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  • I miss drinking I miss getting stoned I miss fucking I miss it I miss it

    I miss my vices so much and its so bad but it was all that was able to numb my emotional pain and trauma

    Now being stuck at home I cant go out to get drunk I cant go to friends to get stoned I cant go out to fuck at some random fucks house and on one hand thats a good thing but on the other I’m miserable to no end.

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  • i need a therapist lmao

    #or should i just start reblogging hello kitty xanax razorblade edits #im having A Time #drugs#self harm #<- 4 bl just 2 b safe #p
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  • Surprising results from drugs that provide antibodies

    Surprising results from drugs that provide antibodies

    Experts say that drugs that provide antibodies to the body are not only effective for people suffering from covid 19 but can also protect people who are protected from it.
    According to a new research report published recently, according to the international website, a drug based on a combination of 2 antibodies reduces the risk of hospitalization or death of people infected with covid 19 by…


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  • Was watching a British crime drama show with my mum & they’re trying to solve a murder where the victims were blown up & all that was left was a room full of gore & bc their accent sucks every time they said “bomb” it sounded like they were saying “bong” & im just like this is what happens when you hit it too hard & you try not to cough.

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  • Quick smoke, didn’t get a chance to edit the video~

    #meth addict#crystal meth#methed up #girls who do meth #drug addiction#methamphetamine#addiction #girls who tweak #girls meth#meth family #girls who blow clouds #girls who do drugs #drugs#drug addict
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  • i say kill it like ya you say HATE IT kill it like ya HATE IT kill it like ya HATE IT

    jacket: depressed ptsd ex soldier…. depends on his gf’s (including biker ofc)….he’s not chill, he’s depressk. smoke
    biker: ? i dunno. probably smart. or probably just hype af cus drugs. yes, he’s constantly having “illuminating” trips (bro.. the john lennon in the wall told me that the janitors are evil and that we are gonna get nuked bro you gotta listen to me bro…….)

    i get brain pain when i try to think about their relationship, i dont know who bottoms and who tops so my answer is neither, they are great at being undefined. i like undefined things. they also struggle when they think about that, its not just me. they dont know what to do so they just get drunk and touch each others dicks and kiss. maybe they take turns… do they know how to clean their assholes? i imagine biker has had secz with other men but i like him as a pathetic top… actually i like them both as pathetic tops with fragile masculinity. sometimes they work as bottoms…. they got so many styles, many things fit them. will i draw those things? i mean i hope so. knowing myself, its not likely, but hopefully ill get into one of my rampages and draw nonstop for like a lot of weeks and then fall into a depressive pit for months (its worth it cus i get to draw a lot for a while)

    do you guys got ideas for these two??!?? id like to hear them…. ive never seen other people’s ideas about them

    #hotline miami #biker x jacket #jacket x biker #drugs#cw#sketches#rant
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  • Tony Hsieh’s Fatal Night: An Argument, Drugs, a Locked Door and Sudden Fire

    Tony Hsieh’s Fatal Night: An Argument, Drugs, a Locked Door and Sudden Fire

    Tony Hsieh, who developed Zappos into a billion-dollar internet shoe store and formulated an influential theory about corporate happiness, deliberately locked himself in a shed moments before it was consumed by the fire that would kill him.
    Last November, Mr. Hsieh was visiting his girlfriend, Rachael Brown, in her new $1.3 million riverfront house in New London, Conn. After the couple had an…

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  • image

    I don’t really have a particular stance on UFC, and I’m strongly in favor of decriminalization of drugs, but i’m going to go absolutely unapologetically insane if psychedelics are initially legalized because Joe Rogan managed to convince legislators that prizefighters need to be taking trauma-reducing DMT to do more efficient televised for-profit bloodsport while POC are still in prison for drug crimes.

