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  • why did snape get a redemption curve? draco and regulus should’ve been given one instead

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  • Harry: Draco have you had any dinner yet

    Draco: *drunk*


    Draco: I had salad

    Draco: a fruit salad

    Draco: which was mostly grapes

    Draco: fermented grapes


    Draco: I had wine for dinner

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  • For @giucorreias Flufftober prompts. Day 1- Touch.

    ‘Bellatrix Lestrange,’ Harry Potter said, voice so toneless and flat that Draco Malfoy shuddered suddenly with the goosebumps that cropped up. He didn’t dare lift his eyes from the ground, though. Not that he could, with the blue-black bruise over his left eye. The entirety of the nearly twenty foot great hall was silent, half of them ashamed at being admonished and the other half, listening with rapt attention to the saviour of the wizarding world.

    'I’m pretty sure,’ Potter went on, 'that with the exception of the first years, a majority of the rest have had first hand experiences with her.’

    A few voices in the back made mumbling noises as though protesting. Potter looked sharply at them.

    'Or wasn’t that your excuse to start physically and verbally abusing the Slytherins?’ Weasley snarled in their direction, hands on his hips.

    More voices rose and Draco swept a quick look around the hall. The students at the four tables were now standing up and starting to talk over each other while those at the fifth table that housed the eighth years were fuming silently. Blaise, Pansy, Millie and Daphne were standing next to him, all of them holding hands like a group of five year olds about to cross a road.

    Draco knew they had brought this upon themselves and the students were, at least slightly justified in their actions. Their attitude wasn’t really shocking. It was Potter’s stance that was surprising everyone. Just like it did four months ago when all three of the Golden Trio testified for Draco and his mother.

    Potter had smiled at him after he had been acquitted, a smile Draco had trouble fathoming even months later. Draco had thought it felt like a truce that day. He didn’t know how to define what was happening now.

    'Since many of you seem to have trouble recalling Bellatrix even though we have on record that she visited our school on the weekends,’ Potter said loudly, quieting the hall once again, 'how about someone who I know is still in your nightmares?’

    Granger whipped her head around to Potter at that, eyes widening in realisation. Draco closed his eyes, grunting in pain and squeezing Blaise’s fingers into paralysis.

    'Fenrir Greyback!’ Potter said and everyone flinched before they were aware of what they gave away.

    'That was who Draco stood against and lied to. A dangerously powerful Legilimens and a frightening werewolf.’

    'He bullied you. He bullied us. They all did!’ A sixth year Hufflepuff screamed.

    'Malfoy was the reason the Death Eaters could enter Hogwarts,’ another chorused.

    'And what makes you think he didn’t suffer like you?’ Granger snapped, turning back to them. 'Would a pensieve memory of Draco shrieking under a Cruciatus be enough or would you like to go back in time and watch it happen yourself?’

    'Draco,’ a soft, lilting voice called that Draco found himself unknowingly turning towards. 'I haven’t ever thanked you for healing my injuries, have I?’

    Luna Lovegood walked down the aisle between the tables to stand before him. 'Thank you,’ she smiled, engulfing him in a hug.

    Draco saw more than heard the gasps that followed. His grip on Blaise’s hand loosened momentarily.

    'If we stood beside each other, how many do you think will mistake us for siblings?’ Lovegood pulled back and went on, either truly oblivious to the bulging eyes or deliberately choosing to ignore them.

    'Quite a lot, I’d say,’ Ginevra Weasley said, coming up behind her and wrapping a hand around her shoulders. She scrunched her face, looking from Lovegood to Draco and back again, nodding as if she found the similarities already.

    'Are none of you hungry?’ Longbottom asked from the eighth year table.

    'We’ll be right there, Neville,’ Ginevra replied, steering Lovegood away. She stopped when she reached Daphne.

    'Oh Daphne,’ she said conversationally, 'did all the first years you helped escape make it?’

    'They did,’ Millie nodded. 'We uh, we diverted the Dea- the Dea- we diverted them elsewhere when they came for us.’

    'That’s what I heard,’ Ginevra nodded back. 'Don’t you like plum cake? That’s our dessert today,’ she continued, looping her other hand around Daphne’s neck, signalling Millie and walking off.

    'You heard her,’ Weasley said, looking at Blaise and Pansy, 'the food’s going to go cold.’ He motioned them both to join him.

