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    I liked doomsday, even as a c!Tommy enthusiast I thought doomsday was cool, but admittedly a lot of the criticisms of it are valid.

    Doomsday was... confusing, from a narrative standpoint there's a bunch of stuff that I just don't know how to feel about, namely: the culmination of the butcher army arc,

    Doomsday felt more like Techno+Dream vs Tommy than it did Techno fulfilling his promise of revenge against the butcher army, and I don't think that would have been too much of a problem except for the fact that... the butcher army thing kind of just... stopped.

    It would have been cool as fuck to see the continuation of the butcher army in the fallout of doomsday, see how it affected them, maybe making them too afraid to pursue him or just strengthening their resolve, maybe we could have seen Tubbo "Repress everything" Underscore deciding to put it off until he's finished with the disc war finale, or even just see somebody saying/thinking "You know what, it's probably better to just leave Techno alone at this point"

    I just think it would have been interesting to see how Doomsday made people reevaluate their opinions of Technoblade because the aftermath of doomsday made it feel a LOT like it was just Dream, or that Dream was in charge of everything when really, Dream wasn't preparing withers for months, Dream didn't manipulate Techno, he didn't even have to use the favour.

    Idk this is a big ramble basically: The butcher army arc kind of dissapeared without a satisfying conclusion in my eyes but they could totally bring it back and I would really like to see them do it because the fun thing abt the butcher army is that now it's members are all on opposite sides of everything and if they ended up reuniting even for just one fight, that would be fuckn SICCKKKK

    #thoughts#dream smp#dsmp#dreamsmp#writing critical #c!techno critical #doomsday #I'm gonna restate this: Doomsday was actually pretty enjoyable imo #it's just that if that wasn't the climax of the butcher army then they need to have one at some point (imo)
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    Krinios is on DSMP confirmed?!

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    Heres a cute doodle of Sapnap and Quackity while. Now lemme rant about the other characters and plot ideas I have for the story because I wanna workshop and none if my friends know dsmp.

    So lemme just drop random facts about the Flames of Guilt and y'all lemme know what ya think.

    - Sapnaps nightmares aren't just Karl, but doesnt wanna worry Quackity. They also include Bad, George, and Dream

    - Sapnap flames up with positive emotions as well

    - Quackity acts weird whenever Kinoko Kingdom is brought up

    - Someone is trying to convince Sapnap to go back to the Library

    - Karl villain arc?

    - Quackity does feel terrible about what happened but he believes if Sapnap knows what really happened, he'll be abandoned again.

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    So, an anti wanted to waste my time today by complaining about this ship, so I just talked to them about how I thought Schlatt should not only come back to the SMP but should completely take over. Like. The SMP, right? But it's just Schlatt. Call it Jschlatt if you will.

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    C!Ghostbur x Ghost!Reader, C!Wilbur x Reader

    Word Count: 1k+ words

    Summary: After being a ghost all by yourself, you meet a familiar person in the afterlife

    TW: none

    Requested?: [Yes] [No]

    Requester: @xxhttp-lovelyxx

    Note: Italics = flashback // (Y/U/N) = Your username

    Also this is another fic for @helliontherapscallion’s 2k event! I decided to just add a request as well cause it was quite similar to the prompt I chose :)

    Prompt [bolded]:

    Angst: “You did this! Stop blaming others for your mistakes.”

    Masterlist // Rules for Requesting

    ───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────

    "Hey y/n?..." You hum at your friend. "Do you- i was wondering... um…” You turn your head towards Wilbur as you raise and eyebrow at his stuttering. “Well… I was wondering you’d like to be my significant other?" You widen your eyes, did you hear your best friend correctly?

    At your silence, your best friend quickly blurted out apologies as his face started to get red (like it wasn’t already red before). You felt heat rise up to your cheeks. Noticing Wilbur about to stand up and leave out of embarrassment, you quickly stuttered out a response. "I-I would love to Wilbur."


    “(Y/n) please! Don’t do this!” Both you and your boyfriend had tears running down your faces. “We can fix this! We can fix our relationship!” One of Wilbur’s hands flew to his hair as he struggled to think of a way to get you back.

    “If someone hurt you o-or did something that made you feel this way, I swear to god I’ll fucking ki-“ You shook your head. “Wilbur stop, you don’t understand! You did this! Stop blaming others for your mistakes.” You use your arm to get rid of the tears clouding your eyes, adding to the already damp sleeve. “Don’t you see how obsessed you are with running for president? I sure do”

    You scoff silently as the hot tears kept on flowing down your face. You were sure that your eyes were red, cheeks stained with tears, and hair slightly mess; a result you combing it with your hand when you got anxious. You look at your boyfriend one last time. “It’s too late Wilbur, the relationship is getting unhealthy for the both of us and you know it! I’m sorry but we’re over.”


    You place down another torch, the light making you able to see better. Spotting some iron up ahead, a huge grin appears on your face. Bingo.

    You quickly run to it as you place down another torch near the wall where the iron was. What you didn’t spot was the creeper heading towards you but when you finally heard it’s infamous sound, it was too late.

