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  • quilbe
    19.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    wilba wilbrur mr c!wilbur Wilba wilburh

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  • kinokocreeper
    19.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Royal George 👑💙

    #fanart#mcyt #minecraft youtube fanart #dream smp#dsmp#georgenotfound#gnf #artists on tumblr #firealpaca
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  • theantiddy
    19.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    more pjo au thoughts but specifically using just the word building bc thats what i have more ideas for:

    - wilbur handshake luke thats it thats the post

    -he, eret, tommy, and tubbo were all going to camp together

    -tubbo was their satyr guide

    -eret saw this like big ass group of pillagers and sold out the rest of their location in exchange for a guarantee of their survival

    -i think im using the dsmp lore/pantheon instead of the greek one so. major changes to pjo plotline !

    -tommy ends up getting thalia'd but not into a tree idk into what yet. maybe just near death experience that leaves him permenantly disabled. yeah. cos then thats why wilbur gets so bitter about the gods

    -im thinking age at this point is like. tubbo and tommy are like. idk how old was annabeth seven? its been a bit. wilburs like 12 and erets 13

    -fundy is like literally an infant they found on the street and wilbur was like. yeah. this is my son.

    -when they get to camp, phil is like "new child why do u have a baby"

    -wilburs like "i found him on the street and hes my son now"

    philza minecraft: arent you a little young to have an entire son?

    wilbur: no.

    phil doesnt know how to respond to that.

    -fundy is like. idk what fundy is hes not a demigod i should look up greek mythology stuff but idk how many fox spirits there were as idk that there are foxes native to greece. idk. ill figure it out.

    -i think phil is like. just there for techno hes not actually that good w kids? but techno genuinely loves training demigods so even tho hes a war god hes here

    #pjo dsmp au #i should think of a name for this as i am literally About to make a post figuring out the pantheon im working with #idk ill work it out #my thots
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  • soupette
    19.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Designing c!sam is going to be my FUCKING joker style origin story. He’s got long triangle nostril slits instead of a nose bc creeper flat face and pointy edges a bit scary. He has rounder nostril slits kind of like a snake and rounder shapes are friendlier. He’s got a slight raise in his face but not normal nose level. He has four legs, two normal style and two from the side that rests differently. He’s got two legs. He’s got two legs and four feet. He has a creeper skin pulled color palate. His color palate is darker and different. He has CC!style similar hair because it’s easier to draw and matches the CC. He has a bun because I said so. He has long hair because I said so. His skin is green. His skin is green with paper and darker patches like creeper skin. His skin is like creeper skin with a fourth of it human skin and a human ear on that side. He has a bit of human skin and the human skin has patches of vitiligo because hcs. He has two pointy ears. He has four pointy ears. He has two human ears and two pointy ears behind the set of human ears. He has red eyes inspired from creeper animations. He has darker green eyes. The whites of his eyes are white. The whites of his eyes are pale green. The whites of his eyes are pale pink. He wears a gold chest plate. He wears a yellow poncho. He wears a yellow poncho plated with gold. He has earring studs. He wears prison key earrings. I am drowning. There is no sign of land.

    #this is /lh #All I know is he has visible fangs!! #c!awesamdude #c!sam #awesamdude #soup makes a dsmp related post #creeper man brainrot
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  • god-of-identity
    19.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    metfells dtiys!


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  • benchtrio-updates
    19.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    You've got Ranmail!

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  • benchtrio-updates
    19.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Tubbo replied to YouTube!

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  • gavin-screaming
    19.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    okay is the new tommyinnit vlog w/ l*gan p*ul good? bc i hate that mf so i’m only gonna watch the vlog if it’s worth it LMAO

    #okay deleting later just wanted 2 ask ppl #💀 #i really dislike logan paul so i don’t really wanna watch it #but i don’t wanna miss content #sadge#mcyt#dream smp#dsmp#dreamsmp#tommyinnit #not tagging logan paul #not sorry
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  • mayz1er
    19.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    i don’t think tubbo’s confirmed a height for c!tubbo, and i think about that constantly. he could literally just make his character taller than c!ranboo. everyone start drawing c!tubbo as a 8’9 giant

