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  • bidemoniacal
    25.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    when you search for freedom flag the first thing to come up is the l'manburg flag i love and hate this world

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  • hcnybee
    25.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hc that yogurt and Shroud stayed in Michael's house to watch mcc together :]

    They have the dual monitors so they can watch their dads

    Shroud and yogurt wears matching green pajamas

    Michael wore a pink suit because he wanted to matched his boo :]

    Tommy & Fundy arguing = Yogurt and shroud arguing

    Michael just viving and watch his dads winning tho

    "OLDZA!!!" they all said collectively, seeing their grandfather as ace race mascot

    They all collectively do not like sand of times lmao

    Shroud holding yogurt and Michael's hands with his many hands :]

    Yogurt slept through dodgeball leaving Michael and shroud watching em

    Michael cheering when bee gets in top 10 !!

    Shroud being a little worried bc dadinnit looked tired :(

    They all sleep together on the couch after MCC ends

    And when bench trio saw them cuddling together the next day, they took a picture and kissed their forehead

    Fundy rushing in to yoink yogurt bc he missed yogurt :(<3

    They all happy


    Technoblade watching his roomate winning in the prison lmaoooo

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  • stabbysideblog
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Techno has been in prison for 49 days.

    185 days

    "How'd Quackity do that" he gestures to Dream's hand.

    Dream held it to his chest looking away from the piglin

    "He didn't"

    "...oh. Then,"

    "I did. I don't want to explain it"

    "You don't have to."

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  • local-friendlycryptid
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    When tubbo <3

    #mcyt #cryptid says shit #thats all. #dsmpblr#tubbo mcyt
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  • sodafizzpop
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ranboo: i just got a text from a random number. i'm gonna mess with them.

    tommy: genius.


    unknown: thanks for taking care of the baby!

    ranboo: i thought you had the baby?

    unknown: WHAT

    #it's implied that it's tubbo #tommyinnit#ranboo #ranboo and tommy #tommy and ranboo #just the two of them #alliumduo#allium duo#alliumblr#mcytblr#mcyt#dsmp#dsmpblr#dsmp ranboo#dsmp tommy#tommy mcyt#ranboo mcyt#tubbo underscore#tommy#tubbo#dsmp tubbo#tubbo mcyt #mcyt incorrect quotes #dream smp incorrect quotes #incorrect dsmp #incorrect dsmp quotes #incorrect mcyt#incorrect quotes
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  • harpi196
    25.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Welsknight 🤝 Wilbur soot

    saw a Minecraft war and wrote a song on it

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  • eretdaily
    25.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    this is erets true form and yall are TOO AFRAID TO ADMIT IT

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  • autumnalsaffron
    25.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Thinking about the fact that we've never seen Ranboo's smile

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  • minecraftsz
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    normal ball drop: a visual illustration of the dsmp fandom's changing taste in dream designs. explanation below the cut!

    there are 3 main parts: mask, angel, and weird guy for short. this is all through the lens of popularity, and i am in no way trying to say that guy designs are better or tighter or more evolved from angel designs. i've observed that over the year+ that dream has been a character, his popular conception has morphed! he began as a human dude with a mask on, in accordance with his regular dude antics.

    but as time went on and fanartists got more secure in their character interpretations, as well as more willing to diversify, there began more obscure designs. at the same time, the overall fandom started getting tired of mask designs, and started seeking out dreams in almost the complete opposite directions. i couldn't place this during a specific arc, but if i had to, i'd say just around through exile - pre-imprisonment for sure.

    then two things happened: we got dxd lore and dream was put in prison. dxd lore filled the desire niche for angelic designs almost by necessity, leaving many itching to redesign their dreams to differentiate the two. with dream getting put in prison and a new primary debate focusing on the ethics of imprisonment, a lot of fans started gravitating towards more human-shaped designs. this also came several weeks after exile, when people had had time to process and develop their own ideas and interpretations from it.

    this culminates in what i'm calling weird guy dream's popularity, where he's not really a human but he's definitely dude-shaped! ive heard several artists (myself included) say that having a human-shaped dream gave his actions more gravity. that's a fairly new, shiny design interpretation considering the previously almost inescapable widespread aversion to any human dreams post-mask designs, which is attractive to people! there's probably going to be another wave of dream designs once people start getting tired of weird guys - i'm guessing they'll bounce back in the opposite direction, and get a little weirder for a while.

    that's all just theorizing based on personal observations + theories on human behavior, though. i don't actually know if it's true. lmfao. i think the 3 phases are accurate but idk if my reasoning is. either way thank you for reading!

    #dreamwastaken#dreamwastaken fanart#dsmp#dsmp fanart #dream smp fanart #dsmp animation #dream smp animation #dsmpblr#now#now art#vids #happy mcc! im scheduling this the night before #please read the essay its the best part of this post. the animation is also so good tohugh im so proud #so snappy... the lift up and the little bounce down with the teeth #anyway. please reblog #much work
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  • stormjay0
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    GGs to all teams this MCC! Loved watching the Purple Pandas, their dynamic was great :D Top 5!!

