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  • baddesbitchnamedstacy45
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The told her they were gonna put the music over her lip syncing but told her to sing it as well😭

    #river medway#rpdr #drag race uk #druk s3 #crazy how they played her like that #but this is so unintentionally cute #drag race
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  • what-is-going-on-even
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    We need more movies where Mads Mikkelsen dances drunk

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  • thecinematicshots
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    The beautiful cinematography of Another Round

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  • atla-fandom-confessions
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • mikazuki-juuichi
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Día - 7

    - Druk (Dinamarca, 2020. Dir. Thomas Vinterberg. También llamado "Otra ronda")

    Cuatro grises profesores de preparatoria deciden conducir un curioso experimento. Tomando como punto de partida la teoría del psiquiatra Finn Skåderud, según la cual todo ser humano tiene una deficiencia de alcohol del 0.05%, los cuatro deciden mantenerse en un nivel constante superior al 0.5. Es decir, a beber en horas hábiles con el fin de mantenerse en un grado constante de excitación y de estímulo.

    Y en efecto, se liberan e inclusive mejoran su vida tanto profesional como familiar. Pero, y puesto que el trago no crea vicio sino que lo pone en evidencia, al poco rato salen a flote los rasgos más oscuros, contra los que no todos podrán lidiar.

    Una película del director experimental Vinterberg, famoso entre otros por el experimento “Dogma 95”, que consistía en grabar películas enteramente con luz y sonido natural  con cámara en mano. Aquí nos presenta una película que muy fácilmente podría haber caído en la fábula moral, pero que en su lugar se vuelve una celebración de la vida. Si bien tampoco es sólo incitación al trago —no hay más que ver los efectos tremendos y una sumamente ambigua toma final —antes incita a vivir la vida al pleno.

    Destaca también por sus excelentes actuaciones. En general, una buena curiosidad.


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  • ay5e
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    mads mikkelsen amcamın filmine gireceğim yarın sinemada

    #personal#bakalım nasıl#druk #çıkıştada mads amcam için bi sigara yakıp bir kere cool içime çekip öksürüp söndüreceğim
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  • romansrace
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Problems with Drag Race UK 3’s edit - Part 2

    The general sense I had watching this season was that RuPaul actively didn't want to either a) be there, or b) to have to watch and judge UK drag. That is, drag that follows historically British style, culture, personas, and popular references and meta. So the challenges didn't lean towards it, the UK celebrity choices in Snatch Game were changed by Ru ‘correcting’ the queens’ original picks, hardly any of the challenges leaned toward specifically UK references, and in the ones that did, the queens that interpreted things in a particularly UK way were punished.

    In terms of UK-style drag, Kitty's roast really laid bare how Krystal didn't offer much in that regard, due to her struggles with comedy, hosting, acting, singing, sewing, and basically anything besides lipsyncing, makeup, modelling and acrobatic dance routines. That, for whatever reason, was what RuPaul wanted in a winner, as well as a sense that the person had some kind of unresolved drama that perhaps RuPaul the producer thought would make more compelling tv. Unfortunately, none of that really resonates with a British audience. So this season largely felt like a huge mismatch between what production/Ru valued, what they thought the audience would positively respond to, and what the British audience actually responded positively to.

    I think the season would have benefited from a bit of flexibility within the challenges. They've done lipsyncing and makeup-oriented challenges before as main challenges. At least picking one of those in place of some of the challenges they went for would have elevated Krystal as a worthy competitor. Or, letting her lipsync in the bottom 2 would have cemented her place as somebody fighting to stay in. Giving her two wins at the start and then letting her coast until it was Vanity's 4th lipsync is probably the worst possible way they could have sold the least-British drag queen to a British audience.

    The ironic thing about RPDR UK is that three seasons in we have zero evidence that Ru actually likes British drag. It seems that he finds British people and certain accents inherently funny (Lawrence, Scarlett, Baga), and otherwise awards the most polished pageant-style queen out of the cast every single season.

    Meanwhile, the fans tend to root for the people that exemplify the local culture best. There’s rarely the crossover needed for a satisfying conclusion to the season.

