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    “my beautiful beautiful makkari” pls lemme sit, pls lemme have a seat, pls

    #the eternals#druig#makkari #i’m supposed to care about circe and ikaris after THAT
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    We don't talk about Paris, mon amour (Druig x Reader)

    Summary: You hate Druig, He's so arrogant and annoying... and hot. He knows that. Both are ready to repeat what happened in Paris. Oh, true...

    We don't talk about Paris🎶 .


    Druig x Eternal!fem! reader.

    Warnings: Smut. Hate sex. Smut. 18+. Teasing. Druig knowing how to use his fingers 😉. P in V. Dirty talk. Dom! Druig. And more.

    In this fic neither Ajax nor Gilgamesh are dead because I say so.



    You hated him. You hated him deeply. Him, his power, his light blue eyes, his arms and his arrogance. You hated that he was so perfect. So...Druig.

    Druig now lived in the Amazon, in what seemed to be some sort of cult. Or something like that. Druig lived in the middle of the jungle, far from any 21st century civilization.

    You had been complaining from the beginning to your other friends. You didn't need Druig, what for? But no one listened to you, so there you were with the rest watching the only one you couldn't stand, let you into his territory not without being a bit, -quite a bit in your opinion- despicable.

    He wasn't really despicable. Druig loved his family as much as you did, but that was something you couldn't see. Not now, not at the beginning of it all.

    As for Druig, he loved you and knew how much you claimed to hate him. He knew it even without having to enter your mind. So he did everything in his power to be even more annoying to you. He loved to provoke you.

    After asking Kingo how many views the things he had directed had gotten, Druig turned his attention to you. That stupid smug grin he had. He looked at you intently, smiling sideways.

    "How about you? Long time no see, mon amour."


    "You're still the same," he said resting for a second his eyes on your lips. "How nice..."

    Ajax rolled her eyes, she was too old to put up with that anymore. So she cleared her throat and everyone's attention turned to her. But Druig wasn't ready to leave that alone there. So he started talking to you in your mind.

    "You look tense, mon amour..."

    "Get out of my head!"

    "You know? You're adorable when you pretend to hate me. Like in Paris..."

    "Druig!" you exclaimed aloud, shooting him a murderous glare. The rest of the eternals looked at you.

    He just held up his hands in a gesture of surrender, but you could see in his eyes that this was just beginning.

    After Ajax finished speaking and before the deviants arrived and almost killed Gilgamesh; you and he had that moment alone that you said you didn't want to have. But that was a lie, of course.

    You were leaning on one of the benches inside the place where Druig was, when you felt hands around your waist. And lips brushing the back of your neck.

    "So fucking beautiful when you're mad at me..."

    As you tried to pull free, Druig held you tighter, you could feel his bulge pressing against your ass "I was inside your mind, you can't fool me. What were those thoughts about sucking my cock or having my fingers make you cum more than once? Mmm? You're a pervert, you know, but I love it. I love you."

    Still behind you, Druig slid his right hand down the front of your pants. Until he reached your core, one of his fingers caressed your pussy, you let out a sigh. Druig smiled against your neck,

    "You hate me, but your panties are soaked," he said. "Just like in Paris, mon amour."

    "We don't talk about Paris" you whispered.

    "But we can repeat it..."

    Of course, you didn't talk about Paris. France in the 1700's, when in the middle of the French revolution you two fucked for the first and only time. You fucked until you had no energy left to even intervene in the riots going on in the city.

    Druig now slipped his hand inside your panties, playing with your clit. You arched your back, clinging to him even more.

    "I missed this," he said, "you being mine. That pussy belongs to me. My fingers want to fuck you just like in those fantasies you have."

    "Then do it."

    "Spread your legs" he ordered and you obeyed.

    Having better access to your sex, Druig was able to provide you with more pleasure. First he slipped one of his fingers in and began to fuck you with it. You bit your lips to keep from letting out moans. Then he slipped another one in. His fingers went in and out of your pussy, while he kissed and bit your neck from behind. You could perfectly feel the erection he had. By all the celestials you wanted to feel him inside you.

