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  • sadtrashking
    26.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    I give you C!tommy as a peace offering 

    #art#tommyinnit#dsmp#dream smp #c!tommy #wilbur soot#tubbo#my art#digital art #rory does shit #mcyt #i sketched this ages ago #the tommy design isn't up to date with my current design
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  • id-rivera
    26.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    the pixel art looks so crunchy on tumblr but a pokemon au 

    that is really fucking old

    i don’t really remember anything from this au 

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  • nothingbizzare
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Little doodle what started as an simple gray doodle only with the face of ghost bur and end up like this !!^^I am happy with the results !!!hope u enjoy!!!:3

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  • randomfansstuff
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this entire lore stream makes me HHHHHHHHH I rewatch it all the damn time

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  • randomfansstuff
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ya'll i just remembered c!wilbur called the burger van "paradise" and wanna know what the last time was someone used paradise yeah thats right c!tommy during his first las nevadas visit where he called las nevadas paradise and c!quackity tried getting c!tommy to join do you see the fucking implications here

    #CRIMEBOYS #.. #Crime#Boy#s#pl#dream smp#dsmp#tommyinnit#wilbur soot#quackity #dsmp las nevadas #mcyt #c!tommy #c!wilbur soot #c!quackity #c!tommyinnit #revivebur #c!crimeboys
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  • ratplease
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nobody talks about the fact that Wilbur always chose the bow

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  • id-rivera
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    this was sketched months ago here ya go

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  • luvjoyed
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ┃ romance is boring

    summary ━━ wilbur sings a song with a hidden meaning for june.

    pairing ━━ cc!wilbur x my oc june

    warnings ━━ one curse word, the feeling of seeing someone you love with someone else, anger mentions.

    word count ━━ 740

    a/n ━━ as the story goes, dream and june are meant for each other. wilbur meets june and starts to love someone who loves someone else. i love their pairing and i plan to write where wilbur and june are actually together or where he has an actual chance with her. the story is a bit messy but i hope it’s clear enough for you to understand this bit of writing.

    june sat across from wilbur on his bedroom floor. the original plan had been to bounce ideas off of one another — june’s for her rapidly approaching due date for an english project and wilbur’s being for songs he was writing — but it had ended in the brunet playing songs for the girl he secretly had grown fond for.

    he flashed a grin to her as he started up another set of chords on his phone, making sure to get them right. the thing he most definitely did not want to do was embarrass himself in front of her when it was his one and only job to play a few songs. what he wouldn’t mention was that these songs he played and these songs he’d been writing, were all thought of while she swam in the back of his mind.

    the red haired female wasn’t familiar with any of the sounds coming from wilbur’s guitar. she watched intently as his fingers fumbled with the strings. he was shaking for a reason she didn’t have a clue about. she reaches to touch his hand with a soft smile. “we can take a break if you need, wil.” the smile was enough to calm him in seconds. with the shake of his head, his gaze is focused back to the melody of the song.

    “darling, i’m with saint bernards and we’re scouring the alps and the andes,” he sang quietly, like the words were meant for only her to hear. though they were alone in his apartment, he sang them to her despise the fact of their loneliness. her eyes studied the expression on his face while the words spilled from his heart.

    he lifted his eyes to glance to her, “we’re proving to each other that romance is boring,” his voice softened as he smiled sheepishly and a giggle is held back. june shifts into a more comfortable position, making their knees collide in a soft bump. “you’re trying not to be nervous, if you were trying at all,” wilbur messes up on a chord, “fuck– if you were trying at all.”

    her lips pull into a grin at the imperfection of the cover. that’s one of her favorite things about wilbur, that he wasn’t perfect and definitely didn’t try to be. he was fully aware of his imperfections and june found that admirable. the song had looped back to the chorus and wilbur’s eyes had landed upon june once more.

    he shifts the head of the guitar into her arm, her returning the favor of bumping her knee into his. “you and i, we are nothing alike. i am a pleasure cruise, you have gone out to trawl.” as the chorus came back to close the song, the tone of wilbur’s voice changed. neither of them thought his voice could go softer, and yet it did.

    the sound could have been mistaken for singing after he’d just finished crying. “if i was half prepared to…” he paused to fit more of his emotions into the lyrics, “…prove to each other that romance is boring,” he finished off with a sigh. he knew she didn’t get it. she didn’t get that all he wanted was for her to see him in the way she saw someone else.

    he found it rather angering actually. it put fire into his soul to know how easily it would be for them to love one another, but she picked him instead. to make matters worse, wilbur didn’t believe in the traditional definition of “romance” either. he wanted something more, something more of his own to share with the person he was with for eternity. he could have that with her, it was evident.

    maybe he proved himself right, romance is boring.

    june taps wilbur’s knee to pull him for his trance of thought. his brown eyes land to her own and he shakes his head, mumbling out a small apology. “what was the song called?” she quizzes.