    #drag race uk 3 #drag race uk season 3 #druk s3#krystal versace#text post#drag race#rupaul #rupaul's culture vulture race #druk3 #rupaul's drag race uk #drag race uk #british drag#romansrace
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  • cecexheart
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    what the fuck was that shit?!? i for sure thought it would be Ella or Kitty. I am LIVID!! I AM FUMING!!

    #rupaul drag race done fucked up drag!! #drag race uk #DRUK#DRUK3#ella vaday #kitty scott claus
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  • benisasoftboi
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kitty, did you ever think you should just give up? 🤔

    Ella, did you get into drag because you were a failure of an actor? 🤔

    Krystal, tell us about Christmas at your house! 🤗

    #druk#druk3#drag race#rpdr #TO BE CLEAR #I like Krystal and she is not at fault for her blatant favouritism edit #I think the druk3 production was very sloppy BUT it was a deserving top 3 and I would have been fine with any of them winning #so genuine congrats to her
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  • versacethotty
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    vanity milan you will always be famous!

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  • versacethotty
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    ella’s verse was very excellent so I’m not completely sure how she fucked that note up?

    #hmmm like that’s kinda the queen #rpdruk3#drag race#rpdr spoilers#druk
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  • roxy206
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    Father, Son, & House of Gucci… it’s time for the DRUK finale

    Omg I forgot all of these looks Ella had - so gorgeous

    Truly though Ella having four badges - that is HALF of the competition


    Omg Vic with a brace bless her


    Boots the house down

    I love that the contestants are talking to Ru AND Michelle <3

    Obligatory mention that I love Michelle’s grey streak

    I can’t believe it took me weeks to realize how hot Ella is out of drag

    This last challenge involving a song - Ella has got this in the bag

    Coronation day omg

    Ella’s Snatch Game was so fantastic






    ELLA’S RUNWAY LOOK MY GOD [listen in retrospect I didn’t love the silhouette but]

    “Warning: contains nuts”

    Not the pics of them as kids stop

    Ella Vaday to make me cry!!!!

    A lot of BDE <3

    I fucking love that they have all of the dolls back for this Untucked

    I am triggered by the mention of the double elimination

    Choriza <33333

    Oh man I wish we had been able to see more of Anubis

    Omg I’m so nervous

    All three of them lip syncing okay ahhhhh


    Ella is SELLING IT

    Oh god so nervous so nervous

    Are you fucking kidding me

    no ❤️


    Krystal won So weird there was no winner for DRUK season 3 🤷‍♀️

    #Kimmy watches #drag race uk season 3 #druk s3#ella vaday #Ella should have won bye #druk spoilers
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  • ellavaday
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    why does ella's finale look looks like she belongs to the whoville from the Grinch

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  • engulfes
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    In deze periode detailhandel om 17 dicht is echt kapot dom eerlijk…… dan heb je toch juist minder spreiding

    #want mensen gaan sowieso naar winkels om cadeautjes te kopen #tenzij je wilt dat ‘echte’ winkels ten onder gaan aan bol en amazon natuurlijk #dit is juist de periode dat ik van 9-18 werk ipv 10-17 omdat het zo kapot druk is ieder uur van de dag
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  • roxy206
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Happy Drag Race UK finale day to all who celebrate

    #drag race uk season 3 #druk s3#ella vaday #kitty scott claus
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  • roxy206
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I think in my despair over the Canada’s Drag Race elimination I forgot to recap my DRUK live tweets

    I’m here for Ella reminding everyone that she’s got three badges & was slept on in the beginning

    Team Ella, bitches

    I don’t anticipate that Kryst*l is going to do well with this roast

    Wait wait wait, Ella is new to drag??? [I somehow missed that she just started doing drag in 2019]

    The way Ella’s tactic perfectly works out with the order everyone wants to go in

    Ahaha Kitty being like I absolutely see what she’s doing

    Kitty laughing writing her own jokes is giving Alyssa Edwards LMAO

    Oh Ella with the dad jokes ... I mean I do love dad jokes

    I think it’s going to be between Ella & Kitty for this challenge

    I really love when queens talk about how their drag personas allow them to access parts of themselves that they’ve felt they had to repress earlier in life — or even now in their daily lives

