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  • milfsmp
    19.06.2021 - 1 minute ago

    las nevadas: a country built on manipulative premises, a capitalistic nightmare, a place where youre supposed to waste your resources hoping you can win over and over, a country whose residents had to be manipulated into joining, who were told that they needed quackity to give them worth, to give them a legacy, who were told that what they built wasnt enough and that quackity could give them what they need, that quackity could define them and make them Better

    slime is both an example of quackitys compassion and an example of how far gone quackitys morals are because slime literally thinks friendship is saying youre going to kill the other person and cashing out loans, fundy relies on quackity (and others) to affirm his self worth, purpleds house was Literally Blown Up, foolish and his accomplishments were called worthless and empty (a statement directly contradicted by the lsandberg conflict) and hes starting to fall back into the tendencies he had when he played with mortals as if they were toys.

    las nevadas corrupts and to ignore how unhealthy it all is because theyre being lighthearted is ignoring how unhealthy these characters mindsets are and how theyre all actively acting and thinking in ways that ruins the idea of positive self growth, rather than going out and defining their own lives, theyre relying on quackity to give them purpose

    while quackity does genuinely want the best and is not at his core a terrible person, hes still currently manipulative and undeniably not in a good mindset or fit to "help" any of the las nevadas citizens, they all need help that isnt based on "i can give you purpose, i can be the one to love you and notice you, as long as you follow my rules". quackity is impulsive and emotional and not a terrible person nor was he always as awful as he is but he has deteriorated mentally and emotionally and hes very willing to hurt and manipulate others, to resort to torture to get information, to call others worthless and present himself as a defenseless savior, the only one who will welcome these broken people with open arms, and hes not good for any of these people and has actively helped in hurting them

    just because there are genuine bonds in las nevadas does not mean we should just push aside how awful it was and is for quackity to treat fundy, foolish, purpled, sam, slime, and others the way that he does. he has hope, definitely, and he was a wonderful person at first thats a shining example of how power can corrupt someone, of how trauma does not make you a better person, of how the cycle of abuse can effect people. its fun to make memes and jokes, but when talking about the situation seriously, it shouldnt be painted as something its not. a lighthearted tone does not make any less of a terrifying story, as we can see from the story of lmanburg (esp the manberg era), and even from exile.

    the audience, of which has access to all of this information and often ignores it: wow! found family :D

    #fandom critical #c!quackity critical #technically#las nevadas#dsmp#torture ment#manipulation tw #for the record i love quackity but im gonna need some people to remember hes incredibly fucked up n not good for the others #also some ppl just. say that quackity was Right when he told these ppl that they were worthless and w/o a legacy and thats.. gross #anyways dsmp fandom learn that not every group is found family holy shit stop seeing everything as familial you are setting yourself up #for tragedy when it gets increasingly obvious that these peoples mental health is deteriorating and that they are not okay or safe #mask mews
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  • ups1gbt3f7op3dr
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Illustration finished during my first ever test twitch stream! You can follow here for future streams! I am very new to streaming, so be kind :)

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  • sunpooled
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    hello long time no see! here’s some phone doodles

    — disclaimer : i do not support schlatt, i am hyperfixated on his CHARACTER. i do not like the creator

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  • the-dormant-ocean
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    c!Slimecicle: Meat!

    c!Tommy: Bone!

    c!Slimecicle: Pants!

    Me: They are communicating!

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  • benchtrio-updates
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Tubbo is live!

    STREAMING: Just Chatting
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  • the-real-sneezus
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    terrible animation idea: Schlatt and Quackity presidential campaign but it’s the Big Bill Hell’s commercial

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  • meh-beans
    19.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    "Of Headaches and Home"

    (A little c!benchtrio fic for the soul, sorry for the delay!)


    It was a beautiful sunny day, a day that normally Tommy would have enjoyed.

    He would have stepped out of his house, maybe stretched a bit, taking deep breaths of the fresh spring air.

    He would have stopped and smelled the flowers, maybe done a bit of gardening if it needed weeding.

    Perhaps he would have gone on a long adventurous walk. Since he normally walked every day, just letting his feet take him where ever they seemed to feel like going.