    “(Y/U/N) was blown up by a creeper.” You were on your last canon life...


    You sigh as you pick up a flower and place it in your basket. You hated being dead and you especially hated how dull and lonely the afterlife was. You wished that you were able to go back to being alive but you knew that you couldn’t; at least you didn’t know how to anyways.

    Despite all the cons, there was at least one pro: you were able to visit all your friends in the over-world once every month. It was something that excited you every month, after all, it was able to distract you from the fact that you were all alone.

    Although you couldn’t talk to them or touch anyone, you were able to carry and hold stuff. Because of that, you were able to write letters to them and leave them in your friends' houses. You always patiently waited for them to come home (sometimes you even help clean up their house beforehand!) and see the letter, a smile appearing on their faces when they open it and realize it’s from you.

    At first they were scared and thought it was a joke but after more and more letters came (all of them ending with your exact signature from when you were alive) they started to believe that the letters are actually coming from you.

    Today you were picking the last remaining flowers near your house so you could add them to the letters you were delivering tomorrow. You wished you had someone to talk to but of course, they would have to lose all of their canon lives to do that and you didn't want that to happen to anyone.

    You closed your eyes and sigh. Carrying your basket that was full of flowers, you started heading back to your little hut that you built yourself. Wind then started blowing all around you, making the flowers swaying to the side. You widen your eyes, could it be?

    You've read from a book that when someone joins the afterlife, wind starts blowing. You always thought it was strange but never questioned it since you never saw it happen before since no-one ever joined the afterlife. They all decided to become a ghost in the over-world forever instead.

    You looked at the spot where the wind was circling and saw a figure start to form. You gasp as you recognize the person, surely it wasn't who you thought it was?

    When the figure finished forming, they looked at you. Their eyes widened when they recognized you. "Y/n?" They blurted out, slowly walking towards you. The ground around you two started to shake lightly as flowers rapidly grew from the ground, creating a flower field. You didn't know how it happened but you ignored it, only focusing on the person who appeared.

    You felt tears forming at the corner of your eyes, "Wilbur... w-why are you here?" Wilbur froze at the question, shaking his head. "Er I'll tell you later..." He coughed. "What about you? Why are you here?"

    "A creeper exploded behind me and I died." You roll your eyes as he started laughing slightly, "Its a dumb way to die, I know. You also still didn't answer my questi-" You got interrupted as the familiar feeling of wind blowing appeared once more. You wondered who it was this time when a blue sheep appeared. Wilbur's eyes widen as he rushes toward the animal, "FRIEND! YOU'RE HERE!"

    You raise an eyebrow at him, questioning his actions. Did he not remember that you broke up with him? You weren’t sure if it was a good thing or bad thing that he didn’t bring the topic up. "Um, lets go to my house and talk there, okay? I can't wait to catch up with you." You smile at him as he holds his sheep in his arms and rushes next to you. "Just wait till I tell you about 'friend' as well!" His cheery attitude made you somewhat cheery as well. You had a smile on your face the entire time you walked to your house.

    If you were being honest, you couldn't wait to hang out with him again just as friends but little did you know, you didn't have much time with Wilbur till you were lonely yet again.

    ───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────

    Taglist: @thenotsohottopic @0-0littlem0-0 @alec-lost-bee @bi-narystars @sakurapartridge @ryxjxnnx @boiciph3r @maxiewritesfanfic @cheesysin @missusstark @multifandomgirl-us @sophia902103 @sunnyxlove @marrymetheonott

    Send me an ask or dm to be added to my taglist! :)

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    Eret's laugh is pure serotonin.

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    I’m only in(?) one dsmp discord server... my anxiety says no but also i want to join more...

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    diversity win! this resurrected terrorist is neurodivergent

    #wilbur soot #wilbur soot fanart #dreamsmp#dsmp #c!wilbur #c!wilbur fanart #wilbur fanart#dsmp art#dreamsmp art #good night its 4 am
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    Not a day goes by that I don't think about the fact Schlatt canonically calls Quackity his "sugar pumpkin"

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    I'm in the middle of writing my Kingdom Hearts script (finally) and I just realized how spoiled Dream SMP-fans are.

    Like, there's one week without lore and people are like: "Wow, there's really not a lot going on :///"

    Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts Union χ is sitting over here giving us maybe 40 minutes of lore per year ...

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    "I will do lore and it WILL be canon."


    #i love him #schlatt revival when??? #schlatt#jschlatt#mcyt#dreamsmp#dream smp #him wanting to return just to make his lore canon and anger a bunch of people #so on brand #and charlie offering to help! #chuckle sandwich #chuckle sandwich podcast #quotes
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    Prisoner 0.5 - Part II

    Prisoner 0.5 - Part II (probably the last unless popular demand... demands it)

    Link to part I (SFW)

    Characters: Technoblade x Reader, Philza, Ranboo, Niki Nihachu, Dream, badboyhalo, antfrost, awesamdude, ponk, Quackity

    Summary (spoilers): After a closer look into the plan to get Techno out of prison, the syndicate (aided by Dream) fight the warden and his company off. Bringing Techno and Dream home safely, you spend the evening bathing with Techno before heading off to his homecoming feast. Once the party ends, Techno heads back to his cabin with you to try something new with you, namely, he wants to fuck the hell out of you.