    I adore Michelle’s grey streak

    The eliminated queens in the audience <3

    Kryst*l’s first joke was good but now I’m just cringing

    OH MY GOD VERONICA ... it’s so true though

    Omg Ella yessssss

    Yessss everyone actually laughing at Ella

    Omg it’s so cute when Ella has that moment when she knows she’s killing it & she smiles


    Oh Ella really did this right putting herself before Vanity with both of them doing bus jokes with Anubis

    Kitty’s confessional reactions to this roast are hilarious

    Veronica heckling in the audience is everything

    Lmfao Ru’s laugh at Kitty roasting Kryst*l

    Hands down Ella won the roast


    Vanity’s look truly is ethereal

    Listen we know Kryst*l can turn out a runway look & a pretty face but ... that’s really where it ends & it kills me that she’s in the top four

    An Ella Va-good time YESSSS

    Ella Va-everything — this is her week & I am living for it

    “like Ella did” that is correct

    Tbh I love Ella’s blue wig

    Not Ella all teary-eyed with this message from her boyfriend

    Aww bless now she’s crying

    Oh no all these messages from home stopppppp

    Holy shit Kryst*l & her family look SO SIMILAR

    Oh Vanity not being able to speak right away after her husband’s message

    Yaaaaas Ella winning the challenge - FOUR BADGES SO TRUE

    That means Ella has won half of the challenges doesn’t it — damn

    Kryst*l finally in the bottom — SEND HER HOME VANITY

    I mean no way is Ru sending Kryst*l home but I can dream

    Ella & Kitty cheering for the girls is so fucking cute


    I can admit Kryst*l gave it energy but VANITY !!!!!

    Ah fucking hell I knew Ru wouldn’t send her home but Jesus ... no

    #Kimmy watches #drag race uk season 3 #druk s3#ella vaday #kitty scott claus
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  • winterboxx
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    DRUK Christmas Fic Exchange

    It’s nearly christmas so you know what that means, someone’s gotta continue the yearly fic exchanges and I guess this year that person is me. It’s druk focused because people were posting about wanting to do one.  Rules wise it’s pretty simple, I’ll be posting some prompts once matches are done and be checking in midway through to see how people are going. Minimum word count is 1000, but there’s not a maximum, do what you can and don’t feel pressured to pull out a 10k fic things take time and people work at different paces. Be sure to reply to dms, if Tumblr is difficult I'm also on discord 

    The deadlines are as follows: Applications close on the November 30th   Matches are going to be sent out on December 3rd  Deadline for posting is December 24th

    Hopefully three weeks is enough time if anyone needs anything or won’t be able to make the time please dm me and we can sort it out.  That’s everything, if you want to join just fill out this form.

    Edit: I will be posting prompts y’all aren’t being thrown to the wind I promise I’ll be helpful!

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  • linzumi
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    sokka bought it for druk

    #why #why did i make this #but ugh#atla#a:tla#atla fanart#druk#prince zuko#zuko#atla druk #how do i tags zukos dragon
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  • reniadeb
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    oh, me?

    just catching up with the loves of my life!!!

    #owain wyn evans #elektra fence#scarlett harlett#charity kase#river medway #kitty scott claus #krystal versace#drag race #rupaul's drag race uk #drag race memes #drag race uk #rupaul's drag race #rpdr uk#rpdr#rupaul#rupaul charles#michelle visage#druk s3
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  • nbvethbrenatto
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    having someone who wants to produce music in charge of an a cappellla group is actually kind of brilliant

    #pitch perfect #hi im back from my board game group at a bar and still kinda drunk and watching the movie for the first time in at least a month lol #and like she wathes them and understands which bits come from who and lik eunderstands music #like idk i feel like jesse is just promoted bc hes the main guy but beca makes sens e! #like she seees where everyone fits in a way that makes sense !!! #anyways #i think im over my getting druk and watching pitch perfect era of my life but i got home and was still tipsy n didnt #feel tired u know? #anyways i gess what im saying is beca being charge makes sense from throughout the movie n not just from a main character standpoint #thats it lol #i think im over htis in drunk movie watching #but it was a good time and this is a thought i didnthave before so i guess thats something lmfao #mine
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