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    Knowledge is power?¿

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    Y’all, watch out!! I was seriously thinking about buying some pain meds off of someone online because of my surgery on my left hip recently and when my best friend and baby daddy talked me out of it because most are scammers he threatened my child and I and our safety in our home even though I know he lives out of state and made the mistake of asking me what state KC is (it stands for Kansas City). Just avoid these kinda deals at all costs, they aren’t worth it, dude. I’d rather be in this pain until my doctor sends in my new script then ever deal with someone like this again. He’s an insane scammer who would say anything to get your money. Including in earlier texts me sending a giant apology for wasting his time and then him going back n forth saying it’s okay I’ll send it for cheaper (even though I stated I didn’t want to send any money) and him aggressively threatening my disabled daughter because I changed my mind on doing something illegal for my EXTREME pain and am waiting to do the right thing and pick up my script!! ( I also attached pictures of myself in my brace and my leg right after surgery to prove I just had it done, also we LEGALLY carry in my house so good luck coming near my family, bro.)if anyone needs or wants his tumblr page to avoid him hmu. 😉

    Feel like you wanna see more messages before you believe me? I’ve got em all hunty, just ask me for them.

    Also I have offically been clean of any abusive use of drugs for over a year and 4 months and that’s only counting two relapse moments, not counting that it would be almost 3 years. 🥰

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  • Local manpower advertisements in Lagos pubic transport # manpower #her #herbalife #harrypotter #harbourisland #drugs #treatment #therapy #treat #wellness #ale #alexa #fun

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  • Let the crossfade begin.

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  • Does anyone ever really want to be sober?

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  • A LunaTic and her Gunn (Part 95) “Sweet Everythings”

    A slight request…. Colson’s voice when the stoned ass thought he won a Milli…. Deep voice talking bout “STFU.”

    Even as the sun shines brightly, with no check out time, Colson, Luna and Casie sleep late into the morning. They’re tired from all the traveling and long days. Especially the multiple flights yesterday.

    Colson wakes up first, gazing over Casie at a still sleeping Luna. She had gotten back late last night. Waking him up to fuck him in the shower before passing out.

    “She’s so fucking wild…” He smiles to himself, remembering their moments. “I’m glad she’s back.” He thinks as he reaches his long arm above her and Casie’s heads to move the hair out of Luna’s face.

    This stirs Casie. Opening her eyes, she says Hi to her dad. Quickly rolling over, she’s beyond happy to find Luna’s beside her. Turning back to her father with a grin.

    “I love when Looney’s with us.” She whispers loudly.

    “Me too, Peanut.” Colson grins at her before kissing her forehead.

    Colson and Casie cuddle in bed watching cartoons as Luna continues to sleep. Ordering room service without waking her, Luna really is a rock sometimes. It’s only the tickle of Casie’s light laughter in her ear that finally rises her.

    Luna watches Colson and Casie for a moment. Her New World coming into view.

    “This is nice…..” She sighs to herself contently with a smile.

    “What ‘cha guys watching?” Luna asks lowly.

    “You’re awake!” Casie turns to her, face lighting up.

    “Mhm.” Luna nods, placing her hands under her head.

    “I missed you.” Casie dives into her.

    Slightly winces from her unexpected lunge, Luna laughs. Shifting to hold Casie tightly.

    “I missed you too, Dill.” She tells her, kissing her cheek.

    Pulling away, Luna asks the little girl Guess What? To her excited, bouncing What? What? What’s? Climbing out of bed, Luna digs through her bag. Finding what she wants, she hands the solid purple sunglasses case over to Casie. She knows exactly what it holds.

    “AHHHHHHHH!!!!” Casie squeals as she opens the case. “I LOVE THEM!!” She shouts. “THANK YOU!!”

    Looking up at Luna with love and gratitude as she touches the pearls around the rims of her new sunglasses. Carefully sliding them onto her face.

    “Oooh, DILL!! They are FAN. TASTIC!!” Luna compliments her.