    "Soon, mon amour..." he said, once again reading your thoughts. Druig used his other hand to caress one of your breasts over the shirt you were wearing.

    Druig felt the muscles of your pussy cling to his fingers and he could feel you cum for the first time. "I want to feel you moan until the world ends," he told you.

    "That may happen tomorrow."

    "Then I'm going to fuck you until tomorrow."

    You turned in place to face him. There he was and that stupid smile you hated so much. You didn't want to see that smile so you walked up to him and kissed him furiously. Druig reciprocated by putting his hand behind your neck and holding your head. The other hand went to your waist to pull you closer to him.

    Yours ripped the shirt he was wearing, exposing his perfect torso. You rested your hands on his abs, while you kept kissing him. But you needed more than that.

    Druig was pulling your shirt off, too. He left your lips to kiss your breasts and as he removed your bra, his mouth went to your nipples. A surge of pleasure ran through your body.

    You couldn't wait any longer. One more tease and you were going to lose your mind. You pulled down his pants in one motion and he removed your jeans. Druig took you in his arms and laid you down on one of those benches, he positioned himself on top of you.

    The sight of his fully erect cock just for you made you want him even more. Druig smiled sideways.

    "In an instant, mon amour."

    Druig grabbed his dick and positioned it at the entrance to your pussy, but without penetrating you. His tip caressed your sex and every time you thought he was going to penetrate you, he pulled back.

    "Druig, God damn it!"

    "How badly do you want me?" he murmured, leaving little kisses between your neck and shoulders.

    "Very much," you admitted, closing your eyes.

    "Good, because so do I."

    Druig finally gave you what you wanted so badly and entered you in one motion. Both he, and you, let out a moan.

    "You're so hot..." he said to you. Without moving yet. He let you get used to him and allowing himself, too, to enjoy your warm interior.

    Finally, Druig began to thrust into you. You bit your lower lip as you began to feel the pleasure of it. Druig moved slowly but his thrusts were deep. The wooden bench beneath you creaked with each movement.

    You grabbed his neck from behind, and pulled him to you to kiss him. Druig responded to the kiss delightedly, as he kept moving.

    "Who owns your pussy?" he asked against your lips.

    "You" you replied closing your eyes. You felt Druig begin to massage your clit bringing you to the very edge of orgasm. Of your second orgasm.

    "Faster," you begged him.

    Druig lay fully on top of you and his thrusts went from slow and deep, to very fast and short. That speed was what you wanted. You were done, you weren't going to take any more. You dug your nails into his back as you moaned louder. Druig felt your body relax after you finished and it wasn't long before he did the same. He cum inside of you.

    "Like Paris..." he said, smiling and trying to catch his breath.

    "We don't talk about Paris" you reminded him, looking up at him. Druig laughed.

    "We don't talk about Paris and now about the Amazon, either" he said before kissing you again, "I can't wait about what other place in the world we won't be able to talk about."

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    i think the eternals movie would have been much better if they’ve stuck to the memory loss storyline from neil gai.man’s run of the comics... 🙃

    and like... cut half of the sersi & ikaris romance scenes and spend that time on other eternals instead

    #˚ ☿ .  IN THE VALLEY  ‹ OOC › #i can't believe chloe zh.ao made me watch two straight people have s*x in a marvel movie #yeah idk #it just irks me that they knew who they were from the get-go #because if they remember then that means they just stood idly by for??? however long it was from when druig left them to today #yeah i know their daddy arishem said no meddling but #no one really did anything about thanos?
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    I thought it couldn’t get worse than Tom Holland but now the Marvel fandom is losing it’s mind over a guy who looks like he ate a bee. 🙄

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    #wasp answers#druig#eternals #druig x reader #druig x y/n #druig x you #druig imagine#druig fluff
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    #he's morally gray and that's a good thing! we love to see a conflicted character with questionable morals #druig#inbox#anonymous
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    #wasp answers#druig#eternals #druig x reader #druig x y/n #druig x you #druig imagine#druig fluff
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    #wasp answers#druig#eternals #druig x reader #druig x y/n #druig x you #druig imagine#druig fluff
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    He’s a work of art, your honor.