    Blaise, Pansy and Draco exchanged looks and started to move when Potter grabbed Draco’s wrist and held him back, his expression inscrutable. Potter stared at him for a long time before he tightened his hold and turned back to face the room.

    'Voldemort,’ he started, uncaring of the wince the name induced in the others, 'causelessly believed that purebloods and Slytherins were better than muggleborns and mobilised an army of like minded people to take over the world. If you were any better than him, you wouldn’t judge someone on the basis of their blood or house affiliation.’

    Draco idly thought Potter had grown into quite the person, drilling silence into others. A wandering part of his brain also wondered if defeating Voldemort gave one such powers.

    'He was your worst enemy!’ A boy from Ravenclaw shrieked.

    'Voldemort was my worst enemy. Draco was only my opponent at school and we’ve made our peace with each other,’ Potter snapped. 'If this is only about him, then why are the other younger year Slytherins also taking a trip to the Infirmary twice a day? Have they bullied you or insulted you? Did you know that none of the Slytherins here killed anyone?’

    'They tortured us.’ This time it was a Gryffindor. 'Last year. You don’t know what it was like. You weren’t here.’

    Potter rolled his eyes. 'Yes, I was pole dancing in France.' 

    Draco couldn’t help the snort but covered it up with a cough just as Potter became serious again. 'You all were threatened to torture each other by the Carrows. Either point your fingers in the right direction or don’t point at all. This alienation of Slytherins and blaming them for everything that happened is no different than Voldemort ostracising muggle borns. No one is asking you to befriend them but this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated further.’

    Potter didn’t wait for their response. He turned to Draco, took his chin in his hand and lifted his wand to Draco’s swollen and bloody face. He locked eyes with Draco once before whispering, 'Episkey.’

    Draco’s injuries healed with a crack and snap as Potter slithered his arm around his shoulders and walked them to the eighth year table. He forced Draco down in between himself and Finnigan and piled his plate with food before pushing it towards him.

    'Eat. You look like you are starving,’ he said, pouring some soup into his own bowl.

    'Thank you,’ Draco whispered, shocked into gratitude and something that felt like affection.

    Potter smiled wider at that and in another absolutely astonishing gesture, knocked their heads together. 'No problem, now eat.’

    Down the table, Ginevra Weasley and Lovegood were in a conversation with Daphne and Millie. On his right, Blaise, Longbottom and Weasley were chatting about the new single from the Weird Sisters. Opposite him, Pansy and Granger were being painfully awkward until finally they both snickered when they reached for steak at the same time. Potter was complaining about his Transfiguration essay to Dean Thomas on his left and Headmistress McGonagall had moved to the podium and announced that she was scrapping the system of house tables from the great hall, informing everyone that they had to mingle or else.

    Deputy Headmaster Flitwick had deducted fifty points each from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and Hagrid and Firenze toasted to Potter. Draco was, however, deaf to it all. He was stuck in that timeless moment when Potter smiled at him.

    He now knew how to define it. Change. That was what this was.

    In the occasional bouts of lucidity he had the past year, when he was not obsessing about the result of the war, Draco had found himself obsessing about the aftermath. The changes that would be brought forth seemed to range from working for the Ministry brewing illegal potions and teaching Dark Arts at Hogwarts if Voldemort won to either grovelling in poverty, famished, desolate and lost or locked up in Azkaban for life if the Light side won. Therefore to Draco, this outcome of the war was unexpected to say the least.

    The touch of change had always carried with it a sensation of dread in the past. But now it appeared to contain an inexplicable elation that whispered of hope. If the post war atmosphere included Lovegood, Granger, Longbottom and the Weasleys backing him and Potter leaning into Draco as he unconsciously ran his fingers through the mess at the nape of Potter’s neck, then change definitely wasn’t something to be feared.

    Since he was completely lost in experiencing the new touch, only Blaise noticed that Draco’s wrist was still in Potter’s grip.

    There will be more fluff in the coming days. This was onlymeant to lay the foundation for it.

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  • I wrote this in like 10 minutes because Pansy and Blaise own my soul.

    here’s the first part with ron, hermione and draco!!