    #tubbo#ctubbo#dreamsmp#dsmp#ranboo #does anyone else think about this #this thought hasn’t left my brain since like may #someone agree w me plz
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  • rustwilburs-cabin
    19.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    c!Tommy stimboard with themes of baking, painting, flowers, and embroidery (The art is mine!) [ sources : 🌾🌾🌾/🌾🌾🌾/🌾🌾🌾]

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  • dimwitdecember
    19.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    tommy stopped doing lore because he knew if it kept going eventually he would go on a podcast that makes him talk about it

    #tommyinnit acknowlege he exile arc challenge #dream smp#dsmp#tommyinnit
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  • xx-catb0y-t0gami-xx
    19.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    i just heard my little brother telling my mom about how technoblade was in prison on the dream smp and i'm terrified.

    i'm not ready for my 8 year old brother to discover jschlatt....

    #i'm not a schlanti i just don't want him to watch that stuff cuz he's LITERALLY 8!!!!! #tommy tells tales #mcyt#dream smp#dsmp
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  • cinnaboo
    19.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    artists and cosplayers looking at ponk and thinking "yeah.. she has white hair" is so funny to me. we all collectively decided they have white hair and i find that great

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  • vilburs
    19.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    i really love the headcanon that when fundy was a baby the only way he’d calm down from crying and would get him to fall asleep was wilbur’s singing. the first time fundy breaks in a crying fit wilbur doesn’t even know what to do with himself, he’s tried everything already - rocking him, putting on ambience music, give him stuffed plushies. then wilbur starts humming and fundy just. stops. and his eyes widen, so wilbur starts actually singing a lullaby (he makes it up on the spot, doesn’t even know how he managed to) and fundy holds his finger and falls asleep under minutes. and wilbur feels like he’s out of his mind- was that all it took to get him to stop crying? singing? the only thing that calms his son down is his voice? and wilbur melts. he keeps singing even when fundy’s already sleeping because he just looks so soothed and relaxed while he hears his voice, and it’s just as comforting to wilbur knowing that fundy loved his singing so much

    #mcyt#dsmp#wilbur soot#fundy #c!wilbur #c!fundy #headcanon #he spoiled fundy with the singing. he just wont sleep if dad isnt there to sing for him #whoever is taking care of fundy calls wilbur in distress like wil your baby wont shut up i cant get him to sleep #and wilburs like oh i know #and then he asks to put the communicator next to find and starts singing #and the person whos with fundy just looks fucking bewildered bc he falls asleep in like seven minutes
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  • somebodywithawifi
    19.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #IM SORRY I MIXED UP TECHNO AND ARI KSNZKSBZ #ariart#dsmp#dream smp#dreamsmp#ranboo#technoblade#techno blade #c!ranboo #c!techno
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  • thatonedreamsimp
    19.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    The Devil's Mercenary Pt. 5 Technoblade X reader

    Well, y'all here's part 5, I hope you enjoy it, if you have any idea that you want to see in the next parts, then speak now or forever hold your peace XD. Happy 50 follower special btw, it's 51 now!!! Date: September 19, 2021

    I woke up hours later, the bed was so warm, but the mattress was firm and kind of bumpy. My eyes fluttered slightly before completely opening. I was met with familiar pink hair, I tried to shoot back, only to have arms hold me down.

    I fought for a second, trying to pressure my way out of the tiny prison I was being held in. His arms tugged harder causing me to fall forward again.

    I huffed and blew a piece of hair out of my eyes. I glared at the sleeping man as I tried to shuffle into a comfortable position. He was really warm though. I guess that has to do with the piglin part of him, the creatures are naturally warm.

    I almost hated the way I relaxed in his arms, but I couldn't resist folding into his body heat and shutting my eyes. I sighed, completely content for that little moment of time. I was in my own head, my own heaven. It felt so nice, especially considering the last couple of days.

    Why does everything I like have to do with the people I'm supposed to hate? It just doesn't make sense. The slight movement caught my attention. I felt him stretch from underneath me before his pinky-red eyes opened.

    He squinted slightly before shooting up in shock, it was such a sudden movement that I almost fell off the bed.

    "Hey, watch it bitch," I huffed.

