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  • The family reunion dinner has turned into a real life dilemma of fighting bad guys. Me, a very skinny lavender haired pink clothes wearing girl Went from  passing time in my own bedroom before the world ended to finding my senior so we could transform and find this sacred artifact and save the day. 
    Things were weird because I was acting very awkward towards my family. I didn’t like what was happening, so I decided to shut myself up in my room and look for nice clothes to wear. At the same time, the earth was closing in on itself. I had a secret phone and I contacted my team. Soon, my senior came with better clothes and took us all on an adventure to find this one crystal that would prevent the world from eating itself alive. They called me Vaati for some reason. Didn’t make sense. As we left towards the aircraft I felt  inferior to all of my teammates. I was given the task of protecting the newbie, a smaller girl who loved to do acrobat things. I had to follow the senior around and go through rooms and obstacles and figure out how to leave the aircraft. Even using senior’s magic to my advantage. But nobody else had to know we were using it, because it wasn’t allowed on the aircraft. 
    Once I got the hang of things, I had finally reached the end of our mission with the newbie, but something didn’t feel right. Only the senior applauded as time felt different. That’s when I was suddenly back in my room, with my phone in hand. I got annoyed. So, I decided to do things differently in order to get it over with.
    I called my senior, told her what’s up, and she told me I had to bring the newbie along. Then she picked me up, we went to the spacecraft, and I bravely took control of her magic to get through everything easy peasy. Everyone was surprised at me and my bravery. I was no longer the nervous scrawny kid. Then, it turned into a life or death situation as there were suddenly newer and different obstacles. The rooms became deadly and the senior took the newbie away from me for protection and so I could focus on my task.
    Soon though I was able to survive it all. Then we had Acquired the crystal. Suddenly, we were back on the ground. We changed clothes and walked towards the exit of the aircraft. I had found an auditorium near the exit. At the exit was our parents here to pick us up from what they thought was our career as actors for a cool tv show. Even my dad had a t-shirt on with the logo of that tv show we were apparently filming for. 
    This post has lots of elements missing for it to make sense because I don’t know how to explain them.

    did I mention the whole aircraft is pink?

    #dream#dreams #last night i dreamt
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  • You are my first thought upon waking up sweat-drenched, heavily breathing, terrified and lonely, from my dreams of nightmare and solitude.

    But you’re not there. And I’m all alone, like always.

    - PM

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  • Had the weirdest fucking dreams!

    #is this what i get for watching real housewives before bed #kae meets world #dreams
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  • Of course when I dream about a woman I have an orgasm in my damn sleep 😅😍

    It wasn’t even at a sexual part of the dream , it was that anticipation

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  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    I’ve always hated this question because, up until recently, I really didn’t know. My boss signed me up to participate in a mentor program at work. I meet monthly with my mentor and he is supposed to help me straighten out my career goals.

    “No fear.” He says. Don’t worry about skill level, don’t get hung up on lack of education, just dream about what I want to do and where I want to be. I came back a month later and said, “I want to write.”

    Does the company anticipate that when they ask employees this question we may not have the answer they were hoping for? I don’t long to be a supervisor, manager, director or VP. In five years I want to be sitting at my kitchen table, dog snoring at my feet, mug of hot peppermint tea and a laptop in front of me, and I want to be writing a book.

    No fear. I don’t have a college education. I haven’t taken any writing classes. What I know about grammar was learned over 16 years ago in high school and I’ve forgotten a lot of it! But there is this stirring in my soul to just write. There is something I need to say and it’s trapped inside my head and heart. It’s time for it to come out!

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  • Lockdown dreaming….

    HUBBARD GLACIER, AK (Summer 2020) –  Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Radiance of the Seas navigates among the icebergs surrounding the area.


    Hubbard Glacier (center) is one of many destinations along a typical Summer couple-of-weeks luxury cruise roundtrip from the United States and Canada.

    That’s one of my fondest daydreams during these COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

    (A cautious self-imposed lockdown that still lingers, to varying degrees, in many of us, in an almost primal way…..despite certain re-openings and loosening of months-long worldwide restrictions.)

    That beautiful ship among the icebergs is the polar opposite (no pun intended) of my own viral-semi-imprisonment….in Central Florida’s sauna-like summer heat and humidity and thunderstorms and hurricanes….

    ….while dreaming of sailing on a grand ship through Mother Nature’s dramatic Alaskan geography….


    ….in my dreams, for now.

    (I’ll bet many of you are dreaming far away right now, too!)

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  • I’d like to know please how dreams and real life manage to sync up because I just had a hell of a nightmare and just as I was about to be shot in the face by a gunman who broke into the house, the alarm went off and I woke up incredibly distressed. HOW does that happen. how do you line up that well. I need answers. tell me the SCIENCE

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  • image

    Heres something different: let me introduce you to a new character I made this week.

    Now to be honest I didnt think I would be into this game when it was first announced but I love it now!

    Preston Runzel is a sweet boy but he just have to come into a world full of weird things….and not the kind of weird he’s used too.

    Speedpaint: https://youtu.be/p_zycjIELco

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  • I sit and wonder if the pillow stuffed under my dress was a baby bump would you love me more?

    Something in your eyes tells me you’d lean to me if I had your baby.

    I walk to the mirror and run a hand over the fake bump you might love, if it were real.

    I pull out my hair and give my charming smile, you once fancied.

    I thrash my head on the mirror that witnessed our affair;

    And with blood spilling out of my brain, I trace love letters on the wall.

    Seven months but long gone are the words that come out of the lips that wanted nothing but a kiss

    I feel the wound the last time the cold of the knife hit my skin.

    I cradle my body and gave a sweet kiss,

    For tonight I pardon my burnt bits.

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  • a few nights ago i had a dream where i was the editor of a porn magazine

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  • One time I had a dream that gorillas were trying to pass as humans and the government tried to stop them, but the gorillas were too smart so the government gave up.

    #so yeah #dreams are weird #dreams #fr tho what's up with those dreams?
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  • A lifetime looking for something that won’t be found, I am afraid of that, I am afraid of never finding out where you are, or that you don’t even exist.

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