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  • t4tzelwurm
    19.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    white knuckle jerk - will wood and the tapeworms

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  • sleepsart
    19.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    He looks like he has religious trauma /lh

    /characters /rp /dsmp

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  • autumnalsaffron
    19.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Spotify just reccomended me Wilbur's OLD starting soon music in my Discover Weekly SPOTIFY I'VE KNOWN THIS SONG FOR YEARS

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  • artandbrimstone
    19.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    alarms only tell you that somethings wrong

    #uhoh c!tommy angst #not a wilbur in sight #what is this #art#my art#dream smp#dreamsmp #artists on tumblr #dsmp#tommyinnit#tommyinnit fanart #c!tommy #dsmp fanart
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  • autumnalsaffron
    19.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I can't remember which month it was that Ranboo used Aaron as his starting soon screen music but that was iconic and probably my favourite era of Ranboo streams and I miss it

    #I'd be sure if I knew when the hell it was lmao #if anyone remembers I wanna know #I listened to that song on repeat today #mcyt#mcytblr#thoughts#ranboo#dsmpblr#dreamsmp#dsmp
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  • gavin-screaming
    19.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    just a boy & his brother

    #the way i actually gasped when i saw tommy posted these #tommy just constantly giving us good crimeboys content #and i love that #:))#mcyt#dream smp#dsmp#dreamsmp#tommyinnit#wilbur soot #the way this is actually so aesthetic tho #👁👄👁
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  • taojave
    19.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    ghosbur :(

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  • space-records
    19.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    I wish people would stop asking me if I’m okay all you’re doing is fuelling the c!tommy kinnie in me that thinks everyone pities me.

    And also making me want to write a batshit fanfic where tommy does in fact scream at everyone

    Just girly things~✨

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  • chippedaxe
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #tw stepcest#stepcest cw #karl jacobs x reader smut #karl jacobs smut #c!karl smut #mcyt x reader smut #mcyt smut #dreamsmp x reader smut #dream smp x reader smut #dreamsmp smut #dream smp smut #dsmp x reader smut #dsmp smut
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  • barnabybugspeopleonline
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    fuck the dsmp for what it did to lemon demon, minecraft roleplaying and storytelling in general

    #barnaby bugs people online #dsmp m#dsmp tw#mcyt tw #1. if you found lemon demon from ranboo genuinely dni lol #2. if you say the dreamsmp has a better plot than every movie or book ever.....go outside. watch a movie. #maybe learn to read even #dsmp anti
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  • beepbopbee
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I fucking love you

    Pairing ! Dreamwastaken x reader

    Note ! Thank you @oh-mcyt for beta reading at like 8 am (?) for u- thank you again:DD

    A/n! This was supposed to be out yesterday- kjxisajlz SORRY!! This was also supposed to be a george fic but my mind went PATCHES so.. now we’re here I TOOK SO LONG FIGURING OUT A NAME AND NOW IM LOOKING AT IT AND- ITS LIKE SOMEONE IN THE STORY IS A CREEP OR SOMETHING KJIZJLKE PIAN 

    Your eyes slowly open, stopping your sleep abruptly, groaning as you look at your bedside clock. The time reads 3:48 the bright red numbers glaring back at you. Looking at the foot of the bed you look at the small feline that woke you. “What am I going to do with you...” Patches only looks back at you, tilting her head. Moving towards you to be pet, settling on your lap, and resting on your boyfriend’s arms tightly wrapped around your waist. Looking up at you expectantly when you don’t immediately start petting her. “You’re so lucky your cute,” scratching behind her ears, continuing to mumble nonsense. 

    After some time you look at your boyfriend, his blonde hair tousled and his face calm. Smiling gently as you shift a bit closer to him, Patches strolls out of your lap, moving to her bed in the corner of the room. You lay back down propping yourself up on your arm. Moving his hair away from his face you kiss his fore-head, then his freckled cheeks, then his nose. “How are you so pretty even asleep?” you complement the sleeping man. Giggling, you continue kissing all around his face before finally kissing his rosy lips. 

