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  • everyone is drawing tubbo and ranboo with these super intricate and nice wedding rings, but let’s be real here, they probably got engaged with ring pops.

    #/p#tubbo#ranboo#dream smp#mcyt#ranboolive #tubbo and ranboo #ranboo and tubbo #please do not tag as ship #that is a no no #they might also have those little plastic rings #with the different shapes and colors and stuff #those ones #also no hate to the people who do draw super nice rings #all of the drawings are very epic
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  • So, I did some calculations, and if 1 real life day equals 72 m*necraft days, then the fiancés have been together for nearly 30 years (in lore). I’ll let that sink in…

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  • hey look its dreamXD as a baby

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  • thinking about the days where people didn’t fight over what was canon and what wasn’t, or the days where when one of the cc’s made a mistake in the rp people just went with it haha,,, (ex. when Wilbur legitimately lost the button)

    i do enjoy the fandom now though of course, i love all the new people

    but there’s so much discourse now and i just wanna vibe

    #dream smp #currently rewatching pre election vibes but post revolution #those were the days
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  • (I fucking hate theorizing, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it)

    So, I’ve seen a fanart of Cornelius from TVTWM, that suggested that Dream is Cornelius who became possessed by a dreamon, and it got me thinking…

    Dreamons are the equivalent of angels for DreamXD, the god-protector of the SMP.

    I will be referring to Dream, Mexican Dream (MD) and Girl Dream (GD) when taking about dreamon possessees. Here are some pointers:
    - Dreamons are executor of the god’s will in a sense that they become agents of chaos keeping the SMP alive and interesting with action and “fun” so it doesn’t fall into irrelevance.
    - Dreamon possessees are immortal in a sense, that they have infinite lifespan, but they can be killed like any other human being.
    - When someone becomes possessed by a dreamon they forsake their original name, face and home, becoming dedicated to the SMP. These changes stay true even after their death.
    Name: Instead they choose a name similar to the one of their Lord.
    Face: They start wearing similar masks/outfits of a smiley-face in resemblence to DreamXD.
    Home: They abandon their homelands (Tijuana, Mexico for Mexican Dream and Not A Very Good Town for Cornelius) and can’t seem to have any permanent private residence (Dream’s residence used to be a room in Community House, a secret base - not exactly a home, and his evil lair, that was blown up by himself mere minutes after being established; Mexican Dream tried to build himself a house with Tommy’s help, but died shortly after beggining of the construction)
    - Dream seems to be a higher ranking possessee than MD and GD. Something that Tubbo and Fundy called a “transmutated dreamon” might be an equivalent to an archangel. That’s the reason why Dream also seeks to mentain “peace” on the SMP, can use minor commands and tries to uphold the rules of the server, whilst MD and GD simply spread chaos.
    - Cornelius is a “human” version of Dream, prior to being possessed by a dreamon. He most likely was researching or even worshipping DreamXD before the establishment of SMP’s major religions (hence his nickname, Cornelius the Wise). That’s also a reason why he was wearing the iconic outfit/mask at the time. Cornelius possibly made a deal with one of the dreamons or even DreamXD himself to survive his murder, or alternitevely he was “blessed” with becoming a possessee for his dedication in research/worship. This also might be a reson for his higher rank.

    #dream smp#dreamon #c!dream #dream#dreamxd#mexican dream#girl dream#mamacita #tales from the smp #tvtwm#cornelius tvtwm #the village that went mad
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  • technoblade is probably the most powerful person on the dream smp and yet one of his biggest threats is a 5'6(??) horned child. and honestly, judging by the fact said child convinced ranboo to canonically marry him behind techno’s back, i think he might be winning?????

    #and that's not even talking about tommy's techno betrayal for tubbo #also this is 100% figuratively i am well aware him and dream are more well matched but yano prison swag #tubbo#tubbo underscore#tubbolive#dsmp tubbo#techno mcyt#dsmp techno#technoblade#ranboolive#ranboo#beetwt#mcyt#dream smp#dsmp
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  • everyone’s chat at any time

    #ranboo#dream smp#myct #i woke up way too early and this was my only thought #ranboo our beloved #the lemon speaks #we have an obvious favourite and i will keep pointing it out #think this was supposed to be a thought of mine several weeks ago for techno's stream but eh- now works too
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  • I really wish Tubbo does a stream where he just says Tubbo because that is Tubbo and we all love Tubbo because Tubbo is Tubbo, Tubbo can do some out of the ordinary things because that is Tubbo and we love Tubbo for doing that. Tubbo is Tubbo and we love Tubbo for being Tubbo. Tubbo also says says strange things because that is Tubbo but we love Tubbo for being as random as anything because we can all relate to Tubbo.


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  • Yo! Guess who figured out how to make a gif!

    The animation is a little janky but for a first attempt it’s not bad

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  • Alright it’s time. Time for me to write that DSMP- XLife crossover.

    Villian Scott time let’s goooo

    #Feel free to ask me questions about cause I wanna talk about it #i speak#dream smp#dsmp#xlife#x life#dsmpxlife au#smajor
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  • So I was listening to mother mother while doodling some Exile Tommyinnit and…


    I’m sorry.





    I don’t wanna color it

    But I also do-

    I might ruin the drawing though…


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  • i saw someone say that “georgenotfound onlyfans” is the “it’s your power todoroki” of the mcyt fandom and i haven’t slept peacefully since

    #mcyt#dream smp#dsmp#georgenotfound#georgenotfound onlyfans#mha #my hero academia #it's your power todoroki
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  • image

    here’s my techno designs atm

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  • I can’t find who made the mumza is death headcanon but I sent an idea based on that to @mannagryn1 and I had to expand upon it.

    When the player is born they are given the ability to live forever unless killed 3 times or killed until they lose the will to live, even with the three lives those lives are determined by significance, a badly timed creeper could not kill you but a firework shot from your enemy could, if the death wasn’t important you simply respawned and returned to work.

    However like with everything in the world, there are outliers, bizarre freaks of nature who only last as long as they can fight, they are born in hardcore, their life expectancy was short and they could Never respawn.

    Keep reading

    #ender talks#enders writing#philza#mumza#dream smp#dsmp#mcyt #i will never learn how to tag leave me alone #rbs are nice :) #I'm ruining my sleep for this
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  • image

    I just wanted to draw fluffy hair, and I’m always drawn towards pirate aesthetics so—

    Here’s a Captain Puffy

    #captain puffy#dream smp#dsmp #dream smp fanart #dsmp captain puffy #captain puffy fanart #mcyt#mcyt fanart
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  • image

    i’m sorry, wilby soot? influenza minecraft? chommyinnit? these are the only sleepy bois i know

    #feral boys#dream smp #i love them a lot ok #dreamwastaken #im gonna tag a lot cuz this took an embarrassing amount of time #quackity#karl jacobs#sapnap#georgenotfound #dream smp fanart #my art #feral boys fanart #plz reblog
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