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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Drew starkey had no need being hot while driving… while is arm is hanging out the window 🫂🥵

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    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I returned to find out more about the Drew/Austin drama but honestly I'm staying because of the fanfics I've missed out on

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    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    baby drew baby drew baby drew <3333

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    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I would die to see him laugh once.

    (Not my pic!)

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    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    make it real || drew starkey

    Violet, stupidly, told her mom that she was bringing her boyfriend, Drew, to her sisters wedding. Drew decided that if they were going to be a fake couple for the wedding, they’re going to make it convincing in the five weeks leading up to the wedding.

    Warnings: fake dating, not smut but hints at sexual activities. Tobacco use (Drew baby pls, let me set you up with a vape), swearing.

    One ring, two rings, three rings. Hey, this is Drew. I can’t come to the phone, probably filming or doing press. Maybe I’m asleep, just leave me a message and I’ll call you back. At the tone, please record your message. Beep

    “Drew, I did something stupid. Something so so stupid and I can’t tell you over text. Please call me back as soon as possible” her voice was cracking, like she was on the verge of tears. Why did she do that? He was going to kill her. They’d been friends all of three months, maybe four since he’d returned from filming his movie.

    It had started off as pure wine drunk boredom while she and her friends binge watched Outer Banks on Netflix. She wasn’t paying attention to the show, having watched it twice already, so she’d tucked a leg under her on her friend's couch and was swiping through Tinder.

    The profile was under Joseph, 27. His profile simply said “my friends made me get one of these so I would quit 7th wheeling them. I like cameras, both on me and in front of me.” But the picture is what got her. This “Joseph” was using a picture of Drew fucking Starkey as his.

    She’d been curious, swiped right on him. The It’s a Match! popping up immediately. This guy couldn’t be Drew Starkey, because Drew Starkey wasn’t attracted to girls like her, with her thick thighs, chub, freckles and auburn hair. Either way, she decided to message the guy.

    Why are you using a picture Drew fuckin Starkey as you? Fuckin catfish

    What are you talking about? That’s my face

    Prove it then


    Follow me on Instagram, violetlunaa

    Okay, but be ready to be proven wrong.

    Thirty seconds later, she let out a gasp and threw her phone on the couch at the notification. [violetlunaa] Drew Starkey [@drewstarkey] started following you.

    Do you believe me now?

    Holy fucking shit.

    You okay there, Violet?

    No because I’m currently watching you beat someone up on my friends television and you’re in my tinder dms.

    Do you want to FaceTime?

    Possibly, give me 2 minutes to step outside. My friends are annoying.

    Give me your iCloud or number, buttercup.

    Never call me that again. But here’s my number [765] xxx-xxxx.

    Talk to you in five, then.

    They’d talked for three hours that night, like they clicked or something. Drew was easy to talk to, he liked her for her personality. He’d reassured her that when he swiped right, he’d been focused on her humor and not what she looked like. At one point, her friend Teela had come out to check on her a little wine drunk herself.

    “What are you doing?” She asked, coming over to see what she was doing.

    “I’m talking to a boy I met on tinder,” Violet laughed.

    “You’re actually talking to a boy? Lemme see” she walked around to look at the phone in her best friend's hand. “Oh, it’s just Drew.”

    “Ouch, Teels. Right in the heart.” Drew couldn’t contain his laughter. “I’m telling your boyfriend that you weren’t thrilled to see me. I’m offended.”

    “To be fair, I wasn’t thrilled to see him either this morning.” Teela told him. Violet could see Drew raise an eyebrow at her friend. “What? He woke me up at 7:30 in the morning without a cup of coffee in his hands.”

    When they’d ended the call, Violet walked in to see Teela was the only one still awake, cleaning the kitchen like she was known to do when she wine drunk.

    “So you want to tell me how you know Drew fucking Starkey?” Violet asked. “You weren’t even phased!”

    “Uh, I’mkindofdatingoneofhisfriends” Teela said, not looking her friend in the eyes.

    “I’m sorry, what was that?” Violet asked, narrowing her eyes at the girl in front of her.

    “I said. I’m kind of dating one of his friends” the shorter girl told her friend. Violet’s jaw dropped.

    “Bitch who?” She demanded. “Is it the same boy you’ve been seeing for over a year?” Teela nodded, looking down at the counter.

    “Austin North.” She mumbled.

    “Austin North? Like Disney Channel star Austin North? Topper Thornton, Austin North?” Violet stared at her friend.

    “Yeah” Teela’s voice was soft. “He’s actually really shy, so his fame isn’t why we’ve been keeping it on the down low.”

    “Oh my god” Violet was laughing now. “I knew you were staring at Topper in the show in more than a fangirl way.”

    It was three weeks later, after a movie night and an awkward breakfast with Drew that ended in a discussion that what happened in their white claw induced haze needed to be a one time thing, that Violet awkwardly walked back into her apartment she shared with Teela, thankful that Austin had already left for whatever he was doing that day. He’d been around more since Teela had told him that Violet and Drew had matched on Tinder and we’re talking, ultimately making her come clean about their own relationship. Violet plopped down on the couch with a sigh.

    “Why do you look like someone just hit your dog? Wait, is Ziggy okay?” Teela looked over the back of the couch to make sure the Australian shepherd was still in his spot in the sun in front of the window. “Okay, Ziggy is okay.”

    “No I did something stupid.” Violet sighed. “We were going to watch a movie and eat takeout. That’s all we were going to do.”

    “I’m sure it’s not that bad.” Her friend reassured her.

    “Let’s just say I bought and took a plan b this morning.” She looked down at her hands, twisting her ring around her finger. “I’m not that type of girl.”

    “Whoa, you hooked up with Drew?” Teela was shocked. Drew wasn’t a hookup kind of guy. “What happened? First off, Drew isn’t the hookup type. Second, he’s anal about protection.”

    “We had a few too many white claws. I kissed him first. At first it was just making out and heavy petting, but then it became something more than that. It was nice, he was super gentle. And we used protection.” She explained, “it’s just this morning when we were sober we realized the condom broke. He offered to pay for the plan b but I wouldn’t let him. We talked about it and decided even though it was nice, we didn’t want to ruin our friendship and it needed to be a one time thing”

    She was comfortable with her friendship with Drew, which is probably why when she was arguing with her mom on the phone she said “I have a plus one, my boyfriend Drew, Mom!” She’d immediately hung up with her mom and called Drew to get his voicemail. It’d been two hours and he still hadn’t called back, making her worry even more.

    Austin and Teela we’re gone, off in New York for press he had to do for a movie he was in. That left her alone with her dog in the apartment, which wasn’t helping her anxiety. She sat out on the balcony, knees to her chest, vape in one hand staring off into space when suddenly a smoothie was sat down in front of her. Drew stood on the other side of the table with a goofy grin on his face.

    “You sounded distraught. I was in a meeting, I’m sorry.” He told her. “Strawberry banana blackberry, extra banana.”

