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  • transformers-trash-fan
    21.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #matchups#tf matchup#mtmte drift#Idw drift#original stuff#Mtmte #more then meets the eye #is this enough tags #? #romantic match up
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  • pyra-colony-au
    21.04.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    There’s only one canon ship atm but I just made myself ship DriftMagnus lol

    #drift being sus of mags when she kinda sorta joins the cons #but warming up cuz mags is genuine in ways drift isn’t used to #genuine the way megs and orion are #genuine the way gasket was #magnus also being sus of drift at first #since drift is a criminal drug addict who kills people for a living #but warming up as she realizes drift wants the best for ppl #wants a life where she doesn’t have to kill ppl #then the angst when mags is shadowplayed #drift’s budding trust is shattered #the mech she was opening up to suddenly a stranger who wants her dead #magnus not recognizing drift #not understanding why this criminal is distressed so differently from other criminals #by mags’ mere presence #dhdjskshsks #disclaimer: this may not be canon #i was spitballing to myself #hmmmmmm angst
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  • etvice
    21.04.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    i’m noting this down on her bio already, but whenever i write in lore olympus verse for persephone, she is not going to be 19. this isn’t a “oh canon was creepy so i’m aging the younger one up and now it’s ok hehe <3″ kind of things; l.o. is an iteration working with an immortal pantheon and still chose to make the younger one #barely legal for no reason but to fetishize an age gap. so, even if i’m writing in that verse, persephone will be 519. she’s still young by immortal standards, absolutely, & the older part of the pantheon that actually interacted with her when she was little may be prone to treating her like she’s a kid, but she is not still a teenager. she’s far, FAR past that stage by several mortal lifetimes.

    #and yeah it's still quite the gap when hades is ~2000 in that verse #but 'newer immortal' / 'tired immortal' as a dynamic doesn't have that creepy undertone to it #given that a ~newer immortal has still been an adult well past a normal mortal lifespan ya know #ANYWAY. LONG WINDED BUT Y'ALL GET MY DRIFT
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  • pjokotlcmarvel201
    21.04.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    So I just saw today that somebody doxed Technoblade. Fuck you did that. According to what I saw, Techno lives with his family, you just put a family of innocents in danger because you were a bitch. Fuck you. If you somehow find my page leave and never interact with me ever.

    #techno mcyt#technoblr#fuck off #if you catch my drift
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  • bouchard
    21.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So fucked up that Spock isn’t in my dms right now

    #I’m trying to play Rock Paper Scissors if you catch my drift 😏
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  • transformers-nexus
    21.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I put so much investment into Roxie and Dadlock lately (I’m sorry) and it's all I ever think about them bc who doesn't love found family tropes. For TFTN, I took in key elements of characters, backstory and lores from IDW and incorporated the ideas into my own for TFTN.

    I’ve been listening to Lasting Impression by Silent Descent when writing up Dadlock’s life (which probably fitting).

    Trigger warnings for mentions of discrimination, drug use, medic, shadowplay / mnemosurgery(?), child abuse, depression, implied suicide, ptsd trauma(?). 

    I’ll put all of this under readmore

    I've been thinking about how much similarities between Roxie and Drift in having to hide certain things about themselves from the society--with Roxie being deaf and covering her hearing aids with her long hair, and Drift was a forged triple changer. 

    Triple changers cybertronians bear the brunt of discriminations for being so different and the Functionalist Council saw them as a threat to Cybertron's future and the caste systems. Techno-organics also shared the similar reaction for being much different.

    It was pretty telling given what Drift had gone through in his life… Before Roxie was constructed with his spark, before the Greatsword connected to his spark while unaware of the intentional true purpose in store for him and Roxie later on, and before Dai Atlas took him in. 

    He did not start off on a good life living on the streets and homeless on rodion. He was an independent, mostly kept to himself, barely opening up to anyone. He endured survival instincts living on the streets, and learnt self-defence battle protocols to defend himself when necessarily. 

    Obtaining Energon for refuel wasn’t easy. He went through a dark place of sleeping rough, hooked on circuit boosters to spare the pain and selling himself for Energon. It wasn’t his choice nor how many times had he lost count when he came close to almost-deactivation.

    He never forgot the time he visited the medibay clinic to be patched up and to feel safe. That was the first he saw Ratchet.