    Word count: 5,987 (holy shit)

    Warnings: Extensive gore, blood, nudity, death, arguing, sex, alcohol, cursing

    List of kinks can be found in tags :)

    ------ NSFW!!! MINORS DNI!! there is a warning before the sex ---

    “Once I get in the prison, I need Phil to be on the lookout for Sam’s death message.” You gripped the dagger and yanked it out of the map laid out on the table, “Once you see Sam running back, you blow the horn.”

    “And I blow the horn once for every person he brings with him.”

    “Exactly,” You swung the dagger, pointing in Niki’s direction. “I need you to stay on the sidelines. Stay nearby the prison, if something goes wrong, I need you to book it to the nether portal.”

    “And from there,” Niki added, “I go to the cabin, grab Ranboo and Wilbur, and run to Logstedshire.”

    “I love that you’re all paying attention,” You sheathed the dagger, now turning your attention to Ranboo.

    “And I stay here. I’ll keep Wilbur company to make sure he stays away from the prison.”

    “Amazing, you’re all amazing,”

    In addition to the plan discussed in the meeting, you made Phil bring three extra sets of armor in his enderchest for Dream, Techno, and to replace any armor that would break during the battle. You had made sure there’d be a plan for every letter of the Cambodian alphabet, just in case things went entirely wrong.

    “I do have one concern though,” Phil said, “I don’t trust Dream as far as I can throw him.”

    “And how far is that?” You chimed, not looking up from the map.

    “Not far, mate.” Phil sighed and leaned back in his seat, the creak in the chair and the stress in his voice made you turn your attention to him, “What if he turns on us? What if he’s just using Techno? Face it, without Techno, Dream could have full reign on the server-“

    “Phil, I won’t let that happen.” You drawled.

    “And how are you going to pull that off?” Phil scoffed, hiding his concern.

    “If he turns against Techno, he’ll have to go through us. We have withers, hounds, armor for days, and we have loyalty. No one has loyalty to Dream, but we’d have allies, even if it were just for the sake of taking down Dream.”

    Phil crossed his arms and furrowed his brow, settling his gaze on you. You had a point, and Phil knew that. Even if Dream decided to turn on us, we outnumbered him. We’d have people from Kinoko Kingdom, L’Manburg (or what was left of it), and anyone Dream had ever crossed. That list included every single person on the server save for a select few. The lesser of two evils, as one might say.

    “They have a point, Phil. I know Dream is bad but I think that will work against him.” Niki chimed in.

    Ranboo vigorously nodded in encouragement, “Mhm, Mhm.”

    “I’m going to trust you on this one,” You smiled slightly, winning the argument, but Phil continued, “but, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


    The plan had gone off without a hitch so far, save for Niki forgetting a few potions. Phil was stationed outside the prison, overlooking both Niki and the main server hub from the top of a hill. He’d been waiting for ten minutes, saw Sam’s death message, and then he prepared for battle.

    Taking the bottle from his inventory along with a crossbow, pre-loaded with spectral arrows, he shifted position to a lower area with better view of the flatlands and water surrounding the prison. He prepared for Sam to come running.

    On the other side of the prison, Niki was gathering flowers, or rather, she was taking lookout and that was her cover. She’d done this many times before with various friends of hers. Once she’d even made a flower crown for Friend, Ghostbur’s blue sheep.

    As she picked, she would stand and pretend to look for more spots with flowers, while she was really scoping to see if anyone was coming to or from the prison on the other side, out of Phil’s view.

    Of course, Ranboo was distracting Wilbur by spinning him in a boat back at the cabin. He hadn’t forgotten what he had to do, he made sure of it. He told Wilbur and Wilbur repeated it to him every ten minutes just to make sure it’s drilled into his head.


    “Dream, you ready to call in that favor?” Techno’s voice was almost demanding, like he needed to pay that debt back as soon as possible.

    Dream hesitated, he couldn’t help but notice the burning gaze you pinned on him, “I- Yeah, I’m ready.”

    “Ok, no taking that back,” Techno said.

    There was a pause.

    “Wait what do we do now?”

    “Techno, they’re going to be here sooner rather than later. What did you put in your enderchest when you got here?”

    “Um, everything important, except for a few potions I think.”


    “Tommy blew my stuff up. I don’t remember.”

    “Well that’s depressing. Good thing I made Phil bring some extra sets.”

    “Phil’s here?” Techno’s demanding voice slipped, now sounding worried.

    “Uh, yeah, he’s on lookout,”

    “At least there’s someone I know out there…” Dream said under his breath.

    “I heard that, Dream. I have blocks. We’re going to make it to the other side and I’ll show you from there.”

