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    So after putting it off every day since I was 18, and through totaling a car at 17, I finally did it and got my drivers license.

    I had a list of like four things I wanted to accomplish when I came back home to work on myself, and this was the biggest thing that needed to be crossed off.

    To all of the people I’ve ever illegally drove with (even though they won’t see this post), thank you all for trusting in me and my skills to not get us killed or pulled over 😂.

    I’m really working to become the man that I needed in my life at 15 years old, and if I do say so myself, I’m doing a good job of it so far.


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  • 11/24/19

    5:54 AM

    On my way to the gym.

    3h of work today. Work was easy yesterday. Not a lot of people.

    Gotta start preparing my school project presentation. Study the theory exam as well.

    In a month I’ll have everything behind me.

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  • I think if I don’t get my drivers License today I might hurt myself or have mental breakdown. Possibly both.

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    #istg #every second of my driving includes me whispering to myslef omg/im gonna die #driving#drivers license #learning how to drive
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  • Okay, so I had no idea what to do with this on-the-side-blog for months now. I kinda still don’t, really, but what I always wanted to try out was genuine blogging, writing style.

    Not to bore anyone to death (if this blog actually gets somewhere, people actually read this, etc.) ; not to post unnecessary personal information about myself ; not to make it all pretty and become a studyblr or whatever. But to kinda self-reflect on milestones in my life.

    As in ‘hey, I got my driver’s license!’ and then a year later typing ‘how to deal with driving anxiety’ because no one really talks about it. Or, ‘hey, I graduated!’ and then spending the summer figuring out that ‘post-graduation depression’ is a real thing and ‘school didn’t really prepare me for university and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing’.

    So, yeah. Something along those lines. 

    I don’t know how to structure it yet, or if I’m actually going to stick with this for my own sake (to prove myself I can keep track of my life). But I’m gonna start somewhere.

    I’m 19, which is such an awkward age, let’s be real here. Not sweet 16, not a fresh 18-year-old thrown into adult life, not a 20-year-old who should be more independent or whatever you should be in those years. I’m in the in-between right now. At least for another 4 months.

    I graduated in June. Which, that was a mess, but I was one of the top achieving students in my year (not to brag or whatever). I’m actually surprised I survived all 13 years of school without going insane all the way. Well, except sometimes. 

    So that happened. Along with the driving-anxiety-thing I mentioned before, an awful relationship with my father, the desire to become a published writer one day, the desire to travel after graduating and take a break off of studying and school.

    Which, of course, didn’t happen. Because since October, I’m enrolled for a double major at a university I never thought I’d even apply to, all for Politics, Sociology and English. 

    Wasn’t accepted for Psychology, which I would have loved otherwise. Failed a test to get enrolled for Criminology, which was another bigger dream for a long time.

    It’s totally awesome, you know, to be one of the top students, hating school so much though, that you want to take a break; and then enrolling at uni anyway because you don’t want to disappoint your otherwise non-academic family - all the while not even getting accepted for the things you would consider studying. Just… just loving it. Life. I’m thriving.

    No, seriously, Politics is quite interesting and English Literature is a real passion. I’m not happy, but my old teachers nod approvingly when I tell them what I do and my parents have a promising answer when friends and family ask about me. So that should be something.

    Until next time (that’s not a promise)!

    08/11/19 - Di

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  • 11/02/19

    4:59 PM

    Just finished the first aid course. Now I can apply for the theory exam. Gotta decide when to write it.

    Got a headache. But at least I have it behind me now.

    Want to bake a cake. Let’s see.

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  • 11/01/19

    9:56 PM

    First aid course was fun. The things we talked about weren’t that hard to understand. Took notes. Turns out that I’m not going to get the full license once I do the practical exam. I need to drive 3 more years and do another course and then I’ll get my full license. Bs.

    I gotta see what I’m gonna do. I might not even do the practical exam. Just the theory and then drive around a bit before I leave.

    Then see what I’m gonna do in London. I gotta see if the license is valid in the UK. I mean it’s not the full license and just a temporary one.

    Gotta see.

    I even socialized with the others in the course. People from different backgrounds. Guess I’m not that bad at socializing.

