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  • mothervvoid
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    twitter decided rivalstwt is a school now and i’m just. i’m just a poorly dressed jock.

    varsity jacket inspo | jacket template

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  • kountkrow
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    what would c! charlie call your dreamsona?

    mine would be krow from a far away place.

    /dsmp /rp

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  • dreamsclock
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #someone: i had a dream once #my DSMPsona sweating scared his cover will be blown: i hate dreams #> my asks !! #> memes !! #> my dsmp persona !!
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  • theartiststhatbzzs
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    how things would change if dsmpsona me was actually in dsmp

    first off,,, no more bad influctianoal people in tommy innits life. i would immediatly shoo wilbur off and then stick wiht tommy. he could push me away and i wpuld be there iating for him to need somone to step in, even if its behind the scenes. and its not neccisarisly because i simp,, but because hes a kid. and as someone whos goen through moments in life where they jsut went to the only person that was there even if it wa shurting their mental and physcial health,,, i know how it affects poeple. and it effing hurts man. it hurts so badly and it makes everything suck. so id honesly jsut want to be tere for the little man and help him work through it. while yes, he doesnt need me, and while yes, he has friends. sometimes its really hard to apporach friends who have driffted(such as the case with tubbo and ranboo) because even if you dont wantto admit it. you know they are. so you hesitate. and every single kid needs soeone to jsut give a hand. every. single. one. even the obnoxious loud ones. and lets be honest. how many times have oyou screamed or yelled at someone because youre scared? how many times ave you resisted the idea of lashing out, punching, anything because ou were scared some people dont have the ABILITY to hold back. and maybe tommys one of them, maybe hes just scared, hurt, and afriad. its not a excuse, but we haveto remember. he was 16 while fighting in a WAR watching peope aorund him DIE. youre not going to be okay. again, hes fucked up. hes seriosuly done damage. and im not going to say what hes done is okay by any ,eans. but if a kid doesnt get help to knwo what he did was wrong, hes not going to learn. you can punish a kid all you want. but its not teaching them morals, or hwo to deal with emotions, or how to do certain things. its teaching them a action means pain. so theyll try a new action, and again and again again. over ad over until they find one that isnt gonna end in pain. and itll be far later into their life to be socialy exepcted before they find that action

    #help the kids they dont deserve to be dealing with grown up proplems #i feel like puffy now #dsmp#dsmpsona#tommyinnit #tommy is jsut a kid with anger managment issues and gets blamed for it #not a apologist just trying to shed light #not a a pologist for anyone honestly tyvm im not a wilbur
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  • isaacsnfld
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    meet my dsmpsona :)

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  • raccnoney01
    19.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I redrew Captains Call and added smol dre and my little oc too :D ( Art is originally drawn and animated by SAD-ist! ) Im not the best at doing backgrounds so this was fun to experiment with!  ------------------------------------- Art by Raccnoney (that's me! :D) Characters: Captain Puffy, Dreamwastaken, Selena (my oc!) Program: ClipStudioPaintEX Art Commissions are opened by the way! If you're interested you can DM me on wherever it shows you can reach me.  -------------------------------------

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  • lesboblade
    19.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    the fact that I can use half the stuff from my Technoblade cosplay for my dsmpsona is telling


    #tried to closet cosplay my dsmpsona LMFAO #dsmpsona#me #ok to rb #selfie
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  • adhdaydreaming
    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    another citizen pov meme

    #dsmp citizens memes #dsmpsona #dream smp citizen pov #wilbur soot#revivedbur#revived wilbur#niki nihachu
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  • evienyx
    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago
    #ask#ask away#dsmpsona #dsmp citizen pov #there are like four more requests piled up AFTER this one then #theres a lot of shit here #im enjoying myself tho #so we are gonna continue ig
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  • voiddesnay
    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Some more skins for Morgan the Dream SMP citizen sona/oc. The first one is an alternate casual outfit, a pumpkin colored oversized hoodie over a black turtleneck. The second one is a suit, unintentionally similar to Foolish’s aside for the gloves. And the last two are like, hypothetical outfits, sorta. The Antarctic Empire one is just for fun, and the Snowchester one is like, if Morgan chose to go to Snowchester after New L’Manburg’s final canon death.

