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  • shrimp-sushi
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    theres a minecraft youtuber called “IT’S

    #.txt #drugs cw
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  • grimesapologist
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    rothko of amphetamines

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  • loyalhearts
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    {{ I’m sorry for freaking out on the dash but it seems like my roommate somehow knows when I have critical tests/events the next morning and causes the most stressful situation for hours the night before

    She hasn’t smoked (that I’ve noticed) for MONTHS and yet tonight she brings 3 people over, smokes right next to my room and blares kickass at midnight??? I have to be up at 6, I have a lab final which will determine whether I pass or fail this class, and I haven’t been able to study ALL DAY because of her and her friends

    I’m hoping and betting they’ve stopped smoking because I’m not as anxious as I was an hour ago, so it prob wasn’t very long/concentrated. But the fact that I’m getting exposed to things that are going to screw with my mental health AGAINST my EXPLICIT CONSENT, that’s anxiety inducing all on its own. Add in that I can’t get any quiet to cam down or have a moment to freak without being heard or act in any way that won’t be passive aggressive/force me into confrontation...

    The whole thing is a mess and idk if IM cursed or if I just have a shitty roommate. Regardless, every time this happens, I run the risk of fucking up an entire class—I cannot afford even a C in this class. So I’m terrified and can’t do anything and everything else is piling on.

    Online is the only place I can speak—I certainly can’t call someone and talk to calm down, because they can CLEARLY hear me if I don’t speak at a whisper }}

    #ooc#drugs cw #this is why I have a drug and alcohol thing in my rules #this is why I hate that stuff #because of how ppl act—or excuse their actions—when they do it
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  • snaxle
    23.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    once again decided to see what techno’s offline twitch chat was doing and they’re currently talking about cocaine

    #technoblade#mcyt #invalid.shit #cw drug mention
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  • awsugar
    23.06.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #anonymous #drugs cw /
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  • saltvault
    23.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    i just think that The Seven (+reyna and nico) should be able to smoke pot together. it'd be nice

    #alternatively: reyna and nico are there but the only ones who arent smoking #cw drugs #?? i guess???? #heroes of olympus #hoo #reyna ramirez arellano #nico di angelo #adonis pls shut up
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  • indyura
    22.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ch. 1 | vibes.

    # keigo takami x f!reader | masterlist.

    # 2k-ish words | do not repost, edit or translate.

    # cw/tw; drugs mentioned + cannon heights don’t exist.

    it was by a miracle that you were able to make it into the same college as your best friend. well, more like it was a struggle to stay in the same college as your best friend.

    he was able to have his father pay for it easily, you on the other hand had been relying on scholarships and grants to keep your tuition and housing paid. not that it was entirely too hard, just writing ridiculously long essays every once and a while.

    but even when you had to, at least you were able to retreat to shoto’s apartment and relax in his presence while doing so. like today as you padded up the stairs, laptop in hand wearing nothing but your coziest attire to spend the rest of the afternoon sprawled across the overly expensive mattress he owned, typing until your fingers were numb.

    you don’t bother to knock, knowing shoto was home from the facetime call you made after pulling into the parking lot. only, when you step inside, you realize you failed to ask if anyone else was home with him. still gripping the handle in your hand, you’re faced with a hooded man with shaggy black hair and a slightly taller blonde.

    “hey, dabi!” he shouts immediately. “one of- i mean, your girlfriend is here.”

    “now why the fuck would you-” you recognize touya’s irritated voice as he rounds the corner. his eyebrows pinched together as he looks in disbelief at the man before glancing over to you and the tense expression drops. “shoto’s in his room.”

    the honey brown eyes look over you again, dragging over your figure with his lips pulled into a smirk.

    “so then, you’re shoto’s-” he cocks an eyebrow, obviously stifling back a smile as if something was funny about the thought.

    “no.” you cut him off, finally closing the door and moving to head past them.

    “well damn dabi, you didn’t tell us you had a little sister.”

    “yes the fuck i did.” the white haired one snaps back, continuing the conversation even as you disappear down the hall. “that’s not her though.”

    “so then-” he starts once again, voice nearly too distant to be heard.

    “friend! i’m just a friend!” you shout back, hoping that would be the end of the conversation about your relationship with the men in the house.

