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  • calli0p3
    18.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    been thinkin about c!crime boys recently. and topic that interests me the most is their revivals

    Death inspired so many new feelings and routines for both characters and they could not be more different. In fact I think it showcases their differences incredibly well.

    c!wilbur came back and immediately had multiple plans formulating to become relevant again. he looked around him and patted himself on the back for the destruction he created. He was brash and loud about his revival. making himself seen and heard by those who knew him and those who didn’t, because people had moved on and god he hated that. he was back and he learned that time kills more than just people.

    c!tommy came back and it was like a switch was flipped. he was afraid of taking damage, he felt like a ghost, and his worldview was distorted. So much had changed in the time he was gone, it was hard to keep up. His friends had found homes, taken his land, and moved on. It hurt him to see so many people forget so easily, because he couldn’t have been that insignificant right? In his mind it wasn’t only Tommy that had died, it was his friendships, his trust, and the things he believed in. once again time kills.

    man the dynamic between the two is so interesting to me and their separate revivals rlly showcase how differently the characters think when presented with a similar situation. (idek if any of this makes sense)

    #im basically rambling #c!crimeboys #this was written at 7am im so sorry lmao #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#wilbur soot#dsmp#tommyinnit #c!tommy #c!wilbur
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  • chunkysoup12
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #thank u for thinking of me hehe #i would love for my dreams to portray this vibe #dsmp
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  • hanguangjunlanzhan
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Mark LEE + NCT 2020 Members

    Haechan [16/22]

    #nct#nct 2020#nct 127#nct dream#nct mark#nct haechan#mark lee#lee donghyuck #nct dream haechan #nct 127 haechan #nct 127 mark #mark lee + nct 2020 members
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  • thesuspiciousflyingjellyfish
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Gatekeeping, Girlboss, Ground control to Major Tom

    #it came to me in a dream #look im posting for once
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  • incorrect-sandman
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Dream: Son I need to tell you something -- I'm gay.

    Orpheus: But what about mum?

    Dream: What about her?

    Orpheus: Don't you love her?

    Dream: No? why would I love her I said I'm gay

    #submission#morpheus#orpheus#calliope #fables and reflections #JUST DANCE WITH YOUR OWN DAMN WIFE YOU BASTARD #IT'S YOUR SON'S DAMN WEDDING YOUR ARSE #vines #sorry i forgot who did this vine but bless them #-- #ty for the submission!! #dc#sandman#the sandman#incorrect sandman#dream #dream of the endless #the song of orpheus #neil gaiman#vertigo
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  • clnnamon-rolls
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I will be waiting for you, on the other side of the frozen pines I'm gonna find a way through, there's another life beyond the line

    The art I made that’s currently my header! My fav Dream SMP characters I love them so much <3

    #dream smp#technoblade#philza#emerald duo#dsmp#my art #also tumblr may have ruined the quality F #mcyt
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  • findingjoynweirdstuff
    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Dream SMP Recap (October 16/2021) - Find Serenity

    (Sorry for this one being so late! I’ve been very busy the past couple days. There wasn’t much more than a transcript for this one anyway and that’s been done already, but I wanted to post it for continuity’s sake)

    Michael sends out a strange message.





    - Miscellaneous radio sounds play with music

    - Michael begins to speak:


    Michael: “Over the last five months, I’ve been in a difficult spot. I’ve met many an individual. Some that made me feel welcome, and some who’ve done the relative opposite. They told me if I built a wooden house, I should’ve expected it to burn. and it did.

    While they claimed it a practical joke and put out the fires, I heeded their warning and moved far away. Living in isolation for the last few months has taught me many a thing. 

    One: Self reliance is an important key.

    Two: When you’re alone, you have nothing to rely on.

    And Three: Actions matter much more than words.

    While I don’t have enemies, I also don’t have friends either. My distance has been kept for reasons, and they’re mine alone. I’ll always be friendly with locals, but in more situations than not, I’ve definitely felt threatened.”

    (he sighs)

    “I’ve heard nothing but rumors of good and bad. Some telling stories of a man I’ve yet to meet, locked away for life. Some...ghost stories. The further I get away from L’manburg, the clearer my mind becomes. No longer do the stories come knocking. When I’m here, nothing enters my walls. When I leave, I know what to expect and the dangers that may or may not entail.

