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  • satanslittlepogchamp
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    idk pt 2 of the c!drunz thing. will I continue? idk. angst

    As the lava began to fall between them, Punz kept his eyes locked right on Dream’s own. There was nothing on Dream’s face- he knew what he was doing. He wasn’t going to easily give away that Punz’s betrayal was all a part of their plan, that the two of them knew exactly what they were doing. Even knowing that they were in control here, Punz didn’t feel okay. There was nothing about watching the only person he trusted in this world being locked away, behind a massive wall of fire; locked away from everything, but worse, locked away from Punz.

    He knew he couldn’t come visit Dream. Given that things go to their plan, they wouldn’t have to be separated long. Of course, that was simply given. Things had fallen into their favor so easily so far, so he could only feel like there would be a bump coming eventually.

    “What the fuck happened to you?” Sapnap asked him, and he pulled his eyes away from the wall of lava to look at his friend. Having watched Sapnap yank Dream into the prison, and push him around their whole trip to the prison, there was a part of Punz that felt he shouldn’t even so much as answer the question; but he knew better.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said simply, looking past Sapnap to Sam, wondering if he could see what was being pulled and moved, if he ever needed it.

    “You look like you’ve been like, totally wrecked. You’re burned- you’ve got a fuckton of scars everywhere. Did you get an arrow in your head, or something?” Sapnap asked, leaning in close to look at the scar in the middle of his forehead. He did take an arrow through the skull, of course, but he wasn’t about to tell Sapnap that.

    “I’m fine; it’s sun scars, and, I don’t even know what this is from. Probably a fight. You’ve been fucked up since we were kids.” Punz responded, moving back towards Sam and Bad, wanting to leave the heat of the prison.

    “Don’t lie to me, dude. What happened? Bad, tell him; he’s all fucked up.” Sapnap followed after him, and Sam and Bad turned their attention from the levers of the prison wall to the two of them. Sam looked irked, like this was the last thing they should be talking about after just throwing Dream into prison, and Punz felt the exact same way.

    “You have looked better.” Bad said, tilting his head to the side as he glanced Punz up and down. Punz held back a scowl, and he yanked his hood up over his head in response.

    “Alright. The three of you can leave.” Sam said, cutting into the conversation and heading back down the long staircase towards the exit. Punz hurried after him, wanting to leave behind Sapnap and all of his questions.

    He wanted to ask if Sam wanted his help with the prison; but some part of him that thought like Dream reminded him that was a terrible idea. All he could do now was wait for their plan to continue to move along the way they needed it to. He let out a long sigh and simply quietly followed Sam out; the whole time he could feel Sapnap’s eyes in the back of his head.

    As they came to the outside, he pulled out an enderpearl in the hopes he could get away quick, but Sapnap was ready, snagging his sleeve before he could throw it. Punz attempted to pull his arm away, and did actually scowl at him.

    “Dude; what the fuck is going on with you.” Sapnap asked, holding his sleeve tighter.

    “What the fuck is going on with me? Sorry, we did just lock up one of our best friends for god knows how long. Shouldn’t you be acting a little more upset yourself?” Punz asked, staring Sapnap down.

    “You and I both know that Dream needs to be in there. He- He’s done some fucked up shit. He wanted to control everyone. He lost himself, he’s in his own head. He’s gotta be in there, for now. It’s just how it has to be.” Sapnap responded, “Of course I’m upset. I just… I just know it has to happen.”

    Punz managed to pull his arm away from Sapnap then, and he took the pearl and tossed it away. He glanced one last time at Sapnap, and simply responded, “You’re right.” Before happily being pulled away by the pearl.

    He didn’t notice the way Sapnap’s eyes began to narrow with suspicion.

    The way the months passed by made Punz feel heavy. It was as if he were dead; like limbo was there, holding him in place. Loud, empty, dark. There was such a weight on him he didn’t feel like doing anything; he put himself into some things, but for the most part he stayed back and away from everyone.

    Finally having Dream back in his arms took that all away. He was different. He’d lost weight, his hair was longer, his body was scarred. None of that mattered though, because it was still his Dream.

    They couldn’t stay together long, but those moments when he handed over armor and things for Dream, when they had those slight touches, the way they could look at each other and just feel each other's presence was enough. The weight was lifted.

