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    The dream took place in the street where my extended family (father’s side) lives. It was night, the streetlamps were all out and I’m all alone. However, I don’t mind this, because when my eyes took hold of the sky, I was breathless. I also felt fulfilled. There were shooting stars. Bright specks against the dark ink of the sky. With the air passing by, I wished to never wake up from this night again.

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  • I just had the thought of what if Sapnap and George was in on Dream’s attempts to protect them. That they’re just playing a part of being hurt and disgusted by Dream, distancing themselves from him because he asked them to.

    I know it’s probably not the case, but I made myself sad and so I’m throwing this out here

    @tsukana uwu


    “I’d do anything for you guys, you know that right?”

    The moment they hear those words, within the cover of night, where it’s just them to watch the moon as it hangs right above them while the world sleeps, they freeze. Dream’s loyalty is a given. Always unwavering. Ever present. Unquestionable. They never had a doubt about it.

    “Of course,” Sapnap immediately replies, always ready to have his back. To be his sword, his fire. The guard covering his rear, even if Dream never needed it.

    “What’s wrong, Dream?” George had a bad feeling, staring at him, trying to parse his best friend out through the heavy veil that he had nowadays with all the wars and political intrigue that’s saturated through their world. Their server.

    “I just…I was thinking. With how everything is going, it’s too dangerous for you to be associated with me. And I can’t bear it if you guys kept getting hurt on my watch. I know it’s selfish of me, but I love you both too much to let this keep happening.”

    “What are you trying to say, Dream?” George asks, a hand on Dream’s arm.


    “I need you two to turn against me. If you distance yourselves from me, you’ll be safe. No more assassinations. No more targets on your backs. You guys will be safe, and you can build and live without being afraid that anyone will put a sword through your back.”

    “Dream, I can’t believe I’m hearing this–”

    “No way! What about you then?”

    “You know I can handle myself, Sapnap.”

    “Dream, that’s not what I’m worried about–”

    “Dream, you’ll be alone.”

    George never meant to sound so small, but the idea of stepping away from him. Even if it was temporary. Even if it was all just for show…it felt so wrong. It was always the three of them, always.

    Dream gave a shaky laugh, breathless as his own heart was breaking. A sense of vulnerability he never showed to anyone else but them as he removes his mask, and gives them a smile.

    “I know. But if it means you two are safe…then I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Just trust me. It’ll just be for a little bit. Until everything goes back to the way it was. Before all the wars. Before this.”

    “Don’t we get to have a say in all this?” Sapnap asks, but he recognizes the look in Dream’s eyes. The sort of netherite strong resolve that they’ve seen time and time again. It’s always been a comfort when they were fighting together, a grave warning when they’re at opposite sides. “Dream, you can’t just ask us to just ABANDON you. We always have each other’s backs…”

    “You can’t just decide this for us,” George nods, pushing his hand away and gripping Dream’s shoulder and shaking him a little. “What’ll you do?! It’ll just be you against everyone else in the server–!”

    “It’s fine,” Dream rests his hands on top of his. “Techno’s out to the north, and I can take on everyone else. You know I can.”

    “That’s not–!”


    “Look, you guys can deny it as much as you want, but the facts are clear. As long as you two are with me, you’ll always be in danger. And…and I can’t have that. I can’t lose you two. Just please…it’ll be easier for me if I didn’t have to worry about you as well. That way if things go wrong, then the only one that’ll get hurt will be me.”

    “This is a terrible idea, Dream.”

    “ I know…but it’s the best way I can protect you.”

    “There must be another way…” Sapnap begs, gripping Dream’s arm, and squeezing it tight. “There must be.”

    “I’ve looked at all the possible scenarios,” Dream says with a rueful turn on his lips. He pulls them to him, holding them tight, clinging to them. Making them realize for the first time that their friend was shaking, like he was splitting at the seams himself. Barely holding himself together. But he had to. For them. The ones that meant most to him in this world. “But this is the only one that’ll make sure you’ll be out of harm’s way.”

    And…there was nothing to say to that. They knew their Dream too well. They know how stubborn he was, how much he’d fight for something to the bitter end. And they knew him, as much as they knew themselves. Parts of a whole. Dream, George, and Sapnap.

    “It’s going to be worth it in the end. I promise. We’ll have our world back.”

    They just clung to him tighter. Not voicing the one thing on their minds. The world can burn for all they care.

    The only thing they wanted was to have their friend by their side.