    Just as you all started to move, a muffled horn sounded. Once, twice, three times. You began to move faster, having Techno stand at the back, pinning Dream between you two, just in case he tried something. Another horn sounded. You weren’t expecting so many reinforcements. That meant Sam was here with three of his allies, maybe more.

    “We have to move, now” you yelled over the horn.

    “What was that?” Dream shouted to you.

    “It means Sam’s brought reinforcements.”

    He shivered. It suddenly clicked, Quackity. He had to have brought Quackity. He was the one working with Sam to get Techno in here, after all. You didn’t like that he was here, but you figured it was a good opportunity to take a canon life or two for what he’d done to Techno.


    Niki was on the move. No one moved to get her, thinking she was just a bystander. In reality, she was running to the portal. There were too many people. She needed to get home and tell the others. A lump rose in her throat, choking her cries as she fled over the hill.

    “What’s going on?!” Bad took hold of her shirt. She shook free, letting a stray tear fall.

    “I-“ She cleared her throat, “I don’t know! They’re all fighting, something’s going on at the prison. We should tell Skeppy.”

    She didn’t want to involve Skeppy but this was what she was told to do if she ran into anyone. Use the ones close to them to distract them.

    “What does that have to do with Skeppy?”

    “Well, if there’s another war starting, wouldn’t it be a good idea to warn the others?”

    Bad’s mouth opened briefly, then shut. He nodded, following Niki to Skeppy’s house.


    “PHIL!” Techno yelled from the entrance. You, Dream, and Techno slipped through the portal, unharmed but panting from running the whole way back to the front.

    Phil only had one canon life, and Techno was not intent on letting his oldest friend die.

    Phil’s head popped up over the top of the hill. “Techno! I have an enderchest, do you have your stuff?”

    “No, Sam got rid of the enderchests in the lockers.” He shouted

    “Shit, here.” He threw Techno the spare enderchest he’d brought with him.

    “Dream, take these.” Techno tossed his armor to him, and Dream began to dress.

    Phil’s remarks at the syndicate meeting flashed in your memory. What if he turns on us? What if he’s just using Techno? Your eyes met Techno’s, pleading with him, showing obvious worry.

    “I know, I’ll be fine, I promise.” Techno whispered, planting a kiss on your forehead as you tossed him an extra sword and gapples.

    He gave everything to Dream, all of his armor and weapons. This felt wrong. He only carried Toothpick, some food, and the extra sword you made just in case.

    Phil had long since disappeared over the hill, and now his voice yelled, “Uh, a little help guys?”

    You turned to him, Dream adjusting the armor on him, it was a bit big but it should do the trick. It made you sick looking at him in that armor, but he only had one canon life left and it’s not like you’d really escaped yet.

    Techno was fast down the hill, you trailing after him. Your heart beat in your chest, adrenaline pumping through your veins. You were more than ready for battle.

    You looked for Quackity. You had some personal business to deal with and he needed to pay.

    “C’mere duck boy,” You growled.

    Quackity turned to you, and so did the others. You saw among them, Sam, Antfrost, and Ponk. Quackity took a step towards you, twirling the axe in his hands.

    “Are they yours, lover boy?” He asked Techno.

    He scowled, preparing to advance for Quackity, but your arm held him back. None of the others moved except for Quackity who was making a show out of his saunter.

    “I am, what of it traitor?” You said.

    “Ooh, I’m gonna have so much fun gutting you,” Quackity whispered to you.

    “Took the words outta my mouth.”

    You swung your sword, striking the first blow to his arm. It was a shallow nick, but it marked the beginning of a gruesome battle.

    — Techno pov —

    I wanted to help, I really did, but I could only catch glimpses of the battle Ares fought. The god of bloodlust, Ares, was still intent on keeping their identity secret, even with me.

    “What do I call you?”

    “Names are meaningless.”

    “No they’re not, you need them to refer to people, anyone. Even if it’s a nickname.”

    “If you’re so desperate, then name me.”

    I’d only known them for a few days then, so I refused. Eventually, once I formed the syndicate, they needed a name. It was fine when it was just the two of us and the occasional guest, but now we needed something to write down. I decided on Ares.

    “Ares it is then.”

    “Why Ares?”

    “He’s the god of bloodlust. Blood for the-“

    “Blood god, got it. Very cute, Protesilaus.” Ares was being sarcastic, but I could hear the pride in their tone. Of course I would choose the blood god, why not?

    But now my Ares was exchanging blows with one of my oldest enemies while I was occupied with Ponk. He looked intimidating in his armor, but he was shorter than me, so I had longer range. After I received a few nicks and cuts and felt the blood soak my shirt, I followed his pattern. Block, block, jab, swing, block. A blow to the abdomen between the jab and the swing drew his last breath. I took his armor.

    I only managed to get two pieces on before Sam was on me. He left his fight with Phil, who was now fighting Ant, to avenge Ponk.

    Sam was already worn out from the battle. Ares having taken them down less than an hour earlier, running all the way here, getting everyone, battling Phil, and then watching Ponk die must have destroyed his confidence. He practically collapsed as soon as I blew on him.

