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  • flowerbutton
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    idk how to condense all of this in my head so you’re just gonna have to deal with a Long Post. sorry about that

    so i have a lot of thoughts about c!sapnap today, about physical power especially

    the dream smp narrative has been really heavy-handed in showing that physical power isn’t really great. it’s done this with characters i call ‘power-kegs’, who are c!s with extensive pvp skills or physical attacking skills that contribute extensively to their character. examples include: c!dream, c!techno, c!phil, c!punz, etc.

    almost every single ‘villain’ in the damp has used physical power in a negative way at some point, hence the association that it isn’t great. c!dream’s entire character is built around others being too weak physically to challenge him, and it needing an entire server to come to his victims’ aid in order to challenge him. c!techno and, by proxy, c!phil have the clear example of doomsday as to why they are unchallenged in their physical strength - c!tubbo developed nukes out of fear of them. c!schlatt’s manberg army was the big bad in the pogtopia vs manberg war, and c!wilbur used violent means to destroy his symphony. the last two are less ‘power-keg’ to me, though they could debatably fall under it, so i included them.

    another person i include is c!sapnap. throughout season 1, c!sapnap was a ‘villain’: he instigated the disc war; he was on c!dream’s side in the revolution; he killed c!tubbo in the control room; he was on c!schlatt’s side in the manberg vs pogtopia war; and he killed everyone’s pets on the server. he did most of these without serious repercussions, and his violence, his physical power, was used primarily to steal and kill and hurt.

    and then season 2 rolls around and he gets engaged, and we see c!sapnap do something unique - we see him use his status as a power-keg for something other than revenge (c!techno, c!dream (debatably)) or cruelty (c!dream) or pain (c!dream). during the el rapids revolution / independence arc, c!sapnap uses his physical strength to fight for independence. he uses his status as a power-keg to fight against an injustice - he believes c!george should be on the throne, and el rapids should be independent. this is the first instance of a power-keg fighting, properly fighting, for love and not being vilified by the narrative for it. there is no clear good-guy / bad-guy in the el rapids conflict (other than c!dream, who was not a good-guy at all) and that’s something neat - c!sapnap can be both right and wrong, but what is important to highlight is what he’s using his physical strength for: love of others. he clearly cares about what happens to c!george, to his fiances, to el rapids, whereas there is an interpretation to be had that season 1 c!sapnap wasn’t fighting because he believed in c!schlatt or a unified smp lands - but because he was asked to by c!dream, who he loves. however, when he disagrees with c!dream, c!sapnap is not afraid to show him, which really shows how incredible his character is as season 2 continues.

    when c!sapnap’s emotional arc comes into play, when he has his discussion with c!tommy, when we see him ask about c!dream, we very clearly see a man who loves. for the most part, all of c!sapnap’s fights have been for love - of c!dream, of his country, of his friends, of his fiances. c!sapnap’s strength is physical but it carries through it the emotional weight of his love - so when he hears that c!dream doesn’t love him, when c!dream has turned his back on him, it is little surprise that c!sapnap joins new l’manberg on doomsday or that he walks into c!dream’s vault with everyone. c!sapnap fights for love, but he’s also fighting for what he loves, and in this instance, he disagrees with c!dream. he disagrees with who c!dream has become, what has happened on the server, and so he stands with new l’manberg.

    and this is a huge power shift. it’s enormous. because before that, new l’manberg had no power-kegs on their side. their entire country, their home, up against three power-kegs. and then in comes c!sapnap, and he loses - new l’manberg falls. but c!sapnap fought c!techno and made him retreat. he saw a group of people who were fighting out of love, not revenge, not anger, not control, and he fought with them. a week or so later, he did the same thing by walking into that vault.

    he’s just done the same thing by backing c!tommy in c!tommy’s stream today. c!tommy is constantly being told that he’s stronger than he thinks, and that’s great - but c!dream is physically stronger. c!dream is a power-keg and c!phil has explicitly said he will only step in if c!tommy needs him: he won’t help otherwise

    c!phil has never been in a position where his strength is matched to the point of terror, where he has faced a power-keg stronger than him and come out worst - even with the butcher army, it took four people to hold him down and he still left his house to watch the events of c!techno’s arrest occur. nothing c!phil has been through is even comparable to what c!tommy is going through, because c!phil has never been that underdog, never been a victim of a power-keg - he only ever thinks he was.

    compare that with c!sapnap, who has been rejected by c!dream, who has lost two bloody fights with him (el rapids was given its independence through negotiations, not violence; new l’manberg still fell), who is fighting c!dream currently for the protection of kinoko, who has seen what c!techno and c!phil and c!dream can do when they are angry. compare c!phil to c!sapnap, who is on the defensive now, who has never won physically against c!dream canonically, who is a power-keg but not stronger than c!dream - and who says to c!tommy, “i am on your side.” he comes up with a plan, with the certainty to kill c!dream. he extends support to c!tommy in a way that not only shows understanding but that embodies his strength, that shows c!tommy what he, what c!sapnap, can bring to the table. c!sapnap has only ever fought losing battles, but he's shown to c!tommy something no other power-keg has - that he is willing to keep fighting for him.