    Harry’s just finishing his shower when he hears the sound of bags being dropped onto benches in the locker room, the sound of closing doors and footsteps. He turns the water off with a sharp flick of his wrist, the world blurry and smeared together with water and his generally atrocious eyesight. With a curse, Harry pats blindly along the small shelves that line the walls of the shower until he finds his glasses, slings his towel around his waist and steps out of the showers.

    “Hey Ron,” he calls idly, as he moves through the long aisles of lockers. “Can you put up a notice that practice is same time tomorrow - “

    He comes to the last aisle and stops dead. His Firebolt had been unceremoniously moved from the bench to resting against the wall - handle first, thank god. He rushes over to check it, make sure that the twigs hadn’t been bent or snapped then -

    “Jesus Christ!” he shouts, finally noticing the two figures sprawled out on the bench. “You’re not Ron.”

    “No fucking surprise,” Pansy remarks - her voice is too cheerful for the evil smirk carved across her face. They’re both decked out as always - all green silk and black satin, gold earrings winking in Blaise’s ears and silver hoops lining Pansy’s.

    Harry gapes at them. “You’re - this is the Gryffindor change room! The men’s change room,” he adds, glaring hard at Pansy. “You can’t be in here! I could have come out without my towel!”

    “Better looking men then you have tried to turn me straight,” Pansy says, as at the same time Blaise mutters, “So this is what Draco sees in his bed every night.”

    “You two are assholes,” Harry flings at them as he squeezes past them to get to his locker. “I swear to god, if you two piss me off I will drop my towel.”

    “Nothing I haven’t seen before,” Blaise says cheerfully. Harry flips him off.

    “You’re horrible. Where’s Ron?”

    Blaise grins. “Ron’s a little busy at the moment. He’s got…other things to do.”

    Lots of things to do,” Pansy smirks.

    Harry ignores her. “Other things…” A horrible thought crosses his mind. “Oh no. Oh-fucking-no. What the fuck did you make him do.”

    We,” Pansy cuts in, her eyebrows raised, “Didn’t make him do anything. This was a unanimous decision amongst the four of us.”

    “An alliance!” Blaise suggests.

    “Four…” Harry burries his head in his hands. “They’re going to kill him.”

    “Maybe,” Pansy says. “But I’d worry about us first.”

    Harry glares at them both, folding his arms across his chest. There’s something else there too, a little bubble of irrational amusement, the knowledge that his friends cared about him enough to threaten his boyfriend.

    “Look, Harry,” Pansy sing-songs, crossing her legs at her ankles. “We really like you. Really, we do.”

    “Nice way of showing it.”

    Blaise laughs. “Are you joking? You should have seen the last guy we didn’t like who tried hitting on Draco!”

    “Probably will never look at a blond again,” Pansy says with satisfaction. “Asshole.”

    Harry rolls his eyes. “Yes, I know. I’ll never hurt him, blah blah blah. You guys knew I wouldn’t do that anyways.”

    Pansy tosses her head back and laughs, shoulders shaking. Blaise smiles too, something crooked and imperfect and nothing like Harry’s ever seen before. “You think we give a shit about that? Draco’s a whiny bastard - we all know it. No, we don’t really care what you do to him.”

    The glint in Blaise’s eye suggested that he very, very much cared about what Harry did to Draco but Harry wasn’t stupid enough to push it. He raised an eyebrow instead. “Then what do you want?”

    Pansy flashes a dazzling smile, her eyes dark and terrifying. “You need to promise us,” she says, and her voice cracks just slightly. “Promise us you won’t leave him.”

    Blaise smiles too. “Unfortunately, Draco isn’t as good of a pretender as we are. He’s given you his heart, Harry. If you break it…”

    Pansy holds his gaze. “Do I really need to tell you? What we will do to you?”

    Harry rolls his shoulders back. Pansy and Blaise look deadly serious, in a way they do rarely did. “No,” he says. “I love him.”

    “We know that,” Blaise says dismissively. “Bloody perfect savior.”

    “Jackass,” Pansy adds, and then they both laugh. She folds her legs up on the bench, her back perfectly straight. “Of course, you both could go and break each other’s hearts. That would be beneficial to both parties - Draco without his ears and you without your spine. Might even get some peace and quiet for once.”

    “I defeated Voldemort! I created peace!” Harry protests.

    “Please,” Blaise mutters. “I’ve heard you and Draco. You two are hardly peaceful.”

