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  • Alright so sorry if this is weird but, I can’t resist sharing this like, 30 second Robot Trains dream I had. When the dream started I was in Fountain Plaza, kind of near the perimeter I guess, with the fountain and most of the plaza in my field of view. 

    Jeffrey and a bunch of minor characters were hanging around (no main characters except Jeffrey. Just characters like DiDi, Emma, Andre…maybe Toto. Folks like that). 

    They looked like they’d all just been milling about but when I showed up they were all staring at me with like…concern and disapproval. Jeffrey kind of gave the others this look like “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” and then walked over to me. 

    He said “It’s better if you dream about your own home.” And then I just woke up. 

    Lol, so there you go, I guess I got kicked out of Train World.

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  • Keep having dreams about doing dwugz but vaguely knowing I’m dreaming, so they never do anything (dreams are already like drugs) and my brain is just like You’re wasting them!!

    #a day in the life of a lord #dreams
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  • dreamt that I was at my boyfriend’s house (although it was like way bigger than his actual home) with his sister and mom and we heard someone in another room. We all got knives in the kitchen then snuck to the room we heard the noises coming from. Once we got in the room I woke up. Didn’t even get a chance to see or fight the intruder…

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  • Unequal access to resources fuels the evil intents of inequality. Therefore, poverty is fundamentally a civil rights issue. The glass ceilings they see through in the aims to breakthrough are their ballroom floors. Their rich is their poor. Their burdens are their splendors. But if you are a dreamer, it is your responsibility to mold the future mentally. Show the others what can be seen. They do not have the propensity. Together you can mold the impossible out of nothing. Dreams can’t be manifested without the means. 

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  • So i had a dream with Kihyun last night! Although i dont remember too much of it: We were doing a scavenger hunt at an airport mall and he was in another group so i didnt get to talk with him but thought if i kept making heart eyes at him, he’d come talk to me (which didnt work lol). Aside from that, I had a Tamagotchi and was looking for another one to buy instead of focusing on my scavenger hunt list lol

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  • I just remembered I had a dream last night where Bill shaved both his hair and beard because he was depressed. So he sat in a hotel room all night and cried

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  • Oh boy

    Does anyone remember the show Courage: the Cowardly Dog? Y’know like…the show that probably fudged a lot of kids up when they were younger cause of it s horror elements (like me)? XD

    welllll I just woke up from having a dream that Cartoon Network was making a reboot of the show.

    It was called Courage! For REAL! And it was…Interesting, to say the least…

    It was literally almost nothing at all like the original. It had a animation style almost identical to Teen Titans Go!, and had next to no horror aspects. Some aspects were similar, like how Courage rarely talked extendedly or how Muriel and Eustace almost never notice the shenanigans happening around them, and a l o t of characters from the old show were there, but that’s where it ended.

    Muriel and Eustace weren’t even married. Eustace was some kind of museum security guard who was in love with a absolutely clueless regular visitor, Muriel, who for some reason was an aspiring artist. I specifically remember that one of the running gags in the show was Courage trying to stop Eustace’s advances.

    Most of the villains in the show were…just that. Villains. They weren’t scary, they were just…cheesy one-liner villains. Courage even had these weird animal friends that I can’t even remember the faces of, who would sometimes help in his adventures.

    Even the commercial for the show was weird. It basically was just like the original Courage opening but like this: “We Interupt this Program, to bring you; a brand new show! Courage! For REAL!

    It was just…a sterilized cookie cutter version of the show more than anything else. Idk even know where this came from, but the more I think about the dream, the more I just think “boy…that actually sounds like something CN would make”

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  • I dreamt I was in Hell and it functioned like normal society, just had a lot of weird creatures. It wasn’t so much Hell as it was just some spirit world.

    Anyways I was a gay vampire dude racing my crush in a drag car and

    Oh to be a gay vamp in a fast car

    (Hazbin Hotel do not interact let me be a gay vampire in peace)

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  • things i am interested in (in no specific order):

    • bfb
    • dhmis
    • dreams/nightmares
    • supernatural stuff [ghosts, cryptids, etc]
    • imaginary friends
    • original characters

    so if you ever want to talk about these stuffs with me [via asks or whatever you want i don’t mind] feel free to do so :0)

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  • I had a dream I went over to a guy’s house and he told me he was gonna get me pregnant and I woke up in a cold sweat

    #it was literally awful #i hate kids so much #this is worse than the dream i had about killing someone #gn i hate it here #comedy#funny#dreams#kids #fuck them kids
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  • image

    Hovering in the sky

    White suspended droplets

    I was rotating with them

    Static at the same time


    I tried to think but I couldn’t keep hold of a thought

    It slipped away and became part of a cloud

    I was a ball of water and my knowledge of everything swirled in it

    Liquefied, became diluted to nothing

    Yet I felt more aware than I ever had

    I had nothing, just this

    Yet this was everything




    Or not at all

    And at some point I felt a pressure building

    A deep heat forming within this cloud

    It swirled in and about

    The heat bubbled, intensified

    That was all there was

    Then I was gone

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  • Don’t say that I could change

    ‘Cause even if you stayed

    We’d still be climbing up this mountain

    So let us go our ways

    And skip out all the pain

    And forget all the

    Bricks we’d laid into this path


    Of all the times we tried

    I’ve still been up all night

    Writing songs of you.

    And even though you’re gone

    They will still live on in a memory or two.

    Of all the streets I see

    No one will ever be comparable to you

    So with these words I go

    I just wanted you to know

    That my dreams are still of you.

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  • So guys what do you do when you’ve been seeing for 2 weeks in your dreams that you have a son and now they tell you in a random tarot reading that you’re gonna have a son? 🤔

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  • image

    Dream Catcher Lore.

    It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch your bad dreams during the night.

    The bad spirit dreams will get caught in the web and objects woven in the web, then vanish with the morning sun.

    The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center and float down the sacred feathers onto the sleeping one.

    Dream catchers are believed to bless the sleeping ones with pleasant dreams, good luck and harmony throughout their lives.

    Hmm do you believe on this? What do you think? :)

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  • ‪Я просто хочу, чтобы кто-то открыл дверь и сказал: «бери все необходимое, мы уезжаем». И мы бы уехали, объехали весь мир, заглянули в каждый укромный уголочек нашей земли и на пути встретили много приключений.. ‬

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  • on a less angry note i had this dream where somebody told me my house was haunted which in real life i know 100% yes it is but in my dream i for some reason just fuckin refused to believe it so i said shut up no it’s not and then i heard something downstairs and went to investigate and there was a green beanbag chair that i had never seen before in my life just levitating in the middle of the living room and i said okay maybe it was haunted but i still didn’t really believe it

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