #hogwarts#harry potter #incorrect harry potter quotes #incorrect hogwarts quotes #incorrect quotes #harry james potter #draco x harry #incorrect drarry quotes #drarry #draco lucius malfoy #harry x draco #draco malfoy
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  • moonstruckwytch
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    written for @hp-fearfest day ten: don't let it in | T | No Warnings Apply | thank you to @corvuscrowned for the beta

    His husband was warm in his lap, loose and pliant in sleep in a way he never was awake. He was just slipping asleep himself when he heard it — that familiar, adored voice rousing him immediately. There was only one problem. He hadn’t stirred, and the voice was coming from outside the house. He looked to the window, ice clawing through his veins at what he saw. Cut crystal eyes stared into him, pinning him to the couch. The well-loved tilt of his husband’s mouth opened just too wide, and in perfect mimicry, whatever it was began to speak again.

    cori's fearfest🎃
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  • orange-peony
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Written for @drarrymicrofic with the prompt "lullaby".

    "And what if something happens to you while I'm gone?" Harry asks, fingers trembling as he tries to do the buttons of his Auror uniform.

    "I'll be fine," Draco replies, batting his hands away to slide each golden button into its eyelet.

    "What if I die?" Harry whispers, a shaky breath leaving his mouth, the last word so faint that Draco barely hears it. But it's there, lingering between them, and the more Draco leaves the question unanswered, the more it feels like a possibility.

    What if Harry doesn't come back this time?

    "You won't," Draco says, pressing against Harry, pushing him until his back hits the wall. Their eyes lock, and Draco feels tears prickling at the corner of his eyes. "You will come back to me. Always. You promised."

    Harry's eyelashes are wet and thick when he nods.

    "What if I can't sleep?" he murmurs pitifully, his voice unbearably sad. "And you're not there to sing to me?"

    "I made you this," Draco replies, handing him a small music box that fits in Harry's palm. "For when you can't sleep and you miss me too much."

    "I'll come back," Harry says, kissing his forehead. "I promise."

    "You will."

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  • dramafanforever
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Stake-Out Confessions

    Darry Discord Drabble Challenge October 2021

    prompt: shiver

    word count: 200

    no warnings apply

    You are shivering.


    You are cold.

    I know, Potter. It’s freezing in here.

    I could give you my coat.

    No, thanks. You need it yourself.

    Then let me do another warming-spell.

    No, they’ll notice the magic. Let’s just wait. Can’t be much longer now.



    Your teeth are chattering.

    Oh Merlin. Don’t be stupid.

    I… I just can’t…


    …see you suffer.

    I’m not suffering. I'm just a bit cold. I survived worse.

    I know. I am sorry about that.

    What are you talking about?

    Back then, at Hogwarts. I didn’t realize you were suffering. Not really.

    Oh my god. Harry, that’s a long time ago.

    But I should have done something.

    Potter, you were busy saving the world and I was a dick. Please, shut the fuck up now.



    Things have changed.

    I know they did.

    Do you really? Do you know how much they've changed for me?

    What are you aiming at? I know you appreciate me. You asked Robards to be my Auror partner. I know you care. We’re friends. No need to spell it out.

    But…It’s more than that.

    What do you mean?

    Can I kiss you?


    Now look who's shivering

    #Drarry Discord Drabble Challenge #Drarry Discord Drabble Challenge October 2021 #short fic#hp fandom #harry potter series #love confession#drarry#HP drabble#HP fanfiction
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  • itsmorelikebyesexual
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Draco: Why are you squeezing me with your body?

    Harry: It's a hug, Draco. I'm hugging you.

    #hogwarts #incorrect harry potter quotes #incorrect hogwarts quotes #harry potter#incorrect quotes #harry james potter #draco lucius malfoy #draco x harry #harry x draco #incorrect drarry quotes #drarry#draco malfoy
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  • drarryspecificrecsdaily
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

    1. Another Day in Alazambar by @fw00shy [M, 1k]

    ►In a city where magic melds seamlessly with Muggle electricity and Luna can predict the weather with her tits, Draco loses himself in the "we" of a relationship. Who is he, if he wasn't Harry's boyfriend?

    2. Follow the Yellow Brick Road by @gallifrey1sburning [G, 1k]

    ►Teddy wants to be Dorothy for Halloween this year. Harry can't help but notice that the rest of the groups' assigned costumes seem to reflect the opinions of someone just a tad pettier than his four-year-old godson.

    3. Stay by @withgreatelan [T, 2k]

    ►Harry and Draco are friends with benefits. They wake up accidentally bonded. Draco thought it was just sex. Harry is much more invested.



    1. Slimy, Yet Satisfying by @m0srael [T, 2k]

    ►Harry notices that his husband has developed quite a...unique craving, as of late. ★ All Hallows Challenge 2021 | @hp-fearfest

    2. Snapshots of a Pregnancy by Anonymous [T, 3k]

    ►Draco, star Seeker for Puddlemere United, did not plan on getting pregnant with Harry Potter’s baby in a one-night stand (or, as Harry referred to it the morning after—“a mistake”). But Draco’s pregnancy affects more than just his body and his relationship with Harry, it also touches the people in their lives. These are their perspectives. ★ H/D Remix 2021 | @hd-remix

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  • otpcutie
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Drarry Discord Drabble/Drawble Challenge, October. Prompt: ‘shiver’, renaissance style, 200 word restriction.
    Click for better quality. Do not repost.
    Read below [AO3]:

    Harry stepped forward and just as those before him had, he bowed his head and lowered himself down onto one knee before his Prince.

    Draco’s clothing was made of the most expensive fabric, which was perfectly fitted to his form and revealed tantalising slivers of his skin. When he extended his hand, confident and expectant, there was a smirk on his face as he watched Harry attempt to keep his gaze respectfully low. It wasn’t the first time someone was intimidated by his beauty and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

    He didn’t expect Harry’s bright green eyes to then drag over him, or how they’d sparkle from under his lashes much like the crown Draco was wearing. Time seemed to come to a standstill as Harry curled his calloused, strong fingers around Draco’s soft ones and finally, their gazes met.

    Harry slowly pressed a kiss to the Malfoy signet ring on his finger—green and engraved with a snake—and the Prince’s usual brash demeanour faltered slightly, pink dusting his cheeks. His fate was sealed by a shiver only Harry could feel.

    Later, in the Prince’s chambers, Harry would truly express his devotion and discover how far that blush could travel.

    ♥︎ My masterlist ♥︎

    #drarry #draco x harry #drarry fanart#drarry fic #drarry discord drawble challenge #drarry discord writers corner drabble challenge #otpcutie#otpcutie fics#ao3: otpcutie#otpcutie art#dddc
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