    “Extra thick?” She questioned.

    “Do you really think I neglect my best friend like that?” He joked. “So, you want to tell me what this stupid thing you did is?”

    “I uh. I lied to my mom.” She looked down at the box mod in her hands, playing with the chipped mouthpiece.

    “Oh. What about?” He was sitting in the chair beside her now, watching her.

    “You know how my sister is getting married on the first Saturday in December? Well, my mom is trying to set me up with this old classmate that I couldn’t stand in high school, and definitely can’t stand now. So I was frustrated and I told her I didn’t need her to find me a plus one because I had one.” She was rambling, which Drew found adorable.

    “So, let me get this straight.” He started. “The stupid thing you did was tell your mom that I’m your plus one.” She shook her head.

    “No, the stupid thing was that I told her that you were my boyfriend, Drew. I don’t know why. It was as stupid. My mom just doesn’t think males and females can be friends because sex gets in the way.” She said. She could hear Drew laugh. “It’s not funny.”

    “It’s a little funny, Vi.” He said. “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend for a week for your sister's wedding.”

    “My sister doesn’t believe I have a boyfriend. She’s been trying to get me to send a picture of us for two hours” she sighed. Drew was laughing still, moving to grab her phone and open the camera.

    “Don’t kill me okay?” He said. Before she could respond, he was tilting her face towards his and smashing their lips together, attempting to get a decent picture that would prove her sister wrong. Pulling away, he studied her phone for a second.

    “A little blurry, but it’ll work. Send it” he handed her the phone and sat back down beside her. She sighed, typing a message out to her sister.

    Okay fine, I had to make sure he was okay with it because he’s a private person [photo]

    Violet Luna that is Drew motherfucking Starkey.

    I know who he is?

    When the fuck did you start dating Drew?

    Four months ago.

    How did you meet

    Mutual friend

    Is he any good in bed

    I’ve never been dissatisfied.

    Oh my god. I’m screaming. Matt is looking at me weird

    Probably because you’re fangirling over your sister's boyfriend?

    It was quiet for a few minutes before either of them spoke. She worked on her smoothie while he smoked a cigarette, chewing on his bottom lip in the process. While the quiet was nice, there was a tension to it. Violet knew damn well what the tension was, she just wasn’t going to be the first one to speak on it. Finally, Drew cleared his throat.

    “I know that we agreed to a one time thing, but you’ve had a stressful day, I’ve had a stressful day and I’m being really honest here when I say that kiss made me feel something.” it was like his voice had dropped another octave as he spoke.

    “So are you insinuating something, Starkey?“ she tried not to sound like she wanted nothing more than to feel him inside of her again. It’d been almost three months and she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t been thinking about it. She’d even gone and gotten on birth control because of it, opting for the implant over pills because she knew she couldn’t be trusted to remember to take them. Drew smashed the butt of his cigarette in the ashtray before looking at her.

    “Maybe we can relieve that stress together.” He muttered. “The more I think about it the harder I get, Vi. It’s almost painful at this point. I mean, if we’re gonna do this fake dating thing we should at least make it believable for the five weeks leading up to it.”

    “Yeah, I suppose you’re right, Drew.” She smiled. “I suppose you’re right.”


    Violet and Drew both knew they were in for it when the door opened just after one am and they could hear both Teela and Austin’s voices. She knew that Teela either wouldn’t notice, or wouldn’t say anything about the state of the bedside drawer in her room where Drew had dug through to find Austin’s condom stash but she also knew Austin would notice, and Drew was going to get the ever living shit teased out of him. He wasn’t surprised when her bedroom door flew open, his sandy haired best friend standing in the doorway.

    “One time thing, huh, Starkey?” Austin’s voice was mocking, making Drew bury his face in Violet's chest that was clad in his t-shirt.

    “Shut up” Drew groaned. “It’s not like I didn’t have to deal with you and T’s gross shit for months in my apartment.”

    “I just think it’s funny that three months ago, you swore it was a one time thing and it very clearly wasn’t.” Austin teased the older man. “Did you break this condom too?”

    “Leave me and my girl alone, Austin.” Drew’s voice came out as a whine. “Bully me tomorrow or something.”

    “Oh I’m going to bully you for the rest of your life” Austin tried to sound serious but cracked up at himself. “Goodnight, lovebirds”

    Violet couldn’t believe she was going to have to walk of shame it out of her own bedroom, but that’s exactly what she did the next morning. Teela was already in the kitchen making coffee when she emerged, trying not to make eye contact with her friend, as to not allow her to see the blush on her cheeks. A cup of coffee was placed in front of her as her friend looked her up and down, taking in that she was wearing little more than Drew’s shirt.

    “So. You and Drew, huh? When did that happen.” She questioned. Violet didn’t look up at her friend, just continued to stare at black liquid in the mug.

    “Uh. Fourmonthsago” she mumbled, realizing that was when first went out for coffee. It was what she had told her sister, and Drew had agreed it made sense.

    “I’m sorry, speak up.” Teela teased.

    “Four months ago!” Violet said. “Since the first coffee date.”

    “Four months? You’ve been dating Drew for four months and you didn’t tell me?” Her friend was being dramatic, making Violet laugh.

    “Hey now, you and Austin were together for fifteen months before you told me you were together. And you only told me because I matched with Drew on tinder!” Violet knew there was no maliciousness behind either of their words, just purely teasing each other.

    “Okay fair. How’s he in bed though?” Violet snorted at her friend's question.

    “Have I ever asked you that about Austin? No” Violet pointed her finger at her friend.

    “I mean, to be fair we’re kind of loud.” Teela deadpanned. “So even if you didn’t ask, you know.”

    “Yeah, I love being woken up at two am to calling him Daddy” Violet snickered. “But seriously, Drew’s good. Amazing, really. He really wants to make sure I’m okay when we do it.” Teela didn’t know it was only the second time she’d slept with him, but what she did know was that it was clear her friend was enjoying it with the dark haired man and she was glad because Violet admittedly had a hard time with intimacy in relationships.

    Sex with Drew, Violet would learn, was easy. It was almost a comfort to her that he cared, that her comfort and pleasure came first. It was two weeks of him sleeping in her bed or her in his before she opened up about her complicated history with intimacy. Telling him how her only ex wouldn’t touch her, and if he did it was for his own pleasure. She didn’t like hook ups because she was insecure but something about him was different. She would never admit it openly but somewhere between the stolen kisses combined with loving sex and the sweet dates he took her on to make this arrangement look real, she’d fallen for the man.

    To say she couldn’t sleep the night before their flight to Indianapolis because of the nerves was an understatement. Drew was staying over at her place, wrapped around the auburn haired girl, snoring softly into her neck. Sleeping in the same bed as him was normally a comfort to her, but that night her brain had a million thoughts going through it. It was five am when she rolled out of his grip, padding through the living room to the balcony. The cool December air filling her lungs as she sat in one of her wicker chairs. It wasn’t long before she heard the door slide open and then shut again. Looking up, she saw Drew tugging down his hoodie while holding another one over his shoulder.