    "What the fuck were you doing!?"

    "ME?! I WAS THE VICTIM HERE YOU STUPID PIG!" He shot me a glare.

    "Then why the fuck did I just wake up to you sleeping on me?"

    "You were the one that pulled me onto your chest." He grumbled slightly.

    "Just get off me." With that, I slid off his lap without protest.

    "Get out so I can change," I glowered. He stood and made his way out of the room, grabbing his bag on his way out.


    "When are we heading back?"

    "Around noon," he answered shortly. I looked out the window.

    "Do I have time to go swimming?"

    His eyebrows furrowed as he looked at me. His lips curled slightly in confusion, his nose scrunching.

    "Where the fuck are you going to go swimming?"

    "The ocean, dipshit."

    "Whatever, you have a couple hours."

    I smiled to myself in victory. I ran to change again, I didn't have a swimming suit so I'm gonna just have to go in my underwear. Fine by me.

    I made my merry way outside, a smile dancing on my features as I took in the beautiful sight before me. I ran into the ocean causing the water to splash up into my face and onto the beach.

    The sun was reflecting off the clear surface as I began to dive under the water. My eyes opened and I saw all of the beautiful decour the Earth had decorated for me. My grin was spread from ear to ear as I began to swim.

    My head bobbed to the surface before I dove back down. Making my way to the multi-colored coral. The fish swam around me like I wasn't even there. I could hear the playful cries of dolphins above me as I moved through the water.

    My hair floated above me in all directions as I froze slightly, just looking out at the ocean floor. I swam upwards in quick strokes, catching my breath as I made my way back to the beach. I heard a squeaky door open and I looked over to see Technoblade standing on the sand.

    I rushed over to him and out of the water. His face bloomed in a giant blush as I ran to him. My hair was wet and sticking together in different strands.

    "You should get in with me, it's really relaxing," my voice was surprisingly calm as I stood before him.

    "I don't know..." he mumbled as he looked out at the water.

    "Don't be silly, come on," I persuaded. He sighed, shoulders slightly slumping.


    He pulled off his shirt and pants, my grin was contagious as I turned away and began to make my way back. The golden substance was sticking to my feet as I padded into the water.

    Heavy footsteps followed me before stopping. I turned towards him, he was standing just before the waves. I raised an eyebrow at him before reaching forward and grabbing his hand. I pulled him towards me.

    His eyes widened as he stumbled forwards. The water caught him as he stood there with me. He was looking at me with such intensity. It was the same way Dream looked at me, except more gaurded.

    I brushed it off before pulling him deeper into the ocean. Today was gonna be fun.


    We were both drying off while laughing. It was getting to be noon, which was unfortunate, but inevitable. Time is merciless, it waits for nobody.

    Clothes were on, bags were grabbed, and the image of the beautiful ocean was fading from view. The valley we were walking through was still nice, and it held the same clean breeze, but soon it would be gone too.

    A melancholy feeling took over as I spared one last glance at the old shack.


    "Yeah?" He asked as he looked down at me.

    "Will you promise me something?"


    I smiled slightly to myself, "Promise me we'll come back here."

    He smiled slightly, "I promise."

    #technoblade x reader #technoblade#y/n#x reader#techno#mcyt#dsmp #dsmp x reader #mcyt x reader #dsmp x y/n #mcyt x y/n
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  • olziket
    19.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Idk if is just me but I freaking love the post where we rp. Like I love see News paper on the r/Dream SMP.

    And that are awesome ways to us to be canon. And idk just a trough ajbajaj

    #dsmp#dream smp #dream smp news #toatkarjs
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  • hostilemuppet
    19.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    hes got 4 and a half hours

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  • yourhourisup
    19.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Hey do new fandom members know you could actually vote for your candidate in the 2020 L’manberg election. Like they had a Google Form linked on Twitter. Thats where the voting numbers came from. Do y’all know that?

    #i voted for coconut2020 because at the time the joke was like ‘we all know wilbur will win lol’ #cut to the election results. all of us horrified #dsmp#dsmp history #im gonna make that a tag for my blog so i can talk about the old trends and experiences in the early days #dream smp
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  • dsmptweets
    19.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago
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