    Casie turns to showcase her new treasure. Smile almost breaking her cute face.

    “What do you think, Dad?” The tiny one asks.

    “Beautiful!” Colson tells her with admiration. “Very elegant.”

    Casie jumps on the bed in excitement. Shouting THANK YOU a dozen more times. She really is the sweetest girl. And totally her father’s child.

    Colson watches as Luna coaxes Casie into either putting her new glasses away safely if she wants to jump on the bed. Glasses or jumping. That’s the deal.

    “Wow. Case actually listens to her….” Colson thinks of Luna’s authority as he sips his coffee watching His Girls. Heart warmly filling with appreciation of how they flow naturally.

    Luna climbs back into the bed to snuggle up with Colson. Mornings like this may be new to Luna but she really doesn’t mind them. One might even say she truly enjoys them. Just don’t tell Debbie Harry that. The older rebel already giving Luna shit about conforming to The Norm.

    Never on The Norm, Luna pops into the bathroom. Handling her morning business and swallowing a couple percs. Finding herself Chiefing her morning cigarette inside a fucking towel. Climbing back on the bed’s edge, she grabs a cup of coffee.

    “I have an idea…” She says after taking a sip.

    “Hmmm?” Colson asks as he sips on his second cup.

    “Let’s cover I Saw Red tonight. It’s only right to pay homage to The Old Heads…” She lets out her thoughts. “Considering we’re in Anaheim and all.”

    Colson loves the idea. He’s been wanting to add a second song with Luna for a minute now.

    “Yeah… We just gotta run through it with The Guys is all… Oh! And The Doc’s coming around 6P to check out your shoulder too!” Colson reminds her with his bass filled voice.

    “What’s wrong with Looney’s shoulder?” Casie turns away from the television.

    “Nothing… I got a little boo boo at work…” Luna says, diminishing the child’s worries.

    “God DAMN, she’s on point.” Colson thinks after she recovers his verbal fumble.

    Moving herself over, Luna leans against Colson at the head of the bed. Rubbing good shoulders and nuzzling heads, Luna and Colson kiss lightly. Thousands of giggly times. Finishing their drinks, they Snuggled up together at the top as Casie watched TV at the foot.

    All three silently knowing with content, that they are EXACTLY where they should be at this moment. It’s a safe and delightful scene….. All hoping it turns into a solid action of their future.

    Home being where their hearts are. None confined by distance, space or time, their houses live inside of them. Happily.


    “Fuuuuckk… I missed your pussy!!!” Colson groans as he slips himself inside of Luna.

    They’re in the shower. Trying to enjoy A Morning Delight quietly. Luna double checking that the bathroom door was locked.

    “Hmmm….Is that all?” She lowly moans.

    Colson’s gripping her hips tightly as he slams into her. Water softly pelting their skin. Luna arches her back as her nails scratch the shower walls from his force.

    “No, Asshole.” He responds with a hard dicked attitude.

    Sliding one large hand around her throat. Insisting she Cum. Now. Luna easily obliging as she strangles his cock with her walls. Both bursting for the other.

    Catching their breath in the steamy bathroom, they pass the pen as Colson rails a number of Adderalls. Luna chopping one 30 to boost the other two she’d already popped.


    Colson is on the phone as Luna helps Casie get dressed in a lime green shirt and tights. Slipping her new necklace over her head.

    “Here….” Luna goes digging through her bag.

    Producing a small, metallic lipstick case. Luna usually puts drugs in it. Or other random odds and ends, you never truly know with her. She has other ideas for Casie though.

    “This can be it’s home.” She says referring to her necklace. “Put it in here at night before you shower so you don’t lose it. Yeah?” Luna asks.

    Casie nods. Agreeing.

    “Where should I put the case though?” She wisely asks.

    “Hmmm….” Luna looks at Casie’s luggage. “Here.” She says pointing to the front pocket of her school bag. “That way you don’t lose it and always know where it is.” Luna advises.