    “romance is boring.”

    she hums, “i know it wasn’t yours.”

    he gives her a raised brow, playful grin to his lips. “yeah?”

    “i know you, wil. you sang that one better than your own, you don’t take pride in your work.” a glint of sadness passes through her eyes while she stares at him.

    little did she know, his heart broke too, but not for the same reason. she cares for him, just not in the same way.

    #luvjoyed#wilbur soot #wilbur soot mcyt #wilbur mcyt #wilbur soot dsmp #june oc #wilbur soot x oc #wilbur soot imagine #wilbur soot oneshot #imagine#oneshot#dream smp#dsmp#mcyt fanfiction#mcyt fandom
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  • khyrrn
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Quackity: I want you to kill Wilbur, but make it seem like an accident

    Charlie: no problem, Quackity from Las Nevadas :D


    Ranboo, not overly distraught and tired of the bullshit that is his life: looks like someone beat him to death with a crowbar and put a banana peel by his feet

    Tommy: sucks to suck I guess

    #2/4 sbi#tnt duo#dap duo#allium duo #dsmp wilbur soot #dsmp tommyinnit#dsmp ranboo#dsmp charlie#dsmp quackity#incorrect dsmp #dsmp incorrect quotes #incorrect dsmp quotes #incorrect dream smp quotes #incorrect dream smp #dream smp incorrect quotes #burger duo
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  • id-rivera
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i think i might’ve posted this with the finished piece but uh, ghostbur and phantombur

    i miss origins dearly

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  • entropixx-mcyt
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Addict (from hotel hazbin) is a tnt duo song

    #pixx talks songs #just listen to it ok #or the annapantsu version bc thats also a banger #tnt duo #c!wilbur #c!quackity #dsmp#dsmpblr#dream smp#dreamsmp
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  • nocluewhattodohere
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Wow! Isn't it crazy? Something that cc!phil said about the smp/RP people take as canon? What kind of timeline is this!

    I thought we would just give it it same treatment we did when he said that sbi isn't canon like 8 different times, or when he said that some stuff about his character people were headcanoning is not canon and just a joke or a quick comment someone else made.

    Phil could say anything about lore and it will just go ignored, but oh no he said that c!Wilbur used to tear down his buildings as a child as any other child would, what a terrible person he is for implying that wilbur was always insane and violent.


    #philza #People just love to act like anything he says isn't canon why #c!philza #c!wilbur #Dsmp Fandom neg
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  • fredweasleysleftear
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Last Flower...- C!Punz x Reader

    Summary: When Punz goes missing you decide to go look for him, but maybe you should've let him find his way back home.

    Warnings: None that I know of????

    Words: 928

    Punz could feel the pressure building in his head. The egg was screaming at him for blood. It wanted blood, but not his blood, somebody else's. He couldn't ignore it for long, he knew he'd have to give in sooner or later but he'd rather it be later.

    You on the other hand were on the other side of the server, planting flowers in your garden as you waited for your lovely boyfriend, Punz, to come home. He had told you earlier he had important things to do today and wasn't sure when he'd be home.

    As you planed the last flower, you wiped the sweat off of your forehead, sure it was night time but it was hot, and you were glad you had finally finished planting these flowers after a long day. As you glanced down towards your watch you had realized it was almost 8 pm and Punz still wasn't home. You grew worried, he was never out this late at night.

    You decided it would be best if you would go look for him, so you gathered a sword, a bow, and some arrows before heading out. You knew where he usually spent most of his time, in the Badlands, so you headed there first. As you began your adventure towards the badlands, you began to daydream, completely spacing out and forgetting about your surroundings.

    Soon after your travels to the Badlands, you arrived. As you looked around you had begun to get an eerie feeling that something had been watching you. You slowly began to reach for the sword that you had placed on your back, right before you were able to grab the sword a hand had grabbed yours. You quickly yanked your hand away, looking up only to see Punz.

