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  • rockyybeach
    12.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    guys new peter/kelly pics dropped
    #its me i dropped them #local couple makes up at diner #i love them #let kelly be cool 2k21 #d3f #Die drei Fragezeichen #Die Drei ??? #peter shaw#kelly madigan#peter/kelly #peter x kelly
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  • rosecjewelsshop
    12.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Fascinating Diamond and Pearl Necklace is crafted in Solid Gold with Round shaped South Sea Pearl and Sparkling Round shape Diamonds are set in the prong setting. Grab this Angel Pendant Necklace for your girl.





    #angel pendant necklace #modern pendant #south sea pearl #charm necklace #necklace for women #drop pendant necklace #celebrity style#engagementlook#royalstyle
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  • nonesuchrecords
    12.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Today is the first of two Record Store Day "RSD Drops" of the year! Head to your favorite local independent record store to pick up Conor Oberst's Ruminations (Expanded Edition), a two-LP expanded remastered edition of his critically acclaimed 2016 Nonesuch solo album. Pressed on 140-gram vinyl, it's got five bonus tracks, four of which are previously unreleased, and an exclusive etching on side D.

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  • marketingsweetagency
    12.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    The Most Common Reasons Your Ranking Has Dropped

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    #The Most Common Reasons Your Ranking Has Dropped
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  • bouquetofkissesxo
    12.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    not me having a whole anxiety attack over 4 points because of overly strict professors at 3 in the fucking morning

    #god i hate this #thought i wiped my tears fast enough but my mom saw me and i can tell she feels bad and now i feel like i ruined her day too #i've never turned in asgmt late without asking my prof for an extension #god this is exactly why assignments shouldn't be due on the same day of the fucking final #im literally having stomach pains from how hard im cryng and i dont think im going to be able to sleep so... #hope those 4 hours of sleep saved from death or something because if i dont pass this class i will drop out of college #where are those fucking profs that are always so understanding?? #and im not going to find out until later in the week for sure because he's behind in grading so im going to feel like shit until i know #and after too i guess if i dont pass #great ending to the semester #and i cant even just fucking chill because i still have 5 assignments due in this damn class #and my assynch class opened all of the assignments which are of course hard a shitt #there's and exam every other day in that class all way from now until 2 days before my bday in aug #plus i sstart anotther 4 unit lab next week and i think im drropping out of the other one i signed up for bc these are just too much #genuinely college has been the worst experience of my life #anxiety attack tw
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  • thoughtfullyrainynightmare
    12.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #just dropping this here #nozel silva#fuegoleon vermillion#black clover #I have noticed that I have a bunch of Nozel simps as well #so here we are #two handsome men
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  • forgottenfriendshiprpg
    12.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    The following characters have been put under reserve until June 13th, 2021, at 3:50 A.M. in the P.S.T. Time Zone : Hope Mikaelson { The Originals and Legacies }, Sweetie Drops ‘Bon Bon' { My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic }, Ferb Fletcher { Phineas And Ferb }, Lilith Clawthorne { The Owl House }, Skara { The Owl House }, Ingrid { Fire Emblem: Three Houses }, and Pearl { Steven Universe } !!

    #multifandom rp#fandom rp#cartoon rp#cartoon rpg#animated rp#animated rpg #f.f.:reserves. #f.f.:notices. #f.f.:admin. #f.f.:admin.alex. #hope mikaelson#legacies rp#sweetie drops#bon bon#ferb fletcher#lilith clawthorne#skara#ingrid#pearl #My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic rp #the originals rp #phineas and ferb rp #the owl house rp #the owl house rpg #steven universe rp #steven universe rpg #Fire Emblem: Three Houses rp #Fire Emblem: Three Houses rpg
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  • inkteacup
    12.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    some additions to Chapter 78: System Error

    amazingakita wanted to see the original cut of the cafe meeting where Hal does address the enhanced perception he gets when in physical contact with Angeles, so I updated the end notes of the chapter to include that but in case you haven’t read it yet, it’s under the cut. Slight context! The meeting was originally much, much more hostile; in fact for a small period of time in Part Six these idiots couldn’t stand each other lmao, and an old header design included them fighting

    But, once editing, I thought that they might be petty but they were both too smart and goal-oriented to let something they both recognize as a childish, impulsive argument get in the way of them working together. Anyway, here’s the original cut:

