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  • My fears are under my bed.

    Now how the hecc is wolcano under my bed.

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  • I dreamed that I was a quarian on earth during the Reaper invasion. In Canada. Working at a hardware store as part of my pilgrimage, when suddenly most of my co-workers vanished and there was panic and chaos everywhere. I ran away with one of my coworkers to escape the city, but at one point I turned around to talk to her and she was gone.

    Trying to go south to warmer weather because the power in Vancouver was winking out and it was so cold, but having trouble because so many routes were blocked. Somehow, JJ was still my dog, but she was far away and I was sure she was dead so I wore her coat around my neck to remember her by.

    Joining a small group of people, including a judge and a guy with cerebral palsy. Wondering if humanity would enter a dark age because of this. Being trapped in a 20 storey hotel in my journey and there were husks on the lower levels, so we had to jump from the balcony into a lake right at the foot of the building. We had to be careful to avoid the rocks. There were husks in the water, but I used my omnitool to put a shield around us so the husks couldn’t detect our presence. Making our way further south, but it was blocked again, so we had to double back to the hotel. Somehow we wound up on the higher levels again, but some of the ladders and stairs to the lower levels had disappeared so we had to jump from even higher this time. The water had become much more dirty and polluted since we’d last come by.

    Met a bunch of Aussies squatting in the hotel basement, who barely had a clue what was going on. They used to do this in Melbourne but they got kicked out of the city for “being too dirty”. We had to tell them we hadn’t bathed in months. They had made nests for themselves on the floor, and sitting in one gave me the first warmth I’d felt in a long time.

    I woke up when one punched me in the face for sitting in his bed.

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  • I’m a pretty vivid dreamer but last night I had two that were crazy even by my standards.

    The first was that I was back in middle school gym class, and there were 20 famous white-grey and fleabitten grey Arabians in the gym including Marwan Al Shaqab (I know he is bay in real life but in my dream he was grey!) and Larissa by Eukaliptus. Eukaliptus himself was not there. My entire grade started doing warm-ups and jogging around the gym. I asked my friend Abby to wait for me while I took some selfies with Larissa, who was so sweet and gentle and put her head on my shoulder. Abby chastised me for taking narcissistic selfies. We started jogging again and I made a comment about not liking Marwan’s leggy conformation and got some dirty looks from the gym teachers.

    Then the warm-ups ended and everyone went back to the bleachers. I sat all the way in the back because the front was too crowded. The gym teaches then gleefully announced that they had a special surprise for us. They started rolling in giant carnival equipment. One was a giant booth with a cannon, which they put in the back left side of the gym. All of a sudden a giant red ball shot out of the cannon and went around the gym. All the kids leapt from the bleachers and started chasing it. I must have missed the memo that we were supposed to fetch it and was behind the others since I got a late start due to being in the back of the bleachersrather than the front. I came in last in this weird sort of race. The gym fell silent and everyone was staring at me.

    Mrs. Jordan, who is real life was one of my favorite gym teachers, pulled me aside and started whispering, “How could you do these things? You’re not going to be able to make in the real world if you’re always stuck in your own. You’re going to wind up dead in a ditch somewhere!” I was disappointed that she thought that of me and offended that she went to that extreme after only one mistake. Gym class ended and after school Abby and I went to town hall to file a complaint against her. Only the town hall was way more opulent than it is in real life, lined with mahogany and filled with Renaissance art and artifacts from the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga. I remember thinking how horse-friendly my town had become between that and the Arabian mascots. Then the dream ended because Stellina tried to climb on my pillow.

    Then for the second dream I was on the top floor of a building and got on an elevator going all the way down. Each time I descended a level, I got a phone call from a telemarketer and was placed on hold. But instead of music playing in the background it was an autobiography of each telemarketer’s life. I became fascinated by them. One of them was the guy from Madoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived. Another was an escaped slave who lived in Palmares. One was a scientist of mosses. Yet another was a Brazilian woman who escaped to Portugal to become a nun and avoid an arranged marriage in the 1700s. Then there was an army medic in the gulf war. Finally there was my great uncle Pietro Gazzera. After the hold ended I asked him if he ever tried to poison Mussolini after the monarchy became politically unstable and he took over, and also if he regretted being the governor of Galla and Sidamo in colonial East Africa. But then before he could answer the elevator doors opened and the dream ended.