    You let out a deep breath, hoping to calm your rapid heartbeat. As you began to look at your boyfriend you had noticed his eyes were a deep red instead of their natural baby blue. You furrowed your eyebrows at him in confusion as you reached your hand up to rest it on his cheek to get a better look at his eyes.

    "Punz, what have you done to your eyes, why are they red?" You ask him, looking him in the eyes.

    He slowly closed his eyes, letting out a deep breath, only to snap them back open. His eyes had grown to become brighter red, yanking his head away from your hand, he grabbed you tightly by the wrists as he began to drag you away from the main path that ran through the Badlands.

    You could feel your head beat begin to speed up as he dragged you towards a large mountain that contained a small tunnel. You began to freak out as he started to drag you into the dark tunnel, why was he taking you into some random mountain?

    "Where are you taking me?'' You spoke out softly and quietly, not wanting to disturb whatever creatures were living in this mountain. But as the last words had left your mouth, at the end of the tunnel revealed a big room, covered from top to bottom in red vines, and in the center of it stood an egg.

    As you came to a stop in front of the big egg you saw BadBoyHalo, Puffy, and Ponk... Their eyes were all red. You felt your stomach drop. You knew whatever this wasn't going to end well.

    "Guys...What's going on?" You questioned them, looking in the direction of the group of three, but they weren't looking at you, they were looking at Punz.

    You slowly turned to him, he had begun to let go of your wrist. After he had let go, he started to walk towards the egg, speaking to it, as if it was having a conversation with him. You could hear him faintly talking, he was speaking barely above a whisper.

    "What do you want me to do with her?" He asks, looking up at the egg, questioning it. He sat quietly for a few seconds as if it was replying?

    Suddenly he turned around, walking towards you. As he walked towards you he reached behind him grabbing his diamond sword. Your heart rate was racing at this point, you felt like you were going to drop dead on the ground, you could no longer feel your legs, nor could you feel the rest of your body.

    As he stopped in front of you he placed the sword at the tip of your throat, you could feel it poking into your skin. You squeezed your eyes shut, letting out a whimper.

    "Punz. Your name is Punz. We've been together for the last 4 years. We have a house together, and we also have two dogs and a cat together. Please don't do this. You know me." You choked out a sob and you felt the sword begin to push more into your throat, drawing blood.

    "Do it!" BadBoyHalo screamed, as you opened your eyes you saw Punz had his eyes closed, with a tear running down his cheek. He quickly opened his eyes again as you let out a whimper.

    Punz let out a quiet whimper before whispering, "I'm so sorry."\

    Suddenly you fell, your body had collapsed underneath you.

    As you looked up you saw the room go from red to white, it had begun to brighten as your body went cold.

    Within a few seconds, you were gone. Punz watched as your last breath had left your body.

    He never meant for it to end like this.

    #punz #punz x reader #punzop#punztw #dream smp punz #punz my beloved #ansgt #punz x y/n #punz supremacy#punz oneshot#punz fanfiction#dream #dream x reader #dream smp#tommyinnit #wilbur dream smp #georgenotfound x reader #sapnap x reader #sapnap#dsmp tubbo#ranboo#PNZOP #dream smp x reader #georgenotfound
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  • alexanderwesker
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Chapters: 98/?

    Chapter Title: The Importance of Words

    Chapter summary: Time has come to learn exactly what Quackity has Vowed. Or CC!Wilbur learns what a Vow in this world is and just how bad the Vow of Madness is.

    Warnings for this chapter: Mentions of Chronic Pain, Mentions of Traumatic Experiences; Obsessive Thoughts, Possessive Thoughts;

    Rating: Teen and Up

    Category: Gen

    Fandom: Minecraft (Video Game); Video Blogging RPF; Dream SMP -Fandom

    Relationships: Wilbur Soot & Tommyinnit; Wilbur Soot & Technoblade; Wilbur Soot & c!Wilbur Soot; Clay | Dream & Wilbur Soot; Clay | Dream & c!Dream; Captain Sparklez & Tubbo; Tommyinnit & Tubbo; Niki|Nihachu & Wilbur Soot; Wilbur Soot & Technoblade & TommyInnit & Phil Watson; Wilbur Soot & Phil Watson; TommyInnit & Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); Phil Watson & c!Philza; Quackity & Wilbur Soot;