    But today wasn't one of those days.

    Instead of stepping out of his house with a satisfying yawn and stretch, he stepped out and nearly tripped. Eyes feeling like over blown balloons in his skull as the sunlight hit his face, he groaned, cursing the giant glowing orb in the sky, blaming it for more of his problems.

    Today he didn't wake up feeling like usual. Sure, sometimes he didn't wake up well, but days like today were worse than any early morning fears.

    Today he woke up with a headache.

    Trudging along the prime path he cringed at the smell of flowers and plants. The aromas being almost sickeningly sweet and twisting his already churning stomach. He was tempted to pinch his nose.

    Headaches weren't rare or unfamiliar to him, Tommy had had a lot of headaches in life, but these types of headaches were the worst, and he knew exactly what caused them. Knowing why tended to add to the awfulness of it all, as the pounding in his skull was reminiscent of when it was cracked. The scar was still there, only really noticeable if he brushed his hair back enough, but the scar was manageable, the headaches weren't.

    A breeze brushed past, ruffling the trees and bushes around him. The coolness was refreshing, the sound was not.

    He let out a string of curses as his vision swam at the wave of nausea that passed over. It was always like waves, just one thing after another, he hated it.

    Some had told him to try and rest through it, just lay still and attempt sleeping along with light snacks and water.

    But he couldn't stand just laying there, head feeling like it was going to burst as sickening memories broke through the heavy fog.

    So he tried walking it off.

    Maybe it was stupid and the others were right, but he felt like walking... well no. He didn't "feel" like walking, he wanted to walk. Stupid, painful, life ruining headache or not.

    As he stumbled onward, to who knows where, he caught sound of a different noise. He wasn't sure what exactly, since everything sounded mostly the same right now.

    All far too loud and grating, like something clawing at his brain-

    "Tommy! Hey man."

    Oh, Ranboo...

    Had it been any other day Tommy would have made some comment at the others expense. He didn't hate Ranboo, he was a friend, but he was also easy to pick on and it was fun. But today all Tommy could offer in reply was a half hearted wave and a groan, eyes squinting as he looked up at the other.

    "Are you alright? You seem a bit, uh, off?"

    Tommy ran a hand over his face, which probably made things worse as he realized his hands were awfully sweaty. Holding back another groan of both discomfort and disgust, he mumbled out a half attempted "I'm fine" before he gave up on words.

    Ranboo watched as Tommy brought up two fingers, gesturing to his head a few times before he hummed lightly.

    "Ah, headache again today?"

    Tommy brought up a hand, curling it then moving it up and down, he was tempted to nod as well since Ranboo was still learning to translate most of his gestures and movements, but even the thought of moving his head aggravated it.

    "Hm, alright. Do you want to go back to your house? Or do you want to stay outside?"

    Thinking it over, Tommy just held up two fingers for simplicity hoping it got the message of the second option across.

    Thankfully, judging by how Ranboo nodded and stepped beside him, he got it.

    "Okay well, I was headed to meet Tubbo for a picnic if you want to join? It was just going to be quiet thing, so maybe you can sit down out there with us if you want."

    It sounded nice, and as much as he dragged his feet on these kinds of things, the idea of a quiet picnic did truly sound appealing right now, headache or not.

    He held his arm out, gesturing at the path ahead as he squinted up at Ranboo again.

    It took the other a second before he took Tommy's stance as agreement to the proposed idea and smiled.

    "Follow me then"

    Ranboo was walking slower, this might have pissed Tommy off if it was a normal day, but right now he appreciated the slower even pace. His head already spun enough, he didn't need to throw a race with the ender hybrid into the mix.

    Before long they had made their way across the path and off onto the grass and dirt. This picnic of Ranboo's was off a bit farther then Tommy had thought it would be, but somehow picking up on his confusion Ranboo explained that the farther out they are the less likely it was for someone to crash into it or ruin the peace. Tommy understood that.

    As they stepped over a soft hill, Ranboo offering a non basket carrying arm as Tommy descended downward, they spotted Tubbo already sitting out on a large patched up blanket.