    As he ascended the stairs to his tower, he felt light. He knew Dream was out. He knew their plan was back in action. There was nothing that was going to stop them. He glanced up at his door and nearly stumbled back when he saw, waiting there at the door, was Sapnap.

    Sapnap was different too. To be fair, they all were different. Punz had heard of this new Kingdom that Sapnap was a part of, but now that they were together, he could see how the place had changed him.

    He’d seen Sapnap for the first time before Dream escaped prison, and he’d taken in the change then. His hair was pulled back, with mushrooms growing out of what Punz could only assume was his head. He was tanned, and well dressed, with the bright colors of their new Kingdom stitched into his clothing. He stood out; he looked put together. Tired, but put together.

    “Hey, man.” Punz said, his guard up but his shoulders relaxed. He’d done everything right. He’d been there when Dream escaped, he’d shot arrows, he’d ‘helped’ Sapnap in the search. He planned to continue and help him search.

    And yet, Sapnap was frowning.

    “I was thinking.” He said, his hand moving slowly to the ax strapped across his back, “When Dream was escaping. You kept back, you didn’t try and go after him. Not once.”

    “I didn’t want to hurt anyone else. I was shooting at him. There- there were a lot of people there.” Punz replied, his own hand sliding down slowly to his ax at his side.

    “You’re one of the best fighters here. You’re a merc for a living. Your whole job is to go after people.” Sapnap brought his ax down, into the ground in front of him, “You didn’t go after him. You said you can’t track him. You’re… a fucking liar.”

    Punz stepped back away from him, trying to think of a valid excuse. Frankly, he realized now that they had maybe underestimated Sapnap’s deduction skills. He didn’t think that his friend would ever be smart enough to make a connection between the two of them, and that clearly was a mistake.

    “Where is Dream.” Sapnap asked him, following his step down and pulling his ax with him.

    “How would I know that. I’m good at tracking people, but Dream isn’t any regular guy.” Punz said, pulling his shield up and holding his ground. He wasn’t so sure if he could take Sapnap in a fight, but he would try.

    “Wrong answer.” Sapnap said- and from behind him, Punz heard the sound of shuffling. Before he could react, he felt the hilt of an ax crack into the side of his skull, and everything went black around him.

    Dream sat quietly, drumming his fingers together as he watched the silence of Kinoko Kingdom. The whole time he’d been watching this place, nothing had happened. He’d seen no one at all. Not George, not Karl, not Sapnap. It was almost annoying to him; he wanted to make Sapnap pay for taking his armor, but nothing was falling into his lap. He leaned back into the tree he was perched in with a sigh, and rubbed under his mask. Something would come.

    He almost found himself falling asleep at the quiet atmosphere, when suddenly the sound of voices caught his attention. He pulled himself up to see, and he felt his heart fall down into his stomach.

    Down on the ground below, he watched as Sapnap tossed a stumbling Punz into the center of Kinoko. Blood was streaming down Punz’s face, and he pulled himself up to his knees, only to be kicked by an invisible figure and fall back down into the ground.

    “Enough, Tommy.” Sapnap said, and Dream’s blood immediately began to boil with rage. Tommy slowly began to appear again as the potion he had on him began to wear off, and he stood back close to Sapnap. His chest was heaving, and his fists were clenched up so tight they were white.

    Dream stood immediately, needing to get in there and do something. He wasn’t sure why he felt so anxious; if Punz died, he could bring him back. Sapnap wasn’t holding anything over him here, and neither was Tommy. It wasn’t like Punz meant that much to him anyway; he was a pawn, just like everyone else.

    Still, his heart was thundering in his chest. He tried to shake the feeling off, and he lowered himself back down into the leaves of the tree.

    He watched as Sapnap began to scan around the area, and slowly pulled out his sword. Tommy glanced his way and grabbed at his arm, with a hard frown coming across his face.

    “What are you doing? We need him, you said.” Tommy said, “You said- so we can lure Dream. Don’t go and kill him, are you stupid?” His voice was annoying as ever, grating on Dream’s nerves. Both of them were idiots if they thought having Punz was going to make him turn himself in.

    “He’s already here.” Sapnap replied, and Dream stood again, quickly. He was unsure how Sapnap knew he was watching, but at this point staying would only be against his best interest; especially with Tommy around.