    It was not the vivid life Drift wanted to remember. He spared the dark details of his early life and post-Shadowplay-to-Autobot’s assassin  era from Roxie, because it’s not something he wanted to subject her to that exposure, even for one so carefree and young who was not exposed to the Functionalist era. He only shared his life after Dai Atlas approached and took him in, which changed his life completely. Dai Atlas was the closest thing he would call to a Sire. He became familiar with the likes of Cyclonus, Axe and Wing.

    Wing became his best friend who later became his Amica Endurae. Wing does not understand the life Drift went through--he had experienced living rough--but he was the only person he could trust enough to vent to.

    Drift received upgrades to his frame, putting the past behind him to start anew under Dai Atlas’ mentorship, and touching the Greatsword had given him a second chance to move on from his past (obvious to the fact that the Greatsword had chosen him for a reason, or what fate had in store for him). 

    Crystal City was the safest place it had been in so long for Drift, not counting the fact a particular medical clinic had been relatively safe away from the backend alleys. Everything was good afterwards, he became a trained swordmech. It takes some adjustment for him to get used to sleeping in an actual berth provided for his own amongst other things--including Energon for refuel and to live. He did meet Ratchet, despite them having met long before when Drift lived on the rough streets. He fell in love with Ratchet--with an emotional deep connection with the young medic--but he never got to tell him. 

    The Functionalists Council had arranged for Drift to be taken and captured (all the while, Pharma had secretly played a part in it) and was taken straight to the Institute where he was subjected to Shadowplay against his will.

    Life for Drift was royalty fucked up after Shadowplay had changed him into a deadly, fearless assassin with Emperor Tyrest as his handler (this was revealed in Prologue Part One). He was not known as Drift, he became Deadlock--likely a case of an alter-ego formed as the result from his traumas.

    Many years later, he eventually discovered Roxie’s existence… he learnt he had a Progeniei Endurae. And that instinct promptly activated his paternal coding within both his and Deadlock alter-ego’s programming. 

    Roxie was constructed cold with her spark being a donor from Drift/Deadlock’s, thus forming a strong bond between the two--such bond between a Sire and a Progeniei are considered rare in some cases. 

    Though, Roxie… didn’t have a good start after being subconsciously locked away in a stasis pod by Tyrest’s doings. The sad thing is? Drift does not know whether she was physically abused constantly through the bond whenever he was resistant against being controlled, or forced to obey commands, or goes against authority orders--and the thought alone had really broken him.

    He tried to save her the first time but was caught out and forced to watch in horror as Tyrest abused Roxie in front of his optics--which played into the triggers whenever he saw Roxie was harmed and he shifted into his Deadlock persona way later on. Yes, Drift and Deadlock alter ego both genuinely care for Roxie. 

    Techno-organics were not well-known to Cybertronians until the 22nd or 23rd Century, but one with an organic human DNA is considered rare. Now for Roxie, being a techno-organic and all… it wasn't easy to bring her up. Drift is new to parenting and can be a worrywart over her. His past actually helped him to adapt and care for her--he eventually grows into a better person than he used to be. 

    Though, what Drift never prepared for… was Roxie diagnosed with severe hearing loss, aka Deaf / Hearing Impaired, in both audial receptors. He went as far to start his research and how to help her. He is patient and relied on the bond to communicate with her, he taught her to lipread--because he had little knowledge of sign languages. Once they get their servos on functioning Hearing Aids for her, she can hear their voices. It wasn't the best or helpful to her, Drift was relieved she was responsive to his voice like a sense of familiarity to her.

    Due to the immense strong bond and prioritising Roxie first before himself, Drift turned off his pain sensors to take in the burdens and sensed her emotions and pains.

    But her upbringing had its moments. Roxie hated hearing tests. It made her extremely stressed over the noise levels and the lowest ringing noises were the worst of all. She was a victim to disability discrimination by Earth's society, which she was completely shunned out and struggled to make any friends. It did hurt her and her hearing wasn't perfect that the kids relentlessly teased her for her difficulties--the aftermath forced her to cover ears and hearing aids with her long hair to hide her disability. 

    She was dejected and left out, unsure whether to question where she would fit in in this universe. Drift sensed this coming through the bond and tried his best to comfort her as a father wanting to understand her. Roxie’s struggles with deafness had impacted on her mental health and she went through a dark place succumbing to negative voices and far too anxious to socialise with anyone.

    She would cry herself to sleep with a wish how badly she wanted to hear, and bottled all of her emotions and issues to herself. She found it completely hard to talk or open up about her feelings--even to Drift and Wing. Such intrusive thoughts prone her despair into an emotional crying mess leading to Drift exposed his spark chamber to guide and soothed Roxie out of an anxiety attack keeping her focus onto his calming, pulsing spark and enfolded within his EM field filled with nothing more than a comforting familial love.