    Characters: Wilbur Soot; Technoblade; Tommyinnit; c!Wilbur Soot; Clay | Dream; c!Dream; Eret; Captain Sparklez, Niki | Nihachu; Phil Watson(Video Blogging RPF); C!Philza; Quackity

    Additional Tags: 2020 L'Manberg Election on Dream Team SMP (Video Blogging RPF); Post-Election Arc; Manberg-Pogtopia War on Dream Team SMP (Video Blogging RPF); Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Dimension Travel; Real Wilbur ends up in the Dream SMP! Verse; Canon-Typical Violence; Villain Wilbur Soot; (this last tag is about the character not the RL person); Vilbur; Implied/Referenced Child Abuse; Emotional Manipulation; Courtesy of Vilbur; Technoblade Hears Voices (Video Blogging RPF); Immortal Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF): Older Sibling Wilbur Soot; Protective Wilbur Soot; cc!Wilbur and cc!Tommy aren’t brothers(as we know); but c!Wilbur and c!Tommy are; Wilbur took one look at Vilbur treating badly Tommy and said: ‘Fuck you other me’; War; Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit are Siblings; they are brothers your honor; c!Wilbur is like ‘Oh… another me’; cc!Wilbur is like ‘Oh fuck… I’m in danger’; Technoblade is like… ‘Uh’; Tommy is like ‘Oh… guess I’ve two older brothers now’; minor acts of terrorism; Insanity; Realistic Minecraft; Permadeath AU; Technoblade isn’t Tommy and Wilbur’s brother but it’s like he is; One-sided Codependency; Developing Friendship; Panic Attacks; Paranoia; Developing Paranoiac thoughts; Worldbuilding; Other tags may

    be added in the future; Sorry for the tag wall; Obsessive Behavior; Possessive Behavior; Implied/Referenced Self-Harm; Mild Blood;(is it really Self-Harm if you are doing it on your ‘past-self’?);Villain Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF); Good Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF);Good Friend Clay |Dream (Video Blogging RPF); (the villain tag is about the character not the cc): Politics; (What do you do when suddenly you are the doppelganger of an Emperor?); Manipulation; Eret is trying his best to be a good King; King Eret (Video Blogging RPF); Clay |Dream is Not DreamXD (Video Blogging RPF); But he is ‘Blessed’ by the Guardian of the Void; Torture; The One-Sided Codependency? It’s becoming just…; Codependency; Queerplatonic Relatioships; Parent Captain Sparklez; Captain Sparklez is Tubbo’s Parent; Ram-Hybrid Captain Sparklez; c!Philza tags: Angel of Death Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); Fallen Angel Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); (Philza is a biblical angel with a human vessel but with wings and a horned halo); Bad Parent Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); Immortal Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); Now for CC!Phil tags: Winged Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); Avian Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); Good Parent Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); Protective Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); BAMF Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF); CC!Phil is just as immortal as his character because Death is an alternate version of his Wife; Goddess of Death Kristin Rosales Watson;

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  • chekhxvsgun
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    here are the top 6 characters i’m either an apologist for or an extreme defender of. in no particular order:




    wilbur soot



    i wont elaborate unless i want to. just know that for every one of these i’ve easily gone on 500+ word rants or talked about for hours endlessly and i will continue to do so. 

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  • mcytblrconfessions
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #confession #smp: dream smp #group: sleepy bois inc #ch: dsmp philza #ch: dsmp wilbur #ch: dsmp techno #ch: dsmp tommy #fanfic: passerine
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  • tmmyinnit
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    c!Karl def has issues w/ tnt & creepers and anything even slightly relating to it and you cannot convince me otherwise. He willingly accepted to die in their plan but they didn’t even get what they wanted and he has never once talked about this death since then. mfer bottles up all his damn feelings and emotions including his straight up death trauma.

    #🍒 #wilbur said i was alloweed to spin the clip so i am anyway my beloved flower bastard has trauma and im not letting go of that #important to note c!q's death happened only 10 days later and that was NOT voluntary. #someone whos whole side job is trying to change stories to help people of different times live #probablyyyy cares more abt his friends mental health rather than his own. yknow? #dsmp
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  • dilfzasupremacy
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    I saw this bioshock au on twitter the other day, and not knowing what it was went down a bioschock rabbit hole and now i have a whole story in my mind about it with dsmp LMAO
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