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  • “Acordo de tarde já, e lá está ela, com aqueles olhos que me admiram enquanto abro os olhos vermelhos de sono, recebo um beijo na testa de bom dia e retribuo com mais uns três e logo em seguida um abraço de tirar o fôlego, agradeço a Deus por ela estar ali e prometo fazê-la feliz. Fico um tempo admirando a sorte que tenho na minha frente, nos meus braços.
    Me levanto vou para a cozinha e preparo o café da manhã preferido dela, coloco uma flor na bandeja e levo para minha amada, ela logo me abre aquele sorriso, fazendo eu me derreter por completa de amor, sento ao lado dela, dou aquele beijinho de eu te amo, pego o violão e começo a tocar e cantar uma música em especial, com uma voz não tão boa, mas ela parece gostar então nem me importo se ta ruim enquanto ela sorri eu faço, de repente ouço um barulho e acordo, pois era apenas um sonho.”


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  • My husband had a dream that I was selected to ‘go under cover’ (21 Jumpstreet Style) at a (oh this is great!) crafting college. So, he had to stay home to take care of my mom but each night I brought him my 'sewing homework’ for him to complete (because his subconscious knows I cannot sew and he can, evidently). He says he was worried about me being undercover, but also “angry” in the dream. He doesn’t know why he was angry.

    So much to unpack!

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  • The last few nights:

    I had a dream I had the option of choosing one out of four olive branches, I chose the one that was a mixture of green olives and purple grapes. In my dream this correlated with who I choose as my husband.

    I had a dream I was a very recent widow and pregnant, I gave birth to a son and named him Moses. Yet I also wanted to name him Judah instead perhaps. I was nursing him and his first word was, “yummy” then a few minutes later into drinking he said, “this is so good!” lol. I remember holding him and keeping blankets on him, my heart was full to hold him and nourish him.

    I had a dream that I contacted a man I care about and his assistant answered his phone and said I’m the 108th person to contact him and he doesn’t care; he was on a date which is why he didn’t answer his phone and the assistant said sadly to me that he is a philanderer.

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  • Do you ever have constant nightmares that you’re being brought back to the place or somehow end up back there, where it all happened

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  • I should have worn a hat to work today. My head was freezing by the time I got here and it’s no longer the nice cold it was yesterday, it’s starting to get colder and colder again.

    I woke up with excruciating anxiety this morning. I’d gone to bed and lay there having heart palpitations and hyperventilating last night without knowing why. I finally slept but had some of the most bizarre, weird dreams although I cannot remember them now.

    Last night when I got home from work, I was exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping properly recently at all and it had clearly caught up on me. I chilled out and then my furniture arrived, so I dragged myself out of bed to start building it. I put one side table together and then was just too tired to do anything else and went to bed.

    H is still off, but we got a new member of the team yesterday. He is from Brazil and seems super nice. The organisation and communications here are terrible, and I was so incredibly grateful that H and I started on the same day so that we went through getting lost and finding things together. So, considering R started on his own I offered to take him down to lunch and show him where things were. We got chatting and he was so easy to talk to. I also found out he was gay as we were chatting about where he had lived, and he mentioned his boyfriend and a guy he was seeing. We are becoming quite the diverse team which is lovely.

    I’m still exhausted. I cannot wait to finish work and go to sleep, but I’m super glad to be off tomorrow and get a massage which is super needed.

    [Blog Title: Dreams - Fleetwood Mac].

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  • I had a dream last night where the Hogwarts houses all had different patron god pantheons.

    Ravenclaw had the Greeks.

    Slytherin had the Nords.

    I really wish I could remember Gryffindor….

    But I’m 85% sure Hufflepuff was Pokemon.

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  • Hold my hands, sit with me and let silence be our conversation today.