    Don’t believe everything you hear. Or maybe you should. If anybody hears this, good. Heed my warning and stay away from L’manburg.

    While it doesn’t have a name, and it’s nowhere near completion, my coordinates are -10 6200.”

    “Come and find serenity.”


    (Michael sings and plays a guitar cover of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us”)

    It might not be the right time.

    I might not be the right one.

    But there’s something about us, I want to say.

    ‘Cause there’s something between us anyway.


    I might not be the right one.

    It might not be the right time.

    But there’s something about us, I’ve got to do.

    Some kinda secret I will share with you.

    I need you more than anything in my life.

    I want you more than anything in my life.

    I need you more than anyone in my life.

    I’ll love you more than anyone in my life.


    Upcoming Events:

    - Dream’s lore video

    - Sam lore

    #dream smp recaps
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  • emptysil-ence
    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    funky layout wooo im tired it do be bed time

    #its hard being this swag #i have so much work to do in a weEK holy shit #100% fever dream
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  • hauntdeity
    18.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    It is Halloween and you are dressed in your favorite costume. It’s been lovingly crafted for you by someone you care about. You wander from house to house, admiring the decorations as you go. The sounds of children laughing, leaves crunching, and crickets chirping drift to you on a chill breeze, creating a joyful and melodious symphony. Flames flicker gently from windows and the mouths of jack-o-lanterns. Your treat basket is full of goodies and it is getting late. Lights are starting to go out in the houses around you, but the full moon shines overhead in the velvet night. The fleet of stars that grace the sky seem to wink at you playfully. You take out one of your favorite sweets, unwrap it, and pop it in your mouth. On your way home you stop to pet a black cat who purrs and rubs against your knees. When you reach your house the lights are still on. You can see the silhouette of a loved one moving around inside, waiting for you to come home. The jack-o-lantern you carved is smiling at you from the front porch. You smile as the sleepiness of the late hour begins to take hold. You take one last look back at the moon and then head inside. It’s been a fun night, but now it’s time to rest.

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  • gwenhwyfach
    18.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    speaking of symphogacha i misplaced my account transfer shit forever ago..... its still on my old phone but, the screen is busted to the point i cannot unlock it..... rest in piece. at this point if i restart im waiting for a banner for whatever the fuck the current arena bigdog is. just use all those new player bonuses to max em out right then and there

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  • eydieinalaska
    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    the cutest most interesting girls are plagued by dreams of loss and miscarriage

    #the past few nights my dreams have been of married life #thrifting #having a pregnant belly #I had a dream within a dream about cervical cancer #and a man I've never met leaving me heartbroken
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  • burfee
    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    mark lee monday ♡ (10/∞)

    #nctinc#mklnet#idolsincedits#mark#mark lee#nct#mct dream#nct 127 #not what i wanted to post but my laptop is an enemy of markzens -_- #burfee#mine*#gifs*#mlm*
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  • ultlmh
    18.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    ˚₊✩‧₊ nct dream ‘00 line when they catch you spying on them ₊˚✩‧˚₊

    ‧*‧͙⁺˚ pairing: member of secret society!nct dream ‘00 line x spy!gn!reader
    ‧*‧͙⁺˚ wc: 1.4k
    ‧*‧͙⁺˚ warnings: mentions of violence, swear words, blood and capturing

    [ ✩ ] renjun:

    “what are you doing? why are you-”

    “shut up,” renjun hisses into your ear as his eyes dart to-and-fro, hands steadily working on untangling the chains that prevent you from moving. you can almost sense the urgency in his voice just by the way his breath hits your earlobe, causing you to flinch away imperceptibly. you have never liked people getting too close to you.

    when he’s done, the shackles fall to the floor with a clang. he pushes you off the chair and motions for you to follow him. creeping quietly along the corridors, you ask, “so. can you tell me why the hell i’m here instead of sitting in my chair like a good prisoner?”

    he stops at a corner and listens for footsteps before continuing. “no, that’s private.”

    just as you scoff, an alarm goes off. shouts and yells fill the air, the stomping of feet reverberating off the bare concrete walls. “shit,” renjun curses under his breath, not having expected such a quick discovery of your disappearance.