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  • Why does cotton mouth happen

    I’ve definitely researched that before

    Probably several times

    But I don’t remember

    Someone lemme know

    Cuz my spit it GONE

    Absolutely fanished

    No spit up in here

    #aj’s baked #aj is absolutely zooted #baked #high as a kite #weed#marijuana#drugs #there’s ur tws #I don’t wanna ever forget any #I would feel so bad if I triggered someone
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  • Imagine that you are at a beach. The sand contouring to your body, the sun, radiant under your warm skin. That weird twitchy, tingly feeling you feel in your arms and legs. The waves crashing against the shoreline, seagulls chirping in the distance as palm trees dance with the wind. There’s a margarita buried in the sand next to you, as a Jamaican band plays steel drum music is the distance. Life is good. You’re not in debt, you have plenty of money to live more than comfortably, and your student loans are paid off. You’ve got your dream self driving car, with the tinted windows and heated seats, that is parked to 6 other of your dream cars. You’ve made it. You have everything in life that you could ever possibly imagine. Most of all, the absolute love of your life is right you. You’ve been happily married for years with two little children in tow. They’re your best friend, someone you can tell all of your secrets and worries to and will never judge you for who you are and always support you in every possible way. This is the person that you look up to, that inspires you to be happy and genuine and will never fail to always make you smile. Your heart is full, and your chest feels like it’s about to burst with how much joy is inside of you. Closing your eyes for a moments give you a glimpse of the future, how you guys will still be just as in love when you’re 90, how you could never run out of things to say, you still spend every moment thinking about how grateful you are to have this person in your life. Then you wake up. You lay in bed for hours staring at the ceiling fan and you pull your blankets back up over your head and drift off again for a little while. Eventually crawling out of bed, stumbling to the bathroom still feeling like you’ve been running on 5 minutes of sleep in 3 days. Sitting on the couch, feeling like scrolling through 4 different forms of streaming services feeling like nothing is catching your attention, or bringing you joy to watch your old favorite medical shows, and your YouTube recommended videos are 30 minute car detailing videos and documentary about living with an overly abusive mother and faking her medical diseases. Your pants start to fall when you walk around because you’ve lost all interest in eating and you’ve dropped 20 pounds in a short amount of time. How you can sit there and lose count on how many cutting scars you have on your body. How daydreaming about suicide brings you joy. How you crave the feeling of a rope around your neck being pulled tight. Contemplating if you’d rather go by gunshot, intentional overdose, or the feeling of being choked and feeling sweet release when you go. By leaving the earth, you also leave behind your depression, the biggest weight is lifted off your shoulders, you don’t feel like you’re being a burden on everyone, and no one thinks you’re pathetic anymore. What if, on top of all of this, you were also being told that you aren’t worth it. You’re a loser. He doesn’t love you and never will. You came up here for nothing, now you can rot and no one will notice you’re gone. You have a passion for the arts, and music brings you so much unspeakable joy, everyone describes you as that happy person, and your smile lights up the room. You get the awful gut feeling that people are talking about you. They are subtly making it sound you belong in a mental hospital and you slowly start to believe it. They push you down to the ground without you noticing and they start to kick you very hard in the ribs. You begin to beg for help. You cry and try to bargain to no one in particular trying to manage catching a short breath in-between your ugly crying. Falling to the ground, curling up in ball on the soft carpet. Then you stop crying and immediately steady your breath and begin to deep breaths to slow your pulsing heartbeat. Closing your eyes, you flashback to his face, and you can remember the details exactly as if it was a movie playing out your memories in front of you. Remembering exactly what he was wearing the first time you met, and your immediate comfort around them. How you felt to be your genuine self with someone, not feeling the need to put on lots of makeup or putting your hair up in a messy bun as you’re laying on the couch in your sweats. Blissfully sleeping on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and feeling yourself smile in your sleep because you knew that you found your soul mate. Your eyes shoot open and you’re left with the sadness that it only just a memory and you can never find happiness again. Imagine having a life where you want to truly live it.

    Because I can’t.

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