    Harry glares. “Well, I’ve heard whoever the fuck you’re doing right now, and you’re hardly peaceful either Zabini.”

    “Why are you listening to me fucking people?” Blaise responds coolly.

    “Because you’re hardly quieter than I am - “

    Pansy says, “Maybe you four should become swingers.”

    Blaise and Harry give her identical looks of disgust.

    “As if I’d swap with him,” Blaise scoffs, as Harry spits, “I’d rather fuck the giant squid.”

    “Semantics,” Pansy says dismissively. She gets to her feet, one hand ruffling through her hair. “Well, pleasant talk as always, Potter. Do keep it down at night.”

    The sound of Harry’s furious noise echoes around the change room long after they’re both gone.

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  • [Harry, Ron, and Hermione sitting on a bench]

    Draco: …why do you guys look so sad?

    Harry: come sit down, we’ll tell you

    Draco: …ok? *sits down*

    Harry: the bench’s freshly painted.


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  • I’m looking for a fic where Draco is addicted to felix. I read it on a03 but I can’t find it in my bookmarks, so it was removed or I forgot to bookmark it.

    If you could help me track it down I would greatly appreciate it.

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  • i’m writing i’m writing i’m writing i’m writing !!!!!!

    #bee babbles#writing #i’m so excited #getting started is the hardest part but when i figure out the intro the rest comes easier #drarry#draco#draco malfoy#harry#harry potter#writeblr#fanfic#fanfiction #hehe i’m so excited
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  • image

    Day 14 from sextember: fetish

    cause this is too sexy to pass up, maybe i’ll do more like this, a sexy cute boy with a casual cigarette.

    Bonus :

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  • Let’s be real: if you run a multi-fandom blog, you don’t have a nice mix of content. You reblog 65 posts for one ship, and then 40 of another, then go back to the first, &c, &c. based entirely on either your mood, or the fact that you saw some adorable fanart and are now obsessively searching for more so you can continue to get those nice hits of serotonin. 

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  • *on a date*

    Draco: so what was your childhood like?

    Harry: oh you mean my tragic backstory?

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  • After the war Draco gets  home confinement for a year. Being at home almost alone gives him time to thing about things he suppressed before and figuring out certain feelings

    #mad1492#draco#drarry#Harry Potter#Draco Malfoy #harry potter post war #harry potter fanart
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  • Drarry lives in my head rent free

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  • Blood Daffodils.

    Hello!! So here it is! I hope you like it, we are so near to the battle that I’m internally screaming. Please let me know what you thought!! 💕💕 I love to read your comments, they always make my day a little bit better 😊✨ Ps. I’ve checked but sorry if you find any errors in this one

    Chapter 18: Safe house.

    He slowly opened his eyes, very aware of the fact that he was alone in Harry’s bed… The memories of the night before flashed through his mind and he couldn’t help but to smile as he turned and buried his nose in the pillow, enjoying the smell of Potter’s cologne. Where was he?

    Draco got off the bed and grabbed the night-robe that was on the chair right beside him.

    Everything seemed pretty quiet, if Harry had woken up early, normally, he could hear him preparing breakfast downstairs, just because he was bored. But no, nothing.

    He started to climb down the stairs, and, with every step he took, Draco was feeling more and more nervous. The flowers weren’t hurting him because they were still too happy from last night, but they were alert and that wasn’t a good thing. When the blond boy opened the door of the kitchen, and didn’t find any sign of Potter, he turned around and ran upstairs.

    He opened the door of his bedroom, quietly, just in case that Ron was actually still sleeping and he was just being a paranoid arsehole, jumping to conclusions. The room was desolated, Weasley’s backpack wasn’t on the corner were it always was, and when Draco opened their wardrobe he was not shocked to find that most of his friend’s clothes were gone.

    “No no no no no no no.” He mumbled repeatedly as he crossed the hallway to open Granger’s room without knocking.

    Clean. Perfectly well made bed, the muggle photographs that she had in her nightstand weren’t there and, just like Ron, most of her clothes weren’t there either.

    Gryffindor back-stabbing traitors. No, he wasn’t going to allow this.

    He walked to his room again, the house still in silence, and took the map from under his bed. If they were at Grimmauld again he was going to kill them.

    And he tried the spell.

    And he tried it again.

    And again

    And again.

    And again.

    The blood wasn’t moving. It attempted to, it circled but it settled right in the same spot still.