    “sorry, they just showed up.” your friend speaks from his seat behind his desk when you walk in, glancing up and smiling slightly as you shake your head at him.

    “you could’ve warned me!” you sigh, tossing your laptop onto his bed. “it’s damaging to my reputation to be seen like this, you know.”

    you can see the confusion on his face even without looking.

    “but, don’t you come into lectures drunk?” you throw yourself down next, laying back on the singular pillow shoto kept on his bed, a body pillow that he’d bought after you complained about him only having one- which did not at all solve the issue.

    “hey, shoto.” a change of topic would be nice right now.


    “who’s your brother’s new friends?” it comes out more rushed than you would’ve liked, just a bit too eager. but, then again shoto’s never been one to pick up or care about things like that.

    “he said something about them starting a band.”

    not that it’s that big of a surprise, but still, you nearly laugh at that. shooting up off the bed to see if he was joking or not- though, coming from shoto that’s too easy to do. he doesn’t look up from what he’s typing away on his laptop, so you take that as a sign it was in fact, not a joke.

    touya had mentioned wanting to do music before, more than once, not caring that their father wasn’t too big a fan of the idea. and despite the old man getting both the brother’s the apartment you’re currently sitting in so that they’d be close to campus, he still refuses to even do online classes.

    going on about how he wasn’t wasting his life doing some bullshit he wasn’t even interested in, not that you blame him. especially when you finally got to hear him sing, there wasn’t anything else in the world you could picture him doing.

    even so, you didn’t think you’d walk in on a random day to meet his ‘bandmates’-

    “coming in.”

    speaking of the devil.

    “let us order food off your phone, mine’s dead.”

    which has became a code for enji has frozen his card again.

    shoto only nods and hands it to his brother, not caring to unlock it for him.

    “thought you two weren’t dating.” the blonde you hadn’t noticed in the room chimes in at the sight of shoto’s lockscreen.

    “we’re-” there’s really no reason to be explaining yourself to a stranger, is there? and given what you already know is set on that screen- the picture you’d taken the night of high school graduation. with you sat on shoto’s lap, dressed in that silk black dress you’d bought with some of your grad money. and your lips pressing a kiss to your best friend's cheek that left a lipstick stain along with a small smile on his face for the rest of the night- there’s not much you can say that would be convincing anyways.

    “if i haven’t got them to admit it in the past six years, you won’t in just a day.” touya chuckles, heading out of the room, phone still in hand.

    it’s awkward for a moment, your friend still typing away at his desk, you now sitting upright on the bed and the still unnamed blonde leaning against the door frame. you can feel the heat off his glances between the two of you, but don't bother to speak up, not until he does.

    “you two really aren’t dating?”

    shoto only shakes his head, not sparing a look away from the screen. you try to do the same, not wanting to make the tension any more thick than it already is, but something about his presence made that impossible.

    “just friends.” you assure again. another small smirk spreads across his lips in seconds, and you didn’t know something so blatantly devious would ever make someone look so pretty. honey eyes shine back at you as he straightens himself up to lean back against the doorframe. “so, there’s no harm in us being friends too, right?”

    you can feel something burning in your gut, but it’s not like that’s ever stopped you from making a bad decision. before you have the chance to speak, touya makes himself back into the room, returning the borrowed phone and telling you how keigo was ‘just trying to fuck’ and ‘can’t keep it in his pants’ before dragging him by the collar out of the room behind him.

    it’s such an awkward exchange you can’t help but just sit there for a moment, blinking at the wall before tossing yourself back once again. listening to the small clicks of the keyboard and the sound of the blanket shifting under you as you try to get comfortable. on the brink of sleep just as your phone vibrates under your head.


    ‘come out with us tomorrow night.’

    there’s no way in hell that’s touya.

    out going:

    ‘im busy. shoto’s bed needs me.’


    ‘mine needs you more.’

    yeah, definitely not touya.


    ‘bird brain had my phone. you can’t come with us.’

    not like you were planning on it.


    ‘but, you know how to dye hair, right?’


    it’s a long trip to the store, with shoto driving and the three larger men piled in the back seat which would perfectly fit literally anyone else- almost as if they were determined to make it as uncomfortable for themselves as possible.

    “you could’ve sat in the back you know.” keigo pipes up from his seat behind the driver. “would’ve been more comfortable for us. probably would’ve smelled better too.”