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    powers or no powers...you're still an eternal

    Dad!Druig x Reader

    Summary: Your and Druig's daughter doesn't want powers, so when she does get them, Druig makes the attempt to comfort her.

    WC: 1.7k

    A/N: yalllll than you so much for requesting more dad!druig. I planned on writing this for a while then you guys blew up my askbox with this concept :') enjoy the family fluff. this is also poorly edited I'm sorry

    Despite being born to parents who could create things from nothing and the power to control someone with a flash of golden eyes, as well as having a family who were the original superheroes, all your daughter wanted to be was normal. Her distaste for cosmic energy only progressed as she entered high school.

    Year after year, Orla would rejoice in the fact she was still just a normal girl. Grimacing every time she'd ask her parents if she and Rory would get them, she always got the same response of "I don't know." She prayed to Arishem, God, the universe, or whoever would listen to her pleas.

    "Girl world is different," the fifteen-year-old said out loud to no one, "I'd get laughed at for not fitting in." Orla wanted to believe that the cosmic being was listening...until she came home from school one day and saw Rory shooting force fields from his hands.

    If her brother got powers... it was only a matter of time before her life was ruined.

    Orla sat at the round kitchen table, her nose buried in her geometry book, muttering to herself that none of it made sense. "You could ask your uncle," You chimed in, digging around the pantry looking for a certain orange box.

    Orla groaned and tapped her pen against her notebook, "We're six hours ahead of them," she replied with a straight face.

    You let out a small laugh and took a step back, placing your hands on your hips in annoyance. Where the hell is the baking soda? You thought to yourself, releasing a deep exhale.

    "It's in Rory's room," Orla sighed, "he was trying to make a volcano."

    Your face scrunched, had you thought out loud? You probably did... there's no way she could have heard you. What's a substitute for baking soda? You think again to yourself, making your way back over to the stove.

    "Baking powder," Orla answered you, unamused. Your chin jerked upward in surprise, turning around you saw her looking down at her book, her head resting on her palm. Letting out a soft hum of suspicion you return to the stove, turning the small dials.

    A tingling sensation forms at the center of your forehead, making you wince as it traveled to the base of your neck. You could hear the faint, yet haunting whispers of cosmic energy. This feeling and those sounds were familiar to you, way too familiar. "Druig?" you question in your head, his name matching the echoes of the energy.

    "Mom?" Orla's worried voice entered the space inside your head.

    Your head whipped around, your daughter standing timidly next to the table. Her normally soft eyes were the golden hue that matched her father's, glistening tears threatening to fall from them. Your brain told you to walk to her... but you couldn't. It was like your foot was chained to the floor, but it wasn't a chain holding you there, it was Orla.

    "Mom," she repeated meekly, her voice cracking.

    "Orla," you said calmly, "I need you to focus."

    "I'm scared," she sobbed, her entire body feeling like lead yet so shaky at the same time. Her hands close to her chest, fingers gripping her black turtleneck nervously.

    "I know, sweetie, I know," you hush her, holding out your hand to her"you're safe, I promise. You're safe. Orla, let me go." She wasn't as strong as Druig, at least not yet. You weren't under complete control, you were grateful you could talk her through this.

    Orla took in a deep breath which was more like gasping for air. Her head suddenly felt fuzzy, her eyes returning to a normal color. The girl wiped her eyes roughly with her sleeve before running to you, wrapping her shaky arms around you. A string of hushed apologies fell from her lips. You wrapped her in your arms protectively, clutching the back of her head, the other rubbing the space between her shoulder blades.

    Before you could give her any reassurance or praise for her newfound abilities, the teenager fled the scene. Scurrying out of the room like a scared child. She was a scared child.