    #dsmpsona #dream smp sona
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  • evienyx
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    DSMP Citizens POV 7: The Lonesome Vessel

    DSMPsona created by anon

    - - -

    DSMP Citizen POV Masterlist

    DSMPsona Submission Rules

    - - -

    Before the L'Manburg Revolution, Iris had never really bothered with combat. She'd taken her physical education classes at school as a kid, had done a few extra sword-training classes as a teenager when her mother put her into them, but other than that, there wasn't really anything.

    When the Revolution happened, though, Iris, who had already joined up with the rebellion when it was just starting out, took up arms at General Wilbur Soot's call and went out to the battle field, her heart pounding and blade sharp.

    As she stepped onto the battlefield, entering into her first bout of combat with one of Dream's soldiers, something within her changed. Voices chanted in her head, screaming their desire to be appeased, one that could only be fulfilled by the spilling of blood.

    Death, Death, Death!

    Blood, Blood, Blood!

    Blood for the Blood God!

    Iris roared and slashed wildly at whoever she saw. Power thrummed in her veins, blood splashing across her armor and voices screaming in her ears as it did.

    A soldier in L'Manburg colors ran past her. The voices screamed even louder, and Iris thrust her sword forward.

    A moment later, she was lying in the medical tent that had been set up at the edge of the battlefield. Curtains shielded her from the rest of the tent. Her mind was deafeningly silent.

    Iris realized that her limbs were restrained, her armor and weapons gone. Her throat was dry and her head pounded.

    After a few minutes, the curtain pulled back, and a man in a medical coat peeked inside.

    "You're awake?"

    Iris locked gazes with him and nodded.

    The doctor glanced outside before giving her a nod of his own and closing the curtain. She was alone again.

    About ten more minutes passed before the curtain opened again and General Soot stepped inside.

    "Sir," Iris said, trying to sit up before remembering the restraints.

    "Iris," Soot replied, sounding even more exhausted than he looked. "How are you feeling?"

    She swallowed. Her throat hurt, and when she spoke, it was hoarse, as if she had screamed at a concert all night. "Tired." She scrunched her nose. "My arms hurt."

    Soot's lips formed into a thinner line and he nodded. "Yes, well, you were swinging that sword quite a bit."

    Iris furrowed her brow. "What're you talking about?"

    The general sighed. "I was afraid of that." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before meeting her gaze. "What do you remember about the battle?"

    "Uh, nothing, really. I... fought a few people, I think, and then I guess I must've been knocked unconscious."

    Soot's eyes were hard, but sad. "You were not. You lasted through the whole battle."

    "What happened, then?"

    Soot was silent.

    Iris narrowed her eyes and pressed on. "What happened?"

    "You were like a machine, Iris," Soot explained. "No one... No one could quite describe it. You cut down every person in your path, whether they were enemy or ally." Iris's heart sank and her blood ran cold. "Can you remember anything else? I need to know."

    "Uh..." Iris wracked her brain for answers, but her head was still pounding, aching from the screams of the voices in her mind. "I mean... There were... voices. Voices, in my head? They... They wanted me to kill people."

    Soot, as if his attention hadn't already been completely on her, leaned in, his eyes widening just a bit. "Voices?" She nodded. He grabbed her by the forearms, turning her toward him a bit more, despite the restraints digging into her flesh as he did so. "What did they say? Do you remember what they said?"

    "Uh..." Iris nodded shakily, her heart pounding in her chest. "Yeah. They... They talked about the, er, the Blood God? Like what people always call Technoblade, you know, the famous warrior?"

    Soot's eyes seemed to glaze over for a moment before he leaned back and nodded. "Yes, I know." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Iris... I'm not going to sugarcoat this for you. I think that we have every reason to believe that you are a vessel of the Blood God."

    A chill ran down her spine. "What... What does that-"

    "People often believe that Technoblade is a vessel of the Blood God, as well. He is not. He is the chosen of the Blood God. Those voices you heard while you were fighting? He hears those all the time, screaming for blood, and apparently being rather annoying as well."