    “Techno!” Phil yelled, I was quick to his side. Using Sam’s axe, I swung at Ant. Phil stepped back and healed, lobbing and smashing potions at our feet, narrowly avoiding Ant.

    His crossbow fired into Ant’s side, illuminating him as he ran for cover.

    “Nice, Phil,” I growled, the voices screamed for more. I was slipping.

    “Techno, I have something for you.” Phil handed me some more fitting armor and some better weapons he retrieved from his enderchest. “Put these on, and put them to good use. They made them for you.”

    With that, Phil was off. Niki hadn’t come back yet, and he needed to make sure she was ok. She didn’t need to run back to the cabins anymore, they got it under control.

    Now armed with Swiftness and regeneration, I went after Ant, who was making a run for it. I took Sam’s axe in my hands, aimed, and threw it. It landed in his leg, going through the muscle near his shin. He yelped and I ran to him.

    “Sorry, no hard feelings?” I said.

    He opened his mouth to speak but just croaked. My sword was already through his chest, stopping his heart.


    The fight with Quackity was more words than your typical battle. Your lip was cut, spilling blood down your jaw and neck. Quackity was quickly gaining the upper hand. He had the same weapons and armor, but he wasn’t exhausted like you. This was the second personal battle in one hour you’ve fought, so anyone in your position would feel this way, too.

    “You motherfucker, you don’t think what you did was wrong?” You screamed.

    “As if I would, I have everything I’ve ever wanted and what do you have? A scary boyfriend and weak friends? I have money, power, influence-“ He was rattling off, projecting.

    “Shut up you bitch.”

    “Back again with the naughty words, where’s that gotten you?”

    “That’s gotten them me.” Techno said.

    You let out a sigh and tumbled backwards as Quackity took another swing. You heard a sickening crunch, but felt no pain. You opened your eyes to see Quackity, bewildered, his axe stuck in the handle of Techno’s own.

    Fear flickered in Quackity’s eyes, like nothing you’ve ever seen. A small squeak came out of the man who had just been shit talking you to the moon and back.

    With his other hand, Techno pushed Quackity down, hitting the rocks behind him. You pulled a health potion from your inventory as you watched Techno advance and Quackity scramble backwards.

    “What did you say about power, you scum?”

    “Techno- I- lets talk about this, man…”

    “Everything that comes to of your mouth is lies. Maybe I should take another couple of teeth for a souvenir?”

    “Please, c’mon man, I’m unarmed-”

    “You come to my house, on my birthday, spouting LIES about Dream, in an attempt to capture me? Why the hell did you think that was gonna work, Big Q? And after USING me to fight the egg. Welcome to the hit list, Quackity.”

    With that, he put the pickaxe through his head. His mouth opened, letting out a breath as the stream of blood coming from the hole in his head hit the ground, creating a puddle under him.

    - ACT II -

    Outside, lanterns lit up a small feast prepared by Niki, once she was found hiding near the nether portal with Ranboo. You had a lot to celebrate, but out of all of the people fighting tonight, you and Techno were the bloodiest.

    “D’you think it’s ready?” Techno asked.

    “Yeah, but it’s probably scorching hot,”

    “Maybe for you,” He chuckled and sank into the bath. The water began to turn pink.

    “Babe, you have blood in your hair.” You said, undoing the grotesque braid Dream had attempted to put in Techno’s hair. You dipped your hand in the water, scorching was an understatement.

    “OW-“ You pulled back, accidentally yanking on Techno’s hair.

    “What the hell, that hurt!”

    “Sorry but how are you in that water? It’s practically boiling!”

    “Dunno, seems fine to me.”

    “You have to be messing with me,”

    “Nope, that’s the piglin genes for you.”

    The steam slowly filled the house from floor to ceiling. After you and Techno got home, the weather took a turn for the worse. Dream gave Techno his armor back but admitted to not having the guts to fight in the battle.

    There was a huge argument over that, and so you both decided it’d be better to have Will sleep in the basement than to have Dream stay under the same roof as you. He was going to take Will’s place in Phil’s house.

    You heard footsteps outside, coming up the stairs to the front door.

    “Lock the door,” Techno panicked.

    You raced to the front, slamming the chunk of wood into place, keeping the door firmly shut.

    “Hey uh, I left my guitar in there, can I come get it?” Will’s voice said through the door.

    You sighed, “Will, we’re taking baths,”


    “So we’re naked, you creep.” You pinched the bridge of your nose, annoyed, “I’ll put it at the basement doors, the trapdoor will be locked. Come get it in a minute.”

    You turned to Techno, who let out rolling laughter while you talked.

    “Fuck’s sake.”

    “I’ll be here,” Techno chuckled.

    You mumbled to yourself, fetching his guitar and making your way down the ladder, “Why is everything timed like this, I was just getting comfortable.”

    You put the guitar on the ground, unlocked the basement doors, went back up the ladder, and then closed and locked the trapdoor.

    “Come here, it’s cold enough for you now.”

    “There’s no way it cooled down that fast.”

    “I put ice in it.”