    “You’re gonna get sick before your sisters wedding.” He mumbled, handing her the other sweatshirt. “Out here in nothing but my T-shirt and a pair of shorts.”

    “Do my ears deceive me?” She joked. “My fake boyfriend cares about me!”

    “Har har. What’s on your mind, pretty girl?” He asked, sitting in the chair beside her.

    “My moms gonna see right through us.” She mumbled. “I just know it.”

    “No she won’t. We’ve been posting constantly the last few weeks about each other. I mean, we’ve been all over each other. I've had more orgasms this month than the last two years” he told her.

    “That last one is just sad.” She laughed. “ it glad I could help.”

    You would think that the week before a wedding would fly by, but to Violet her sisters wedding week creeped by excruciatingly slow. She barely saw Drew all week, which made her heart hurt but she refused to talk about it. It was rehearsal dinner night, which made her nervous. She was finally seeing Drew, in his navy blue button up and khakis which matched her lace dress. The whole rehearsal, they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, and by the time they were arriving at the restaurant, he held her back while her whole family walked inside.

    “Sorry, need to have you alone for a minute” he mumbled, pressing his lips to hers quickly, lacing his gloved fingers with her own. “You look gorgeous tonight, pretty girl.”

    “You don’t look too bad yourself, Starkey. Who knew Rafe Cameron cleaned up nice.” She laughed.

    “I don’t want to have to sit next to your aunt Linda again” he told her. “She keeps asking me when it’s going to be us.”

    “You know, Drew, part of me is going to be sad when this all said and done we go back to be just friends” she said, moving to kiss him again.

    “Wanna know a secret?” He whispered. She nodded, looking up into his baby blue eyes. “I don’t want this to end. I mean, this has never felt fake to me, Violet. It felt like it took you lying to your mom to give us the push we needed to get together but, never fake.”

    “What do you mean, Drew?” She asked.

    “I mean, I want this, us. I want to wake up to you every morning and I want to kiss you whenever I want. I want to come back here in a few years and repeat this whole week but I want it to be us.” He said. “And maybe in the summertime, because it’s fucking cold.”

    Instead of replying with words, she kissed him. Mashing their frozen lips together in the middle of the sidewalk, only pulling apart when she heard her sister whistle from just outside the doorway to the restaurant.

    “Jesus Christ, it’s about damn time you lovebirds. I was tired of the mutual pining that suddenly still existed in an almost six month old relationship.” She said, walking over to the pair. “You guys really played it up, I have to give it to you. But the fact that Violet spent the last week going “I miss Drew” and being pouty gave you away. And Drew, you can’t deny it because you were doing the same thing.”

    “Shut up before I make you eat snow the day before your wedding.” Violet lightly threatened her sister.

    Alexandria laughed, smiling at her sister and six foot four man beside her. She was just happy that she could tell her sister was happy, finally.

    “So are you guys like, officially together?” She asked. Violet looked at Drew with a smile on her face.

    “Yeah.” He said, answering for the pair. “We’re together.” His lips met Violets, smiling as he pulled away. He was happy, she was happy. They were happy.

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    15.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Out of all the drama today I am only disappointed in myself for not coming back to that “Drew’s a virgin” anon with “I thought he was a Scorpio”

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    15.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Anyway I am posting a Fake Dating to Real Dating AU Drew fic tonight who’s excited

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    one night, two consequences: final part. [rafe cameron]

    part one part two

    summary: rafe couldn’t stop thinking about you; you couldn’t get him out of your mind. neither could ignore the heartbeat that tied you both. and for the consequences of that night, decisions get made.
    warnings: cursing, drama, angst, pregnancy mention, rafe being slightly possessive, slight dirty talk, smut, (semi public) sex, car sex, rafe being nice, happy ending?? ig
    word count: 5.K

    here’s my masterlist!

    Three days had gone by since you revealed the truth to Sarah.

    Three days since you and Rafe had had that... argument? Discussion? It was hard to tell what it had been, but it hadn't been nice and it definitely hadn't solved any issues. Your heart raced whenever you thought of him, and despite your resistance to admit it, it stung. The memory of his words ached in your heart.

    At the moment, you were in The Wreck, the restaurant owned by Kiara's family. The friend group was all gathered in a table, having dinner while talking, having a great time.

    Your eyes crossed paths with Pope's, and you offered him a small smile, the one he returned seconds later, although it wasn't as bright and cheerful as it would've been before.

    To avoid hurting him, or putting responsibilities that didn't belong to him on his shoulders, you'd decided to put some distance between you and Pope. It didn't mean you two would stop talking or hanging out, but it wouldn't turn or evolve into anything else. He'd been comprehensive, but you couldn't ignore the sad expression that casted over his shadows every time he saw you ever since.

    You'd done it for his well-being, you didn't want to drag Pope in the mess that your life was about to turn; and hopefully, someday he'd forgive you for it.

    "And I got fired." JJ deadpanned his story of the day, eliciting mixed exclamations from the group, John B found it amusing, while Pope and Kiara found it concerning, Sarah and you shared a look, trying to hold back a laugh.

    "You got fired for locking yourself in the fridge to ice cream?" John B questioned in amusement, taking a sip of his drink. "Sounds about right."

    "It was worth it," JJ assured proudly, not bothered at all by his foreseeable lack of job, and therefore, money source.

    "Rocky road?" you asked him with curiosity. That was the only ice cream you considered worthy getting fired for.

    "Rocky road." JJ confirmed with a wide smile, constantly nodding his head.

    Next, a discussion about types of ice cream ensued. The group was having a lively discussion when the door of the restaurant opened; which caused y'all to lower your voice to avoid making the customers uncomfortable about the Rocky Road vs. Oreo discussion.

    However, this customer didn't care about the ice cream discussion, he'd visited the place with one intention only, which is why he didn't hesitate to speak.

    "Y/N, we need to talk."

    The group fell silent as soon as Rafe's voice cut through the room, they shared looks of confusion among themselves; wondering what issue it was that Rafe had to talk to you about.

    You swallowed nervously, but didn't move from your place, you wished he had been a little more discreet in doing this; but there was no turning back now. Rafe had walked into The Wreck while everyone was dining in your company, and had asked to speak to you, without taking his eyes off you.

    "C'mon." Rafe added as soon as he noticed the hesitation in your expression.

    You sighed and stood up, your friends stared at you in a mixture of confusion and surprise, but no one said anything.

    They were aware of the fact that your relationship or... whatever it was with Rafe was confusing, you two claimed to not stand each other, but Sarah herself had noted she didn't quite believe it.

    Without another word, you opened the door of the restaurant and walked out to the cold night, Rafe walked out right behind you, placing a hand on your lower back so he could guide you to where he wanted you to go.