    for the first time in a long time, a power-keg has brought hope to those who can’t hope to fight against the ‘villains’, and the narrative frames both c!sapnap and the physical power itself as good for this.

    this framing shifts everything he know about the dream smp and power. we're now clearly given space to see that physical strength is not bad - c!tommy is not wrong for wanting to kill his abuser, c!tubbo is not wrong for wanting the nukes, c!quackity is not wrong to want the strength of a nation to defend himself from his own power-keg troubles. physical strength, being a powerful person physically, is now no longer framed entirely as something negative - what is being framed as bad is using that power to subjugate and dehumanise, to abuse and to hurt those who are physically weaker than you.

    c!sapnap's entire character arc displays the stages of physical power throughout the lifespan of the dream smp, and how it isn't inherently bad when it's used to support and empower instead of destroy and decimate.

    tl’dr: c!sapnap is strong, and that’s called character growth babyyyyy

    #sapnap #c!sapnap #dream smp#dsmp#sapnap meta #dream smp meta #mary writes #look okay i have fucking brainrot so take this #c!philza negativity #this isn't cc!phil neg though that man acts like a fucking boss #he was brilliant in tommy's lore today #big up all the actors from today's lore #and big up cc!sam for dubbing over his audio for 15hrs thank you king!!!! #if this isn't your interpretation btw guys that's super cool!!! i was Just Thinking so!!!
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  • ultragreedier
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    *googles* hmmhmm. ok thanks dreammoods. no <3

    #talky #dont mind me btw im half asleep barely sentient rn #also. dreammoods my beloved. idc if it's like 90% bs that's been my go-to site for dream interpretations for years #ofc i take the info given w a grain of salt but still BWBSNSNDJD #i just deleted my own fucking tags I'm so angry #anyways tl;dr of what I just typed: smth smth dream interpretation personal to everyone #smth smth one thing means smth to someone and smth completely different to someone else #thus making universal dream interpretation impossible (or v difficult) but websites like dreammoods r fun n silly so idc #also might give a good starting point to finding out what a dream means 2 u personally depending on the subject #like lmao the site told me X Thing happened in the dream bc I apparently subconsciously hate men #and I'm like I Don't Think That's It Actually.! #anyways I've settled on X thing happened bc I hate my dad SPECIFICALLY Segway happened bc gotta go fast 69$ happened bc haha Funny Number. #ok back 2 sleep i go
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  • seljepw
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    So I’ve been doing a little reading on Jungian psychology and archetypes, etc. and I keep going back to this dream I had in August, 2019. (For reference, I had a really hard time with breastfeeding. I couldn’t produce enough milk, and it was a big psychic problem for me. Also, postpartum depression is a hell of a thing.):

    Fell asleep nursing Rowan, and dreamed that I was hooked up to a breast pump at some sort of industrial pumping station- there were four chairs with cracked vinyl upholstery and yellow foam sticking out of the cracks, and industrial pumps that looked like old times has pumps at each. (Inside a Costco/Joann Fabric hybrid, like it was some sort of “try me” station, but that seems irrelevant) it was all very dirty and uncomfortable and unpleasant. I sat there for what felt like ages, exposed, with people walking by and not really paying any attention to me, and when I stopped, I had only collected an ounce of bloody water.

    When I saw what was in the bottle, I started to cry. One of the passers-by in the store (Karamo from Queer Eye, btw) came over to me, put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye and said, “let’s just tear this shit down, ok?” and, joined by the other patrons, we ripped the whole thing apart.

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  • honeycoatedsunshine
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Arthur has kind of like. Prophetic dreams but just about his town. It's weird abstract stuff that later he'll look back on and be like oh lol I think my dream predicted the future. Wild

    #chatter#glacier meadow #sometimes it's stuff about the general well being of some citizens and he'll like go check on them and make sure they're doing okay #sometimes it predicts the future #sometimes it's stuff like a reoccurring dream of two horrifying mind breaking entities that actually live in his town #more often than not though he either forgets them or can't interpret them or doesn't think they're important
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  • turbulentornado
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    What I Think About When I Dream About Running

    Some say that running in dreams is impossible;

    No matter how fast you push yourself you are always too slow, moving like viscous liquid.

    I constantly wonder about this. Running in dreams is next to impossible for most but for me running is exhilarating.

    In my dreams, I am able to run as fast and as far and as long as I want; I never tire, never run out of breath, and sometimes I can even feel the cool air rushing past briskly on my skin.

    I find this curious because, while I am completely freed, others are captured.

    I assume that others are slowed because their dreams are the one place where they cannot fully physically control when to flee; In the waking and able world their muscles contract and stretch out of pure will (and power doesn’t hurt either - the more you have the better) and they are gone before they notice that aching primal thing fight or flight.

    For me I cannot run in my waking days. I am able bodied, surely and to put it bluntly, I have a funny thing called asthma. So I (believe I) may not run. At least in the way I intend to. So when I dream about running, it is pure and free and everlasting because there is no lungs, no brain, no heart, no bones in dreams. only you. only me.