    “Where did you-“ before you could finish, you noticed the wet trail from the bath to the front door and back. “Alright, fine,”

    You dropped the blanket you’d wrapped around your shoulders and slipped into the bath. It was still too hot, you thought, until you realized it was just Techno’s natural heat.

    “Alright, you first,” You said.

    The old tub would have been too small to fit both of you. It barely fit Techno, even. Now, the spruce tub Phil carved in his spare time, adorned with simple designs on the rim, was enough to fit three people, but with Techno counting as two just because of his height.

    Techno sat up and you grabbed the brush.

    “Don’t tear any hair out.” Techno said.

    “I won’t as long as you don’t squirm.”

    You were kneeling in between his legs as he laid back in the tub. He dipped himself under as far as he could while you wet his hair. Once he came back up, you moved closer and began brushing out his long, dark pink hair. You were careful to avoid his ears, since they would almost certainly get infected if you got water in them.

    As you brushed his hair, you talked, “I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed you, Tech.”

    His breathing slowed as he calmed down, “I missed you. I missed this,” he sighed, “Although I didn’t miss Will barging in,”

    You laughed, “Me neither,”

    He tucked his legs behind your back, holding you in place. You continued to brush as he washed your chest. It was stinging slightly from the hot, soapy water going into your wounds. He was careful when he came to those, using the washcloth as lightly as he could in order to clean around them, getting the dirt, sweat, and blood off.

    The water was going to be gross after this. The room was quiet except for the fire which roared in the corner. Cleaning a particularly harsh cut, you flinched and hissed.

    “Sorry, you ok?” Techno immediately recoiled.

    “Yeah, that one’s pretty deep,” You said, “It’s ok, just unexpected.”

    He continued, and you moved on from brushing his hair to his face, wetting the washcloth and pushing the blood from off his forehead.

    “There, is that better? Feeling less crusty?” You asked.

    “Yep, at least most of that blood wasn’t mine.”

    You turned around so you more or less sat in his lap. He wrapped his arms around you, sloshing some water over the rim of the tub. You stuck your head into his neck. You sat there for a while, breathing in unison. You could hear his heart beat in his chest and you were sure he could feel yours. You were happy that neither of you lost a life today.


    The party went on long into the night with you and Techno joining soon after the bath. Everyone was being lovely, Niki and Ranboo recounting their misadventures after she ran to go get help. Phil praised her for her quick thinking with Bad. Without her, Bad would have joined Sam and the others, making their job much harder.

    They didn’t set off fireworks that night in fear of bringing out butcher army 2.0 or something. At least that was the consensus. To you, it just didn’t seem like the right time, and you appreciated the quiet conversation you had with the group.

    Soon, though, you felt your eyes shutting on their own, far into your second drink. Ranboo’s cookies went over well, although the one’s Will burned were left for the polar bears, who didn’t want them either. The others wanted to catch up some more since they only ever got to talk during meetings. There wasn’t much time for chit-chat in those scenarios, and they loved to chit chat.

    You and Techno headed inside around the same time, him just after you. You whispered goodbyes to the group and went inside, where you wrote in your journal for the day.

    Techno sat on the couch and took off his overclothes. You wrote until he stole your ink, a clear sign of his attention-seeking. So you followed him and you sat together, just like in the bath, breathing each other in. 


    "Can I braid your hair?" You asked.

    He turned from you, swinging his hair behind his head for you to mould. "Please. Dream really did his worst to it."

    You laughed, thinking about the normalcy of the situation. Despite what you'd just gone through, you were closer than ever. You'd even gotten used to seeing him wear just his trousers.

    "I remember when I first saw you shirtless."

    He was hesitant, "Do you?"

    "Mhm, I walked in on you changing. I was more embarrassed than you were since we weren't dating yet."

    "I remember that. I had a crush on you by then but I didn't say anything." He recalled, "Otherwise, I would have barked at you to leave."

    "Gotta love a man with secrets,"

    He tended to hide his figure, which was more slender than you’d expect for a man that powerful. In his mind, if he walked around in skin-tight shirts all day, he’d draw unnecessary attention to his musculature. If you hadn’t known better, you’d say he was insecure.

    You hummed a familiar tune as you worked.

    "Is that Mellohi?" Techno asked.

    "I think so," You thought the name sounded right, "Tommy played it to me a few months after we first met. He was very secretive about it, making me sign a contract that stated I wasn't allowed to," You mimicked Tommy's accent, "'tell where Tommy'd hid it'"

    He snorted, "You know why he wanted you to sign that, right?"

    "Yeah, you've told me about the disc wars. Dream's still obsessed with those things right?"

    "Sadly. It's the biggest source of chaos on this server," Techno thought for a moment before adding, "besides government, of course."

    You both chuckled "True, True."

    You found it cute that Tommy would trust you with that information after only knowing you for a couple of months. He seemed almost like an annoying little brother, but he was adorable sometimes.

    Tommy even taught you how to braid Techno’s hair, pointing out the best places for roses and showing you how to tie the ribbon so it didn’t come out during battle. By now you’d become an expert at braiding his hair. It was comfortable in your hands; you knew the rhythm and pattern needed to get the curls to perfectly layer on top of one another.