    Hours had passed since the incident in the kitchen, your daughter refusing to come out of her room no matter how hard you tried to talk to her. Rory stood in front of you, the 9-year-old carbon copy of your husband excitedly playing with his powers. "Look, mom!" he cheered, "I'm Captain America!"

    You half-heartedly chucked at him, your y/e/c eyes pinned to the front door. Your foot shaking with anxious anticipation for your husband to walk through it. The lock to the said door suddenly clicked, a small creak that you needed to fix brought you out of your absent-minded thoughts.

    "Druig," you said hurriedly before rising to your feet. Crossing the room you cup his face in your hands, his hands immediately finding their way to your hips.

    "Hello?" he questioned with a small giggle, "Are you ok?"

    You broke out into a small happy smile. Regardless of what happened, Orla's powers finally manifested, putting an end to the Eternals questioning. Druig took notice of your smile, raising a single dark brow.

    "Are you pregnant?" he asked carefully.

    You shake your head and scrunched your nose, "No," you laughed, "Orla got her powers."

    The mind reader smiled brightly, the skin by his eyes crinkling. "What can she do?" he wondered joyfully.

    "She has your powers, Dru," you answered.

    Druig's face fell instantly, retracting his hands from your body. You stilled as he started to walk away from you, "Are you ok?" he asked plainly, walking through the swinging door.

    You nodded, "Yeah, yeah, of course. She's not taking it well and she won't talk to me," you told him as he made his way into the kitchen. You followed him close behind, sticking out your hand to hold the door open. "You need to talk to her."

    Druig opened the white door of the medicine cabinet, quickly taking out a white bottle, eyes scanning to make sure it was the right one. His actions fixated on his task, his face was stoic and unreadable. "You're the only one who knows exactly what she's going through."

    After taking a bottle of water from the refrigerator, he stood in front of you, his soft blue eyes looking into yours. You could see there was the smallest crack in his demeanor, then he spoke: "It's times like these I wish Ajak was still here. She'd know what to tell her."

    You sighed in agreement before touching your forehead to his. You both lingered there for a moment, "She loves you more than anyone. You'll get through to her," you said finally.

    Orla sat on her bed, curled up in a ball to make herself seem smaller with her pillow pressed tightly against her chest. Her teary eyes focused on a random spot on the floor below her. Forcing her mind to become vacant, so maybe then her powers would go away.

    "Orla," Druig said sweetly as he entered her room, "Your mother told me what happened." Her eyes slowly moved upward to look at him, only to look back down to her floor solemnly.

    "I just wanted to be normal," she shrugged, clutching her pillow tighter.

    Druig let out a laugh as he walked over to her bed, setting down the bottle on her white table. "You're not normal," he said. Orla whined at his response, folding even further into herself, holding onto that pillow a little tighter.

    Fuck. He cursed himself at the poor choice of words. He sat on her bed next to her and held out his palm. Two small white round pills resting in the center, "Take these, I know your head hurts."

    Orla moved closer to him, eagerly taking the medicine from his palm. She placed them in her mouth and reached for the water. "How did you know?" she asked, bringing the clear bottle to her lips.

    Druig exhaled, shifting in his seat with a small knowing smile on his face. "Because my head hurts when I use my powers a lot," he explained. His daughter weakly smiled at his answer, putting the bottle back on her nightstand gently. "You'll feel better in a minute."

    "Thanks, Dad," she whispered.

    Druig cleared his throat. "Orla," he began, raising his hand to push back her brown hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear. Ajak be with him. "You were born into a group, a family that can do extraordinary things. You were never meant to be normal."

    Orla sighed and leaned into his comforting touch, "But what if I won't want to do those extraordinary things, Dad?" Her words came out slowly, afraid to tell him that she didn't want the life of an Eternal.

