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  • January, 15,  2021

    I’ve always loved the ideia of writing on journals and diaries, but I think I never had the time to think about something to write. Never saw my life as important or cool to be excited to write it down. But 2020 hit me and I saw my life in a different perspective, like I’m the main character of some Hollywood movie and I have to find my way to happiness.

    It’s another year already and I feel like I’m still on 2020. There is so much sadness around and I see hope on peoples hearts.

    Before 2020 I thought that I could buy happiness, that it was on fancy clothes, fancy jobs and fancy lifestyles. I felt like I needed to prove something to god knows who. I was not living my life, I was living a life that others wanted me to live. I used to listen to: “it’s okay to be miserable Monday to Friday and be happy on the weekends”, “it’s okay to hate your job, because everyone does”, “you can’t be happy all the time”. But I’ve learned last year that is not the true.

    Not everyone thinks like me. I don’t believe anymore on working for a job that I hate just because it pays well. I need to go after something I love and make a living out of it. Like Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life”.

    So what I love, you ask? Art. Paintings and illustrations. I fell in love with Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci and so many others. I want to work with art for a living, create something meaningful on a white canvas. Right now my dream job is probably working on a art gallery in Canada. Mentalizing that and crossing my fingers, who knows what my future holds.

    Here some photos of my 2021 so far

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  • “I left the door to my heart open for you,

    and you conveniently walked in and walked out of it as you pleased”.

    — unknown

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  • I keep having dreams about this weird DS game… it’s a game that’s a lot like Endless Ocean, except it’s for the DS. The game starts with you on a boat on a tropical sea, and the crew introduces themselves . There’s the captain who’s this rugged old man, and then two other divers who are a young man and woman. Then there’s you, the main character. And after the introduction you can start diving! The map of the game looks like this:


    So you start in that little hidden away area and your first mission is to go a little to the right to retrieve something. But suddenly!! You get a message from the boat saying they’re picking up something HUGE on the scanner, and they warn you about a giant shark that hangs around the area and has a tendency to patrol. So you have to hurry up and find a little crevice to hide in before the shark shows up!! And it’s very stressful. Plus after that mission, the big shark now patrols the perimeter of the whole map and is something you have to constantly worry about. There’s also a later mission where you have to go to the giant ship itself but I’ve never done it… too scary..

    #text#dreams#endless ocean #AND IM NOT EVEN SCARED OF SHARKS #I AM scared of chase scenes and sunken ships tho
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  • i had one of those dreams again 😳

    #dreams#🌺 #of the 4-5 I've had of these in my life so far they're always about women hmmmmmmmm
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  • 10 Damaging Lies and Excuses Your Mind Loves to Tell You

    10 Damaging Lies and Excuses Your Mind Loves to Tell You

    The mind is a wonderful thing.  It’s also a total liar and an excuse machine that frequently tries to convince us not to take actions we know are good for us.  In the end, this prevents many positive changes from taking place in our lives.

    I’ve had to learn to watch these lies and excuses very carefully in order to make the positive changes I’ve made in my life: a healthier diet, regular…


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  • This keeps happening enough times that I can’t ignore it.

    I dream that huge amounts of floodwaters come in and sweep everything away. I climb to the top of the tallest trees so I don’t get swept away (and potentially die) in these dreams.

    An unprecidented amount of water washes over coastal regions.

    #make of it what you will? #ramblings#dreams
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  • I can’t make sense of some of it, but for most of the dream I was trying to run from a detective. No matter where I went he would find me. I was also part of some sort of class. I liked my class, but had to ditch them to run from the detective.

    Near the end of the dream I realized the entire world that I knew was actually just a giant island in the sky. I decided I wanted to see what was below the clouds. The detective, who at that point had turned into my dad, said fine, if that’s what it took for me to see the truth.

    At the edge of the world as I knew it, I found the rest of my class. I was overjoyed that they were coming with me. We commandeered a train car and pulled it over the edge. There was a mist right below the “world,” and as we fell into it everything became cold. We couldn’t fall very far into the mist at all; in fact we surfaced again as if buoyant in water. “Is this the truth?” Someone asked. “It’s all nothing?”

    Then I saw light from beneath the surface of the mist, and it felt warm instead of cold. I opened my eyes under it, and wherever the mist was I could see my room from real life. When I went back above the mist I could see the world I had left.

    The truth? The truth was it was all a dream.


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  • I had a lovely little dream.

    / NSFW Please be aware!