    After Dream’s botched attempt during their 'roommate arc', you felt like you had to do this one perfectly, but Techno had other plans. As you weaved, he leaned back into you.

    “Tech, I can’t braid when you’re this close.” You drawled.

    “Mmm. It’s gonna get messed up anyway.” He hummed.

    “What are you going to do with your hair that would mess it up that much?” You knew that even when Techno slept, your perfect pattern would stay in place, as it had many times before.

    “I haven’t seen you in a while - haven’t held you in a while.” He was whispering now.

    “Well, I’m here now, Techno.” You said, supposing now was as good a time as any for some holding.

    He gruffed and turned around to face you and took your face in his hands, carefully avoiding the cut on your cheek. His hands were still slightly wet from the bath and his eyes, locked onto yours, reflected the dancing fire that warmed the house.

    --- NSFW starts here, final warning ---

    “Can I kiss you?” He was so close.

    In response, you pressed your lips to his. The kiss in Pandora’s Vault was passionate but rushed. Now it was slow and meaningful. Lots of your relationship with him was passionate and rushed, that’s what it had to be at the time.

    You felt ashamed to admit that you hadn’t settled down with him since the relationship’s beginning six months ago. You argued a lot about Techno’s safety, his constant risk-taking was getting less and less rewarding as time progressed, and so you lost your temper with each other a lot.

    You were taking it out on each other. Neither of you felt ill-willed against the other, but the concern was coming out aggressively.

    But now you were thinking about the feeling of his soft hands, the rough callouses on his fingers where he gripped his bow and sword hovering on your cheek. You could feel the delicacy he put behind the touch as well as the power he had. You felt his pink eyelashes and stray hairs tickle your face as his other hand snaked its way around your waist.

    He pulled away for air first. You hadn’t noticed until your breath hitched that you weren’t breathing. Someones distracted… Man, I thought they were gonna suffocate… That was hot… W…

    He tucked his right arm under your knees and lifted you off the ground, the other arm holding onto your torso. Your arms instinctively swung around his neck and you buried your face under his collarbone, breathing him in.

    His skin was hot despite the biting cold. His cape, once slung across your shoulders for warmth, fell to the ground while he carried you to the bed. Your back was suddenly cold. The radiating warmth from the palm of his hand was enough to keep you from shivering, but you pulled in closer to him anyway.

    "Can I...?" he ventured.

    "Yes." You said, "But please go slow, I like it."

    He sat you down on the edge of the bed as he pushed his face into yours again, finding your lips with his and carefully pressing a line of kisses leading to your ear. Your arms, still wrapped around his neck, pulled him closer as you breathed in unison.

    “Tech…” you whined.


    “Nevermind,” You decided, “Will can wait.”

    He chuckled and pushed you back onto the bed, your head hitting the pillow as he climbed on top of you, returning to your lips to lead a trail to your other ear. You let out a small moan when he bit softly into your neck, and his sigh came out like a low growl.

    You melted against his touch, his hand locked with yours, squeezing comfortingly. His knee was between your legs, pushing them apart. You could feel the heat from his body transferring to yours and the slick now pooling between your legs.

    "Fuck, Techno," You whispered.

    "Mmm, love you-" He buried his head back into your neck to carefully suck the bite, leaving his mark.

    The words leaving your mouth turned into a whine as soon as his hand found your waistline. It had been a long time since you did this, you chalked it up to being too busy, but oh how you both have missed it. 

    His hand found the slick between your legs fast. He slowly, excruciatingly, touched the sensitive spots he knew you liked, and you bucked your hips into his hand, quickly needing more.

    “Ah ah ah, you said you wanted it slow,” He breathed.

    “Y- you’re not a snail, Tech-”

    “I want to savor this, Ares,”

    He pushed in and you shivered. Techno knew what he was doing, and it felt like torture. You’d asked for him to take it slow, but you didn’t know that meant you’d let out soft whimpers for an hour. In protest, you bucked your hips again, trying to get any sort of headway.

    “You know what I’ve always wanted to try?” Techno asked.

    You gasped as he teased the sensitive spots just around the hole. You felt empty, needy, and so so horny.

    “I’ve always wanted to actually fuck you.” He pulled away, leaving you alone as he awaited response, “Thoughts?”

    “Mhm,” you nodded vigorously, desperate for his undivided attention.

    He stood briefly to take his trousers off, and you followed suit. Even though you saw it during the bath, it still felt strange to see him like this. He was mostly human from the waist down besides the hooves. His hands were human, but his feet weren’t, which you always found strange. The really interesting part was his dick. 

    Standing in front of you as you laid in bed, he looked like a giant, and his dick was big enough to match. You’d never actually let him put it inside of you partly because you weren’t sure how breeding for piglins and your kind worked. No one did. Among all things you weren’t prepared for, parenthood was at the top of the list.

    “You sure about this?” Techno asked as he knelt, pulled you to the edge of the bed, and pushed your legs apart.