    Sarah, on the other hand, had her eyes narrowed as she watched you two walk away, her eyes moving from her brother to you, and back to her brother. And that's when she connected the dots. It all made sense. Why you and Rafe were avoiding each other, why you got so nervous whenever she mentioned him, why Rafe had gotten drunk as fuck exactly three days ago... Sarah knew.

    In silence, you and Rafe walked to wherever he wanted to go, he kept his hand on your lower back, and that's how he guided you to where he wanted to talk; the only reason you followed him is because you didn't want to have this conversation in close proximity to the restaurant either, the more distance and the less likely you were to be overheard, the better.

    A minute later, you saw Rafe's truck (in reality it was his father's), parked in an abandoned parking lot, so you understood that that's where he wanted to go.

    Once you were there, Rafe intended to get in the truck, probably to drive somewhere else, but you wouldn't go anywhere with him, you could talk there just fine, the place was deserted and two blocks away from anything else in the vicinity.

    Rafe noticed that you wouldn't get in the truck, so he rolled his eyes and walked to your side, standing in front of you in silence as he put his thoughts in order.

    It was awkward. Very. The last time you'd seen each other you'd ended up yelling at each other, and the time before that, you'd fucked.

    It was impossible to predict what would happen tonight.

    Rafe must've ran his hand through his hair at least 4 times before deciding how to start; he figured the best way to do it was to go straight to the point. The last thing he wanted was another misunderstanding to happen because he sucked at explanations.

    "I wanna be here." Rafe spoke up firmly, wetting his lips out of nervousness.

    You waited a couple of seconds before saying anything, hoping he'd explain what he meant by that, but he didn't.

    "Meaning?" you asked calmly.

    "I'm not letting you do this alone, Y/N." He stated, his eyes trailing down to your belly. Even though there wasn't any big, or noticeable changes there, it was still there.

    "Oh, so now you offer your support? I thought you 'didn't give two shits' about what I did." you replied with a huff, folding your arms over your chest.

    "Well, turns out I do care."

    "Making me feel terrible was surely a good way to show it." you muttered. You didn't mean to be pathetic or a crybaby, but his words had had more impact than you'd like to admit.

    "I freaked out, alright?" Rafe replied honestly, placing a hand on his chest, his blue eyes travelled over your face; that's when he realized his words had hurt you, even though that hadn't been his initial intention. But then again, he sucks at explaining.

    "Yeah, no shit Sherlock."

    "Y/N," he closed his eyes and sighed heavily, determined not to let your sassy, sarcastic act piss him off like it normally does. "that baby is mine, yeah?"

    "I'm aware."

    "And I'm not letting your uh—your hatred for me or whatever that is to get in the way of what I'm supposed to do." he complained. His tone wasn't precisely hurt, or angered, but he wasn't nice about it either.

    "Hatred? You think that's the reason why I hadn't told you the truth?" you asked with a raised brow, and he didn't say anything against it. "It's you. You are the reason I tried to keep it a secret."

    You didn't want your words to hurt him, or make him upset, but you wanted to let him know the truth as raw as possible. He had been the reason you hadn't told him about the baby, his attitude, and the noticeable lack of father material.

    "I'm not following..." he admitted, scratching his jaw.

    You sighed and looked down for a few seconds before raising your head and staring at him in the eye. "D'you have any idea of the mess we got ourselves into? I highly doubt you're up for it."

    "How would you know?" both of his eyebrows were raised, Rafe took a step closer to you, making you take a step back.

    "Because I know you, Rafe." you mumbled.

    Perhaps things weren't as clear for him as they were to you, but it was unlikely Rafe would be up for being a father. You'd never pictured Rafe as a father, not for another 5 years at least.

    "You see what you wanna see," he complained, pointing at himself, as if to emphasize his own words even more. "Am I not here? Asking you to let me help you with the baby?"


    "So," you paused for a few seconds, just for the suspense. "you're telling me, you wanna be a father?"

    "Not just that," he clarified, taking a small step closer. "I wanna be here for you."

    "Now I'm not following." you admitted, unsure of where this conversation was going.

    Rafe huffed at your words, and an expression of disbelief shadowed his features. You raised an eyebrow at him, wondering if there was something you didn't know, or something you were missing in the conversation.

    "Do you really think I'm just- just going to let you walk around with anyone, knowing that you're carrying my baby?" his eyes were narrowed, as he took more steps closer to you. "That I'm just gonna sit there and watch you date someone else?"


    "Tell me! Do you really think I'm gonna let you go just like that? Fuck no. I want all of it. I want you."

    Was he serious? A part of you wanted to believe him desperately, however the other side was scared of being played and fooled.

    Besides, why admit it now? Why hadn't he said something like that the very same night you two got laid, or being brave enough to say it the next day? Or any other day? Why on Earth had he chosen to say it like this, and at that moment?


    Your lack of reaction to his words, and overall, your lack of reciprocity angered him. He felt like an idiot, it had taken him so much courage to say those words, and your only reply was his name?

    "What?" he was slightly aggressive. "Is my level of commitment still not enough for you?"

    "It's not that," you shook your head.

    "Don't try to deny it," he took a step closer, your back now pressing against the door of the car. "I know you feel it too. You feel something for me, yeah?"

    As much as you would've liked to say 'no', you couldn't. Your heart was racing; and you felt your cheeks getting red a this closeness. You couldn't deny how he made you feel.

    You could've lied to him and said that you hated him, but your body would always betray your words.

    "So why the fuck are you fighting it, hm?" he raised an eyebrow at you, his voice slightly mocking. "Aren't you tired of pretending you don't want me as much as I want you?"

    "I think there's someone else." You lied because the truth is, there wasn't.

    You wouldn't drag Pope in this mess, he still had a scholarship to take care of, and he deserved better than someone as messy as you.

    "Huh," he wetted his lips and nodded his head, but it was an angry nod. "someone else."


    "And do tell me, does that person know?" he questioned you, taking another step closer, so this time he was standing right in front of you, his body pressing ever so slightly against yours. "Do they know that you're pregnant and the baby is mine?"


    "Then don't waste this," it almost sounded like he was begging you. " Don't waste us trying to chase something else, Y/N."

    Before you could even reply, his lips were pressed against yours, his hand on the back of your head as your back pressed against the truck's door.

    Due to the surprise, it took you a few seconds to catch up with him, but you eventually did, wrapping an arm around his neck to draw him even closer, if possible.

    His tongue trailed over your lower lip, silently asking for a way in, which you gave by parting your lips and allowing the kiss to get deeper, and more desperate.

    He placed a hand on your hip, his fingers digging into your skin while your fingers absentmindedly tugged at his hair, demanding for more.

    He was the one to pull away; his blue eyes dark with lust, his reddened lips parted as he regained his breath.

    'Fuck it' you thought.