    ‘Why isn’t it working?’

    The flowers were scratching him now, like the drugged haze had finally faded away, and it made him very aware that something was definitely wrong. Like the kind of wrong that he couldn’t fix.

    He tried the spell again and the blood still marked the same spot. ‘But they aren’t here, are they?’

    “Oh no, weasel. Tell me you didn’t.” Draco pleaded as he reached over to the little drawer in the redhead’s nightstand. The place where he kept the pictures of his family and the little rock that Granger had found in the garden one day, claiming that it had a shape of a heart before leaving it on the grass again, the one that Ron secretly put in his pocket afterwards. Everything that was important to him was kept in that drawer… Now it was empty, except for one thing.

    The coughing fit started as soon as he saw it. Fucking weasel, bloody excuse of a best friend, lying to his fucking face, leaving the necklace and leaving him here. The tears started to course down his cheeks, his lungs were burning worst than ever.

    He saw a little note taped, almost hidden in the back of the drawer. Desperately, he reached over to take it in his hands. Maybe it was an address, maybe he had tricked the other two stupid parts of the Golden Trio.

    He felt like his heart was shattering in a million pieces.

    I’m sorry, Ferret. It wasn’t my call.

    He let out a cry of pain as he felt the flowers tearing him up inside. His throat was raw from the screaming as he just kept on coughing and crying. Petal after petal, the pain didn’t stop. Not even a bit, nothing.

    The daffodils kept on screaming at him, making things worse, they always made everything fucking worse.


    And if that thought alone wasn’t enough for Draco to choke, it was replaced by something much more painful: the truth.


    Suffocation. Unstoppable suffocation.

    He heard someone running down the hallway, the door being slammed open.


    But Mr. Potter was cut short by Draco coughing even louder, wheezing as the little air entered to be expelled from his lungs as soon as possible. The raw pain in the middle of the chest was something that he felt kind of familiar with… But not quite like this. Never like this.

    “HARRY!!” James cried for help and that only made things worse. Because Potter was not coming. Potter had actually abandoned him and left with his true friends. Potter had finally come to terms with him being a fucking liability on the battle field. The same boy that the night before had kissed him before whispering that Draco was perfect.

    The unbearable need to expulse the Daffodil took over. He started to force his own coughs, it was like he was finally controlling some of this awful feeling. It sounded horrible, though.

    “CAN SOMEONE IN THIS HOUSE COME HERE?? Kid, you are going to be fine, I swear-“

    “Harry isn’t here.” Sirius worried voice echoed in the room. He coughed even harder. “Oh, Circe. James! Harry isn’t here” He repeated as he threw himself to the floor and started to hug Draco tightly.

    “Little cousin. Listen to me.” His voice was interrupted by the first entire Daffodil coming out from his mouth, all covered in scarlet blood. Yes, the first one, because the chest crushing pain wasn’t going away, which meant that there were more coming. “Oh for Merlin. THAT’S AN ENTIRE DAFFODIL JAMES!-“

    “Sirius, you are not helping.”

    “Oh, really?” And Draco felt his cousin taking his face in his hands, forcing him to look up, even though the has still coughing and the drops of blood were staining his hands. “Draco: Harry is in love with you. Do you hear me? He’s been in love with you for a long time, he said so. James, tell him.”

    “Yes, kid… He would kill us for telling you, but he is.”

    And Draco forced himself to cough the second daffodil, all disgustingly red and burning its way up his throat. And once the fucking flower was out, he raised his eyes and hissed.

    “Don’t fucking lie to me.” He cleaned his mouth with the back of his hand, still crying. “He left me here! I’m going to strangle him.”

    And, suddenly, with Draco coughing a little more softly, no longer in immediate danger, James and Sirius were slapped in the face with the situation.

    Harry had ran away. He left. He took Granger and Weasley with him. Draco felt like the tears in their eyes were even more heart breaking than what Potter did to him.


    “Pack you bags. We are leaving, kid.”

    Draco frowned as he lifted his eyes from his book.


    “We are going to a safe house. The wards are too weak because you are sick and Sirius level of anxiety keeps his magic out of control. I can’t keep them up for much longer. We are leaving.”

    His voice sounded so determined, there was no place for Draco’s opinion there. None. And they couldn’t leave.