    Casie nods again as she slips the case into the front pouch. Satisfied with their choice.

    “Who was that?” Luna asks as Colson comes back in as his call ends.

    “Dom. He’s at The Roxy with Ash tomorrow night… He wants us to come through. What do you think?” He asks her.

    “I thought you were off??? And what about Case…?” Luna questions him.

    “I am. That’s why he asked…. And… I don’t know yet… I’ll figure it out.” He reassures her with a kiss on the top of her head.

    There is never an ACTUAL day off in Colson Baker’s Life.


    Things have been relatively calm since Casie hit The Tour. So you can’t blame The Boys for being a little stir crazy.

    “LUUUNNAAAA!!!!!” Rook shouts with a bottle in hand, posted strong with The Boys.

    Approaching them, Luna can’t help but laugh as she takes the bottle. Along with a healthy swig.

    “What are you doin’, ya Nut?” She asks him with a smile.

    “We’re about to board. You game?” He asks.

    “Always.” Luna beams, swigging the bottle again.

    With Rook, Baze, Slim, Sam and AJ grabbing their boards, Colson gives his up to Casie. Riding a bike instead. Holding her hand as she gets her bearings.

    Loving the FUCK outta him, Luna pulls her camera out of her bag. Grabbing a few quick shots. Her favorite being as Casie let’s go. Rolling off on her own. The little girl making Luna beam with pride.

    Tossing her camera in her bag, Luna breezes by them both. Shouting YEEEEEAH DILLAAAA!!! As she glides along. Passing The Boys also. Sam scooting just as quick, close behind her, bypassing them also. The two girls are connected on a level most would be lucky to enjoy.

    With The Boys behind them, Luna flies. The sight acting as metaphor for her life.


    Sitting crossed legged out back of City National Grove, Luna’s lost in her thoughts as they all burn.

    “I wonder if they’ll actually run IT….” Her mind trails to her Ellen performance….“ Her performance was strong. With an important message. "We’ll see…..” She drifts off again without much hope.

    This is still a Man’s World after all…. And they don’t particularly like to be told about themselves. Luna knows this for a fact.


    “I wanna switch your antibiotics, Miss. Smith.” The Dr informs Luna. “That way they continue to work, if we don’t switch them up, I worry you may become immune….”

    He’s peering at the gaping hole the 9mm bullet gave to her as a gift after ripping through her left shoulder.

    “There’s not much we can do still. Even with full movement, the muscle will be forever damaged…. BUT everything else is slowly binding. Which is good. Movement is good…. BUT…. You’re in for a long road….” The doctor sighs as he looks at the tiny woman. “How’s the pain?” He asks with concern.

    “Menh… I try to stay ahead of it.” Luna answers.

    “And how many milligrams a day does it take to keep you ahead of it?” He asks bluntly.

    “Mmmm. I’m popping anywhere between three to eight a day.” She answers honestly.

    “A day!?!” The Doctor erupts. “That’s almost 320mgs!!” He continues both concerned and amazed. “What do you weigh? A hundred pounds?” He asks bewildered.

    Luna takes it all in stride.

    “I don’t know… Like 110, 115….” She answers nonchalantly as her body takes over.

    Luna’s hands are flying. Feeling like she needs to speak in her defense.

    “I’m doing a lot, Doc. I’m on The fucking Bus, I’m flying back and forth across the fucking country. Performing. People touch me ALLL the fucking time…"I don’t know… Like 110, 115….” She answers nonchalantly as her body takes over.

    Luna’s hands are flying. Feeling like she needs to speak in her defense.

    “I’m doing a lot, Doc. I’m on The fucking Bus, I’m flying back and forth across the fucking country. Performing. People touch me ALLL the fucking time….. Like, HARD….. I’m not your normal girl, Doc. I don’t have time to be laid up. I need to keep it moving.” Luna explains with a sigh.

