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  • crystalcow
    25.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    𝑂𝑛𝑒 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑜𝑛𝑙𝑦 𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑒 //𝑇𝑒𝑐ℎ𝑛𝑜𝑏𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑒//


    Technoblade x reader !c !sbi AU // Wilbur soot x reader

    Warnings: where a teenage Wilbur tries to flirt with his brothers lover

    Pronouns: they/them

    ╳°»。 ∾・⁙・ ღ ➵ ⁘ ➵ ღ ・⁙・∾ 。«°╳

    Techno grinned looking up from his phone, a small smile playing on the pink haired males lips. “What’s got you so giddy?” Tommy teased, the eight year old looking up from the tv.

    “Hm, nothin’. Hey dad Y/ns, coming over in a bit!” He shouted to Phil in the kitchen. “Alright, ask them if they’re staying for dinner,” He nodded going back to the phone screen.

    “Ew it’s like your inlove with them, disgusting really.” Tommy grimaced, his accent thick as techno picked up one of the pillows, throwing it at the kid. “What’s this about Y/n?” Wilbur asked passing through, Philza sending him a glare.

    The older man gave his son a disapproving look, knowing exactly what he was thinking. “Wilbur,” “What I’m just wondering when our friends coming by!” He replied grabbing an apple from the bowl.

    All four of the males attentions directed to the doorbell, the loud ring signifying they were here. As Techno was ready to get up, Tommy bolted to the door ready to greet their guest.

    “Hey Toms, where’s your brother buddy?” Y/n asked crouching down to the shorter boy. “Hi N/n! Forget about techno, come look at my new game!” The loud child boomed, grabbing their hand.

    “Tommy leave Y/n alone..” Phil grumbled pulling him away before taking notice of them, “Hey Y/n, Techs in the living room.” They smiled at the older man, waving hello to Wilbur before greeting their boyfriend on the couch.

    They sat down leaning closer into Techno, the duo greeting one another with a small kiss. “Wanna head up to my room?” He asked as they nodded, Phil shouting to keep the door open.

    Wilbur gawked as the two left up the stairs, leaning against the counter love struck. “You’ve gotta get over your little crush mate’ that’s your brothers lover. Plus if he found out I’d only have two sons.” Phil patted Wills shoulders, grabbing his keys and calling out for Tommy.

    “Have you even seen them tho dad, it’s like the things I write in my songs. Just isn’t fair..” The small blonde laughed at his brothers misery, “You mean those e-girls your always singing about? Your such a looser,” “Watch that!”

    He had just flipped off the child in response, scrolling through old texts in agony. You were able to hear the soft laughs coming from upstairs and the sounds of the movie playing.

    Wilbur brought his beanie down over his face, continuing to slump in the kitchen once Phil left with Tommy to the market. “One sec, I’m just gonna grab some water.” Y/ns voice heard from the top of the stairs.

    Once they made it down the stairs, they spotted Wilbur staring at them. “Hey Will, wheres Tommy and them?” They asked reaching in the cabinets.

    “I think they just went out to the market. So uh, you and Techno huh.” He awkwardly attempted to make conversation, failing to notice how Y/ns face lit up at the mention of Techno.

    They hummed as the water streamed down into the glass cup, “We’re watching a movie right now! I somehow managed to get him to watch a romantic comedy.” They chuckled taking a sip of the drink.

    “You know if you ever wanted, we could like erm.. Watch movies together, you’re a very beautiful person you know.” The teenager managed to stumble out, placing a hand on Y/ns shoulder.

    They had tensed up upon the males touch, looking back and forth from the stairs and to his hand. “Oh thank you, you’re a very nice friend!” They smiled, trying to shrug off Wilburs hand.

    “Shame isn’t it?” He sighed backing the both of them to the wall, “What do you mean Will..” “That your hanging out with Techno right now, maybe just tell him your coming with me!”

    The air went cold in the Minecraft household, as they both stood silent. A mix of discomfort and blindness, the simple things obsession may bring..

    “I don’t think that’s a very good idea, I’m going to head back up now.” Wilbur pouted, running his hand along their arm as a failed attempt of flirting.

    “Wilbur back away from my lover before I shoot you.” Technos monotone voice rung from the stairway, as he held a bow with a tipped arrow.

    Wilbur moved back putting his hands up as the pink haired male moved closer to his partner, wrapping a protective arm around Y/n.

    “Lets go to the bookstore, there might be a sale.” They suggested leaning closer to Techno. “Erm Uh yeah.” The flustered male grabbed his coat as the two exited the house, leaving a confused Wilbur.