    “oh, fuck off.” touya shoots back, most likely elbowing him as a pained gasp follows his words.

    the fight only goes on for minutes longer until the car finally pulls into the- convenience store? well.. it isn’t your hair being dyed.

    “we’ll be right back.” is all the two says before the car door slams and they make their way into the store. shoto moves his hand to kill the cars engine, not knowing how long it would take the two.

    “i’d keep the car running.” a raspy voice pipes in from the back. right, there’s three of them.

    you can see the small scrunch in your friends eyebrows as he looks up to the man still sat in the back seat, silently asking ‘why’.

    “neither of them went in there with any money.”

    small ‘oh’s leave both of your mouths in unison, followed with the men in question jogging towards the car, white boxes but no receipt in hand. they rush to pile back into the car, shoving each other back and forth before ensuring they were ready.

    the drive back seems shorter, the three in the back exchanging insults and laughs, you're back at the apartment before you know it, already regretting what you’d agreed to. you’re sat on the lid of the toilet, tenko between your legs and bleach in a bowl beside you. touya’s on the counter top reading the instructions to the boxed hair dye while keigo watches from where he’s leaned against the door frame, shoto off in his room getting ready for bed due to his early lecture tomorrow.

    “this shit says it could make my hair fall out.”

    both tenko and keigo laugh, earning a glare from the one who spoke.

    “you’re the one who didn’t want to go to a professional.”

    you sigh, curling your lips at the thought of touya sitting in a beauticians chair.. box dye definitely made more sense for him. you spread more of the paste onto the dark hair in your hands, shifting in your seat, uncomfortable from how long you’ve been sitting like this.

    it takes 20 minutes to finish spreading it out even before tenko makes his way outside for some air, even after going down a body the room still seems more stuffy than before. though that could be blamed on the chemicals coming from you mixing yet another bottle of dye to darken touya’s hair.

    it’s eased slightly by the humming of the fan and the small talk the two included you in about their ‘band’ and how far they're going to go with it all. and it truly sounds like some kids talking about going to the moon one day, but you’ve never seen touya smile so wide so you bite your tongue.

    after it’s all done you’re sprawled out on the couch waiting for the last of them to get done in the shower so you can take one yourself and go pass out next to your best friend, doing all of that for free was not how you were supposed to spend this afternoon. not only do you have a massive headache from all the chemicals, but your body aches from sitting in the same position on an uncomfortable seat for god knows how long.

    you close your eyes, letting out a groan when you think about how nice that nap on shoto’s bed would’ve been earlier, about how comfortable and warm his bed probably is right now.

    “hey,” something taps your leg, opening your eyes your faced with the now bright white haired boy and the blonde. “wanna come smoke with us?”

    #takami keigo x reader #keigo x reader #mha x reader #mha imagines#cw drugs
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  • falkii
    22.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    you may not believe it but angela pleasant is definitely doing cocaine

    #tw drugs#cw drugs #goodie gee how do i tag triggers... #rae.txt
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  • oflogres
    22.06.2021 - 15 hours ago
    s/b: hey galahad why are you so high, like, three-quarters of the time??
    galahad, thinking back to corbenic where he spent his first, like, year there killing all the souls his grandfather corrupted: oh you know ... For Fun.
    #ooc | tbd. #drug mention cw
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  • morihaus
    22.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    i remember faralda. one of the only people i've thought abt in terms of her relationship to my oc who becomes arch-mage. viv's thoughts on her are "i NEED to share a blunt with this bitch"

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  • echo-beachh
    22.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    look ok i hate it but. remus and sirius were fcking other people during the war. come on. they weren’t in love like they were before. they were in love in the way you love the dying parts of you because you’ve had them as long as you’ve known breathing and to lose them would be like losing yourself but they’re killing you. like a plant that can’t let go of its rotting leaves like blood etc. they were cruel they hated one another they hated the war. they were probably on drugs half the time and when they weren’t they were off with other people and then like points on a compass on this invisible axis they always found one another because they didn’t know how to live without this dying flesh. without the necrosis without the rot

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  • ourbastardofsorrows
    22.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    me: the men would compete naked in the original olympics to show off how muscular they were, kind of like how bodybuilders today wear those tiny swimsuits

    student: and then the bodybuilders take steroids! but i don’t know why…

    #tia text#tia teaches#drugs cw #i nearly burst out laughing at that comment #my kids are so wonderful
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  • smolberrymuffin
    22.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Orion: No more of your plans. Virgo: Orion trust me this plan is gonna be better cause I’m gonna smoke my smart weed. I’m smarter when I’m high.