    Suffice to say, Drift had coaxed gently, without pressuring her, got her to open up to him and listened to her confide in him. One time, she accidentally slammed Drift’s doorwing, which was very sensitive, when her emotions got the best of her during an outburst and of course, Roxie felt completely bad afterwards.

    Meeting new people was difficult for her, much less making new friends without the unnecessary attention from adolescent organic males. Due to the society looking down on disabled people, Roxie doesn’t want to let anyone in, something that was passed on from her Sire, without putting her guarded wall down and succumbing to heartaches. She stayed--remained--close to Drift and Wing. She trusts them and they’re the only ones she relied heavily on for their support and speak on her behalf.

    Beyond that, there were complications on their welfare over the years hiding on Earth, especially when Roxie’s health was concerned. Her height growth was stunted and slowed throughout her activated age. (At eighteen activated age and in the start of TFTN prologue, she stood at 5ft 4in). However, there’s major issues Drift and Wing had to deal with rationalizing Energon usage after the first time they watched Roxie overcome with extreme fatigue from low Energon. They were alerted by this despite the three of them living pretty rough to hide out on Earth for spoiler reasons--they moved from one hideout to another, erasing their presence from their previous accommodations. Moving to a new place made Roxie unsettled the first few nights.

    Drift’s early life resurfaced given the living arrangements on Earth, he was willingly to sacrifice his Energon for Roxie and replenish her energy and to avoid her body going into stasis shock. He had considered an Energon transfer reserved for emergencies only just for Roxie alone, and the process was risky that Wing had berated him for it on a dangerously low Energon withdrawal. Wing could understand due to Energon being scarce on Earth that he had gone further to search and provide fuels for the three of them to survive.

    Had they lived on Cybertron, specifically in the roughest places, Deadlock would’ve given away a full Energon to Roxie and spared little usafe for himself to live through another day.

    "A good Sire would do anything for his or her Progeniei Endurae." Drift told Wing. And the truth is, Roxie was a beacon of light to Drift through the darker aspects of his life, even with being there for her through her low days.

    That's as far I've written from my head about these two and I'm having many feelings over these two.

    #tf nexus headcanon #ch: drift/deadlock #oc: roxana valiente
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  • mybrainproblems
    21.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sitting in a pile of magazine clippings looking like a crazy person as I carefully and precisely cut all of the eyes out so I can do a little trueform!cas collage

    #it's not high art but it is high art if you catch my drift
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  • driftawayonceaday
    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Shaky Town

    Today we're re-visiting Jackson Browne's 1977 album Running on Empty. "Shaky Town" is another of Browne's Eagles-like tunes that Browne can do so well. The difference with Browne is that his songs feel a bit slower and more...sorrowful.

    "Shaky Town" has a bit of a country feel, with both the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar solo. It doesn't have a country twang, but it's a bit reminiscent of country, just as much of the Eagles' early work does. But Browne's tone is a bit more somber and reflective. The use of an organ rather than a piano doesn't bother me as much as it sometimes does. While the organ is there pretty much throughout, it is not overwhelming by any means.

    As much of Running on Empty, "Shaky Town" is about a musician on the road. The music is less than four minutes of enjoyable mellow rock that can play in the background. It's not sleepy, thou, especially when Browne tells you "That's a big 10-4!". You get some energy provided by the guitars and percussion.

    Put the hammer down on this one, relax and enjoy your trip to "Shaky Town".

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  • fbodydaydream
    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I say half way there but the other half is 80 % of the work , done alot research very i feel very confident moving forward

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  • hawksnightmare
    20.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    it’s still wild to me that Trapper fully intended to kill a patient

    #and after that episode it was just. never addressed? #I mean Hawkeye was the only witness and it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't tell anyone #but still. a very dark turn #especially considering that that happened very early into season 2 #and it's one of a few things that make me wish the writers had developed Trapper more #because I wonder if there would have been more scenes like that if Trapper had stayed #it could've been interesting to see him and Hawkeye possibly drift apart after being two peas in a pod #anyways
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  • transfrmrs
    20.04.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #prowl#drift #drift | deadlock #rodimus#rodimus prime#mtmte#lost light#ll #more than meets the eye #transformers#transformers memes#tf#tf memes#idw transformers #idw transformers memes #idw tf #idw tf memes
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    20.04.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #why do I feel like falling asleep whenever I have a bath waiting for me #it’s literally taking me so much to not drift off rn
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