    Even answered questions.

    If it’s something I care about then I can get along with others. If it’s something like school idk.

    I mean at Escape I know I have like common interests with the others like they should also like movies and VFX and stuff. So let’s see how it goes.

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  • 11/01/19

    5:35 PM

    On my way to the first aid course. 3h tonight then the entire day tomorrow.

    Idk what to expect. Probably just sitting around taking notes and shit.

    I did some more exercises for the CAE today and I got like 7 out of 8 questions right for two exercises and then 6 out of 8 for the 3rd one.

    I want to do a simulation of the exam. Like with the same time restrictions and stuff. I didn’t spend much time on the exercises.

    The reading part is the hardest one. Speaking is alright. Just have to talk without being nervous. Make clear sentences. Listening was good too I think.

    Gotta highlight shit for the reading part. Helped me the 2nd time I did it.

    Gonna read in a book from English class.

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  • little ol emo me is returning in full force just in time for some seasonal depression

    #listening to my twenty one pilots songs and FEELING them again #reading a lot more for escapism #except now i have a car #drivers license #and no self discipline #yeehaw kids #also im gonna be all alone on halloween as of now so lit #aech speaks #more like bitches but go off
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  • 10/18/19

    7:57 AM

    Haven’t studied shit for the exam. Well if the next exams of the year are good it should be alright.

    Haven’t been to the gym in over a week. Will go back on Sunday.

    Have a lot of stuff to do. Also want to start the drawings. And got a presentation on Monday etc.

    Math exam in a month. Gotta pay attention. Been getting more than 6h of sleep and I hope it helps me to get through math class.

    The first aid course is in 2 weeks. Gotta take the days off from work.

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  • 10/14/19

    5:16 AM

    Flight went well. Delay wasn’t that bad either.

    From now on I need to get at least 7h of sleep. Been feeling really tired the last couple of weeks.

    I have so much stuff on my mind rn. School. School project. Work. VFX. Cambridge Exam. Drivers license.

    Have an exam this week. Haven’t studied shit or paid attention in class. Haven’t finished my German book or school project. Fuck I’m good.

    I gotta get back to being productive. Procrastinated too much. Can’t keep going like that. Need to do better. Haven’t done shit for art class either.

    Mf. No productivity.

    Gonna finish my stop motion video now. Got all the dialogue just need to add it in.

    Then write the missing pages. Send it off. Study history. Got a French essay on Wednesday as well.

    Alright let’s get to work.

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  • Driving

    I got my driver’s lisence about a month ago. I’m still so afraid of driving and even the though about it makes me anxious. I can’t drive alone (nor do I want to try) and even driving with someone makes me so anxious. I can feel my heart beating super fast.

    Has anyone else struggled with this? I hate it because it makes me so scared. But I did pass both test at first try so technically I should be able to drive. I was already scared when I was driving with the driving teacher but it just got worse when I passed the test.

    If anyone wants to send tips or anything please do, thanks :))

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    #im on the brink of tears rn #its so bad you have no idea #i want to punch sophmore year me rn #lisence#drivers license#driving
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  • I’m reading Bill Bryson’s: At home. A Short History Of Private Space (=Sisään! Lyhyt historia lähes kaikesta kotona.)

    And I’m also working on my driver’s license material, I feel like I will be over qualified for Who wants to be a millionaire after a month. 

    So that is how my book challenge is going atm. 

    1837 - Queen Victoria

    1850 - Crystal palace

    I don’t know when - Jack Russell terrier  - a priest/monk

    1951 - Traffic lights in Helsinki - Aleksanterinkuja/katu and Mikonkatu/kuja

    #bookblr#kinda #who wants to be a millionaire? #drivers license#manual car
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  • they done fucked up and let ya girl get a drivers license

    #IM FINNA VROOM VROOM IN A TANK DOWN A HIGHWAY LETS GET FAST AND THE FURIOUS 6 #art#drawing#scribble#drivers license
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  • I think that at a certain point, licensed drivers should be required to retake the driving test with failure resulting in a revoked license and retaking drivers ed because the most dangerous/reckless drivers I know are all adults who have had their license for +20 years

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