    “They are not back yet!” He said and that made the daffodils hurt him because it was like he kept reminding them that Potter was not here. He coughed a few times before speaking again. “ Your son isn’t back yet.”

    “I am fully aware. Pack your bags.”


    And the door of his bedroom was opened again, this time Sirius entering the room. It was kind of weird because he could feel him… his magic. Normally he felt everyone’s magic, but in this case? It was like something that burned him, that made him nervous. Mr. Potter said that the more you live with it, the less you feel it.

    “Is everything alright?”

    “No. It’s not! “ Draco told his cousin, his voice was desperate, trying to find some kind of support. “I’m not going anywhere. They said not to send anything, if we leave then they are not going to be able to find us.”

    Mr. Potter was looking at him, Draco could see the purple circles around his brown eyes, the bags under them, and he could notice that he was tired beyong measure… But they couldn’t leave. He loved Sirius and James with his entire heart but if this was a choice between them and Potter… It was always going to be Potter. Even if the arsehole left him to rot in this house and had no intention whatsoever in coming back. Even then.

    Sirius walked passing by Mr. Potter, and he touched his arm in a very gentle way as he did. He continued walking until he was beside Draco’s bed. He sighed and then spoke, his voice cracking in the middle.

    “Little cousin, if they want to find us they can. I know that, James knows that and <cite>you </cite> defenitely know that. We can’t send a Patronus, but they can, they just are choosing not to." 

    Yeah, that or they actually were in danger, hurt, kidnap or worse… But neither Draco or them had intentions of bringing that up. The flowers were already constant reminder of how worried he was and how unwanted he felt. So fucking lonely and angry… and still, here he was, trying to convince them to stay, hoping to hear the crack of apparation and Potter’s voice again.

    “Can’t we wait another day…? Please.” Draco begged Sirius with the puppy eyes that usually worked on him. Out of the two of them, Sirius was the most permissive and soft. James was much more ‘If you live under my roof you are going to follow my rules’ but given that he looked like a twenty-two year old… well, it looked rather comical for him to be setting rules and shit. But he still did, like right now.

    “Jamie, could you leave us alone for a minute?” He asked kindly, looking at the man behind him.

    “No, Padfoot. You are going to cave! I can see it in those stupidly gorgeous eyes of yours.”

    But Sirius just held his gaze, the corner of his lips moving sightly upwards, and Mr. Potter huffed before excusing himself out of the room.

    It was rather cute, how utterly whipped James was. He always thought that it would be Sirius, the one who gave him all… But after living with them for so much time he realized that if his cousin asked for something, then Mr. Potter would just do it. He enjoyed spoiling Sirius. Draco saw himself in Mr. Potter sometimes, doing things just to make Harry happy.

    ‘Look how that turned out.’

    He couldn’t help to cough a little and Sirius turned to look at him again, this time something that resembled pity appeared in his eyes. Draco hated pity.

    “We really have to leave. Someone offered us a safe place and we have to take it-“

    “Who?” Draco asked as he played with the pages of his book, just to occupy his hands in something other than this horrible conversation, in something other than the constant taste of blood in his mouth.

    “Remus.” Sirius answered.

    Draco raised his eyebrows and looked up, surprised. They hadn’t seen Remus and Nymphadora since the wedding… Sirius and James had told him that Dora was expecting almost a month after the six of them started to be locked up in the mansion. Apparently she was a couple of months into the pregnancy the last time they had seen them. Harry was desperate to see Remus and Dora, to know that they were okay… and now he wasn’t even here.

    Edward Remus Lupin had been born on the beginning of March and Draco craved to meet him, he just wished that it would have been in other circumstances.

    “Sirius… Just one day. Is the only thing I’m asking… Give them one more day and if they are not back yet then I go without saying anything.” His cousin sighed, tired.

    “I’ll see what I can do-“

    “Yes! Thank you!” And Draco pulled him into a bone crushing hug. Sirius chuckled a little as he hugged him back.

    “You are not the only one who is hurting you know…” He said and made Draco’s heart ache. “ This isn’t easy for him, he is trying to keep us alive because he cares, because he loves us too.” There was a pause, he felt like it lasted forever. “Do you think that he doesn’t want to go after him? He already missed so much of Harry’s life and now-“

    “I know.” Draco whispered with his voice cracking. “I just- I wished they hadn’t left.”

