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  • slushywarrior
    16.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Head cannon

    So going off of the white hair streak, which I THINK is cannon..?

    Tommy doesn’t like remembering his death and all that, SO he dyes his white streak different colors. He dyes it one color, and then when that fades he re-dyes it a different color.


    Green for Tubbo

    Purple for Allium duo

    Blue for Friend and Ghostbur

    You know???

    #late night brain coming up with ideas #whoooooo! #dream smp#dsmp headcanon#tommyinnit#tommyinnit headcanon#tommy innit#headcanon #dream smp headcannon #dsmp
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  • imaginemcyt
    16.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ranboo best friend headcannons!

    hey besties! here’s my first post with actual content! ranboo is my fav and i wanna be his friend literally so bad, he’s just so cool 😭 anyway here’s some headcannons for what it’s like being his best friend!

    uses you as an armrest. no matter your height.

    you’re most likely shorter than him, and in that case, lots of playful short jokes.

    if you’re not, he’s intimidated and doesn’t make any jokes about your height.

    you’re one of the only people who knows who he is/what he looks like.

    you guys go on little bestie dates!! like all the time! trips to go get lunch or dutch bros/starbucks/etc.

    you take lots of stupid car selfies of you guys.

    he trusts you completely. he knows you and knows you won’t post them or dox him.

    there really isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you. and vice versa.

    he’s insanely supportive of you. in your hopes and dreams, your gender, sexuality, anything.

    if you’re lgbtqia+, you were another reason he donated to the trevor project.

    and you were there with him during his charity stream. when things got hard to talk about, you let him hold your hand.

    he honestly adores you.

    you text each other random selfies or stupid silly things throughout the day.

    just constant texting.

    your contact names are probably really random inside jokes.

    speaking of, you have a lot of inside jokes. someone will say something and the two of you will just make eye contact and giggle.

    if you’re in the smp too, he and tubbo are your platonic husbands. it’s a poly platonic marriage.

    listening to a lot of music together. lots of lemon demon, musicals, other fun and silly little songs, classics like elton john, and of course some of whatever music you like in the mix too!

    you sing together loudly and laugh a lot!

    however, don’t try to get him to sing in front of other people because he’ll just be like “i don’t sing”. legit only with you.

    if you give him something, he’ll show it off on stream!

    “guys look at what my best friend gave me! they’re the best.”

    you’re his safe space, where he’s free to be himself and comfortable. 🥺

    you’re probably soulmates. whether just platonic, or romantic later on.

    maybe you were best friends who fell in love as you got older!

    just overall being super close. the two of you against the world.

    you guys always tell each other everything first. and you always go to the other for guidance.

    holding hands a lot, even just platonically.

    if you’re upset or worn out he’ll hold you and maybe even give you forehead kissies. 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    either you’re those best friends that everyone thinks are dating, or you’re in a relationship but everyone thinks you’re just friends because you have a best friend type romance.

    either way, just in general being each other’s number one.

    i hope you guys liked this! stay tuned for more content :)

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  • memerybook
    16.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I choose to believe that Sam has the power to explode but chooses not to because he would die. I think it would be very funny if he loses a canon life because he channeled his inner creeper and just blew up.

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  • quinnofhearts
    16.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    A question to everybody who headcanons that Ranboo purrs and/or just has catlike mannerisms in general

    Does he get these mannerisms from his unknown parent?

    Or are endermen just giant cats?

    I personally prefer the second one.

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  • itstheclaud
    16.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    OH NO

    I accidentally wrote a DSMP oneshot. whoops. :/

    It's about Dream memorizing the resurrection book before he destroys it and gets locked in prison. It's kinda headcanon-y, about where the book came from, and a few other things, so be warned of that!