    #dream smp#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#sapnap#dream#mcyt#luna writes #wow i havent posted something i've written in a while and it turned out to be thisss #this was mostly for the angst and i made myself sad #look the loyalty was right there so-- #here you go
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  • i think it’s the fact that both tommy and tubbo are in the right that makes the exile day events even more angsty

    like tommy didn’t really do anything wrong. the house was fixed quick and george didn’t really care once it was, dream just used that as an excuse to get back at tommy. tommy’s basically harmless prank isn’t worthy of exile, even with his former position as vp, but because of dream he was exiled and now he’s alone in the middle of nowhere

    and tubbo is doing what is best for lmanburg, which is his job as the president. he can’t put his friend before the nation he swore to protect, and tommys presence means the walls stay up and the nation is harmed, so exiling makes the most logical sense. going to war against dream would be horrible for the country, especially considering the fact that tubbo, and tommy, are on their last lives, and tubbo just wants peace for new lmaburg

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  • An unexpected trip to Bukhansan (북한산) on my first day moving to the guesthouse for which I worked back in 2018 ^^

    It was a short visit, because actually the main purpose of the visit was having dinner at the foot of the mountain on a open space. It was my first time having Samgyetang (삼계탕) and Makgeolli (막걸리) and it was even more special because we were literally devouring all the food surrounded by nature, I defenetly enjoyed that welcoming-dinner with all my six senses!

    Regretting not taking pictures during the dinner, but I was new and trying to shake off my shyness of my shoulder ^^

    We had time for a short visit to a temple and it was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eye off from it! It was Lovely!

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  • I dreamed about new DLC that teased character lore through descriptions of additional items, and there was a book about how Micolash was an aspiring surgeon whose fall from grace made him into the sadistic necromancer we all know and love.

    I mean, the Healing Church was full of doctors, so it’s always made sense to me that a good deal of Byrgenwerth alumni also studied medicine.

    #surgeon's log#bloodborne #micolash host of the nightmare #dream#headcanon #he's like mirror mccoy but more evil #I dream about him a lot but I don't usually post about it since it's personal #Only Dia knows everything
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  • Fucking George is out here, being too fucking sexy to join the call or something.


    #he honestly is fucking sexi #dream#dream smp#quackity #quackity dream smp #georgenotfound#mcyt #the dream smp #fundy#wilbur soot#tommyinnit#minecraft#minecraft youtube#youtubers#l’manburg #the election of l’manburg
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  • I just remembered Fundy, George and Dream make a video together

    I will watch that video until I die

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  • Tubbo was right.

    Now, I don’t believe the exact way he handled things was right, but his ultimate decision was. Exiling Tommy was the only option that would benefit L’manberg whether you want to admit it or not.

    Tommy has no respect for Tubbo as a president. Tubbo told Tommy before the meeting “don’t say too much, be respectful” and Tommy constantly yelled over him, “I’m me. I won’t.”

    And although it was kinda funny, it really set the perspective for me. No matter what Tubbo wants, no matter what Tubbo orders, Tommy will not listen. Why? Well, because as Tommy once said, he’s always right.

    No matter how much logic and facts you present to Tommy, he will always stay within his beliefs or mindset. He’s so close minded to his own motives and morals that he just doesn’t see what’s right in front of him.

    He wanted to go to war with Dream because Dream had too much power over land he doesn’t control. Which I completely agree on, but logically speaking, that’s a terrible plan. Dream made Tubbo exile his best friend because he knew exactly where to hit- the walls.

    Dream always has the upper hand. If they went to war with him again, he’d find a way to bring out a surprise. Just like he did with Eret’s betrayal and just like he did with Wilbur and Techno’s. Going to war with someone who simply outsmarts them ever single time is incredibly dumb.

    Tubbo is always seen as Tommy’s best friend. And Tubbo knows this. He knows no one will fully respect and look to him when Tommy is still there. Exiling Tommy was not only the best for the nation, but for Tubbo’s presidency as well.

    It breaks my heart to see two best friends separated, but with how Tommy has been acting, it was only inevitable.

    #dream smp #rant? #tubbo#tommy#lmanberg#dream#AHHHH#kinda bad #but i’m tired of seeing people defend tommy #and call tubbo a villain #because tubbo isn’t a villain #he’s doing what’s right #i honestly can’t see tubbo as a villain figure #at least not in this situation
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  • im so sorry I went of a massive DreamSMP reblogging spree but also anyone wanna dm me about it so I can yell ab how much I love block men to someone who Understands Me

    #dreamsmp #im literally just vibrating eith excitement over this #like bro#dream#georgenotfound#sapnap#dream team #sleepy boys inc #wilbur soot#techno#tommy#tubbox#daddza #i will cry if someone actually dms me vtw #bc i really wanna talk about the lore with someone but none of my irl friends fuck with minecraft #like bro please just get as emotionally invested into this as much as i have
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  • “그림자도 빛이 있어야 존재” this is my life motto. It means that even a shadow needs light to exist. Which tells already a lot about myself ^^

    It’s gonna be about a random amateur posting some self made shoots and maybe telling some story behind them. I want to find the freedom to share and express everything about me :)

    Hope you can check it out if you don’t mind, or if you could just give me a hand by sharing, that would be great!


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