    Draco hated to talk about this because Sirius would <cite>always</cite> reply the same way. This time was no different.

    “He is too in love with you, it clouds his judgement.”

    And, as always, Draco started to cough, staining his cousin’s shirt with the drops of blood. Sirius stopped talking after that.


    Mr. Potter had to sided apparated both of them. The poor man was getting exhausted and it showed on his face. Draco and Sirius were in no state to apparate by themselves, there was no other choice.

    They apparated in the middle of nowhere. At least, that’s what Draco thought because there was literally nothing except from trees around them.

    “Well, this brings me back.” Sirius said as he grabbed the luggage. Draco couldn’t even carry his own because just walking was exhausting. He felt so bloody weak.

    Mr. Potter offered him his arm as support, saying that the house wasn’t far away but maybe it would be too much for Draco to walk alone.

    The flowers were constantly cutting him. He became used to the disgusting metallic taste in his mouth mixed with the flowery taste. And the lungs, Merlin. Breathing was so fucking difficult, it was a chore, a job, he had to do it and force himself to keep on doing it because otherwise he would die… But it was so painful, so fucking painful. Like, right then, Draco could feel the breeze caressing his face, he could smell the scent of the forest, but when he tried to take a deep breath it would just end in coughing. The flowers missed Potter and Draco felt the same way, he couldn’t even argue with them about it.

    It seemed invisible at first, the wards were so perfectly maintained that you couldn’t even imagine were the cabin even was. Mr. Potter and Sirius clearly knew the path by heart, as to how… it was a mystery to Draco. The trees all looked the same to him.

    “Where are we?”

    “Cheshire, in the Delamere forest.” James answered with a kind voice. “We used to come here all the time on summers.”

    Draco looked around, it was very pretty although for him it was like being in the middle of nowhere. It looked like all was orange and green with the right light. It was almost noon, the sun rays passed through the treetops and formed a halo over some them. It looked rather beautiful… If Draco weren’t feeling like a walking corpse he would probably take a walk around.

    Then, just behind a rather large beech, a small wooden cabin appeared into view. Remus and Nymphadora had adjusted the wards for them so they could get in easily. Still, once they were inside of the wards they found Remus standing in front of the house pointing at them with his wand.

    “When did you figured out my secret? What did you tell me when you did?” His voice was controlled and steady. Mr. Potter was the one who answered first.

    “Second year, after Halloween. I told you that you were the least scary person I knew, that my mom still had the first place when she was angry.”

    Then Remus turned to Sirius, asking him what was the thing that scared him the most, the one thing that he confessed to him at Grimmauld.

    “You told me that you were scare of being alone again. After I escaped, you were staying at Grimmauld’s in the guest room with the pink lamp that I hate, we were kind of drunk and you told me that you never wanted to be alone again.”

    And finally he turned to Draco. It was rather comical because he was so stressed out and tired and he missed Potter so much that he coughed a few petals right there.

    “Hello, Draco.” Remus said with a smile. “I heard that you didn’t want to come at all.”

    The blond boy sighed and pushed Mr. Potter to move forward and enter the house already. He wasn’t in the bloody mood.

    Remus yelled, telling Nymphadora that it was safe to come out, and suddenly, Draco was in front of a one-month-old baby. His cousin was there too, helding the little thing, but he couldn’t take his eyes away from Edward.

    He was so so little, his hair was light blue, almost turquoise, it was one of the proofs of his metamorphmagus powers. His eyes were dark, but most babies didn’t show their true eye color until they were three months old…

    He let go of James’ arm and began to walk towards little Edward.

    He could hear everyone talking around him, the marauders greeting each other, even Dora joking about the fact that Draco hadn’t said hi to any of them but here he was, enchanted by little Teddy.

    Once he was finally in front of him, he said a little quiet ‘Hi’ to Nymphadora and then continued to fix his eyes on the baby.

    “Hi, I’m your cousin… I don’t have cool hair like you but we are related.”

    Edward blinked, it seemed like he almost understood what Draco had said because his eyes were trying hard to focus in his blond hair. He extended one of his chubby hands towards it with difficulty and Draco bowed his head to let this cute baby touch his hair.

    He was too little, he didn’t have a strong grip, he was kind of messing up Draco’s hair and trying to pull it but failing in the process and ending up running his fingers through it instead.