    You bit your lip mischievously, placing a hand on Rafe's chest to push him away just a couple of steps, enough for you to reach the door handle and open it.

    Rafe had been thrown off by your actions at first, but once the truck was open, he smirked and walked back to you, helping you get in the back of the truck with ease, and of course, slapping your ass on the process.

    He closed the door behind himself and quickly, his lips pressed against yours as your fingers fidgeted with the buttons of his shirt, the light from the lamppost nearby was barely enough.

    His hands had quickly slid over the oversized t-shirt you wore, his anxious fingers finding your breasts, twisting your nipples enough to hear a moan escape your lips.

    Rafe had been maneuvering his way to get on top of you, but that wasn't your plan. So before he could do anything else, you stopped him by placing your knee against his chest.

    "What is it?" he questioned you.

    You'd been so sure about it, but now that you had to verbally say it, y'know, out loud, it got stuck in your throat. The way he was looking at you made you want to be completely at his mercy, and you wanted to kick yourself for it.

    Truth is, Rafe had you at his feet.

    "I... wanna be on top."

    "Huh," he smirked, almost looking satisfied by your words. "You wanna ride me?"

    You nodded your head eagerly, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of saying it out loud, he'd get plenty satisfaction already.

    "Alright," Rafe nodded his head and sat back, so this way you could move and let him lay down. "I'm all yours then."

    You faltered for a couple of seconds at his words, but didn't allow your mind to linger too much on it. It probably meant nothing.

    Without a word, you got rid of the rest of your clothing, being internally grateful for Rafe's tinted windows. For a while, he just stared at you, feeling himself hardening in his pants but doing absolutely nothing to get undressed.

    It wasn't until you looked at him with a raised eyebrow that he reacted; and he could've sworn he'd never taken his clothes off as fast as now, not even when you pulled a prank on him by telling him there was a bug in his shorts when you two were younger.

    Not wanting to waste more time, Rafe hurried up to help you get on top of him, being careful of not hitting your head on the truck's ceiling or slipping out of the seat.

    You wrapped your hand around him, holding it tight and giving his dick a few pumps, it's not like he needed to get any harder, but you wanted to tease him.

    "Keep that up," he warned with clenched teeth, throwing his head back against the seat, the veins in his neck popping out as his abs tensed. "And-"

    "And?" you questioned teasingly, pumping him slower now, running your thumb over his tip and down the side of his length and over the vein.

    "Oh—fuck," his hips jerked closer to your hand. "Stop that."


    "Wanna be inside you when I come," he grunted, gripping you by the wrist and pulling your hand away from his dick, using the same hold to pull you closer. "so bring your pussy over here and stop messing around, yeah?"

    Such a gentleman. As always.

    You carefully lined yourself up with him, you were so wet already that you knew he'd slip right inside you, even if he hadn't done anything to you just yet. But once again, you had to admit teasing Rafe Cameron was so much fun.

    Rafe audibly groaned under you when he noticed you were stalling, you saw his eyes roll to the back of his head when you brushed against his tip; and quickly understood why the bastard enjoyed making your eyes roll. It was so fucking hot.

    But enough was enough. Without another word, you sank down on his length, both letting out loud groans of satisfaction.

    Rafe's hands found a place on your hips as quickly as you pressed your hands on his chest to keep balance.

    You remained still for a couple of seconds to adjust yourself, Rafe's eyes were fixed on you, the way your skin seemed to shine under the light that filtered through the windows, and just how focused you seemed in taking his dick without showing how much you were actually enjoying it. But he knew you were enjoying it, he could feel you clenching around him already.

    His mind was formulating some snarky comment, but before he could spit it out you started to slowly, but surely move your hips in accord to what you needed.

    Soon you found your rhythm, bouncing up and down on his dick, your nails clawing slightly on his chest while he held to your hips tightly, trying to move you up and down to the rhythm he preferred, but you didn't let him.

    You clenched around him every time you moved your hips up, and it never failed to make him let out a groan. With every sharp thrust of his hips from below you, you felt his tip touching the spot deep inside you that only he seemed able to find.

    Although he was enjoying himself, Rafe soon enough caught up with your intentions, with your actions rather. You were using him. Pleasuring yourself with him. And although the mere thought of it could've made him cum, he would not let you play this game alone.

    Before you even knew what was happening, Rafe sat down with you still straddling his dick, took a firmer hold of your hips and started to move you down while his hips moved up, his pace was quick, and his thrusts were deep, almost desperate.

    He pressed kisses against your skin, whenever he could make them land though, as your bodies kept moving in sync, so quickly and strongly that you were almost sure the truck was moving as well.

    One of his hands let go of your hip to sneak between your body and his, the tips of his fingers aiming for your clit, starting to circle it as he observed your expression, proud of the mess he’d done out of you.

    "Look at me," Rafe’s voice was firm, but it didn’t stop your eyes from rolling out of pleasure, he grabbed you by the jaw and made you look at him, right in the eye while he's still thrusting mercilessly. "no one's ever gonna fuck you like I do, you know that, don't you, princess?"

    It didn’t matter how much you wanted to, you could will any words with sense to leave your mouth, all you could do was moan and mumble his name.

    Your literal lack of words was satisfactory enough for Rafe, his fingers circled your clit faster, and soon enough he started to chase his evident release.

    Sensing you were as close as he was, you started to clench your walls around him and trying to make your movements deeper, which seemed to work wonders by the way Rafe’s breathing picked up and his groans got huskier.

    Not too long after, the movements got erratic and the speed turned unstable, you clenched your walls one final time around him as your release washed over you, and the way you wrapped perfectly around him prompted Rafe’s own release.

    His lips were jerking while he rode out his release, his fingers held an incredible grip on your hip while his face buried in your neck, and it was the overwhelming mixture of feelings that caused him to speak without thinking twice about it.

    "Oh fuck... I love you.” he mumbled over the skin of your neck as his thrusts slowed down to an almost stop.

    "You what?" you asked him, your voice barely above a mumble as you caught your breath.

    "You heard me." Rafe replied with one last thrust of his hips, stilling underneath you, while being still inside you.

    "Say it again." you didn’t know if you wanted to hear it again to convince yourself he’d said it, or because it felt great.

    "I fuckin' love you." Rafe admitted, his eyes finding yours quickly, his head was still lowered, so he was looking at you through his lashes.

    Rafe was terrified. Terrified of the way he’d just blurt it out, terrified of his own feelings and yours, or rather, possible lack there of.

    "I love you too, dickhead,” you admitted as well, placing a hand softly on his bicep. And of course, such confession had to be balanced with some attitude, so you added something else. “but you still annoy the hell outta me tho."

    "Huh.” he seemed proud and somewhat relaxed, but you could tell he was holding back a laugh by the way his lips curled.

    "What’s so funny?"

    “Nothing.” he shrugged with ease, wrapping one of his arms around your hip.

    "Rafe?" you raised an eyebrow at him; making him roll his eyes.