    He could take on Sapnap, but he didn’t know if he could take on Tommy and Sapnap together. Tommy was too much of a wildcard, and Sapnap would easily use that to his advantage. Punz could hold his ground. He knew he could.

    He went to turn away, but something made him glance back. And, just as he did, Sapnap brought the blade of his sword back. With no hesitation, he cleanly sliced Punz’s head from his shoulders without so much as flinching.

    The rage that flooded through Dream’s whole body was unmeasurable. He knew immediately why he felt this way.

    He was the only person who was allowed to kill Punz. He was the only person who had that right. Sapnap continued to push and push at him, but this was the nail in the coffin.

    He snagged a pearl off of his belt and chucked it into Kinoko. He landed behind Tommy, and went to swing at him with his sword. Tommy was prepared though, and he spun around with his shield up, protecting himself and yelping all at the same time.

    Dream dug his foot down into the shield to knock Tommy back, and he lifted his head to look for Sapnap; but Sapnap hadn’t moved. He was standing over Punz’s body, and he wiped his hand slowly over his face, smearing blood across his lips.

    He knew exactly what he was doing. Sapnap was his best friend. There was nobody who knew him any better. He was taking what was Dream’s and making it his. He was taking Punz, and the spilling of his blood, all away from Dream.

    “You can bring him back.” Sapnap said, simply. He pulled his sword up and rubbed his thumb along the bloody blade, looking at Dream with a bit of a smirk, “Isn’t that your thing now? Playing ‘God?’”

    Tommy shoved up with his legs then, sending Dream stumbling back. He went to strike, but Sapnap called his name to make him stop.

    “Don’t, Tommy. Let’s let him suffer a bit.” Sapnap stepped over Punz then and made his way closer to them. Dream was trying to hold himself calm, but he was breathing heavily through his nose, and with every step Sapnap took closer to him, covered in Punz’s blood, the harder it was for him to not lose his control.

    “Are you going to bring him back? I’ll just kill him again,” Sapnap walked back behind Tommy then, pulling him a few steps back away from Dream, “In fact, maybe I’ll let Tommy kill him. And when you bring him back, we’ll kill him again. And again, and again, and again.”

    Dream’s lip curled up in rage, but he said nothing in response. He knew better than to hand Sapnap what he wanted. He needed to remain silent.

    “Or are you going to let him dead? Tommy can attest. Death is bad. I don’t really want him to suffer there. You know what, Dream? I don’t want him to suffer at all. I’m sure that you are just using him. You got in his head.” Sapnap pushed Tommy back behind him then, and he lifted up his bloody sword to point it at Dream’s face.

    “If you just go back to jail, I’ll let you bring him back, and I won’t touch him. Nobody will. Maybe Sam will even let you two bunk together.”

    “Oh.” Tommy mumbled then, “Oh.”

    Dream stood himself up straight then, slowly. His shoulders fell as he let out a long sigh, and he put his weapon away and spread his arms out slowly.

    “I guess I’ve got no choice.” He said, slowly. Sapnap narrowed his eyes, but before either of them could say anything else, Dream snagged another pearl and chucked it away. Sapnap attempted to lurch forward and grab him, but Dream lunged back just in time, and then he was pulled away by the pearl.

    Kinoko Kingdom returned to the silence it was used to.

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  • napnottaken
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Okay. Remember when Dream went live on April 1st 2021 and everyone went crazy because the title said Dream Face Reveal or something like that and it was just Danny Gonzalez? Yeah.

    What if the same thing happens on April 1st 2022... but instead of an April fools prank... it’s our Dream boy’s actual face reveal... and he has Sappy and Mr. Notfound with him. 

    #dreamwastaken#sapnap#georgenotfound#dreamteam #meetup? #pog #facereveal? #P.S it's my first post teehee
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    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    At the return counter...

    Badboyhalo: Hello, I'd like to return these diapers. They’re way too big for my baby!

    Dream: Sir, these are adult diapers.

    Badboyhalo: What? What kind of an adult poops in their pants?

    Dream: I guess it just happens with age, also they're quite handy during manhunts and minecraft championships.

    Badboyhalo: What?

    Dream: Yeah there aren't any built in lavatories in the MCC arenas and Manhunt worlds so diapers are the only option.