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  • witlacosh
    22.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    "The Looks On You"

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  • arcanecadenza
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Late Show 🍋

    ✧ LATE SHOW ✧

    1,816 words. Featuring @valhallanrose​’s Zelda Hollyheart. In which Dante must pay tribute to Mistress Honeysuckle when he unknowingly defies one of her rules. Lemon: body worship (feet and legs, specifically), impact play, and exhibitionism. Content warning(s): mentions of drugs and alcohol. You can catch up on the rest of Remember That Night here.

    After about fifteen minutes of trying to reorient himself thanks to a combination of blood rushing away from his head to his achingly hard cock and the confusing nature of some of the winding hallways, Dante eventually managed to find a room that looked like it received enough traffic from other guests to warrant a look around. Due to a combination of factors including the fact that he was so horny he was having trouble thinking straight, Dante also missed a sign on the door that would have warned him about what, exactly, he was walking into. He would find out very soon, of course, almost as soon as he set foot inside of the brightly lit room decorated with emerald-green streamers that featured a stage front and centre.


    A voice as sweet as honey but with an underlying note of hard authority called out to Dante, prompted him to turn his back to the door that he had been intent on retreating toward after determining that Count Lucio was not present. A woman dressed in a green bodice decorated with blood-red poppies that lifted her breasts nicely was sitting on the edge of the stage swinging stockinged legs. Her eyebrows had an elegant yet playful arch to them as she gazed at Dante from behind her floral mask, and her lips—which had been painted red for the occasion—twitched up into a smile that betrayed that she had plans in mind for the alchemist.

    “Come here,” she said, lightly smacking her palm with a heart-shaped crop. “I promise I don’t bite... well, at least not tonight.”

    There were scattered laughs from the audience comprised of guests lounging about the room drinking or smoking blunts and joints that had been imbued with magic in order to neutralize the somewhat skunk-like smell of weed and colour the smoke pastel shades. Dante looked around nervously, tugging the hem of his shirt down in an attempt to hide his obvious erection. Although he had eaten a woman out in a room full of people not that long ago, he wasn’t quite sure of how to feel now that the focus was explicitly on him... now that he could not hide behind a persona that served as a means of keeping others from looking too closely and glimpsing the cracks in his character.

    He moved across the room and toward the stage slowly, almost dragging his feet. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but he was curious about what the woman wanted from him and he was hardly one to say “no” to such a pretty face. Once he reached the stage, the woman gestured for him to kneel down in front of her, and he did so without any hesitation: his knees hitting the floor so quickly and so hard that he was fairly certain he would find blueish-purple bruises there the next morning. The woman beamed down at him, evidently pleased by his willingness to obey, and tapped the underside of his chin gently with her crop.

    “The rule in my space that comes after keeping things safe, sane, and consensual is that anyone who wants to pass through here without staying for the show becomes the show.” The woman wet her lips and pressed one of her feet into Dante’s shoulder. “So. It looks like you’re up.”

    “Wh-What do I have to do?”

    “Well, the beauty of my show is that you get to decide what you do or do not do, darling.” The woman set down her crop and leaned back on the heels of her hands. “The question is whether or not what you do will satisfy our audience. If they’re left wanting... you’ll have to acquaint yourself with Priscilla.”

    Dante frowned. “Priscilla?”

    “Isn’t it obvious? Why, Priscilla is what I’ve named my crop.”

    “Do you... have a name that I can call you by?”

    The woman’s smile widened into a grin and she leaned in to plant a teasing kiss to the corner of Dante’s mouth, leaving behind a wine-red lipstick stain. “Ohh, I like your initiative. You can call me Mistress Honeysuckle like everyone else here this evening.”

    Dante batted his eyelashes at the woman leaning over him, bit his bottom lip gently. “When should I start, Mistress Honeysuckle?”

    “You can start whenever you’re ready,” she replied, her gaze lifting to glance at their audience before she looked back down at Dante. “Everyone is waiting to see what you’ll do.”