    “I’m sorry, he just started talking and I thought it would be a normal conversation and all.” Techno quickly hushed them up by placing a quick kiss onto their forehead. “I should’ve noticed before that my idiot brother has a crush on you.”

    “But the one I love is you.”

    “Wait what l-love?”

    ╳°»。 ∾・⁙・ ღ ➵ ⁘ ➵ ღ ・⁙・∾ 。«°╳

    I’m not the proudest of this, but it’s something I guess. Finally some techno content tho lol

    As always! Request and ask anything and ask if you want to be on a taglist!

    #technoblade #techno x reader #technoblade x reader #dsmp techno#wilbur soot #wilbur soot x reader #wilbur x reader #sbi x you #sbi x reader #sbi au #sleepy bois inc x reader
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    25.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #dsmp fbi/crime au
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  • fyreb1rd
    25.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    #dsmp fbi/crime au
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  • axe-of-ender
    25.07.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    1950’s specifically?? goddammit housewife ranboo real

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  • manlet-rights-activist
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dsmp: university au chapter one: roomies

    might not continue this comic but if i think of anything else to add then maybe

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  • pindl3
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Real name: Technoblade [REDACTED]

    Power: fluid manipulation of blood flow

    Active Family: Phil Zephyrus, Wilbur Soot

    Age: 21

    Status: Hero

    Rank: #3

    Name Origin: he was found surrounded by dozens of bodies. He had killed them all, and the public dubbed him "Devastation."

    Public's opinion: They fear him, no doubt. Not many even want to be saved by him, because they're afraid that he'll snap and kill them too.

    If spotted: DO NOT AGGRAVATE.

    Allies: Crowfather, Songbird

    Tips: Don't engage in battle with him. He won't immediately resort to killing you, but the fact that he can should put you on edge. Be calm and collected. It's better to have a conversation and keep your life. He doesn't need to be touching you to use his power.

    His ability can completely stop the flow of blood to your brain, killing you within a minute. He doesn't like killing people, and is an excellent fighter to compensate for it. Do not underestimate his ability to kill you. You are not above something like permanent brain damage. Keep your head screwed on, use caution.

    Appearance: deep red cloak, pig skull mask, broad shoulders, long pink hair.

    Notes: He will always value his family over your life. Be wary of that.

    #technoblade:D #I decided to make him op #with the added side affect that he is always terrified of using his power- in any shape or form #so he learned to fight to get around the idea of killing every single person in the room #his voices are an added side affect that very few people know about #because purposefully constructing your ability use by putting on power dampeners #is gonna have side affects #so having voices isn't common. but other people can also experience it if put under the same pressures #so basically the voices are his powers trying to literally break out of his body #and he's kinda a ticking time bomb if he doesn't use them for a period of time and is also using power dampeners #I took some creative liberties with techno. what can I say #technoblade#sbi au#dsmp au #tommy centric au #the brink of an au
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  • ladypseudonym
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    -40.3k words

    Dreamnotfound, written in canon, religious themes, major character death.

    Hope you enjoy <3

    read it HERE

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  • fyreb1rd
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i just watched this toddler loudly pronounce that he was going to take a nap, and then collapse in the middle of the restaurant i work at.


    #dsmp fbi/crime au
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  • pindl3
    25.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The brink of an AU

    An AU I'm doing, you might've seen a bit of it, so here's a sneak peek!


    Tommy's house is messy.

    It is, that's just a fact. There's clothes everywhere, his bedsheets are halfway across the room, and he swears that in the mess he lost a goldfish.

    But it's home. It's a mismatch of gifts and memories, thrown about in a way that spoke of their use.

    His bed frame and mattress was actually a gift from a teacher at school, Mr Nook, who even helped set it up in his room. His blankets and pillows had been given to him by the nice shop owner down the street, Niki. They had little white crescents patterned around, with a sky blue backdrop.

    Tubbo had given him a stuffed cow, which he called Henry. Tubbo always liked giving plushies as gifts. Ranboo liked getting him fidget toys, like rubix cubes and rings that spun.

    Puffy, who had visited Niki's shop many times, had gotten him a mini fridge for his room. He already had a fridge, but puffy wanted to get him one to specifically hold his stash of candy bars and sodas. It didn't make sense to him at the time but he learned to love the convenience.

    It kind of stung sometimes, that most of those people had yet to give him a hug. They wanted to- it was so obvious that they wanted to. Their ghosts would reach out, wrap him up and never want to let go. He watched hands twitch, yearning to hold his hand as they walked down streets. Time and time again, they stopped themselves. Every. Single. Time. And every time it hurt a little more.