    Despite the bombshell being dropped on her, Iris managed to focus on his words and ask, "How do you know all this stuff about Technoblade?"

    "Lived with him for years," Soot said, waving his hand around. "Not important. What is important is this: Controlling the desires of the Blood God that are within you is going to be difficult. Many go mad trying to fight against them. As you are simply a vessel, those voices will only come out when you are actively in combat, but they will never go away. If you plan to continue to fight, you must learn to live with them. We cannot have a repeat of the last battle, where you kill many of our own troops, as well."

    Iris swallowed and nodded. "I'll do better next time, sir."

    Soot cracked a smile, the bags more apparent than ever. "I'm sure of it."

    During the next battle, Iris held her weapon in her hand, slashed at the first enemy soldier that she encountered, and then found herself restrained in the medical tent once more, President Soot standing over her with eyes even more sunken than the day before.

    Iris felt tears spring to her eyes and shoved her head back into the pillow beneath her.

    "You'll always have a home here," General President Soot told her after the Revolution ended, L'Manburg gained independence, and Iris had decided to pack up and leave. "Regardless of what happened on the battlefield, you still fought for this country. No one blames you for what happened." He paused and released a sigh. "The Blood God is as ruthless with its Vessels as it is with us mortals."

    Iris huffed. "You don't need to tell me twice." Her thoughts fell to the voices, screaming in her mind.

    Death, Death, Death!

    Blood, Blood, Blood!

    Blood for the Blood God!

    She shuddered and glanced up at President Soot. "I need to leave. As long as I am here, people are in danger. The voices showed up the moment I picked up a weapon. If something were to happen, there would be nothing I could do, nothing anyone could do." She ran a hand through her hair and shook her head. "It's better this way."

    President Soot was silent for a moment before nodding solemnly. "That's what I thought you'd say. Still, should you ever wish to return, the gates of L'Manburg will open wide to those who fought for them to stay standing."

    Iris cracked a smile and nodded. President Soot returned the gesture before stepping out of the tent that she had been staying in. Iris tied the sack that held all the things she couldn't fit in her inventory and set off. She made a quick pit stop at the Pet Sanctuary, an underground bunker that had held the pets of all L'Manburg soldiers during the war, keeping them safe and protected from both battle and Sapnap, who was both their enemy and infamous for killing pets.

    Iris grabbed her cat, Tabi, and pulled an empty beehive from her inventory to allow her bee, Honeycomb, to travel in safety and comfort. Finally, she set off, her fingers tightly wound in a lead attached to Tabi's collar, Honeycomb's hive tucked into her inventory. Iris gave a final wave to the soldiers standing guard at the L'Manburg walls and began to walk.

    After fifteen minutes, she was at the top of a hill, looking down over the independent land of L'Manburg. Already, there were more people than had been during the Revolution, people from the Greater SMP and other servers having begun to move in.

    After another half-hour, L'Manburg was barely visible in the distance.

    Fifteen more minutes after that, and it was gone completely.

    Reaching the edge of the charted land on her map, Iris pulled a boat from her inventory, setting it up while Tabi investigated a small patch of wildflowers growing nearby. Iris picked up her cat and plopped the animal between her legs as she sat down in the boat. Making sure she had everything, Iris used a stick to push off from the shore and set off into the ocean.

    She followed the coast, mostly. Eventually, she reached a grassy plain that seemed to stretch on for as far as her eye could see. As the sun began to set, she finally pulled up onto a small beach just outside of a coastal village. She stored her boat, held Tabi's lead in her hand, and set off into the village.

    The town was small enough that they didn't have an inn, but a farmer and his wife were nice enough to allow her to bunk in the barn for the night to avoid the monsters, and Iris fell asleep to the sound of an Iron Golem guard pummeling a zombie into dust.

    Another day of boating passed before Iris settled on a small clearing a little ways into a spruce forest island to call her new home. Tabi's lead tied around a tree, she quickly set to work making a small tent to stay in while she worked on a more permanent home. A few weeks passed, but she was rather satisfied with her work as she took down the tent and spent her first official night in her new cottage. Tabi curled up on her chest, Honeycomb resting in her hive in the small garden she had made, Iris fell asleep to the sounds of rustling leaves, flickering torches, and distant waves crashing against a rocky shore.