    "Hal, are you okay?" they ask. "You can let go now."
    He looks down. He's still holding their hand. That'd happened earlier too, when he'd helped them up.
    Some sort of extension of their powers?
    "Your hand is warm," he says.
    They snort. "Believe me, it's colder than most. I have a blood problem."
    When he only continues to stare at their joined hands, they lean forward, lowering their voice. "Is something wrong?"
    "...how much do you know about your powers?" he asks, similarly keeping quiet.
    "...what fucking powers? The weird danger sense?"
    "I… it's a long story but, I - it seems when I experience the world, it's as if it's..filtered through something," he says, mind already going wild with theories. It could simply be a limitation of machinery. There is only so much a copy of a human can do, after all. He can think like a human, form bonds like a human - all the brain structure is there - but the physical parts of him are limited. He can recognize when he's holding something, because his hand shifts to accommodate for the object and gravity, but he can't feel the weight of it, can't really tell if it's heavy.
    It's like playing through a video game, he thinks. When someone controls a character on screen, they move, and the player knows they're moving, but they don't feel the movement, only see the result. They see sunlight but don't feel the warmth, see snow but don't feel the cold even though they recognize it should be.
    But Angeles' hand is warm in his, and he can feel it. His chassis does not have temperature receptors.
    This is an anomaly. This is a miracle of technology. This is a system error.
    "It happened earlier as well. When I touched your hand, it's like everything that should have been there clicked into place," he says.
    When he looks up, Angeles is staring at him with a dubious look.
    "Gotta say, that's not the worst pick up line anyone's ever lobbied at me," they say.
    His expression flattens out, exasperated. "You would be the last person I'd flirt with."
    "The sentiment is shared, but that was still horrendous."
    “I’m a fucking delight, just so you know.”
    “Yeah, delightfully ignorant to how insufferable you can be,” they say, “You couldn’t charm your way out of a paper bag.”
    He narrows his eyes, the reaction coming to him naturally with the enhanced perception. “Bet.”
    Angeles tightens their grip on his hand like they’re trying to crush it. To his surprise, the metal creaks. “I’m a pool master, you might wanna watch your mouth.”
    “And I’m a marvel of technology that defies any and all expectations,” he says, leaning forward, taunting, “So fucking bet, Angeles.”
    "They're already holding hands," someone says suddenly, and both of them snap their heads up to see their other three friends have returned, with food in hand.
    Angeles snatches their hand back, lightning fast. Hal flashes them an offended look, just on principle.
    #alfg#homestuck#hal#lullabyposting #listen. wait for electric love to drop on the 25th #it gets much. much funnier #ESPECIALLY with the final cut events dkjfhsdjkfhskdjs
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  • get-the-cheese-to-sickbay
    12.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Had to return my motorbike shoes the other day because of some threads becoming lose and I’m in front of the motorbike equipment shop putting on my mask when i see some old guy getting on his scooter, which has a giant sticker on it that says “Aus Liebe zu Deutschland (out of love for Germany)” and has a heart filled with the fucking imperial flag (a known neo-nazi symbol) next to it. Never felt more of an urge to accidentally knock over a scooter, but unfortunately the guy was standing right next to it. He, however, dropped his helmet while trying to put it on and it hit the hard asphalt in front of the shop, and then he put it on despite this and drove away. So if he falls of his scooter and hits his head that’s just natural selection I guess 🤷

    #for anyone wondering: if you drop a motorbike/scooter helmet you should exchange it immediately #because it hitting the ground may cause microfractures which can compromise the helmet’s stability and safety #if you then actually fall of your bike and hit your head #anti nazi#antifascist #my motorbike adventures #gotta admit between racist old men on scooters and bikers who are suspiciously fond of the iron cross #my visibly queer ass doesn’t feel too safe at the motorbike equipment shop sometimes #anyway i hope someone accidentally knocks over that guys scooter at some point 🙃
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  • collarful-clover
    12.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    Girl wake up new nameless song dropped

    #tagged post#my art #this new one was goooddddddd I loved the drop after the second chorus I’m literally blown away #I’m so proud of the creator for making a 4 minute 35 second song!!!! #seeing as the prev two were 2:14 and 2:23 respectfully #I’ll dissect the new one in the morning when I’m fully awake but I definitely love it a lot <333
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  • autisticcassandracain
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Recently finished another re-read of Robin: Son of Batman, and I just cannot get over how good specifically the first six issues are. Like I don’t just thing they’re good by DC Comics standards; they’re good by actual literary standards. 

    The thing that really elevates R:SOB #1-6 for me is the way it examines redemption as a concept. Most DC Comics are good because they examine concepts within the DC universe in an interesting way, be they characters, teams, or worldbuilding elements. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You can create perfectly good, solid stories that way. But to me, in order to elevate something to truly great, it needs to have a theme it explores. 

    Robin: Son of Batman could’ve easily been a monster-of-the-week romp with Damian returning a new item from his Year of Blood every week, while his relationship with Maya progresses. And this story would’ve likely still been good, but it wouldn’t have been great the way R:SOB is right now. 

    Because R:SOB isn’t just a story about Damian’s character development; it’s a story about redemption, and what that means, exactly. All three major characters within the first six issues tie in with this theme in some way. 

    Damian, the main character, has done horrible things, but is already well on his road to redemption. He’s already a hero, and he’s already saved many people. His quest to return the items he stole during the Year of Blood is, in essence, just yet another step on that road he’s already been travelling for a while. 