    He exhaled audibly and placed his hands in his lap, allowing Orla to lean on his shoulder. She looked around at the polaroids on the wall, some with her friends while most of them were with her family. "No one's asking you to put a celestial to sleep or save an entire group of people from themselves, or fight a deviant, Orla," Druig kept his voice low, still battling with the fact the reasoning why he had his powers was a lie, "we never got a choice until Ajak let us go. Your mom and I want you to make that decision for yourself when the time comes."

    Druig drapes his arm around her shoulder and brought her close to his side, "Powers or no powers you are an Eternal and you are my daughter. You at least have to know how to control it." He could feel Orla nod against his shoulder. "I'm going to help you every step of the way."

    Orla finally smiled a little, looking up at him through her lashes, "Can I use them on Rory?" She asked jokingly, sitting up and placing her pillow back amongst the others.

    Druig peered down at her lap, a faded, well-loved pink bunny resting on her leg. He picked it up delicately and looked at her with a playful smirk, "The house rule of no mind control applies to you now," he replied, tilting his chin.

    Orla tilted her chin upward after him, "Fine."

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    Old Ruins

    Vampire! Druig X Reader
    Summary: Your a traveller wanting to explore the depths of the world even at its darkest points. You come across a castle in the midst of its dying phase, wanting to capture its last moment before you part ways. Yet you awaken it and something else.
    A/N: This has no relation the movie plot. I hope you guys like this AU!
    Also the italics near the end is a flashback!
    Masterlist <3

    You sat in an empty tower, the torn up banners suggested this was a look-out post. But the broken bricks, cob webs and broken weaponry suggested the place has been out of use for a long time.

    The small fire you had put for yourself was not doing you any justice, you nearly all out of food but you had enough water to manage. You wrapped your long coat around you and got up. The snow had calmed down allowing the pathway to be more clear for you.

    You loved travelling. No matter the circumstances you will always find a way in or out. A while back you were on your way to another location, filled with herbs and small markets. Your time there was peaceful as you remembered the hot sun hitting your face as you sipped the chai.

    On your way back you took a different path, the place covered with snow, the dead trees surrounding you made you feel hallow. In the distance stood a dying Castle, its walls tainted with dead moss. The banners ripped, the windows shattered. Something felt familiar.

    That same image in your head, now repainted before your eyes. There it was still standing stronger. A feeling lingered in you. Is there still anyone there? You passed the gates, the castle grounds covered with a thick layer of snow, so you stomped your way through towards the main entrance. The wooden doors stood futile to you. You pulled out your small dagger from your pocket and walked in.

    Darkness. The only light illuminating from the broken windows. The place looked ghastly. Objects thrown about and shards shimmering. Everything still in place.

    You treaded carefully, the castle was separated into three wings: East, West and South. East wing looked completely trashed, The walls broken big wooded pieces burnt and soot all over the place.

    The west wing looked empty with a big ballroom. The two main chairs missing. Big red stained curtains all over the floor. Half of the upper level of the ballroom was completely destroyed. That left you no way up into the west wing yet you could still try and make a way up.

    South wing was most furthest from you but your gut feeling forced you to go. Almost Deja vu, you let yourself go in the hallways. Up the stairs and along. This part of the castle was perfectly preserved. Everything left as it was. Yet you stopped a big gallery that merged into another corridor that branches of other rooms.

    From the grubby cement walls a rich velvety curtains dragged along the hallway. Some patches burnt or ripped yet the silkiness remained.

    Portraits began to emerge. Some missing. The faces looked familiar, yet it couldn't be. This royalty was from centuries ago. As you went on you felt yourself repeatingly looking back. Every portrait of the royal family was untouched, yet this one.

    It was big, polished yet where the man face was supposed to be was ripped out.. His posture was strong and confident just like a kings. Yet why was this one piece ripped out..

    A sudden gust of wind harshly hit you from behind, the cold was getting to you. You began to look through the rooms, no wood nothing that you could use to burn. Yet you were distracted by the preservation of the details of every room.

    From the door handle to the bedframes it was decorated beautifully with golden engravings that was slowly chipping away. An old vanity table with a sheer black scarf covering the mirror. The rooms were beginning to be taken over by the tree branches growing into the room. Eventually you was faced with the last room.