    "You say I still annoy you while my dick is still deep inside you."


    "It’s like you're trying to make me fuck the attitude outta you." he said, pretending to be careless and unbothered while he flicked one of your nipples, to then twist it softly between his fingers.

    It was tempting, but you were exhausted.

    You shook your head while a smile appeared on your lips as you wrapped your arms around him, and even if it hadn't been your initial intention, you ended up hugging him out of tiredness.

    Rafe froze under you, not being used to this type of affection. His hands were hovering over your body, insecure if he could touch you or not. But since you didn't move, Rafe realized that maybe reciprocation is what you expected.

    He wrapped his arms around you, and slowly started to lie back down, making sure you're comfortable while lying down on his chest.

    You weren't sure of what he was doing at first, but once you caught up with it, a little smile made its way to your lips.

    Rafe was trying to be nicer, he really was. And it was nice as much as it was scary. Y'know, because you were used to Rafe being a dick.

    You made yourself comfortable by placing your head on his chest, one of your arms over his chest as well, and a leg wrapped around his hip. He placed a hand on your lower back, keeping you close.

    "That day... it came out all wrong." Rafe began, but you didn't say anything, giving him time to explain. "What I wanted to say was that I didn't give a shit about what you chose to do 'cause it would be fine by me either way."

    "Really?" you asked with genuine curiosity.

    "Yeah, didn't want to force you to choose anything you didn't want and make you hate me forever." he admitted, his voice being so shy and feeble it seemed like a mumble.

    "Nice to know."

    "Why? Have you made up your mind already?" Rafe asked, moving slightly so he could look down at you and stare at you.

    "Yeah," you nodded your head and looked up, he deserved to know this and keeping eye contact wasn't a bad idea. "I'm keeping it."

    "Alright..." Rafe said, wetting his lips as he nodded his head repeatedly, as if he were trying to convince himself of what he heard.

    You could feel his heart beating erratically inside his chest. He was either excited or scared, probably both.

    But so were you. Having a child was exciting but also the most terrifying thing ever. Especially having a child with Rafe out of all people.

    "And I also wanted to tell you that..." he paused while he moved again, more out of nervousness than necessity. "I've wanted you for years and it had been driving me fucking nuts."

    A little smile crept its way up to your lips, you moved your body to between his legs with your arms at the sides of his body while you carefully laid down again, so this way you could look at him in the eye and know how serious he was about it. There was no mocking, no sarcasm. He meant it.

    "But you had to throw a tantrum and storm off before I could say it, didn't you?" he continued, although this time it was more of a complaint, his eyes slightly narrowed.

    "In my defense, you were being a dick. An aggressive dick at that." you defended yourself with an amused smile.

    "And in my defense, I had just found out I'm going to be a father. at 19. I was fucking terrified, alright?" he justified himself, placing his hand on his chest as dramatically as he apparently could.

    "And are you, still?"

    "Yeah," he paused again, his eyes searching for yours. "but... maybe, if we do this together, it won't be so bad."

    "Together as in..." you trailed off, expecting him to finish the sentence for you.

    "As a couple."

    "Is this your way of asking me out?"

    "Of asking you to be my girlfriend." Rafe assured firmly, his hand moving from your back to your hip.

    "You're not really asking, y'know, cause you're not making a question." it was hard to keep a laugh back but you managed to do it, speaking as seriously as you could.

    "You're not gonna make me ask the question, are you?" he questioned you with a raised eyebrow.

    "I wasn't, but since it seems to bother you so much, I will." you admitted with an amused smile, being unable to hold it back.

    "Grow the fuck up, Y/N."

    "Sorry Rafey, no question..." you started, moving your body up so your face was inches away from his, mumbling over his lips. "no nothing."

    He rolled his eyes and wetted his lips, placing both hands on your hips and guiding you to sit down softly on his lap. "Be my girlfriend?"

    "Just that?" you teased him playfully, trailing his body with the tip of your finger, all the way from his bottom lip, down his chest, his defined abs and as low as you could go, feeling him shiver with pleasure underneath you. "where's the effort, pretty boy?"

    "Ugh fuck. Please?" Rafe couldn't believe the leash you had on him already. "be my girlfriend."

    "Now that's the way to go," you said in amusement, patting his chest, slowly moving away from him. "kind of."

    "Where are you going?" he asked you, an eyebrow raised as his hands remained on your hips for as long as they could before you slipped out of his grasp.

    "Was your plan to stay all night here, in the back of your truck?"

    "With the view I've got right now?" he questioned, nodding his head at you while his eyes were clearly and shamelessly focused on your breasts. "yeah."

    “Well, maybe you’ll get some of this later,” you teased while reaching under the seat, searching for something to clean yourselves with. “but only if it’s on a bed.”

    “Why, scared of getting caught?” he teased while inching closer to you, getting an old golfing shirt of his from under the seat, and starting to clean your legs with it.

    “Scared of bumping my head against the ceiling,” you joked while you let him clean the mess. “That would be a terrible way to go, by hitting my head against the ceiling of a truck while you fuck me.”

    “Sounds to me like there are worse ways to go.” Rafe teased, purposefully gracing closer to your entrance, making you hiss due to how sensitive you still were.

    While talking about trivial things, you and Rafe dressed up; he insisted on keeping your panties in his pocket and promised to return them once you were under his bedsheets.


    “So... how are we gonna tell them?" You asked him, letting your eyes linger on his hands for a while longer while his fingers wrapped around the wheel.

    "I have no idea,” he admitted with a sigh, to then shrug. “it's not like we owe them any explanations anyway."

    "Then it's settled, we'll do this together.” you said, trying to convince yourself and testing the waters, trying to see how honest he had been about it earlier.

    "I won't let you down, alright? I’m- I’m gonna be- I’ll be the best version of myself,” he glanced at you briefly, placing one of his hands over your thigh, squeezing with affection. “I’m gonna get my shit together for you. I won't let him or her down. I promise you."

    He looked like he meant it; and you fervently wished so.

    You wanted this, you wanted all of it. You wanted Rafe.

    It’s probably the best consequence you’ve ever gotten after a reckless night, and you were happy with it, happy with him.

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    This blog loves and supports Drew Starkey and Austin North. ❤️

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    no thoughts just him

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    Y’all seeing this?????

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    preview - gone: part II (rafe cameron).

    part one:- gone.

    bookofbonbon's masterlist.

    something to tickle the tastebuds!



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    how is this even possible. he’s flawless. his face is aesthetically pleasing. i can’t do this rn

    cr: drewstarkeytweets on ig <3 (ty for this blessing love)

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    IMPULSE part five ―  Rafe Cameron

    series masterlist part one. | part two. | part three. | part four. 

    summary: a phone call with your mom ruins your night with rafe. ward tells rafe something that will change his life completely. warnings: abuse, swears, sexual innuendos word count: 2k+ a/n: early update! this chapter is one of my favorites and i cant wait to finally get to the climax of the story

    Sleeping was never something Rafe particularly enjoyed doing. If it weren't a necessity for his body to function properly, he wouldn't bother falling asleep. He always thought that sleep was depriving, of moments in life that would have a more deeper meaning than resting. Such moments like these, when he had you wrapped up around him, with both of your clothes scattered around the house, replaying the moments from the night before.