    Maybe I'll make a more in-depth post about my headcanons later, yeah? Anyway, here's a link to the fic on AO3:


    #and I said the next fic I wrote would be another Hollow Knight fic #whoops I was wrong #oh well#dsmp#dsmp dream#fanfic#fan fiction#dream smp#mcyt#mcyt dream#dreamxd#dsmp headcanon#headcanon#dreamXD#drista#dsmp drista#resurrection book #other dsmp tags #iunno fam #tagging is hard #c!dream #c!drista
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  • funbeenbooenjoyer
    16.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    It do be rambling hour so let's do that! This time around is ✨gender headcanons✨

    Start off by saying fuck it and looking at a comfort character, lol

    Right now I've got this big sorta comfort headcanon of c!Foolish being genderfluid to some extent. Like, he uses primarily he/him pronouns along with they/them since he's sorta going through a period of seeing himself as a he/they. Reason behind it is: (A.) I'm genderfluid so I say biggest comfort shall be as well and (B.) Egyptian gods (from what I know) have no strict gender and have teo version, a female form and a male form.

    Anyways, c!Foolish has only part of a gender and I said so!

    #dream smp#foolish gamers#dsmp headcanon #im just shitposting at this point but i adore this headcanon and it makes me feel so so valid and happy!
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  • mack-and-cheese
    16.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I have a shit ton of dsmp headcanons and I dont rlly want to make a long post so send me an ask!!

    Give me a character or a p!relationship and I'll give you headcanons.


    Give me a random word / sentence / phrase and I'll give you a headcanon based off that (can be with or w/out character specification)

    Pls dont let this flop I'll be so sad :(

    #dsmp#dreamsmp#dream smp#dsmpblr#dreamsmpblr #pls i want this so bad i want asks and i have so many good headcanons #plss #send asks or ill cry /th #dsmp headcanons#dsmp headcanon#dreamsmp headcanon #dream smp headcannon #dream smpblr#headcanon#headcanons
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  • that-sweet-jester
    16.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I looked at the headcanon once and I am now obsessed with it.

    Mumza as Goddes of Death supremacy + smoll Phil for comparison

    #leave her alone you monsters how dare you separate them #dsmp #dream smp fanart #dsmp fanart#mcyt#kristin#mumza #Goddes of death #dsmp headcanon#fan art#my art#mcyt fanart#philza fanart#dsmp philza#dsmp kristin#philza#dream smp
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  • zero-gravity-zero-chill
    15.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    c!Tommy wearing Wilbur's Pogtopia coat is OUT, give me fanart of Tommy wearing Ghostbur's sweater RIGHT FUCKING NOW /lh

    #tommyinnit#tommy #c!tommyinnit #c!tommy #ghostbur #jk jk continue to draw him however you like #i really have no leg to stand on considering i used to be an adamant fan of coat!tommy #/lh#dsmp headcanon#dsmp#dream smp#tommyinnit hc#tommyinnit headcanon
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  • king-of-the-oranges
    15.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I am very tired and can’t get over the image of Enderwalk Ranboo holding out Alliums to Tubbo and Tommy like an iron golem, but everyone else gets like a poppy or a dandelion.

    I believe in non-aggressive Enderwalk Ranboo rights.

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  • owvinea
    15.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    yall. /rp.

    au where c!techno and c!sapnap are friends. the overworld is super cold for techno bc of how hot the nether was when he lived there and sapnap is very warm and his company v enjoyable as another netherborn.

    im in tears.

    #dream smp#dsmp #dream smp headcanon #dsmp headcanon #dream smp technoblade #dsmp technoblade #dream smp sapnap #dsmp sapnap #c!techno #c!sapnap
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  • letithappcn
    15.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    hcs of the dsmp characters if music from our world existed in their universe:

    wilbur shamelessly loves tradgoth (depeche mode, the cure, etc.) philza has fond memories of holding a soaked cloth to his sons eye after he accidentally poked his eye with eyeliner too many times. when he was revived, he insisted on carrying around a jukebox blasting “enjoy the silence” for dramatic flair until tommy caught up with him.

    tommy is too into late 90s-early 00’s pop punk for his own good. when he was hiding in techno’s place, he’d have “teenage dirtbag” booming through the house one minute, and once he knew dream was coming, he’d shut it off. one time though, it was a little too close for comfort. techno had to thoroughly explain to dream how much he LOVES blink 182 through gritted teeth.

    schlatt is a barb

    puffy is a pirate, so of course she loves sea shanties; they help her remember the good things about her life. her favorite song though, has to be a sea-shanty’d rendition of “we are never ever getting back together” that quackity, karl & sapnap insisted on serenading her with one night.