    Pushing the door open, the creaks echoed through. You felt yourself go confused. Unlike the other rooms that was untouched with a layer of dust covering the area. This room looked in use...? Clothes were sprawled out everywhere. Missing portraits flung about and ripped. A small fire was ongoing. Yet that was not what phased you most. When you faced the other wall of the enormous room. You shrieked in horror. Your scream sending shock waves through the old castle.


    Body parts.


    It was not even one body but multiple. Piled up and rotting away. The wall painted in a bloody mess. Who would do such a horrid absurd act. You dropped everything making a run to the door. Yet it slammed shut. The curtains of the room moved itself to close. The fire died out in a second. You began crying, hugging yourself. The darkness played about with you. You frantically started looking around at least for a glimmer of light. You froze.

    Red eyes.

    It had a hard stare at you. Digging into your soul. It snarled and you shrieked not knowing what happened.


    You awoke in the same room, sitting up you felt your arms tug back to the bedframe. Your hands were wrapped in chains connected to the bed. Not only that your clothes stained in red. Your neck stinging a little. You began pulling from the bed trying to remove your hands from the chain. After 30 minutes of trying you sat helplessly in the bed. This was it.

    "Your awake.." you looked back frantically being met with a tall man well built. His frame similar to the portrait. Yet his eyes were not red. But a soft blue.

    "W-who are you.." Your voice came out weak.

    "I think i should be asking you that question pet. After all this is my castle and no one has been here for nearly 300 years." 300 years... that is so long.. and how is he alive.

    "You going to answer me or do i need to kill you right now...i need a fresh dinner anyways." Your eyes widened and your words came out as a stutter.

    "I saw this place a few weeks ago, i thought it was empty due to the whole place being a ghost village... and fresh dinner?" Your voice slowly came out as whisper at the end. He chuckled.

    "You should never have came back." His voice went low.

    came back..?

    "What do you me-" He cut you off moving closer towards you. Sitting on the bed, his cold hands caressed your face, luring you closer to his face. Your stare entranced by his blue eyes.

    A flashback playing in your head. The same South wing hallway filled with bright colours and filled with life. Servants curtsied when seeing you. The air was warm with comfort. Before you knew it two hands covered your eyes and you started laughing. You pushed his hands away and playfully pushed him away.

    "I knew it was you Druig. And why aren't you dressed. The festival party is soon and as son of the King you should be the first one ready."

    Druig pulled you into his embrace and scoffed playfully.

    "My love you out of all people should know that i do not care. After all i am spending my time with you. My father does not need me today." You both continued to laugh and talk till you heard a bunch of soldiers walk towards your way.

    The mood switched completely.

    Druig pushed you behind him. The soldiers had a stern face. Looking at you behind Druig then to him.

    "Young prince your father needs you." Druig nodded and looked back you.

    His red eyes met yours. Yet instead of pulling away in fear you let yourself weak in his embrace. Closing your eyes you felt him go for your neck.



    A/N: I hoped this is nice for you guys. I feel like i am going to continue this. If you wana be tagged please say so! If you want any requests for any other characters pls do mention it!
    Love Ru <3
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    #we joke and call him a cult leader but he's more just a concerned forest deity looking after his people #druig#inbox#anonymous
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  • winterswhumpblr
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    I kinda miss Eternals but at the same time I think I was on whumpblr for a little too long / I had seen Druig’s name pop up so often there that I just assumed something big happens to him…so safe to say I’m a little bit disappointed in that aspect.

    Aside from that, acting was so freaking good !! And the story was sick and the whole movie is so pretty and they all deserve the world (druig x makkari otp xx) except that one iykyk

    I’d like to believe I’ll re watch it eventually, especially since it’s out on Disney+ finally, idk

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  • tomhollandsgirlfriend
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    Okay I get the whole Druig thing now, I get it

    #druig and makkari <3 #I get it #also thena <3
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    trying to fit the eternals into the mcu is so funny because I’m picturing a shield intern who is Convinced that there’s a group of near immortal deities wandering around but no one will believe them like the shield intern is like I’m 99% sure this random museum curator is an ancient sorceress and everyone else is like Marcus? Have you been getting enough sleep?