    Tubbo never hugged him because he denied himself human touch. Tubbo was always like that, saying he didn't want hugs, but it was his ghost that reached out the most.

    Ranboo didn't hug him because he didn't want to overwhelm Tommy. Like he was worried it would scare Tommy. Like a frightened rabbit.

    Everyone wanted to hug Tommy. They all want to protect him, and keep him safe, and give him gifts and wrap him up and never let go.

    None of them went through with it.

    And it hurt.

    Tommy doesn't like his power.

    #the brink of an au #<- if you're interested in the au #that's what I tag it with #I'll add more to it later. I've already got the beginning planned out and I've started writing it #this isn't the beginning btw. just a sneak peek #Tommy centric#tommyinnit au#sbi fic#WIP#dsmp au#superhero au
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  • legacynonsense
    25.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    This just in Mansa’s phone ships Setosolace

    (For the record Mansa doesn’t ship any youtubers anymore, is just jokes)

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  • esclapo
    25.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    holy fucking shit. she did it. she finally updated parklife after two weeks of swollen fingers, writers block, a left palm that is STILL completely numb, insanity and a left arm that was out of commission because i got my vaxx :(

    #dream smp fic #dsmp fic #dream smp au #dsmp au#esclaposbiheroau
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  • inkytrinket-irii
    25.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    found my old au and  picked some ones that still fit


    He just fucking tosses people into the sky instead of being upset with them. Do anything he doesn’t like? SWOOSH. It’s to the point it’s not even a malicious thing, it’s just routine. He gets up, goes to the store, picks up some groceries, sends a person who cut in line to a void of dusk with swirling black clouds where you fall so long you can’t tell if you’re flying up or down or left or right, maybe gets some mints, goes home, puts groceries away, does the dishes, etc.


    A Corruption Avatar (TW, Body Horror Surrounding Lungs, Swarming Insects, Implied Murder.)

    He has bees in his lungs and he loves them very much. If he ever gets something stuck in his throat or has water go down the wrong pipe he will FEAK OUT. He often has to cough up honey (and sometimes bees). It’s... a process. He just sits over a bucket or jar and hacks his little heart out. He sometimes saves the honey and offers it to people. Amazingly, his friends never take him up on the offer. Unsuspecting people who don’t know the.. supernatural origin of the honey find they have some... unpleasant side effects. (Bees. The side effect is bees. Specifically ones trying to fly down their throat.) 

    Oh well, being a part of a hive isn’t for everyone. The really unfortunate ones make good fertilizer for his flowers, though! 

    His lungs are literally a hive. If you tried to listen to his heartbeat you’d hear buzzing. He will sometimes hold flowers over his open mouth to let the bees get some easy pollen. He doesn’t usually actively seek out “prey” but when he is trying to feed on that good old fear he’ll act super sweet, too sweet, and then open his mouth and let the bees fly out. It’s very creepy but to him it’s just funny. (Also, all of the bees have names and he has a funeral for every single one that get’s killed.)


     A Stranger Avatar (TW, Unreality Depersonalization )

    He mocks people as their own reflection, hopping from pond to mirror to camera to scream at them (sometimes literally) that they do not know who they are. It starts off subtle (Wasn’t your hair a bit longer? Weren’t your eyes a shade lighter? Did you always have that birthmark?”) but grows and changes until it gets to the point you stand in front of a mirror and every time you blink you look completely different. 

    You feel your face, you look at your hands, but it’s no help. They change too fast. Your pictures change too, every single post on all your social media looks like different people posted it- wait... did you always have this platform? You don’t remember ever using it before. You have so many posts... none of them match up. You throw your phone away, noticing you never had the case on it. 

    You turn to real photos for help but they are none. Of course not. You feel like just giving up as you shuffle through photo after photo, you don’t know what you really look like, so what? But then something catches your eye. A photo of you in the 5th grade concert. You don’t remember going to that school. You’ve never played an instrument, have you? Something screams yes and no at the same time. You throw the box down and grab your phone. You need to call someone. 

    You pace throughout a house you recognize less and less searching for clues, reminders, as the phone rings. Your best friend answers. You throw the phone down again. You don’t have a best friend. You’ve never really been one for friends. No, that’s not true, you had a few really good ones but you’ve grown apart. No, that’s not true, you only have one real friend, your boyfriend. No, you don’t have a boyfriend, just a close friend. No, you have many friends just none that are close enough for this bullshit. 

    You stop. No. No you don’t like swearing, do you? Do you? Who are you? Who are you? 

    Your reflection laughs. 