    “what now, captain of secrecy?” you whisper smugly. he sends you a dirty look.

    “you’re the spy here, and apparently, you’re pretty good. don’t know how you got yourself caught, but i’ve heard about you. spent two years here, working your way up the ladder, all the while sending intel back to whoever you serve.” renjun takes a good look at you, smiling subconsciously, “not bad.”

    “i would’ve never gotten caught if not for that filthy traitor,” you spit bitterly, recalling the look on the backstabber’s face when he brought you in for questioning.

    renjun sizes you up. “that ‘filthy traitor’ is my friend. and we got you thrown in interrogation for a reason. now help me figure out how to get out.”

    you huff in annoyance and jut your chin towards the vent you spotted overhead.

    “good eye.” renjun is preparing to hoist himself upwards into the open vent when the shouts near the corner you are hiding behind. renjun swears again, beginning to wildly gesticulate at you to climb into the vent. “go! go!” renjun hurries you along, “get to the south wing of the twenty-seventh floor.”

    “what about you?” you frown back at him. renjun shakes his head and claims he can handle it, as long as you’re safe and out of the way. as you’re crawling into the vent, you turn again and ask, “seriously, why are you doing this?”

    renjun squares his posture and gets ready to fight security off. without looking at you, he says, “i thought it might be useful to have a good spy like you in my debt.” smirking, he says, “you owe me now, idiot.”

    [ ✩ ] jeno:

    you press yourself flat against the wall, trying your hardest not to make a sound. peering around the corner, you wait for the all-clear signal.

    “what are you doing?” a voice sounds out from behind you and you almost jump out of your skin. heart pounding, you whip around and see a teenage boy - around your age, actually - staring at you suspiciously. he’s got cute boba eyes. you frown and wonder why you thought that.

    “oh, i was just looking for the bathroom. do they have those around here?” you purposely widen your eyes, blinking them a couple times to look nonchalant.

    “you’re not from around here.” his voice is soft and low, his eyes narrowed.

    “no, i was invited here. do you know where the bathroom is? i really need the toilet,” you say coolly, trying to play off his suspicions by changing the subject.

    he moves so lightning-quick that you barely have time to react. grabbing both of your arms and pinning them against the wall, he slams his body against yours, preventing you from moving. you immediately tense all of your muscles as a reflex.

    his face moves down dangerously close to yours. he’s a lot taller than he seemed just moments before. you can feel his hot breath on your cheek when he hisses, “what do you think you’re doing here?”

    pressing your head against the wall in an attempt to move as far away from him as possible, you grit your teeth. “let me go.”

    “you really think i will?” he whispers, malign lacing his tone.

    tilting your head, you put on your innocent act again. “poor baby boy might have to if i jam my knee up right where the sun doesn’t shine.” smiling sweetly at him, you bring your knee up hard between his legs, watching as his figure crumples to the ground and he winces in pain.

    “i have a mission to carry out, and if all goes well, no one gets hurt,” you seethe, bending down to mutter harshly in his ears. you prop his writhing body up against the wall, lifting his body up by his armpits. looking down at him, you soften just a fraction.

    “sorry, man, but i got a job to do.” just as you turn to leave, he says something, his voice hoarse.

    “take the nearest left. it’s safer.”

    [ ✩ ] haechan:

    “so,” haechan walks in a tight circle around you, “what master do you serve?”

    “would you like me to say jesus? ‘cause i can,” you growl, eyeing him distrustfully.

    he smiles at you, but it doesn’t reach your eyes. leaning in, he whispers into your ear, “tell me everything.” his voice is so mesmerising, melodic and rough, soft and clear, and you just want to fall into the universe that it seems to hold within-

    no. this is what your boss warned you about. lee donghyuck, alias haechan, is one of the last few sirens alive, and his voice can be resisted by few. you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t fall under his spell. however, you knew that it would be easier for him to let his guard down if he believed you were entranced. so, you relax all your muscles, leaning back against your chair as if in a blissful peace, and give him all the information he wants. falsified information, of course. you’re rather good at lying.

    haechan asks, “what is your real name, then?”