    Iris would spend a lot of her time exploring, after that, hopping across nearby islands. She constructed an Iron Golem to guard her clearing after a hoard of mobs appeared during the first night and she had been forced to hide under the floorboards and be as silent as possible until day arrived and they burned in the light of the sun. She refused to pick up a weapon again. The voices still stung in her mind (Blood for the Blood God!), and she didn't know what would happen if they took over again. She didn't want to know what would happen if the only thing for them to hurt were Tabi and Honeycomb.

    The islands nearby varied in terms of what they had on them. Some were barren, others sported lush forests. One had a ravine so long and deep it almost cut the island itself in half. At one point, she arrived at a point that she had thought was an island, but was actually large enough to be considered mainland, stretching so far that she had to spend the night at a village after she realized that she didn't have enough time to get home before dark.

    Iris mapped out the nearby islands, as well as the mainland, and explored them enough that she eventually didn't even need a map to explore them anymore. She knew them like the back of her hand.

    That was why, when a small hut popped up in the stretch of plains on the coast of the mainland, she was confused. It was night, then, and she was making her way to the nearby village to stay in the inn. This was too interesting to pass up investigating, though, and Iris snuck over and leaned against one of the hut walls, straining to hear what was happening inside.

    "-and I have no idea why he did it, because wasn't the whole point that there's-"

    "Someone's listening."


    "Someone's listening."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "Through the wall. Right here. Someone's listening." There was a beat of silence, and then a rush of cold air that made the hairs on the back of Iris's neck stand up, and then she was face-to-face with eyes void of anything but inky darkness, set into the grayed-out version of a familiar face. Bright blue teartracks seemed stained on the colorless skin.

    "Hello," an echoed voice that almost exactly matched President Soot's said. "Who are you?"

    Iris yelped and fell back, barely catching herself against the hut before she hit the ground.

    "Ghostbur? Who is it?"

    TommyInnit (VP Tommy, she remembered people had started to call him) asked, stepping around the corner of the hut to join the two of them.

    "VP Tommy?" She blurted out. "What are you doing here?"

    VP Tommy furrowed his brow. "What are you talking about? I was exiled. What are you doing here?"

    "I...I live around here! And, what do you mean you were exiled? And why does President Soot look like that? And why did you call him Ghostbur?"

    "That's who I am!" The spectral form of the leader of L'Manburg said cheerily. He reached out a translucent hand. "Ghostbur, nice to meet you!"

    "We've met," Iris said, still reaching out to shake his hand anyway. His skin was freezing cold, and she though that if she pressed a bit more, her hand would simply slide right through his own.

    "He has memory loss," VP Tommy said. "Only remembers the happy things from when he was alive. None of the bad stuff."

    "What happened to him? When did he die?"

    "A while ago," VP Tommy said, looking rather confused at her lack of knowledge but still managing to glare at her throughout. "How is it you know who both of us are but not what happened to..." His throat bobbed and he glanced away, falling silent.

    "I fought in the L'Manburg Revolution," Iris explained. "At least, I did for a bit until President Soot-" She gestured at the grinning ghost- "and I realized that I was a Vessel for the Blood God. I can't control myself whenever I pick up a weapon, and so I moved out here to keep from hurting anyone."

    VP Tommy leaned back a bit, his eyes widening. "You're a Vessel of the Blood God?" He asked, his voice sounding a bit hoarse. She nodded. His eyes flicked over her. "You're... You don't have any weapons on you, do you?"

    Iris ignored the fact that she had already said that she didn't in favor of shaking her head and raising her hands a bit. "Nope. Nothing. I haven't touched a weapon since the Revolution."

    "How do you defend from mobs then?" He asked, his brow scrunching as he crossed his arms.

    "I'm normally home before night. If not, I make sure I'm close enough to a village to stay there. At home, everything's lit up, and I even have an Iron Golem to make sure that any stray monsters can be taken down without me having to do anything." She offered the gentlest smile she could. "You don't need to worry about me."

    VP Tommy was quiet for a moment before releasing a forced laugh. "Ha, I wasn't worried! I'm never worried! I'm Big Man TommyInnit, I don't get worried about anything!"