    Maya, the deutagorist, stands at a crossroads in her life. Her father has been killed, and all she has left is his legacy as an assassin and her anger for his murderer, Damian. She hasn’t killed yet, or done anything else that crosses a point of no return. She doesn’t yet need a redemption. But she’s considering crossing that line anyway, because she feels like there’s nothing else left for her.

    Talia is a bit more complicated, if only because the terrible things she’s done were primarily there because of bad writing and character assassination. To their credit, the R:SOB writers seemed to have realized this, and literally sucked the bad writing out of her via black pearl (which is still the funniest retcon method I’ve encountered). Nevertheless, regardless of why, in-universe, the bad things still happened, and Talia takes responsibility for them. She decides that she needs to redeem herself, and begins that journey by trying to make amends with her son, who she inadvertently harmed but loves to pieces.

    And all of those perspectives (that of someone on the road to redemption, someone just starting it, and someone who doesn’t yet need it) hang together so beautifully! None of these arcs exist separately, they all feed into each other and strengthen the others. 

    Damian harmed Maya, but wishes to redeem himself; while he doesn’t actively fight for Maya’s forgiveness, it’s clear that it would be good for him. It would be proof to himself that he can change, and that not everything has to always stay bad. At the same time, though, he doesn’t want to forgive Talia, who harmed him. When he’s in the role of Maya, he reacts with the same anger she showed. And it’s through this realization that he starts to see that Talia is doing the exact same thing he is, and why he is eventually willing to give her a chance. Because Maya’s willingness to forgive the harm he’s done to her helped him, and he wishes to extend that same help to his mother.

    Which is already fantastic, but what REALLY makes it great is the statements it makes in regards to how redemption is achieved. Damian begins his quest to return the items he stole in the Year of Blood in an attempt to right the wrongs he’s caused, but it quickly becomes clear things aren’t that simple. We get the first glimpse of that when we learn Ravi’s backstory, and how Damian allowed him to be blinded. We see his regret for that decision, in the room surrounded by stolen treasures he aims to return, and realize some wrongs simply cannot be righted. Some decisions cannot be reversed.

    Later, we learn that Maya has maintained her father’s assassin contacts, and Damian urges her to break them off. This is, again, a way in which their arcs intertwine; Damian knows what the results are of following in your family’s murderous footsteps, and wishes to save Maya from making those same mistakes. Maya in return, breaks off her contacts. Unfortunately that contact is Deathstroke, who isn’t exactly happy about that.

    When Maya is attacked by Deathstroke over the money she (supposedly) owes him, Damian is given a choice. He set five million aside to donate to the philanthropist whose clinic he destroyed, so that he could rebuild it. This is part of the way he is attempting to undo his wrongdoings. But Deathstroke wants five million to pay back Maya’s debts, and Maya isn’t some past wrongdoing. She’s a living person, right here, right now, in need of help. And Damian decides to help her, and gives Deathstroke the five million.

    The question posed to Damian here was essentially: What is more important, undoing your past wrongs, or doing present rights? Damian’s quest to right his wrongs is noble, certainly, and can definitely have positive effects for others, but it’s also, ultimately, for himself. Does soothing his personal feelings of guilt outweigh the need to save others? Damian decides that it doesn’t, and follows through on that. In essence, you could say he is literally giving up a piece of what he perceives to be his own redemption to give Maya a chance at avoiding the need for it.

    And that’s how Robin: Son of Batman builds on the concept of redemption, and makes a statement on what it is. It states that 1) Some wrongs cannot be undone, no matter how much you wish they could, and 2) On the road of redemption, it’s much more important to do things right now than it is to undo past wrongs. Apologizing for what you’ve done wrong is important, certainly, but it’s not more important than actually doing good in the present.

    It builds on and reinforces these statements time and time again, both with the examples I just gave, and also with the revelation that Damian should not return all the treasures he stole, since that would aid the Darga in destroying the world. Again, it faces Damian with the choice to undo his past wrongs, or do present rights, and he again chooses the latter. In addition, it also again states that not all past wrongs can be undone, no matter how much we wish they could. 

    Robin: Son of Batman isn’t just good because it’s a great examination of Damian’s character, but also because it questions what redemption even means to begin with. The willingness to examine redemption as a concept from several angles is why it’s still by far Damian’s best redemption arc to date, and why it holds up not just as a superhero comic, but a piece of literature.

    #damian wayne#maya ducard #talia al ghul #robin: son of batman #my posts#infodumping #it's also why the last half of the comic is significantly weaker than the first #like it's not bad but it drops the idea of examining themes of redemption and just goes for a save-the-world story instead #with a side of 'damian's family issues' #even suren darga (as much as i do like him) doesn't really bring anything new to the table in terms of examining redemption as a concept #he's just a damian clone for damian to save to signal how far he's come in his own redemption #he's still fun and i still like him but he's not anywhere near Maya's level of complexity and that's a real shame #all this is also why Maya is the friend that's the most important to damian's character development and you cannot change my mind #long post #this is super long but im not putting it under the cut bc you should read it
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