    When I dream about running my heart is yearning for a chance to finally act on its stubborn impulse to go. To live and feel even the simplest of motions - taken for granted. To finally not be scared of making even the simplest of choices; there is no need for everything we feel or do to be decided on whether or not it is the factual and right thing to do. Most of the choices that we make in life are, unknowingly, of the hearts yearning; It doesn’t have to be based in language or culture. We just live and do. And, that in itself is strange I think.

    When I think about the times where I dream about running I am reminded of this occasionally. And it tells me that whether we are running fast or slow does not matter; We always seek to run like I do in dreams, like they do in real life. What we are seeking, secretly aching for; well it is as enduring and as natural as dreaming about running.

    #yes the title is a reference to a haruki murakami book #original writing#my writing#creative writing #original creative writing #prose#original prose#freeform writing#dreams#my dreams #my dream interpretations
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  • d2know
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Internal Struggle

    When we understand that we are all the characters in our dreams, it becomes easier to understand the internal power struggles that are constantly detouring us from the path we think we are on. And this is why personal development is so important: unless we can consciously align ourselves, internally, so that all the different parts of us are in agreement with our principles and our purposes, we…

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    #analyzing dreams for personal development #dream interpretation #dreams and internal struggles #fight in a dream
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  • candyblob
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    What the red means

    #susnsetangstwar is back baby #this is a few months old I just didn’t finish it properly till now #don’t really like most of it anymore f #interpet this how you want #tell me your interpretation too if you want #hehe pain#my art#dream smp#dsmp fanart #drops by ponk #ponk fanart#awesamdude#awesamponk#blood
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  • sunwisecircle
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Last night I dreamt

    I was in a church -- not the dark cathedral-like church of my dreams, but the megachurch -- and I was moving, going somewhere. I climbed the stairs to the balconies in the sanctuary but the stairs were made of onyx and irregularly shaped, and they spiraled up around a carved onyx sphinx. It had its mouth open like it was screaming, and its lips and eyes were lined with glowing green aether

    #shut up dyllan #dream #the interpretation on this one woof
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  • aetherknit
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    its not even neg to say c!dream is obsessed with c!tommy like its just textual 😭 u can interpret that to be because hes obsessed with what tommy represents but that doesnt mean hes not obsessed w tommy

    #sorry . BREAKING_MY_SILENCE #like i personally interpret it to be that Dream perceives tommy as the thing that changed the server and loss of power #dsmp discourse / #neg / #.txt #NO MORE thats all ur getting from me #i say this as a cdream fan... yall r seriously watering down my fav characters interesting villain traits 😐
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  • d2know
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Unlocking the Aliveness

    A shaman will tell you that the insight they have about plants and their medicinal qualities comes from an energetic connection to the plant, rather than trial and error experimentation. And this points to a great truth in life: the energy within all things contains the intelligence of that thing. If we want to understand something, we can connect to its intelligence. We do it already in subtle…

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    #connecting to the aliveness in things #dream interpretation #higher self and lower self
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  • dreamquackity
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    if i could share an opinion. i think c!dream and c!punz staging the final disc confrontation ISN’T a show of how they were ‘one step ahead of everyone’ the whole time. like, i’m sure that’s how they felt at first. whatever their intentions were. but the point is that plan still FAILED. or, well, since he’s now out, it’s mostly a huge delay. BUT. it clearly did not go according to plan. they were well aware that c!dream wasn’t supposed to be in there so long, they did not expect that c!awesamdude was gonna switch up the plan and run things differently, they did not expect c!quackity to start visiting, to torture c!dream. in all honesty, c!dream getting out was a stroke of luck. i don’t think staged final disc confrontation makes the actions of the other characters meaningless. if anything, some of them spent the days of his imprisonment making the deceit a huge potential source of regret. getting locked in pandora’s vault WAS a defeat for c!dream throughout the duration of his imprisonment. he just didn’t realize it until things got out of control. if anything it proves he isn’t the puppet master he wants to be, because people have and will continue to act in ways he cannot predict. he isn’t ‘one step ahead of everyone else’. he’s got plans and wants to enact them. getting locked in pandora’s vault for a year shows how those plans don’t always work. and so it’ll be interesting to see what he might do next, and how everything that’s happened will affect him

    #text#dreamwastaken#mcyt#dream smp#punz #hope this makes sense #im tryna. see what various people are having grievances about #and i hope this interpretation makes more people happy? #because i don’t wanna see people fight anymore :( #guys please its making me sad
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  • luminarin
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

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  • aloevethenoblegas
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    How r people going to incorporate the friendship ladders into their designs? They did it with the friendship emeralds please it would be so funny

    #tommyinnit#quackity#dream smp#dsmp#dreamsmp #the designs could get UNHINGED on the one hand youve got the people who would make both of em just carry around ladders #and on the other hand people who interpret it more figuratively #i want to see BROWN FISHNET STOCKINGS
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