    Iris raised an eyebrow but she nodded. "Of course. I never would've thought otherwise."

    VP Tommy wrinkled his nose and looked to the ground. A moment later, she heard him muffling a yawn.

    "Well," Iris said loudly, stretching her arms toward the sky, "I think it's about time that I head off to the village and get settled in for the night. I'm exhausted." She saluted lazily. "Good night, VP Tommy."

    "Uh, yeah. 'Night." He didn't return the gesture, but he glanced at Ghostbur, who was fiddling with what looked like a handful of blue and clearly not paying attention to the conversation whatsoever. "C'mon, Ghostbur."

    The spirit of the president looked up abruptly, turning from VP Tommy to Iris. "Oh, are you leaving already?" She nodded. He gave her a smile. "Good night, then! I hope next time I get to find out your name!"

    Before she could say anything, he had slid through the hut's wall and was gone. VP Tommy stood there for a moment more before disappearing inside as well. Iris hitched up the straps of her bag on her shoulders, checked her inventory, and set off for the village at the edge of the plains. She didn't want to be out in the dark for too long.

    The next morning, Iris left the village inn an hour before noon, her bag and inventory stuffed full of ore that she had purchased from the blacksmith.

    As she walked through the plains, she stumbled across a figure riding by on a horse. The two of them stopped and stared at one another.

    "Uh, hello," Iris said, raising a hand in greeting. "Haven't seen you around here before."

    "I'm not from around here," the figure, a piglin hybrid, from the look of it, said gruffly. "Was just visiting an... old friend."

    Iris nodded. "Cool. Well, if you're ever in the area again, the village back by the forest edge has incredible potato bread."

    The hybrid's eyes lit up a bit. "Really?" She nodded. "I'll have to check it out, then." He observed her for a moment before raising an eyebrow. "Who are you?"

    She cracked a smile. "Just a lonesome wanderer, trying to live a peaceful life."

    He nodded. "I can respect that. As long as you're not with any sort of government."

    She shook her head. "I used to be a part of L'Manburg, but I left right after the Revolution. I... didn't want to be a part of that anymore. Now, it's just me and my pets."

    The hybrid hummed, his gaze flicking over her and seeming to notice that she had no weapons. "All right, then." He gave her a nod. "Stay safe, fellow wanderer."

    She grinned and returned the gesture. "And you as well." He patted the horse on its flank, and a moment later, they were gone.

    Continuing across the plains, Iris came back across the hut that VP Tommy was living in. She thought the ore in her bag and wondered if the teenager, who was apparently exiled (though she didn't know why) would want it.

    Iris knocked on the door. There was a beat of silence. Then, the door swung open, and she was met with the face of VP Tommy, eyes red and face blotchy. He sniffed, rubbed at his nose, and scowled at her. "What do you want, bitch?"

    Ignoring his aggression, Iris offered a smile and said, "I come bearing gifts."

    Though he complained, VP Tommy did agree to take the ores from her, shoving them into his furnace along with some coal that he had apparently gotten that morning. Then, with his eyes narrowed and mouth twisted into a frown, he offered her a porkchop.

    Iris started to visit him more and more, after that. She brought Tabi to the village's healer when the cat got sick one day, and that evening showed her pet to VP Tommy on the way home.

    "This is Tabi," she said, holding out the cat to the teenager. VP Tommy stared at the cat with raised eyebrows. "Go on, take her. She loves being pet behind the ears."

    VP Tommy took the cat in his arms, holding it with a surprising amount of caution. He reached forward and scratched slowly behind Tabi's ear. The cat purred and leaned into the touch. VP Tommy's eyes flew up to meet Iris's as his jaw dropped, and she couldn't help but let out a laugh at his reaction.

    Over the time that she visited him, Iris watched as VP Tommy (My name is Tommy, shithead, he insisted after she called him by his old title to his face) deteriorated. His laughs were more forced. His face was more sunken, his hair grew limp, and his the light in his eyes dimmed, the bright blue seeming to fade into a cool gray. Still, he would grin every time she showed up, and would bounce on the balls of his feet as he told her about what he had done since her last visit.