    ranboo is, 10000%, one of those mac demarco boys. “he just gets me!!!”

    the only father-son bond bbh & sapnap have at this point is their love for my chemical romance

    niki likes to unwind by listening to hard metal. one day, she’s the first to show up to a syndicate meeting. she takes advantage of the empty room, puts in her earbuds and puts the volume all the way up on “dragula.” while she’s whipping her hair around and air-drumming, phil and ranboo walk in, incredibly concerned. techno says they’ll start the meeting only after she notices they’re there.

    the only way foolish can reach a building deadline is if he loops “vroom vroom.”

    quackity STILL likes brockhampton unironically. STILL.

    tubbo gets TOO into insane clown posse.

    #FEEL FREE TO ADD #dsmp hc #dream smp headcannon #dream smp headcanon #dsmp headcanon #c!wilbur #c!tommy #c!tubbo #c!ranboo #c!niki #c!puffy #c!karl #c!sapnap #c!quackity #c!bbh #c!foolish #c!schlatt #c!philza #c!techno
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  • spenxerrr
    15.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Sad immortal duo head canon (/rp /!c)

    Eret knew they were going to loose their memories. Whether it be because they willing gave them up to save humans or Foolish, or because she was threatened. They knew that one day their entire history with Foolish would be gone from their mind, so they spent their last day together, reminiscing, having one last day of just being them.

    When they eventually come to say goodbye, they’re both respectfully in tears. Eret making Foolish promise that one day he will find them again and Foolish promising that even if it takes centuries, he will find a way to reunite with his old friend again one day.

    After even though Foolish knows deep down that Eret has no memories of him, he still has a slight bit of hope that:

    ‘maybe there is a small part of them that remembers.’

    ‘Maybe something went wrong and they still have some memories.’ And that is what keeps him going. That one small sliver of hope that, you know what, Eret does remember him. And so he spends so long searching for his old friend, never giving up that promise of finding and reuniting with them.

    And then he does. He joins the SMP and suddenly everything’s okay, because he’s done it. He’s found Eret again but then they don’t remember him, she doesn’t remember their past together and that crushes him. It crushes him more than he could ever have expected because he had spent so many years being driven by the small hope that all would be okay and now that’s been ripped away from him. So he stays, he builds and he continues to hope that one day his old friend will regain their memories because without that hope, he doesn’t know what to do.

    #I can’t stop thinking about this #like can you imagine spending years upon years searching for your best friend #only to find out they don’t remember you at all #activating instant queue #foolish gamers#eret#immortal duo#dsmp foolish#dsmp eret#dsmp#dsmpblr #dream smp headcannon #headcanon#dream smp
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  • fxcknyouth
    15.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    My favourite Technoblade headcanons:

    Design (very contradictory, I know):

    Giant werepig (8/9ft, scary as FUCK)

    short but intimidating (He's about the same hight as Phil and when you see him you wouldn't recognize him as dangerous, but if you've heard of him: boy oh boy you better start running)

    Piglin/ half piglin (my nether orphan-theory still stands)

    just some dude (no pink hair, no pig features, no nothing. Just some dude wearing glasses)

    HOOVES (Heck yeah dude)

    Gold jewlery (maybe a gold tusk or two)

    tattered ears (they wouldn't hold up well through all the fighting)

    for your consideration: cut off ears. He wears them pinned to his clothes instead. (where there's no ears, there's nothing you'd have to patch up after battle)

    Other stuff:

    He LOVES animals. (Have you seen his house? That dude's collecting a whole ass zoo right there.)

    sled dog training as a hobby. (Can't just leave all those dogs sitting around all day.. They have to move! Solution: dog sledding)

    Hibernation. (Self-explanatory if we look at my nether hc. Nether creatures weren't meant for the cold. Also the voices aren't as loud when he sleeps)

    Collects shiny things to show Phil (I just like this one because I think it's neat. Let me have nice things.)

    Small, quiet hobbies like reading, knitting or meditation. (Watch that hulking, blood-thirsty warrior sit in a corner with his reading glasses humming, drinking tea and keeping his hands occupied. He doesn't have to stab as long as his hands have something else to do I guess.