    Without breaking eye contact, Dante slid his hands up one of the woman’s legs slowly, only stopping when he reached the hem of her cream-coloured stocking. He then pressed a kiss to the top of her freckled thigh before dragging the stocking down her leg, over her knee, and over her ankle until it slipped free from her foot. A blush spread across his cheeks as he cradled the woman’s foot in his hands that he felt were much too rough and much too ugly to be touching such soft skin. The audience practically held its breath as he lowered his head to her foot, kissing each of her toes lightly before taking the largest into his mouth to swirl his tongue around it and suck.

    The woman clicked her tongue, let out a small giggle. “I didn’t peg you for the type to go for the feet before anything else.”

    “You’re welcome to peg me later if the opportunity arises,” Dante murmured, taking advantage of a fleeting feeling of boldness.

    “And quick-witted! Where can I find men like you the rest of the year?”

    “Running away from our problems, usually. Or getting trashed and dancing on tables at whichever tavern hasn’t thrown us out for being too rowdy when we’re drunk.”

    “I’ll keep that in mind.” The woman made an encouraging gesture with a simple flick of her wrist. “Carry on, now.”

    And Dante did, indeed, carry on. He slid one hand up the sole of the woman’s foot and a little higher still until he could comfortably cup her ankle. He held her green gaze for a few beats before glancing down in order to focus on his task, on the path of skin that was lightly dusted with freckles that stretched in front of him. Pink blush deepening to red all the while, he licked a stripe up the woman’s glistening shin toward her kneecap, pausing briefly to kiss the juncture before proceeding to trail his tongue all the way up to her midthigh. The woman made a somewhat breathy sound of surprise when he reached out with his free hand to lightly squeeze the outer part of her thigh, fingertips mapping out her stretch marks.

    Head still bowed, Dante kissed and licked, and sucked his way back down the woman’s leg until he had reached her foot once more. He lifted her foot carefully, pressed it against the side of his face insistently until she took the hint and started to apply some pressure of her own until he was laid out on the floor. He could feel people in the audience staring at him, could feel the very same anticipation as they did as they pondered whether his brief performance had satisfied their appetites. Above him, the woman had picked up her heart-shaped crop from where she had placed it on the stage; moved it from one hand to the other as she considered the man she was practically crushing beneath her heel.

    “What do we think?” she asked the audience. “Was our foot- and leg-worshipper entertaining enough?”

    In response to the woman’s question, audience members mostly clapped politely, but there were a few scattered jeers as well.

    “Hmm, looks like you’ll need to be punished for not satisfying our audience before you can move on, darling.”

    “Punished with... Priscilla?” Dante’s cock stirred with interest, continued to strain against the confines of his pants, and he had to fight the urge to palm at himself.

    “Does that excite you?” The woman leaned down to grab hold of Dante by the front of his shirt; hauling him up onto his knees so that he could rest his forearms on the stage. “I was going to smack you on the ass five times, but if you’re so into the idea of it... perhaps ten times would be better?”

    Dante tried not to come across as too eager, he really did, but he simply could not help himself in the end. “Please, Mistress Honeysuckle. Please.”

    “Very well, then.” The woman hopped off the stage and circled Dante so that she stood behind him. She trailed her crop down the notches of his spine that were visible through his shirt. “The safe word is ‘bramble,’ if it gets to be too much for you.”

    “I understand.”

    “Excellent.” The woman swatted him on the ass hard and Dante winced, biting the inside of his cheek. “Let’s begin.”

    Dante kept his eyes open for as long as he could, did his best to meet the gazes of audience members staring intently at him while he was disciplined by Mistress Honeysuckle. By the fourth hard blow that he received to his backside, however, his eyes were stinging from the hot, unshed tears that had collected in them. By the seventh blow, he was openly crying and had clenched his hands into fists so hard that his blunt fingernails were actually cutting into his scar-littered palms. By the tenth and final blow, he was moaning loudly and shuddering uncontrollably as he came in his pants without having touched himself so much as once.

    “Look at you... you enjoyed yourself so much that you’ve made a right mess of yourself,” the woman cooed, crouching down so that she was on Dante’s level and wiping some of the tears from his cheeks. “You’re free to leave now, pretty boy. You’ve done your part, paid the price.”