    #eternals#mcu#shield #whole separate file for Kingo’s career #druig#makarri#sersi #everyone else is like if they were real they would have intervened #and Marcus is like 🙃 #it does sound like a conspiracy theory
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    Am I thinking about Druig?? Yes yes I am..

    #did i stay up late writing like a lunatic about him? also yes #i am obsessed #jesus take the whole car #for get the damn wheel #barry keoghan#druig imagine #druig x you #druig x reader #druig x female reader #so hot and for what??!!!!
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    Barry Keogh  as Druig in Eternals ~#1,900 icons 200x100, slightly sharpened.

    This content is free for anyone to use or edit however you like; if you care to throw a dollar or two my way for time, effort, storage fees etc you are more than welcome to do so via my PAYPAL.  Please like or reblog this post if you have found it useful or are downloading the content within.  If you have any questions or you have any problems with the links or find any inconsistencies in the content, etc. please feel free to drop me a politely worded message via my ASKBOX (second icon from the top on my theme!)

    #barry keogh#druig#eternals#the eternals #barry keogh icons #druig icons #the eternals icons #eternals icons #my mcu icons
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    floral fix-ups

    pairing : druig x fem!eternal!reader

    summary : after dropping the plant he had been growing for you as a surprise and weeping over it’s tragic loss and ruination, druig (after your consolation) decided that he would re-pot it. all on his own, and without any of your help.

    warning(s) : slight angst?? it’s rlly fluffy ahh <3.

    note : i believe in flower power supremacy 💌 reader is literally the cutest and 100000% a plant mom 😚🪴 !!

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    the small apartment you and druig shared would have been dead silent if not for the way your keys jangled loudly as you shook them hurriedly into the keyhole.

    your brows were pinched tight with concern as your ears picked up on faint, barely-there sobs coming from the other side.

    slamming the door open and then closed, you threw your things onto the kitchen counter and ran over to kneel beside your lover, who was sitting on the small living room’s floor with his knees tucked close to his chest. 

    his face was buried in his lap, but you could picture the tears coursing down his face judging by the way he shook with his cries.

    “dru?” you started softly, hands gently reaching out to caress his hair. “hey, what’s the matter?”

    druig leaned into your touch and sighed, his eyes peeled out over his knees as he grumbled and said something along the lines of:

    “the plant, my love, the plant.”

    he lifted a shaky finger to point at a broken pot on the floor not too far from where you both were seated.

    druig let out a heavy breath and looked up at you hesitantly, his blue eyes swam with guilt.

    “i’m so sorry, dearest.”

    his voice came out hoarse, and your heart clenched to think of him experiencing such a distressing sense of dejection.

    “oh, love, it’s okay. really, you don’t have to be so sad. it’s just a plant, after all, i can grow you another one if you’d like.”

    your voice was honeyed, sweet, and consoling in a way that only made druig want to bawl his eyes out once more. 

    “you don’t understand,” he insisted. “that one, it’s– well it was special.”

    you hummed and your lips pursed curiously. “and why is that?”

    “because,” druig began, but then he paused. an embarrassed blush blossomed over his cheeks as he struggled to continue his sentence. “i was growing that one. all by myself. for you.”

    you blinked, and warmth not only crawled up your cheeks but also burrowed itself into your heart. your veins buzzed with glee.

    at your lack of a response, druig bit his lip and pressed a kiss to your throat before murmuring soft apologies into the crook of your neck. 

    “i’m sorry. i wanted it to be a surprise. for, you know, our anniversary coming up? i wanted to give it as a gift.”

    a dry chuckle slipped past his lips as he eyed the cracked pot.

    “guess i can’t anymore, can i? i dropped it and now it’s completely ruined.”