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  • rainecreatesstuff
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Another bee duo headcanon because I’m soft for them and them alone /j

    So the reason Endermen hate eye contact is because it actually renders them immobile. They completely freeze on instinct. While Ranboo never inherited the instinct to freeze, he did inherit the fear of eye contact, and the instinctual agitation that comes with it. That being said, making eye contact with someone when you’re an Enderman is the greatest show of vulnerability.

    Most people are very understanding of Ranboo’s dislike of eye contact, and so they’ll avoid it for him. Especially Tubbo, Tommy, and Phil once he figures it out. 

    However, every once in a while, when he and Tubbo are taking care of Michael, or when they’re talking and laughing in bed before they fall asleep, or when he catches Tubbo humming and dancing with Michael in the kitchen, Ranboo will make just a few seconds of eye contact, and it never fails to turn Tubbo into a pile of mush on the inside. (All /p of course, if I see any of y’all try to make this romantic I will cry (in the bad way)) 

    #bee duo #c!bee duo #tubbo #tubbo dream smp #tubbo dsmp #c!tubbo #ranboo #ranboo dream smp #ranboo dsmp #c!ranboo #ranboo headcanon#tubbo headcanon #michael underscore beloved #michael dsmp#dream smp#dsmp#raine rambles
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  • miss-match01
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Eret and Foolish

    Eret smiled at his friend, interlocking their fingers as she stared at the waters in front of them. The grass was cool beneath them, and the stars glittering in the sky smiled down at them fondly.

    It was a beautiful night. A perfect moment. Pity that she wouldn't remember it.

    She knew that what they were going to do tomorrow, the sacrifice she had to make, she knew what it would mean. She knew what it would cost.

    He knew that to save the human's world, it meant he would lose his.

    "You don't have to do it." The death totem whispered from beside her, "You don't have to give up your powers. You don't have to give up your memories, your godhood-"

    "I'll still be immortal," Eret interrupted with a bittersweet smile, "I just won't know it."

    Foolish laughed hollowly, waving a hand lazily and watching as the waves bowed down to his command. They bowed to his every order, dancing at every flick of his fingers.

    "You'll be flung to some far off world," He muttered bitterly, the waters jerking as he swished his hand to the left, "You'll sacrifice everything: your memories, our friendship, me? Just so that a few humans can live? What kind of choice is that?"

    Eret frowned, "That's the problem, isn't it? There is no choice."

    Foolish let out a huff of air. He tossed the water around angrily, his frustration evident in every tight crash of the waves. Eret just had to wait.

    Eventually the water stilled, and Foolish's hand fell to his side.

    He looked towards her with wide eyes, grieving for the years to come, "I just don't want you to forget me."

    "I don't want to forget you either," Eret whispered with a sad smile.

    "Then don't do it! Don't save them," Foolish pleaded, "They don't deserve it."

    Eret simply smiled, "They do."

    Foolish wanted to argue, Eret could feel it. But he knew that it was futile. Eret loved the humans, she loved the way they smiled, the way they laughed, the way they loved, the way they forgave.

    She was willing to give up everything for them.

    And while Foolish didn't agree, Eret knew he wouldn't fight with her. Eret's mind was already made.

    "What's going to happen to us?" He murmured.

    Eret turned her head, finally locking her eyes with his, "I will forget you. I won't remember your name, your smile, the way you laugh or the way you cry. I won't remember anything about you."

    "I kn-"

    "But I will learn it all again," They whispered, "One day, we will find each other. And when we do, I will relearn everything about you. I will relearn your smile, your laugh, I'll get to learn everything about you for the very first time!"

    "And what if it takes years," Foolish asked, "What if I don't see you for decades, what if-"

    "Days, months, years, decades, centuries," Eret said with a laugh, "It doesn't matter. You will find me, and I will find you. And maybe one day it will be like I never left."

    Foolish didn't say anything for a moment, allowing his gaze to wander back to the waters in front of them.

    "You will always be my best friend, my one true companion. I don't care how long it takes, I will find you. And even if you don't remember me, I swear that I will never forget you."