    I dreamt that I met a group of 3 people my age at a fancy bar. I was by myself, and they were very nice. There was one guy that I was talking to and we had a really nice conversation. I liked him. We were all sitting at a table together at the edge of the room.

    The next day, my dad took me with him to a military gathering/party. It was being held at the same fancy bar. My dad sat at the bar while I snuck off to sit with my new friends. I pointed at my dad and showed them who he was. The guy and I talked for awhile, but then he got up and walked to the far left, where a doorway was.

    The other friends kind of looked at me and pointed towards him, and that’s when I realized I was supposed to follow. I realized that he’d been flirting with me during this 2nd meeting. He was standing in the doorway and looked handsome is a mysterious way (corny but it’s true). I told the other friends that if my dad was looking for me, to tell him I was in the bathroom, and I gathered my things and left.

    He kept walking. I followed, walking around a couple making out in the hall. There were burgundy lockers lining the walls and a bathroom, but I kept following him at a distance. He turned a corner and when I caught up, he was going up a large set of gold escalators (there were at least four side by side) that seemed to go up forever. He was sitting on them like they were a throne. I hopped on and dropped all my things- by now I realized I had been carrying my water bottle, wallet, some papers, and my purse… I quickly shoved everything back in my purse.

    As we went up the escalators, the walls became beautiful lattice glass. The sun was setting outside and everything was a beautiful orange and yellow. We went up and up and up, and when I got to the top he was waiting for me. He was just sitting on the blue carpet a few feet away from where the escalator ended. I got off, and sat near him.

    He kissed me, I kissed back. He held me and I held him too. We had sex. It felt wonderful. He was so kind to me. I felt like he truly loved me. The conversations we had, he just oozed sincerity, like every compliment was coming from the heart and now he was having sex with me not only for himself but for me as well.

    I woke up in the middle of the sex. I laid there for a few minutes to imagine the rest. When I tried to remember a name, he didn’t have one, but Danny was the first name that came to mind anyway. I wish you were real, Danny. I love you. Thank you for being so kind to me.

    #dream#dreams #I remember all the locations being soo pretty. it was just a really nice dream! #love#save#me
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  • Drift

    Let me drift off

    Like a cloud in the sky

    Or the tentacles of a Nebula

    Stretching out in the cosmic winds

    Sometimes I think I’ll drift forever

    The vastness

    Always stretching out before me

    I need no anchor

    Not today

    I want to be lost at sea

    To be tossed about by huge waves

    To float, and look at the sky for days

    Let me drift off

    Like a lost balloon

    Or a piece of tree bark carried by the stream

    Dipping and falling

    Floating and finding

    Someday’s I cannot fight it

    I have to let it take me

    Let me drift off

    Like a bird from a cliff

    The uplifts taking me higher and higher

    I spread my wings and soar

    The ground below

    A blur

    Let me drift off

    I want to sleep

    To be carried by the visions

    The dreams

    Endlessly searching

    My depths

    It cannot find me there

    Cosmic Birch


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  • January 4, 2021

    Dear Ben,

    I wonder to what degree I feel this pressure to be normal - from my family, from society. To what degree I live my life in the way my parents want me to, because they want to. To what degree my fear of failure plays into all that, makes it easier to play it safe. To what degree all that will prevent me from doing what I want to do, and to what degree this will all come to haunt me when I’m 40 or 50 and will lead to radical choices that will affect my relationship with everyone around me.

    Oh no.


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  • dreams have been kicking my ass today like first i had a dream where my grandpa came back to life and just now i woke up from a dream about my best friend from childhood

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  • why did i have a dream last night that i was in a hot topic . like why is thst a recurring location in my dreams

    #the general location is like . malls idk i have a lot of mall dreams but i only ever really go into hot topic in the dreams?? #it’s a different mall every time too #txt#dreams
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  • I had a dream with Bro Strider in it. But it was weird because the corona was still going on but i was out and about with my family and friends to this outdoor school??? I was hanging out with irl friends who i havent hung iut with in forever. I was outside sitting on a bridge with three ppl and then Bro Strider just sits down with us. And then later i saw a man who was appearantly my teacher (not an actual real person i know tho) and then i showed him my boobs. Then later everyone- as in my friends, family, and the homestuck cast were hanging out in my living room. My mom was back with my dad and i dont remember if my step mom was there. But i was talking to my mom about nostalgic toys and how i wanted a fisher price doll house that i had as a kid. Im so confused.

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