    Frustrated but knowing what his job entails, The Dr understands where Luna’s coming from. Cutting her three new scripts, he warns her To Be Careful and that He Expects to See Her In A Month.

    Luna nods in agreement. Thanking him for his help as always before she hops off of the table.

    As Colson walks him out, The Dr warns him of Luna’s opioid consumption. He understands the injury but is nervous about the amount she’s inhaling. Colson reassuring him that Luna Has Herself Under Control and that He’ll Keep An Eye On Her. Both agreeing He’ll See Her Again Next Month.

    “All of this can really be dangerous…. She’s still at risk for an infection….. And..” The Dr sighs again, looking into Colson’s eyes one last time.

    “I know.” Colson says as he shakes his hand firmly.


    Annoyed with The Doctor, Luna pulls her hair up. Securing it with a hair tie and a bandana. Slipping into cutoffs, she’s going California Ska Casual for tonight’s performance. Chiefing a joint hard to her head.


    Meeting OnStage Luna and Colson glide through Bad Things. Bouncing around as they heavily touch and tease each other. Pushing and pulling as they sing their lyrics at and with the other.

    “ANAAAAHIIIIIIEMMMM!!!!!!!” Luna shouts as Colson unwraps his body from around hers. “How you doing tonight?” She asks as she struts around The Stage.

    If willing, Luna could command an entire nation. Feeling personally corrupt, entering some type of public office has never been a thought of hers. Although it should be.

    “We wanna give you a TREEEEAT!!” She shouts with a wild smile.

    Colson is watching her as she stalks His Stage. He can’t help how his dick grows at the way she commands anyone within earshot. Whether it be a single person or 200K. Colson finds Luna’s draw to be imbecile. The way she can pull a group into her with only her voice is amazing to him.

    “We’re not the kinda kids who don’t acknowledge The Greats, are we Bunny?” She asks, turning to Colson.

    “Nah, Kitten. We’re not…” He agrees as The Band begins to rumble, flipping his guitar over from behind his back. “No matter how much they’re clowns!!!” Colson laughs.

    “What do you say to a little Bradley/Gwen Looove?” She asks him with a grin.

    The Band getting louder behind them. The Ska Beat flowing.

    🎼I say girlsssss go crazyyyyy🎶

    Colson begins as he grins at her, wiggling his hips as he hits the chords on his guitar. Luna coming in after him. Hips swiveling.

    🎶A woman holds her man tight🎶

    Her vocals are strong and clear as she snakes her body and arms in the air. Letting The Crowd’s breeze empower her. Catching his eye. She’s done waaaaay too many drugs to not let loose for Sublime.

    The Band picking up as she begins to bounce, jump and wave her hands and arms all around herself wildly. Feeling the nostalgia. Shaking her head before beginning. Pointing straight at Colson, before dropping her arms to fuck with him. Shimming her shoulders as she trots towards her Lover.

    🎶Everyday//I love him//Just a little bit more//A little more//A little more//Everyday I love him//Just a little bit more//And he//Loooves meeee the same🎶

    Luna belts as she playfully bounces and jumps into and around Colson. This song is lighter than Bad Things. Enjoying herself as she keeps with the rhythm he’s musically feeding her.

    🎶Everyday//I love her//Just a little bit more//A little more//A little more//Everyday//I love her//Just a little bit more//And she loooves meeeee//The same🎶

    Colson sings as he bops into Luna teasingly. Eyes taunting her. He leads.

    🎶Baby, if you wanna get on🎶

    🎶OOooh Bunny, if you wanna get off🎶

    She fires back. Still bouncing. Fingers wiggling. Hips shaking. Singing together.

    🎶It makes//No sense//At all//And//I saw red🎶

    Colson comes in roaring.

    🎶I saw Reeeeed🎶

    Luna backs him.

    🎶Oooh, Ooohh, OOOOHHHH🎶

    He kicks in louder.

    🎶I saw Reeeed🎶

    Colson can’t top Luna vocally.