    The spot was tucked between some hills, and had spatterings of trees around providing shade. All in all it wasn't visible to any quick passers by, and it was quiet and nice.

    Tubbo seemed suprised at first by Tommy being there, but a grin broke out across his face as he scooted over for the other to sit down.

    "Funny seeing you here, I thought you didn't like our picnics?"

    Tommy shrugged, as he laid back on the blanket repeating the same gesture he gave to Ranboo.

    "Oh... sorry."

    Tommy waved a hand, Tubbo's sympathies were sweet and all but the last thing he wanted right now was someone being all sad and apologetic to him.

    "Do you want some lemonade or something? We also have just water if that's better?"

    Perking up at the offer of lemonade, Tommy held up one finger. Tubbo nodded, quickly turning to the ice lined container he had brought and pulled out a bottle. As he passed it over to Tommy, having already loosened the lid, Ranboo began sorting through the snacks he had brought.

    For awhile Tubbo and Ranboo just talked back and forth as they ate, they weren't loud or annoying so it didn't bother Tommy. They were considerate of any thing he asked, and kept any conversations relaxed.

    Unfortunately his headache wasn't as pleasant or kind as his friends, and decided to kick it up a notch.

    It quickly felt as though someone had dropped an anvil on his head, as a silent roar filled his ears, and a heavy warm weight settled against his skull.

    It felt like it was cracking again.

    The other two were quick to take notice of his discomfort and were by his side. He could here them talking, but it felt distant and warped. He rarely felt panicked by his headaches, but when sound seemed to fade his heart began hammering in his chest, only worsening the almost churning wave of pressure.

    Before he could shoot up or attempt some embarrassing broken cry, he was gently lifted then moved against someone.

    The movement startled him, it had been careful enough to not hurt, but the slow breathing he now felt against him was weird.

    "-mmy? Tommy? Can you hear me?"

    Tubbo was next to him, which meant he was against Ranboo. His head spun to much to think to hard on that, instead he shakily lifted and curled his hand in Tubbo's direction.

    He heard them mummer between themselves before Tubbo spoke to him again.

    "Is it alright if Ranboo touches your head?"

    Tommy wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean, but seeing as he had already been layed out against the others lap without pain perhaps the two knew something to do? He hurt to much to think. He curled his hand again.

    There was the soft mummering then he felt something soft and cool cover his forhead. He couldn't help the sigh that fell from him, as the chill of the others large padded hands seeped into his skull. Tubbo's voice sounded next to him, breaking the fog once more.

    "-u okay? Tommy?"

    Instead of just curling his hand, he felt around for the other, not wanting to open his eyes to look. Tubbo's noticed his padding around and took his hand. Tommy gave it a light squeeze, and gave a small smile in what he hoped was Tubbo's direction.

    He normally hated being touched when his headaches got really bad, as even the slightest poke could make him nauseous or anxious.

    But here, he felt okay.

    He wasn't feeling super better, and was far from being miraculously cured, but it felt like he wasn't gonna die again.

    And with the feeling of the other two being close, their careful touch, their familiar not overbearing smells, and their quiet conversations amongst themselves, he felt alright.

    It felt safe, it felt like home.


    (I took the hc of c!Tommy getting migraines after dying and kinda just ran with it....idk. Also c!Ranboo having cold hands? Am I soft for carefully affectionate c!benchtrio... yeah... ;-; )

    As always, thanks for reading! And feedback is always appreciated, a key smash or little comment is also nice :D

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  • belovedranboo
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago
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  • galaxxisjustcrimson
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I drew a Vilbur

    #my art#digital art#mcyt#mcyt fanart#dream smp#dreamsmp fanart#wilbur fanart#wilbur soot#dsmp wilbur#wilbur mcyt#mcyt wilbur #i could've added the glasses #but that would have reminded me of frankenstein from soul eater
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  • karlnaplty
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Anyways here are my thoughts on c!Quackity