    “november atlas johnson,” you reply without missing a beat.

    haechan freezes. he hears something in your tone, some sort of… deception?

    grabbing your collar, he pulls your neck towards him, the hard lines of his face deepened with displeasure. “lies.” his eyes are right in front of yours, and right now, they are all you can see. bright, chocolate orbs, almond shaped. perfect. they seemed to hold a beacon of light, shining- no, overflowing with it. for a second, you believe that you have fallen for this man.

    then you contract your abdominal muscles and thwack your head forward, hitting him square on his forehead with your own. eyes burning with rage, you scream something unintelligible, so loud that haechan is forced to take a step back and cover his ears. when he removes his hands, he realises that they are stained small flecks of blood. his forehead is bleeding.

    curling his lip in disdain, he snarls at the guards to drag you out of the room, before storming off to find new ways of torturing you.

    [ ✩ ] jaemin:

    he sighs deeply as he stands over you, shaking his head at your weak attempts at breaking out from the chains that bind you to the chair.

    “you know, continuous flailing isn’t going to get you out of these bonds. made them myself. reinforced carbon steel.” you glare at him as he makes small talk, baring your teeth.

    he takes a step back when he sees your aggression. “hey, calm down, i’m not going to kill you.”

    “and what exactly will you do with me, huh? throw me into the dungeon so i can rot behind bars for all eternity?” you smile menacingly at him. “never.”

    he turns and looks at you for a long moment. his soulful eyes penetrate yours, and you get the feeling that he’s staring straight into your soul. you shudder, taking a deep breath and schooling your features into an unreadable slate. you stare emotionlessly at him.

    jaemin notices that you have become closed off, the windows to your soul somehow shut. he turns back to the blank white wall behind him, trying his hardest to suppress a smile. you’re just what he’s been looking for.

    “take them away. but not to the dungeons.” he clasps his hands behind his back, drawing his spine up straight. walking out of the interrogation room, he barely even glances at you as he says, “take them to my private laboratory.”

    © ultlmh, 2021. all rights reserved.

    #nct#nct oneshots#nct drabbles#nct fics#nct writing#nct imagines#nct scenarios#haechan#nct dream #nct 00 line #jeno#jaemin#renjun #nct dream drabbles #nct renjun #nct dream scenarios #nct dream headcanons #nct headcanons#nct shorts #nct dream writing #nct dream fic #nct dream fanfic #nct fanfic#na jaemin#nct jaemin #nct na jaemin #huang renjun #nct huang renjun #lee jeno#jeno lee
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  • alexisreibae
    18.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    //dsmp, rp

    c!techno and c!dreams relationship is so weird at the moment.

    Neither of them trusts the other fully, Dream doesn't trust Techno with the revive book knowledge (and before you come for me shjshsj I mean it as in he could have given techno the revive book without letting Sam and Quackity know, so his life is still valued in pandora) and Techno doesn't trust him enough to know Who his friends are or about the Syndicate.

    Yet they trust each other fully? They would Die for each other?

    Let's say Techno went in the prison because of his Own Morals, die for his anarchist cause. Still he wrote in his Will that he went because of Dream, didnt even know if he would make it back. He fully trusts Dream with His life, offered Dream to revive him Multiple times. And the second he was out he started preparing to get Dream out.

    Dream was worried for Technos wellbeing immediately, the moment he stepped into the prison dream was worried For him, and that might have been because he was his only shot at escaping, yes, the feeling is Still there. Last stream he was prepared to give quackity the revive book if that meant keeping Techno safe(watch the vod, he hesitates before Techno steps in). He Stands Up to Quackity, his own freaking Abuser and Torturer, the man he has been calling Sir for MONTHS, he yells at him to stop, hits him because he was hurting Techno. He actively (and oh so softly) tells Techno I don't want you to experience death nor revival (tommy described revival as something horrible, and it's the only feedback dream got on it) he actively Cares So much.

    Their relationship is so weird, the development from allies to best friends Is there, but it's still weird to not trust someone, but still trust them with your life

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