    Luna wails before they come together.

    🎶One more//Secret lover//That I shot dead🎶

    They grin at each other. Jumping and bouncing around as the The Boys make the floor of the stage tick with their relentless beat. Enjoying singing the light jealous song to each other. Colson grabs Luna’s hip and pulls her close before he rips the next verse with his guitar.

    🎶Everyday//I wake up//Just a little bit more//Feelin’ like a dog//In the yard//Because//It’s just how we are🎶

    Luna leans into his shoulder. Sinking a sloppy kiss upon him before challenging him with her words impeccably.

    🎶And every day //I wonder if it’s over//When I wake up//I realize no it isn’t//And break down the wall🎶

    Pushing off from Colson. Fingers wiggling again as she trots and turns. Ass bouncing in her cutoffs. Colson cuts in curtly as she looks over her shoulder with a smirk.

    🎶You say it’s black//But I just can’t//Believe you🎶

    Luna turns to battle him back with her own lyrics. Finger Guns and body blazing.

    🎶And if I say//It’s white//You say I’m just//Trying to deceive yooou🎶

    Luna’s vocals expand. There’s too much truth in the song between them. Colson begging his next line as he reaches for Luna, who’s coming back to him from across The Stage. Finger Guns relaxed.

    🎶And Baby//I’m aware//Of the high//And the low//And I’ll be waiting//For you//In the middle//But I just lack control🎶

    Feeling the honesty between them, Luna continues to bounce, jump and swirl her hips as she bops to the beat. Snaking around him as he continues singing to her.

    🎶Baby, if ya wanna get low🎶

    Luna coming back in to challenge him. Colson dropping his guitar on the stage floor to touch her.

    🎶Oh Bunny, if ya wanna get high🎶

    They push off of each other playfully as they wail together. She leans into him as he continues.

    🎶It makes//No sense//At all//And//I saw red//I SAW REEED🎶

    Luna pushes back in his bare chested face.


    He snarls at her with a grin.


    Luna belts at Colson.


    They’re together, face to face in violent unison. Harmonizing the obscure lyrics together. Slightly bouncing still as the beat calms down.

    🎶One more secret lover//That I shot dead🎶

    Colson kisses Luna’s lips before grabbing his guitar off the stage floor. He strums as his eyes and body taunting Luna

    🎶Girls don’t go crazy//Girls don’t go crazy//Ooooohhh//Girls don’t crazy//When the men use yooou🎶

    Colson warns with his deep voice. Luna coming in after him with her own advice. Strong and commanding.

    🎶Women//Hold your men tight//If it makes you feel riiight//It’s your own liiiiiife🎶

    Luna croons them out as Colson slaps his guitar. The crowd explodes over the unexpectedly, fun cover. The couple jumping and moving around the stage, having a blast with each other as they sang it.

    “Thank you, Anaheim!!!” Luna shouts as she pecks Colson before heading OffStage.

    “MYYYYY!!!” He emphasizes with a loud roar. “GIRL… THAT BROOKLYN FUCKING BITCH!!!!!” Colson shouts as she trots away.

    The rest of the show is just as energetic. Colson and Slim vibing together as usual. Throwing people into the audience as Colson jumps in himself. Climbing on whomever and whatever he can find.

    The only difference being he doesn’t drag random girls OnStage… Or back to his room anymore. Luna being aware of his prior antics but never caring for the details of his Whore Life.

    Her solid four to his easy 4K…. Yeah, Luna’s good on the details of that gross shit. Why you think she demanded a test.

    Even though she still broke her own rule for him. Colson has that effect on Luna… Sometimes she can only see Him. Nothing else.


    “I fucking HATE when you’re on your period.” Colson complains once he’s back in his dressing room with Luna.

    “Don’t be a Bitch-Bitch.” Luna grins as she pushes him against the door.

    Pulling his tight pants down as she drops to her knees. Rounding the top of his head with her warm tongue, Colson let’s out a groan.