    Content, you rest your head on his chest and slowly fall back asleep. Feeling your body go limp against him, Clay opens his eyes. Moving his free hand, he searches for the phone he abandoned when you woke. Finding it, he proceeds to go back on his phone. Smiling at the memory of you kissing him when he was “sleeping”. 

    He was planning on scaring you, but then Patches.. and kisses too. A blush painting his cheeks. You still have this effect on him, huh? You can look at him with pure euphoria on your face and his heart will start doing backflips. You can hug him and try to get him to go to bed when he’s at his desk, much like last night and get butterflies. Not that he’s complaining. He loves those moments, but it doesn’t compare to his favorite memory. 

    When you two were play-fighting and it turned into him tickling you. You were laughing so much- because of him. You looked so happy. He loves when you're happy. But he made you that happy. It made him realize how mesmerized he is by you. He strives to make you that happy, every day. He promised you that- even though you don’t really know. 

    His love sick moment was disrupted when you started moving out of his arms. A pout formed as he pulled you closer pressing his face at the nape of your neck. Closing his eyes, he feels himself fall into dreamland. 

    Taglist! (Here is where you can join)

    @dawnfallx @joyfullymulti @sunniewrites @g3thi4xe @ohworm-writes @cryptid-min​ @theinvisiblehero @karinsnightmareparty @bozowrites @catsandeggs

    #dreamwastaken x reader #dreamwastaken fluff #dreamwastaken x you #dreamwastaken x y/n #dream fluff#dreamwastaken imagine#dreamwastaken blurb#dreamwastaken imagines#dream imagine #dream x reader #dream drabble #dream team imagines #dream smp x you #dsmp x reader #dsmp x you #dreamsmp fluff #dream x yn
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  • mintbees
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    thank you to everyone who came to the stream, have a picture of the ghostbur we worked on

    #ghostbur#dreamsmp#WIP #once again thanks des for letting me use ur lineart #ill for sure work on something my own next time this was super fun
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  • dreamon-evangeline
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Irl Dream duo meetups I want and why

    Dream and Hbomb - Twitter Meltdown and they also are a good duo

    Dream and Techno - Rivalsduo and Twitter Meltdown

    Dream and Corpse - Faceless Leo supremacy

    Dream and Niki - I'm bisexual

    Dream and Quackity - Did somebody say iconic duo

    Dream and Tommy - Discduo my beloved

    Dream and Fundy - My FWT crumbs and Twitter Meltdown

    Dream and Minx - Twitter Meltdown and they have a good vibe when Kacey's not involved

    Dream and Foolish - People already thought they were brothers

    Dream and Puffy - Duckling Dream and PuffDaddy

    Bonus group meetups

    The MunchyMC group

    The Manhunt Geoup

    Dream + BenchTrio


    Dream, Corpse + Ranboo

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  • sarahwasfound
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Your Name Hurts

    «In Need» 5/?

    »series masterlist«

    Y/n continued running, until she came to a dead end. She looked up at the roof of the underground hall. She saw the same trapdoor from Karl's. Reaching up, you unlocked it. You held it up, as you tried to to get up, out of the tunnel.

    Throwing the door open, you heard people falter their conversation. You climbed out, sighing, heaving even. 

    Quackity stood, looking at you  before it registered why you had to be coming from the tunnel. He moved to help you. Dream stood, slightly smirking, but you couldn't see it from the mask always on his face. "Y/n, are you okay? Where's Karl?" "H-he stayed at his house. There were Pillagers right outside and he just told me to use the bunker...thingy." you tried to catch your breath. He nodded, taking your satchel and helping you stand up. "He's faught worse, he should be fine" Quackity went to find you some spare clothes, noticing yours were soaked with sweat and torn from you getting caught on somethings from the narrow bunker. You stood, rubbing your arms, trying to rid the goosebumps. "How's Sapnap?" You finally broke the awkward silence. "He's doing perfectly fine, actually. Him and his new girlfriend; Lizzy." Your head snapped over to the masked man. "Pardon? New girlfriend? What do you mean?" The hurt that was easily heard in your voice. You could practically see your body crumble; Your wall crumble. You could feel the confusion, anger, sadness leak from you. " He thought you died for real" "that's non-sence! I sent him a letter back-" "that he didn't get" he took the paper -you neatly folded- out of his pocket and threw it in the fire before you could resister what he just did.