    George (gets up from under the counter): Not to mention they very comfortable and 100% leak proof.

    Badboyhalo: Where did you come from?

    Sapnap (getting up): Also I heard the MCC people are launching their own adult diaper company made specifically for their events.

    Dream: What was it called? Its on the tip of my tongue.

    George: I heard they're made specifically to be worn by parties of four.

    Sapnap: That's so sick!

    Badboyhalo: Exactly - disgusting

    Sapnap: I can't wait to squeeze into one with you guys

    Badboyhalo: Umm.. I should get going

    Dream: What's wrong with him?

    George: No idea

    Sapnap: Uh uh

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  • satanslittlepogchamp
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    should I write more c!drunz. i want to. but what about.

    #dream smp#dreamteam smp #dream smp dream #punz dream smp #c!punz #c!dream #c!drunz #drunz
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    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    veteran dream team tumblr remember when dream was speedrunning and george and sapnap had that shower race but george took forever and sapnap SPRINTED

    #dreamteam#dteam#sapnap#dream#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound #just been thinking about this one a lot #george always has to be a lil turd
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    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    man i really just had a dream about the dream team meetup, huh?

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    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago


    i need requests.

    i have nothing to write.

    ahaha swag.

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  • tryingtobluebirds
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Haha, what if the reason the Dream Team have been so quiet lately is because they're already setting the contingency plan in motion?

    Haha wouldn't that be funny? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    #Brain rotting rn #i miss them #dreamteam#gnf#sapnap#dreamwastaken #listen listen after Ranboo ranboozled all of us I'm starting to think anything is possible okay? shhhhhhhh
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    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago


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    Infatti possiamo dire che l’nba fine ad allora non era seguitissima in europa ,se non ovviamente per le straordinarie cose che stava facendo Jordan con i bulls, e questo perché c'è sempre stato un "pessimismo" verso gli sport praticati in america, una non voglia di uscire dalla tradizione del basket europeo o forse un rifiuto nell'accettazione di altre culture, ma queste olimpiadi cambiarono decisamente le carte in tavola portando l'NBA ad una visibilità mai vista prima.

    Ovviamente come da pronostico questa squadra non ebbe rivali e vinse a mani bassissime con un netto 117-85 con la croazia in finale e medaglia d'oro portata a Washington d.c.

    By Davide Izzo

    #teamusa basketitalia nbaitalia pallacanestro olimpiadi1992 dreamteam michealjordan larrybird
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    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    I had this dream last night that Dteam made a plan to only stream/make videos until they had enough money to live together, after which they’d immediately stop. But George was happy being apart of his community so he kept purposely delaying the time that he’d have to go to America

    #i think my subconscious is sad about no dteam christmas #dreamteam#dteam#georgenotfound#dream #< ​like in the sense of an actualy dream jot the person hzndns
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    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    i am an ms paint god

    #i dont draw lmao #i was just bored while watching tv #and these are from memory so idk if i got anything wrong #i feel like sapnaps is wrong but oh well #*shrug emoji*#lmao#dreamteam#dream team#dteam#sapnap#dreamwastaken#dream#georgenotfound#george#ms paint#microsoft paint#fanart#fan art#my fanart #if you can even call it that lol
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    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    how the dream team hypes you up

    no need to explain

    how the dtm react to you holding their face

    no need to explain

    nicknames the dreamsmp would call you

    no need to explain

    alternate reality


    tired of life and people, the reader shifts to the dreamsmp

    #dreamteam#x reader #dreamsmp x reader #dream smp x reader #platonic#cmerearson#masterlist #dsmp x reader #dream x reader #sapnap x reader #bbh x reader #georgenotfound x you #discontinued
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    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    suddenly this is a drunz blog. sorry. c!george can have DreamXD. c!punz and c!dream are my new favorite power couple and everyone can be happy

    #dream smp#dreamteam smp #dream smp dream #punz dream smp #Dream smp Dream #dream smp george #dream smp dream xd #dnf#xdnf#drunz #c!dream #c!punz #c!george #c!dreamxd
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    #dsmp #c!dream fanart #c!dreamteam fanart #vioarry art#tw blood #i spent 5 minutes to think abt a caption and have nothing..
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