    Eret grinned, flopping her head back onto the grass, "You better not."

    Foolish chuckled and he shook his head. Eret simply grinned up at him. Soon the chuckles died out, and they were left once again with the silence of the world, and the threat of sunrise growing ever closer.

    "Promise you'll find me?" Eret broached softly, a hint of trepidation in his voice.

    Foolish simply looked down at them, the answer evident in his emerald eyes, "I won't stop looking until I do."


    "Oh, hello! I don't think we've had the pleasure!" The monarch of the SMP offered their hand to the newcomer, a welcoming smile on their face, "I'm Eret, it's an honor to make your acquaintance."

    "Foolish." The totem god introduced, taking her hand in his, "And trust me, the honor is all mine."

    Edit: Part 2

    #dsmp #dream smp fanfic #dream smp#dsmp fanfic#match scribbles#foolish gamers#eret#the eret#dsmp drabble #this is mostly a headcanon #but i liked it #eternalblr#eternal duo #old immortal friends my beloved #they're cool
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  • dart-was-not
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Random Sapnap headcanon:

    He is allergic to pollen or something so when he moved to Kinoko Kingdom he's constantly sneezing and stuff. Karl thought it was cute at first, but then he saw a pile of Sap's used tissues and promptly tried to find allergy medicine for him.

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  • memerybook
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Headcanon time: Purpled is a space alien. His UFO is an actual spaceship, but it's broken and currently stuck levitating above the SMP. Most people assume it's some kind of water tower. He has purple blood but nobody has noticed cause he's never lost a fight, so most people assume he's human.

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  • funbeenbooenjoyer
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    My half asleep as hungers for more of my own content, so I shall ramble about Foolsamponk headcanons for the AU simply because I can do that motherfekers. Disclaimer: Ya bitch is sleep deprived and not making any sense at all!

    Sam and Ponk both get easily flustered when their masks are taken off, Sam moreso. Foolish learns this very quickly after he starts dating them and has on multiple occasions taken off their masks so he can "See how cute" they are.

    On the topic of masks, Sam and Ponk more often nuzzls cus of the masks and Foolish thinks it's the cutest thing in the world.

    Ponk is partially afraid of children, a mix of "these things are scary" and "I could easily break them on accident" so when he meets Junior and Finley his brain just sorta flatlined.

    Overtime Ponk learns to take care of the kids and even becomes a very chaotic but protective dad, he'd probably be the type of dad to sneak the kids of the house and go on adventures with them.

    Sam on the other hand is actually good with little kids, he even partially helped raise Sapnap.

    Foolish is ultimate dad and no one can convince me otherwise.

    Sam once locked himself in his work room for about a month to make Ponk a proper prosthetic cause he still feels guilty about taking his arm.

    Foolish, Sam, and Ponk all live in Sam's base whenever they're together, but Foolish heavily renovated it to make it feel more like a house and less like a underground laboratory.

    The house now has an aboveground area, multiple stories and bedrooms, along with a proper kitchen (Sam originally just had a mini fridge since it was a BASE not a house) and Fran even has her own room. Sapnap, George, and Tommy still have their rooms, they've just been moved a bit. Junior and Finley also have their own bedrooms, though Finley is still a lil baby so they share a room.

    Junior was originally untrusting of Sam cus, ya know, he attempted to steal him once, but later on becomes heavily attached to his odd creeper hybrid of a dad.

    If Foolish is ever in his true God Form, he will sometimes pick up Sam or Ponk so he can get lil noses kisses from them.

    Whenever either Sam or Foolish are overworking themselves, the other two will come in and force them to sit down by cuddling. It's usually pretty effective.

    I'm still working out this lil AU, but it's so much fun to fiddle with because I love their dynamics together. That and cc!Sam and cc!Foolish are two big comforts for me so seeing their characters being in a relationship just makes me very happy!

    I'm tempted to add the 'canonical' Awesamponk child to this AU, but I'm gonna keep that up in the air for right now and not heavily worry about that specific child.

    #dream smp#foolsamponk#foolish gamers#awesamdude#dropsbyponk#foolsamponk au #this au has a proper name now but imma keep tagging it as this cus i can lol #dsmp headcanon
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