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  • bichanu
    28.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    somebody on the notes saying bts music was better before they blew up.... girl if yall dont stop lying to yourselves

    #the only difference is they sing in english now #they remind me of dreamcatcher 😭😭 all songs sound the same autotuned bullshit
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  • riconastymp3
    28.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #! my opinion ! my opinion ! my opinion ! my opinion ! #ask game #i stand by this list i really do also hello fellow dreamcatcher listeners i don't think i have ever mentioned that i like their music #day6 would've outranked dream if dream didn't have 7 days i'm gonna be honest with you
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  • chaerincore
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    kprofile — CORE4 profile, members, and facts


    CORE4 (코어4) is a south korean co-ed group under stellar entertainment. the group consists of 4 members: AJ, hyewon, eunwoo and sakura. they officially debuted on april 4th, 2018 with the mini album ready for impact.

    CORE4 fandom name: galaxy (stylized as GALAXY)

    CORE4 official color: royal red and glimmering gold

    CORE4 current dorm assignments:

    AJ & eunwoo (roommates)

    hyewon & sakura (roommates)

    eunwoo & sakura (past roommates)

    as of 2019, stellar entertainment announced that the members would have individual living arrangements, if desired.

    CORE4 official sites:

    official website: core4.stellarent.com
    official website (japan): core4japan.com
    twitter: CORE4_OFFICIAL / C4_MEMBERS
    twitter (japan): CORE4_JP
    instagram: core4_official
    instagram (japan): core4_jp
    facebook: CORE4official
    youtube: CORE4
    youtube (japan): CORE4 JAPAN
    v live: CORE4
    tiktok: core4_official
    tiktok (japan): core4_japan

    CORE4 members profile:

    AJ — overall leader, main rapper, main dancer

    HYEWON — rap leader

    EUNWOO — vocal leader, visual

    SAKURA — dance leader, main vocalist, maknae

    facts about CORE4:

    they are the first artists to debut under stellar entertainment.

    they are the fastest co-ed group to win at a music show (2 weeks after debuting)

    they were originally supposed to debut as separate duos.

    eunwoo & sakura’s debut was supposed to take place in 2016, but was cancelled at the very last minute after the CEO of stellar entertainment decided on forming the current four member lineup today.

    all members can speak english, but eunwoo & sakura are fluent in it.

    youngest member sakura became an official registered choreographer under stellar entertainment in 2021.

    oldest members AJ & hyewon produce and write the group’s music.

    eunwoo is currently the first and longest idol to work & train at stellar entertainment.

    the overall genre(s) of CORE4 are rock, kpop, EDM and alternative.

    hyewon transferred from JYPE as the former leader of ITZY to work with AJ as a rapper.

    the group’s debut made it to the top ten in the gaon charts.

    they placed third in MNET’s competition show, kingdom: legendary war.

    in 2021, they will participate as mentors and judges for stellar entertainment & MNET’s upcoming survival show for the company’s new co-ed group.

    taglist: @skzfairies @nemonadex [send me a request in my asks to join!]

    #CORE4#kpop au #kpop coed group #kpop imagines #kpop extra member #kpop ocs#ateez au #stray kids au #dreamcatcher#pentagon
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  • eunjidrabbles
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    30 Reasons Why

    Chapter 8: The day we met was

    Warning: None Word count: About 1k

    <- Previous chapter [08/30] Next chapter ->


    Owning an apartment meant quite a number of things. It meant the capability to allocate rooms as per liking, and that meant that through a bit of pleading, you converted your spare room into a gaming room for Yoohyeon, and the other half split into your workspace. Entering the room and placing a paper plate of chips down for Yoohyeon on her table, you were thanked with a quick air kiss as she turned her attention back to her screen and giving callouts.

    Throwing yourself onto the big beanbag behind Yoohyeon’s setup, you glanced at the progress of the match past her shoulder before silently pulling out the book. A smile broke out on your face when you read the prompt, and you quickly filled it in before stuffing the book back into your workspace drawer.

    The day we met was on a rainy night outside a PC Bang

    Memories instantly flooded to your head as you eagerly waited for Yoohyeon to finish with her match. Stretching as it ended, you called out to her before she could continue onto another match. “Hey Yooh, do you remember how we met?” As she turned to meet your eyes, you could recognize the look.

    It was a miserable rainy night when you were met with that pair of warm, but worried eyes. You had just entered the company a couple days back and of course, being new meant that all the extra work fell onto you. It was downright saddening when you realized that this grind was going to keep going until someone else joins before the duty is passed down. You had stayed late in the office to finish everything up and before you know it, the cleaners were asking for you to leave. Exiting the company building, the downpour dampened your mood even more as you pulled out your phone to check the timing and to book a cab for your ride home. Trudging out into the cold night with an umbrella that barely protected you from the harsh winds and spray of the rain, you made your way over to the nearest pick up stop.