    #lets show dsmpblr our good hermitblr sportsmanship; ok? #the event was genuinely great to watch for both hermit teams :D #and Hbomb being in it last minute was awesome! I watched purple but I’m going to go back and watch orange’s vod #mcc#rb
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  • feralblr
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    dsmp character species/abilities list (personal headcanons) !!

    dream: a changeling/lich. he is mysterious, and refuses to tell anyone this however he does shapeshift in front of others.

    georgenotfound: a mushroom warlock, who's pact was made with dream when they were young. not completely mortal

    sapnap: a fire genasi from the nether. was literally born in fire

    callahan: a satyr, with a reindeer appearance. greek myth definiton (hence the dteams jokes about him getting many women), and a demigod.

    alyssa: a spirit tied to the land, she protects it and keeps it thriving

    awesamdude: a creeper centaur. can't explode, but when enraged a faint hissing sound can be heard similar to a rattlesnakes warning sound. (sam nook is created almost exactly in his image)

    ponk: a dryad associated with lemon trees

    badboyhalo: a wither demon.

    tommyinnit: an imp with red devil horns + tail.

    tubbo: a goat-kid faun.

    fundy: a shapeshifting fox-person.

    punz: a human, however his ender eye amulet communicates with him often which makes it seem like he is clairvoyant.

    purpled: a mutant alien raised by a human on a different planet. has enhanced abilities.

    wilbur soot: before dying he was human. now that he's been revived he is an undead zombie.

    jschlatt: a ram faun.

    skeppy: a diamond golem.

    eret: a descendant of herobrine. abilities unknown.

    jack manifold: previously human. after evading permanent death he is an undead zombie.

    niki nihachu: a human.

    quackity: a shapeshifter with small duck wings. he can glide and make a perfect imitation sound of a duck.

    karl jacobs: a human evading mortality through time-travel.

    hbomb: a human-- but classified as a magical girl. has a transformation from his regular form to a catgirl maid.

    technoblade: an anthropomorphic piglin.

    antfrost: an anthropomorphic cat.

    philza: immortal angel of death. he has wings large enough to fly with, that were destroyed after shielding his son from l'manburg's destruction.

    connoreatspants: a kemonomimi of a blue hedgehog. do not call him a furry.

    captain puffy: an anthropomorphic sheep. not to be confused with a faun.

    ranboo: half enderman / half unknown. all abilities are already canon.

    foolish gamers: human-like totem of undying with metallic golden skin-- demigod of rebirth. patrons are sharks. possesses lightening summoning abilities.

    hannahxxrose: a dryad associated with roses.

    slimecicle: a slime who has morphed into a human over thousands of years.

    michael mcchill: a human.

    #txt#dream smp#dsmp#dsmpblr #dream smp headcanons #dreamwastaken#tommyinnit#ranboo#quackity #not tagging everyone but yes this is everyone! #long post
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  • 00645
    24.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    hello! i had this idea a few days ago, inspired by something else so i will be announcing..

    the first dsmpblr election! not to be confused with any of the previous mcytblr elections or the current one, we are entirely unaffiliated with them.

    now for some things to know about this election.

    im intending for this to be smaller than the other ongoing election, there will be a limit of 20 parties and if the server for it hits 125 members it will be closed.

    in order to add some spice to this election, instead of having people choose their running mates, they will be assigned through a google form based on ideas for policies, it'll be like a group project but more fun, at least that's what the other admin of the server said it'd be like.

    this isn't really serious, winning the election will not put you in charge of dsmpblr, this is just for fun.

    this is exclusively for dsmpblr and no other categories of mcytblr.

    ccs on tumblr are not permitted to run for reasons.

    anyways, here's the link to the server if you're interested in joining! (lemme know if it expires)


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  • thecomicaloverlord
    24.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Ouch oof my eyes but I gotta show my support for my Tubbo

    (Pride theme)

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  • vvcantwrite
    24.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    guys place your bets for mcc I think that Wilbur’s computer is going to grow legs and straight up walk away from him

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  • questionable-doctor
    24.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    DAMN mcytblr elections close soon i done forgot

    #and mcc is today #red rabbits winners pov babey #anyways anybody want to form an alliance just to run for the funny /hj #i. dont have many followers but i do talk Very Good #realistically speaking even if i did find someone there would be an incredibly slim chance of winning #due to the fact that i have most of dsmpblr blocked #HOWEVER comma #hermitcraft likers are still on the table if anyone wants to have a wattpad moment #lol #it is fun to think of but at the end of the day im not primarily a mcyt blog so it wouldnt even affect me much
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