    "Ranboo came to visit me," he said one day. "He showed up after Schlatt and Wilbur died and L'Manburg was rebuilt. He's cool, even though he's kind of a pussy."

    "Does anyone else come to visit?" She asked, poking at the fire that he had made when the sun began to set.

    "Well, Dream is here all the time," he said, but she already knew that. About a week after she started visiting regularly, he had all-but-demanded that she only visit at night, because Dream was there in the daylight and didn't really like when he had other visitors there. "Mexican Dream came here one time, too, but..." Tommy sniffed. "He, uh, he died."

    "Oh," Iris said. "I'm sorry."

    On certain days, she would let Tommy ramble to her about his problems. He would complain about the 16th of November, about the election from months ago, about his exile from weeks prior. Other days, he would tour her around the things he was building.

    "This is Logstedshire," he said, spreading his arms wide. "Ghostbur helped me build it, before he..." His smile faltered. "Before he... left."

    She said nothing more, simply pointed at a random building and asked about it. Tommy took the change of topic gratefully and began to ramble on about the mining expedition he had gone on to get the materials.

    One day, when Iris was on the way to the village past Logshedshire to trade before she visited Tommy that evening, she looked up from storing away her boat to see the Nether portal just outside of Tommy's home glimmering with particles, the distinct look of a portal that someone had just used.

    Iris was confused for a moment, because she was sure that Tommy didn't use his portal anymore, not after the failed beach party (which he had requested she didn't attend, since he didn't think that Dream would like knowing that Tommy was talking with someone he didn't know. Iris still felt bad, though, after hearing about the disaster that befell the party that her teenager friend had been so very excited about).

    Then, she looked up and her eyes fell on a tower of mismatched materials, stretching toward the sky. Her stomach dropped, and, ignoring her previous plans, she scrambled up the beach and sprinted toward Logstedshire.

    The area was completely destroyed, decimated by what had to be TNT. The tower she had seen started near the pit, reaching to brush against low-hanging clouds in the expanse of sky above. Tommy was nowhere to be seen.

    Nearby, Iris abruptly noticed, President Tubbo stood looking up at the tower, shaking his head desperately with tears streaking down his face. "Surely not, surely not," he said lowly, his voice hoarse.

    Iris's heart skipped a beat. For the first time since the Revolution, her mind was flooded with voices, screaming, roaring in her ears. She didn't care what they were saying, though, instead covering her mouth with her hands, taking in a painful breath, and beginning to sob.

    President Tubbo turned to look at her, just now noticing her presence. He reached a hand out and opened his mouth to speak, but she didn't give him a chance to, instead choosing to turn on her heel and run back to the coastline, tears streaming from her eyes and all plans of heading to the village forgotten. She hopped in her boat and set off in the direction of her home island, her salty tears falling from her cheeks and joining the ocean waters below.

    Iris stumbled into her cottage, Tabi moving toward her and rubbing against her leg as she collapsed into a chair, shoving her face into her hands. Her cat's fur stopped brushing against her skin, and a few moments later, a buzzing sound met her ears. She opened her eyes to see Tabi hopping from the windowsill as Honeycomb flew inside, the window wide open behind the two pets. The bee settled on her shoulder, snuggling against Iris's neck and buzzing gently, while Tabi leaped to her lap and curled up there.

    Iris pet her cat with a shaking hand and tried to ignore the screaming voices growing louder and louder in her mind.

    That evening, she grabbed a pack that she knew had two twin blades stored away inside of it and set off for a nearby island, one covered in a forest so dense that inside of it, you couldn't see the sky. Mobs were there even in the day time, and at night, it was more stuffed with monsters than a dungeon was.

    On the edge of the island, Iris watched as a zombie lumbered toward her.

    Blood! Blood!

    Blood for the Blood God!

    Kill it! Kill it!

    Finally! Blood!

    Everyone shut up, she's gonna do it!

    She better!

    Blood! Blood! Blood for the Blood God!

    Ignoring the 'banter' going on between the voices in her head, the Vessel of the Blood God dropped the pack on the ground, pulled the twin blades from within, and let the voices take over, jumping forward and slashing at the monster in front of her. The voices cheered as blood splashed across her skin, and as her gaze fell on a skeleton near the tree line, she leaped toward it and felt her control over her body fall away.