    #love #she'll never read this #cause she doesnt exist. #dreams
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  • I don’t know about you, but I love to dream. If you’re a human being and you’re breathing today you probably have a dream about something, amirite? For those of us with anxiety and depression, dreaming can be exciting, overwhelming, crippling, and heartbreaking; all at once. When you struggle with the fight against your thoughts you tend to deeply internalize the worst possible scenarios and “truths” (lies) about how your dreams will pan out. For me, I’ve been thinking (& internet searching) for a place to live. Doesn’t that seem so simple? A roof over your head? For me though, I dream of a piece of land, lush and full of life. A place where I can have chickens, and cows, and goats, and babies. My heart aches, it literally burns and hurts and sinks when I imagine these dreams becoming a reality… and then despair and doubt sets in: “will we ever have enough money, will we ever be out of debt, will my body ever be able to actually have a baby, am I going to miscarry again, what if the medical bills don’t stop rolling in, am I making enough money, am I doing enough, did I try hard enough this week, ugh my paycheck was short because I was sick last week, crap I have to pay for counseling, we will never make it will we? where are we going to go next? I didn’t do enough, I am not enough” You get the point. My thoughts literally spiral. I stop. I pray. I put on worship music. I get the thoughts away and then… they come back. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. It’s like clockwork some days. 

    And then, other days I dream and I see a future where I have a big green piece of grass. My babies are running around. I’m collecting eggs from the coop. Milking the goats. Birthing a calf. Growing our food. Teaching our children. Watching our puppies run around. I see the dream and my heart feels warm. I trust God that he hears and feels and sees the desires of our hearts and will help us bring them to fruition. I remember that good things take time. God generally makes us wait for our best. But he wants us to dream. I see the success of the dreams of those around me and I know that God loves me just the same as them and that my story just looks a little different. I’m thankful for dreaming and for dreamers.

    Today I’m choosing to believe that my dreams will come true (with hard work, time, dedication, tears, sweat, and most importantly patience). Today I’m choosing to believe that I am doing enough. That I will have a life abundant and full of good things. Today I choose to fight my thoughts with prayer and worship and thanksgiving

    Sometimes dreams feel like they are just thoughts and desires. However, in this season I am learning that dreams actually take the form of choices. Day after day. Dollar after dollar. And thought after thought. 

    How can you change your thinking and your actions today to support your dreams? 

    John 10:10  I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of. {MSG}

    Galatians 6:9  So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. {NLT}

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  • #raider chris#cmp#dreams #advice from a friend #rip friend #in a dream #the night before last
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  • When your girl photo-bombs you…


    I had a dream last night about these two. ;3

    I can’t remember all of it. I just remember Charlotte wanting to get in a picture with Rico. He was really pissed at her after that. Or confused? I think there’s probably more to it than just that. I’ll try to figure it out later.

    Credit - @jujubee-edits

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  • It’s been ages since my last dream diary entry! I actually did this one a couple of months or so back as i was super keen on drawing it after waking up

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  • I’ve been having wild ass dreams lately. Last night I had a dream that me and my brothers were hanging out and there was like four to six hawks with us. I covered myself with a blanket and started taunting the hawks ‘cause they were gonna eat my cat or something.

    So the hawks started attacking me so I grabbed this big ass knife that I have in my kitchen and cut all of their eyes in half and one of the hawks stabbed their talon into my left eye and I couldn’t see out of it anymore. I made the halves of the hawks eyes, which looked like fish eggs, into some kind of food by just setting them on a table and then somehow they were edible.

    I told my mom to take me to the ER because my eye was all bloody and I couldn’t see out of it and stuff but I couldn’t go to the ER for some reason but then I closed my right eye to see if I could see out of my left and I had perfect vision again. The end.

    I wonder what this dream means. It probably just means that my meds give me wild ass dreams.

    #dreams#gore tw#weird dreams #eye gore tw #hawks#knives #four to six hawks
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  • My dad and I were at NASA we watched astronauts gear up in the typical astronaut uniform (which was really bright pink). I asked my Dad where they were going, and he said, “They’re going into the furthest point in time to see if flamingos still exist there.” I asked him if they could come back after and he casually said no, while the astronauts were just really excited to see the flamingos.

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