    1. A Hunt Avatar (TW, Stalking/Genocide)

    Many people have suggested a slaughter avatar but I don’t get it. Yeah, he kills (blood for the blood god and all that) but I don’t see it. The Slaughter is about the moment. The unplanned snap. The sudden outbursts. I don’t see that in techno. You know what I DO see that also involves quite a bit of bloodlust? The chase. The planning, the target, the unstoppable dread and panic that overtakes his victims once they realize who is after them. The power. Calculated genocide of victim after victim. The HUNT. My two pain points of evidence: His potato war videos, that time he took over the world, and his stalking speech to Quackity. Go watch an animatic of Technoblade chasing down Quackity and tell me he is not a Hunt Avatar.


    A Desolation Avatar (TW, Abuse/Torture)

    Everything he touches burns and hurts. Sometimes it’s on purpose, sometimes on accident, but either way he’s caught up in enjoying the drama. I’m gonna be honest, my main inspiration was the Villainbur aesthetic but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Look at nearly any of his 100 player videos; designed to create maximum pain for his enjoyment. Even the Dream SMP where he was mostly a good guy and more tragic than anything else fits. Maybe that Villain Arc was his first dabble as a willing avatar of destruction and pain. Even making his own father kill him could have been along the lines of “how can I milk as much despair out of this as possible.”

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  • oikawas-glasses
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago


    #*gives u more genshin!tubbo* #do not underestimate this man he Will nuke you #tubbo#mcyt#dsmp#my art #genshin impact au
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  • birb-does-stuff
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ⍀⏃⋏⏚⍜⍜ ⌇⋔⟟⏁⊑ [RanbooLive]

    Warning: Again, not about the content creators, about their DreamSMP characters, mention of death


    Summer Hire - 1972~1984
    Security Trainer - 1985~1989
    Night Guard - (1 Night) 1987 (4 Nights) 1989

    Animatronic(?): Stuffed into one? yes.

    Based Off Of: Phone Guy (In this AU: Fritz Smith)

    Life: 1950~1989

    One of original workers at Crowza’s Family Diner, only worked during the summer’s since he was trying to finish up school, that was until Clay and Phil approached him for a longer time job as a Security Trainer/Security Guard (occasionally)

    Kind of knows about the murders but like, doesn’t...because Phil was afraid that he might accidentally leak the information to one of the security guards

    When he said he was going to retire, Clay saw that as a threat, since he’d no longer be under their legal obligations to protect the restaurant, which is why his final week he had night guard duty

    #i'm so sorry! #i was trying to think of who to put as phone guy and just ahhh #i didn't want him to die #bios#dream smp#dsmp au#fnaf#5naf#mcytxfnaf#ranboo#ranboo dsmp#ranboo mcyt#phone guy
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  • stylistiquements
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Day 15 : Warm cinnamon buns and coffee

    𐐪𐑂 Pairing : Sapnap x fem!reader {Playlist}

    𐐪𐑂 Summary : an inspiration quote and a discussion later...

    Masterlist | Previous | Next

    .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・   .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・

    .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・   .・゜゜・  ・゜゜・

    Taglist : @open-minded-chip-101 ; @itsoakaa ; @gaysludge ; @tinyegg ; @qnfdnf​ ; @paintingpetalsforyou ; @notjennaleigh ; @victoria-a567 ; @washy-washy ; @moneybagmarvel ; @cryptid-in-a-box ; @aikochan4859 ;

    #129 days#sapnap smau #sapnap social media au #sapnap x reader #sapnap x you #sapnap x y/n #mcyt smau#dsmp smau#dsmp fanfic#sapnap fluff #mcyt x reader #dsmp sapnap#smau #social media au #mcyt x you #mcyt x y/n
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  • king-of-the-oranges
    25.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I can’t get God AU out my head, so hear me out. In this AU everyone is a God of something, but like they’re all at different stages of their training or whatever.

    So in this the DSMP is like the training area for them all, to teach them how to survive and exist. Kristin, Philza and XD are like elders that are in charge of making sure everything goes smoothly. Philza was sent in to try and sort things out when it started to go down hill, whilst Kristin and XD help from afar.

    Now that things are kicking off with XD and the mystery forest, Phil is not the only one on the front lines now.

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  • behrbehrgraphics
    25.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I started a Bench trio Sci fi comic.


    Currently there is only these 2 pages but, more will come, unless something happens and I give up on it 😀

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  • imdedinsidex-x
    25.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    hmmm wonder what this thing is

    #im making a comic thingy #dsmp#dream smp#dsmp fanart #dream smp fanart #dsmp au #dream smp au #halters and hand-me-downs au #fundy#itsfundy#funny fanart#punz#punz fanart
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    25.07.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #dsmp butterfly culture au #ask raisans
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