    “hey, hey. no, no, no. it’s not ruined.” you assured, unable to hold back the lovesick smile that tugged at the corners of your lips.

    “it just.. needs a little fix-up. a re-potting, maybe. why don’t i assist you?”

    druig contemplated the idea for a moment or two. his lips pursed before he gave his answer. it was a strong, definitive: “no.”



    you were at a loss for words here. your mouth tugged into a confused pout as you let out a huff. “but.. but why?” you questioned, crossing your arms over your chest in the process.

    “because,” he reasoned. “i have to do it on my own, petal. no help or anything like that. for you, i simply must do it on my own.”

    a heavy breath left your lungs. 


    you knew that this was the doing of his relentless stubbornness and pride, and with the sheer strength of both those traits, you also knew that there was virtually nothing you could do to get him to change his mind.

    “but i get to watch. deal?”

    you held out a hand and forced back a smug grin as that endearing pink rose over his cheeks once again. 

    a beat passed before druig enclosed his much bigger hand around yours, giving it a shake as his chin jutted up with a challenging smirk.


    .ೃ ࿐

    if it were anyone besides your beloved doing this re-potting, you were sure you would’ve lost every ounce of your sanity.

    when you had suggested using one of your spare pots, druig only shook his head violently and glanced around the room before running into the kitchen.

    he came back with a wide grin and an old coffee cup in hand.

    if weren’t for how heartwarmingly gentle and caring he was as he carefully replaced the soil and handled the plant, you might’ve scolded him for being so obstinate.

    as he worked through the whole process of re-potting, your eyes never once left him.

    everything from the way his tongue stuck out just a tiny bit from concentration to the way a proud, dazzling smile spread over his face after he patted down the last bit of soil sent your heart into a fit of flutters.

    in the end, the plant wound up a little lopsided, and it dangled a bit because of its weight, but the amount of joy and proudness your lover’s eyes held was all that mattered to you.

    clapping some of the dirt off of his hands, druig placed them over his hips as he turned to face you with an accomplished smirk.

    “i think i did a pretty damn good job, sweetest, don’t y’think?”

    “oh, yes,” you affirmed, inching your face closer to his with a smirk of your own. “i think you did an absolutely marvelous job, honey, i love it.”

    druig leaned in closer. the space between your faces was so small that even the slightest movement would bring your lips together.

    “is that sarcasm i’m hearing?” he uttered, brow raising teasingly as his gaze flitted from your lips to your eyes.

    “heavens, no.” you insisted, feigning offense with a pout. “i love you and our new plant so very much, druig, how dare you to suggest that could i ever mean any of that sarcastically.”

    your lover let out a chuckle as he nudged in the direction of the plant before resting his forehead to yours.

    “yes, well, i suppose your right.” he hummed. “seeing as you seem to have done quite a number on the leafy little thing, hm?”

    your teasing grin fell as fiery heat spread over your cheeks.

    the air around the leaves and flowers of the plant shimmered, bringing attention to the way you had somehow turned them into hearts.

    how on earth could you have missed that?! you mentally cursed your own powers for putting you in such a humiliating position.

    druig’s smug eyes burned into the side of your head as you nearly huffed, trying to keep your composure and wits intact.

    “oh, stop it.” and you closed the space between the two of you.

    your hands tugged at his hair as his hands dugs into the soft flesh of your hips and waist.

    no matter how many thousands of years it had been since you first kissed, you could never rid yourself of the fireworks that erupted inside your ribcage at the action.

    pulling back, breathless and a little disoriented, druig rested his forehead over yours once more. his eyes traced over your features before they fluttered shut as he brushed a soft peck over the tip of your nose.

    “i love you and the plant, too, petal. even if it is a little funny-looking.”

    “druig! do not insult our child like that! she can hear you!”

    you whispered harshly under your breath, oblivious to the way your choice of words would affect druig. for the third time in that day, rosy blush blossomed over your lover’s cheeks.

    only this time, the hue was a bright, blazing red.

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