    You took a second to answer, but you were sure, “Yes, absolutely,”

    He put his face in between your legs and did what he did best. Every other time you’d screwed around, he’d eaten you out. You adored it, and he loved making you squeal. You put a hand on his head, shoving him further in. His tongue pushing in every once in a while to help send you over the edge. He was still going as slow as ever, but now that you were trying something new, you accepted it.

    He backed out, took the hand he was using on himself and worked you with it. Your breath hitched, and you let out a high pitched whine, like a tea kettle, when he pushed a finger in. He moved it in and out, working himself with the other hand, as he licked your most sensitive spots, brushing his tusks against your cold skin.

    You quickly glanced at the door and were relieved when you found it locked. You moaned hard, rocking your hips slightly to encourage him. Now, you didn’t care who heard, you just wanted to be fucked by Techno.

    “You’re too eager, I have to stretch you before I start,”

    You agreed with that and left your huff respond all on it’s own. You wrapped your upper torso in some sheepskin on the bed, trying to keep warm. It smelled like him, and you moaned into it, the sounds muffled by the thick wool.

    He put a second finger in, speeding up now. He explored your insides with his long fingers, hitting new spots as he went. Your heart beat in a flurry, new feelings stirred deep inside of you and you gripped the wool harder.

    The third finger nearly had you coming right then and there. You were shaking slightly from both the cold and the stimulation. You wanted more, yet it was already too much for you. The sound of his fingers sliding in and out of you was sticky, like smacking your lips together while eating honey. 

    “Tech- I’m-” You gasped.

    He chuckled and pulled his fingers out. He lifted your legs up as he stood, positioning himself perfectly. You were slowly coming down until he leaned over to kiss you and he slid in.

    “AAH, Tech!”


    “Fuck that’s so... good-”

    He tried to lean back up, but you grabbed his shoulders and held him down.

    “I need to adjust,” you said, “Then you can fuck the hell out of me.”

    He chuckled, low this time, brimming with passion. He pulled himself up partially to kiss your legs and anything else he could reach. Slowly, he pushed in further, letting out an impossibly low groan.



    He pulled back, then pushed back in, making a squelching noise as he did so. You practically screamed into the wool, clutching it for dear life as the pain washed over you. He was much bigger than you, and you weren’t even sure he was going to fit in all of the way.

    “Let me know if it gets to be too much,”

    He pushes in and out again, getting further and further each time he did so. Now he picked up the pace, finally bottoming out as your mind turned fuzzy. Your core tightened more, and you felt his dick get harder as he continued. He let out low grunts every once in a while and you moaned like you’d never been touched before.

    He reached over, putting his hands on the bed either side of you, speeding up once more. You were getting so close to the edge, your body couldn’t keep up with his onslaught.

    “Tech- m’gonna- ah,”

    He breathed in your ear as his skin slapped against yours, the sounds that filled the room were unmistakably erotic. The slapping of skin against skin, wet sloshing, high pitched moans, deep groans, and the sound of you right about to tip over the edge.

    “Fuck-!” You screamed as your body shook, the core inside of you uncoiling while you came. 

    He still pounded into you, even faster than before. Your spring was quickly coiling again.

    “Who said you could come?”

    “M- mm- ah” You could not get the words out.

    His breathing became rugged, quick, and so did his thrusts.

    “You’re so fucking tight...”

    He pushed in even deeper, bottoming out every time he thrust into you, keeping you overstimulated and on the cusp of a second orgasm. You could feel him tense up as he spastically shoved himself into you. 

    “I- oh-” Techno let out.

    You felt him push into you with all of his strength and you gasped, letting the spring uncoil a second time. Another shaking orgasm came over you as you heard him moan and then felt hot liquid fill you.

    His dick pulsed inside of you as he let out rope after rope of cum. He breathed heavily into your neck, the voices finally appeased, and his own lust quenched.

    “What’d you think we should name them?” you asked.


    “The baby?”

    “The- what-” he stared blankly at you.

    “I’m joking, relax, jeez.” a grin forced itself onto your face as he slipped out of you. 

    Cum coated the floor, from both you and Techno. He still panted in front of you, eager to catch his breath. His face was even brighter pink than it normally was and you could swear you saw his ears turn red, but he walked away and brought a washcloth from the earlier bath over to clean up.

    “What?” You sat up. His cum ran down your inner thigh, but you still felt full of him.

    “It has to be something from Greek mythology, don’t you think?”

    “What?” you were even more confused.

    “Their name.” Your face burned red as he pushed you back onto the bed, putting a finger in your hole. “The baby’s name would have to be from Greek mythology.” He kissed you playfully, but he left the finger in, keeping the rest of his cum inside of you.

    “Relax, Ares. I’m joking,” you didn’t believe him.

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    yeah he's like a horrible person and all or w/e, but it still is amazing to me that that Dream guy, despite literally owning the server and playing a large role in it, has not made a single video about the DreamSMP, at least not that I have seen.

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    Techno, addressing the syndicate: And if you have any suggestions feel free to put them in the suggestion box.

    Ranboo: But – that’s just a trash can.

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