    You continued to look at the fire, watching the paper burn to ashes. "I think you should leave, Dream." Quackity was heard behind you. You turned around, seeing him move to hand you your clothes. He then went over to the door, opening it for Dream. He chuckled, looking at you before going out the door. As soon as Quackity closed the door, he turned to you, apologizing. You just shrugged his off. "It's fine, Quackity. It's not like you knew."

    For once, the energy around Quackity was serious, sad even. He didn't want to make a joke as it end up making everything worse. "Dream's such a dick" He whispered. You half-heartedly chuckled and nodded. "That, he is. God, I hope Sapnap is happy." He gave you a pitty look.  He went to say something, but there was a loud knocking at his door. Standing up, he rushed to see who it was first before he opened it. Karl rushed in, out of breath. "D-Dream.... he's-" "a total ass-bag? Yeah, we know" Quackity rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "Well, I mean, yeah...but he led the Pillagers to the house." Quackity's expression fell, as well as his arms. "How do you know this, Karl?" Karl threw another satchel onto the coffee table. There was his icon  smiley face on the right side bottom corner.

    "What the fuck?!" Quackity moves forward to look in the bag. There were arrows and healing potions. "Well, dreams knows you're here now. He'll come after you again. Well have to get you out of here." He moved towards toward your own satchel, putting the potions into it. "go change, I'll get your stuff ready" You finally went to get dressed, as Karl and Quackity got everything they thought you'd need. 

    As you got done, you came out to see Quackity shutting your bag and Karl nowhere to be seen. "Where's Karl?" He sent you a smile, handing you the bag. "He's going to try and fill the bunker as good as he can, putting traps down just incase Dream sends them through it since he also knows about that too. You never know" You slowly nodded, feeling terrible for bringing all this on them. "I'm so sorry for bringing y'all into my mess" he shook his head. "That's what friends do. They help eachother when they're in need" he smiled at you as Karl climbed out of the messed up bunker. "We should discuss where we're going while we're in the road, don't know if anyone is listening." Karl moved to get his own bag, opening the door and looking around. He turned around, telling you both it's clear. You and Quackity got you stuff, following Karl out. He stayed to keep watch as you both went to the little barn on the side of the house to get the two horses. You heard Karl whisper 'someones coming' as he ran over.

    A/n: ahhh Dream's a dick weed☝🏻

    this is actually a decent one. Hope you enjoyed <3

    ⎙ 09.19.21

    Taglist: @pillowjj @ace-of-sp4des @charleslec-airlines @obsessedwithfamouspeople @malihana @georgenctfound

    #sapnap#sapnap imagine#sapnap imagines#sapnap fanfic#sapnap series #sapnap series fanfic #sapnap x you #sapnap x y/n #sapnap x reader #sapnap x fem!reader #dsmp!sapnap #dsmp fanfic#dreamsmp #c!sapnap #c!sapnap fanfic #c!sapnap imagine #c!sapnap imagines #c!sapnap x you #c!sapnap x y/n #c!sapnap x reader #c!sapnap x fem!reader #c!sapnap series fanfic #sarahwasfound🍉 #your name hurts #mcyt#mcyt fanfic#mcyt imagine#mcyt imagines#fanfic
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  • satxrnss
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “If you’re ready to have that conversation, then, then we can talk”

    i miss them

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    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • lmanbergians
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    disclaimer: this is about fictional characters in a fictional minecraft roleplay server. it is not about the content creators nor should it be taken seriously beyond its existence as fiction.


    ranboo speaks the truth

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