    While waiting, you decided to look around the area, spotting a convenience store and you debated on buying an instant meal for dinner before you were interrupted by someone bursting out of the glass door in the next building into the rain, and with a shriek, back under the small shelter. It took a short while, but when they looked up and realized she were not alone, she quickly bowed in embarrassment. Awkwardly bowing back, you watch her pull out her phone to whine at the black screen and you silently pitied her. As the rain got heavier, you retreated to the same shelter she was under and used your umbrella to protect yourself from the spray. Peeking to the side, you watched as the woman uncomfortably shifted around in her spot as her hoodie and sweatpants gets more and more drenched. Moving closer, her eyes darted to you and you stopped in your place. “We could share an umbrella, you know. If you don’t mind.” Changing your grip on the handle, you brought it between the both of you, leaving her plenty of space to join your cover. It took a second of consideration before she moved herself closer and mumbled out a soft “Thank you.” There was a long moment of silence after she offered to help hold the umbrella for you until your phone pinged to tell you that your cab was nearby. As the car pulls up to the stand, you waved your hand to signal that you were coming but hesitated when you remembered the girl next to you. Looking between your cab, the rain, the umbrella and the girl who was now staring at you, you pulled out your phone again to check the time. It was getting really late, and although you had the option of just running through the rain to get to your cab and leaving the girl with the umbrella, you couldn’t find yourself allowing for any chances for her to be left alone in the dark like this. “Hey, do you...” Trailing off, you gestured towards her dead phone in her hand and back out to the open, towards where your cab was waiting. “Do you need a ride? It’s getting really late and I really don’t want to leave you here alone in case anything happens.”

    A loud whine escaped Yoohyeon’s lips as she hid herself behind her hands, also seemingly remember how your first encounter went. Deciding to push her buttons a little more, you questioned her again.

    “Do you remember asking for my number before leaving the cab? You were stuttering all the way.”

    “Ah, don’t remind me. My manager was so angry I snuck out that night!”

    Huffing frustratedly, Yoohyeon pouted and tried to glare at you to drop the topic but that only prompted for you to break out in laughter. With your head thrown back, you couldn’t see how your girlfriend playfully scowled at you before silently leaving her chair and jumped onto you, squishing you further into the beanbag. The impact made you choke out a grunt from the sudden weight on you, and you pretended to struggle under Yoohyeon but the moment you caught your breath, you were grinning teasingly back at her. Her expression suddenly dropped to one where her brows furrowed slightly as she goes deep into her thoughts as she stared at you.

    “But if I never did, I would never have met you.”

    Slowly lowering herself closer to your face, you watched as her gaze softened as they flickered between your eyes and lips. “I would never have met you.” Repeating her words again in a soft whisper, you could almost hear the unsaid words running through her head as her eyes water up slightly. Brushing a few loose strands of hair that escaped her bun, you gently pulled her down and shared a kiss with her.

    But now you’re here with me.

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  • kpop-and-coffee-with-eli
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I am so weak for short Blonde haired Siyeon 😩💖

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  • thepinkcomplex
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    . ⋆ ✧ * the fairy of shampoo ✧ : ⋆ .

    ˖° ପ(ू ᴗ͈ ˬ ᴗ͈ू )ଓ ˚˳

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  • 7-dreamers
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    [210928] Dami’s Weverse Update:

    My first ever pair of frameless glasses 👓

    Transl: 7-Dreamers HojuneTL | Please do not take without credit  

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  • 7nsomnia
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “Colored with the seven lights, take away all my pain, I’ll quietly hide inside and take you away.” 드림캐쳐

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  • hansols-yoda-boxers
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #dw about what kind of student #i only write college or uni anyway #also i dont think high schools have tas #anonymous#dreamcatcher imagines#dreamcatcher smut#yoohyeon imagines#yoohyeon smut #kim yoohyeon imagines #kim yoohyeon smut #jiu imagines#jiu smut#minji imagines#minji smut #kim minji imagines #kim minji smut
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  • thepolymathsblog
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    🌇Evenings, long drives and favorite music, it can't get any more calming than this! ❤#nothingtodowithphotography 😝#justfeelit🧡 #throwback #ikigai💕 #positivevibesonly🌈 #happiness💕 #simplepleasures❤️ #longdrives #eveningvibes #calming #soothing😌 #peaceofmind☮ #dreamcatcher #favouritemusic #goodvibes #goodtimes😊 #goa💚 #bloggersofgoa #moodstagram #bloggersofinstagram #bekind😇 #staysafe😷 #stayhappy😊 #keeploving💖 #keepgoing💕 https://www.instagram.com/p/CUXpC0NjRJv/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • ecodesignprojectdesign
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    🍂🍁🍂🍁 >>click the link in bio to shop handmade and vintage jewelry. *if you can't find items in my Etsy shop, that items are sold out or not for sale. Ship worldwide. #ecodesignproject#handmade#jewelry#etsy#boho#hippie#gypsy#armcandy#beadwork#fashion#ootd#western#dreamcatcher#nativeamerican#navajo#vintage#oneofakind#armparty#jewelryoftheday https://www.instagram.com/p/CUXkRuzlM1z/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • sweetgirls-locks
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago


    ➷Handong ⠇pink and black lady.

    ➷don't repost; like or reblog.

    ⌕. @ciesfilters .

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  • stanleeyubin
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    dami moments that just feel so wholesome🥺

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  • dreamessenger
    28.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #answered#dreamcatcher reactions#dreamcatcher imagines#dreamcatcher scenarios #dreamcatcher x reader #dreamcatcher drabbles#dreamcatcher drabble#dreamcatcher fluff#dreamcatcher#dami drabble#dami dreamcatcher#dreamcatcher dami#dami drabbles#dami imagines#dami#dami reactions#dami scenarios #dami x reader #dami fluff #girl group drabbles #girl group drabble #girl group imagines #girl group fluff #girl group #girl group x reader #girl group scenarios #girl group reactions #female kpop idol #lee yubin #lee yubin scenarios
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  • aesthetic-2080
    28.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Be strong-T shirt design

    Be strong, you make your success. Only if you want.

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