    He never thought that the simple act of holding a person in his arms would hold so much meaning. Of course, it wasn't just any person, it was you, the only person that got underneath his veins so quickly, and he knew he was never going to get you out. You were tattooed on his soul permanently, it felt vulnerable for him to admit it, the only person that could overtake his need for drugs was laying in front of him. On him, to be more specific, as he caressed your delicate skin, your warmth making him smile without the intention to.

    How can you be so perfect? He phased in his thoughts, waiting for someone to answer.

    His blue eyes took notice of every inch of you, finding the way you whimpered as he pressed a kiss on the top of your head adorable.

    "Are you staring at me?" he thought he was imagining your words when he heard it, that's why he didn't answer on the spot, replying only when he saw the movement of your lips spelling his name.

    "I'm admiring you, y/l/n."

    You chuckled, your eyes still barely adjusting themselves to the darkness of the room.

    "I just had sex with you and now you're calling me by my last name, Cameron?"

    "We just had what? Might want to remind me of that." Rafe winked at you, earning a laugh and a hit in the chest in return.

    Finally, the room lit up slightly, due to the screen light coming from your phone ringing. Once you saw it, you hurried up to answer it, extending your hands over Rafe's head in order to take it from the table, feeling how his hands gripped your waist and blushing as you saw how he bit his lip at the image of you on top of him.

    You squinted your eyes, looking over at the hour, 05:20 am, and then at the caller id, which read the most terrifying three lettered word in this given moment, 'mom'. Your mouth hanged open, standing up despite of Rafe's hands roaming all over your body and answered your phone in a heartbeat.

    'Mom?' you finally spoke, your voice trembling in fear.

    'I'm sorry okay? I crashed at some girl's house tonight, I was too tired to drive.' Rafe saw how you put your hands on your head in despair, a gesture he himself does often. Even as he struggles to hear what your conversation is about, the boy can't help but look at the ground once he noticed how you kept him out of the conversation with your mom.

    'Stop yelling at me over the fucking phone, I get it!' That phase really captured his attention, concentrating on deciphering what your mom was saying.

    'Fine! Get a fucking grip.' You threw the phone on the couch, getting too caught up in the heat of the moment to remember that Rafe was there.

    He could sense by the frustrated sigh of yours that this wasn't the ideal mother daughter conversation, it doesn't take a genius to notice that. He tapped his fingers on his knees, unsure of what to do or say next.

    "So, uh, what was that about?"

    "Just usual psycho mom threatening to call the cops on me if I don't come home now." You searched for your tshirt, quickly dressing up as you found bits of your clothing all over the living room.

    "Call the cops on you?" Rafe was wide eyed, wondering what you could ever do to make your own mother do something like that.

    "Yes." Your short monosyllabic answer seemed more passive aggressive than you intended. "She claims that she can frame me for stuff I didn't do, she's such a fucking manipulative bitch."

    "Sounds a lot like my dad." He said, even though he didn't mean it entirely, Ward wasn't as harsh as your mom seemed, he never threatened him with jail, at least not yet.

    "Lucky us, right?"

    Rafe nodded, dressing himself up and collecting his things as well. He searched his jeans for something, yet you didn't bother to ask further questions, feeling drained at how your mother had ruined this thing you had going on with Rafe.

    He patted the pocket of his jeans, feeling the cold metal of Barry's gun, and taking his hand out immediately, using his long tshirt as coverage. He might have forgotten to tell you that he had the gun now, and he intended to keep it, but he figured the last thing he wanted was to overwhelm you some more.

    "What about Barry?" he asked, worried that somehow he will find his way to you. "I mean, he's still out there, that son of a bitch might try something again, we have to stick together." Empathizing on the word 'have' as if it was his mission in life to stick by your side. Rafe would hate himself if he knew any harm were to happen to you and he wasn't there to protect you.

    "Rafe, we can't hide forever."

    But how much he wished you could. Just the two of you, together forever, his heart skipped a beat at the mere thought of it.

    "Can I take you home at least?" Rafe fidgeted with his fingers for a bit.

    "Yes, I'd like that, actually." You showed him a smile, finally calming yourself down after the incident.

    Following you towards the door, Rafe took a final peak at the house, his lips molding into a smile as he reminisced on what happened there. God, that might have been the highlight of his year, life, even. All he ever needed was you, and now that he made you his, partially, Rafe made it his goal to never leave you.

    He could barely pay attention to the road in front of him, choosing to concentrate on the feeling of you laying on his back, the way your hands wrapped tightly around his waist. Once you arrived home, he hugged you like his life depended on it, as if it was the last time he was ever going to see you, struggling to make himself let you go.

    The smile he wore on his face never faded, even when he got home, he thanked every God he could think of that Barry was probably back at his trash house, not seeing him around the perimeter of your house, neither at his.

    "Son." The vague voice of his father, snatching him from his imagination.

    Rafe turned his gaze at his father, noticing how he held his hands on his temples, a visible sign of his frustration. He could feel how the palm of his hands was sweating already, muttering a barely distinguishable 'Dad'.

    "Where were you all night long?"

    Once again, the second conversation in the span of a few weeks that seemed out of the ordinary. Turning pale at the thought of Barry paying his father a visit. "Uh, I was, I was out." he stuttered.

    "Out? Well clearly you were out since I couldn't find you anywhere and you didn't answer your phone." Ward chuckled, somewhere in that chuckle lingering a darkness that his son knew was about to erupt. "Where exactly were you last night? You better tell me now, Rafe, because I'm not going to ask for a third time."

    His father's demanding voice always got the best of him "I was with Y/N, dad. I was getting closer to her, just like you asked. I took care of her."

    A deep sigh escaped his father's lips, unsure of how to word out what he was going to tell his son. "You don't need to do that anymore, son." the lowered voice indicated something wasn't right, Rafe couldn't put a finger on what happened.

    "But, why? What do you mean by that?" The boy was taken aback by his words, for once in his whole life he's done what he wanted, and ended up liking you in the process, and now he told him it wasn't what he needed to do anymore, was he messing with his head?

    "I don't owe you any further explanations. Don't talk to her anymore." Ward stood up tall, with his sleeves rolled up.

    "No, n-no what does this even mean, dad?" feeling how his voice brakes, Rafe out his hands in the air, perplexed, as his father got closer to him and patted him on the shoulders.

    "It means that-" a brief pause "if I see you ever talking to her again, you're no longer welcomed in our house."

    A tear rolled down the boy's cheek, not even bothering to wipe it before speaking.