    “Teddy seems to like you, little cousin.” Nymphadora said with amusement, he was about to respond when he heard Sirius.

    “Hey! Don’t call him that, he is my little cousin, find your own.” He could hear Mr. Potter’s laughter and when he moved away from Edward’s to see them, they were already hugging.

    “Ignore him, Tonks! He is just afraid that the kid might like you better-“

    “I am not!” Sirius exclaimed.

    Nymphadora chuckled before responding.

    “He is my little cousin too, stupid! And now, just because you said that, I’m going to call him that all the time.” Sirius gasped and Draco couldn’t help but to laugh. Then, Dora turned around and gestured for them to enter already. “I’m preparing lunch. Honey, would you showed them their bedroom?” And Remus nodded, of course.

    Draco made an effort to take a few steps towards Sirius to pull him into a hug, stealing him from Mr. Potter’s arms.

    “Don’t worry, you’re still my favorite.” He said in a low voice and even though Sirius’ eyes shone with happiness, he just flipped his hair and shrugged.

    “Of course I am. It isn’t even a competition because if it were: I would totally win.”

    Draco laughed again and tightened his arms around his cousin, walking towards the little cabin. He thought that Potter would love to be here… and the flowers started to scratch him again.


    And he kind of agreed with them a little.


    At night, Draco laid in the pull out couch in the middle of the living room. The house was quiet and the only sound he could hear was the wind going through the trees, making them move and the animals that chose the night to walk around the forest. That was all he could hear and it was beautiful. The flowers were moving restlessly inside of him. Of course sleeping wasn’t an option, these days he could barely get three hour of uninterrupted sleep, they wouldn’t let him get more than that. He sometimes felt like they were being ungrateful with Sirius and Mr. Potter… But given the fact that the daffodils were actually Draco, maybe he was the one who was being an ungrateful brat and couldn’t admit it.

    Draco missed Potter. He actually missed Harry and felt like calling him by his first name did not express how mad he was, or how sad, or even how much he wanted him. ‘Potter’ was a name that came with so much history, such long years of pining that seemed to never end. Everytime he had let himself think that it was possible, that maybe something  was starting to finally come together… Every single hope he had would get crushed. He hated it, he was tired of it.

    But he missed him. He missed him so much that his entires body craved and ached for him. So much that the flowers sometimes would get tired of hurting him, after so much hours doing the same bloody thing…

    And he wanted to tell him, he wanted to tell him everything. About the cabin, about Edward, about Remus and Nymphadora. He wanted to tell him about James and how much of an angel he was, that he left this cabin in his will for Remus, that he had to actually fight with him to take it after all this years… He wanted to tell him everything and he couldn’t because he was not there.

    No talks after midnight, no stolen kisses in the middle of the day, no listening to Queen while Potter run his fingers through his hair, and no-

    He cursed under his breath at the feelin of the flowers cutting him open, coughing wildly. No more nights like the one in the attic.

    He moved the covers, freeing himself from them and cursed because of the pain and effort that took standing up by himself. He walked very slowly to the wooden round table in the kitchen and grabbed one of the quills and come parchment that Remus had left there before going to bed. He sat down on the chair, making it creak, look at the blanc parchment and took a deep breath. It wasn’t the same, but it was something. He missed Potter, he missed him and if he didn’t do something about it soon the flowers were going to kill him.

    Dear Harry:

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  • yall i used to be able to write multiple chapters of a fic in one day,,, now every time i go to write my brain is like “hnnghh,,,,,words……hard.” wtf happened to me????

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  • Harry: Draco what happened to my glasses?

    Draco: Oh no, did they go missing?

    Harry: I know you took them

    Draco: You must have misplaced them or something. Oh well! I guess we’ll have to go get new ones now!

    Harry: Just give them back Draco!

    Draco: No! You have terrible taste and always choose the flimsiest pair they have. This time I’m coming and picking out a couple.

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  • Title: To know the pain of too much tenderness

    Author: Cibee (Cibeeeee)

    Summary: Harry is in love with Draco, and Draco sometimes goes on dates with other people, but it’s not like Harry could be bothered by it when he never told Draco about his feeling, right? Right. So Harry isn’t that bothered by Draco’s dates, what bothers him is when one of those dates knocks Draco up and doesn’t want the baby.

    Length: 6,311 words

    Rating:Teen and up

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