    “I have? Oh. I guess I have.” Dante rose to his feet slowly, swaying on legs that felt too gelatinous to stand on. “Which way to outside?”

    “Outside?” The woman stood up as well, cocked an eyebrow. “You don’t want to clean yourself up first?”

    Dante shook his head. He felt like he was floating. “No, no... I’ll just... dry up in the open air. I have things to do, no time to waste cleaning myself up.”

    The woman stood back, lifted her hands in a gesture of surrender. She inclined her head toward the door to her right. “If you say so.” She leaned in to brush a quick kiss to his bottom lip, shooting him a cheeky wink when she pulled away. “Get out of here before I make you the star of my next show as well.”

    “Thank you,” Dante replied, already heading toward the door. The corners of his mouth twitched up in a smile as he met the woman’s gaze one last time. “For everything.”

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  • jerepars
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #jeresa fic#qots fic #queen of the south fic #jeresa#teresa mendoza#james valdez #cw: drug use #cw: violence #cw: mentions of death #qots #queen of the south #soulmates au #still a very weird soulmates au #queen of the south fanfiction #soulmates
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  • asras3rdeye
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Partition 🍋

    ~ In which the Pirate Queen enjoys some bubble time with a lively storm witch...


    Adrenaline x Meredith

    Meredith belongs to @apprenticealec

    You can read all the fics to Off To The Races: A Midsummer Masquerade here.

    Music: "Partition" by Beyonce

    Day 3 of The Midsummer Masquerade ~ Worship, Collars

    cw: drug use

    ~ 2.1k words

    Meredith the Pirate Queen enters a bath chamber that has been repurposed into a bubble room. Wanting absolutely nothing to do with an endless maze of fruity-scented suds, she tries to leave as soon as she realizes her mistake. But the Pirate Queen cannot seem to retrace her steps out of the hall of bubbles...

    Meredith didn’t know how the hell she wound up in a fucking bubble room, but she wanted out and she wanted it now. Every time she tried to ask someone where she could find the closest exit, they thought she was joking.

    “No need to be coy, love. If you want to have a little bathtime with us, all you have to do is ask.”

    Meredith felt her face explode with heat. “I don’t... I wasn’t lying! I want to know where the fucking exit is!”

    This happened eight more times before Meredith finally gave up. She had to admit that on her fruitless journey to find a way out, she had passed by many beautiful individuals. Some were tied up. Others were suspended from silk. Some had their legs bound up by their ears. All of them were covered in pink foam.

    Meredith happened upon the accessory table by chance, but in the end she was glad. She had something to focus on rather than bumbling around the room and stepping on people while they were in the middle of fucking under blanket of foam.

    Meredith turned her attention to the available straps on display. In the end, she went for something standard and transparent. She chose the harness that looked the least complicated and fitted it to the outside of her leafy costume, which left her tits and midriff bare. With her loose, fiery locks and green and gold touches, she looked something akin to a woodland nymph.

    And once she was nice snug in her harness, she looked like a woodland nymph with a hard-on.

    Meredith’s confidence, however, slipped when she started to search for a potential partner. Everyone seemed paired up already and she wasn’t really in the mood for more than one companion at the moment.

    “Ah – shit!”

    Once again, Meredith almost lost her footing in the sea of bubbles. This time she didn’t tumble over someone’s ass, but rather into a curved depression built into the floor. Thanks to the bowl shape of the bath drum, the air here was heavy with mist. Meredith’s vision was even more compromised as she wandered further and further towards what appeared to be a paneless window overlooking the city.

    To the Pirate Queen’s pleasant surprise, she saw someone that she thought she recognized slouching up against the rim of the drum while leisurely snacking from a bowl of fruit resting by the window.


    The woman with the pink hair and sparkly costume slowly turned her head and opened her eyes a little wider. That’s when Meredith noticed how enlarged Adrenaline’s pupils looked even through all the mist. There must have been some kind of tablet going around because she wasn’t the only one Meredith had seen with eyes like that since entering the bubble room.


    A surge of relief and excitement fired up Meredith’s blood as she joined Nali on the marbled shelf and kissed her with more enthusiasm than she would under normal circumstances.

    “Gods, I thought I was going to be trapped in here with no one to…” She struggled to maintain eye contact once she realized just how bare the two of them were. Meredith swallowed before finishing. “With no one to talk to.”