    Luna works him fully into her mouth. Colson tangling his fingers in her long hair as he grips the back of her head. Sucking firmly, Luna rolls her tongue and flicks her wrist around his cock.

    Enjoying himself too much, Colson’s animalistic instincts begin to take over. With his head back resting on the door, he loses all of his senses. Forcefully pushing on Luna’s head making her go deeper. Shoving his huge dick further down her throat.

    Luna gurgles on his huge member. Gasping for breath through her nose as he continues closing her throat cavity with his cock. Pulling back, he pushes her down firmer from the euphoric feeling. Angry at his demands, Luna sucks his cock like it’s the End Of The Fucking World. Slurping and sucking. Vocal chords bitching along the way.

    “Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck UUUUPPPP!!!!” He cries.

    Colson’s deep voice vibrates through his dick into Luna’s mouth. Wrapping aground her jaw, ears and mind. Although it entices her body and soaks her pussy, he’s forgotten who’s sucking his dick as he explodes into her unwilling mouth. Luna isn’t a fucking groupie he can skull fuck upon his will.

    Angry, she leans back and hocks his whole wad onto his fucking stomach before standing up. She has a nasty look on her face.

    Colson lifts his head off the door confused and satisfied. Not sure why she’s angry. Reaching high, Luna Snapple Pops him right in fucking the forehead with her palm. Knocking his head his head back into the door.

    “I suck your dick as a fucking privilege. Don’t ever fucking forget that, you fucking Cock Jabber.” She snarls.

    Pulling him off the door and out of her way, Luna stalks out of the dressing room. Leaving Colson behind with his pants still down and his on cum on his belly.



    “LOONS McGOONS!!!” Baze hollers once Luna hits BackStage.

    His arm is nonchalantly draped around Sam. They think they’re slick.

    “What up, Truck. Pass me a beer?” Luna asks two questions in one sentence as she eyeballs Sam.

    “Yeeeaahhh, man!!!” Baze obliges, reaching behind him.

    Luna noticing how he never let’s his arm slip from her friends shoulders. Sam’s uncharacteristically shy smile makes Luna giggle inside. Music flowing around The Three of them as they chat. Luna doesn’t call attention to their affection. Just let’s them live.

    Mid sentence, Luna feels those lanky arms wrap around her shoulders. Throbbing voice coming in behind her.

    “I’m sorry I Cock Jabbed you.” Colson says deep and sweet into her ear.

    “This ain’t Star Wars Motherfucker. You ain’t a JabberCocky.” Luna says flatly.

    “AHHHHHH!!!!!” Colson can’t help but laugh along with Baze.

    The reference is lost upon Sam as a laughing Colson grips Luna up from behind. Spinning their bodies in circles as she tries to tuck her legs in from the air to not hit their friends.

    “Stop being so fucking cool.” Colson says as he stops spinning them.

    Planting her feet on the ground before turning herself around to face him.

    “Stop skull fucking me without my word.” Luna counters her complaint.

    “Ya skull fucked her without permission, Dude???” Sam taunts. “That’s a major fucking party foul.”

    “RIGHT!” Luna agrees with the solidification.

    “So no Skull Fucking?” Baze asks Sam loudly, thinking he’s quiet as he dips his drunk face towards Sam’s.

    He is not. They all hear him.

    “AHHHHH… I KNEEEW IIT!!!!” Colson explodes.

    He starts dancing around them, spouting random lyrics about the two that rhyme with Sam. Luna slamming a hard elbow into his ribs to stop him. Knowing whatever THIS is, exposure could instantly ruin it.

    “We’re gonna grab a drink….” Luna stops him finally by dragging him away.

    “What?” He asks as he bounces along with her.

    “Let them liiive… Ya fucking Cock Jabber!” Luna expresses as she continues to pull him.

    Scooping her up from behind again, his arms are wrapped around her. Lifting her off the ground as he nuzzles into the back of her neck.