    "You don't get to do this shit anymore. First, you ask me to get closer to her, and I do just that, and I end up fucking liking it. I end up liking her, dad, and now, you're telling me this shit, that I have to give her up, after everything? And you don't even bother explaining why..." he never noticed how hard he was crying until he had to take a break to breathe in slowly. "I never felt this way about anyone before, dad."

    Ward couldn't bring himself to look at Rafe. "But you will feel this way about many many girls, Rafe. You're young, she's just, out of limit. Her family is not who I thought they were, and you need to avoid them at all costs."

    Shaking his head, he took his father's hand off his shoulder. "Don't bullshit me. I swear to God you keep messing with my head and I might just end up-"

    "End up doing what, Rafe? What's so hard to understand? It's us or her. You have to choose."

    "I'm not choosing anything. You're not even giving me an explanation, am I not worthy of a fucking explanation?" Rafe's hands were now on his father's shoulders, making him face his son. He grew tired of all the excuses, all the sacrifices his dad expected him to make just for the sake of it. And his father sensed that too, that's why he slapped him on his face when he couldn't bring himself to choose his family over you.

    "They're bad people!" Ward screamed at him "Everything is going wrong because of her freaking mom. And to top that-" the look on his face seemed evil, psychotic, even. "-she's not even her real mom! Is that what you wanted to hear, huh?"

    Rafe's hand stayed on the cheek his father hit him on as he listened to what he said, remaining speechless. All he could do was watch as if his father left him behind, trailing off to somewhere he didn't want to follow.

    Feeling how his knees gave up on him, he fell to the hard floor, holding himself as he fell apart. He has never felt torn apart before, but laying now on the ground, with tears streaming down his face and his hands in fists, he felt defeated.

    Rafe Cameron lost his first battle with his consciousness when he felt the sound his gun made when it fell to the ground.

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    My all time favourite pics of Drew Starkey btw it lives in my head RENT FREE!!!!!!

    There's more than 10 thou

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    Senior Night |Rafe Cameron Imagine|

    SUMMARY: y/n celebrates senior night with Rafe and his sisters
    PAIRING: quarterback!rafe x y/n
    WARNING: none
    REQUESTED: no, I’m just down bad for the idea of a football player rafe and him having a good relationship with his sisters😭(requests are open as well)

    Sarah, Wheezie, and Y/N had stopped to get face paint and flowers at the Harris Teeter party section before making their way to the Kildare Prep School. It was a Friday night, specifically Senior Night. Rafe Cameron, Kildare quarterback was getting recognized and they wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    Y/N was the oldest out of the girls, and the only one with a drivers license, so of course she would be driving. His girlfriend had offered to drive the girls to the game when she found out that Ward and Rose had refused to attend the game.

    The news had upset Y/N but Rafe wasn’t even phased. They hadn’t even come to any of his games all through high school, and had discouraged him to go to Clemson when they had recruited him to be their backup quarterback and prepare him for his sophomore year when he would take place as the first quarterback.

    They had arrived to the stadium when the players where filing onto the field. Y/N motioned to the sisters to take the tickets from her as she jogged over to the line. Panicked that maybe she had been too late.

    Rafe stood at the front of the alphabetical line. Feeling more lonely than usual when surrounded by his teammates. Their parents had come to celebrate their kids and he was alone. Normally, he had gotten use to doing everything alone, but it hurt more today. He wasn’t as completely heartless and the Pogues liked to think.

    She rushed to the front of the line of seniors and grabbed his arm tightly. Moving a little too fast and hitting his chest pad. Rafe jumped at the sudden and unexpected contact.

    “What are you doing here?” He asked his girl friend, looping his arm with hers and holding the top of her hand.

    “You’re not walking alone.” She firmly stated and offered him the bundle of blue roses to match the blue of the school jerseys. It was also his favorite color, and anytime she gifted him flowers they had to be blue.

    “Have I ever told you that I love you?”

    “Hmmm, maybe once or twice?” Y/N joked while looking up at her boyfriend. She was excited to be here to support her boyfriend, remembering the day when he had played his first High School game and she was in the stands supporting him. At that time, they were just really good friends.

    “Now walking to the field is Senior, Rafe Cameron. Escorted by Ms. Cameron?” The announcer sounded confused as the paper before him noted that he would be walking to the field alone. Y/N’s heart skipped a beat, thinking she could get use to being called a Cameron.

    “Hmmm, Y/N Cameron. Sounds like the name of an NFL player’s wife.”

    Rafe commented to the girl as they walked to the center of the field and they announced that he would be continuing his football career at Clemson. They posed for pictures and exited the field. Catching Sarah and Wheezie yelling from the stands with blue paint smeared messily across their face.

    “You brought them?”

    “Of course, they can’t miss their big brothers moment.”

    Y/N smiled and gave him a quick kiss. Wishing him luck on his final High School game before Coach Sanders rushed her out of the locker room. Saying that he needed his star player to be focused before the game.

    She climbed the stands to join the girls. Taking the seat on the bleachers that they had saved for her in between them.

    “Ready for the game Y/N Cameron?”

    Sarah nudged the girl with a smirk on her face. Y/N rolled her eyes as Wheezie hugged her waist.

    “I would want you as a sister.” Y/N smiled at the words the dark haired girl said.

    “Sister in law, Wheez-“ Sarah reached over and wiped paint across her face, getting some on the white shirt with a bold 48 printed on the front. 48 had been Rafe’s jersey number ever since he played peewee, and it just stuck with him.

    “Yeah, can we kick out Rose and have you move in?” Wheezie asked, seemingly serious. Sarah joined in to agree with her little sister.

    “I’m sure Ward wouldn’t like that too much.”

    “Who cares!”

    The game had started and ended before they could believe it. The score had ended 32-24, Kildare Prep winning. Y/N’s voice was tired for screaming for the past few hours and Rafe had been watching her when the special teams had kicked off, enjoying how into the game she was.

    The boys girlfriends and family members had made their way down to the field and over the fence. Y/N had checked with Sarah to make sure she would take care of Wheezie before she ran onto the field. Spotting her sweaty boyfriend shaking hands with the Coach.

    When he turned around from saying a thank you to his Coach, he was practically attacked in the middle of the field. Catching his girlfriends legs and wrapping them around his waist to support her better. The two shared a passionate kiss in the middle of the field, the chants from the team being blocked out of their minds.

    Only pulling apart when the confetti cannons went off on the field. Covering the turf in blue and gold confetti. Rafe placed his girl back on her feet before she grabbed his hand.

    “Wanna go play in it?” Y/N pulled him behind her and the two fell into the confetti and let out a loud laugh as the two threw the paper at one another. This was a moment Rafe wanted to remember for the rest of his life, not feeling as lonely as he had at the beginning of the night.

    “And Clemson?” Y/N stated. Shocked that her boyfriend was going to be going D1. He playfully threw more confetti and her before sitting up and pulling her in for a light kiss.


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