    Nali briefly assessed the way Meredith’s costume fanned around her soft, speckled breasts. She rolled her lips together as she pulled her arm up and exhaled. “And I thought I was going to have to keep taking care of myself for the rest of the evening.”

    Meredith’s eyes went wide as Nali casually deposited a magical vibrator near her bowl of fruit. Thanks to the rolling layers of foam, until now, Meredith had no idea what had been going on below Adrenaline’s waist.

    “You’re looking good, Mere.” Nali whispered, lightly touching her festive nails along the pirate’s jawline. It brought Meredith’s attention back to her pink-haired companion.

    “You do too.”

    Meredith let go of some more relief as she moved in to kiss Adrenaline. The two of them had kissed before, but this was different. Nali tasted of Prakran melons and the air around them seemed to grow hotter each time their lips came together.

    Meredith didn’t know who closed the gap first, but now they were touching and half-massaging their hands over their bubbly skin.

    “How did it take us so long to get here?” Adrenaline panted shallowly as Meredith eased her legs open and back towards the wall so she could press her clear cock between them.

    Meredith grunted, “Hell if I know.”

    She fell silent in order to watch Nali take her where the magical vibrator had been moments before. Meredith leaned forward to press her nose into the soft side of Nali’s neck.

    “You’re not going to need that thing for the rest of the night,” she said, pointing to the toy with her elbow. Before she began to really move inside her partner, she paused against a series of scars crisscrossing Nali’s collarbone. Meredith paid attention to where her hands rested against the softness of Nali’s hips. She noticed that there were scars there too.

    Meredith pressed the strap in a little deeper as she kissed the scar along Nali’s shoulder.

    “These weren’t made from a blade.”

    Nali hummed. “Mmm. Sure they were. Nature’s blade.”

    Meredith gave Adrenaline’s hips a tender squeeze and a soft thrust. “What do you mean?”

    Nali bit back a groan and collected herself before explaining, “Storm witch is the most common term. But in the old country, they called us lightning paladins. You can’t get a title like that without losing a few battles to the very thing you’re trying to make into a weapon.”

    Meredith paused to observe her scars again. “Some of these though… they’re decades old.”

    The bodyguard smirked. “Oh, look at you, the scar expert.” This time Nali brought Meredith’s head up and initiated the kiss. It was languid and warm. Nali moaned so softly, Meredith almost missed it.

    “Training to become a lightning paladin starts early. Very early.”

    Then to Adrenaline’s amusement and Meredith’s profound chagrin, someone actually had the nerve to interrupt and ask for “a seat at the table.”

    Meredith bared her teeth at them. “Fuck. Off.”

    She thought that would be the last time, but then it happened again. Meredith nearly took a bite out of the person’s hand.

    “I fucking hate this bubble room. Who in Seven Hells came up with this idea?”

    Nali couldn’t hold back her giggles. “Mere, come on. You know it’s that kind of party. Here, look what I picked up from the accessory table earlier.” Nali pulled out a wide pink collar with little watermelons painted on it. “Put it on me? Pretty, pretty please? Besides, these are supposed to let everyone else know that we’re not open to expanding our party.”

    Meredith, who had earlier pulled out of Nali in order to chase off the last intruder, plopped down and gently took the collar from her. “Nali, are you sure?”

    Adrenaline leaned forward and gave her an eager kiss. “Yes. I want everyone to know that the Pirate Queen is here with me. Tonight I’m hers.” She guided Meredith’s hands up by her neck and encouraged her to fit the collar snugly.

    When that was done, Meredith leaned back again to take all of Nali in.

    “Overwhelmed?” The pink-haired woman teased. “It’s a lot of ground to cover, I know.”

    Meredith grinned wryly. “Please. Don’t underestimate me. I’m no stranger to hard work. You just relax. I’ll take as long as I have to.” She fed Nali a little fruit from the bowl while she went back to sucking tenderly at her neck. Again, Meredith had to spread open her partner’s legs and press herself between them.

    Meredith spent the next few moments fucking Adrenaline softly while she worshiped her skin, which, in this pink, hazy light, looked like a blend of cinnamon and brown sugar.