    “I’m sorry.” He whispers.

    Knowing he’s not. Yet, still loving his cock in her mouth, Luna decrees. Leaning her neck over for him to nuzzle into and kiss it as he carries her awkwardly across the room. They need to find Casie.


    “Can Looney tuck me in?” The little girl requests to both of their surprise. Can Looney tuck me in?“ The little girl requests to both of their surprise.

    Colson looks at a scared Luna. Taking a huge breath, she nods at him.

    "Sure, Dilla.” Luna answers, secretly petrified.

    Colson kisses his daughter as Luna climbs into the bed with her. Taking one last look before he closes the door.


    Luna reads to Casie as they snuggle in the hotel bed together. The youngster tucked under her right arm. When it comes to the GoodNight song Luna suggests something different.

    “You probably won’t know this one… But my mom used to sing it to me.” Luna let’s out the tiny secret.

    “You have a mom?” Casie asks confused, having only met Luna’s grandmother.

    “Yeah, Dill. Everybody’s got a Mommy… Some of ours just aren’t around anymore….” Luna answers softly.

    Feeling Luna’s vulnerability, Casie let’s it go. Snuggling a little closer, Luna strokes the top of her head as she begins to sing Elton John’s Your Song to the little girl.

    🎼And you can tell everybody//This is your song//It may be quite simple//But now that’s it’s done//I hope you don’t mind//I hope you don’t mind//That I put down in words//How wonderful life is//With you in my world🎶

    Luna changes the lyrics as she coos Casie to sleep. Colson standing outside as he quietly listens. He loves them more than he could’ve ever thought possible.


    Curled up on the couch in the front room of their suite, Luna and Colson get high as they rewatch Talladega Nights. Wanting to unwind instead of plan. Tomorrow is tomorrow and they’ll deal with her then.

    Passing a bottle and multiple joints between them, Luna jumps on Colson. Begging The Invisible Fire To Not Burn Her Friend as she shakes him with laughter.

    Attacking her with kisses, they wrestle on to the floor. Colson tickling and teasing Luna as she squirms drunkenly.

    “I’m gonna peeeeeee!!!!” She shouts before scurrying to the bathroom.

    Leaving Colson laughing on the floor behind her. This tour is so much different then any other in the last 10yrs.

    Coming back, Luna whacks him offgaurd in the face with a couch pillow. Knocking him back onto the floor. Jumping on top of him, she nips at his neck playfully.

    “Cheeeeelllll, Laura Croft!!!” He laughs as he pulls her into him. “Don’t start nothing that can’t be nothing.” He cocks his eye and lip at her.Cheeeeelllll, Laura Croft!!!“ He laughs as he pulls her into him. "Don’t start nothing that can’t be nothing.” He cocks his eye and lip at her.

    “Listen here, CockerJabby…” Luna starts in.

    “I’m soooorrryyyy!!!” Colson whines.

    Wrapping his arms around her, he rocks their bodies back and forth on the floor. Sprinkling kisses upon her wherever his mouth can reach.

    Luna wants to be annoyed but she can’t. Giving into Colson’s love and laughter. Slightly submitting, she gives him THAT ONE LOOK. Coyly.

    “I fucking love you… You fucking Asshole.” She laughs out with a devilish smile.

    “I fucking love-LOVE yooou.” Colson declares with a bright grin.

    Shifting himself as she falls comfortably in his arms. Both of them passing out on the floor. Completely clothed. Wrapped tight in the other.

    This tour REALLY is different. Colson and Luna fall asleep together. Fully dressed. On the floor. Casie in the room next to them.

    Their suit filled with Sweet Nothing’s….. Or Everything. Depending on the Eye.

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  • Looool

    Really wish I had some drugs to do but I guess I’ll settle for weed and energy pills

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  • i was gifted a new, very dirty pipe today and because i’m broke i decided to boil and collect the resin and this is how much was in there

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