    #personal #i like my characters a little fucked up #i am a quackity sympathizer first and foremost #quackity#dsmp#dream smp#mcyt
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  • snalzhttps
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Worst part of any Any twitch stream is the chat and tts donos. worst part by far very much either reallly oversharing or repetitive/annoying. the tts voice constantly over other stuff is very overwhelming imo and the stuff that gets said and typed is second hand embarrassment cringe inducing or just horrible a lot of the time like. i know that they r a staple and important to how Streams go yknow, and i dont expect them to go away from some mfs tumblr post, but the appreciation and like the stuff they provide for streamers sometimes to bounce off is cool but id say a majority of the time for bigger streamers it just sucks or is just too much. What id do for some of my streamers to just mute donos every so often man like ik theyr supposed to be on but. Man

    #There are some streamers who it is so so much worse for #idk#Twitch#twitch streams#dsmp#Mostly #Probably will delete in like 10 minutes but im microdosing on sharing my opinions 🪨
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  • fiveminuterice
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    some of my favorite frames from my most recent animatic :)

    (sub to my yt cuz if i get 78 more i can start spamming the community tab <3)

    #dsmp#dream smp#tommyinnit#tubbo#ranboo#jschlatt #michael underscore beloved #animatic #i had the most fun drawing tubbo in this and you can deffo tell lol #i just think his aesthetic is so cool even if c!tommy's my favorite #art taggg #i have a lot more frames i liked and a lot more i dont like #but overall im pleased with how this animatic turned out
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  • panna-pan
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    How many people don’t know that Dream and Puffy purposelly griefed various buildings in the server and planned to pin the blame on Tommy little bit before exile started.

    #tommyinnit#dsmp #thats just. something that popped in my head today
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  • kitsu-katsu
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Just saw a post that said that Techno being trapped in the prison gave off butcher army vibes and that it could be used to frame Techno as in the eight for unleashing mass destruction again


    Istg if this is doomsday 2: electric boogaloo I'm going to scream

    Doomsday was so bad in so many levels and the consequences for Techno and Phil were nonexistent, to such an extent that to this day, other than walking over the l'manhole, doomsday is not acknowledged at all (and has even been blamed on "man who was dead and trapped in limbo" Wilbur Soot a couple of times)

    #dsmp#dream smp #c!techno critical #c!phil critical #doomsday critical#doomsday#please don't #I beg of you
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  • hopefully-not-the-ghostbusters
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Is tubbo in the wrong with the whole las Nevadas military outpost thing? Yes! Am I still gonna support him unconditionally? Yes!!

    #/roleplay#my post#mcyt#dsmp#dream smp #LISTEN man I came into this fandom with an unreasonable amount of love for tubbo #I came here n people were PISSED bcus he exiled tommy. and I was like ‘TUBBO MY BELOVED DID NOTHING WRONG’ #apologist since day one bossman 🤟😎 #on the other hand Please God Let Las Nevadas Live In Peace #it’s a fucked uo community of people who were MAYBE forced to be there but they’re all just so tired man #they just want people who care about them!! they just want people to know that they exist!!!! #;(
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  • melloo0
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    trying to figure out and analyze dream smp characters' morals and if its "okay" to like them is so exhausting. why cant i just like a character cuz they are cool without having to write a 10 page essay on why it is okay to like said character. i just want to vibe without people thinking that im a terrible person for thinking some characters are cool.

    #hhhhhhh #tho i really enjoy reading analysis posts and stuff sometimes i just wanna vibe #everyone in this fandom is so afraid (including me) about being hated on for their takes that they feel like they have to justifu everythi- #ng #like guys its okay to just like a morally bad character cuz they are cool #or to not really like a morally good character cuz its just not ur jam #this is not about any specific character btw #just thoughts on paper #dream smp#dsmp#dreamwastaken#tommyinnit#quackity#technoblade
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  • camakkuma
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Family Portrait

    unedited version + og drawing

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  • voidgonemissing
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #mcyt reader insert #mcyt x reader #reader insert#x reader #dream smp x reader #dsmp reader insert #dsmp x reader #mcyt imagine #technoblade x reader #philza x reader #tommyinnit x reader #wilbur x reader #sbi x reader #sleepy bois x reader #sleepy boys inc x reader #alien leaders lovely fics #dsmp fanfiction#tw fear #techno x reader #wilbur soot x reader
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