    The bubbles, she realized by now, were quite edible and tasted of bright melons. Meredith used the heel of her hand to push away the jeweled fabric over Nali’s soapy breasts. It wasn’t hard for the pirate to lose herself in the fullness of them, where the bubbles had dissolved into a fine, sweet drool that she chased with her tongue all the way to Nali’s sternum. Then she doubled back, gathering as much of Nali’s slippery nipples as she could in her mouth. She sucked on each of them hard, until she got a moan from her partner. Then she bit down just enough to make Nali gasp.


    Adrenaline arched her back into the smooth marble and chuckled breathlessly. “That feels so nice.”

    Meredith came off Nali’s nipple with a sloppy pop. “Nice? That’s it?” Despite her tone, there was a smile in her lively green eyes. She didn’t wait for Nali’s answer before snapping her hips with a little more gusto now that her mouth was free.

    Nali grunted weakly and then again when Meredith repeated her thrusts. “I mean really, really nice. Give me a break, Mere. I’m high.”

    Meredith kept at it, straightening up so she could see Nali coming undone for her. Every time she glanced at Nali’s pink, glittery collar, she experienced a surge of pride and whispered “good girl.” Whenever she did, Nali would softly pucker her lips and offer up a deliberate, suggestive wink. She did so as if she were trying to beckon Meredith from across the room. As if Meredith wasn’t already fucking her in a deep chamber of bubbles, cum, and sweat for everyone to see.

    Meredith groaned as she paused just long enough to wipe that playful smirk off of Nali’s face with a rough, near feral kiss. “Don’t you dare make me come this soon. Quit winking at me like that.”

    Nali pouted. “Quit telling me I’m a good girl and biting your lip all the time.”

    Meredith just responded by snatching another kiss from her and growling as she did so.

    “Mere,” Nali pleaded, “I want your mouth on me again. Like before. You never finished what you started.”

    Meredith hummed. “You’re right. I got distracted.” She pulled out of Nali quite suddenly, leaving the former whimpering and squeezing her legs shut in desperation. Meredith pried the grapes that Nali was holding and tossed them out the window.

    “Put the fruit down for a second. I’ve got something else for you.”

    The bubbles shifted and dissipated for them as Meredith guided Nali into a new position. She let her partner rest her head on her thigh and clean her cock while she lined herself beside Nali’s body. Meredith stretched over Adrenaline’s soft tummy and returned to sucking kisses into her skin. Her mouth drifted messily up and down along the glistening, scarred skin of Nali’s thighs. She moved on to her pussy, grinding her jaw against Nali’s prickly mound while using her fingers to fuck her.

    Meredith pulled back Nali’s vertical set of lips enough to suck wetly at her clit. Once again the Pirate Queen got lost in the taste of the bodyguard. She struggled to keep Nali from squirming and bucking from all the stimulation she was giving her below the waist.

    Nali meanwhile, continued to savor her own slick from Meredith’s cock. As much as she squirmed and hiccuped below, she didn’t need to be told twice to keep taking the strap. Meredith only glanced down at her once and told herself that was enough or she was going to come from the sight of Nali sucking her off alone. But in the end it was Adrenaline who broke.

    “Mere! I’m close.” She sat up suddenly, taking Meredith by surprise.

    Meredith tried to push her back down. “Hold on. I’m not done!”

    She fell silent as Nali started to dance her energetic hands up and down her partner’s soft, freckled chest.

    “Can I come on your face? Please?” Nali glanced down between her legs and whined. “Gods, I’m so close. Mere – por favor.”

    In that moment, Meredith wanted nothing more than to test the full weight of Nali’s hips against her head. And very soon, she was on her back, blanketed in bubbles and foam, grabbing handfuls of Adrenaline’s ass and fumbling with the diamond chains that wrapped around her thighs.

    Soon she was moaning into Nali’s deep, soaking cunt while her lips and nose and tongue were at the mercy of the bodyguard’s restless rhythm. With each cool smack of hot sex against swollen lips, Meredith dug her nails into Nali’s generous cheeks until she came hard and insistently. Adrenaline was heavy and strong, but the Pirate Queen held on with everything she had, lapping up what she could while Nali stuttered out the last of her energy.

    Later, when Adrenaline and Meredith were slouching together in a different bath drum in a separate hall – this time enjoying a real soak in hot water rather than foam – Adrenaline fed Meredith one grape at time and kissed her flushed cheek.

    “See? The bubble room wasn’t all that bad.”

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