    She woke to the daylight, her cheek pressed against the warm sand of the beach. She heard the waves lapping at the shore. The twin blades she had used rested nearby. Her mind was silent, though the elation of the voices as she sliced through monsters was still very apparent. Iris sat up, grabbed the bag she had abandoned the night before, and scooped the blades inside, careful not to touch it. She then slipped into the boat and set off, leaving the island behind as she headed home.

    Halfway there, she felt an alert on her communicator. Glancing down at it, she choked on a breath as her eyes landed on 'TommyInnit' in her messages lighting up. Taking in a deep breath, she clicked on the name and was greeted by a new chat message from her friend.

    TommyInnit: Hey, bitch. I realized that Dream is an even Bigger Bitch Boy than I thought. He blew up Logstedshire and I ran away after he left. I'm with Technoblade, now.

    TommyInnit: you were real poggers. I'll pay you back for that ore eventually.

    Iris sniffed and wiped at her eyes, which were beginning to sting. She swallowed, her throat aching, and grabbed the oars resting on the sides of the boat, starting to paddle back home.

    (Later that day, she would return to Logstedshire and root through the rubble for three days straight, searching for any remaining things of Tommy's that she could find.

    She found a few photos buried under rocks, at one point. After the first one she touched crumbled to dust immediately, she took pictures of any she found before trying to pick them up. She found a few books that Tommy must have bought from the village. Nothing else really seemed like it would be valuable. Then, though, on her last day of searching, she broke apart a collapsed wall and saw a piece of fabric lying underneath.

    She reached forward and carefully picked up the beanie lying on the ground, so covered in dust that it looked gray rather than maroon.

    "This was his beanie," Tommy had said. "He had two of these. Phil has the one that he was wearing when he died. He gave this one to me right before we went to fight Manburg."

    Iris's fingers tightened around the beanie, and she tucked it safely into a spare spot in her inventory before immediately heading off to the village to use their public Ender chest to put the beanie inside of.

    The next time she saw TommyInnit, she would give it back to him. Afterall, he deserved to have the beanie. It was his brother's, wasn't it?

    The sun was beginning to set, then.

    Iris swallowed down a lump in her throat as phantom voices whispered in her mind and moved faster over the plains, focusing on making her way to the inn before nightfall and trying to ignore the murmurs in her ear asking for blood.)

    #dream smp#dsmp #dsmp citizen pov #dsmpov #reina came up with that one #instead of 'dsmpsona' #she has been calling them 'dsmpov' #i think its hilarious #dsmpsona #dsmp citizens memes #the lonesome vessel #tommyinnit#technoblade#tubbo#wilbur soot#ghostbur#dreamwastaken #im having a great time writing these if you couldnt tell #this one took a lot longer and that is mostly because of the fact of i kept adding lore #yep this shit has lore now #i have to make lore that works both with canon as it is currently and with like the fics im writing here #i hope it is working
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  • pomodoko
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    I only do this for the DSMP citizens memes (keep reading for text description)

    Name: Root (a potato) Gender: Potato/potato (they/them) Traits:

    Just a little man



    Absorbs sunlight (for sustenance)

    Works in a fabric shop in Snowchester

    Description: A two feet tall anthropomorphic potato humanoid with potato eyes for actual eyes. There are three eyes in total, two large eyes, and one small one right above the left large eye. There are five leaves sprouting from the top of their head. They’re chibi-like in appearance with rounded hands and feet. They wear a blue sweater with rolled up sleeves, showing their faded white button-up shirt underneath. They also wear blue striped pants and brown shoes.

    Another picture is of them spinning yarn by a wheel in a warm yellow workshop. They’re wearing a yellow sweater underneath a green apron and brown pants and shoes.

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  • adhdaydreaming
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    so i made citizen pov memes

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  • boonbeenblade
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Everyone: makes citizen memes

    me: what would i do-

    my brain: you would die. you wouldn’t die in a cool way, you’d walk off a cliff on accident.

    #van rambs #i wanna make a dsmpsona but #i wouldn't be an interesting member of society
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